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Losing body fat has always been a challenge for many people. Watch a short to learn some basic techniques that will help you lose those chubby cheeks for good.对许多人来说,减掉全身脂肪是一项挑战。本视频提供的一些基本技巧可以帮你减掉圆胖的面颊。In this , I#39;m going to talk to you about how to get rid of chubby cheeks. Now, if you#39;re an adult and you#39;re talking about the excess fat here, there are several things you can do to get rid of your chubby cheeks as well as the rest of the fat on your body. What I recommend is looking at your nutrition and also looking at your exercise habits.在这段视频中,我要告诉你怎样甩掉圆胖的面颊。现在,如果你是成年人,如果你说的是面部多余的脂肪,你可以做几件事来减掉面部和身体其他地方多余的脂肪。我建议注意营养和锻炼习惯。In terms of nutrition, it#39;s always important to eat real, clean food. Stay away from processed food, stay away from alcohol as much as you can. If your body doesn#39;t use it, it gets stored.在营养方面,食用清洁纯正的食物是非常重要的,远离加工过的食品,尽量远离酒精。如果你的身体使用不到,这些东西就会在你体内贮存。So, try not to have too many calories either. The average man should be having about 2500 calories a day, the typical woman,about 2000 calories. Next, looking at exercises, now, really, any kind of exercise which raises the heart rate will burn your body fat.所以,不要摄入太多热量。普通男子每天大概需要2500卡热量。女性大约需要2000卡。接下来,注意体育锻炼。提高心率的任何运动都可以燃烧身体脂肪。I recommend doing 2 exercises back to back. You can do any 2, I#39;m just picking 2 of my favorites. First of all, I#39;m going to do dips on a chair or a bench.我建议连续做两种运动。你可以做任意两项,只选择两种自己最喜欢的。首先,在凳子上做下沉运动。You can do this at home or in a gym. Slowly going down, slowly pushing up. If you look at my elbows, bend to straight, bend to straight.你可以在家中或在体育馆进行。慢慢地下沉,慢慢地撑起。你可以看到我的肘部,从弯曲到伸直,再从弯曲到伸直。The next exercise, out of the circuit I#39;m showing you, is running on the spot. Again, you can do this anywhere. Always try to keep your body upright.接下来的运动是原地跑。也可以在任何地方进行。一定要保持身体直立。So, if you#39;re a beginner, just doing this is good. You#39;re probably burning twice as many calories as when you#39;re walking. For more advanced, get your knees higher, swinging my legs and my arms.如果你是初学者,只要这样缓慢地进行就可以了。这样消耗的能量比平时走路多两倍。对于更高级的练习者,抬高膝盖,甩动双腿和手臂。So, what I recommend, that#39;s one more cardio exercise, one more resistance training exercise, combine them. Do this for 20 seconds, do some dips. Go back to running, do some dips.所以,我建议进行一项有氧运动,更加需要耐力的训练活动,两者组合起来。这项有氧运动进行20秒钟,然后再做下沉运动。比如说,原地跑动,然后再做下沉运动。It#39;s working or called circuit training. Your body#39;s constantly working. So, combining exercises and weights or resistance training with cardio training, actually burns more fats than any other type of training.这叫做循环训练。你的身体一直保持运转。所以,将负重训练和有氧运动组合起来,可以比其他任何训练消耗更多热量。Do that in conjunction with good clean living and eating well, and you#39;ll find that your body will lose fat and you#39;ll have slimmer cheeks. .把运动与良好的居住和饮食习惯组合起来,你会发现全身的脂肪逐渐减少,面颊也更加消瘦。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks感谢收看“怎样拥有消瘦面颊”视频节目。 Article/201210/202610

