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旅游攻略 --31 :59: 来源: 旅游攻略发达的务业、海鲜、古老的欧式建筑吸引着不少游客葡萄牙人首次定居是在公元50年代1887年,成为葡萄牙的殖民地,直到1999年才回归中国Macao attracts many tourists who are drawn to its developed hospitality industry, fresh seafood and ancient European-style architecture. Portuguese first settled in Macao in the 50s. It became a Portuguese colony in 1887 until sovereignty was transferred back to China in 1999.One of the must-go places is Sands Macao, which recently celebrated its th anniversary. It's Macao's first leisure and entertainment complex by an international operator, setting the benchmark Macao's development."We're not only celebrating that it's been years since we opened our first property in Macao, but also the growth of Macao into a world center of tourism and leisure," says Edward Tracy, president and CEO of Sands China Ltd.Sands Macao has a stunning glass exterior featuring seven specialty restaurants and lounges offering various cuisines such as beef steak and Cantonese dishes. You can also watch live entertainment in the 650-seated Sands Theater.The Cotai Strip Resorts Macao is the other entertainment complex by Sands China Ltd. It allows you to choose from different hotels, including the Sheraton and Holiday Inn, and enjoy good proximity to various entertainment, retail stores and restaurants. There are occasionally concerts, permances and boxing matches in the complex.Diehard cartoon fans must not miss DreamWorks. You can meet costumed characters from DreamWorks Animation classics, such as Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda.In the Shrekfast with the DreamWorks Gang, the characters pose photos with you after permances. The DreamWorks-themed food is delicious and is inspired by the company's animations, such as panda-shaped steamed buns and Fiona's cherry grumble.You can work off the feast by going on a shopping spree. The Venetian Macao at Sands Cotai Central is an integrated resort that makes guests feel they're in picturesque Venice, due to its architecture style and arched bridges over an indoor river. The banks are lined with retail stores with designer and high street brands, and duty-free shops. Don't be deceived by the blue sky and white clouds above you - it's actually the ceiling and it changes color over time.When you are tired of shopping, you can take a gondola along the river and listen to the unimed Italian boatman or boatwoman sing Italian songs. If Paris is more your style, you don't have long to wait - The Parisian Macao at Sands Cotai Central under construction is expected to open at the end of or early .With a replica Eiffel Tower in front of its gate, the Paris-themed resort will feature about 3,000 rooms, a retail mall, diverse food and beverage options and entertainment."To make sure that the hotel stays thematically in the French style, we went to France to look at the trends, such as what people are buying and how they dress," Tracy says."As the hospitality industry continues to grow and the product offering improves, the visibility of Macao as an international destination will be greater and it's aly happening."Visitors can celebrate Children's Day by watching Transmers 30th Anniversary Expo at The Venetian Macao, with more than 1,000 Transmers models from different years.The expo starts on June 1 and will last until October. You will see Optimus Prime in the m of a three-dimensional hologram, and feel as if the Transmer is standing in front of you.After enjoying the leisure and entertainment of the modern resorts, you can experience the city's rich cultures. The locals like to visit the A-Ma Temple the protection of Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the sea, who protects fishermen and sailors. Mazu is widely worshipped in coastal regions, such as Fujian province, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pavilions of the temple are dedicated to other deities in Confucianism and Buddhism, such as Guanyin, or the Goddess of Mercy.You can go to Mount tress to have a bird's-eye view of Macao on a 5-meter-high hill. Built in the early th