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奉贤区奉城医院做抽脂手术价格费用上海华山医院光子脱毛手术价格上海第九人民医院去眼袋多少钱 Six millimetres. It doesn’t sound much, but to Volvo engineers, it was crucial and they fought hard over those few millimetres.6毫米听起来不算什么,但对沃尔沃(Volvo)的工程师们来说却至关重要——他们为了这短短几毫米打了一场苦仗。That is how much less the front overhang – the distance between the front bumper and the wheel – is on the new Volvo XC90 compared with its rival SUV from Germany’s BMW, according to the Swedish carmaker.根据这家瑞典汽车制造商的说法,沃尔沃全新XC90车型的前悬,即前保险杠与前车轮的距离,就比宝马(BMW)的同类SUV短了足足6毫米。“We really wanted to beat BMW,” says Dennis Nobelius, head of the XC90 project at Volvo. It sounds silly but there is a huge difference. Those are the kind of things you never understand but make a huge difference [on what is] premium.沃尔沃XC90项目负责人丹尼斯#8226;诺贝利叶斯(Dennis Nobelius)表示:“我们真的想打败宝马。这听起来很愚蠢,但6毫米是很大的差异。这种事情你永远没法理解,但它对于产品的优越性却有很大影响。”The XC90 is Volvo’s most important product launch in many years. Not only is the SUV the first vehicle since Geely, the Chinese carmaker, acquired Volvo, it also follows bn of investment in new components and factories.新一代XC90将是沃尔沃多年来推出的最重要产品。这款SUV不仅是沃尔沃被中国汽车制造商吉利(Geely)收购以来推出的第一款车型,而且在该车推出之前,沃尔沃在新零部件及工厂设施方面投资了110亿美元。In a series of interviews with senior Volvo executives, an oft-repeated refrain was that the Swedish carmaker was not just launching a new model, but a new company as well.在沃尔沃高管接受的一系列采访中,一个反复出现的说法是,这家瑞典制造商不止是推出一款新车型,还是在打造一家全新的企业。Alain Visser, head of marketing, says: “This is more than just a new car. It’s almost like a relaunch of the brand.”市场营销主管阿兰#8226;维塞(Alain Visser)表示:“这不止是一款新车。这差不多像是重新推出了新的品牌。”Under Ford, the US carmaker that owned it from 1999 to 2010, Volvo shared platforms, engines and components with cars such as the Taurus and Focus.1999年至2010年在美国福特(Ford)旗下时,沃尔沃曾与金牛座(Taurus)、福克斯(Focus)等轿车共享过制造平台、发动机及各种零部件。Now it has spent bn developing its own platform – known as SPA, or scalable product architecture – for use in all its big cars as well as new four-cylinder engines and many new components.如今,沃尔沃投资110亿美元开发了自己的制造平台——“可扩展产品架构”(scalable product architecture)。这个SPA平台将被用于生产沃尔沃全部大型轿车、新的四缸发动机以及许多新的零部件。“We are breaking all the automotive golden rules: we are doing a new architecture with a new vehicle with a new powertrain, new electrification,” says Peter Mertens, head of research and development. “But we have to do it.”沃尔沃研发负责人彼得#8226;默滕斯(Peter Mertens)表示:“我们正在打破关于汽车的所有黄金法则:我们在采用新的架构,生产拥有新传动系统、新电汽化系统的全新车型。但是我们必须这么做。”Mr Nobelius calls it Volvo’s “all-in car – the one where we put everything in”.诺贝利叶斯将新一代XC90称为沃尔沃的“集大成车型(all-in car)——该车集中了沃尔沃的一切”。The size of the front overhang is indicative of Volvo’s desire to fight against the big luxury carmakers: the German triumvirate of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.新款XC90的前悬距离表明,沃尔沃想要对抗各大豪华车制造商,也就是德国的三巨头:奥迪(Audi)、宝马和梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)。Volvo has long been the nearly man of the premium carmakers, caught in price in the no-man’s-land between mass-market and luxury manufacturers and selling only about a quarter of the number of cars as the Germans.