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上饶韩美整形美容医院抽脂减肥怎么样Li Siguang (1889~1971), is the founder of China#39;s geomechanics. A native of Huanggang, Hubei, Li studied in Japan and the ed States in his early years.李四光(1889~1971),中国地质力学的创建人,湖北黄冈人。早年曾在日本、美国留学。He became a geological professor at Peking University upon his return from abroad in 1920.1920年回国到北京大学任地质学教授。After the People#39;s Republic of China was established, Li held the positions of deputy president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and minister of geology.中华人民共和国成立后,李四光任中国科学院副院长、地质部部长。In the 1920s, Li Siguang set up the subject of geological mechanics and made great contribution to the geological theory.1920年,李四光创立了地质力学,为地质理论作出了巨大贡献。He studied lithosphere with the mechanic theory, and established the tectonic system, one of the basic concepts of tectonic mechanics. He provided new ways to explore the natural phenomena and ushered in new ways of studying the lithosphere movement.李四光运用力学观点来研究地壳运动现象,建立了“构造体系”这一地质力学的基本概念,为探索地质自然现象提供了新方法,为研究地壳运动规律开辟了新途径。His theory made great contribution to China#39;s oil reconnaissance and survey, changing the situation of “oil-deficiency; in the country, enabling the large-scale development of oil fields to raise the country to the ranks of the world major oil producers.他的理论为中国石油勘探作出巨大贡献,改变中国的“缺油”局面,使得大规模的油田发展将中国变成了世界主要的石油生产国。With the geological mechanics, he analyzed the geology and pointed out that China had abundant oil and gas resources.李四光运用地质力学分析了中国地质构造特点,认为中国具有广阔的找油远景。The continuous development of Daqing oilfield, Shengli oilfield and Dagang oilfield proved that Li Siguang was really far-sighted in science.大庆、胜利、大港等油田的相继发现实了李四光的科学预见。In the earthquake studies, Li Siguang emphasized the importance of observing changes in terrestrial stress on the base of studying geological structural movement, and showed clearly the orientation for earthquake forecasting work.在地震地质工作方面,李四光强调在研究地质构造活动性的基础上,观察地应力的变化,为实现地震预报指出了方向。What#39;s more, as early as the 1920s, Li Siguang visited many places such as the piedmont of Taihang Mountain, Datong Basin, Lushan Mountain and Huangshan Mountain, and found the vestige variations of the Quaternary Period glacier.此外,李四光早在20年代初,实地考察了太行山麓、大同盆地、庐山和黄山等地,先后发现第四纪冰川遗迹。He proved wrong many academic authorities#39; conclusion that China had no Quaternary Period glacier.推翻了国际上许多冰川学权威断言中国无第四纪冰川的错误结论。 /201604/435075余干县除晒斑多少钱With all of the hype that goes into promoting weight-loss pills, diet programs, and the miraculous benefits of bone broth, it can be easy to let weight-loss myths get in the way of what you actually need to know to drop unwanted pounds. To help trim the fat, people who have lost 50lbs or more shared the weight-loss advice that helped them reach their goals.宣传减肥药、节食餐,还有骨汤神奇效果的广告满天飞,你很容易就迷失在减肥的神话故事里,而没有去了解减掉赘肉需要真正做些什么。为了帮更多的人减重,一些成功减掉50磅(约23公斤)或更多的人分享了他们实现目标的经验和建议。Don#39;t expect a miracle不要期待奇迹It probably took you a lifetime to reach the size you are now, and that means it might take years to become the healthiest version of yourself, says Alicia Marie, a holistic enthusiast who has dropped more than 100lbs. It may be a long time before you see physical changes -- but don#39;t let that discourage you.