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5.Syphilis5.梅毒Think of syphilis as the granddaddy of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). One of the oldest on the books, it#39;s suspected to have affected many over the centuries, including England#39;s King Henry VIII and composer Franz Schubert.论及梅毒,这可是性传播疾病的祖师爷。在一些书中,作者怀疑几个世纪以来很多人都感染了梅毒,包括英国国王亨利八世和作曲家弗朗茨·舒伯特。Syphilis is highly contagious because symptoms are often confused with other problems, if they#39;re apparent at all. Sores can be easily mistaken for mundane annoyances like ingrown hairs, for example, or they hide in the anus or other crevices. If left untreated, syphilis can progress through the uncomfortable first and second stages into the third stage, which is characterized by dementia, heart disease, organ failure and other serious, life-threatening issues. No wonder it was referred to in centuries past as the ;great pox; or just ;the pox.; This disease used to be very widesp. In the early 1900s, it was estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the U.S. population had syphilis. After the introduction of penicillin in the 1940s, the death rate tumbled. Incidence of primary and secondary syphilis in the U.S. in 2013 was down to around 5.3 cases per 100,000 people (but double the all-time low rate reported in 2000 of 2.1). Prevention and early treatment of this disease is urged to prevent resurgence and other long-term health complications.梅毒有着极高的传染性,因为它比较明显的症状和其他一些疾病相似,所以容易混淆。比如梅毒的疮很可能被误诊为像毛发内生这样的普通疾病,或者它们会藏在和其它身体缝隙中。如果不及时治疗,梅毒会从一期的身体不适发展到二期、三期的严重状态,包括痴呆、心脏疾病、器官衰竭和其它严重威胁生命的症状。难怪梅毒在过去的几个世纪都被称为“大疱疹”或简称为“疱疹”。梅毒曾经广泛传播。在20世纪初期,估算有百分之十到十五的美国人感染了梅毒。20世纪40年代引进青霉素以后,死亡率大幅降低。2013年,梅毒一期和二期的发病率降低到了5.3例每十万人(但仍是2000年所报道数据的两倍多,2000年的梅毒发病率空前的低,平均2.1例每十万人)。预防措施和初期的治疗十分重要,可以避免梅毒的复发以及其它影响健康的长期并发症的产生。4.Influenza4.流感Every year, influenza (or ;the flu;) does its best to confound vaccine-producing scientists. Sometimes vaccines work pretty well, and other years they miss the mark a bit. This is because flu viruses constantly change, leaving vaccine makers to take an educated guess at creating a treatment that will effectively combat that year#39;s most common strains.每一年,那些研发疫苗的科学家们都因为流感病毒而措手不及。在与流感的对抗中,疫苗时而“凯旋”时而“败北”。这是因为流感病毒不断变异,疫苗生产商们只能依据这些变异的病毒作出相应推断并创建新的治疗方法,用以抵御当年最广为传播的致病菌株。Most of the time, seasonal flu causes significant illness and discomfort in the form of fever, chills and body ache, but this highly contagious illness usually isn#39;t life-threatening. Certain groups are at higher risk, like people over age 65, young children, people with compromised immune systems and pregnant women. Flu outbreaks have occurred that devastated populations, however. The worst on record was probably the 1918 outbreak that killed approximately 40 million people worldwide . Science today appears to be on our side, thankfully. In 2014, there were 250,000 to 500,000 deaths from influenza worldwide.季节性流感多会引发重大疾病,给人带来不适。患者会出现发高烧、打寒颤、身体酸痛等症状。尽管如此,这一高传染性疾病通常并不会威胁到人的生命。65岁以上的老人、免疫力低下的人以及妇则属于高危人群。然而,流感的爆发也曾引发大规模的人口死亡。有记录以来最为惨痛的当属1918年爆发的那一场流感,造成全球约4000万人死亡。值得庆幸的是,今天我们似乎能够与科学并肩作战,一道对抗流感。2014年,全球有25至50万人死于流感。3.Cervical Cancer3.子宫颈癌As recently as the 1940s, the leading cause of death among women in the U.S. was cervical cancer. But the advent of the Papanicolaou(Pap) test contributed to a 60 percent decline in cervical cancer death rates and incidence in the ed States between 1955 and 1992. The test, which is typically administered during annual gynecological visits, can identify precancerous cells before they have a chance to get out of control.早在40年代,子宫颈癌就已成为美国女性死亡的主因。随着巴氏试验的成功诞生,1955至1992年间美国女性子宫颈癌的死亡率及发病率都降低了60%。每年的妇科检查项目都包含有这一测试,能在癌症前期细胞发生变异之前对其进行识别。Pap tests check for the presence of human papillomavirus, some versions of which are transmitted sexually, and can cause cell changes that result in cervical cancer. In recent years, experts have begun encouraging adolescent girls to receive the HPV vaccine, which can altogether prevent certain types of the virus. Nearly 4,000 women died in 2010 of cervical cancer, although the rate is dropping by the year. ;Within our lifetimes, we may see a country free of women dying from cervical cancer if screening and vaccination is done in an appropriate and timely way,; explains David Espey, M.D., acting director in the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control at CDC.