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泉州欧菲医院整形科泉州市欧菲美容医院预约Stiletto heels could be banned from the workplace because of health and safety reasons, according to the Trade Union bosses.英国工会的领导们认为,基于健康和安全方面的原因,工作场所应该禁穿细高跟鞋。The Trade Union Congress, predominantly male, has proposed a motion arguing that high heels are demeaning to women while they also contribute to long term injuries.英国工会联盟在一项提议中表示,高跟鞋是对女性人格的贬低,而且会对身体造成永久性的伤害。该联盟的大部分成员都为男性。They propose instead that women wear "sensible shoes" with an inch heel limit in an attempt to avoid future foot and back pain as well as injuries. The motion is due to be debated at next month's conference.他们建议女性穿着“高度合理的鞋子”,鞋跟不要超过一英寸,从而避免导致脚部和背部疼痛及损伤。这一提议将在下个月的会议上进行辩论。The motion,tabled by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, states: "Congress believes high heels may look glamorous on the Hollywood catwalks but are completely inappropriate for the day-to-day working environment."提出该项建议的足科医师协会表示:“工会联盟认为,高跟鞋也许在好莱坞的走秀红毯上看起来光艳四射,但是在日常的工作环境中却完全不适宜。”"Feet bear the brunt of daily life, and for many workers prolonged standing, badly fitted footwear, and in particular high heels can be a hazard. Around two million days a year are lost through sickness as a result of lower limb disorders."“足部每天承受着日常生活的重担,对于许多要长久站立的劳动者来说,不合脚的鞋,特别是高跟鞋是危险之源。每年约有200万天的病休是由下肢不适而导致的。”"Wearing high heels can cause long-term foot problems, such as blisters, corns and calluses, and also serious foot, knee and back pain and damaged joints."“穿高跟鞋可引发长期的足部疾病,比如水泡,鸡眼,老茧,以及严重的脚部、膝部和背部疼痛和关节损伤。”"Many employers in the retail sector force women workers to wear high heels as part of their dress code."“许多零售业的雇主会强迫女员工穿高跟鞋,并把穿高跟鞋作为着装规范的一部分。”"More must be done to raise awareness of this problem so that women workers and their feet are protected."“我们必须采取更多行动来唤起人们对这一问题的认识,从而使女员工和她们的脚受到保护。”Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP, however criticised the motion and said the extra height heels give women can help them when in the workplace.然而,托利党下院议员纳丁娜·多瑞斯对这一建议提出批评,她说高跟鞋带来的额外高度能在工作场所对女性有所帮助。"I'm 5ft 3in and need every inch of my Christian Louboutin heels to look my male colleagues in the eye," she said. "If high heels were banned in Westminster, no one would be able to find me."她说:“我的身高是5英尺3英寸,我需要借助我的克里斯提·鲁布托高跟鞋的高度才能平视我的男同事,一寸也不能少,如果高跟鞋在议会被禁,那就没人能看得见我了。”"The TUC need to get real, stop using overtly sexist tactics by discussing women's stilettos to divert tension away from Labour chaos."“工会联盟需要实际一点,不要再用这种带有明显性别歧视的策略来讨论女人的高跟鞋,从而引开人们的视线,缓和工党的混乱局面造成的紧张气氛。”Michelle Dewberry, a former winner of The Apprentice, said the motion was patronising.真人秀连续剧《学徒》的往届冠军米歇尔·杜伯里说这个建议感觉是在给女性什么恩赐。"This is absolutely ridiculous and I think these union officials should be spending their time dealing with more important issues," she said.她说:“这个提议非常荒谬,我认为这些工会官员们应该把这些时间花在处理更重要的问题上面。”"I'm at work in five-inch heels and perfectly able to do my job. Heels are sexy, they boost your confidence and they are empowering to women."“我现在就穿着5英寸的高跟鞋在工作,而且毫不费力。高跟鞋很性感,它能让人感觉更自信,还能赋予女人们力量。”"I can't imagine these officials debating a motion about how tightly men should wear their ties. Wearing heels is a personal choice."“如果这些官员们在一起讨论男人的领带应该系多紧,我不能想象那将是怎样的一番情景。穿不穿高跟鞋纯粹是个人选择。” /200908/80873医科大学第二医院在哪 Still on a budget? Try these cheap fashion tipsStill on a budget? Try these cheap fashion tips: 1. Keep your store receipts and product tags for at least two months. You never know when you might want to return something because your tastes have changed, you have found a defect in the garment or the color is all wrong. Most chain stores have a very forgiving return policy. Of course, if you have worn it ... don't be a chiseler, it's yours. 2. Take a strapless dress or tunic and wear it over a turtle neck for winter or over a tee shirt or thin blouse in warm weather. You get two looks for the price of one, and when traveling, packing these items can double your wardrobe. 