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Royalty and politicians across the globe may not agree on much, but many of them jointly believe in the benefits of owning a pet. Several of today heads of state and government spend their little personal time with their beloved animals. These lucky pets are often pampered and bask in the reflected spotlight of their famous owners.全球各地的皇室成员和政治家可能有很多不统一的意见,但是其中很多人不约而同地认为饲养宠物受益颇多现今少有的几位国家和政府首脑会花一点点个人时间在心爱的动物身上这些幸运的宠物常常被它们名主人反射的闪光灯笼罩着.Purebred Dogs,Kim Jong-un.纯种,金正恩North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un chooses to amass a large collection of pedigreed dogs of various breeds, who presumably live far better than many of his country poor citizens. This extends the example set by his father, Kim Jong-il, who bought dozens of European dogs every year and expensive eign pet foods and products them. The pooches even received their own imported private eign veterinarians.朝鲜最高领导人金正恩收集了大量各种各样的纯种,人们认为它们的生活比他大部分贫穷的国民好得多这与他父亲的行为范例有关——金正日每年都买几十只欧洲品种的,以及昂贵的进口食和宠物用品这些儿甚至接受自己单独拥的外国兽医的照顾The other hallmark of Kim Jong-un is his brutal exercise of power. Hopefully, none of his personal pets end up in bosintang, or dog stew, which is a popular dish in Korea. There have even been disquieting stories that Kim had his politically subversive uncle executed, punishing his disloyalty by feeding him to 0 vicious dogs (a rumor that is most probably untrue).金正恩偏好纯正的另一个标记就是他大手笔地行使权利他的宠物当中,没有一只会被煮成肉汤——朝鲜一道流行的菜有故事传言,金处死颠覆自己政权的叔叔,就是要惩罚他不忠诚——给他养了0条不纯的(多半是谣言)9.Welsh Corgis,Queen Elizabeth II9.威尔士柯基犬,伊丽莎白女王二世Her Majesty is crazy corgis. She has owned more than 30 in her 6-year reign as Queen of the ed Kingdom. As a young princess, Elizabeth fell in love with the breed as her mother owned a number of them. At 18, she received a corgi of her very own. She is also fond of her so-called ;dorgis; (corgis crossed with dachshunds). Currently, the Queen has two corgis named Willow and Holly and two dorgis named Candy and Vulcan.女王陛下喜好柯基短腿在作为英国女皇的6年时间里,她有过30多条还是小公主时,伊丽莎白就爱上了这个品种的18岁时,她自己养了一条短腿她还很喜欢她自己称为;道基;的(柯基犬与达克斯猎犬杂交所生)现在,女王有两条短腿,叫做威乐(Willow)和赫利(Holly);还有两条道基,;糖果;和;伏尔甘;The royal canines lead luxurious lives. They are free to roam the whole of Buckingham Palace and have developed a taste green vegetables and venison. The Queen herself serves the pooches their dinner and even personally mixes in some gravy. She also handles housetraining the puppies, a job that any dog owner knows is often less than queenly.这些皇家犬过着奢侈的生活它们能在白金汉宫里四处自由地走动,还养成了喜欢吃绿色蔬菜和鹿肉的口味女王自己照料它们的饮食,甚至还自己掺入一些肉汁她还管理儿的室内训练工作所有养的人都知道这项工作再悠闲不过了8.Camel,Francois Hollande8.骆驼,弗朗索瓦·奥朗德In early , French troops aided the government of Mali in beating back a terrorist insurgency in the country northern region. As a sign of their thanks, the Malian government proudly gave French President Francois Hollande a dromedary camel as a gift. Unprepared to host a noisy camel at the presidential residence, Hollande agreed to leave the animal in the care of a local family until it could be vaccinated and brought to a zoo in Paris. Untunately, the family did not get the memo. They slaughtered the camel and cooked it in a stew.