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A stream of public criticism from retired military officials against China#39;s rising engagement with genetically modified food doesn#39;t amount to institutional hostility against the science, a senior adviser to Beijing#39;s cabinet said.中国国务院一位高级顾问表示,一些军方退休官员对中国越来越多地参与转基因食品发展提出的公开批评并不意味着政府将从制度上反对转基因技术。Ye Xingqing, director of the rural economy department at the State Council Development Research Center, said Beijing still regards GMO as the kind of cutting-edge global technology the country must pursue, at least in research, despite vocal sections of public opinion that oppose broadening the use of GMO food for human use.国务院发展研究中心农村经济研究部部长叶兴庆说,中国政府仍然把转基因视为一项先进的全球技术,虽然公众有反对扩大人食用转基因食品范围的声音,但中国至少会继续对转基因技术进行研究。Recent essays published in local newspapers by some of China#39;s former brass drew attention to fears that GMOs might be a way by which a Western conspiracy, led by the U.S., could further undermine China#39;s security. But this is mostly coming from some retired officers writing on an issue outside their areas of expertise, Mr. Ye told the Wall Street Journal at a China Europe International Business School conference on Sunday.本地报纸近期刊发了一些原军方人士的文章,这些文章怀疑转基因食品可能是美国牵头的西方对中国实施的阴谋,可能进一步危害中国的安全,文章发表后引发了外界关注。但叶兴庆在周日的中欧国际工商学院(China Europe International Business School)论坛上向《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)表示,这主要是一些退休的军方官员在并非自己专业领域的一个问题上发表的看法。#39;They think GMOs are a technology with ulterior motives, and that Americans are laying a trap for the Chinese. But not all ordinary Chinese support this opinion, and Chinese officials also feel that GMO is essentially a technological issue, not a political question or one with ulterior motives,#39; Mr. Ye said.叶兴庆称,他们认为转基因是一种别有用心的技术,美国人是在给中国人设圈套。但他指出,并非所有普通的中国人都持这一观点,中国领导层也认为转基因在本质上是一个技术问题,而不是一个政治问题,或者是有什么不可告人的目的。Mr. Ye#39;s remarks offer an insight to the different stripes of opinion that make GMOs one of China#39;s most contentious public policy issues. They also underline that, despite recent controversy over China#39;s rejection of some GMO U.S. corn imports, Beijing squarely recognizes that it must embrace the technology, even if it would rather do so on its own terms.从叶兴庆的话中可以看出中国对转基因食品的各种不同观点,这些观点使转基因食品成为中国最具争议的公共政策问题之一。他的话还显示出,尽管中国最近拒绝部分美国输华转基因玉米引发了争议,但北京明确承认,中国必须接受这一技术,即便中国希望根据自己的条件接受这一技术。The discovery of the MIR-162 GMO strain -- a strain which Beijing is still studying and hasn#39;t yet approved-- among U.S. corn shipments in November and December came amid record-high imports of the yellow grain to China. The scandal blunted bookings of U.S. corn, Mr. Ye said.去年11月和12月,在美国输华的玉米中发现MIR-162转基因成分;此事恰逢中国进口玉米创纪录高点之际。叶兴庆说,这一丑闻影响了美国玉米的订货量。目前北京仍在对MIR-162转基因成分进行研究,尚未批准。As a result, corn shipments from the U.S. in March and April have begun giving way to purchases from Ukraine and Thailand. But, even though the diversification of its suppliers may be a desirable goal, Beijing isn#39;t deliberately pursuing such a policy just yet, Mr. Ye said. The shifts in China#39;s corn supply base are largely #39;a market matter,#39; made noticeable only because their relatively low base makes volume changes more pronounced, he said.由于上述事件,3月份和4月份中国从美国进口的玉米开始让位于从乌克兰和泰国进口的玉米。叶兴庆说,但尽管供应国的多元化可能是一个可取的目标,但北京目前尚未特意追求这样一种政策。他说,中国玉米供应基地的转变从很大程度上是市场问题,仅仅因为较低的基数使得进口量变化显得更为突出,这个问题才变得更引人注目。China#39;s rising wealth and demographic changes are driving a revamp in how Beijing manages the security of its food resources. Though domestic production is still its most important policy, imports have become an increasingly crucial component, Mr. Ye said. But agriculture officials are keen to stress that the world doesn#39;t have to fear that China#39;s entry into global food markets would result in a beggar-thy-neighbor policy.中国不断增长的财富和人口结构的变化开始推动北京调整其保障粮食资源安全的方式。叶兴庆说,尽管国内生产仍是中国最重要的政策,进口已经成为一个日益重要的成分。但农业官员希望强调的是,世界不必担心中国进入全球粮食市场会催生以邻为壑的政策。#39;Import increases will be gradual, even and slow,#39; Mr. Ye said.叶兴庆说,进口的增加将是逐步的、均匀的、缓慢的。 /201405/301530Here#39;s some background information about Chinese New Year, the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.