有几种型别的人乳头瘤病毒是通过性传播造成细胞变异,从而使人患上子宫颈癌。巴氏试验则可对现有型别的人乳头瘤病毒进行检测。近些年,专家开始鼓励年轻女性接种HPV疫苗,该疫苗可预防多种病毒。虽然死亡率逐年下降,但2010年仍有近4000名女性死于子宫颈癌。疾控中心癌症防控科代理主任医学士戴维埃·斯佩表示:“如若做好疫苗接种并定期接受检查,在我们的有生之年也许就可以看到这样一个国度,在这个国度里女性同胞们都逃离了子宫颈癌的死亡魔爪。”2.Malaria2.疟疾Mosquitos pack the potential for more than just annoying, itchy red bumps. In fact, they transmit the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria, which is characterized by chills, sweating and fever, among other symptoms. Although it has been largely eradicated in North America, the Caribbean and much of Europe, malaria is still a serious concern in tropical and subtropical countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.蚊子不仅能叮咬出令人发痒且抓狂的红疙瘩,事实上它们还会传播诱发疟疾的疟原虫寄生虫。疟疾的发病特征包括发热,打冷颤,浑身出汗等症状。尽管在北美、加勒比海和欧洲大部分地区,这种疾病已经被大幅根除。但是在热带和亚热带,尤其是亚非洲国家,疟疾仍然是一个严重的问题。Public health initiatives have rendered malaria both preventable and treatable, as long as it#39;s done correctly and quickly. Rapid diagnostic tests, followed by tailored antimalarial treatments have saved at least 3 million lives since 2000. Between 2000 and 2013, global deaths from malaria have fallen 42 percent. As with most of these diseases, prevention with such new technologies as insecticide-treated bed nets is encouraged by infectious disease experts.公共卫生组织表示只要处理得正确及时,疟疾是可以预防和治愈的。从2000年起,快速诊断测试和专门的抗疟疾治疗已经拯救了至少300万人的生命。2000年和2013年间,全球疟疾死亡人数下降了42%。传染病研究专家提议,针对这种疾病的预防可以使用经过杀虫剂处理的蚊帐。1.Pneumonia1.肺炎Pneumonia is sneaky, to say the least. It often strikes in the midst of another illness, like bronchitis or the flu. But it#39;s a lot less of a death sentence than it used to be. In 1900, it was the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. In 2006, pneumonia was the eighth most common cause of death, along with influenza.肺炎很狡猾,常常伴随着另一种疾病,如气管炎或流感出现,但是它导致的死亡人数已比以前要少很多了。1900年肺炎是美国位列第一的致死病因。2006年,肺炎与流感在常见死因中并列第八。Caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses or other small germs, pneumonia occurs when said germs reach and infect one or both lungs. Although it is typically treatable, pneumonia is sometimes difficult to get under control, and can cause difficulty breathing, lung abscess and other complications. Bacteria can also invade the bloodstream, potentially causing organ failure. Experts typically advise high-risk groups, particularly people over age 65, to be vaccinated to prevent getting sick or experiencing complications.当真菌、球菌、病霉或其他微小病菌接触了肺部,就会引起感染从而导致肺炎。尽管肺炎一般可以治愈,但有时很难控制住,可能会引起呼吸困难,肺脓溃疡和其他并发症。细菌也可以侵入血液,可能会导致器官衰竭。通常专家建议高危人群,尤其是在65岁以上的老人接种疫苗以预防感染疾病或并发症。审校:Fiona 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201604/439195Do your own thing today, and don#39;t take nonsense from others. Take control of the issue when you see that something needs to get done. Other people may be acting out rashly today and may say things completely different from the way you see things. Do not change your point of view just to make it easier on others. If people are in your way, run right into them.今天,只管做好分内事,不要理别人的无稽之谈。当你觉得需要完成某些事的时候,好好管控这个问题。今天其他人可能表现轻率,说出的事情与你的观点截然不同。不要为了让他人舒心而改变自己的观点。如果人们阻碍了你,直接朝着他们走过去。Your well being horoscope幸福运势This is bound to be an exciting day. Certainly it will be a busy one! You are likely in the mood to do something different today, as your sense of adventure is much heightened. Why not invite some friends to go out with you this afternoon? You could catch the local comedy act. You#39;re sure to enjoy the change of pace.今天注定是令人激动的一天。毫无疑问,你今天会很忙。因为冒险感增强,有可能你今天想做些不同以往的事情。为什么不喊上一些朋友下午出去逛逛呢?你可能会赶上当地的喜剧表演。你肯定会喜欢上变化的步伐。Your finance horoscope财务运势People from your past will be coming into your life today. Whether physically, or mentally, this person will be reminding you of certain patterns that you developed as a result of having this person in your life. Take a critical look at this person and what kind of life he/she has today. Make a solid plan of what you want to get done.