年早期,法国军队帮助马里政府镇压了发生在其北部地区的恐怖主义叛乱为了表示感谢,马里政府自豪地赠给法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德一只单峰驼作为礼物奥朗德还没准备好在总统官邸饲养骆驼,他同意将这只动物留给当地一个家庭照顾,直到它能接种牛痘并能进入巴黎某家动物园时为止悲剧的是,这家人没得到通知,将它杀掉炖了肉The Malian government was greatly embarrassed and promised to send an even better camel to Paris. This successor will avoid the stew pot and be featured at the zoo. Perhaps President Hollande will even take his gift out on the town and be seen on camelback, riding up the Champs-Elysees.马里政府相当尴尬,承诺送一只更好的骆驼到巴黎去后面这只不会再被煮掉,而会很适合待在动物园或许总统先生甚至会带着他的礼物到市中心去,人们看见他骑在骆驼背上顺着香榭丽舍大街走7.Larry,David Cameron7.拉里,大卫·卡梅伦David Cameron, as the Prime Minister of the ed Kingdom, continues a long tradition of keeping a prominent feline. Larry, the current resident cat of Number Downing Street, has the lofty title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, an official British governmental role. Larry is continually on the prowl the rats and mice that creep through the shadows of London.作为英国首相,大卫·卡梅伦继承了一项古老的传统——养一只杰出的猫科动物现在入住唐宁街号的猫是拉里,被授予;内阁办公室首席捕鼠动物;的头衔——英国政府一个正式的职位拉里总是积极地寻找在伦敦阴影下穿行的老鼠Somewhat controversially, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne family cat Freya shares the role of Chief Mouser with Larry. Living years as a stray, Freya is the muscle of the pair and the dominant rodent hunter. Larry, on the other hand, has been repeatedly scolded falling asleep on the job. Typical of political rivals, the relationship between the two has had its share of conflict. Larry and Freya were seen brawling in front of Cameron home in October , and the fight had to be broken up by police. The duo have held an uneasy truce ever since.有点矛盾的是,财政部大臣乔治·奥斯本家的猫弗雷娜分担着拉里首席捕鼠动物的角色弗雷娜是它俩中的主力,过着多年与主人分离的生活另一方面来讲,拉里总被指责在工作时睡觉不仅作为典型的政治对手,它俩的关系也有矛盾年月,人们看见拉里和弗雷娜在卡梅伦家外面打架,后来由警察制止了自此,这两位勉强休战6.Koni,Vladimir Putin6.柯尼,普京Russian President Vladimir Putin has a larger-than-life persona, and his black Labrador Koni plays a humble part in it. He received her as a gift from his General of the Russian Army as a puppy in 00. The two have since become so inseparable that she often barges her way into political meetings and press conferences, to the frustration of Putin security staff. Koni is and in good health but rarely attends media events these days, since the press tends to make her nervous.俄罗斯总统普京具有传奇英雄式的人格特征,他的黑色拉布拉多犬柯尼就流露出一些端倪它是俄罗斯军队的将军00年送给普京的小这二位后来便形影不离,它甚至闯进了政治会议和新闻发布会,让普京的安保人员不知所措柯尼已经岁了,健康状况良好,但近来很少在媒体中出现,因为媒体总会让它焦躁Koni has even been used in a political power play. Koni was in the room when German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Vladimir Putin in . Merkel has a confirmed fear of dogs stemming from a bite she received as a girl and clearly appeared uncomtable as Koni went up to sniff her. Putin did little to hide his amusement at Koni apparent intimidation tactics on his geopolitical rival.柯尼还曾在一出政治权力游戏中发挥作用年德国总理安格拉·默克尔与普京会见时,它就在场默克尔小时候被咬过,因而对十分恐惧,所以当柯尼靠过来嗅她时她看起来十分局促对柯尼显而易见地帮主人吓唬政治对手的策略,普京丝毫没有掩饰他感到的乐趣翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 3967When you are in a sticky situation, experience has proven there is only one calming voice you can trust to guide you safely through.身处困境时,经验告诉我们只有足够沉着冷静的声音才能带你脱险Soon the voice of God himself could be directing you to the supermarket as it has been announced Morgan Freeman will be lending his dulcet tones to a GPS navigation app.