长期以来,沃尔沃在一众高端汽车制造商中间都不太出类拔萃,其价格处于大众车型与豪华车型之间的“无人地带”,销量则只有这些德国品牌的大约四分之一。The XC90 is designed to show Volvo’s new confidence under Chinese ownership.新款XC90意在展示沃尔沃在中国人控股下的新自信。The SUV has a new, bigger front grille and its logo has been subtly redesigned. The front headlights are in a distinctive shape known as “Thor’s Hammer”.这款SUV拥有新的、更大的前护栅,标识也有细微改动。前大灯被设计成一种与众不同的形状,这种形状被称为“雷神之锤(Thor#39;s Hammer)”。Inside much work has been spent on a touchscreen iPad-like device that now controls the music, air-conditioning and telephone functions. The old XC90 had 60 buttons; the new one has just eight.在内饰方面,沃尔沃精心打造了一个类似iPad的触摸屏设备,用其控制音乐、空调及电话等功能。旧款XC90内部有60个按钮,而新XC90只有8个按钮。H#229;kan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, says the touchscreen solution is part of the way the Gothenburg-based carmaker is trying to find its own particular segment of the luxury market.沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)表示,触屏方案是沃尔沃寻找自身在豪车市场独特定位的一种方式。A focus on technology is taken by Audi, BMW concentrates on performance, while Mercedes has gone for luxury.奥迪关注技术,宝马重视性能,梅赛德斯则追求奢豪。He says Volvo wants to stand for environmental performance, safety and design – with the latter perhaps most surprising for a carmaker known decades ago for its boxy finish.他说沃尔沃希望成为环保、安全和时尚的代名词——其中最让人意外的或许是时尚,要知道几十年前沃尔沃还以盒子般的外观而著称。“Everybody knows Volvo is a good car, a safe car.”“每个人都知道沃尔沃车好、安全。但它为何不能变得诱人、引人注目,并且好看?” /201408/322279We always make the point that, outside overt vitamin deficiencies for specific vitamins, which is kind of rare, just take in multivitamins there’s no evidence they will provide any benefits to your healthcare. And in fact lots of the studies which have been done have actually shown there’s a slight increase in cancers for taking multivitamins.我们始终认为,当人有明显的对某种微量维生素缺乏的症状时,有必要吃些综合维生素剂。除此之外,没有据表明,综合维生素剂会给健康带来益处。事实上,很多研究表明,用综合维生素剂与患癌之间还有一点联系。So what does Dr. Brassy tell his patients?那么,Brassy医生是怎样嘱咐他的病人的呢?In the absence of any evidence, we do supply them if people really insist, but we certainly don’t offer them on a routine basis and we don’t really recommend them.由于没有据(明用综合维生素剂有害),病人坚持要的话,我们会给他们开些综合维生素剂,但我们自然不会经常开给他们,也不推荐他们用。So what can we do, how can we make sure we get all the vitamins we need to stay healthy?那我们该怎么做呢,我们怎么样才能保不缺乏维生素,保持身体健康呢?Lots of studies have shown over and over again, that a balanced diet will provide all the vitamins that a human needs under normal circumstances, and really it#39;s only in certain kind of very specific medical conditions that people do need to take vitamin supplements, from our point of view.诸多研究已一再表明,在正常情况下,均衡的饮食可以提供人体所需的所有维生素。依我们所见,只有在某些极其特殊的医疗条件下,人们才需要补充维生素。And a balanced diet means a bit of everything.嗯,均衡的饮食真有点像开启健康之门的万能钥匙。 /201206/185470上海九院做隆胸手术价格

