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2019年07月17日 06:24:14

在济南做人流大概需花多少钱During a news briefing at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on Tuesday, NASA scientists revealed what they#39;ve gleaned from the latest photos of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft was set to make its closest approach of the dwarf planet on Tuesday, and while scientists wait for confirmation of that flyby -- and the 16 months worth of data that it will bring。周二,约翰霍普金斯应用物理实验室举行的发布会上,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的科学家透露,他们已收集到来自冥王星的最新图像。按计划设定,新视野号飞行探测器会在周二近距离飞掠这颗矮行星,届时将向在地面等待确认飞掠的科学家传回历史16个月所收集到的数据。Remember Pluto#39;s heart?还记得冥王星的心吗?Well, it#39;s broken。好吧,它的心已碎。What you#39;re looking at is an image of Pluto with heavily exaggerated color data -- like when you amp up the saturation on an Instagram. It#39;s a bit hard to see (sorry) but one side of the ;heart; is much bluer than the other. In fact, the left-hand side seems pretty beige-y。你所看到的冥王星图像,附带有极度夸张的色数据,就像你在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)上放大图片的色饱和度那样。图片让人看起来(抱歉~)有点儿费力,但你还是能看到这颗“心”的一边要比另一边蓝的多。实际上看,左边的部分看起来更偏于米黄色。This seems to confirm something that the NASA scientists suspected based on recent photos of the ;heart; feature: It#39;s actually two features. In the latest images, it looks like the left half of the heart is smoother than the right, the team said at the briefing. It#39;s possible that some texture has been lost in the compression of the image, but it could also mean that one side of the heart is a different geological feature than the other -- they#39;re just both very bright, compared with the rest of the surface。这似乎实了NASA科学家们基于这颗“心”的近照所作出的猜测,即实际上心有两部分组成。科研团队在简报会上指出,根据最新的图像,似乎这颗“心”的左半边要比右半边平滑的多。很有可能是在图像的压缩过程中丢失了某些质地,但这也有可能意味着,这颗“心”的一边与另一边地质特征存在差异。这两部分都很明亮,相对于冥王星表面的其他部分而言。And speaking of Pluto#39;s features, NASA scientists are now giving unofficial names to some of the things they#39;ve spotted -- names they can submit to the International Astronomical Union for official approval. They#39;re sticking with the trend of underworld creatures and gods -- Pluto, after all, was the Roman god of the underworld -- and have tentatively named a previously observed dark, whale-shaped splotch (just to the left of the broken heart) after ;Cthulhu,; the dark deity invented by author H.P. Lovecraft。谈到冥王星的特征,NASA科学家们正准备给一些他们发现到的东西进行非正式命名。他们可以将这些名字递交给国际天文学联合会以获得官方认。此次命名将延续以往的传统,以阴间神灵命名。毕竟,冥王星就是以罗马神话中掌管阴间的冥王所命名的。科学家们已打算将前不久观察到的一块鲸鱼形深色暗斑区域(就在这颗破碎的“心”的左边),命名为“克苏鲁”(由作家H.P。洛夫卡拉夫特创作的一个邪神)。 /201507/386116山东附属医院口碑槐荫区保胎多少钱

肥城妇幼保健院门诊的开门时间商河县妇幼保健院主治医生Does February 14 fill you with feelings of cheer or fear? Each Sun Sign has a different way of responding to this romantic holiday. Find out how your Sign handles this much-anticipated day of flowery poems, chocolate hearts and red roses.二月十四情人节会给你带来什么样的感觉呢?十二星座对这个浪漫的节日都会有不同的反应。你是怎样度过这个节日呢?华丽的诗词、心形巧克力还是火红的玫瑰?Aries: You#39;re determined to receive the most cards, candy and flowers. Who says sending roses to yourself doesn#39;t count?白羊座:期望收到很多卡片、甜点和鲜花。谁说给自己送花不算数?Taurus: A bouquet of dandelions, dime store chocolates and dinner at a fast food restaurant? Relax, it was just a bad dream!金牛座:难道仅仅是一束蒲公英,廉价巧克力或者快餐店的一顿晚餐吗?放松点,这只不过是个恶梦。Gemini: You make two dates for the night -- and then backup plans with your friends in case you decide to flake on your original plans.双子座:你为今晚准备了两个约会,这样万一原定约会泡汤了还可以和朋友一起。Cancer: Ooh, there#39;s nothing like candy heart art and lace doilies to get you going! Martha Stewart#39;s got nothing on you.巨蟹座:没有什么能像心形点心和系着绸带的礼物那样吸引你。但是大款可没准备送给你礼物。Leo: You are displeased by the single red rose some admirer left on your windshield. Clearly you are worth at least a dozen!狮子座:有人悄悄送了一玫瑰,这让你很是恼火,因为至少该送一打玫瑰啊!Virgo: You refuse to share the box of chocolates you receive -- what if someone fingers them? What if someone sneezes on your roses?处女座:拒绝跟别人分享你收到的巧克力。有人拿手指拨弄怎么办?有人对着你的玫瑰打了个喷嚏怎么办?Libra: You send valentines to everyone you know: your hairdresser, your fourth grade teacher, your manicurist, your manicurist#39;s cousin … You don#39;t want anyone to feel left out.天秤座:你给认识的每个人都送去情人节的祝福:你的理发师、你四年级的老师、你的美甲师、美甲师的表弟……你不想让任何人被遗忘。Scorpio: Why go out for a fancy dinner when you aly have dessert waiting at home? Who knew that a Cupid costume could be so sexy?天蝎座:与其在家坐等餐后甜点不如出去享受一次奇特的美味。谁能想到丘比特的衣会如此性感呢?Sagittarius: You can#39;t commit to sending a card -- what if the recipient s too much into it? You fake temporary amnesia to avoid acknowledging the holiday.射手座:不想赠送卡片——万一收卡人误解了你的意思怎么办?为了避免这个误会只好假装忘记了这个节日。Capricorn: Lacy hearts and syrupy sentiments make you sneeze -- besides, nothing says love like a new electronic organizer!羯座:带花边的心形食品和甜甜的味道让你禁不住打喷嚏——毕竟,谁都不会说爱情像一个新的电子记事本。Aquarius: Manufactured holidays aren#39;t your cup of decaffeinated herbal tea, but consuming a few vegan chocolates doesn#39;t make you a conformist, does it?水瓶座:这种人人都过的俗节似乎不太适合你的品位,但是稍稍随俗一下,也没什么。Pisces: You live for this stuff! The world would be such a better place if we could all just hold hands and share heart-shaped cookies every day.双鱼座:似乎你天生就为了过这个节日。如果每天都能分享心形甜点多好啊。 /201507/385615济南妇幼保健治疗不能怀孕山东中医药大学附属医院是不是医保定点

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