过去交好的人可能今天会来找你。不管是身体上,还是精神上,这个人的出现将会让你想起和他/她在一起时的某种模式。要带着批判的眼光看待他/她,想想看现如今他/她过着怎样的生活。制定一个你想要完成的计划吧!Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a fantastic day for you, so live it up. You are the star of the show today. People will look up to you and respect you for your incredible leadership skills. Be confident and make sure to express yourself from your heart. Actions should run smoothly; you have the ability to accomplish quite a bit. Don#39;t let this day go to waste. Do creative work, and sing extra loud in the shower.对你来说,今天十分美好。今天你是众人的中心。因为你出众的领导力,人们都会仰望你、尊重你。要自信、确保表达出内心深处的想法。行动应该会很顺利;你有能力完成不少的事情。今天不要白白浪费这一切。做些创造性的工作,洗澡时大声唱出来吧!Your career horoscope事业运势Today you might be feeling just a little bit under the weather, though, you could also be feeling hyper, as if you simply have to get out and do something. Under the circumstances, it might be best to channel that energy into intellectual activity. Your imagination is working overtime, and your level of inspiration high, so if you#39;ve wanted to start an artistic project, this is just the day to do it.今天你可能会觉得有点不舒,但也有可能很亢奋,就好像你要出去做些事情一样。在这种情况下,最好将这种能量用到智力活动中。你的想象力丰富,高涨,所以如果你之前考虑要开始一项艺术项目,那么今天开始最好不过了。译文属 /201608/459743Can a tree help prevent crime? It just might. Two new studies, led by US Forest Service researchers, took a closer look at urban green space in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Youngstown, Ohio. In each of these cities, adding green space to crime-ridden areas helped reduce crime rates, the researchers found.种树可以预防犯罪吗?有可能哦。美国林务局研究员做的两项最新研究仔细调查了费城、巴尔的和俄亥俄州扬斯敦的市区绿化情况。研究人员发现,在这三个城市中,在治安糟糕的区域增加绿化面积可以有效减少犯罪率。In 2000, Philadelphia launched a program to plant vegetation along roadways to help soak up rainwater. Researchers looked at 52 of these vegetation plots and compared them with control plots that didn#39;t receive the greenery upgrade. After tracking 14 types of crime in nearby areas, researchers found that narcotics possession in those areas decreased by 18 to 27 percent, even as the rate for the rest of the city rose by 65 percent.2000年,费城启动了一个项目,在道路两旁种植绿化带吸收雨水。研究者们观察了52处绿化点,与没有进行绿化改造的对照区进行对比。在追踪了附近14种犯罪手段之后,研究者发现,这些区域的毒品持有量下降到27%,下降了18个百分点,尽管这一数字在城市的其它地区还上涨了65个百分点。Michelle Kondo, a social scientist and lead researcher with the forest service, speculated the increased presence of city trucks and vans in the landscaped areas—for planting and maintenance—was enough to deter illicit activity.林务局首席研究员、社会学家米歇尔·近藤推测,在这些区域负责绿化和养护的市政车辆增加,有效阻止了违法活动。A similar effect was noted in Youngstown, Ohio—a depressed Midwestern town known for its high rates of crime and unemployment. From 2010 to 2014, city officials embarked on a project to reclaim some of the city#39;s empty lots and derelict buildings by converting them into green space. In 2011, they added another initiative that gave local communities funding to plant green space in vacant lots in whatever method they chose—lawns, community gardens, playgrounds and more.在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦也发现了类似的情况。这是一座经济萧条的中西部城市,以高犯罪率和失业率闻名。从2010年到2014年,政府开启了一项回收城市空地和无主建筑的计划,把这些区域改造成绿地。2011年,他们又启动了一项绿地基金计划,鼓励当地民众以各种形式绿化空地——无论是草坪、社区花园、运动场还是其它。When Kondo and her team compared crime around these vegetation plots with undeveloped plots in nearby areas, they found the areas around new green spaces had lower crime rates than elsewhere in the city. Interestingly, the crime reduction was different depending upon the type of green space that was developed. For example, lots that were planted with grass and maintained by contractors saw a reduction in property crimes such as theft and burglary, whereas community-maintained plots saw a sharp reduction in violent crime. This suggests that different types of green space could be developed to deter certain types of crime.近藤和她的团队对比了这些绿化区域和附近未绿化区域的犯罪情况,发现新绿化区域的犯罪率比城市其它地区的犯罪率低。有趣的是,开发的绿地类型不同,所减少的犯罪类型也不同。比如,种植了草坪并由承包商维护的绿地,周围盗窃和入室行窃之类的财产犯罪就减少了,而由社区维护的绿地附近,暴力犯罪大幅下降。这就表明可以通过开发不同类型的绿地来阻止特定类型的犯罪活动。