以下是一些关于中国新年(春节)的介绍,春节中国农历节庆里持续时间最长也是最为重要的节日。Facts:事实:January 31, 2014 - The Chinese year 4712 is scheduled to begin.2014年1月31日是中华纪年法——中元4712年的开始。2014 is the year of the Horse.2014年是马年。The Chinese New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19 on the Gregorian calendar.中国的新年一般在冬至后第二个新月的时候庆祝,在公历年1月21日到2月19日之间。Chinese New Year festivities begin on the 1st day of the month and continues until the 15th, when the moon is full.中国的春节从正月初一开始一直持续到十五月圆的时候。Chinese legend holds that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on New Year#39;s Day and named a year after each of the twelve animals that came.中国有这样的传说:佛让所有的动物在新年时去参拜他并且依照12个前来拜见动物的次序,为每一年冠名。The animals in the Chinese calendar are the dog, pig/boar, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster.这些动物是中国的生肖分别是:、猪、鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡。Also according to legend, people born in each animal#39;s year have some of that animal#39;s personality traits.另外中国还有一个传说那就是哪一生肖年出生的人就具备哪种动物的性格特征。Traditions:传统:Each day of the fifteen-day celebration has its own traditions, such as visiting in-laws or staying home to welcome good fortune.春节15天,天天有不同的习俗:比如哪天该走亲访友、哪天该待着家里等好运临门。Fireworks displays during Chinese New Year stem from a custom of lighting bamboo stalks on fire to ward off evil spirits. In China, families gather together for meals, especially for a feast on New Year#39;s Eve.春节放烟花爆竹的风俗起源于中国一个古老的传统:举着点着的竹子游行驱赶恶鬼坏运气。在中国,家家户户聚在一起进餐,特别是在除夕之夜。Chinese New Year ends with the lantern festival, celebrated at night with displays and parades of painted lanterns.中国的春节以元宵节结尾,人们在元宵节晚上走上街头赏花灯。The highlight of the Lantern Festival is the Dragon Dance. Beautiful dragons made of paper, silk and bamboo are held overhead, and appear to dance as they make their way along the parade routes.元宵节的重头戏是舞龙表演。美丽的龙是用纸、丝绸以及竹子制作而成。表演的人们将龙举过头顶,一边舞动一边沿着游行队伍前进。 /201401/273684

A Chinese mother has become a walking dictionary by memorising the English-Chinese Dictionary from cowt to cover, reported the People#39;s Daily.一名中国妈妈成了活字典,她记住了整部英汉词典,《人民日报》报道。Li Yanzhi, 51, from Xi#39;an, Shaanxi Province, is able to explain the meaning of every single word in the 2 ,458-page book, which consists of 220,000 entries.今年51岁的李艳志来自西安,她能说出字典里每个单词的意思,总共2458页,包含了22万个词条。Ms Li, who divorced more than 20 years ago,undertook the mission in order to receive more translating work.李女士20多年前离婚,她背诵单词的目的是为了获得更多的翻译工作。This helps her support her 26-year-old son who suffers from autism and is not able to take care of himself.这样她才足以持自己26岁患有孤独症的没有自理能力的儿子。Ms Li is a lecturer in Financial English at Xian Transport University#39;s Economic and Banking School.李是西安交通大学经济与金融学院金融英语专业的一名老师。Since August 2013, she has been ing the dictionary six hours every day from 3am.自2013年8月份以来,她每天从凌晨3点钟开始阅读字典6个小时。Within 19 days, she finished the memorisation for the first time.在19天内,他第一次背熟了这本字典。According to People#39;s Daily, to succeed in the College English Test Band 6, which most university students in China are required to pass, the candidates need to understand 6,000 words.根据《人民日报》的报道,在大多数中国大学生都被要求通过的英语6级考试中,要想通过考试,就得记住6000个单词。In comparison, Ms Li#39;s vocabulary is extraordinary.相比之下,李女士的词汇量惊人。To help her memorising, Ms Li borrowed 465 English language magazines from the university library.为了帮助自己记忆,李女士从大学图书馆里借来了465本英语杂志。#39;My biggest dream is to enter The Brain to challenge myself, said Ms Li. The Brain is a popular reality TV show in China which uses a series of games, such as memorisation, to test the contestants#39; brainpower.;我最大的梦想是参加《最强大脑》挑战自己,;她说。《最强大脑》是中国的一款电视真人秀,使用一系列的游戏比如记忆来测试选手的智力。Ms Li said that son is autistic and cannot look after himself. Since her divorce more than 20 years ago, she and her son have been reliant on each other.她说儿子患有孤独症,无法照顾自己,自20多年前离婚以来,母子相依为命。As a single mother, Ms Li had to lock her son in the house whenever she went out for work. She said when she returned the house was always a complete mess.作为单亲妈妈,不管她什么时候出去工作都得把儿子锁在房子里。她说当她回到家里时,家里总是一团糟。But she said she never gave up.但是她说她从来就没有放弃过。#39;If I can fly I will fly, if I cant fly I will run, if I cannot run I will crawl,#39; she said.