艾丽西亚#8226;马里耶是个彻头彻尾的减肥狂,她减掉了100多磅。她说,可能你用了一辈子的时间才达到现在的体重,所以也许还要好多年才能回到最健康的状态。可能还要很久才能看到身体上的一些变化,但不要因此而气馁。Don#39;t go on a diet不要节食Embracing an eating plan specifically designed for weight loss is a temporary measure to a permanent problem. ;A #39;diet#39; is something a person goes on, knowing there comes a time when they go off of it,; says Randy Hartman, a reinvention coach who has lost more than 80lbs. ;This only exacerbates the problems and ends in yo-yo weight loss. It#39;s far better to embark on an eating plan that you can follow for the rest of your life. Consistency over the long haul is key.;遵守一个专门为了减肥而设计的节食计划是在用暂时的办法解决永恒的问题。兰迪#8226;哈特曼减掉了80多磅,把自己塑造成了一个健身教练,她说:“如果一个人坚持‘节食’,那么他就知道总会迎来摆脱掉节食的那一刻。这只会使问题加剧,最终体重减了又长。如果能制定一个可以坚持一辈子的饮食计划会好很多。长时间坚持才是关键。”Don#39;t be drastic不要太过猛烈Instead of making lots of big changes, Becky Lehman, who, after losing 100lbs, is now a certified health coach, recommends making one small change a day to move yourself closer to your health goals and avoid becoming overwhelmed. ;Drastic changes don#39;t tend to stick, but the basic concepts of weight loss remain the same: move more, eat more vegetables, drink more water,; she says. ;Drinking one extra glass of water today will not cause the scale to drop 20lbs, but those small changes can add up to huge and lasting transformations.;贝基#8226;雷曼曾甩掉100磅的肉,现在已经是一名经过认的健身教练,她建议说不要做太多太大的改变,每天做一点小小的改变就能离你的目标体重更近一点,避免被过重的任务压垮。她说:“过度的改变往往不能持久,但减肥的基本要义一直都没有变:多运动、多吃蔬菜、多喝水。今天多喝一杯水并不能减掉20磅的体重,但聚沙成塔就会形成巨大持久的改变。”Make fitness a priority, but go slowly把减肥放在首位,但要慢慢来Naomi Teeter, the blogger behind Inspire Transformation, knew it was a priority to make working out a habit when she began her weight-loss journey -- all in all, she lost 150lbs and has managed to keep 125lbs off for seven years. Yet she cautions against going too hardcore. ;Too many people live by the philosophy, #39;Go hard or go home,#39; when it comes to fitness and beat themselves to the ground when they first start out, causing them to give up more easily,; she explains. ;Your workout doesn#39;t have to be insane to be good.;内奥米#8226;迪特是“激发改变”网站的客主,她在开始减肥之旅的时候就知道,应该首先把健身作为一种习惯——总而言之,她减掉了150磅,连续七年体重保持在125磅以下。然而她很小心,防止自己走得太极端。她解释说:“很多人减肥的时候都信奉‘要么努力要么回家’这个理念,第一次开始的时候就因任务太重把自己打倒了,这样更容易放弃。你健身不一定非要达到疯狂的地步才是好的。”Don#39;t ban specific foods不要给具体的食物下禁令Making certain foods “off limits” can tempt you even more -- and almost always leads to overindulging. According to Lehman, she eats chocolate ;almost every single day,; yet has still managed to keep the weight off. ;Of course, willpower still comes into play here, but don#39;t cut your favorite foods out of your diet completely.;把某些食物设在“禁区”会带来更大的诱惑——几乎总会导致暴饮暴食。据雷曼说,她“几乎每天”都吃巧克力而依然保持着体重。“当然,意志力在这里依然很重要,但不要把你最喜欢的食物从饮食中完全删掉。”Recruit someone who will hold you accountable找个对你负责的人An accountability buddy doesn#39;t necessarily need to be a workout buddy, but they do need to be someone you can talk to when you#39;re feeling unmotivated and who can remind you of your original goal, says Kelsey Byers, lifestyle coach and fitness blogger behind Good Morning Fit, who has lost 50lbs. Byers#39; husband helped her stick to her goals; social media can also help you find a supportive community if you don#39;t feel like there#39;s anyone nearby who can help you as you try to drop weight.