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网友爆料乌鲁木齐航班只提供清真食品 --6 :35:57 来源: 近日一名张姓旅客在新浪上爆料了自己的遭遇,称自己在乘坐前往乌鲁木齐航班时,机上只提供清真食品据他声称,后来航空公司工作人员又告诉他,所有从哪乌鲁木齐启程的航班都只提供清真食品On Wednesday, a passenger surnamed Zhang wrote on his Sina Weibo ;PETG (People the Ethical Treatment of Green); that he was only offered halal food on his China Southern Airlines (CSA) flight to Urumqi from Lanzhou in Northwest Chinarsquo;s Gansu Province on May .本周三,一名张姓旅客在新浪微上表达了自己对;PETG(善待绿色组织);的不满据张先生表示,在他5月日乘坐南方航空从甘肃兰州飞往乌鲁木齐时,飞机上只提供给他清真食品;I am not a Muslim, and cing me to eat halal food is infringing on my freedom of religious belief,; Zhang told the Global Times on Wednesday.本周三,张先生告诉《环球时报说:;我不是穆斯林,强迫我吃清真食物侵犯了我宗教信仰自由的权利;When he refused the meal, Zhang was told that there was no non-halal food on the flight. When he called to book a return ticket, he was told by a CSA support staff member that all flights departing from Urumqi only provide halal food on board.当张先生拒绝那份食物时,他被告知飞机上没有非清真食品当他打电话订返程机票的时候,南航一名工作人员告知他说,所有从乌鲁木齐出发的航班只提供清真食品However, the customer service branch of the airline denied Zhangrsquo;s claim. ;Itrsquo;s not true that all flights departing from Urumqi only provide halal meals. Passengers can book a meal in advance if they have any special needs, such as halal food,; a customer service employee at the Urumqi office of CSA said when reached by the Global Times on Wednesday.但是,该航空公司的客户务部门否认了张先生的说法在周三接受《环球时报采访时,南航乌鲁木齐办事处一名客户务人员表示:;乌鲁木齐启程航班只提供清真食品的说法并不属实如果有特殊需要的话,旅客可以提前订餐,例如(旅客可以提前预定)清真食品;Neither a CSA spokesperson nor the airlinersquo;s publicity department had replied to an interview request from the Global Times as of press time.截止发稿时,南航发言人和该公司宣传部门都未对《环球时报的采访要求做任何回应According to CSArsquo;s website, the airline is capable of providing many ;special meals; - including those prepared Hindu, Muslim and Jewish passengers - which can be booked hours bee the flight takes off.根据南航网站的信息,该航空公司可以提供许多;特殊膳食;(包括对印度教、穆斯林和犹太教乘客提供的食物),旅客可以提前小时预订这些特殊食物Zhangrsquo;s experience has been echoed by some other passengers who were exclusively offered halal food on domestic flights. Some Net users even wrote on CSArsquo;s Weibo that they would boycott the company ignoring the needs of atheists and followers of other religions.其他一些乘客也抱怨自己遇到过和张先生一样的经历,声称自己在国内航班上只被提供清真食物一些网友甚至在南海的微下留言,声称他们将抵制南航,因为该公司无视了无神论者和其他宗教信徒的需要Airline workers who spoke to the Global Times on condition of anonymity said Wednesday that they have never heard of a Chinese domestic flight only providing halal food, adding that only a few Chinese airlines adopt such a practice aboard flights to predominantly Muslim countries.本周三,南航一些不愿意透露姓名的工作人员告诉《环球时报,说他们从未听说过有哪一个国内航班只提供清真食品他们还说道,只有前往一些穆斯林国家的航班才会在飞机上采用这种做法A recent proposition regarding national legislation on halal food sparked much controversy, as many scholars questioned whether the law would authorize the secular government to define Islam-related issues.最近,一项关于对清真食品采取国家立法的议题引起了很大的争议,许多学者质疑这项法案是否会使得世俗政府可以规定一些伊斯兰教相关问题上海仁济医院吸脂手术价格中国宜居城市报告:青岛最宜居 -- :1:35 来源:chinadaily 近日,中科院对外发布《中国宜居城市研究报告,青岛名列前茅,最宜居;而北京和广州在受调查的0个城市中分别位居倒数第一名和第二名Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, East China's Shandong province, May 8, . [PhotoIC]请看相关报道:Qingdao has been listed as the most livable city in the country out of 0 cities surveyed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.