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Car bomb and suicide attacks kill 35 in Iraq伊拉克巴格达一日内遭到自杀式汽车炸弹袭击 导致35人死亡Car bombs and suicide attacks have killed 35 people in the mainly Shi#39;ite Muslim districts of Baghdad.此次自杀式汽车炸弹袭击发生在巴格达北部,导致35人当场死亡。More than 100 people were wounded.超过100多人受伤。This is one of the deadliest attacks in the Iraqi capital recently.这是伊拉克首都的最为致命的袭击之一。 译文属 Article/201507/385644。

  • I#39;m not necessarily saying that the national school我的意思并不是说国家学校午餐计划lunch program isn#39;t currently doing this.I am目前并没有在做这样的事情,我是在confident in saying that there is room to improve满怀信心地说,对这个计划而言the national school lunch program.And I know that仍有改进的空间,并且我知道there is a need for educating the public on current让公众了解目前的营养政策nutrition policy.So let#39;s look at how this program也是必要的,那么,我们来看一下这个计划was started.The national school lunch act in 1946是如何发起的 1946年国家学校午餐法案created the modern school lunch program.建立了现代学校午餐计划The national school lunch program is a federally国家学校午餐计划是一项由联邦政府assisted meal program operating in over 101 thousand资助的膳食计划,在超过十万一千所public and non-profit private schools. In 2009 it公立学校和非营利型私立学校开展 2009provided nutritionally balanced low cost or free lunches年,每个在校日,它为超过三千一百万儿童to more than 31 million children each school day.提供营养均衡的免费或廉价午餐Since the program began more than 219 billion lunches自计划开始实施,共提供了超过两千一百九十亿have been served.Federal, state, and local authorities份午餐,联邦,州,和地方政府all play a role in administering and operating the在这个计划的管理运营中齐抓共管program. The program works by allowing the schools that这个计划得以实施,是通过向参与这个午餐take part in the lunch program to get cash subsidies计划的学校提供现金补助来实现的,除此and donated commodities from the US department美国农业部还为这些学校提供的每一餐of agriculture for each meal they serve. In return向它们提供捐赠商品,作为回报they must serve lunches that meet federal requirements这些学校必须提供满足联邦要求的午餐and they must offer free or reduced price lunches to并且,还要向符合条件的孩子提供免费的eligible children.Children are eligible to free meals或者降价的午餐,如果孩子的家庭收入达到if their family has an income at or below 130 percent贫困线的130%或更低,这个孩子就享有of the poverty line.Children are eligible for reduced获得免费午餐的资格,如果一个孩子的家庭price meals where they can be charged no more than收入在贫困线的130%到185%之间,这个孩子40 cents if their family has an income of between 130 and 185 percent就可以获得降价的午餐,每一餐饭of the poverty level.Children whose families have an不超过40美分,当一个孩子的income above 185 percent of the poverty level pay家庭收入超过了贫困线的185%the full price which is set by the local school他就只能吃全价的午餐了,这是当地学校的authorities. But their meal service operation must规定,但这些学校的餐饮务运营必须是run as a non-profit program.The USDA provides support非营利性质的,美国农业部向那些参与to schools participating in the National school lunch国家学校午餐计划的学校提供资助program by giving cash reimbursement for each对他们提供的每一份午餐进行meal served..72 for free lunches, .32 for reduced现金偿付,免费午餐偿付2.72美元,降价price lunches and 26 cents for paid lunches.Schools午餐偿付2.32美元,全价午餐26美分also receive 20 cents of USDA foods for each meal这些学校提供的每份餐也可以得到美国农业部served.Schools can also get bonus USDA foods as20美分的食品,它们还可以得到农业部食品they are available from surplus agriculture stocks.奖励,因为农产品库存是有盈余的USDA has worked with schools to help promote美国农业部与学校合作致力于促进connections with local small farmers who may be able当地小农间的联系,这些农民也许能够to provide fresh produce.USDA may also assist提供新鲜农产品,美国农业部同样也帮助schools with training for all school service staff and学校来训练所有学校的餐饮从业人员with nutrition education for the children through team以及通过营养专家团队的方式对儿童进行营养nutrition.The national school lunch program cost 9.8教育 2009年,国家学校午餐计划billion dollars in 2009.So who are the stakeholders,耗资98亿美元,那么,谁是利益相关者呢?meaning who does the national school lunch program也就是说,这个计划对谁产生了affect.Well, first and most importantly is the影响呢?那么,首先,也是最为重要的是nutrition of our children and their health.Another我们的孩子的营养和他们的健康,另一个consideration is the cost to parents.Is an increase in考虑则是父母的花费,花费的增加对于cost worth an increase in the nutrition of the meals?饮食营养的增加而言是值得的吗? Article/201504/368120。
  • Strange as it may appear,可见其中的奇怪之处it seems this warm current is what tipped the planet into an ice age.海洋暖流是地球进入冰河世纪的提示Its warm waters brought more moisture to the cold northern regions of the planet如果暖水带来更多的蒸汽 给地球寒冷的北部地区so more snow fell, and ice began to build up.这样会下更多雪Slowly the Northern Hemisphere iced over,北半球将会缓慢的被冰雪覆盖triggering a global cooling.触发全球降温In the last million years,在过去一百万年间the ice has advanced and retreated 10 times in a cycle,冰进攻和撤退,超过十次循环aided by small changes in the Earth#39;s orbit.由地球轨道的细微变化导致Although a few million years is just the blink of an eye in the planet#39;s life,对于地球生命来说数百万年不过是弹指一挥this recent ice age has had an extraordinary influence on our world, and on us.最近这次冰河世纪对于我们的世界,对于我们的确有特别的影响It changed the climate across the planet.我们发现,它改变了地球的气候In doing so, it helped drive human evolution.它的所作所为,推动了人类进化Most obviously, it physically carved much of the world we know today.雕刻了我们今天熟知的许多标志性景观 Article/201510/402698。
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