有消息称根·费里曼将会把他悦耳的声音“借给”一款GPS导航应用,很快你就能在“上帝之声”的指引下开车去超市购物啦Google isnt just paying the smooth-talking actor to create some drive-time joy, as the feature is being released ahead of Freeman appearance in the blockbuster sequel London Has Fallen and he will be talking in character.谷歌花钱请这位能言善道的演员来配音可不仅仅是为了给司机们创造驾驶的乐趣这一特色功能意在为弗里曼即将上映的新电影《伦敦陷落打前阵,而弗里曼将以他在电影中的身份来为导航软件配音《伦敦陷落是卖座大片《白宫陷落的续集The Oscar winner will aid US drivers and travellers on Waze, a free app available download on iOS and android phones.这位奥斯卡奖得主将在Waze(一款持iOS和安卓系统的免费导航软件)上为美国司机、旅客导航Freeman soothing voice, in character as the ed States vice president, will be an optional setting that can direct users to their destinations in his calming tones.用户可以选择费里曼模式,费里曼就会以片中美国副总统的身份为你导航,然后你就可以在他沉着冷静的声音的带领下前往目的地Interestingly directions will be addressed to drivers as if they are the president, and trips will be peppered with lines from the action thriller to present a sense of urgency to your journey.有趣的地方在于,导航时司机会被当成美国总统一样对待,驾驶途中还会伴有这部惊悚动作片里的台词,以制造影片中的那种危机感In a statement the company said: Waze is prepared to make you the President. Starting Monday, February , and a limited time in the ed States, Morgan Freeman (in character as Vice President Trumbull from London Has Fallen) will be the voice of Waze.该公司在一则声明中讲道:“Waze让你圆总统梦月号星期一起,在美国的限定时间内,根·费里曼将(以《伦敦陷落里副总统特兰伯尔的身份)为Waze用户导航”Buckle up, listen closely and enjoy the (power) trip.“系好安全带,仔细聆听并享受这次激动人心的旅程吧!”According to the app website, the star was selected as he was far and away one of the most requested voices by Wazers.根据Waze的网站,费里曼因他“无疑是Waze用户最喜欢的声音”而被选来担当此次的配音大任The feature follows his authoritative voice being used to narrate numerous films, documentaries, TV advertisements and more recently, Hillary Clinton campaign.导航中弗里曼的声音和他在多部电影、纪录片、电视广告以及最近在希拉里·克林顿的竞选视频中的声音一样让人信赖和充满权威感His well-known voice joins the likes of other big names, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen Colbert, Kevin Hart and even C-3PO, who have been featured on the app in the past - in what is a key promotional tool used by film companies.其实在费里曼之前,已有多位名人为这款导航软件配音,包括阿诺德·斯瓦辛格、斯蒂芬·科尔伯特、凯文·哈特和机器人C-3PO给导航软件配音是电影公司的一种重要的宣传手段 788

Pigs might SWIM in the Bahamas, where these beach bum oinkers paddle up to 300ft from the shore to enjoy the C Caribbean sea.巴哈马群岛上会游泳的猪,它们最远游到离岸边300英尺的地方享受度水温的加勒比海Pigs may not be able to fly but, as these pictures from the Bahamas show, they can definitely swim.猪可能不会飞,但是正如这些拍摄自巴哈马群岛的照片所示,它们绝对会游泳The large family of pigs are something of a tourist attraction on the uninhabited Caribbean island of Big Major Cay, which hundreds of people visit every year to take a dip with the animals.在Big Major Cay海湾的这个无人居住的加勒比海岛上,生活着这么一大家子的猪,它们似乎成为了某种旅游景点,每年都有上千人来和他们一起游泳The swine trot along the beach, soaking up the sun bee taking a dip in the C ocean, often paddling 300ft from the shore to greet people as they arrive on yachts.在这个度水温的加勒比海游泳前,它们会先漫步在沙滩上再来个日光浴,通常会游到距离海岸300英尺的地方以迎接乘坐游艇而来的游客Just how the pigs came to live on the island, which is blessed with a fresh waterspring, is shrouded in mystery.为什么这些猪会生活在这个岛上,这没有人知道对于这个岛屿来说幸运的是岛上有一处淡水的温泉One theory is that sailors dropped the animals off on the island, known as BigMajor Cay, with the intention of coming back to eat them later but never returned. Another legend suggests they were involved in a shipwreck but wereable to swim to shore, remaining on the island ever since.其中有一个说法认为水手们将这些动物扔在岛屿上,打算等它们长大后再回来吃掉他们,但后来他们再也没有回来过另外一种传说认为这些猪所乘坐的船舶失事,但是成功的游到岸边,从此以后就在岛上生活了All they ever have to worry about is where their next meal is coming from, and they have worked out that crews of passing yachts regularly dump excess food into the sea.他们唯一需要担心的事情是下一顿饭哪里找,它们发现过往的游艇上的工作人员总是会把过量的食物往海里倒 3597

