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on sale廉价出售, dignified高贵的,batter连续猛击I Am Acting Like a LadyOne day when women dresses were on sale at the FarEast Department Store, a dignified middle-aged man decided to get his wife a piece. But he soon found himself being battered by frantic women. He stood it as long as he could; then, with head lowered and arms flailing, he plowed through the crowed.;You there!;Yelled a thrill voice. Cant you act like a gentleman?;;Listen,;he said, ;I have been acting like a gentleman an hour. From now on, I am acting like a lady.; 我要表现得象位女士 一天,远东百货公司的女装大减价,一位高贵的中年男士想给太太买一件可是,没过多久,他发现自己已被疯狂的女人冲得踉踉跄跄 他竭力忍耐着后来,他低下头,挥动双臂,挤过人群 你干嘛?有人尖声叫道,你难道不能表现得象位绅士吗? 听着,他说,我已经象绅士一样表现了一个小时从现在起,我要表现得象个女士1.on sale廉价出售也有;上市;的意思: The book will be on sale next month.这本书将于下个月上市.dignified高贵的也可以指;庄严的;: He always strikes such a dignified pose bee his girlfriend.他总是在女友面前摆出这种庄严的姿态3.frantic发狂似的也有;手忙脚乱;的意思: things in the office are frantic right now.现在办公室里是忙作一团.flail无法控制地乱动: He flailed about in the water, shouting ;I canrsquo;t swim!;他在水中胡乱摆动双臂,大叫;我不会游泳!; 568黑龙江省哈尔滨人民医院妇科预约Bianca:Today the day.比安卡:今天终于到了Were supposed to find out who the new manager is going to be.我们会在今天找出谁才是新经理的合适人选I hope theyre not making a mistake by hiring internally.我希望他们没有通过内部招聘犯错误Conrad:I just hope they dont pick Melissa.康拉德:我只希望他们可千万别挑梅丽莎She would be a disaster.她就是个灾星Bianca:Why do you say that? I like Melissa.比恩卡:何出此言?我很喜欢梅丽莎Conrad:I like her, too, but she can be so autocratic.康拉德:我也喜欢她,但她非常专制Give her a little power and it goes to her head.给点权力,她就不可一世Every decision would be top-down.每一个决定都将进行全面严格管理Bianca:You might be right, but I think Quentin would be worse.比安卡:你可能是对的,但我认为昆汀更糟糕He would be so laissez-faire that it would be like not having a manager at all.他自由放任,不把经理放在眼里Hed delegate everything and then sit back and do nothing.他会代表一切,然后干坐着什么也不做Conrad:Ill grant you that. Quentin would be a horrible manager.康拉德:我同意昆汀当经理肯定很可怕What about Jemima?杰迈玛呢?She popular with nearly everybody in the office.办公室里几乎每个人都喜欢她Bianca:I suppose Jemima would be a bearable option.比恩卡:我想杰迈玛会是合格的人选She likes to collaborate and often consults with other people to get their feedback.她喜欢与别人合作,经常咨询别人得到他们的反馈But Im backing a different horse, one that would be the ideal.但我持一个不同人选,这才是理想之人Conrad:Who?康拉德:谁啊?Bianca:You.比恩卡:我持你Conrad:Me? No way. I dont have a chance in hell.康拉德:我吗?不可能我根本没有机会And plus, how do you know Id be a good manager?另外,你怎么知道我会是位很好的经理?Bianca:Youd be democratic in your decision-making and Id like that.比恩卡:你的决策会很民主,我会很喜欢这样You wouldnt rule with an iron fist.你不会实施铁腕统治Conrad:That what you think.康拉德:这是你的想法Give me a little power and you can start calling me commandant.给我丁点权力,你就可以叫我指挥官 378哈尔滨输卵管炎的医院Donny: Have you ever heard of something called a “meal plan”?唐尼:你听说过“膳食计划”吗?Helene: Sure, I make one each week bee I go grocery shopping. It saves time and money.海琳:当然每次去杂货店购物,我都会制定一个一周膳食计划既省时又省钱Donny: My mother suggested I make one now that I’m staying home with the kids and Sydney is going back to work.唐尼:我妈妈建议我弄一个膳食计划,现在只剩我跟孩子们在家,西尼要开始工作了Helene: See this? This is my meal plan. I map out the dinners I’ll be making each day. It helps me a lot.海琳:看到这个了吗?这是我的膳食计划我标注出每天要做的晚餐这帮了我很大的忙Donny: How? It seems like a lot of work.唐尼:怎样帮?看起来需要耗费不少功夫Helene: Well, one thing, I only have to go grocery shopping once a week. I buy a week’s worth of groceries in one fell swoop.海琳:嗯,首先我每周只需要去一次商店我一下购买了一周的食物Donny: I guess that’s helpful, but it still seems like too much work.唐尼:我想这种办法或许有点作用,但看起来还是挺费工夫的Helene: Here’s what I do. I look at each week’s store circular to see what’s seasonal and on sale. I pull out my recipes that include those items and I see if I have any coupons I can use.海琳:这就是我的计划我会留意每周的商店传单看看有哪些应季和打折的商品我拿出这些商品的菜谱看看是否还有优惠券可用Donny: I still don’t see how I can save much money.唐尼:我还是不太不明白如何才能省钱Helene: I also use the sale items more than one meal and make enough to have leftovers lunch the next day. It works like a charm.海琳:我还会用特价商品做不止一顿饭,每次做很多剩下的当作第二天的午餐这计划就像魔法一样有效Donny: I think I’ll stick to my original plan.唐尼:我觉得我还是坚持我原来的计划吧Helene: Which is?海琳:哪个计划?Donny: To plead ignorance and ask my mother over to our house to give me cooking lessons. By the time I cook well enough on my own, the children will be nearly full-grown!