Kondo#39;s study collaborates another forest service study conducted by researcher Morgan Grove on the link between lawn care and crime in downtown Baltimore. Grove#39;s study looked at the level of lawn maintenance in 1,000 residential yards throughout Baltimore County. His team looked at everything from tree cover to litter to the presence of garden hoses. Not surprisingly, Grove found that well-maintained lawns were linked to lower crime rates than lawns that were given less care.与近藤的研究相合作的林务局另外一项研究中,研究员根·格鲁夫研究了巴尔的市中心犯罪率与草坪维护情况之间的关联。他调查了整个巴尔的郡1000户人家院子的草坪维护情况。他的团队查看了所有细节,包括林木植被、垃圾和花园的浇水管。果然,格鲁夫发现,维护良好的草坪周围的犯罪率比维护欠佳的草坪周围的犯罪率要低。It#39;s tempting to use income as the connection. After all, if you have the time and money to water your lawn, you probably live in a neighborhood that sees less crime. But Grove argued that the greenery itself helped to deter crime, by announcing to would-be criminals that there are ;eyes on the street; that care for their neighborhood and would be more likely to report a crime.当然你很容易把这个与收入联系起来。毕竟,如果你有时间和金钱为草坪浇水,那么你很有可能住在较为安全的社区。但是格鲁夫认为,是绿化本身减少了犯罪,绿地是一种宣示,警告潜在的罪犯“街上有眼睛”照看着社区,并且发生了犯罪会更有可能上报。The takeaway from these two studies is that urban green space may help to deter crime and could be a useful tool in city-wide crime prevention policies. We aly know greenery is beautiful to look at and can help improve mood and health while reducing pollution. Now we can add crime-fighting to the list of vegetation#39;s many benefits.这两项研究的重要发现是,城市绿地有助于阻止犯罪,可以作为整个城市预防犯罪政策的有力工具。我们已经知道,绿色植物既养眼,又有助于改善情绪、提升健康状况、减少污染。现在我们又可以给植物的种种好处再加上一条“打击犯罪”。Need a better reason to plant a tree?这难道还不是种树的最好理由吗? /201604/438151V. China’s Policy on the South China Sea Issue五、中国处理南海问题的政策121. China is an important force for maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea. It abides by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the ed Nations and is committed to upholding and promoting international rule of law. It respects and acts in accordance with international law. While firmly safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, China adheres to the position of settling disputes through negotiation and consultation and managing differences through rules and mechanisms. China endeavors to achieve win-win outcomes through mutually beneficial cooperation, and is committed to making the South China Sea a sea of peace, cooperation and friendship.121. 中国是维护南海和平稳定的重要力量。中国一贯遵守《宪章》的宗旨和原则,坚定维护和促进国际法治,尊重和践行国际法,在坚定维护中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益的同时,坚持通过谈判协商解决争议,坚持通过规则机制管控分歧,坚持通过互利合作实现共赢,致力于把南海建设成和平之海、友谊之海和合作之海。122. China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea with other countries in the region and upholding the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea enjoyed by other countries under international law. China urges countries outside this region to respect the efforts in this regard by countries in the region and to play a constructive role in maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea.122. 中国坚持与地区国家共同维护南海和平稳定,坚定维护各国依据国际法在南海享有的航行和飞越自由,积极倡导域外国家尊重地区国家的努力,在维护南海和平稳定问题上发挥建设性作用。i. On the territorial issues concerning Nansha Qundao(一)关于南沙群岛领土问题123. China is firm in upholding its sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao and their surrounding waters. Some countries have made illegal territorial claims over and occupied by force some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao. These illegal claims and occupation constitute gross violations of the Charter of the ed Nations and basic norms governing international relations. They are null and void. China consistently and resolutely opposes such actions and demands that relevant states stop their violation of China’s territory.123. 中国坚定地维护对南海诸岛及其附近海域的主权。部分国家对南沙群岛部分岛礁提出非法领土主张并实施武力侵占,严重违反《宪章》和国际关系基本准则,是非法的、无效的。对此,中国坚决反对,并要求有关国家停止对中国领土的侵犯。124. China has spared no efforts to settle, on the basis of respecting historical facts, relevant disputes with the Philippines and other countries directly concerned, through negotiation in accordance with international law.124. 中国始终致力于与包括菲律宾在内的直接有关的当事国在尊重历史事实的基础上,根据国际法,通过谈判解决有关争议。