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B. Listen to the whole radio report. Write the answers to the following questions in note m.There are some actors that youve seen over and over in movies and televison shows, in fact, youve seen them in some of the most memorable scenes,but youd probably never recognize their faces if you ran into them in the streets.Theyre Hollywood stunt people, they stand in the stars.They crash cars, jump motorcycles, leap from bridges:they are blown into the air, they are set on fire, they are attacked by wild animals.They love the risks, and the danger pays off.Stephanie ONeil takes us to Hollywood, Calinia, where well meet one of those real Hollywood heroes.Action! The ;Miami Vice; stunt show at Universal Studios, Hollywood, is a crowed-pleasing favorite: minutes of explosions, wild boat chases and gun battles.Daring and dangerous acts such as these are permed by some 300 stunt people throughout Hollywood, who make their living doing the seemingly impossible.Among them is veteran stunt man Monty Cox, president of the International Stunt Association, who does just about every kind of stunt imaginable.Everything from burns, to cars, to bikes, to tiger attacks, lion attacks, alligator attacks, fight scenes...I just finished The Broken Chain. It story of the Iroquois nation, back in 85, and it all hand-to- hand combats, Indian fights, knife fights, tomahawk fights.Cox, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in at a muscular 0 pounds has been a stunt man 30 years.His work includes a fight scene on the wing of a real 77 airliner, travelling 50 miles per hour down a runway, the movie Die Hard .He been beaten up, blown up, and attacked in movie hits including Lethal Weapon , The Naked Gun, Dracula, King Kong, and The Hunt Red October.One of his more spectacular stunts was in the movie Lady Blue, when he jumped a car feet into the air and 90 feet out into the murky Chicago river.I landed in the water and I told everybody, ;I will not even get my lips wet because it dirty and filthy water.;And theyre going,; Naaw, the car going...I mean youre doing fifty miles an hour...whatever...and youre going out.;I never got my lips wet... never got my lips wet, yeah. How did you manage not to?When the car hit the water, it nosed in.I had all the windows up, and as it came back, I rolled the windows down.And then I just lay there and as it filled up, I just let myself float level, and just pushed out the window so I was on my back.And you never got your lips wet. I never got my lips wet, no.Cox is best known his work with exotic animals like tigers, bears, panthers and lions.He won a stuntman award being attacked by a tiger in the movie Gambler .Working with these potentially dangerous animals, he says, takes a different kind of stunt person.When I go do a stunt, Im not rattled, I am not excited.Um, a lot of guys got really high and really nervous and really excited.And in my world, in the animal world, if you get high, you badly...you get hurt.So , 30 years, Ive had to turn around the other way.Like when a lion or a tiger wants to eat me, I have to change myself around and be calm, relaxed and cool, because if I go up, he goes up, and the battle on.But even expert daredevils, accidents can happen. Cox once suffered a broken back during the filming of an animal stunt.He was on horseback, preparing to capture a tiger in a net, when the tiger decided to attack the horse Cox was riding.The horse panicked and flipped over backward on top of Cox. But once recovered, Cox was back at it.A good trainer will...a good trainer works his animal like an actor. instance, you can have an actor walk over that wall, and stand there and look.Or if he supposed to be raging, a demon who wants to kill somebody, he has to denote that.We have to do the same thing with an animal.To make the animal walk over there is one thing.To make him come over there in a rage and want to kill something...you have to build him up to that.And building him up to that is a little bit artsy because obviously youre not being mean to him because he has to like you, but you have to get him emotionally high.And when you get him emotionally high, youre working on a wire edge, take him too high, hell hurt you.Cox is among about 50 stunt people who also make a living coordinating, choreographing and directing the often intricate stunts called in today movie and TV scripts.The coordinator is also charged with hiring the best stunt men and women the scenes.But what does best mean, Cox explains.To me, the definition of a good stunt man is somebody who can...when something is going wrong in the middle of the stunt, he has his brains is still there, where he can correct.And a lot of the guys arent. What they do is, when theyre in the middle of it, theyre just...;Waaah;, theyre out there, theyre gone, nobody home, whatever happens, happens.But the good stunt men, the good stunt men, when theyre in the middle of something and all of a sudden...like theyll be doing a driving piece, and somebody appears out of nowhere, walking and it happens... and they have to be able to correct.And the good, great stunt men do that easily.And Monty Cox, one of Hollywood consummate good stunt men, says although he is in his early fifties and has three decades in the field, he cant imagine retiring from the stunt world.I dont think so. I enjoy it. I like to hit the ground.I like hitting the ground because I have a hard body and I really really enjoy it.And it a style, it technique. So, I dont think so, No.Monty Cox, veteran stunt man and president of the International Stunt Association.In Los Angeles, Calinia, Im Stephanie ONeil. 559