闵行韩式三点双眼皮的价格Most people have been there, trapped on an awkward date that is going nowhere. But relief could be on the way with a new app that provides an incoming rescue call.很多人都曾受困于尴尬的约会,无法逃脱。但一款新的应用程序可以使你的手机上突然响起救兵似的“伪装来电”,帮你解围。The Bad Date Rescue app, which was launched by the dating website eHarmony.com this week, lets users arrange for a call to appear on their iPhone to graciously allow them to bow out if a date isn#39;t going well.约会网站eHarmony.com本周最新发布了“糟糕约会营救程序”。如果约会进行不顺,使用者可以利用这款程序在iPhone手机上设置伪装来电,这样就能从容离开了。;There are all sorts of reasons for why people would want to get out of a date,; said Arvind Mishra, director of product management at eHarmony. ;We can all sympathize because we have all been on bad dates in our lifetime.;该网站的产品经营部经理阿凡德-米什拉说:“人们想结束约会有各种各样的理由,我们对此都表示同情,因为我们一生中都曾遇到过糟糕的约会。”The free app includes several ways to set up a rescue. Users can pick a number from their address book for the call, for example from their mother or a friend. If the person#39;s picture is stored on the app it will appear on the screen when the call comes through.这款免费应用程序可以通过若干种方式设置伪装来电。使用者可以从通讯录中挑选一个联系人作为伪装来电号码,比如母亲或者朋友。如果程序中存储了来电联系人的图像,伪装来电响起时图像还会显示在手机屏幕上。Scripts are available giving the reason for the call, such as a neighbor calling about a leaky pipe; a mother informing that a sister just had a baby; or a boss saying he needs help immediately.应用程序还会提示来电原因,比如邻居来电说水管漏水,母亲提醒说刚生了孩子,或者老板说让马上过去帮忙。;It graciously allows you to play along and to get out of that situation,; Mishra explained.米什拉解释说:“这会让你从容地找到理由去办事,逃离约会现场。”The free app can be pre-set before the date to call at a specific time and there is a quick rescue that can be triggered on the spot to ring in a few seconds or minutes.这款应用程序可以提前设置来电的具体时间,还有一种应急来电功能,可以在约会现场设置,来电铃声能响几秒钟到几分钟时间。;There are all sorts of reasons for why people want to get out of a date. We are helping them do it in a way that is fun and light and not abrupt,; he added.他补充说:“人们想结束约会有各种各样的理由,我们是在用轻松有趣,同时不生硬的方式帮人们逃走。” /201207/189884上海注射美白针 Geminid meteor shower peaks December 14. 双子座流星雨昨夜大爆发。While the Gemini meteor shower is scheduled to happen between December 12th and the 16th, tonight the cosmic event will peak allowing viewers to watch shooting stars throughout the night sky. 双子座流星雨的预计出现时间为12月13日至16日,今夜这一宇宙盛事将迎来大爆发,观测者们今夜可以大饱眼福,看到流星陨落的美景。Bill Cooke of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office said, ;Observers with clear skies could see as many as 40 Geminids per hour. Our all-sky network of meteor cameras has captured several early Geminid fireballs. They were so bright, we could see them despite the moonlight.;来自NASA流星体环境研究所的Bill Cooke表示:;如果天气晴好,观测者每小时能看到40颗双子座流星。我们的全天候流星照相机捕捉到一些早到的双子座流星,它们非常明亮,就算是在月光下也可以看清。;People who want to see it should look up between 9pm and sunrise tomorrow morning. The Gemini meteor shower is an annual event that happens when ;earth runs through a trail of dusty debris that litters the orbit of 3200 Phaethon.; Although, this meteor shower and the reason behind it remains a bit of an enigma. NASA reports, ;Comets vaporizing in hot sunlight naturally produce such debris trails, but rocky asteroids like 3200 Phaethon do not. At least they#39;re not supposed to. The incongruity has baffled researchers since 1983 when 3200 Phaethon was discovered by NASA#39;s IRAS satellite.;等待双子座流星雨的观测者可以从今晚的9点到明天凌晨持续关注。