凯尔茜#8226;拜尔斯曾减掉50磅体重,现在是生活方式指导教练和“早安,健身”网站的健身主,她说,一个对你负责的朋友并不一定必须是与你一起健身的人,但是他们确实得是你可以倾诉的对象,在你丧失斗志的时候鼓励你,提醒你不要忘了最初的目标。拜尔斯的丈夫帮助她坚持实现了目标;如果你觉得身边没有人能帮助你减肥,社交媒体也可以帮你找一帮人持你。Stop buying food products...不要再买加工食品了……… and start buying whole foods. That means no more things in boxes, simple frozen meals, foods mushed into bar form, and so on, Marie says. Walk around the outside of the grocery store and don#39;t mess with the inner isles. With the exception of dried beans and coffee, there#39;s really not much you need in those aisles.开始买天然食品吧。也就是说不要买盒子包装的食品,简单的速冻食品,压成条状的食品等等,马里耶说。在杂货店的走一走就行了,不要挤进货架里面,那儿也就有干豆子和咖啡可以买,别的你都不怎么需要。Manage your emotions管理你的情绪Emotions can ruin your day, and subsequently any healthy progress you#39;ve made, Teeter warns. One bad day at work can lead to binge eating and drinking in front of the TV instead of preparing a nourishing meal and hitting the gym. When you#39;re feeling bad, Teeter recommends paying attention to why you feel that way so you can comfort yourself in a more productive way, instead of stuffing yourself full of food until you can#39;t move.情绪会毁了你的一天,进而毁了所有你减肥取得的进步,迪特警告说。某一天工作中心情不好,回家就会坐电视机前大吃大喝,而不会准备有营养的晚餐,去健身房锻炼。迪特建议,如果你心情不好,关注你产生情绪的原因,就可以更有效地安慰自己,而不是自己吃撑到走不动路。Focus on feeling better, rather than what you see in the mirror把注意力集中于更好的感觉上,而不是镜子里的自己Sometimes ;looking good in a bathing suit; isn#39;t a big enough goal, at least not if you want to keep the weight off for longer than the warm summer months. ;It#39;s important to establish the reason why you want to get healthy. Maybe it#39;s for your kids or grandkids,; Byers suggests. ;Maybe you want to get healthy so you can have a family. No matter where you are in your journey, I encourage you to think about your personal #39;why#39; and post it on a vision board where you can see it every day.;有时候“穿泳衣好看”并不是个什么远大的目标,至少如果你希望温暖的夏天过后仍能保持较轻的体重的话,这算不上什么。拜尔斯表示,“设立一个你为什么想减肥的理由很重要。也许是为了你的儿女或孙子孙女。也许你为了生小孩而健身。无论你处在健身的哪一阶段,我都鼓励你思考一下你的‘为什么’,把它贴在愿景板上,你每天都能看到它。”Track your progress with pictures用照片记录进步While it#39;s important to focus on how you feel over how you look, Byers also suggests taking pictures every week so you can visually track your progress. On a day-to-day basis, you might not notice the changes that a photo will capture. ;The scale can be misleading -- it doesn#39;t know if you#39;re replacing fat with muscle,; notes Byers. ;The more muscle you have, the more toned you look as long as your nutrition is on point.;尽管重要的是关注你的感觉而不是外表,拜尔斯也建议每周拍张照片,就可以看见自己每次的进步。每天都拍照的话,你也许注意不到照片捕捉到的变化。拜尔斯注意到:“变化幅度可以误导人,因为你不知道是不是肌肉代替了脂肪。只要你营养跟上,肌肉越多,你看上去就越健美。”Don#39;t eat or drink anything handed to you through a window不要接受从窗户递过来的食物或饮料Yes, even coffee. Get up and go inside to get your coffee if you want it that bad, Marie suggests. Better yet, go someplace where you can control how much sugar and cream goes into it.是的,即使是咖啡。如果你实在想喝,站起来走进去拿你的咖啡,马里耶建议。如果你能去那种可以自己控制加多少糖和奶油的地方就更好了。