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6In the four hundred and eightieth year after the Israelites had come out of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv, the second month, he began to build the temple of the Lord . 2The temple that King Solomon built for the Lord was sixty cubits long, twenty wide and thirty high. 3The portico at the front of the main hall of the temple extended the width of the temple, that is twenty cubits, and projected ten cubits from the front of the temple. 4He made narrow clerestory windows in the temple. 5Against the walls of the main hall and inner sanctuary he built a structure around the building, in which there were side rooms. 6The lowest floor was five cubits wide, the middle floor six cubits and the third floor seven. He made offset ledges around the outside of the temple so that nothing would be inserted into the temple walls. 7In building the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and no hammer, chisel or any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built. 8The entrance to the lowest floor was on the south side of the temple; a stairway led up to the middle level and from there to the third. 9So he built the temple and completed it, roofing it with beams and cedar planks. 10And he built the side rooms all along the temple. The height of each was five cubits, and they were attached to the temple by beams of cedar. 11The word of the Lord came to Solomon: 12"As for this temple you are building, if you follow my decrees, carry out my regulations and keep all my commands and obey them, I will fulfill through you the promise I gave to David your father. 13And I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel." 14So Solomon built the temple and completed it. 15He lined its interior walls with cedar boards, paneling them from the floor of the temple to the ceiling, and covered the floor of the temple with planks of pine. 16He partitioned off twenty cubits at the rear of the temple with cedar boards from floor to ceiling to form within the temple an inner sanctuary, the Most Holy Place. 17The main hall in front of this room was forty cubits long. 18The inside of the temple was cedar, carved with gourds and open flowers. Everything was cedar; no stone was to be seen. 19He prepared the inner sanctuary within the temple to set the ark of the covenant of the Lord there. 20The inner sanctuary was twenty cubits long, twenty wide and twenty high. He overlaid the inside with pure gold, and he also overlaid the altar of cedar. 21Solomon covered the inside of the temple with pure gold, and he extended gold chains across the front of the inner sanctuary, which was overlaid with gold. 22So he overlaid the whole interior with gold. He also overlaid with gold the altar that belonged to the inner sanctuary. 23In the inner sanctuary he made a pair of cherubim of olive wood, each ten cubits high. 24One wing of the first cherub was five cubits long, and the other wing five cubits-ten cubits from wing tip to wing tip. 25The second cherub also measured ten cubits, for the two cherubim were identical in size and shape. 26The height of each cherub was ten cubits. 27He placed the cherubim inside the innermost room of the temple, with their wings sp out. The wing of one cherub touched one wall, while the wing of the other touched the other wall, and their wings touched each other in the middle of the room. 28He overlaid the cherubim with gold. 29On the walls all around the temple, in both the inner and outer rooms, he carved cherubim, palm trees and open flowers. 30He also covered the floors of both the inner and outer rooms of the temple with gold. 31For the entrance of the inner sanctuary he made doors of olive wood with five-sided jambs. 32And on the two olive wood doors he carved cherubim, palm trees and open flowers, and overlaid the cherubim and palm trees with beaten gold. 33In the same way he made four-sided jambs of olive wood for the entrance to the main hall. 34He also made two pine doors, each having two leaves that turned in sockets. 35He carved cherubim, palm trees and open flowers on them and overlaid them with gold hammered evenly over the carvings. 36And he built the inner courtyard of three courses of dressed stone and one course of trimmed cedar beams. 37The foundation of the temple of the Lord was laid in the fourth year, in the month of Ziv. 38In the eleventh year in the month of Bul, the eighth month, the temple was finished in all its details according to its specifications. He had spent seven years building it. Article/200809/47731Do you like fast food? Lots of people complain about it but I think a lot of it’s quite tasty – as long as you go to one of the international chains like McDonalds or Kentucky. I think in today’s world, it’s difficult to avoid eating in fast food restaurants. They are so convenient and seem to be everywhere. Of course they’re not the same as real restaurants. I wonder if they are restaurants. There aren’t any waiters. Anyway, the most important thing to remember about fast food is that it isn’t so healthy. People who eat it every day develop health problems. I don’t understand why schools serve fast food during lunch time. Schools should encourage students to eat healthily. If you have time, look at a website on slow food. Article/201104/132768我最最亲爱的丽萃:现在我不得不承认,彬格莱对我的关注完全是骗我的。我相信你的见解比我高明,而且你看到我伤心,还会引为得意。"My dearest Lizzy will, I am sure, be incapable of triumphing in her better judgement, at my expense, when I confess myself to have been entirely deceived in Miss Bingley's regard for me. But, my dear sister, though the event has proved you right, do not think me obstinate if I still assert that, considering what her behaviour was, my confidence was as natural as your suspicion. I do not at all comprehend her reason for wishing to be intimate with me; but if the same circumstances were to happen again, I am sure I should be deceived again. Caroline did not return my visit till yesterday; and not a note, not a line, did I receive in the meantime. When she did come, it was very evident that she had no pleasure in it; she made a slight, formal apology, for not calling before, said not a word of wishing to see me again, and was in every respect so altered a creature, that when she went away I was perfectly resolved to continue the acquaintance no longer. I pity, though I cannot help blaming her. She was very wrong in singling me out as she did; I can safely say that every advance to intimacy began on her side. But I pity her, because she must feel that she has been acting wrong, and because I am very sure that anxiety for her brother is the cause of it. I need not explain myself farther; and though WE know this anxiety to be quite needless, yet if she feels it, it will easily account for her behaviour to me; and so deservedly dear as he is to his sister, whatever anxiety she must feel on his behalf is natural and amiable. I cannot but wonder, however, at her having any such fears now, because, if he had at all cared about me, we must have met, long ago. He knows of my being in town, I am certain, from something she said herself; and yet it would seem, by her manner of talking, as if she wanted to persuade herself that he is really partial to Miss Darcy. I cannot understand it. If I were not afraid of judging harshly, I should be almost tempted to say that there is a strong appearance of duplicity in all this. But I will endeavour to banish every painful thought, and think only of what will make me happy--your affection, and the invariable kindness of my dear uncle and aunt. Let me hear from you very soon. Miss Bingley said something of his never returning to Netherfield again, of giving up the house, but not with any certainty. We had better not mention it. I am extremely glad that you have such pleasant accounts from our friends at Hunsford. Pray go to see them, with Sir William and Maria. I am sure you will be very comfortable there. --Yours, etc. " Article/201110/155923

