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山东省中西医结合医院妇科好不好济南市省立医院介绍Darren, I do love these museum collections when you come behind the scenes and you suddenly feel that you are surrounded by treasures. And its amazing to think that there are new discoveries to be made in here as well.达伦,我真的很喜爱这些物馆收藏,当你来到幕后时,突然感觉自己被财宝包围着。一想到在这里将会有新的发现,也会让人觉得不可思议。Thats right in a way. There are almost too many specimens for the number of experts out there. There is always new stuff to find in collections. You arent necessary to go out to a field and look for dinosaurs. You can just rummage through museum floors. You will find something new.在某种程度上,这是对的。对于众多在外探索的专家而言,标本的数量相对有限。在收集的标本上总会有新发现。你没有必要去野外的遗址寻找恐龙。只要在物馆的地板上仔细翻阅,就会有新的发现。Recently Darren and a colleague did exactly that. They came across a bone which had been lying on a museum shelf since Victorian times. It may look unremarkable but with several unique features, it didnt fit with anything which had been found before. And it was enough for them to describe a new species.最近达伦和一位同事的确这样做了。他们碰到一块骨化石,它自维多利亚时代起就一直躺在物馆的架子上。它看起来不显眼,但却有几处独一无二的特征,这与之前发现的任何恐龙并不契合。而且这足以让他们来描述一个新物种。About 50 new species of dinosaurs named every year. About 90% of all named dinosaurs have been named since about 1990. If you were to generate a discovery curve of dinosaurs overtime, you would have a curve that shaped like this. And we are currently on the steep upward curve of the graph.每年大概会给50个新物种命名。自上世纪90年代年起,几乎90%的恐龙均被命名。如果你发现的新恐龙来自于更早的时代,那么形状应该是这样的。目前我们的图表是陡峭的上升的曲线。Why do you think there is such a craze for naming new dinosaurs at the moment?你认为在那时为什么会出现给恐龙命名的热潮?Regions of the world have been explored more. They havent been really looked at much beforehand. So places like southern South America, much of the central Asia, parts of Africa and Australia, more and more people are going out to those places, finding new dinosaurs and bringing them back.在世界范围内已经进行探索了许多。他们预先并没有太多依据可以参照。因此在南美南部地区,大多数中亚地区,部分非洲及澳洲地区,越来越多的人来到这些地方,寻找新的恐龙并带回去。原文译文属!201209/199124济南第七人民医院专业的医生 He can help them get out the basketball court, some of the small tricks he does.as a consequence,the two have really played well together.it was a long rage of title and never got about it ,it have been became a star on his own right.and then it was the support cast ,michael with chanllege game two have been y ,when their moment came.he have to share his game to his own to be part of this to sacrfice his game was the most impotant thing. he got to be y .I have got a chance to play a lot in big games ,i felt a lot of pressure and thinking.didnt perfome that well.and I learn how to play with that goals.and how to heat big shots and how to relax myself in the situation like that.what a great feeling is to play basketball with the rest of my life is to know that I can face something pretty difficult and I can deal with it .the ball is serious , by the game two has begun ,game one was history to michael and bulls.他在篮球场外也能帮助他们,他的些许小窍门非常管用。结果自然而然,乔丹和皮蓬配合天衣无缝。这是一段从未有过的漫长时间,这已经成为了一位巨星特有的权利。然后是后方有人强力持。迈克尔挑战已经进入第二节比赛,他们的时刻终于到来了。他必须分享自己的比赛,他的牺牲自己,吸引对手是比赛中最重要的事情。他必须准备好。我有在重大比赛中经常扮演关键先生,我感到很大的压力。一切都并不是尽善尽美。我学习如何达成目标,以及如何带领球队获胜及如何在那样的情况下放松自己。我剩下的人生打篮球的一种伟大的感觉是我要面对一些很困难的逆境,而我会直接面对,从而完全逆转。而比赛无疑是残酷的,第二节比赛已经开始,第一节比赛对迈克尔的公牛队来说已经是历史。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170094齐河县妇女医院预约电话是多少