century, the tress was the city's principal military defense structure, equipped with cannons, military barracks, and an arsenal.In 1998, the Macao Museum was built there to demonstrate the mer Portuguese colony's history and cultures.Next to the tress is another Macao landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul's. It is actually a 7-meter-high stone facade located on a small hill, with 66 stone steps leading up to it.The ruins of the Cathedral of St. Paul has a history of more than years. The Portuguese cathedral was one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia at that time, and was destroyed by three fires at different times.If you go:There are many direct flights to Macao from major centers. You can also travel the entry ports of Zhuhai, Guangdong province, to reach Macao. It takes no more than minutes by car from downtown to Macao International Airport. It's better to use Hong Kong dollars or Macao Pataca. There are local snack stores nearby scenic spots such as A-Ma Temple. You must try the dried pork slices, almond cakes and sweetheart cakes. After visiting Macao, you can take an one-hour boat journey or -minute helicopter ride to Hong Kong. 旅游Applying Studying 申请入学 -- :5:57 来源: Applying Studying 申请入学Dear Sirs,  I am writing to tell you that I want very much to study in your eign language school.  I am now studying in Grade 6, Caocang Primary School. I am interested in English and do well in it. I hear that your school is the best one in our city, so I want very much to study in your school on Sundays.  I'm waiting your answer.Yours truly,Liu ××亲爱的先生们:    我现在写信是想告诉你们,我非常想到你们的外国语学校学习  我现在在草藏小学6年级读书我对英语很感兴趣,学得也挺好,我听说你们学校是我市最好的学校,所以我想在星期日去你校学习  盼望着回答你真诚的,刘××"驴友"应知必会的旅游词汇:颜色词汇大聚会 --5 :18: 来源: beige 米色  black 黑色  brown 咖啡色  cream 雪白  khaki 卡其色  grey 灰色  navy 丈青色  offwhite 灰白色  palegoldenrod 苍麒麟色  palegreen 苍绿色  paleturquoise 苍绿色  palevioletred 苍紫罗蓝色  pansy 紫罗兰色  papayawhip 番木色  peachpuff 桃色  peru 秘鲁色  pink 粉红  plum 杨李色  powderblue 粉蓝色  purple 紫色  red 红色  rosybrown 褐玫瑰红  royalblue 宝蓝色  rubine 宝石红  saddlebrown 重褐色  salmon 鲜肉色  salmon pink 橙红色  sandy beige 浅褐色  sandybrown 沙褐色  sapphire 宝石蓝  scarlet 猩红色  seagreen 海绿色  seashell 海贝色  shocking pink 鲜粉红色  sienna 赭色  silver 银白色  skyblue 天蓝色  slateblue 石蓝色  slategray 灰石色  smoky gray 烟灰色  snow 雪白色  springgreen 春绿色  steelblue 钢蓝色  stone 石色  tan 茶色  teal 水鸭色  thistle 蓟色  tomato 番茄色  turquoise 青绿色  turquoise blue 翠蓝色  violet 紫色  wheat 浅黄色  white 白色  wheat 土黄色  whitesmoke 烟白色  winered 葡萄酒红  yellow 黄色  yellowgreen 黄绿色 驴友 应知 必会储鲜柜-- :5:   Where's the produce section?   储鲜柜在什么地方?   Produce section是放蔬菜及鲜肉的柜台,是家庭主妇或家庭妇男们经常光顾的地方   如果你想成为一个好妻子或好丈夫的话,这个词一定要学会   另外,produce的重音在第一个音节上

我的卧室(My Bedroom) --5 :1:5 来源: 我的卧室(My Bedroom)  This is my bedroom. It is a nice room. There are one desk and one chair in the room.My clock, books and pencil-box are on the desk. My schoolbagis behind the chair. Some nice flowers are on the desk. Some nice pictures are on the wall. Is there a kite? Yes, it's undermy bed. The bedroom is very nice. 这是我的卧室这是一间很漂亮的卧室卧室里有一张桌子和一张椅子我的闹钟、书和文具盒都放在桌子上书包放在椅子后面桌子上面还有些漂亮的花墙上贴着一些美丽的图片那是一只风筝吗?是的,它就在我的床下我的房间很漂亮哦!

My Bedroom-我的卧室 -- :5: 来源: My Bedroom-我的卧室  My bedroom is about square meters. It isn't very big,but it is very nice.My bed is near the wall.On the bed there are many dolls.They are very cute.  On the wall there are many cartoon pictures and a photo of my family.A bookcase is standing near the bed.In it there are many books.They are my favorite.When I am tired,I often books to relax myself.My desk is beside the bookcase.The desk is very tidy.  我的卧室大约有平方米虽然它不大,但是它很温馨我的床靠墙在床上有许多布娃娃,它们都很可爱  墙上有一些卡通漫画和一张全家福书柜立在床的旁边,在书柜里有许多的书,它们都是我最喜欢的当我累的时候,我常常读书来放松自己书桌在书柜的旁边,书桌上很整洁

Next Week -- :: 来源: Next WeekNext week is the Chinese New Year. My cousin is coming to visit my family. Next Monday my cousin and I are going shopping in the city mall. We are going to eat KFC lunch. We are going to be very happy. Next Tuesday my cousin and I are going to play chess and play computer games at home. Next Wednesday my cousin is going home. It’s going to be a happy week. I am excited!