中国科学院对我国0个城市调查后,将青岛列为国内最宜居城市宜居城市(livable city)是指对城市适宜居住程度的综合评价,是具有良好的居住和空间环境、人文社会环境、生态与自然环境和清洁高效的生产环境的居住地此次中科院宜居城市调查的主要评价指标包括:城市安全( city safety)、公共务设施(public service facilities)、自然环境(natural environment)、文化环境(cultural environment)、交通(transportation),以及污染水平(pollution level)根据评价结果,中国城市宜居指数评价最高的五座城市为青岛、昆明、三亚、大连和威海其中,青岛市城市的综合宜居性评价最高,位居全国第一位;昆明具备舒适宜人的自然环境和特色的社会文化环境(pleasant natural environment and characteristic cultural environment),位居第二位;三亚市以空气环境健康(air quality)取胜,位居第三位;大连市在城市安全性和自然环境(city safety and natural environment)宜人性上表现突出,位居第四;威海市自然环境舒适性和宜人性优势明显(natural environment),位居全国第五位Livable的意思是“适于居住的”,例如:this place is barely livable(这地方没法住人)此外,livable还可以表示“(人)容易相处的,(行为)可接受的”或“(生活)过得去的”例如:Such behavior is not livable with.(这种行为是无法容忍的)【相关词汇】life:生活,生命(n.)When life gets hard and you want to give up, remember that life is full of ups and downs, and without the downs, the ups would mean nothing.当生活很艰难,你想要放弃的时候,请记住,生活充满了起起落落,如果没有低谷,那站在高处也失去了意义live:[liv] 生存,生活(v.)She has lived here years.她在这里住了年了live:[laiv] 现场的,充满活力的(adj.)It was a live broadcast, not a recording.这是现场直播, 不是录播living:活的,使用中的(adj.)生计(n.)Is the old man still living?那老人还活着吗?Father never talked about what he did a living.父亲从不谈他的谋生之道alive:活着的,有生气的(adj.)I never expected to feel so alive in my life again.我怎么也没想到自己会再一次这样活力焕发(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)静安区人民医院开双眼皮手术价格红蚂蚁辣酱 你有胆放进嘴里吗? --01 :5: 来源:sohu 对食物的选择可能是个人口味的问题,但有些国家的食物却与口味无关,可能只有当地人才觉得这些东西可以称为“食物”吧 The choice of food may be a matter of taste, but the food in some countries can be so out there that it might only seem normal to the people who live there. 印度 India ''Chaprah'' 的制作过程:先预备已晒干的红蚂蚁,然后再把香料和糖放进内,这样酸辣酱就大功告成,更可以加入任何食物中作佐料 To prepare chaprah, red ants are dried, spices and sweeteners are then added and the chutney is y to be eaten with any meal. 美国 ed States ''落矶山牡蛎'', 其实是公牛的睾丸(没错,你绝对没有看错!),通常会先在外面涂上面粉,然后再拿去油炸(真的无法理解这个的意义何在) Rocky Mountain oysters, or bull testicles, are usually coated in flour and deep fried. 墨西哥 Mexico '' Huitlacoche ''是被寄生真菌感染的玉米,玉米粒会在生长期间发胀,,长成后跟蘑茹的形状很相似收割后,便可以煮成菜肴,吃起来有种木香,泥土的味道 虽然玉米是墨西哥的主食,但是不代表什么玉米都可以吃吧 ;Huitlacoche is corn infested by parasite fungus,;the kernels swell into growths that are similar to mushrooms, and are later harvested. When cooked, they take on a woody, earthy flavor. 东南亚地区 Southeast Asia “鸭仔蛋'”其实是水煮鸭胚胎,通常会加入盐、醋、辣椒和洋葱作调味 Balut is a boiled duck embryo seasoned with salt or vinegar, chilies and onions. 小编表示,这不就是中华黑暗料理“毛鸡蛋”的好兄弟吗? 你们有没有听过吃过比这更奇怪的食物呢?快来留言跟我们分享吧! English Source: B我叫《余罪,外号贱人余~ -- 19::19 来源:chinadaily 杨紫凭借《欢乐颂里的邱莹莹一角火了,张一山凭借《余罪里的余罪一角也开始刷爆我们的头条!昔日《家有儿女里的夏雪和刘星的两位童星在的短短半年内掀起了一股童星的成长之风,连带着曾经的《家有儿女也再一次火了 199年出生于北京市东城区一个普通的家庭的张一山,我们对他的印象似乎只停留在天赋迥异的那个童星,比如—— 《小兵张嘎里的乐乐,这是张一山的第一部作品,据说因为张一山小时候长得太瘦,父亲让他去习武,锻炼出了敏捷的身手,从而中标这部抗日神剧 以及真正走进人们的视线,受男女老少千万百姓追捧的《家有儿女刘星一角让他成为了一个万众瞩目的童星他的演技到底有多好?