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Professor Arlan Richardson阿伦·理查森教授was tackling an idea known to most of us,在研究我们早知道的观点that anti-oxidants can make you live longer.即抗氧化剂能延长寿命The interesting thing about ageing is that有趣的是衰老it ultimately becomes personal.因人而异I am 67, going on 68.我67 马上68了Ive been told I look younger有人说我看上去挺年轻的and I always jokingly say its because of two things.我常开玩笑说有两个原因Its the hair and that I dont have many wrinkles头发和没有皱纹because Ive got them filled out with this fat stuff.因为我有很多脂肪填平了皱纹The belief in the rejuvenating power of antioxidants抗氧化剂能抗衰老的观点rests on a theory called oxidative stress.建立在氧化应激原理上Arlan wanted to find proof that oxidative stress deserved阿伦想找出氧化应激是名副其实的its status as one of the leading causes of ageing.引起衰老原因的据This theory was established in这个原理在20世纪50年代建立于the 1950s based on the idea of animal life spans.动物寿命的观点上The theory was that animals with the fastest heart beat,该学说指出心跳最快的动物consumed the most oxygen and died the soonest.消耗最多氧气 寿命也最短The theory has never been proved,这个学说从未被明过but that didnt stop a burgeoning antioxidant industry.但抗氧化剂产业依然日益繁荣201303/230948。

Three groups of dolphins live close to Lantau Island.有三群海豚生活在大屿山周围As the tide comes in, they move with it to feed on small fish or squid涨潮时 他们随着潮水利用回声which travel with the currents,在浑浊的水中定位随水而来的using echolocation to see their prey through the murky water.猎物——小鱼和乌贼They also use sound to communicate.他们还通过声音进行交流But they face a deafening problem.但如今却面临着震耳欲聋的噪音所带来的问题The Pearl Estuary has become one of the busiest shipping channels in China,珠江口已成为中国最繁忙的海运通道之一and the dolphins are constantly bombarded with sound.海豚也经常受到噪音的狂轰滥炸New research suggests that they may now pack more information新的研究指出他们的叫声中可能into shorter calls in a bid to be heard.包含了更多的信息并变得更短促Local conservationists have now set up a protected zone near Lantau Island.当地的环保主义者如今在珠江口附近建立起一个保护区So, for now, Chinas white dolphins are holding on.中华白海豚从此得以生存 /201210/202743。

If you have an important interview coming up for a new job, we demonstrate what you should say and what the interviewer would like to hear. This will help to ensure that your job interview is a great success.如果你有一个重要的面试来应聘信职位,我们来展示下你应该说什么,以及面试官愿意听什么。这会帮确保你面试成功。Step 1: Put the interview into perspective 要充分准备好面试You should make sure it's the right company for you as well as be on your best form for them.Step 2: Be clear 清晰明了What are your unique selling points?Step 3: Examples 举例子Make sure you use plenty of examples as proof of your abilities. Be clear about the problem, action and result - making it unique.Step 4: Never assume 从不假定Don't assume the interviewer has your CV. Go through it with them.Step 5: Never slag off 从不诋毁Be positive about your experiences so far.Step 6: Prepare at least three questions 至少准备三个问题Think about what you want to know.Step 7: Listen 认真倾听Listen and answer the question asked.Step 8: Don't talk too much 不要说得太多Don't go into excessive details, but do engage them in conversation.Step 9: Do your research 了解公司Know the company. 201110/157653。

