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湖南郴州医院男科郴州市看泌尿科怎么样郴州市包皮医院 Lessons had been learned the hard way, at least for some.至少对某些人而言 这是一个血的教训So when barbarians started attacking Roman forts in the north,the Romans knew exactly what to do.当蛮夷开始袭击罗马北部要塞时 罗马人早已深谙御敌之术In 79 AD, an enormous pitched battle took place on the slopes of an unidentified highland mountain,公元79前 一不知名的高山丘陵上 一场大规模激战在此上演which Tacitus calls Mons Graupius.塔西陀称其为格劳庇乌山The result was another slaughter,but not before the Caledonian general, Calgacus,结局是又一场屠杀 但已是古苏格兰王库斯delivered the first great anti-imperialist speech on Scotlands soil.伟大的反帝国演讲传遍苏格兰之后的事了Here at the worlds end,on its last inch of liberty,在这世界之端 最后的自由地we have lived unmolested to this day defended by our remoteness and obscurity.我们得以偏安一隅至今 只因此地偏远神秘But there are no other tribes to come, nothing but sea and cliffs但在此只能与汪洋峭壁作伴and these more deadly Romans whose arrogance you cannot escape by obedience and self-restraint, to plunder, butcher, steal.但我们的顺从自律却逃不过 傲慢自大的罗马人 穷凶极恶地劫掠与偷窃These things they misname empire,they make a desolation and they call it peace.他们谬称其为帝国 还将劫掠后的荒芜 称为和平Of course, Calgacus never said any such thing.当然 库斯从未有过如此言论This was a speech written long after the event by Tacitus and its entirely Roman, not Scottish.而是事件发生多年之后的塔西佗所撰写 并且通篇古罗马语 而非苏格兰语Yet this burning sentiment would echo down the generations.但这燃烧着的 却不失为那个时代的缩影Like Britannia itself, the idea of free Caledonia was from the first, a Roman invention.如不列颠尼亚与解放苏格兰的概念 都为罗马首创 /201607/452354郴州东方医院男科大夫

郴州龟头炎医院那家好栏目简介:Meanwhile, two Chinese track-and-field athletes competed playfully with local high school students, part of efforts by local sports and education authorities to promote athletics on campus.201703/496718湖南郴州治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 For the pupils and teachers of the Chinese school,对于中式学校的学生和老师们来说these four weeks have been a challenge of endurance...这四周是一场耐力战Tested by cultural differences.经受了文化差异的考验Excuse me, you two!哎哎哎,你们俩You didnt show me your manners.你们很没礼貌I never seen a student like you.从来没见过像你这样的学生You embarrassed the Bohunt.你丢了航特中学的脸And the occasional lost-in-translation moment.还有偶尔的沟通不畅问题Who can tell me what ;Pp; Means?谁能告诉我PP是什么意思You said pee-pee!你刚刚说;尿尿;There was time lost to discipline problems.纪律问题一度无法控制Listen to me, to teacher!听我讲,听老师上课And time spent forming new relationships.还有花在建立新恋情上的时间Too young for it, in my book. Too young.太早了,在我看来,太早了The big question now is, has the Chinese school managed to overcome all the disruption to triumph in the test?最重要的问题是,中式学校有没有克所有的混乱,在考试中获胜呢The results are in,结果出来了and the Chinese teachers will soon know how their students have done.中国老师马上会知道他们的学生成绩如何Luca. Thank you.卢卡,谢谢Angelina.安吉丽娜At Bohunt, the kids are used to grades,在航特中学,孩子们通常会拿到得分but theyve never been ranked against each other.但他们从未排出过名次高低I got 100% in maths!我数学拿了满分Yes. Oh, my God!没错,我的天My academic ability has definitely improved during this experiment.我的学术能力在这次试验中绝对提高了Its all about hard work and not really chatting or messing around.重点是努力学习,不要聊天和打闹And a lot of its getting on with work by yourself,而且在很大程度上需要自主学习and I think Im often quite good at working on my own.我觉得我一直都很擅长自主学习I dont know if this is good or not, Im not sure.我不知道这是好还是坏,我不确定For maths, this is 51%. I can tell you...数学得了51分,我可以告诉你...Is that good or bad?那是好还是坏In our small class group, youre the best. OK?在我们的补习小组里,你是第一,好吗Are you happy? Yeah.你开心吗?开心But you can be much, much better, as I told you, right?