双子座流星雨是每年都会出现的三大流星雨之一(另外分别是象限仪座流星雨和英仙座流星雨)。当地球遇到小行星3200法厄同的星尘;尾巴;时,就形成了双子座流星雨(双子座也是唯一母体非彗星的流星雨)。不过双子座形成的原因至今还有一些谜团未解开。根据美国宇航局NASA的报道:;彗星在炽热的太阳光线的照射下会自然蒸发出一些星尘轨迹,但如3200法厄同这样的岩石小行星却不会,所以情况本不该如此。自1983年这种IRAS卫星发现3200法厄同行星以来,这种不协调的现象让科学家们大惑不解。; It#39;s a good thing the science doesn#39;t have to totally make sense to appreciate the beauty in the sky tonight. So, have a cup of coffee with dinner, and stretch your neck for some perfect star gazing tonight. 科学无法解释这种美景也许是件好事,就让我们今晚在夜空中静静欣赏吧。所以就在今夜,泡杯咖啡,伸长脖子,凝望夜空中的完美流星表演吧。词汇点津: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)美国国家航空和宇宙航行局 /201112/164533复旦大学附属华东医院去胎记价格费用

上海市九院口腔科Apple is closing in on its largest ever acquisition with the planned .2bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music streaming operator founded by music producer Jimmy Iovine and the hip-hop star Dr Dre.苹果(Apple)已接近以32亿美元的价格收购Beats Electronics,这将成为该公司历史上规模最大的收购。Beats Electronics是由音乐制作人吉米#8226;艾欧文(Jimmy Iovine)和嘻哈歌手Dr Dre创办的耳机制造商及音乐流媒体运营商。The deal could be announced as early as next week, people familiar with the negotiations said, but they cautioned that some details had yet to be agreed and talks could still fall apart.对相关磋商知情的人士称,该交易最早可能于下周公布,不过他们警告说,目前部分细节仍未敲定,谈判仍有破裂的可能。A deal on the scale being discussed would represent a radical departure for Tim Cook, chief executive of the iPhone maker: under the late Steve Jobs, Apple was reluctant to pursue high-profile acquisitions.这一正在磋商中的交易规模如此之大,或许表明苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)正在考虑激进的战略转向——在已故的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)当家的时代,苹果很少展开如此大规模的收购。Apple will acquire Beats’ streaming music service, which launched this year, and its audio equipment business, which includes its brand of headphones and audio equipment. The Beats management team will report to Mr Cook, said people familiar with the deal. Apple and Beats declined to comment.知情人士称,苹果将收购Beats今年推出的音乐流媒体务,以及它的音响设备业务——包括该品牌的耳机。收购成功后,Beats团队将向库克汇报。对这一消息,苹果和Beats都拒绝置评。A decade after Mr Jobs transformed the music industry with the iTunes download store and the iPod digital music player, the deal is likely to be seen as an admission that Apple needs to look outside its Cupertino labs to continue making an impact.乔布斯身前以iTunes下载商店和iPod数字化音乐播放器改变了整个音乐产业。外界很可能将十年之后苹果公司展开的这场收购解读为,苹果自己也承认,必须把眼光放在它自己的库比蒂诺实验室之外,才能维持自己的影响力。While Beats commands a leading position in the premium headphone market, its real value to Apple is in revitalising its “cool” at a time when iTunes has waned in popularity and Samsung’s marketing campaigns have savaged the iPhone’s brand.尽管Beats在高档耳机市场处于领先地位,但对苹果来说,它真正的价值在于它能再次为苹果带来那种“酷炫”的感觉。苹果iTunes人气最近有所下降,而三星(Samsung)强烈的市场攻势也威胁到苹果的iPhone品牌。Apple executives have admitted that its brand is in need of a revamp. Internal emails released during its recent patent trial with Samsung showed that its marketing chief Phil Schiller considered changing Apple’s ad agency after the success of its Korean rival’s “next big thing” campaign.