125. It is universally recognized that land territorial issues are not regulated by UNCLOS. Thus, the territorial issue in Nansha Qundao is not subject to UNCLOS.125. 众所周知,陆地领土问题不属于《公约》调整的事项。因此,南沙群岛领土问题不适用《公约》。ii. On maritime delimitation in the South China Sea(二)关于南海海洋划界问题126. China maintains that the issue of maritime delimitation in the South China Sea should be settled equitably through negotiation with countries directly concerned in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS. Pending the final settlement of this issue, all relevant parties must exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities that may complicate or escalate disputes and affect peace and stability.126. 中国主张,同直接有关的当事国依据包括《公约》在内的国际法,通过谈判公平解决南海海洋划界问题。在划界问题最终解决前,各方应保持自我克制,不采取使争议复杂化、扩大化和影响和平与稳定的行动。127. When ratifying UNCLOS in 1996, China stated that, “The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of the boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the States with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the principle of equitability.” China’s positions in this regard are further elaborated in the 1998 Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf. This Law provides that, “The People’s Republic of China shall determine the delimitation of its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in respect of the overlapping claims by agreement with the states with opposite or adjacent coasts, in accordance with the principle of equitability and on the basis of international law”, and that, “The provisions in this law shall not affect the historical rights that the People’s Republic of China has been enjoying ever since the days of the past”.127. 1996年,中国在批准《公约》时声明:“中华人民共和国将与海岸相向或相邻的国家,通过协商,在国际法基础上,按照公平原则划定各自海洋管辖权界限。”1998年,《中华人民共和国专属经济区和大陆架法》进一步明确中国同海洋邻国之间解决海洋划界问题的原则立场,即“中华人民共和国与海岸相邻或者相向国家关于专属经济区和大陆架的主张重叠的,在国际法的基础上按照公平原则以协议划定界限”,“本法的规定不影响中华人民共和国享有的历史性权利”。128. China does not accept any unilateral action attempting to enforce maritime claims against China. Nor does China recognize any action that may jeopardize its maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea.128. 中国不接受任何企图通过单方面行动把海洋管辖权强加于中国的做法,也不认可任何有损于中国在南海海洋权益的行动。iii. On the ways and means of dispute settlement(三)关于争端解决方式129. Based on an in-depth understanding of international practice and its own rich practice, China firmly believes that no matter what mechanism or means is chosen for settling disputes between any countries, the consent of states concerned should be the basis of that choice, and the will of sovereign states should not be violated.129. 基于对国际实践的深刻认识和中国自身丰富的国家实践,中国坚信,要解决任何国家间争议,无论选择哪种机制和方式,都不能违背主权国家的意志,应以国家同意为基础。130. On issues concerning territory and maritime delimitation, China does not accept any means of dispute settlement imposed on it, nor does it accept any recourse to third-party settlement. On 25 August 2006, China deposited, pursuant to Article 298 of UNCLOS, with the Secretary-General of the ed Nations a declaration, stating that, “The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a), (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention”. This explicitly excludes from UNCLOS compulsory dispute settlement procedures disputes concerning maritime delimitation, historic bays or titles, military and law enforcement activities, and disputes in respect of which the Security Council of the ed Nations is exercising the functions assigned to it by the Charter of the ed Nations.130. 在领土和海洋划界问题上,中国不接受任何强加于中国的争端解决方案,不接受任何诉诸第三方的争端解决方式。2006年8月25日,中国根据《公约》第298条的规定向联合国秘书长提交声明,称“关于《公约》第二百九十八条第1款(a)、(b)、(c)项所述的任何争端,中华人民共和国政府不接受《公约》第十五部分第二节规定的任何程序”,明确将涉及海洋划界、历史性海湾或所有权、军事和执法活动,以及联合国安全理事会执行《宪章》所赋予的职务等争端排除在《公约》强制争端解决程序之外。