Step outside your comfort zone走出舒适区Embrace uncertainty, especially if you consider yourself a perfectionist. ;Things will not always go your way, no matter how prepared you think you are,; Teeter says. ;Many folks throw in the towel after just one setback. But if you condition yourself to expect and embrace [setbacks], you#39;ll be far happier with yourself and the progress you#39;re making -- even during the difficult times.;接受不确定性,如果你认为自己是个完美主义者就更要去接受。“事情并不总是如你所愿,无论你觉得自己准备得多么充分,”迪特说。“很多人仅仅遇到一个挫折就认输了。但是如果你能调节自己,预料到(挫折)并欣然接受,那么你就会为自己和自己所做的进步而感到更加高兴——即使在困难的时候。”Eat a lean protein and complex carb during each meal每顿饭吃富含精益蛋白质和复合碳水化合物的食品For Byers, that meant lots of grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini with asparagus, and meal-replacement shakes. ;One of my favorite meals is scrambled egg whites with hash browns and green salsa mixed together,; she says. ;Another favorite is extra-lean turkey tacos on corn tortillas and avocado slices, plus salsa.;对拜尔斯来说,那意味着很多烤鸡肉加地瓜,烤西葫芦和芦笋,和正餐替代品奶昔。“我最喜欢的菜之一就是炒蛋白,薯饼拌上绿色的洋葱汁,”她说。“另外喜欢的是精瘦火鸡肉玉米卷饼、鳄梨片加上洋葱汁。”Start today今天就开始The sooner you start, the sooner you#39;ll see results: ;There will always be reasons to start tomorrow, or wait until your busy season is over,; Lehman adds. ;Fight through your excuses and do something right now.;越早开始,越早收到成效:“总有明天才开始的理由,或者等到忙季结束,”雷曼说。“打败你的借口,现在就行动。” /201605/4447017.Statues7.雕塑There are plenty of statues in North Korea, courtesy of state funds funneled into propaganda.朝鲜的雕塑随处可见,国家出资刻雕塑都是为了宣扬社会主义。North Korea has gotten so good at building statues that they have become something of an export for the Hermit Kingdom, with Zimbabwe recently taking delivery of two statues of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe for million. North Korea has completed other projects for countries including Angola, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, and even Germany.朝鲜的雕塑技艺炉火纯青,这让这个;隐逸王国;又多了一项出口产品。最近,津巴布韦耗资五百万美元从朝鲜提走了他们订购的两座津巴布韦总统罗伯特·穆加比的雕像。朝鲜还与其他国家,如安哥拉、埃及、赤道几内亚、埃塞俄比亚,甚至德国有雕塑生意往来。The art projects are produced at the Mansudae Art Studio, a massive factory employing 4,000 North Koreans, including 1,000 artists.这些雕塑都是由万寿台艺术创作社完成的,该创作社规模宏大,共有4000名朝鲜员工,其中有1000名是雕刻师。Zimbabwe isn#39;t the biggest customer North Korea has had, however. In the early 2000s, North Korea was contracted by Namibia to build a gigantic war memorial in the capital of Windhoek for million.然而,津巴布韦并不是朝鲜最大的客户。早在本世纪初期,朝鲜便与纳米比亚达成了一笔六千万的交易,在纳米比亚的首都温特和克打造一座巨型战争纪念碑。North Korea was also contracted to build the Namibian New State House, the equivalent of the US Capitol, and construction was completed in 2008.朝鲜还与该国签订协议,在纳米比亚建造一座新州议会大厦,规模相当于美国国会大厦,该建筑于2008年竣工。North Korea#39;s most impressive work, however, is to be found in Senegal, where Mansudae constructed the African Renaissance Monument, a massive bronze statue standing at 50 meters, commemorating Senegal#39;s 50th independence anniversary.然而令人印象最深刻的朝鲜雕塑则矗立在塞内加尔,万寿台创作社在那里建造了非洲复兴纪念碑,这座巨大的青铜雕塑高达50米,为纪念塞内加尔独立50周年而建。6.Fine Dining6.精致的餐厅It may surprise you that one can find restaurants serving ;authentic North Korean; food scattered throughout Asia, complete with top-notch entertainment that involves traditional dancing to a mix of North Korean songs and Western pop.看到散落于亚洲各地的餐厅提供;朝鲜原生态;食物可能会让你大吃一惊。这些餐厅拥有一流的设施,并将朝鲜传统歌曲与西方流行歌曲相结合,再配上朝鲜的传统舞艺来吸引食客。