但你还可以做得更好,我跟你说过的,是吗This isnt really that bad.并没那么糟糕Well, for me, its not that bad.对我来说,并不糟糕Do you feel happy? Im not that pleased.你开心吗?我不那么开心Why not? Tell me.为什么呢,跟我说说I came nineteenth in Mandarin.我的普通话考了第19名23rd in English, 34th in maths,英语第23名,数学第34名and 32nd in science.So its not what you expected, right?科学32名,不符合你的期望,是吗Im annoyed with myself.我生自己的气I only just passed Mandarin.我普通话才刚刚及格But to be honest, Chinese education isnt the most encouraging thing.说实话,中式教学法不够鼓舞人心OK. Why? Cos theyre always just...好的,为什么,因为他们总是...its just all expectations that maybe you cant always reach.会给你也许没办法实现的期望But if you try hard and you keep, you know, trying hard,但如果你努力,并且持续努力no matter where you go to work, or you go to school,不论你去哪儿工作,或者上学you try your best, then that wont hurt you. You can just...尽力而为,排名就无所谓了,你就...I did try my best!我确实尽力了And youre just telling me my best isnt good enough.而你刚刚告诉我,我尽了全力还是不够好Yeah, Im happy with them.我对这个成绩挺满意的Cos I didnt pay attention, like, do that well in the first two weeks of the Chinese thing.因为对于中式教学法,最开始两个星期的时候我压根没注意听讲So I think I did all right, like, considering I concentrated for two weeks.所以我觉得我表现还不错,毕竟我只听了两个星期201606/451470郴州永兴县男性专科

郴州东方医院是不是私立医院【视频讲解】Other satirists are finding Mr Trump’s tendency to defy parody harder to handle.其他的讽刺作家发现川普先生的不太收到滑稽模仿影响。Defy1. 不影响,不为所动:不受…的影响;经受得住或顶得住:“So the plague defied all medicines”(Daniel Defoe)“所有药物都无法治愈的瘟疫”(丹尼尔#8226;迪福)2. 不从,不合作:拒绝屈…,或拒绝与…合作:Sam defied the court order by leaving the country.Sam 出国逃避法院程序。3. 违抗This was the first (and last) time that I dared to defy my mother.这是我第一次(也是最后一次)胆敢违抗我母亲。 “It’s really tricky now as satire has become reality,” Trey Parker, co-creator of “South Park”, a satirical cartoon which presented the Trump-Clinton contest as the “giant douche or the turd sandwich”, has said.“现在讽刺已经变成现实的情况真的很棘手”, 南方公园”的联合创始人Trey Parker这么说到,他曾将特朗普 - 克林顿的竞选以一则“巨型灌肠或者三明治”的讽刺漫画展示出来。Tricky 难对付的 (注意和trick 区别!)Parking can be tricky downtown.在市中心停车会很难。douche冲洗液Turd排泄物The Onion has the same problem.而洋葱网也有同样的问题。One of the satirical online paper’s recent headlines, “Eric Trump Scolds Father That He Mustn’t Inquire About The Businesses, For He’s Sworn Not To Tell,” is a pretty faithful description of the firewall between the 45th president and his family firm.在洋葱网的最近头条中,“Eric Trump 责骂其父亲,即他不可打听企业事务,因为他宣誓了不过问,”这是对第45位总统和他的家族企业之间所存在的防火墙的一个相当靠谱的描述。Scold 喜谩骂的人:经常唠叨或批评的人:“As a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and... may even become a big-league scold”(James Wolcott)“当一个批评家衰老的时候,通常变得更为暴躁…甚至会成为一流的骂街者”(詹姆斯#8226;沃尔科特)Inquire1. 查询; 打听;What are you doing there?; she inquired. “你在那里做什么?”她问道。2. 提问:“I am free to inquire what a work of art means to me”(Bernard Berenson)“我有权就一件艺术品对我的意义提问”(伯纳德#8226;贝伦森)Swear 宣誓The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the inquiry.对他们的指控都是从调查中得到的宣过誓的词中提出的。swear at 诅咒,咒骂:Dont swear at him;its all of my faults.别骂他啦,全都是我的错!Faithful 忠实He spends his time making speeches at factories or gatherings of the Party faithful.他花时间在工厂或者在该党忠实拥护者的集会上发表演讲。Indeed, many of the headlines generated by Mr Trump’s administration are deeply Onion-esque.事实上,特朗普政府颁布的许多标题都是“洋葱式”的。-esque后缀,表示“...特色的”,“风格的”Picturesque 风景如画的picturesque rocky shores.风景如画的岩石海岸Romanesque 罗马风格的Kellyanne Conway, a Trump spokeswoman, was briefly barred by CNN for using alternative facts—her references to a fictitious jihadist atrocity, which Ms Conway called the “Bowling Green Massacre”, were the last straw.特朗普发言人凯莉安.康威被美国有线电视新闻网禁止过发布非真实性的报道--文章中提到了一个虚构的“圣战暴行”,康威称“林格林大屠杀”是最后一根稻草。