131. Since its founding, the People’s Republic of China has signed boundary treaties with 12 of its 14 land neighbors through bilateral negotiations and consultations in a spirit of equality and mutual understanding, and about 90% of China’s land boundaries have been delimited and demarcated. China and Vietnam have delimited through negotiations the boundary between their territorial seas, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves in the Beibu Bay. China’s sincerity in settling disputes through negotiation and its unremitting efforts made in this respect are known to all. It is self-evident that negotiation directly reflects the will of states. The parties directly participate in the formulation of the result. Practice demonstrates that a negotiated outcome will better gain the understanding and support of the people of countries concerned, will be effectively implemented and will be durable. Only when an agreement is reached by parties concerned through negotiation on an equal footing can a dispute be settled once and for all, and this will ensure the full and effective implementation of the agreement.131. 中华人民共和国成立以来,已与14个陆地邻国中的12个国家,本着平等协商、相互谅解的精神,通过双边谈判,签订了边界条约,划定和勘定的边界约占中国陆地边界长度的90%。中国与越南已通过谈判划定了两国在北部湾的领海、专属经济区和大陆架界限。中国对通过谈判解决争议的诚意和不懈努力是有目共睹的。不言而喻,谈判是国家意志的直接体现。谈判当事方直接参与形成最终结果。实践表明,谈判取得的成果更容易获得当事国人民的理解和持,能够得到有效实施,并具有持久生命力。只有当事方通过平等谈判达成协议,有关争议才能获得根本长久解决,有关协议才能得到全面有效贯彻实施。iv. On managing differences and engaging in practical maritime cooperation in the South China Sea(四)关于在南海管控分歧和开展海上务实合作132. In keeping with international law and practice, pending final settlement of maritime disputes, the states concerned should exercise restraint and make every effort to enter into provisional arrangements of a practical nature, including establishing and improving dispute management rules and mechanisms, engaging in cooperation in various sectors, and promoting joint development while shelving differences, so as to uphold peace and stability in the South China Sea region and create conditions for the final settlement of disputes. Relevant cooperation and joint development are without prejudice to the final delimitation.132. 根据国际法和国际实践,在海洋争议最终解决前,当事国应保持克制,尽一切努力作出实际性的临时安排,包括建立和完善争议管控规则和机制,开展各领域合作,推动“搁置争议,共同开发”,维护南海地区的和平稳定,为最终解决争议创造条件。有关合作和共同开发不妨害最后界限的划定。133. China works actively to promote the establishment of bilateral maritime consultation mechanisms with relevant states, explores joint development in areas such as fishery, oil and gas, and champions the active exploration by relevant countries in establishing a cooperation mechanism among the South China Sea coastal states in accordance with relevant provisions of UNCLOS.133. 中国积极推动与有关国家建立双边海上磋商机制,探讨在渔业、油气等领域的共同开发,倡议有关各国积极探讨根据《公约》有关规定,建立南海沿岸国合作机制。134. China is always dedicated to working with ASEAN Member States to fully and effectively implement the DOC and actively promote practical maritime cooperation. Together the Parties have aly achieved “Early Harvest Measures”, including the “Hotline Platform on Search and Rescue among China and ASEAN Member States”, the “Senior Officials’ Hotline Platform in Response to Maritime Emergencies among Ministries of Foreign Affairs of China and ASEAN Member States”, as well as the “Table-top Exercise of Search and Rescue among China and ASEAN Member States”.134. 中国始终致力于与东盟国家一道全面有效落实《宣言》,积极推动海上务实合作,已取得了包括建立“中国-东盟国家海上联合搜救热线平台”、“中国-东盟国家应对海上紧急事态外交高官热线平台”以及“中国-东盟国家海上联合搜救沙盘推演”等“早期收获”成果。135. China consistently maintains that the Parties should push forward consultations on a “Code of Conduct” (COC) under the framework of full and effective implementation of the DOC, with a view to achieving an early conclusion on the basis of consensus. In order to properly manage risks at sea, pending the final conclusion of a COC, China proposed the adoption of “Preventive Measures to Manage Risks at Sea”. This proposal has been unanimously accepted by all ASEAN Member States.135. 中国始终坚持倡导各方在全面有效落实《宣言》框架下,积极推进“南海行为准则”磋商,争取在协商一致基础上早日达成“准则”。为在“准则”最终达成前妥善管控海上风险,中国提议探讨制定“海上风险管控预防性措施”,并获得东盟国家一致认同。v. On freedom and safety of navigation in the South China Sea(五)关于南海航行自由和安全136. China is committed to upholding the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all states under international law, and ensuring the safety of sea lanes of communication.136. 中国一贯致力于维护各国根据国际法所享有的航行和飞越自由,维护海上通道的安全。