And it#39;s not just a handful of restaurants. Since the 1990s, North Korea has run a whole chain of eateries known as Pyongyang Restaurants, and there are estimated to be up to 100 branches across Asia.而这样特色的餐厅绝非少数。自上世纪90年代起,朝鲜政府就开始经营一系列海外餐厅,名叫平壤餐厅,有人估计该餐厅在亚洲已经开了100多家分店。The restaurants serve three purposes: They raise money for the regime, finance the North Korean embassy in the country they operate in, and launder money from the regime#39;s illegal activities.经营平壤饭店的目的有三:第一,为朝鲜政府集资;第二,为各个分店所在地的朝鲜使馆提供经费;第三,为朝鲜政府的非法活动洗黑钱。And if one digs deeper, one finds that the staff are not free to leave and go, as their families back in North Korea will suffer if they do. The waitresses are watching each other for signs of disloyalty, the chef is watching the waitresses, and someone is watching the chef.如果再深入了解,你就会知道,平壤饭店的员工不能擅自离开饭店,如果他们离开了,那么远在家乡的亲人就会受苦。为保所有人都效忠于自己的祖国,平壤饭店的女务员相互监视对方,主厨则监视女务员,而另有政府派来的其他人监视主厨。5.Textiles5.纺织品The North Korean–Chinese border is a hotbed of economic activity. It#39;s estimated that up to a quarter of Dandong#39;s residents do business that involves North Korea. One example of such economic activity are textile factories run and staffed by North Koreans.中朝边境是贸易活动的温床。据估计,有超过四分之一的丹东居民与朝鲜有贸易往来。其中一个例子就是由朝鲜人组成并运营的纺织工厂。Exported under ;Made in China; labels, it is impossible to tell that the clothes manufactured in such places come from North Korea.但是这些工厂生产的衣物都贴着;中国制造;的标签出口海外,默然无言如它们,自然不可能告诉人们它们来自朝鲜。Export of textiles from North Korea is nothing new, with a Dutch company first importing shirts from the country back in the 1970s. Although textile exports fell in the 1990s, they have picked up again, and firms in the Netherlands and Germany have experience in dealing with North Korea.朝鲜出口纺织品也不是什么新鲜事,早在20世纪70年代,就有家荷兰公司从朝鲜进口衬衫。尽管在20世纪90年代时,朝鲜的纺织品出口贸易额下跌,但随后又再次上浮,荷兰和德国的几家公司都曾与朝鲜进行过纺织品贸易。One attraction to manufacturing in North Korea is that labor costs are some of the cheapest in Asia, while the workforce is skilled and experienced. Minimum wage is set at a month, making garment production 30 percent cheaper than in China.朝鲜制造的一大吸引力在于朝鲜是亚洲劳动力成本最低的几个国家之一,但其劳工技术娴熟、经验丰富。朝鲜的最低工资标准仅为每月80美元,这使其国内装生产成本比中国还低30%。4.Fake US Banknotes4.超级美元If North Korea has to be ranked number one in the world in something besides totalitarianism and insanity, it would be the manufacture of counterfeit banknotes.如果说朝鲜除了极权主义与丧心病狂,还有什么能排世界第一的话,那就是制造假钞。The US Secret Service occasionally claims that North Korean–manufactured counterfeit 0 bills, also known as ;supernotes,; are the most sophisticated fake money in the world. This is not surprising, considering the lengths North Korea went to in manufacturing them, using machinery from Japan, paper from Hong Kong, and ink from France.朝鲜制造的100美元面值的假钞也被称为;超级美元;,美国特勤局曾宣称这是全世界仿真程度最高的假钞。但想想朝鲜为制造这种假钞多么不择手段,这一切也就毫不稀奇了。朝鲜痛下血本,采购日本制造的机器,香港出品的纸张以及法国生产的油墨专为制造;超级美元;。North Korean counterfeit money is so good that the US government introduced a new 0 bill in 2013, with new security features specifically designed to counter North Korean counterfeiting.这种假钞足以假乱真,使得美国政府不得不在2013年推出采用专门防伪设计的新版100美元面值纸币,就为了能与朝鲜制造的假钞区分开来。And those new features are very much needed. Supernotes are printed on the same type of cotton-and-linen paper as the US banknotes, using the same type of Swiss-manufactured printing press, and using a very similar type of ink.而这些新的防伪设计实属必需,;超级美元;采用了与真钞同类型的棉麻纸张以及非常相类似的油墨,并使用瑞士制造的同类型印刷机进行印制。Originally, the North Koreans collected banknotes to bleach and reprint, but they later learned how to manufacture the paper from scratch.起初,朝鲜收集1美元面值的纸币进行漂白和重印,通过这种方式伪造100美元的货币,但后来就掌握了凭空制造假钞的技术。 /201608/463509上饶信州区打美白针一针多少钱