Fictitious 虚假的; 虚幻的Were interested in the source of these fictitious rumours.对这些子虚乌有的谣言的来源感兴趣。Atrocity 暴行The killing was cold-blooded, and those who committed this atrocity should be tried and punished.这场杀戮非常残酷,那些犯下此暴行的人应该受到审判和惩罚。Massacre 大屠杀Jihadist 圣战主义者the last straw 最后一根稻草Mr Trump’s wife, Melania, has sued a newspaper for reporting lurid untruths about her on the basis that this cost her the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” of making millions as “one of the most photographed women in the world”.特朗普的妻子梅拉尼亚(Melania)也起诉过一家报道了她一些骇人听闻的不实信息的报纸,这篇报道使她成为了 “世界上最受关注的妇女之一”。Sue 诉讼Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks. 沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Lurid 骇人听闻的a lurid account of the crime.骇人听闻的犯罪报道once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 千载难逢的机会But those that do consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their children to experience the life of a princess, if only for a week.但也有的家长觉得这是一次千载难逢的好机会,可以让自己的女儿体验一回当王妃的感觉,哪怕只有一周也好。No satirist could do better.没有讽刺家能做的更好的了。SNL’s response, in sending up Mr Spicer, is to shift the focus onto one of the relatively normal players in Trump world, to show how pervasively strange it is.美国综艺节目《周六夜现场》回应斯派塞先生时,是把焦点转移到特朗普团队中这个相对正常的工作人员之一,以突出如此奇怪的现象。Send up 模仿Pervasive 无处不在的 ...the pervasive influence of the army in national life. …军队在国民生活中无处不在的影响。At first glance, none of this should bother Mr Trump. SNL’s weekly audience of 10m represents less than half his Twitter following and is dominated by left-leaning millennials who would sooner work in an abattoir than vote Trump.乍一看,这些不应给川普先生带来任何困扰。《周六夜现场》每周1000万名观众人数还不到其推特粉丝的一半,而且他们深受那些宁愿到角斗场工作都不愿投票给川普的左派人物的影响。At first glanceVon Neumann was particularly interested in seeing if he could develop optimal strategies for these kinds of mutual games, because at first glance they seemed almost insolvable in theory.冯#8226;诺依曼最感兴趣的是想看看自己能否给这种互动游戏找出最理想的策略,因为乍一看来,它们在理论上几乎是无解的。Abattoir 屠宰场;角斗场Yet Mr Trump, who unlike his core voters devours the mainstream media and loves to hobnob with the celebrities who appear on shows like SNL, minds the lampooning a lot.然而特朗普先生却不像他的核心持者一样喜欢紧盯主流媒体,还喜欢看着像《周六夜现场》这样的节目喝上两杯。他对那些讽刺表演十分在意。hobnob with 与...亲密I used to hobnob with the rich and famous.我过去常与富有而又著名的人交往。the mainstream media 主流媒体We have been in some of the indicators is the mainstream media.我们在一些指标上已经是主流媒体了。Lampoon 讽刺“Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” he tweeted last month.“一点都不好玩,演员十分糟糕,总在完全的讽刺。十分糟糕的电视节目!”他上个月发推特说道。Cast 演员The show is very amusing and the cast is very good.表演非常有趣,演员都很优秀。Hit 讽刺Hit it big 成功investors who hit it big on the stock market.投资者在股票市场上获得了成功hit up 【俚语】 请求,要求:尤指接近并向(某人)索要金钱:tried to hit me up for a loan 试图请求我贷款Hit on 吸引地注意:对异性吸引自发地且通常不受欢迎地注意:I cant go into a bar lately without being hit on.最近只要去酒吧,没有不受到注意的SNL’s response was to start planning ways to take Mr Baldwin’s impression, which the actor has described as a civic duty, to a wider audience.《周六夜现场》回应称他们开始规划让鲍德温先生让更多观众熟知,而鲍德温称这是公民义务。Impression1. 曝光2. 造成强烈影响,The type of aid coming in makes no immediate impression on the horrific death rates.这种即将到来的救助不会对恐怖的死亡率造成立杆见影的强烈影响。civic duty 公民义务The researchers say these changes raise questions about the civic duty of public education.那些研究人员说这些变化提出了关于公共教育的公民责任问题。201706/512619 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480367郴州东方是正规医院还是私立医院郴州临武县泌尿科咨询



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