137. The South China Sea is home to a number of important sea lanes, which are among the main navigation routes for China’s foreign trade and energy import. Ensuring freedom of navigation and overflight and safety of sea lanes in the South China Sea is crucial to China. Over the years, China has worked with ASEAN Member States to ensure unimpeded access to and safety of the sea lanes in the South China Sea and made important contribution to this collective endeavor. The freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all states in the South China Sea under international law has never been a problem.137. 南海拥有众多重要的航行通道,有关航道也是中国对外贸易和能源进口的主要通道之一,保障南海航行和飞越自由,维护南海海上通道的安全对中国十分重要。长期以来,中国致力于和东盟国家共同保障南海航道的畅通和安全,并作出重大贡献。各国在南海依据国际法享有的航行和飞越自由不存在任何问题。138. China has actively provided international public goods and made every effort to provide services, such as navigation and navigational aids, search and rescue, as well as sea conditions and meteorological forecast, through capacity building in various areas, so as to uphold and promote the safety of sea lanes in the South China Sea.138. 中国积极提供国际公共产品,通过各项能力建设,努力向国际社会提供包括导航助航、搜寻救助、海况和气象预报等方面的务,以保障和促进南海海上航行通道的安全。139. China maintains that, when exercising freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, relevant parties shall fully respect the sovereignty and security interests of coastal states and abide by the laws and regulations enacted by coastal states in accordance with UNCLOS and other rules of international law.139. 中国主张,有关各方在南海行使航行和飞越自由时,应充分尊重沿岸国的主权和安全利益,并遵守沿岸国按照《公约》规定和其他国际法规则制定的法律和规章。vi. On jointly upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea(六)关于共同维护南海和平稳定140. China maintains that peace and stability in the South China Sea should be jointly upheld by China and ASEAN Member States.140. 中国主张,南海和平稳定应由中国和东盟国家共同维护。141. China pursues peaceful development and adheres to a defense policy that is defensive in nature. China champions a new security vision featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, and pursues a foreign policy of building friendship and partnership with its neighbors and of fostering an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood based on the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness. China is a staunch force for upholding peace and stability and advancing cooperation and development in the South China Sea. China is committed to strengthening good-neighborliness and promoting practical cooperation with its neighbors and regional organizations including ASEAN to deliver mutual benefit.141. 中国坚持走和平发展道路,坚持防御性的国防政策,坚持互信、互利、平等、协作的新安全观,坚持与邻为善、以邻为伴的周边外交方针和睦邻、安邻、富邻的周边外交政策,践行亲、诚、惠、容周边外交理念。中国是维护南海和平稳定、推动南海合作和发展的坚定力量。中国致力于深化周边睦邻友好,积极推动与周边国家以及东盟等地区组织的务实合作,实现互利共赢。142. The South China Sea is a bridge of communication and a bond of peace, friendship, cooperation and development between China and its neighbors. Peace and stability in the South China Sea is vital to the security, development and prosperity of the countries and the well-being of the people in the region. To realize peace, stability, prosperity and development in the South China Sea region is the shared aspiration and responsibility of China and ASEAN Member States, and serves the common interests of all countries.142. 南海既是沟通中国与周边国家的桥梁,也是中国与周边国家和平、友好、合作和发展的纽带。南海和平稳定与地区国家的安全、发展和繁荣息息相关,与地区各国人民的福祉息息相关。实现南海地区的和平稳定和繁荣发展是中国和东盟国家的共同愿望和共同责任,符合各国的共同利益。143. China will continue to make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.143. 中国愿继续为此作出不懈努力。 /201607/454530

These facts may make that delicious fast food you eat that little bit harder to swallow.这些真相可能会使你吃的那些美味食物有些难以下咽。McDonald’s use GMO produce麦当劳使用转基因作物In the US, McDonald’s admit to using genetically modified organisms (GMO) in some dishes – largely items containing “ingredients derived from corn, soy and canola.” In the UK, however, the company claims that it doesn’t use GM foods. GM foods are controversial – countries such as France and Russia have banned them altogether.在美国,麦当劳承认某些产品是使用转基因作物生产的——大多数产品含有“来自玉米、大豆和油菜籽的成分。”然而,在英国,麦当劳却声称没有使用转基因作物。转基因作物备受争议——法国和俄罗斯等国家已全面禁止转基因作物。What’s in a burger?汉堡里有什么?According to Eric Schlosser’s 2001 book, Fast Food Nation, a typical fast food burger can contain meat from a dozen or even hundreds of cattle, arguably raising the risk of pathogens such as E. coli being passed down the food chain.