The Spring Festival Travel Rush is considered to be the worlds largest annual migration. The travel peak is expected to put the countrys transportation system through a harsh test.The worldrsquo;s largest annual migration is on its way - As Chinas spring festival approaches, hundreds of millions of people working or studying outside their hometowns are hurrying to reunite with their families.Travelers said, ;I work in Beijing, Im going home for spring festival.;;I go to university in Beijing; Im going back to Shazhou to spend the holiday with my family.;It all starts Sunday, 15 days ahead of Chinese Lunar New Year, and is the rush is expected to last 40 days, until Feb 16th.The nations transportation system is expecting nearly 3.2 billion passenger trips for this years Spring Festival rush, just over a 9 percent increase from last year. Given that Chinas population is around 1.3 billion, it means nearly everyone in the country is moving somewhere twice.Its estimated that around 2.8 billion passengers will travel by bus which accounts for roughly 90% of the total passenger trips.Officials from Ministry of Transport said the countrys bus system is prepared for the masses.He Jianzhong, spokesman of Ministry of Transport, said, ;We are expecting over 2.8 billion passenger trips on road alone for 2012s spring festival rush, a 9.5% increase year on year. To cope with the rising demands, 840-thousand buses are being put into service in total, which offers over 2.6 million daily departures.;One of Beijings biggest transportation hubs, Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station, is aly experiencing heavy loads of travellers ahead of time.Tian Fan, head of Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station, said, ;10, 000 passengers will depart from the station on Sunday alone, and we are expecting over 20, 000 passengers per day when it comes close to Lunar New Years Eve.;With 15 days to go before the big countdown to Lunar New Year, the main hope is that everyone gets home safely.春节春运高峰被认为是世界上最大的年度迁移。这次高峰被认为是对国家的交通体系一个严酷的考验。世界上最大的年度移民已经开始,而随着我国的传统佳节;;春节正在临近,成千上万的在外工作或学习的人急切想回到家乡与家人团聚。201201/167463。

We’re not going to tell you money can’t buy you happiness. But you can be just as happy with a lot less than you have now. Really.You can win an argument fair and square if you have a few facts and these techniques.You Will NeedThe focus of an attack dog A good memory Humility The will to exaggerate Step 1: Don't back off(不要后退)Don’t back down. Calmly document your points with objective facts.Step 2: Disarm opponent(引用对方的话反驳对方)Disarm your opponent by asking clarifying questions and using their answers against them.Step 3: Cross-examine(盘问)Cross-examine the other person and let them tie themselves up in their own logic. Once you threaten their ego, you have them on the ropes.Step 4: Keep track of failed points(把对方无法讲清楚的点用来持自己)Keep track of your opponent’s failure to rebut certain points and state these at the end as proof of their agreement with your position.Make mental notes during the argument of points your opponent can’t refute.Step 5: Show humility(谦逊)Admit your own mistakes and keep an open mind if you want to be taken seriously. Let them save face so you find commonalities that make them think your point was their idea.It’s best not to try to bring up something you cannot prove, or it could undermine all your other points.Step 6: Use one weak position to discredit all positions(找到对方的弱点)Refute their weakest point, and declare this as proof that all their opinions on this topic are faulty.Did you know? Aristotle’s logical works are the earliest formal study of logic.201001/95375。

小宝宝是Justin Bieber的超级fans,一听到他的歌,就泣不成声。这个视频在国外视频网站上引起了不小的轰动,小宝宝也最终成功见到了Justin Bieber本人,还当场要求做人家的老婆,^^-Cody's very sad today.Cody, why are you so sad honey? -Because....-Because why? -Because I love Justin Bieber. -I can't hear you. -Because I love Justin Bieber.-You are crying because you love Justin Bieber?-Yes, that's why I ran in my room.-You ran in your room and cry because you love him?-Yeah-Does that make you sad?-Yes-Why does...-See Justin Bieber all day-Cause you don't get to see him all day?-Yeah.-Why do you love Justin Bieber?-Because I know he loves me back-Because you know he loves you back?-Yeah-Honey,-Why,Mummy-We don't have to dry because we love Justin Bieber.-Yeah, we do, sometimes-Well, waht makes you cry?-Justin Bieber always makes me (cry) with his songs-He always makes you cry with his songs?-Yes-Well, why do they make you cry?-Because I just love Justin Bieber.-Honey, you do know you're just 3 years old,right?-Yes, mummy, I do.-When you are 3, you are not supposed to cry over boys.-Yes, I know, but....I love Justin Bieber-Well, what do you want Justin Bieber to do?-i want Justin...that's all. I want him to be...to be one of my family.-You want him to be one of your family?-Yes.-Baby girl.-Honey, you are 3, you should not be crying over boys.-Mummy, I don't love boys. They always make me cry.-Honey, have you ever seen Cheyenne cry over Justin Bieber?-Sometimes they do.-No.-Yes.-Ok, honey, we should stop crying. Do you wannna go listen to some of his songs, that will make you fell better?-No, that will make me cry again.-Hey ,cody. Ok, don't torture her, you guys stop.-Ok, cody...Cody.Listen.Stop crying for a second, listen. Stop, listen. If you cry like this when you listen to Justin Bieber songs,mommy is not gonna let you listen to Justin Bieber songs no more. -i don't want to.-You don't want to? It makes you too sad?-Yes.-Ok. I'm gonna turn the off now.-No.-You don't want me to?You want me to keep recording you?-Yes. -Well, all you're doing is just crying about Justin bieber.-No, I don't want...I want..I...I bet that's Justin Bieber.Cheyenne, get that to me.201006/105934。

