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齐齐哈尔市第二医院妇科医生黑龙江哈市第五医院靠谱吗?的网友朋友们大家好。有关颜色的英语习语归纳很多,今天,我们尝试着将他们集中在一篇短小的文章中,帮助大家理解和记忆它们的用法。相信有了具体语境的帮助,大家能够更加明白该在什么情况下,如何使用它们了。 The letter came out of the blue! I wasn't expecting it. But there it was in black and white, signed by the bank manager. I had no money in my checking account. I was in the red. I couldn't believe it. so I went to see the manager. We looked at the problem together. The bank had made a mistake. It had put ten dollars into my account instead of one thousand dollars! Because it was the bank's mistake, there was no delay reopening my account. The manager cut through all the red tape. Now I had money in my account. And I had the green light to write checks again. 一封来的信函到来的是Out of blue。我们在之前的学习中曾经介绍过这个短语,它表示 by surprise, unexpectedly也就是“惊奇地;毫无预期的;毫无准备的”。再比如:I just got a call from my brother. Out of the blue he told me he just got married. 我刚接了我哥哥的电话,让我一点准备都没有的是他说他结婚了。 信里的内容是什么呢?I had no money in my checking account. 我的活期存款账户里一分钱也没有了。虽然无法相信,但是信得内容是in black and white。In black and white这个短语的意思是 very clear and easy to understand,明摆着的。一看便知的。这和我们汉语中常说的某件事是白纸黑字的写着的意思相近。例如:Surely not , but that is what it says . Look its here in black and white . 肯定不会,但它是这么写的,看这儿是白纸黑字写明的。 账户里分文皆无意味着I am in the red. in the red表示owing money, in debt.也就是欠钱的意思。这个红色就和我们平时所说的“赤字”是同一种状态。比如:I am running in the red. 目前我的财务处于赤字状态。 好在清者自清,原因出在本身,于是,的经理cut through al the red tape。Red tape意思是比较复杂的正式的手续等。这里意思是说的经理直接办理了相关的所有手续。于是我的钱又回到了账户中。也因此,I had the green light,这个短语之前也有过介绍,意思是被允许开始做某事。文章中一场虚惊过后的I 则是又可以用票了。 在结束前,Rose要考考大家的,When a company is in the red, is it in trouble? 相信您已经很清楚了。好了,我们下期再见吧。 /201111/160158哈尔滨治疗无阴道的医院 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Democrats in Lansing are taking another run at expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity.Democratic State Rep. Jon Hoadley of Kalamazoo and Senator Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor have introduced bills to expand civil rights protection to people who are LGBT.Detroit-based attorney Dana Nessel is recognized as one of the leading litigators of LGBT issues in Michigan.Nessel spoke about the lack of state or federal laws protecting LGBT people in Michigan as the reason for expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.She said there’s no federal law protecting the civil rights of LGBT people, and there’s no state protections either.“I think that the state is the place where this has to occur,” Nessel said. “The few protections that existed of any kind on a federal level were really those that were imposed by the Obama administration, and all of those protections are now being rolled-back by the Trump administration.”Nessel said expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act would be good for the bottom-lines of Michigan businesses.Listen to the entire conversation with Attorney Dana Nessel above.201706/512038一千年以后的生活,你有想过是什么样子的吗?看到一篇帖子,说的是《三千年我们的爆笑生活》,大多数都是体现社会的发展,今天我们就从中挑选三条和大家分享一下。1. By the year 3000, special devices will automatically take care of your runny nose when youre sick.到了3000年,当你生病的时候,特殊的设备会帮你自动擦鼻子。Take care of是一个常用表达,“照顾”的意思,take care of the baby就是照顾这个小宝宝。感冒的时候有一种症状就是流鼻涕,英文表达就是runny nose,running 指水的流动,比如:running water 表示流水;而runny 是(指鼻子)流鼻涕的。“我流鼻涕”,这个句子用英文简单地说来就是:I have a runny nose. 倒还挺期待那种special devices特殊的设备到底长什么样。2. By the year 3000, pro athletes will make so much money, theyll just hire people to play for them.到了3000年,职业球员赚的钱多到只要雇人替他们打球就好。Pro是professional的简称,表示“职业/专业的”。Pro athletes 就是职业的运动员。赚钱叫做make money。It is one thing to make money, and it is another to spend it. 赚钱是一回事,而花钱又是另一回事。Hire是“雇佣”的意思,还可以表示“租用”。They hire out boats by the hour. 他们按小时出租小船。3. By the year 3000, your computer will punish you if you type something nasty.什么叫做nasty?这是一个贬义词,意思有“下流的”,比如:He is a person with a nasty mind.他是个思想肮脏的人。Nasty还有“严重的”意思,比如:The dog gave the mailman a nasty bite.这条将邮差猛咬一口。Nasty smell表示“难闻的气味”。到了3000年,如果你敢type 去敲打脏话的话,电脑就会punish 惩罚你。惩罚叫做punish,The boy was punished for being late.男孩因迟到而被罚。三千年以后的世界,我不知道,但可以确定的是,我肯定等不到三千年以后了。懒惰促进人的发展,正因为我们想偷懒,才会想要去发明方便生活的东西。总之,大家多点想法,一同为社会出点力。这里是,我是Canace,本期节目就到这里,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Edward Maya - Our Love Will Always Last本节目属 /201512/415843黑龙江省哈尔滨妇幼保健医院预约电话