有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 Chapter13英文原著:《螺丝在拧紧The.Turn.of.the.Screw》文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/53256

13第13章After the wedding a large number of our friends came to a party at our house. When the party had started,Elizabeth and I said goodbye and left for our honeymoon.We travelled first by boat, and planned to spend the night at a hotel on the other side of the lake. The mountains and the lake were calm and beautiful,and at last Elizabeth and I were together.For the first time for months, and for the last time ever,I enjoyed the feeling of happiness.婚礼之后我们的大批朋友都来我们家聚会。聚会开始后,我和伊丽莎白向他们道了别并离开度蜜月去了。我们首先乘船旅行,并计划晚上在湖对岸的一家旅馆过夜。群山和湖泊宁静而美丽,我和伊丽莎白终于结合在了一起。我几个月来第一次、也是最后一次享受到了幸福的感觉。In the evening the wind became stronger and soon a great storm broke above us.Every noise frightened me,and I kept my hand on my gun under my coat.I saw the monster in every shadow.Suddenly I realized how terrible the fight would be for Elizabeth.I asked her to go to bed and I decided to search for the monster.I planned to join her when I was sure he was not in or around the hotel.傍晚风刮得更猛了,不久还来了一场大的暴风雨。每一个声响都让我恐惧,我一直把手放在外套下面的上。我在每个阴暗处都看到了那个怪物。突然间我意识到这场搏斗对于伊丽莎白来说将会是多么恐怖。我让她上床睡觉而我则决定去寻找那个怪物。我打算在确信怪物不在旅馆及其附近后再回到伊丽莎白身边。Elizabeth left me and I searched every corner of the hotel—every dark doorway and staircase.I could not find him,and I began to hope that he had not followed us to the hotel.But suddenly,I heard a loud and terrible scream.伊丽莎白离开了我,我搜寻了旅馆里的每一个角落——每一个黑暗的门厅和楼梯。我没能找到他,于是便开始希望他并没有随我们到旅馆来。但是突然间我听到了一声可怕的尖叫。It came from our room.那是从我们的房间里传出来的。Then—too late—I understood.The monster had promised to be with me on my wedding night,but he had not planned to kill me.于是我明白过来了——但已经是太晚了。怪物曾许诺要在我的新婚之夜跟着我的,但他并未打算要杀了我。The scream came again,and I ran to our room.Why did I not die there and then?尖叫声又一次传来,我于是跑到了我们的房间。我为什么没有在当时当地便死去呢? /201205/184152

Scientists and doctors can’t make their minds up about coffee. One study says it’s really bad for us and the next report says it’s good for us. I’ve even that 10 cups a day is good for our brain. I like a cup of coffee at certain times of the day. I must have a coffee first thing in the morning. I can’t survive without my morning coffee. I have another cup or two when I get to work. And that’s it. I never drink coffee after lunchtime. If I do, I can’t sleep at night. The only time I drink coffee in the evening is if I go to a nice restaurant. Coffee seems a lot more complicated these days. When I was younger it was just coffee. Now it’s latte, frappucino and all kinds of other strange words. Article/201104/131256

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