Taiwan#39;s judicial body last Wednesday ruled that the current laws that request ;marriage between a man and a woman; must be amended, or a new law passed within two years to protect the rights of same-sex couples.台湾司法主管机构上周三裁定,必须对现行法规有关“婚姻关系的两人需为一男一女”的要求加以修正,或在两年内通过新法保护同性伴侣的权利。According to the ruling, Taiwan#39;s current marriage law#39;s failure to include same-sex marriage violated people#39;s freedom of marriage and their right to equality.根据这一裁决,台湾现行婚姻管理规定未涵盖同性婚姻,侵犯了人民婚姻自由及人民平等权。The authorities concerned ;shall amend or enact relevant laws within two years; to legalize same-sex marriage.有关机关应在两年内完成相关规定的修正或制定,推动同性婚姻合法化。If relevant laws are not amended or enacted within two years, same-sex couples can register their marriage at authorities in charge of household registration in Taiwan.若两年内未完成相关规定修正或制定,同性伴侣可在台湾户政机关办理婚姻登记。Hundreds of gay rights supporters burst into cheers when they heard the ruling last Wednesday afternoon.在上周三下午获悉裁决后,数百名同性恋权利持者大声欢呼。In a survey of nearly 1,100 respondents last November by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation, a non-governmental and nonprofit institute, 46.3% said they supported same-sex marriage legalization, while 45.4% expressed opposition.根据民间非营利机构“台湾民意基金会”去年11月针对近1100人所做的调查显示,46.3%的受访民众表示持同性婚姻合法化,45.4%则表示反对。 /201706/512217



  寒流和暴风雪近日继续肆虐欧洲,包括法国、英国、捷克、芬兰等在内的欧洲众多国家交通均遭受严重影响,民众正常生活被扰乱。英国则经历了自1981年以来时间最长的冷空气侵袭。 Intense snowstorms beleaguer EuropeIn Europe, heavy snowfall has forced the delay or cancellation of many flights in France and Germany. And in Poland, highway travel has been disrupted by the storm.Snow continued to disrupt transport across Europe.In Germany, more than 200 domestic and international flights have been cancelled.In the city of Nuremberg, an Air Berlin plane slid off the runway and got stuck in the snow late on Friday night. Nobody was injured, but the airport was closed for more than two hours.The slippery runway left passengers with no choice but to wait.Doris Kern, Passenger, said, "I wanted to fly to Saarbrucken but the airport there has been closed because of the snow and the ice. Now I've rebooked my flight to Frankfurt but this flight also has been cancelled."In France, the civil aviation authority ordered the cancellation of 25 percent of flights scheduled to leave Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.The authority made the announcement after the country's national meteorological service warned of snowfall in the Paris area.The chill, however, didn't stop some tourists from taking in the city's sights.Nabil amp; Karen Absi, Tourists, said, "It is cold but it's also very romantic."In southern Poland some inter-city buses couldn't get out of the terminals and trains from Warsaw to Krakow were at a standstill due to power failure.The snow, which is due to continue until Monday, hit the country's main roads causing a number of vehicles to lose control.On the A4 highway near Krzyzowa one car was partially crushed beneath a truck. Article/201001/94226

  Yartsa gunbu has been used as a traditional remedy for thousands of years,冬虫夏草被用作传统药物已经上千年though only by the very wealthy.但仅限于非常富有的人群It has been bartered for tea and silk,它被用来交换茶叶和丝绸and is worth more than four times its weight in silver.可以换回超过本身四倍重量的银子So lucrative is this trade,that sites and information are jealously guarded.这项贸易是如此的暴利使得它的交易地点和信息都被谨慎地保护起来At the nearby market,the yartsa gunbu are cleaned,在附近的集市上冬虫夏草被清理干净and their true nature becomes clear.这使得它的本来面目显露了出来The yartsa gunbu translates as ;summer grass,winter worm;.冬虫夏草被翻译为“冬天的虫子夏天的草”The winter worm is a caterpillar.冬虫是一种毛虫It eats roots of grasses它以草根为食in preparation for its transformation into a moth.为自己变身成蛾做准备。But some winter worms never make it as moths.但有些冬虫却从没有机会变成蛾Instead,a strange growth erupts from their body,而在夏季一个奇怪的植物appearing above ground in summer.在冬虫的体内生长发育直至破土而出This is the ;summer grass;,这就是“夏草”a fungus called Cordyceps,whose spores have infected the caterpillar,一种被称为虫草的真菌是它的孢子侵入了毛虫体内using its body as their host.并将毛虫的身体作为它们的宿主Modern scientific tests have shown that substances contained现代科学实验明含有冬虫夏草的物质可以in Cordyceps lower blood pressure and make it easier to breathe.降低血压并能使呼吸更顺畅So in recent years,harvesting this natural treasure所以近些年来收获这种自然资源has grown into a huge and profitable business.已经成为有巨大利益的生意 /201208/195260