苹果高管曾承认,公司需要重塑品牌形象。苹果最近与三星的专利案庭审中,曾公布多份苹果内部电子邮件。这些邮件显示,在三星的“Next Big Thing”营销战略大获成功后,苹果市场营销总监菲尔#8226;席勒(Phil Schiller)曾考虑更换苹果的广告代理商。Apple is paying a hefty premium for cool: Beats took a 0m investment from Carlyle in September 2013 that valued the company at more than bn. “In terms of acquisitions, Apple has been very, very light in their activity,” said Richard Lane, analyst at Moody’s. “I don’t think they’ve spent bn in any of the last four years.”为了这种“酷炫”感,苹果将付出不菲代价:2013年9月,Beats曾从凯雷(Carlyle)获得5亿美元投资,让公司市值高达10亿美元以上。穆迪(Moody#39;s)分析师理查德#8226;莱恩(Richard Lane)表示:“在收购方面,苹果的手笔一直以来都很小。我想过去4年里,从没有哪一年他们在收购上花费过10亿美元。”Mr Cook said last month Apple was “on the prowl” for more acquisitions, after buying 24 companies in the past 18 months and he was not averse to large acquisitions.上月库克表示,在过去18个月收购24家企业之后,苹果“正在考虑”开展更多收购,并表示他对于大规模收购并不反感。The Beats move follows a string of high-priced deals in Silicon Valley, after Google acquired smart home developer Nest Labs for .2bn and Facebook offered an initial bn for WhatsApp Messenger.收购Beats的动机之一可能是人们在音乐消费方式上出现的变化。根据全球音乐产业协会国际唱片业协会(IFPI)最近一份报告,音乐产业内增长最快的是订阅务,这类务的营收在2013年增长了50%,达到11亿美元。One motivation for the Beats deal may lie in shifts in music consumption. Subscription services are the biggest growth area for the music industry, with revenues increasing 50 per cent to .1bn in 2013, according to a recent report by the IFPI, the global music industry association.而另一方面,音乐下载业务的营收却下跌了2%,至39.3亿美元——这是2003年苹果推出iTunes商店后首次出现年度下跌。目前,iTunes音乐下载务的规模仍是全球最大的。But downloads fell 2 per cent to .93bn – the first annual decline since Apple launched its iTunes store in 2003. iTunes is still the world’s largest music download service.苹果也曾试着推出音乐流媒体务,不过从未推出过不限量的订阅务。而iTunes的竞争对手,包括快速增长的Spotify,则提供不限量订阅务。Apple has dabbled in music streaming but never launched an unlimited subscription service to compete with fast-growing rivals to iTunes such as Spotify.2009年苹果收购了音乐流媒体务商Lala。去年苹果还曾推出iTunes Radio,这一务与Beats旗下的部分业务以及Pandora等其他更为成熟的播放器存在竞争关系。In 2009 it acquired Lala, a music streaming service, and last year launched iTunes Radio, which competes with elements of Beats, as well as more established players such as Pandora.Beats的耳机等设备,被视作更具初创性的“可穿戴技术”。在苹果为推出“iWatch”智能手表作准备的过程中,它的设计师和工程师也能从Beats的多年经验中获益。Mr Iovine and Dr Dre – real name Andre Young – were inspired to create Beats by the poor sound quality of the headphones bundled with the iPod and iPhone. Beloved by music and sports stars Beats has become a street-smart fashion brand不过,这比高额收购很可能会让人们质疑,在2011年乔布斯去世之后,苹果是否还拥有内部创新能力。Ahead of Apple’s expected launch of an ‘iWatch’ accessory, Beats will also give its designers and engineers access to years of experience in what some see as the original “wearable technology”.截至3月底,扣除苹果去年筹集的170亿美元债务之后,它在全球持有的现金总额为1330亿美元。自那以来,该公司又筹集了120亿美元,当时该公司表示这笔钱将用于发放红利和股票回购计划——这两项计划总计需要1300亿美元。不过该公司多数资金都放在美国以外。自2012年苹果再次开始发放红利以来,它在美国国内的现金已减少了160亿美元至180亿美元。 /201405/296903 上海玫瑰整形医院修眉手术价格青浦区自体脂肪填充多少钱



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