In the cold part of the world, an ice and snow park called ;Moroz; City has opened in Moscow. It was built by more than one hundred people - mostly art students, architects and designers - as part of Moscows youth architecture winter festival.From Londons Big Ben and Romes Coliseum to the Eiffel Tower, some of the worlds greatest landmarks have been recreated in ice at a winter festival in Moscows Sokolniki Park.The project is called Moroz-City. Moroz translates as frost or ice in Russian, and the total area of the ice park is 2,500 square meters.The ice sculptures are expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors, before spring weather slowly melts the creations sometime in March or April.As part of the Youth Architecture Winter Festival, more than a hundred architecture and sculpture students from all over Russia have taken part in the event.Competition was fierce with each team wanting to make their work the most creative. A team called Vetrograd built a lighthouse that included a slide for children to enjoy. Vetrograd member Georgy Rashnikov says he wants to sp joy with his art.Georgy Rashnikov said, ;There are many of us on the team, 20 people, sometimes 30 people and we like making good and big things that make us happy and that make other people happy too. This is one of these things. Weve made a slope that will bring joy and enjoyment to children and their parents and generally to everyone who wants to take part in it.;Most of the ice used for the town is from lakes. The ice from rivers has a different structure: it is less transparent and consists of layers, which makes it less suitable for statues and construction.The official opening of the park was delayed as last-minute work continued on Tuesday, but those who did manage to visit later were not disappointed.在冰雪世界的一部分,一个名为;Moroz;城市的冰和雪为主题的公园在莫斯科开放。它的建设者超过100人-大多数都是艺术学院学生,建筑师和设计师们;;年轻建筑师们迎接着冬季节日。从伦敦的大本钟和罗马竞技场再到艾菲尔铁塔,一些世界上最伟大的地标建筑于冰雪节日在莫斯科Sokolniki公园被再创造。该项目被称为Moroz城市。Moroz在俄语中是霜或冰的意思,公园总面积是2500平方米。其中的冰雕预计将吸引数万名游客。201201/168348。

Neck pain is a serious problem nowadays. Videojug guides you to know about the symptoms of neck pain. Make use of it to differentiate neck pain from other pain.脖子疼痛是当今社会一个严重问题。Videojug指引你了解脖子疼痛的症状,区别脖子疼痛与其他部位疼痛。So, when you get to a guide for neck pain symptoms, as I said in a short film called Neck Pain Causes, there are certain structures that can cause pain in the neck. Now in general, the symptoms of neck pain is, it can come from the dull nagging ache just from the side, particularly off the neck or it can be sharp disturbing pain and at certain parts in the neck. It comes to result in a right pain on the back of the head.就像我在名为“脖子疼痛的原因”的短片中说到的,当你出现脖子疼痛的症状时,可能是由许多原因造成的。总的来说,脖子疼痛可能来自侧面,尤其是脖子以下部位的钝痛,或者是脖子某些部位的剧痛。可能会导致头部后侧疼痛。This is usually, what can I say, that causes tension and headache, which is also a symptom of really a neck pain. It could be a burning pain whenever the nerves are inflamed and it can cause any burning sensation again up into the head, down to the neck into the shoulders. So, when anything really, any pain you feel from the top of your head, middle part of your head,back of your head, middle part of your shoulders and to arms.这通常是造成紧张或头痛的原因,这也是脖子疼痛的一个症状。可能是神经发炎引发的灼烧一般的疼痛,也可能造成头部,脖子和肩膀的灼烧感。所以,当你感觉到脑袋顶部,中部,后侧,肩膀中部和手臂疼痛的时候,一定要警惕。So, just to recap, what I say that are symptoms of neck pain, it can be caused by a few structures in the neck resulting in different pain presentations like dull ache across the neck or sharp pain in certain parts in the neck, and can lead to tension and headache usually across the back of the neck and also the burning pains when nerves are involved and the nerves get inflamed which usually is a sort of a burning pain that the patients will complaint of.我来概述一下,这些都是脖子疼痛的症状,可能是由于脖子的几个结构造成的,引发不同类型的疼痛表现,例如整个脖子钝痛,或脖子某些部位的剧痛,还会造成紧张和头痛,通常蔓延到整个脖子的后面,当牵涉到神经问题的时候还会有灼烧一般的疼痛。如果神经发炎,病人通常会反映出现灼烧一般的疼痛。Thanks for watching A Guide To Neck Pain Symptoms.感谢收看“怎样鉴别脖子疼痛的症状”视频节目。 /201212/212931。