埃里克#8226;施洛瑟在2001年出版了《快餐王国》一书,依据该书内容可知,一个典型快餐汉堡中的肉可来自几十头甚至上百头牛,因此可能会增加大肠杆菌等病原体进入食物链的风险。Don’t order a salad if you’re on a diet如果你正在节食,不要点沙拉Salads can be as loaded with as many calories as a burger. For example, McDonald’s UK’s crispy chicken amp; bacon salad contains 302 calories and 15g fat – that’s more than a cheeseburger (301 calories, 12g fat). In the US, a premium bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken contains 310 calories and 14g fat, which is only 40 calories and 1g fat less than a BBQ ranch burger.沙拉的卡路里含量可与汉堡并肩。例如,麦当劳的英国脆皮鸡和培根沙拉含302卡和15克脂肪——这比一个芝士汉堡还要高(301卡,12克脂肪)。在美国,大号烤鸡培根汉堡含310卡和14g脂肪,只比烧烤汉堡少40卡和1g脂肪。And pizzas are possibly the worst披萨也许是最糟的In the US, the Pizza Hut meat lover large pan pizza contains a jaw-dropping 450 calories and 26g fat per slice – that’s 3,600 calories and 208g fat per pizza. The same pizza made with a thin ‘n’ crispy base fares better but still adds up to 1,280 calories and 72g fat per pizza.在美国,深受肉食者喜爱的必胜客大号铁盘披萨每块卡路里含量和热量令人瞠目结舌,即每块含450卡和26g脂肪——每份披萨就是3600卡和208g脂肪。用薄脆饼做成的同等大小的披萨比它含量要少,但每份仍含1280卡和72g脂肪。McDonald’s fries are just made from potatoes, right?麦当劳薯条是使用土豆做的,对吗?Wrong, says CN. The news website says that there are actually 19 ingredients, including an anti-foaming chemical to stop oil from splattering, dextrose (a type of sugar) which gives fries a uniform color, and sodium acid pyrophosphate which is known to cause inflammation in the body.不对,美国全国广播公司财经频道播报道。该新闻网址上写道实际上麦当劳薯条是使用19种材料做成,包括防止食用油飞溅的消泡化学物质、使薯条颜色一致的葡萄糖(一种糖)以及为人熟知会引起身体炎症的酸式焦磷酸钠。译文属 /201607/454809

Seven million people visit the Eiffel Tower every year, but now a handful of those visitors will get to sleep in the iconic structure for the very first time.每年,都有多达700万人参观埃菲尔铁塔,但现在,这些游客中将有一部分人首次入住这个地标性建筑。Holiday rental company HomeAway has constructed a temporary VIP apartment on the first level of the tower, open only for the duration of the UEFA Euro football tournament from 10 June to 10 July. The two-bedroom apartment, with views of the Arc de Triomphe, Grand Palais and Sacre Coeur comes furnished with a big screen television for watching the game and a foosball table for playing games. The space also includes an urban greenhouse complete with glass windows and a seating area filled with hanging plants.假日房屋租赁务公司 HomeAway 在埃菲尔铁塔一层建立了一个临时贵宾公寓,但仅在今年 6 月 10 日——7 月 10 日欧足联欧洲杯期间对外开放。入住这个带有两间卧室的公寓,巴黎(Arc de Triomphe)、巴黎大皇宫(Grand Palais)和圣心大教堂(Sacre Coeur)景色将尽收眼底。公寓还配备大屏幕电视,可观看欧洲杯比赛,还有可玩游戏的桌上足球(foosball table)。另外,公寓还有一个带玻璃窗的温室和一个布满垂吊植物的起居区。To determine who got the opportunity to sleep in the apartment, HomeAway held a contest asking entrants to describe how they would enjoy their night in the tower. 为了决定谁有机会入住这个公寓,HomeAway 举办了一次竞赛,参赛者要描述他们准备怎样渡过埃菲尔铁塔之夜。;My two young sons are autistic and are both obsessed with lights and the tower itself so I#39;d spend the night watching them in awe!” was the winning response from Michelle, in the UK.;赢得竞赛的是来自英国的米歇尔(Michelle),她表示,“我的两个年幼的儿子都是自闭症患者,他们都痴迷于五光十色的灯光和埃菲尔铁塔,我在这个夜晚会陪他们怀着敬畏欣赏这一切!”Scott, from the ed States, also won a night’s stay with his response about reuniting five generations in Paris: his mother who first visited the city in 1953, his daughter and granddaughter who visited at 13 and 14 respectively, and a brand new granddaughter who#39;ll join the trip.来自美国的斯科特也赢得了在这里入住一晚的机会,他的回答是,五代人齐聚巴黎:他的母亲第一次来巴黎还是在 1953 年,他女儿和孙女分别在 13 岁和 14 岁时来过巴黎,现在,他的重孙女也将加入此次巴黎之行。The four winners will begin their one-night stays from 23 June. Although there are no other nights up for grabs, visitors have the chance to tour the apartment (and perhaps sneak in a nap on the couch!), join a match viewing party or skip the normal Eiffel Tower line by entering a competition online.竞赛的四名获胜者将从 6 月 23 日起,入住埃菲尔铁塔一晚。尽管目前没有其他入住机会,但游客们还是可以参加网上竞赛,奖品包括参观这个公寓(也许在公寓的沙发上打个盹!),在这里和球迷一起看球赛,或者免排队参观埃菲尔铁塔。At the conclusion of the tournament, the space will be deconstructed and revert back to being a conference room. 欧洲杯结束时,这个公寓将拆除,被恢复为原来的会议室。 /201606/450836

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