这个分钟的刘星cut不仅逗笑了你,还让你心甘情愿膜拜当时还是小演员的张一山的演技: 之后好像张一山就销声匿迹了,也不咋听到他的风吹草动……直到《老炮儿上五分钟的黄毛客串,让我们再想起了那个古灵精怪的小演员—— 夹在老戏骨冯小刚和新晋小鲜肉李易峰和万人迷吴亦凡的夹缝里,已经长大的张一山还是那么搞怪,那么机灵,那么让人惊喜: 而这部《余罪则以一种更为惊艳的方式炸粉,让我们对曾经的小童星送上膝盖:演技这么好,你还是当年那个刘星吗?为什么帅的我要直呼影帝了?!!!简直酷到没朋友! 当然还有让我们直呼毁童年的独角船;戏……原来我们的张一山也到了露肉的年纪了!(呀!暴露年龄了!!!) 作为一部刑侦犯罪类剧集,犯罪的英文怎么说? commit a crime 犯罪,criminal 罪犯 The goal of punishment should be to rem the criminal so that he will not commit a crime again. 刑罚的目的应该是改造罪犯使其不再犯罪 第一季中,警界风云人物许平秋到警校选拔 “精英”,余罪凭借自己出色的能力被相中,最终走向了卧底的曲折道路余罪后来引起毒贩郑潮的怀疑并中,被傅国生所救郑潮在余活令郑潮感到不安余罪想利用傅国生郑潮之间的嫌隙除去郑潮而郑潮欲用警方除去余罪 卧底:undercover agent He knew that in order to be a good undercover agent.He need to be a good street agent: someone who understood not just how things worked in an office, but out in the city, too. 他明白要做好卧底,首先要能做好一个街头中间人:既能在白道行的通,又可以在黑道上吃得开 第二季中,前半部分就是余罪在傅国生身边周旋,许秋平眼看事情脱轨,就将林宇婧也安排成卧底协助余罪,傅国生等人一直试探林宇婧,余罪与林宇婧都巧妙化解傅国生意外找到余罪父亲并知晓余罪警察身份,余罪将嫌疑成功转移到焦涛身上傅国生听从沈嘉文指示再次贩毒,警方抓捕傅国生从而得知沈嘉文的真正身份余罪在追捕沈嘉文时驾驶快艇撞向沈嘉文的渔船,两船相撞爆炸,沈嘉文失踪当余罪即将归队时,收到一张纸条,纸条上写着:安嘉璐和我在一起,想救她,自己一个人来 drug abuse 吸毒 drug trafficking毒品走私;贩毒 drug king (czar)毒枭 The excessive and compulsive use of drugs to the point of damaging one’s health. 强迫性过量使用毒品,以致损害身体 没错,这坑一挖就是两季,是不是已经蠢蠢欲动了呢?上海水光针注射美容哪家医院好

上海玫瑰整形美容激光去黄褐斑多少钱上海曙光医院东院整形美容国际巨星不为人知的古怪癖好! -- :: 来源:sohu 就算是看起来最普通的人也可能有一些超级奇怪、让人起鸡皮疙瘩的习惯,这样一想,同样也是人的名人自然都会有一些鲜为人知的怪毛病快来看看吧! Even the most seemingly average person you know probably has some super odd habits that would make your skin crawl. Celebs are humans and they have those too. Check it out. 小甜甜;布兰妮 Britney Spears 她有经常咬指甲的习惯事实上,你可以在众多的相片中发现她指甲上的伤痕 Britney Spears always bites her nails. In fact, you can actually spot the damage she's done to them in many of her photos. 大卫;贝克汉姆David Beckham 这位世界级足球偶像患有强迫症,他一定要把东西成对地放好并排列成直线他更说过如果要把可乐贮存在冰箱时,发现有一罐是无法对齐的,他宁愿把它放在别的地方 The soccer icon has OCD.He aligns everything in pairs and in straight lines. He's even said that if he's stocking his fridge with Pepsi, and one doesn't line up, he will put it somewhere else. 约翰尼;德普Johnny Depp 不说不知, 原来他很喜欢芭比娃娃, 真的很难让人相信 He likes Barbies. I have a hard time believing this one. 凯蒂;派瑞Katy Perry 她一天刷六次牙难怪牙齿这么白! She brushes her teeth six times a day. 韦恩;鲁尼Wayne Rooney 英格兰著名球星鲁尼只能在吸尘器开动时入睡如果吸尘器不可用的话,他甚至要向妻子求助,开动她的吹风机这么吵真的能睡吗? British soccer star Wayne Rooney can only fall asleep while the vacuum is on. Apparently he's even resorted to turning his wife's hairdryer on if a vacuum isn't available.英国女王授予朱莉荣誉爵士称号 -- :55: 来源: 英国女王授予朱莉荣誉爵士称号 Angelina Jolie receives honorary damehood Actress Angelina Jolie has been made an honorary dame by the Queen services to UK eign policy and the campaign to end war zone sexual violence.The 39-year-old star was presented with the insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George on Friday.The investiture took place during a private audience at Buckingham Palace.The Girl, Interrupted and Maleficent actress was recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours earlier this year.Jolie is a special envoy the UN High Commissioner Refugees and co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) in .The award was first announced in June during the week when Jolie was co-chairing the End Sexual Violence in Conflict (ESVC) global summit in London with then eign secretary William Hague.The US actress said at the time that it meant "a great deal... to receive an honour related to eign policy".Jolie's investiture follows her recent marriage to her actor partner Brad Pitt, with whom she has six children.Last year she revealed she had chosen to have a double mastectomy after discovering she had an 86% chance of developing breast cancer.