三年级英语作文:I like fruit --1 01:57:1 来源:   In summer, the weather is hot. We should drink more water, because we sweat a lot in hot days. But I prefer to eat fruits. Watermelon, ale and grape are my most favorites. They are all rich in water. There is a saying that an ale a day kee the doctor away. Fruits are good to our body. There are many kinds of vitami in fruits. Besides, some people do not like drinking water, so they can eat fruits itead. I am one of them.

北京故宫物院英文导游词 -- :5: 来源: 北京故宫物院英文导游词北京故宫物院位于北京市中心,是在明朝、清朝两代皇宫及其收藏的基础上建立起来的中国综合性物馆,也是中国最大的古代文化艺术物馆,其文物收藏主要来源于清代宫中旧藏Hello, everyone,We are now going to pay a visit to a place of special interest. This scenic spot is located at the center of Beijing and is characterized by thousands of palatial architectures and purple walls as well as yellow glazed tile roofs- it is simply a sea of palaces. This is the world – famous wonder – the Palace Museum.The Palace Museum has served as the royal residence during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was here that a total of monarchs ascended the throne and wielded power some 500 years. The Palace Museum, as the most beautiful spot of interest throughout Beijing, is unique its location: to the northwest is Beihai(North Sea) Park, famous its white pagoda and rippling lake; to the west is the Zhongnahai (central and south sea); to the east lies the the Wangfujing Shopping Street; and to the north id Jinshan Park. Standing in the Wanchun (Everlasting Spring) Pavilion at the top of Jingshan(Charcoal Hill) Park, you overlook the skyline of the palace Museum. At the southern end of the palace is Tian` anmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) and the famous square named after it . This is the symbol of the People` s Republic of China.A world-famous historical site, the Palace Museum is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is an embodiment of oriental civilization.The Palace Museum is rectangular in shape, 960 meters long from north to south and 750 meters wide from east to west, covering a space of 7,000 square meters of which 0,000 is building area . It has 9000-strong rooms in it . According to legend there are 9999.5 room-s in all .The whole compound is enclosed by a -meter-hign wall and is accessed through four entrances, namely, the meridian Gate in the south ,the Gate of Military Prowess in the north, Donghua(Eastern Flowery ) Gate in the north, Donghua ( Eastern Flowery) Gate in the east and Xihua(Western Flowery ) Gate in the west. On each corner there is a turret consisted of 9 roof beams, 18 pillars and 7 ridge . Encircling the compound there is a 3,800-meter-long and 5 meter-wide moat, making the Palace Museum a self-defensive city-within-a city.The Palace Museum was made a center of rule during the Ming Dynasty by Zhun Di, The fourth son of the founding emperor Zhuyuanzhang. The whole complex straddles on an 8-kilometers-long central axis that stretches from Yongding (ever Stable) Gate in the south to Gulou (Drum Tower) in the north. Prominence was given to the royal power by putting the “three main front halls” and “three back halls ”on the axis while arrange other subsidiary structure around them .The construction of the Palace Museum involved manpower and resources across China. example, the bricks laid in the halls ,known as “gold brick, ” underwent complex, two –dozen processes. As the final touch ,the fired bricks were dipped in Chinese wood oil. Involving complicated processes and high cost, these brick are called “golden bricks.” The Palace Museum serves as a living embodiment of good tradition and styles unique to China` s ancient architecture. It reflects to the full the ingenuity and creativity of the Chinese working people. A carefully preserved and complete group of royal residences, the Palace Museum is a prominent historical and tourist site.What we are now approaching is the main entrance to the Palace Museum-the Meridian Gate, which is characterized by red walls, yellow glazed –tile roofs and upturned eaves. On top of this walls, yellow glazed-tile roofs and upturned eaves. On top of this magnificent building ,there stand five lofty halls with a main hall in the center. The main hall is roofed by multiple eaves and covers a space of 9 room-s. It is flanked by two wings on each side .The wings are square in shape ,complete with multiple and four edged eaves and pinnacles. All of these structures are connected by a colonnade. Because these halls resemble a soaring bird, it was also know as wufenglou (Five-phoenix Tower) . Inside the main hall there is a throne. Drums and bells were stored in the wings. Whenever the emperor presided over grand ceremonies or observed rites in the Hall of Upreme Harmony, drums, bells and gongs would be struck to mark the occasion.As the legend goes, the Meridian Gate used to be a place where condemned ranking officials would be executed. This not true. However, flogging was carried out here by the Ming emperors ,If a courtier falls afoul of the emperor, he