How can I keep information about myself private without seeming rude?工作场合应该怎样保护我的隐私不被别人知晓,而看上去不那么无礼呢?To keep information about yourself private without seeming rude, heres a rule that I invented I call The Thirty Day rule.In The Thirty Day rule, if someone in the workplace asks you a question, you can answer it by giving them an example of an event or a situation that happened thirty days from today or will happen thirty days from today. So if people ask me,;Phyllis how are you?; Ill say, ;Great, my husband and I just got back from a four day conference in Las Vegas and we met so many interesting people.; I didnt tell them anything about how I am. I could be tired, I could be discouraged, I could be depressed, I could be elated, but I didnt tell them anything about myself. Instead I gave them an example of an event or a situation that happened thirty days before or thirty days after. Again it happens with ;Phyllis, how are you?; and I reply ;Im great, Codey and I, we planted a herb garden this weekend, we were so careful and we had such a great time choosing the herbs we wanted in the garden.; Again I didnt tell those in the office anything about myself, keeping information about myself private without seeming rude.要在工作场合保护自己的隐私,同时看上去不那么无礼,我推崇“30天”准则。按照“30天”准则,如果工作场合有人问你一个问题,你可以告诉他30天前发生的事情,或者30天后将要发生的事情。所以,如果有人问我,“最近怎么样?”我会说,“很好,我和丈夫刚刚在参加了一个为期四天的会议回来,我们见到了很多有趣的人。”我没有告诉他们关于现在的任何情况。或许我现在非常疲惫,非常失落,非常压抑,非常兴高采烈,但是我什么都没有告诉他们。而是告诉了他们30天前或30天后的情况。如果他们再问,“你最近怎么样?”我还是以同样的策略回答,“很好,我和科迪这个周末创造了一个香草花园,我们非常认真,非常开心地选择了自己喜欢的香草。”这次,我也没有在办公室告诉他们我的任何情况,既保护了我的隐私,也没有看上去很无礼。Thanks for watching How To Keep Information About Yourself Private From Work Without Seeming Rude.感谢收看“怎样在公共场合保护自己的隐私”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/228180。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Breeses class at Odyssey Charter School inn Palm Bay, Florida.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了布里斯老师的课堂。What U.S. State is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame?美国棒球名人堂在哪个州?You know what to do, is it in New York, Ohio, Texas or California?你知道该怎么做,它是纽约州,俄亥俄州,德克萨斯州还是加利福尼亚州?Youve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Baseballs Hall of Fame is in Cooperstown.棒球名人堂在库珀斯顿。So if you said New York, you hit out the park. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.如果你说的是纽约州,你做的太棒了。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: That Hall of Fame isnt getting any new members this year: there were 37 players eligible to get into Cooperstown on the 2013 ballot.名人堂今年没有新成员加入,在2013年的投票中有37个有资格进入库珀斯顿选手。But when the votes came in, no one was elected to the Hall of Fame.但当投票进行时,没有人入选名人堂。This isnt that unusual, it has happened before seven other times since the Hall of Fame voting started in 1936.那并不是特别不寻常,自从名人堂从1936年开始投票以来这种情况已经发生过7次了。Whats really interesting about this, this time around is that some of the players who were eligible for the first time have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs.最有趣的是,这次一些有资格的选手第一次被指用了提高表现成绩的药物。 /201301/220797。