上饶横峰县做双眼皮多少钱上饶安全丰胸医院上饶点痣多少钱The Harry Potter author JK Rowling has shared some withering rebuffs publishers sent to her alter ego Robert Galbraith, in an effort to comfort aspiring authors.近日,《哈利波特》系列图书的作者JK·罗琳为了激励其他作家,自曝数位出版商对其署名为Robert Galbraith的作品的冷酷无情的退稿信。Rowling posted the rejection letters on Twitter after a request from a fan. They related to The Cuckoo#39;s Calling, her first novel as Galbraith. But Rowling also saw Harry Potter turned down several times before the boy wizard became one of the greatest phenomena in children#39;s literature, with sales of more than 400m copies worldwide.应某位粉丝的要求,罗琳在自己的推特上贴出了这几封退稿信。这些信件的内容全部与《布谷鸟的呼唤》这本小说有关。《布谷鸟的呼唤》是罗琳以Robert Galbraith的笔名发表的首部作品。而罗琳的《哈利波特》系列在全世界已卖出了4亿余本,成为了儿童文学史上的一座高峰,在此之前也曾数次遭到出版商的拒绝。Asked how she kept motivated, she tweeted: “I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try.”当问及如何保持积极心态的时候,罗琳回复道:“我没什么好失去的,有时这样的情况令人有足够的勇气去尝试。”When she pitched under the name Galbraith without revealing her true identity, she faced many more snubs. Since then, Galbraith has published three successful novels but the first was rejected by several publishers, and Rowling was even advised to take a writing course.当罗琳在隐瞒真名并使用笔名投稿后,收到了许多的退稿信。此后,罗琳以该笔名发表了三本成功的小说,但第一本小说还是遭到了几位出版商的拒绝。有的出版商甚至建议罗琳去上一堂写作课。Rowling erased the signatures when she posted the letters online, saying her motive was “inspiration not revenge”. She did not reveal the full text of the most brutal brush-off, which came by email from one of the publishers who had also rejected Harry Potter.罗琳隐去了信上的签名,表示自己的动机只是鼓舞他人而不是进行报复。一位此前拒绝了《哈利波特》系列的出版商的退稿信言辞最为刻薄,罗琳并没有公开这封信的全部内容。Rowling said she could not share the Potter rejections because they “are now in a box in my attic” before offering the Galbraith letters. The kindest and most detailed rejection came from Constable And Robinson, who – despite the advice about a writing course – included helpful tips on how to pitch to a publisher (“as on book jackets – don#39;t give away the ending!”). The publisher added: “I regret that we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we could not publish it with commercial success.”在贴出这些信件前,罗琳表示,自己无法和粉丝分享《哈利波特》的退稿信,因为这些信现在都放在阁楼的箱子里了。出版商Constable And Robinson的退稿信贴心又细致--除了上写作课的建议--还包括许多如何投稿的建议。该出版商接着写道:“出版本书难以获得商业收益。得出此结论亦非我方所愿,对此我方深表遗憾。”The short note from publishers Creme de la Crime said the firm had become part of another publishing group and was not accepting new submissions.而另一家出版商Creme de la Crime在一份简短的回复中表示,因公司被另一家出版社收购,所以将不再接受新的投稿。When The Cuckoo#39;s Calling eventually found a publisher in 2013, it was achieving respectable sales before the secret of its authorship broke, and it then shot to the top of the bestseller lists.2013年《布谷鸟的呼唤》出版后,销量颇佳,作者的真实身份遭曝光后更是占据了畅销书排行榜的榜首位置。 /201604/435376上饶人民医院去痣多少钱

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