唐尼:以不知道为借口让我妈妈过来教我烹饪直到我自己可以独立做饭,孩子们也差不多长大成人了译文属 5198The World Map世界地图Jerry was looking at a map. It was a map of the world. The map showed many countries. It showed all the countries in the world. All the countries were different colors. There were red countries, green countries, and blue countries. Jerry pointed at one country. “Daddy, why is this country red? Is it on fire? Did someone paint the ground red? Does it have a lot of tomatoes?” Jerry pointed at another country. It was a green country. “Daddy, why is this country green? Does it have a lot of grass? Did someone paint the ground green?” Jerry pointed at another country. It was a blue country. “Daddy, why is this country blue? Is it full of blue water? Does it have a lot of bluebirds? Did someone paint the ground blue?” His daddy said, “No, the colors make the map pretty. They don’t mean anything.”杰里正在看地图这是张世界地图地图上显示了许多国家显示了世界上所有的国家各个国家的颜色不同有红色的,绿色的,蓝色的杰里指着某个国家爸爸,为什么这个国家是红色的? 这里是不是着火了?人们把地面涂成了红色?那里是不是有许多西红柿?杰里又指着另一个国家国家由绿色代表爸爸,为什么这个国家是绿色的?那里是不是有许多草地?那里的地面是不是被涂成了绿色?杰里又指着另一个国家蓝色的国家爸爸,为什么它是蓝色的?那里是不是到处是蓝色的大海?是不是有许多蓝鸟?有人把地面涂成了蓝色?他的爸爸说:“不是,颜色让地图显眼多它们不代表任何意思”译文属原创,,不得转载 568平房区妇女儿童医院怎么样好吗

黑龙江省中西医结合学会医院口碑怎样哈尔滨武警总队医院专家Americans Home美国人的家Americans like their homes to reflect their personal tastes. Many do-it-yourselfers enjoy fixing up their house and making it more ;livable;. They often try to create a eozy atmospehre so that when theyre at home, theyll really feel ;at home;.美国人喜欢让家反映出他们个人的品味许多喜欢自己动手做的人沉醉于修补他们的房子并让它更“适于居住”他们常试着营造一个温暖而舒适的气氛,这样当他们待在家时,会真的感觉到“毫无拘束”Sofas and lounge chairs may be heavily padded and arranged in groupings conducive to relaxed conversation. The bathroom even receives special attention. Carpeted floors, scented soaps, colorful wallpaper and decorative curtains adorn the ;comt room; in many homes.沙发及安乐椅可能会被铺上厚厚的垫子,并运用不同空间组合的摆设,让坐着的人可以轻松地谈话甚至连浴室也破费心思:铺有地毯的地板、香气四溢的肥皂、色的壁纸及装饰窗帘,如此就打扮出了许多家庭的“舒之地”And on average, Americans have more bathrooms than any other people in the world.平均来说,美国人拥有的浴室比世界上其他的人都多Lisa Marie Odegard, an interior designer in Bozeman, Montana, comments that ;a home is a haven. People want an open, easy feeling to make their homes comtable;. that reason, many new homes now have big, open kitchens and vaulted ceilings.蒙大拿州柏斯曼的一位室内设计师丽莎·玛丽·德加德谈到:“家是一个避难所人们想要一个开放、轻松的感觉来让他们的家变得很舒适”因为这个原因,现在许多新房子都有大而开放的厨房以及拱形的屋顶Americans try to make the most of their space, too. The majority of homes have built-in closets and shelves, and people spare no pains to add dressers, filing cabinets and closet organizers to maximize their storage space. Although keeping the house neat is often a constant battle, Americans feel it a battle worth fighting.美国人也试着将空间做最佳的利用大多数的家庭都有壁橱以及架子,人们也不辞辛劳地添加橱柜、文件柜以及壁柜分隔架来加大储藏空间虽然让房子维持整洁像是一场永无止境的长期战役,美国人觉得这是一个值得打下去的战役People in America keep an eye on the latest trends in interior design. In the 80s, the ;country; look dominated the home decorating scene. Rustic furniture and shelves full of old-fashioned knick-knacks created a homey atmosphere reminscent of rural America several generations back .美国人也会注意室内设计的最新时尚世纪80年代,“乡村”风貌主导了家庭装潢;摆满旧式风格的小摆设的质朴家具及架子,创造出一种会令人想起几世纪以前以农业为主的美国之家庭气氛The 90s have brought in another longing the past: the retro 50s and 60s look - plain and simple furniture with square backs and arms and block-style legs.90年代又带入另一个怀旧情愫:回溯到50及60年代风貌——有四方形靠背、把手以及有方正桌脚的朴素、简单的家具 03#6579;Part . Language Study and Language Appreciation.Listen to the following statements you have learned in the previous and present s.Pay special attention to the parts in bold type. Learn to appreciate and use the language.1. to turn around to get on top of.It great to see someone really turn their life around and get on top of a problem that they thought they never could deal with.. to get through.As a camp counselor, it difficult to find a way to get through to kids with problems and win their trust.3. to make a difference.I dont really care if I make a lot of money or not, but I do want to work somewhere where I feel I can make a difference.. a good head math.We can always use a good head math around here.5. to be cooped up.That part I think I would like cause I dont like being cooped up.6. to look over one shoulders.Because were out there on the street, and we dont have anybody looking over our shoulders.7. to renege on.In a study done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only % of employers surveyed said they reneged on job offers, and only 30% of colleges claimed some of their students were hired then let go.They have also reneged on job offers made to college grads, offering the suddenly unhired apology bonuses instead. 50黑龙江哈市第四医院周末有上班吗克东县做人流费用

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