据英国广播公司报道,美国演员安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)因对英国外交政策的贡献以及从事反对战区性暴力的运动而被英国女王授予荣誉爵士称号月日,这位39岁的明星被授予了一枚“圣迈克尔和圣乔治荣誉女爵士大十字勋章”(Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George)这次授勋仪式在白金汉宫私人听众厅举行有人在今年早些时候女王的生日会上发现了朱莉她曾出演过《移魂女郎(Girl, Interupted)和《沉睡魔咒(Maleficent)朱莉是一名联合国难民事务高级专员,年,她还参与创立了“防止性暴力行动”(the Prventing Sexual Violece Initiative,简称PSVI)这个荣誉称号是在六月宣布的当时,朱莉与时任英国外交大臣的威廉·黑格(William Hague)共同提供担任“终止冲突中的性暴力”(End Sexual Violence in Conlfict)全球峰会的主席当时,这位美国演员表示,这个奖项意味着“很多……获得一份与外交政策相关的荣誉”在朱莉的授勋仪式之前,她与皮特举行了婚礼他们共同抚养了6个孩子年,朱莉透露,在发现有86%的可能患上乳腺癌后,她选择手术切除两个乳房上海治色素痣大约需要哪家医院好报废公交改装情侣酒店,萌翻了! -- :33:30 来源: 在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎 (CNN)Abandoned vehicles may not shout holiday charm, but a resort in northern China is attracting customers with its unique, cartoon-filled bus hotels.CNN报道—在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎Owners of the Tai Tai Mountain Park in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, have converted more than 30 old buses into mini-hotels featuring private kitchens, bathrooms and colorful interior and exterior designs.山西省太原一个公园主人将30多辆废旧公交车改装为特色旅馆车内厨具、电视、空调、洗浴、卫生间等设施齐备Each bus hotel has its own theme, mainly popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Doraemon.每个公交车都装饰成独特的主题风格,大多数是受欢迎的卡通形象,有米奇鼠,凯蒂猫和哆啦A梦Cartoon murals adorn the exteriors, while bright bedsps, novelty dishware and big stuffed animals help bring the insides to life.车外装饰着卡通壁画,车内有颜色鲜亮的床罩,别致的餐具和毛绒玩具,室内无比温馨Guolin Han, president of the Tai Tai Mountain Park, explained why he decided the buses were the way to go.公园园长郭林涵解释为什么想把公交车装扮成这样"These abandoned buses are cheap to buy and it’s great reuse of waste," said Han. He said they spent more than ,000 to transm each bus.“这些废旧的公交车价格便宜,这是很好的废物利用,”园长说道,他说他们花费了9000多美元改造这些公交车More buses coming, says owner很多公交车将会加入The resort charges customers a night to stay in the mini-hotels and is targeting couples and families.度假村以最低每日不足0元人民币向外出租,以低价吸引青年情侣和家庭,前来享受野外露营项目Since opening in May business has been steady, especially on weekends. Owners say advance bookings are recommended.自五月开张以来,生意一直不错,特别是周末顾客会更过旅馆老板说住宿可以提前预定The Tai Tai Mountain Park owners have lofty goals. They plan to convert 0 vehicles by July 1.And it’s not just abandoned buses. They’re adding tractors, trucks and even planes to the mix.公园园长有远大的目标他计划在7月1日前改装0个交通工具,目标不只限于公交车,可以将拖拉机、卡车甚至飞机加入其中Chongfeng Yue, vice President of Tai Tai Mountain Park, said he aims to create a recreational vehicle museum. "It will be really meaningful to look back at these outdated vehicles in the future," he said.公园副园长说,他目标是创立一个公交车物馆“回收利用这些交通工具,这看起来是非常有意义的事”青浦区人民医院做去眼袋手术价格

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