巴彦县儿童医院有微创手术吗哈尔滨依兰县人民医院有网上预约吗 第一, 迷你对话A: I have a feeling that Lucy is not so much close to Jim as she used to be.我感觉Lucy不像以前对他那么亲近了。B: Yeah, when she heard about his background, she decided that she’d better keep him at arm’s length.是啊,她听说他的背景后,就决定疏远他了。A: But Jim feels miserable.但是Jim却痛苦不堪。第二, 地道表达keep somebody at arm’s length1. 解词释义Keep somebody at arm’s length的意思是“远离某人”“避免与某人过分亲近”。2. 拓展范例e.g. At first she kept him at arm s length, thinking that he might try to kiss her .初时,她不让他靠近自己,以为他会试图吻他。第三, 咬文嚼字used to:过去常常e.g. He used to be painfully shy, but now hes started to blossom out.他以前极 腆, 现在活泼起来了。e.g. He used to have a cup of coffee preparatory to his work.在工作之前,他总要喝上一杯咖啡。hear about:听说……e.g. We must take care to let nobody hear about this.我们得谨慎,免得让人听见。e.g. Anything particular you want to know? Let me hear about it.有什么特别问题你需要了解吗?说来让我听听。 /201702/492831哈尔滨八院四维彩超预约

哈尔滨二院有无痛人流术吗迷你对话:A:Johns father got married again.约翰的父亲又结婚了。B:Married whom?他娶了谁?A:If I tell you., you must be completely taken aback.我要是告诉你,你一定会大吃一惊。B:Come on. Tell me what happened.快点说吧。说给我听发生了什么事情。A:He married a girl who is only eighteen!他娶了一位十八岁的女孩。B:Is that true? But anyhow, its none of our business, isnt it?真的吗?但不管怎样,这不关我们的事,对吧?习语解说:be taken aback:大吃一惊讲解:aback是副词,指“突然地”“淬不及防地”。Take sb aback意思是“把某个人弄得措手不及”,常用于被动语态中,则是be taken aback。持范例:Eg.I was quite taken aback by the news. 这消息使我吓了一跳。 Eg.He was taken aback by the turn of events. 事件的发展令他措手不及。Eg.He was taken aback, but he managed to remain calm. 他心里一惊, 但表面上却仍神色自若。 Eg.F. J. was taken aback as I described my confrontation with Hollis. 琼斯听了我同霍利斯当面交锋的情况,吃了一惊。词海拾贝:none of ones business:与某人无关Eg.Its none of my business, but I think you ought to work harder.这事与我毫无关系,但我觉得你应更努力去工作。 Eg.I am quite clear about it. Its none of your business. 对此我很清楚,不必你来操心。 Eg.I am responsible for the matter. None of others business. 这件事由我负责, 跟旁人不相干。Eg.It s none of your business, so please don t butt in. 此事与你无关,请勿介入。 /201206/186498 尚志市无痛人流手术多少钱哈医大附属第二医院联系电话



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