;The Great Wall,; an epic action-adventure by Zhang Yimou, ruled the Chinese box office in the last week, China Film News reported Tuesday.据《中国电影报本周二报道,由张艺谋执导的史诗动作冒险电影《长城在过去一周统治了中国票房The movie, featuring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe along with other Chinese stars, has earned 70 million yuan (67.6 million U.S.dollars) since its release on Dec. .自月日上映以来,这部由马特·达蒙、佩德罗·帕斯卡、威廉·达福与其他几位中国演员联合主演的电影,已经获得了亿7000万元(折合6760万美元)的票房Mel Gibson war film ;Hacksaw Ridge; landed in second place with revenue of 3 million yuan.梅尔·吉布森的战争电影《血战钢锯岭凭借1亿300万元的成绩位居第二位;The Wasted Times,; a domestic suspense movie, placed third in the week, taking in 66 million yuan since its release on Dec. .而国产悬疑电影《罗曼蒂克消亡史在月日上映后的票房收入为6600万元,排名第三Japanese animation ;Your Name; ranked fourth during the week, earning 50 million yuan.日本动画电影《你的名字在过去一周排名第四位,票房收入为5000万元Rounding out the top five was domestic comedy ;Immaturity of Twenty-Eight,; which took 5 million yuan.另外一部挤入前五名的电影是国产喜剧《岁未成年,其票房为500万元 8593.Anguilla Eels Can Walk On Land3.安圭拉鳗能在陆地上行走Anguilla eels, commonly known as European eels, live in the lakes and waterways of northern Europe and the UK. Theyve been recorded at lengths of nearly meters (6.5 ft), though theyre normally only about half that size or smaller. But they dont always stay where theyre supposed to—Anguilla eels can leave the water and slither across dry land a short amount of time. They do this two reasons—the first is to feed, although they usually stick to insects and earthworms. The second reason is to migrate.安圭拉鳗一般称作欧洲鳗,生活在北欧和英国的湖泊、航道中根据记录,它们有近米(6.5英尺)长,尽管一般的要小一半或者更小但是它们并不总是待在人们认为它们应该待的地方——安圭拉鳗能离开水体,短时间内滑过干燥的陆地它们这样做有两个原因:其一是取食,尽管它们通常吃昆虫和蚯蚓;其二是迁徙Anguilla eels spend about years in the same lake. But they start and end their lives 6,500 kilometers (,000 mi) across the Atlantic in the Sargasso Sea. To get from their European lakes to the Atlantic, anguillas work their way up and down waterways using an as-yet-undiscovered navigation system. If the waterway is blocked—with a dam, example—the eels leave the water and cross fields and ests to the next stream or river. Environmentalists are actually using that unique ability to build climbable ;ladders; on dams and weirs to allow the eels to complete their migrations. On a slightly more terrifying note, the larger cousins of anguillas, conger eels, can also cross dry land, and also have the tendency to attack people.安圭拉鳗能在同一个湖泊里待上年左右但是它们生命的开始和结束却要跨越大西洋,在6500千米(000米)之外的马尾藻海里为了从欧洲的湖泊到达大西洋,安圭拉鳗借助各条航道完成自己的旅程——它们使用什么样的导航系统我们还不知晓如果航道堵塞——比如有水坝——这些鳗会离开水体,穿过田野和森林到达下一条小溪或小河环境学家就运用它们这种独特的能力在水坝上修建了;梯子;,让它们爬过去,完成迁徙有一点比较吓人,安圭拉鳗的亲戚,康吉鳗也能穿过干燥的陆地,并对人类也具有攻击性.The World Largest Migration Happens Every Day.