#39;No matter what you must move forward.#39;“如果我能飞,我就飞,如果我不能飞,我就跑。如果不能跑,我就爬,”她说。“无论发生什么,你都得向前进。”In order to improve their lives, Ms Li does translation work as a freelancer on top of her regular teaching. Through this,she has earned enough to buy herself a new apartment.为了提高生活水平,她除了教书外还做点翻译的兼职。现在她已经有钱购买一套新公寓了。Apart from English, Ms Li has learned to speak more than 10 different languages, including French, Russian, German,Japanese and Polish.除了英语,她还学会讲10多种不同的语言,包括法语,俄语,德语,日语和波兰语。She hopes that by memorising the 220,000 words from the dictionary, she can encourage students to learn English and increase their vocabulary.她希望通过记住这22万个单词可以激励学生们学习英语并提高词汇量。#39;Lecturer Li really is a living English-Chinese Dictionary,#39; says Zhang Xinjie, one of her students.她的一名学生说:;李老师真的是一部活的英汉词典。; /201503/363920

North America is likely to be a net exporter of liquid fuels in the next decade, as production grows while demand in the US and Canada stagnates, according to ExxonMobil, the world’s largest listed oil company.全球最大的上市石油公司埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)表示,随着北美产量增长,而美国和加拿大需求停滞,北美可能在未来十年成为液态燃料的净出口地。It is the first time the company has made the forecast, following an upward revision of its expectations for North America’s oil production as a result of the boom in shale oil from formations such as the Bakken of North Dakota and the Eagle Ford of south Texas.这是埃克森美孚首次做出上述预测。此前由于北达科他州的巴肯页岩(Bakken Shale)和得克萨斯州南部的鹰福特(Eagle Ford)等区块的页岩油产量大幅增长,该公司上调了对北美石油产量的预测。Exxon predicted in its latest annual energy outlook, published yesterday, that exports of oil and related liquids from the US, Canada and Mexico would exceed imports after around 2020, thanks to rising output of shale oil, heavy crude from Canada’s oil sands, and natural gas liquids such as ethane.埃克森美孚在昨日发布的最新年度能源前景展望中预测,得益于页岩油、从加拿大油砂提炼的重质原油以及乙烷等天然气液的产量增长,美国、加拿大和墨西哥的石油和相关液态燃料出口将在2020年左右之后超过进口。It reflects the company’s argument that tight US restrictions on foreign sales of crude oil, in place since the 1970s, will have to be eased.这反映出该公司的一个观点,即美国将不得不放松自上世纪70年代出台的针对原油出口的严格限制。Bill Colton, vice-president of strategic planning, said economic logic pointed to US crude exports being liberalised in the next few years, and if the government blocked those sales it would hold back growth of North American production.埃克森美孚负责企业战略规划的副总裁比尔#8226;科尔顿(Bill Colton)表示,从经济逻辑来看,美国将在今后几年放开原油出口限制,因为如果美国政府阻止这些出口销售,就会抑制北美产量的增长。Exxon also predicted restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions that would have the same impact as a price on emitted carbon dioxide of about a tonne in the US and the EU and about a tonne in China by 2040.埃克森美孚还预计将有限制温室气体排放的措施出台,其效果将相当于对二氧化碳排放收费——到2040年在美国和欧盟相当于每吨收费约80美元,中国每吨约40美元。It expects global carbon dioxide emissions to peak around 2030 and decline 5 per cent over the following 10 years, as coal is replaced for power generation by gas, nuclear and renewable energy.该公司预计,随着煤炭发电被天然气、核能和可再生能源发电代替,全球二氧化碳排放将在2030年左右达到峰值,并在随后的十年里下降5%。The principal theme is that demand for energy, including oil, has peaked in developed countries, but will continue to rise strongly in emerging economies as the “global middle class” grows from about 2bn to about 5bn people.该公司的主要观点是,包括石油在内的能源需求在发达国家已达到峰值,但随着“全球中产阶级”数量从大约20亿人增长至大约50亿人,能源需求在新兴经济体仍会继续强劲增长。Energy efficiency improvements are expected to curb demand as the world economy grows: Exxon expects there will be twice as many cars in the world in 2040, but they will use only the same amount of petrol and diesel because they will be twice as fuel-efficient.能效改善有望遏制能源需求随着世界经济增长而增长:埃克森美孚预计到2040年全球汽车数量将会增长一倍,但由于能效提高一倍,它们的汽油和柴油使用量不变。Demand is expected to rise, however, for other types of transport, particularly road freight, and Exxon expects the world to be using 115m barrels of oil per day in 2040, up from 89m b/d last year.然而,预计其他运输方式(特别是公路货运)的需求将会增长,埃克森美孚预测全球在2040年的原油使用量为1.15亿桶/日,而去年是8900万桶/日。Environmental groups criticised the forecasts for reflecting policy objectives. Exxon said their main use is as a framework for its investment decisions.环保集团批评这些预测反映政策目标。埃克森美孚表示,它们的主要用途是作为其投资决策框架。 /201412/348058

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