  "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher chats about her workout routine. Plus, what can we expect from the sixth season of the show? Article/200909/83935


  Louis XV, himself, must be intensely mortified路易十五自己一定非常心烦意乱by the fact that he is not loved,因为他不再受人民爱戴that he faces opposition at court,被当庭质问and for the fact that he is so isolated他在自己掌权时期within his own courtly environment.却如此孤立无援If the Abbe intended to wound Louis,就算神父有心伤害路易he could not have expected what happened next.他也完全意料不到接下来的事Weeks after this humiliating dressing down这场屈辱性的训斥之后的数周后by the Abbe Beauvais at Easter, Louis XV falls ill.路易十五病倒了Nobody knows what#39;s wrong with him.无人知晓病因And it takes the doctors, gathered around him,御医们聚集在他周围several days to work out what#39;s going on.连续数日 想搞清楚病因They bleed him, which can only weaken him, to my mind,给他放血 但我认为这只会让他更虚弱and then, suddenly, one of the doctor sees familiar blotches,突然 其中一名御医看到熟悉的斑点and they realise that he has smallpox.他们才意识到他得了天花It is a complete bolt out of the blue.这犹如晴天霹雳Smallpox, in the 18th-century,天花 在18世纪is still an absolute killer disease.仍是一种致死性疾病 Article/201206/185450。


  How To Find A Job After College离开校园后如何找工作A college degree is a key to the future. But which door do you want to unlock? Choosing a career can seem overwhelming, but it can be as simple as following a few steps, making a few phone calls and doing a little homework.Step 1: Ask Yourself(多问问自己)Career counselors and personality tests can help you focus on what's right for you. Ask yourself -- what do I love so much I'd do it for free? What am I good at? What type of personality do I have? The answers will lead you to a satisfying job.Step 2: Keep An Open Mind(保持开阔的心态)Just about any degree -- even accounting and law -- offers more possibilities than most college graduates realize. And some careers have many paths. For instance, career expert and author of "Cool Careers For Dummies" Marty Nemko points out there are many different kinds of attorneys. Some spend a lot of time in court, others work on contracts. Most Likely To Get Hired:TeachersAccountantsComputer EngineersRegistered NursesRetail SalespersonsStep 3: Job Shop(你希望工作能给予你什么)Salary and benefits are just two parts of a much larger equation. Think about where you want to work, who you want to work with, the type of environment you like, travel and opportunities for advancement. After you've narrowed it down, contact someone who's working in the field that interests you. Your university alumni office can help you find a professional who's willing to answer your questions. Ask them what it takes to be successful in the field, the best things about the job and the drawbacks.What To Consider:SalaryBenefitsJob LocationWork EnvironmentTravelAdvancement PossibilitiesStep 4: Good Company(好公司是什么样的)To pick the organization you want to work for… skip the corporate website. Instead... research the Best Companies to Work For lists. Read newspaper and magazine articles for the low-down on how those companies are doing. Don't settle... You'll never get a second chance to choose your first job. And you can do it!Fortune Magazine Top Employers 2008#8226;Google#8226;Quicken Loans#8226;Wegmans Food Markets#8226;Edward Jones#8226;Genentch#8226;Cisco Systems#8226;Starbucks#8226;Qualcomm#8226;Goldman Sachs#8226;Methodist Hospital SystemBiggest Entry-Level Employers:#8226;Enterprise Rent-A-Car#8226;Americorps#8226;Walgreen's#8226;Internal Revenue Service Article/201107/145519


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