would be stripped of his court dress and flogging with a stick .At one point the punishment became so harsh that a total of people died from fatal wound on a single occasion .On the other hand, this building was also used to observe important occasions like the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival (th day of the first lunar month). On these occasions, Chinese lanterns would be hanged and sumptuous banquets would be given in honour of the whole court of ministers and other ranking officials.Upon entering the Meridian Gate we began our tour of the Palace Museum. The river foowing in front of us is known as Jin Shui He (Golden Water River) and the five marbles bridges spanning it are known as the Inner Golden Water Bridges. The on in the middle was used exclusive by the emperor and its banisters were carved with dragon and phoenix designs. The bridges flanking the imperial one were reserved princes and other royal members. The rest were used by palatines. Aside from decoration, the golden Water River was also dug as precaution against fire. Most of the structures within the palace Museum are made of wood. What is more ,according to ancient Chinese cosmology, the South is the abode of fire, so this brook was dug on the southern tip of the Palace. In this way, the Palace Museum reflects traditional Chinese culture.This building is called the Gate of Supreme Harmony .In the eground stand two bronze lions. Can anybody tell which is male and which is female? The one on the east playing with a ball is male, symbolizing power and universal y. The other on the west with a cub cuddling underneath its claw is female? The one on the east playing with a ball is male, symbolizing power and universal y. The other on the west with a cub cuddling underneath its claw is female, representing prosperity the endless succession. A layout of the Palace Museum is posted by the entrance . From it ,you can see that the Palace Museum has two main parts: the ecourt and the inner court. The three main halls constitute the mainstay of the ecourt, and it was here that the emperor announced decisions and observed rites. Behind the ecourt there is the inner court, consisting of major halls and the Imperial Garden .It was where the emperor attended state affairs, lived and enjoyed his luxurious life. The exhibition system of the Palace Museum involves historical court relics and s of ancient art and culture. The Palace Museum houses nearly one million s of rare treasure, or one sixth of the total number in all of China `s museums. There are the three main halls of the Palace museum, built on a triple marble terrace . Since most of China `s architecture is made of wood, the buildings cannot be too tall. To gain the height of the architecture, ingenious ancient artisans built the hall on a gigantic stone terrace .It is also to this end that not a single plant was grown in the square. On stairways of triple marble terrace there are 18 bronze tripods .The verandah is flanked by bronze tortoises and cranes, which served as symbols of longevity .On the east is a sundial, an ancient timepiece. On the west there is a grain measure suggesting that the emperor was just and equitable.In the front and on each flank ,there is a pair of gilt bronze vats (caldrons ) molded during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty .Each of these weights tons and is filled with water as a precaution in the event of a fire .The structure in the very middle is the Hall of Supreme Harmony ,also known as the throne hall. It is 6 meters in width and is 38 meters from entrance to rear. With terrace exclusive ,the hall is 6.9 meters in height and is 35. meters in all .Covering and areaof ,377 square meters, the Hall of Supreme Harmony is China` s largest exiting wooden structure. The hall is supported by 6 thick ,round pillars carved in a design of coiling dragons. As the holiest place in the hall, the ceiling and colored patterns were made of the finest material available at that time. The throne was placed on a terrace and is flanked by statues of elephants, Luduan (a unicorn which could travel 18,000 kilometers a day and understand all languages), cranes and incense barrels .Over the throne there is the caisson ,or covered ceiling ,which consists of a coiling dragon playing with a ball in its mouth .This ball is known as Xuanyuan Mirror ,and was supposedly made by a Chinese emperor of remote times to serve as a reminder that thee rulers to follow were his hereditary heirs. The throne is made of nanmu and painted in gold .Magnificently built and luxuriously decorated ,this hall did not serve as a place in which the emperor attended to daily affairs. He used his hall major events such as his birthday, conferral of title of empress or dispatch of generals to war.Behind the Hall of Supreme Harmony ,there sits the Hall of Complete Harmony. This structure is square in shape .Each side is . meters. This was the place where the emperor relaxed and greeted his courtiers bee proceeding to