3. Wearing mule style shoes this summer? Try a spritz of hair spray on the inner sole so your feet don't slip. 4. Are your shoes scuffed? Dab the spot with a small dollop of Vaseline and blend into the entire shoe for instant shine. Or, polish the shoes with a little hand cream poured onto a paper towel. 5. For dry cuticles, use either Vaseline or Aamp;D ointment. On top of this slather your hands with your favorite hand lotion. Your hands and nails will stay moisturized for hours. 6. Another nail tip: For drying wet nail polish quickly, dip hands into ice cold water or spray nails with cooking oils 7. Stop paying top dollar for makeup removal pads . Try generic brands of baby wipes to remove makeup. 8. If you are a thin, petite-sized woman, don't overlook the children's department for casual clothing such as shorts, capris, cargo pants, denim jackets and T-shirts. 9. This is the season of fake tans . Try using hair removal creams to remove any self-tanner streaks on the sides of your feet, palms, elbow and knees. Rub it on, then immediately wipe it off with a washcloth or tissue. 手头还是有点紧?试试以下几个省钱时尚小窍门: 1、 将购物小票和商品标牌保存至少两个月。你不知道自己什么时候会因为口味改变、发现衣上有瑕疵或颜色不对,而想把东西给退了。大多数连锁店在退货方面还是很“仁慈的”。当然,如果你穿过了,那就别去蒙人了,留着吧。 2、 冬天,将无肩带连衣裙或罩衫穿在高领衫外面;暖和的天气可以把它穿在T恤或薄短衫外面。这样,一件衣“两穿”,旅游时带上很实用。 3、 今年夏天爱上凉拖?可以在内鞋底上喷点发胶,这样脚在里面就不会打滑了。 4、 鞋上有磨痕?可以在这些地方涂一小团凡士林,抹匀之后可以使鞋子立刻发亮。或者用纸巾蘸点护手霜把鞋擦亮。 5、 皮肤干燥?用凡士林或Aamp;D药膏。此外,把自己最爱用的护手霜厚厚的涂在手上。这样,你的手和指甲会保湿好几个小时。 6、 另一个护甲窍门:要想让指甲油速干,可以把手放进冰水里,或者往指甲上喷炒菜油。 7、 不用昂贵的卸妆巾,可以用一般牌子的婴儿用清洁巾来卸妆。 8、 如果你很娇小,可以去儿童区看看短裤、紧身裤、休闲运动裤、帆布夹克及T恤等休闲装。 9、 “假檀”是本季的流行风。可以用脱毛膏除去脚、手掌、胳膊肘和膝盖上的“假晒色”。抹上之后,立刻用毛巾或湿巾擦试干净。Vocabulary: turtle neck : 高领衫removal pad : 卸妆巾fake tan : “假檀”,即“假晒色” /200809/47529Add alpha accents Masculine extras can help you reinvent your basic little black dress. Try on a man’s belt, stash a silk square into your pocket or slip into his cozy6 cardigan. Oversize watches are a great alternative to a cuff or bangle, and menswearinspired shoes offer a quirky touch. Spectator pumps7, loafers and brogues8 are big trends in footwear this season, and are bound to make your feet feel good too. Instead of stashing an umbrella in your bag, consider grabbing one of his hats on a rainy day.   加入男性配件男性配件可以帮你改造基本款——小黑裙。试着戴上男性的腰带,在口袋里放一个丝绸方巾或是穿上他舒适的开襟羊毛衫。超大手表是袖口或手镯的上佳替代品,以男装为灵感设计的鞋子展现出一种别样的风格。船形中高跟鞋、平跟船鞋和拷花皮鞋是本季鞋子的主要流行款式, 而且穿起来也一定会很舒适。在下雨天,你不用在包里装把雨伞,而是可以考虑戴顶他的帽子。 /200911/90445福建泉州第一医院治疗痘痘多少钱

泉州祛痤疮哪里整形医院比较好1 Start with the small things. Take small steps and make small choices to gain confidence in your ability to make a decision. As you become secure in your ability to make good choices, you will gain confidence in yourself, and be more secure about your abilities in general. 从小事着手。认真做好每一件小事,收集点滴的自信,继而相信自己的能力,更好地驾驭自己。 /200912/92719晋江哪里有治疗狐臭 Helping Others 美国方式:帮助他人 Christmas in America means different things to different people. To some people, Christmas means brightly wrapped packages under a decorated tree. To others, it means family reunions and a wonderful meal together. To Christians, it means Jesus' birthday. Christmas also means lending a helping hand to people in need. Along with all the hubbub of shopping for presents and sending Christmas cards, many people in America take time to help others. 在美国,圣诞节对不同的人代表了不同的意义。对某些人而言,圣诞节的意义是在布置好的圣诞树底下那些包装得色鲜艳的礼物。对另外一些人而言,它的意义则是家人团圆以及共享美好的一餐。对基督徒来说,它代表了耶稣的诞生。圣诞节的意义也是向需要帮助的人伸出援手。在采购礼物及寄送圣诞卡片的一阵忙乱当中,很多美国人仍会拨出时间去帮助别人。 In America and around the world, Christmas offers many opportunities to sp "peace on earth, good will toward men." For example, Salvation Army bell ringers are a familiar sight to most Christmas shoppers. They stand outside malls and stores collecting money for the needy. Many churches and other organizations collect toys and clothes as Christmas gifts for poor families. Going caroling is another traditional way to bring cheer to neighbors--especially the elderly and people who can't get out much. The Christmas spirit encourages people to help each other in many large and small ways. 在美国及全世界各地,圣诞节提供了很多传扬「平安与世,善意与人」的机会。例如,救世军的摇铃者对大多数为圣诞节购物的人们而言,是一个熟悉的景象。他们通常会站在购物中心和商店外面,为有需要的人募钱。很多教会和其它的机构会收集玩具和衣,作为穷苦家庭的圣诞礼物。报佳音是另外一种能够将欢乐带给邻舍的传统方式,尤其是针对那些老人和无法常出门的人。圣诞节的精神鼓励人们在许多大大小小的事情上互相帮助。 /200803/32922泉州地区人民医院预约挂号电话