世界上规模最大迁徙每天都在进行The Sargasso Sea is perhaps the most unique body of water in the world. It doesnt have any borders other than a series of converging currents that hold it roughly in the same place, even though it right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It a body of water within a body of water—the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current, and the Canary Current all hit it on different sides, with the Sargasso Sea acting as the calm center. It was called the ;Sea of Lost Ships; by sailors because the air is unnaturally calm and ships could get stuck there days or weeks.马尾藻海应该是世界上最具特色的水体了它没有什么边界,只有一系列汇聚到一起的洋流可以大概确定它的位置,即使它就在大西洋中间这是一片水域之中的一部分——湾流、北大西洋暖流、加那利洋流都从不同方向汇聚其中,马尾藻海扮演着平静的中心的角色它被水手称为;迷船之海;,因为气流异常平静,船只可能被困上几天或几个星期Most importantly, the Sargasso Sea is an almost completely self-sufficient ecosystem. The sargassum, a floating seaweed that covers the surface of the sea, provides food and shelter thousands of species, which in turn provide food the sargassum through their waste. There are layers upon layers of marine life in the sea, from surface dwellers to deep-sea life over 5000 meters (,000 ft) down. And at night, it the setting the largest migration in the world—over 5,000 species comprising millions of sea creatures surge up from the deep to feed, then return to the bottom bee dawn.更重要的是,马尾藻海几乎是一个完全自给自足的生态体系果囊马尾藻是一种漂浮在洋面上的海藻,为成千上万种生物提供食物和庇护,动物的排泄物也反过来为海藻提供养料海里的生物一层叠一层,从海面直到深海超过5000米(000英尺)晚上,这里就是世界上最大规模迁徙的舞台——5000多种生物,总共几百万海洋生物,从深海突然出现,寻找食物,黎明前再回到海底1.Google Street View: Oceans1.谷歌街景:海洋Google Street View is a popular addition to Google Maps that lets you look at any location from street level. In , Google sent a fleet of cars around the world to photograph literally everything. Then they took the photos and composited them into a long string that lets you ;walk; any route with the click of a button. But that old news and hardly exciting.谷歌街景是谷歌地图的很受欢迎的附加功能,让你能用在街上的角度看任何地点年,谷歌在全世界派出一车队,为一切东西照相然后他们将照片合成一长串,让你点击一个钮就能;走;任何路线但是这已经不是新闻了,不值得兴奋Street View: Oceans is sort of the same thing, except instead of looking at your ex-girlfriend house you can stroll directly into the Great Barrier Reef, or any one of dozens of underwater spots sp across six oceans. Theyre adding more locations to the program as fast as they can, but so far they only have the reefs around the Galapagos Islands, Heron Island, Wilson Island, and Hanauma Bay, to name a few. This is part publicity stunt and part science project—while anyone can enjoy the tour, theyre also using the photos to monitor the growth (and decay) of the world most important coral reefs, which provide a combined home a full 5 percent of all marine life.街景:海洋也与此类似,除了你看不见前女友的房子,取而代之,你能直接在大堡礁里散步,或者走进六大洋几十个水下景点的任何一个他们正全速增加这个应用里的位置,但是目前为止为数不多,只有加拉帕戈斯群岛、苍鹭岛、威尔逊岛和恐龙湾等附近的珊瑚这一部分是公众信息特技,一部分是科学项目——当人人都可以享受这样的旅行时,他们也在用相片监管世界最重要的珊瑚的生长(和腐坏)情况,这些珊瑚是整整5%的海洋生命的大家庭翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 386761

Cooking up trouble爸爸,你把我放锅里洗澡就算了,你还喝我的洗澡水?好喝吗?Distracted走神的爸爸,太可怕了Learning ballet together in pink tutus爸爸,我们家没有平衡木?Hard at work: Little Alice Bee attempts to master ironing as dad s the sports pages我是勤劳的小蜜蜂,熨衣?EasyToddler power! Alice Bee beats her doting dad in an arm-wrestling match力量训练,我是大力士, 扳手劲,爸爸都不是我的对手 019855

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