the hall of supreme Harmony to observe rites. This was also the place where the emperor prepared prayers or examined seeds and sowers bee he attended ancestral sacrifices or participated in snowing ceremonies. A grand ceremony was also held here once every years the emperor to genealogize the royal blood. There are two sedan chairs on display in the hall. Behind the Hall of Complete Harmony ,you will see the Hall of Preserving Harmony, which was used as a place where imperial examinations were held. The imperial examination was the hignest level of competing meritorious appointment under the feudal system dating back to the Sui Dynasty. China` s last imperial examination was held in 19 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. To the rear of hall there is a marble ramp carved with cloud and dragon designs, the largest of its kind in the whole country . It is .57 meters in length, 3. meters in width, 1.7 meters thick and weighs 50 tons. It was quarried in Fangshan County in suburban Beijing. To bring this giant piece of stone to Beijing people poured water onto the road and applied rolling blocks during the process.We are now standing bee the square of the Hall of Heaven Purity. It served as a divide separating the ecourt from the inner court .This building is known as the Gate of Heavenly Purity. Emperor Qianlong held court here. Proceeding further north ,you can find three main rear halls ,i.e. the hall of heavenly purity. the Hall of union and peace and palace of earthly tranquility. The hall of heavenly purity if flanked on either side by two gates named after the sun and moon .Inside the enclosure there are palaces and halls symbolizing constellations. All of the other buildings are centered around the Palace of Heavenly Purity , which was meant to suggest that the monarch` s power was endowed by Heaven. The empress and concubines lived in the inner court.The hall of heavenly purity was where the emperor lived and attended to daily affairs. Later the emperor moved to live in the Palace of Mental cultivation. Looking up you can see a plaque bearing the Chinese inscription “be open and above-board,” a manifesto to court struggle .Behind the plaque a strongbox was stored containing a will bearing the name of the would –be royal successor. This approach of secretly selecting the next emperor was adopted by Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. Two copies of the will were prepared .One was stashed by the emperor in person ,the other was placed inside the strong box behind the plaque. After the death of the emperor, the two copies would be compared and successor would be announced. It was in this way that Emperor Qianglong and others have ascended the throne.Behind the Hall of heavenly purity you will see the hall of union and peace , which is indentical to the hall of complete harmony. It was there that the emperor received congratulations and tributes from imperial officials on major calender occasions , A total of 5 imperial seals are stored there. In the hall, you will see a plaque with the handwritten inscription of “we wei,” exhorting Taoist doctrines.Further northward is the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity, which once served as the living room of the empresses` . The hall was later converted into a sacrificial place .Through the windowpanes on the eastern wall you can see the royal bed decorated with dragon and phoenix designs. This hall has also served as the bridal chamber of monarchs.The Gate of Earthly Tranquilliity leads to the Imperial garden (known to westerners as Qianlong` s Garden ),which was used by the emperor ,the empress, and the concubines. A magnificent structure stands in the middle. It is called the Qin `s an (Imperial Peace) Hall. It is the only building in the Palace Museum that was built in Taoist style. It served as a shrine to the Taoist deity. The garden covers a space of ,000 square meters ,and is 0 meters from east to the west and some 90 meters from north to the south. There are a dozen halls, verandahs, pavilions and waterside houses in the garden . On each of the fur corner there is a pavilion dedicated to the four seasons which is different in construction style and shape. The garden also features an imperial landscape. With rare trees and exotic rockery, the Imperial Garden served as a model China` s imperial parks .In all ,a total of -strong building styles were applied.The tall building we are now passing is the gate of military prowess, the back door of the Palace Museum. Our visit is now drawing to a conclusion but the architectures of the Palace are not . On the other side of the road is the 3-meter-hign Charcoal Hill , providing natural protection the bidden City. This was also an embodiment of China` s construction style-putting a pool in the front and a hill in the rear. Now let` s climb up to Wanchun (Everlasting Springs ) Pavillion where we` ll have a great view of the Palace Museum. 北京故宫物院英文导游词

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