洛江区OPT祛斑好不好【中英对照】Romance does not have to fizzle out in long-term relationships and progress into a companionship/friendship-type love, a new study has found.最新研究发现,长期的爱情关系并不一定导致浪漫元素的减少,也不会导致恋爱关系向伙伴或朋友关系转变。Romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships.浪漫爱情可以持续一生,并且变得越来越幸福,越来越健康。"Many believe that romantic love is the same as passionate love," said lead researcher Bianca P. Acevedo, PhD, then at Stony Brook University (currently at University of California, Santa Barbara). "It isn't. Romantic love has the intensity, engagement and sexual chemistry that passionate love has, minus the obsessive component. Passionate or obsessive love includes feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. This kind of love helps drive the shorter relationships but not the longer ones."主持研究的Bianca P. Acevedo当时是石溪大学的士生,现任职于加州大学圣芭芭拉分校。她表示,很多人以为浪漫之爱和之爱是一回事,但实际上并非如此。浪漫之爱在强度、承诺和性吸引方面与之爱相同,但没有后者的强迫性成分。的或者强迫性的爱情包含了不确定和焦虑的感觉,它驱动的是短期关系而不是长期关系。 /200905/69855 摘要:一项调查显示,大约51%的年轻女性希望通过手术来改善容貌,三分之一已经是12号尺码(英式,相当于大号)的妇女仍然认为自己过胖,几乎半数受访女性表示,她们曾放弃一餐来减肥,而8%的人曾通过让自己呕吐来减肥。Some 51% of young women would have surgery to improve their looks and a third of those who are a size 12 thinkthey are overweight, a survey suggests.B Radio 1's Newsbeat asked 25,000 people, mostly aged 17 to 34, how they felt about their bodies.Almost half the women surveyed said they had skipped a meal to lose weight, while 8% had made themselves sick.Eating disorder experts said it was "sad but not surprising" that young people felt and acted in such ways.The survey found two thirds of those who are size 14 also thought they were overweight or fat.Even with the celebrity emphasis on being size zero (UK size four), fewer than one in a hundred of those surveyed said they were that size.Given the choice of ultra-skinny, thin and curvaceous, both men and women rated a curvy Martine McCutcheon as having the best body.Half of the women questioned said there was "lots they would change" about their bodies--and more than 10% "hated" what they looked like.Many people said they were trying to change their looks.More than 20% of female respondents said that they were on a diet, compared with fewer than 10% of men.And more than 50% of female respondents said they would consider having plastic surgery, compared with less than a quarter of men.Breast enlargement was the most popular operation for women, while liposuction was the next most popular.Liposuction and nose jobs were the most common choices for men.The online survey found that even younger people had concerns over their looks.More than half of girls aged 12 to 16 felt that their body image either stops them from getting a boyfriend or from relaxing in a relationship.Young men also appear to feel the pressure to look good.About 20% of those in their early 20s said that they have taken protein supplements in a bid to help themselves bulk up, compared with 11% of over 35s.And when asked to rate photos of differently shaped male bodies, almost 80% of men and 65% of women favoured a very muscular physique.A spokeswoman for Beating Eating Disorders said there were an estimated 1.1 million people in the UK with eating disorders."Research says that typical age of onset for an eating disorder is 14 to 25. Young people are affected by many issues at this present time with issues such as exams, bullying, family pressures. /200904/68213泉州处女膜修补能看出来么泉州南安市医院好吗



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