  【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension Match the sentences and names.用所给的名字填空Tony Sarah Fadi Johnny Carlos Olivia Harry 1 ......................... is working in the café a while. ......................... is annoyed with Carlos not being more ambitious. 3 ........................ is returning to work the following week. ......................... asks Olivia to go out on a date. 5 ......................... and ................... have invested money in Fadi’s new buisness venture. 6 ........................ is babysitting on Friday night. 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 1578


  RpO%CW[qXa_vL1Vp.;Ujd]TiW)8nBG_9NLR6(.Liz looked at the round plastic container. The plastic container was empty. There was no milk in the container. Liz wanted to drink some milk. But she was out of milk. She needed to make more milk. She opened the cabinet. She grabbed a box of powdered milk. She opened the box. She took the lid off the round plastic container. Liz poured some powder into the container. She filled up the container with cold water. She put the lid back on the container. Liz shook the container hard. She shook it and shook it. She poured some cold milk into a glass. She drank the cold milk in the glass.p@D[FRfzl5ErTNP[1f+Re|a*ukw!nLAR.B)%b1T-7hJ,[wpuPIu1 3899

  Oliver:Ive just had to tell a client that Im running behind and I wont make the deadline.奥利弗:我得告诉一位客户我进度落后,可能赶不上最后期限Alena:How did she take it?阿勒娜:她会有怎样的反应?Oliver:Not so well, at first.奥利弗:第一反应肯定不是太好I knew she wouldnt be happy, so Ive been in a dilemma days:我知道她不会很高兴,所以这几天我一直进退两难:Should I tell her now that Im going to miss the deadline, or wait until the deadline has passed.我是不是现在应该告诉她我可能会错过最后截止日期,还是等到大限过去了再开口Alena: what it worth, I think you did the right thing.阿勒娜:不管结果怎样,我想你做的都是正确的It gives her advance notice in case it affects other parts of her project.得给她打个预防针,以免影响她项目的其他环节Oliver:That what I thought, too.奥利弗:我就是这么想的I also offered to make up any inconvenience the delay would cause.我也愿意弥补因延误造成的任何损失Alena:Did she take you up on it?阿勒娜:她采纳你的意见了吗?Oliver:No, she said that giving me a three-day extension wouldnt set her back, but if it dragged on longer than that, it would put her in an awkward spot, and she would let me know.奥利弗:不,她说给我3天宽限,这不会对她造成影响,但如果再拖延,会让她处于尴尬的境地,她希望我能了解Alena:Im glad you came to an understanding.阿勒娜:我很高兴你能这样理解So youll have it done by the new deadline, right?所以你必须在新的截止日期前搞定,对吗?Oliver:Yes, even if I have to do without sleep, food, or bathroom breaks the next week.奥利弗:是的,即使下周我不眠不休,不吃不喝,不去厕所也要弄完Alena:That very dedicated of you, though potentially messy.阿勒娜:虽然可能有点混乱,但你真的很投入 3983Minimum wage; cyber crime; I will want to versus I would want to; except ; converselyWords:wagessubject toindexed to inflationconsumer price indexopponentto nickel and dimecyberto hackidentity theftcopyright infringementhandlevictimI will want to…I would want to…except conversely 3559The Top Bunk上层床He and his brother slept in a bunk bed. He had the bottom bunk. His brother had the top bunk. The top bunk had a guard rail. The rail kept the sleeper safe. His brother didnt like the rail. He always left it down. One time his brother fell out of the top bunk. He hit the carpet and woke up. He said, ;Ouch!; Then he climbed back into the top bunk. When he woke up the next day, his back was sore. Mom took him to see the doctor. The doctor examined him. The doctor said he was okay. He said to keep the guard rail up. His brother said he would do that. That night his brother climbed into the top bunk again. He left the guard rail down. He said the guard rail was like jail. He didnt want to feel like he was in jail. He fell asleep. Then he fell out of the top bunk again.他和他的弟弟睡在一张双层床上他睡在下层他弟弟睡在上层上层有一个护栏护栏是为了保护睡眠者的安全他弟弟不喜欢那个护栏他经常把护栏放下来有一次他弟弟从上层摔了下来他摔到地毯上,醒了过来他说“哎呀!”然后他又爬回到了上层他第二天醒过来的时候,背部很酸妈妈带着他去看医生医生给他做了检查医生说他没事医生让他把护栏立起来他弟弟答应了那天晚上他弟弟又爬到了上层睡他还是把护栏放下来了他说护栏像监狱一样他不想有在监狱的感觉他睡着了然后他又从上层掉了下来译文属原创,,不得转载 8