聊城处女膜修复多少钱;Of course, I cant show you a picture of the galaxy on our screen. We cant fly above the galaxy and take a picture of it, and show you. Were stuck in the disc of the galaxy, but we can still image it from the ground, in fact, this image is a picture of our galaxy, the Milky Way, taken from Earth.;;当然,我不能在我们的屏幕上向你展示一幅巨大的星系。我们不能飞往整个系并拍下它展现给你。我们被困在之中,但是我们仍然可以从地面拍摄照片,事实上,这张照片是我们的星系,系,这是从地球上拍摄的照片。;This is one of the most detailed images of our galaxy ever created. Its made from 800 million pixels contained in over 1,000 individual photographs taken from the darkest places on earth.这是一张非常详细的我们的星系曾经创造的照片。它是用8亿像素包含超过1000张来自地球最黑暗的地方的独立照片。The photos have been painstakingly stitched together to create this breathtaking vista. But as impressive as it is, its only part of the picture.这些照片被精心制作在一起来展现这惊人的景象。但令人印象深刻的是,这只是照片的一部分而已。;Its something like a pizza and if you were in the pizza, if you were pepperoni, your view would not be a very clear one of what the whole story was. In the same way, we dont see the whole reach of the Milky Way.;;这有点像一张比萨饼,若你身处于比萨饼中,如果你是辣味香肠、你就不能窥探到全貌。如出一辙的是,我们并没有看到整个系。What astronomers really need is a birds eye view.天文学家们真正需要的是鸟瞰风景的慧眼。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173124历下区子宫肌瘤多少钱 Coral in Danger危险的珊瑚Aah, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef–blue, clear water, magnificent coral, beautiful fish.假想潜水于大堡礁——那片蔚蓝清澈的海里,美丽的鱼儿游曳在一望无际的珊瑚里。How about cloudy water and dying coral and you have to look pretty hard to spot a fish anywhere?再想象另一番景象:污浊的水域,岌岌可危的珊瑚,连鱼儿的影子都看不到。Nobody would want to go snorkeling in waters like you just described!绝不会有人会在刚才你描述的海里潜水的。Well, we may face more problems than disappointing snorkeling vacations if we keep harming the coral reefs of the world.要是我们不停止“迫害”地球上的珊瑚,就不只是度假不能潜水的扫兴了,我们面临的问题重重。Like the loss of one quarter of all marine animals and plants?比如,1/4海洋动植物灭绝?That adds more! One example of a way were destroying coral reefs around the world is farming near reef coastlines. In the Great Barrier Reef, far off Australia, for instance, scientists studied changes in the composition of coral over time and compared that to logs recording the local flood history. Barium, a metal rich in terrestrial soil, but usually low in seawater, began to rise soon after Europeans settled the area in 1862.不仅如此。比如,人类在珊瑚礁海岸线开垦种地,这样会破坏全球珊瑚的生长。科学家曾研究澳大利亚大堡礁珊瑚成分的变化,比对当地历史上洪灾的记录。发现自1862年,欧洲人移民澳大利亚起,仅在陆地土壤中富含的金属钡的数量开始在海里上升。You mean that after the settlers moved in and tilled land for farming, from then on, when a nearby river flooded, it washed loose soil into the reefs?你的意思是移民者定居后,垦地务农,附近的涨潮将疏松的土壤冲进了大堡礁?Exactly! These sediments cloud the water, blocking out sunlight that is necessary to the coralsgrowth. In fact, when sedimentation run-off is extremely bad, it can smother the coral and kill it.没错!这些沉淀物使水变污浊,遮盖了珊瑚生长必需的阳光。事实上,沉淀量很多的话,珊瑚可能会窒息而死。Sedimentation can also introduce nutrients that lead to excess growth of green algae, which can compete with the corals for space, impeding their growth and survival.此外,沉淀物还可能供给绿藻疯长的养分,绿藻会和珊瑚竞争生存空间,抑制珊瑚的生长,甚至是存亡。And sedimentation is just one way were harming coral. If we dont take action, marine scientists predict that the majority of the coral reefs of the world will be destroyed in just 40 years.这仅仅是众多人类活动破坏珊瑚其中的一种。如果我们还不采取措施,海洋科学家预计世界上大部分珊瑚礁在40年内会灭绝。 /201208/196336山东煤矿总医院治疗不孕不育好吗

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