  entertain招待Room TemperatureTo entertain a business partner from Calinia last winter, I took him to a restaurant in Boston. We ordered red wine, which arrived icy cold, seemingly straight from the refrigerator. “Oh, miss,” my guest said to the waitress. “Red wine should be served at room temperature.” “Is that right?” she replied. “Then maybe you should come visit us again in July.”七月再来去年冬天,为了招待我来自加州的生意伙伴,我带他到波士顿的一家餐馆吃饭我们点了红葡萄酒拿来的时候凉飕飕的,就像刚从冰箱里拿出来的我的客人对女务员说:“,红葡萄酒应该是室温饮用”她回答说:“是吗?那你或许应该七月份再来”1.entertain招待也可以指“抱有”:They entertained a firm belief in final victory.他们对最后胜利抱有坚定信心 .order点菜on the order of相似: a house on the order of a mountain lodge 一所像山上小屋的房子3.guest客人be my guest请自便 .temperature温度也有“高烧”的意思: He has a temperature two days.他发烧两天了 5876

  A New Family组建新家庭“I’m too old to have children now,” Kim said to her friend. “But I have a lot of money. I have enough money to adopt children. I am going to adopt two baby children. I am going to adopt a baby girl and a baby boy.” Kim went to the adoption agency. She said, “I want two babies, please. I want a little girl and a little boy.” The woman at the agency said okay. She told Kim to fill out many ms. Kim had to fill out lots of ms. After she filled out all the ms, Kim gave them to the woman. The woman told her that now Kim must wait. She had to wait the two babies. “How long do I have to wait?” Kim asked. The woman said Kim might have to wait one year. Kim said, “That’s okay. I can wait one year.”吉米对她的朋友说:“我年龄大了,不能要小孩了但我有的是钱我可以收养孩子我想收养两个孩子一个男孩,一个女孩”吉米前往收养所她说:“我想收养两名婴儿一个男孩,一个女孩”一名女工作人员说可以她告诉吉米填写表格吉米不得不填写许多表格完成后,她将表格交给她工作人员说她需要等待她需要等待两名婴儿吉米问道:“需要等多长时间?”她说或许要一年吉米说:“好的,我可以等待一年”译文属原创,,不得转载 387


  【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension 1Decide whether these statements are true or false. 判断正误1 Harry thinks Olivia is talented. Fadi has been out with Magda a few times. 3 Harry thinks that he and Bindyu are very similar people. Carlos is thinking about movng to China. 5 Harry is thinking of asking Sarah to marry him. Comprehension Match the sentences with the speakers. 从所给的人名中选出句子的说话者Johnny Carlos Harry Fadi 1 Well, only, y’know, like...maybe...just a thought.... Probably – she’s in this café every day! 3 I think those girls have more interests than just shopping Hey! Speak yourself! I’m very successful! 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 1


  Your mom is so stupid.你的母亲太笨了She locked herself in the motorcycle. I get her out.她把自己锁在了托车里还是我把她弄出去的呢How to get out! How to get out! How to get out!我问你她怎么出去!怎么出去!怎么出去! Your mom is so fat.你的母亲这么胖,All her relationships are long distance.她的所有关系都非常特别Those jeans are looser than your mom.这个人非常随便I know, Ive worn your mom你的母亲就是一双破鞋Your breath is so bad.你嘴太臭了,Your hair is curling away from your face.以至于你的头发都卷曲以远离你的脸Er...that not true. My hair was straight untill I saw your mum naked.呃;那是不对的直到看到了你的母亲我的头发才变得直立Your house is so old.你的房子太老了You dont even have electricity, your mother stands outside with a key connected to a kite.甚至连电都没有,你的母亲站在外面,像风筝一样挂在那里Yeah, yeah... You know what, you know what. Unlike Rosa Parks,you mum loused in the back of a bus.是啊,是啊;你知道,你知道不像罗莎bull;帕克斯,她就应该被拖在公共汽车后面Oh,my god! Louse in the back of bus is awesome!哦,拖在公共汽车后面简直太棒了!注:听力文本来源于普特 5

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