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昆明激光祛老人斑哪家医院好安宁晋宁县做狐臭手术多少钱As they turn the calendar to September, investors have good reason to be wary. 日子行进到九月,投资者有必要警惕起来了。 The docket is full of news that could disrupt the Standard amp; Poor#39;s 500#39;s roughly 7% climb since June. On Friday, the Labor Department releases the latest jobs figures. On Sept. 12, a German court rules on the constitutionality of a critical rescue fund for the euro zone. And the Federal Reserve is expected soon to make clear whether there will be a third round of #39;quantitative easing.#39; 从日程表上的重要事件来看,标准普尔500指数自六月以来大约7%的升幅随时可能玩完。8月31日,美国劳工部(Labor Department)公布了最新的就业数据。9月12日,德国某法院将就欧元区一个关键的救助基金计划是否符合宪法规定作出裁决。此外,美联储(Federal Reserve)估计很快也将就是否推出第三轮“量化宽松”政策作出明确表态。 But of special interest to historians is the calendar itself. Put simply, Sept. 1 marks the start of a historically miserable month for stocks. 但在史学家的眼里,日程表本身最有意思。因为历史经验表明,一旦日历翻到9月1日,对美国股市来说就意味着悲惨的一个月开始了。 That isn#39;t reason enough for investors to make any drastic moves with their portfolios. But they could profit by avoiding stocks that have suffered pullbacks, say some analysts. 这当然不足以促使投资者对自己的投资组合作出任何重大调整。但有分析师表示,投资者如果能够规避那些历来习惯在九月下跌的股票,就可能获利。 Since 1926, in any given month, stocks of large companies have risen 0.9% on average, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. But in September, they have fallen by 0.8%, the only month with a negative average return. 据美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)统计,自1926年以来的任意月份,大盘股平均上涨0.9%,但唯有九月其平均表现是下跌的,这个月大盘股平均下跌0.8%。 #39;For whatever reason, there#39;s a predictable pattern where September has bad performance,#39; says Steven DeSanctis a strategist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch#39;s equity research team. 美银美林股票研究团队的策略师史蒂文#12539;德森提斯(Steven DeSanctis)表示,不论出于何种原因,九月美股表现差已经有定式可循。 The trend has baffled researchers for decades. Striking September events, such as the 2008 collapse of Lehman Bros. and the 2001 terrorist attacks, are partly responsible for the bad average, but they can#39;t explain the problems entirely. 这种定式已经困扰了研究人员数十年。一些“碰巧”发生在九月份的大事件,例如2008年的雷曼兄弟(Lehman Bros)倒闭、2001年的恐怖袭击,与股市在九月份糟糕的平均表现不无关系,但即便如此,也无法完整地解释这个现象。 For example, stocks have risen in only 50% of Septembers since 1926, the worst of any month and far below the 61.8% average success rate. 例如,自1926年以来的所有九月中,只有50%的情况是股市上涨的,比其他任何月份的统计结果都要差,远低于61.8%的平均上涨几率。 If someone started investing in 1802 and kept his money in stocks only during September, he would have lost more than half of his money by 2006, according to researchers at the University of Kansas. Do the same during any other month, and he would have gained at least 79% during the period. 堪萨斯大学(University of Kansas)的研究人员发现,如果某位投资者从1802年进入股市,而且只在九月进行投资,那么到2006年他会亏掉一半以上的资金。而在同样的时间和条件下,如果换作其他任何一个月份,这位投资者的账面价值至少会上涨79%。 Explanations for the September swoon are hard to come by, and harder to swallow. 美国股市的九月厄运让人很难琢磨,而且至今也没有一个令人信的解释。 The University of Kansas study suggests a sharp drop-off in the amount of daylight in New York in September might trigger seasonal affective disorder and make some traders more risk-averse. On average, New Yorkers see 3,147 fewer minutes of daylight in September than they do in August, the biggest drop of any month, according to the study. 堪萨斯大学的研究推测,九月份纽约白昼时间的大幅骤减可能引发了季节性的情绪紊乱,导致一些交易员的避险情绪加重。此项研究发现,在纽约,九月的白昼比八月平均减少3147分钟,减幅为各月之最。 But even the researchers aren#39;t confident in that explanation. #39;From the best of my ability, I think there#39;s something up with September. No matter how you slice it up, it#39;s bad,#39; says the University of Kansas#39; Mark Haug, one of the authors of the report. #39;It#39;s frustrating to not have an explanation.#39; 但即便研究人员自己对这个解释也不太确定。该研究论文的联名作者、堪萨斯大学的马克#12539;豪格(Mark Haug)说,“我最多只能说,九月份确实有些不同寻常的事发生。不管是什么,都很糟糕。但找不到一个合理的解释让人很抓狂。” To be sure, September#39;s poor performance could be due to mere chance. #39;I always look at this stuff and wonder, #39;Is it randomness?#39;#39; says Sam Stovall, chief equity strategist with Samp;P Capital IQ. 当然,九月股市表现糟糕也可能完全属于偶然事件。标普资本智商公司(Samp;P Capital IQ)首席股票策略师山姆#12539;斯托瓦尔(Sam Stovall)表示,“我每每想到这件事,就忍不住纳闷,‘这会不会就是随机性的呢?’” Mr. Stovall#39;s theory: poor earnings guidance for the third quarter and the rest of the calendar year causes weary investors to sell shares. 斯托瓦尔的解释是:公司欠佳的第三季度及当年后续时间盈利预测促使谨慎的投资者抛出股票。 Another possibility posed by researchers: tax-loss harvesting. A 1986 law forced most mutual funds to move the end of their tax years to October. So, many portfolio managers might be selling stocks with recent losses in September and October to take advantage of tax breaks, says Scott Gibson, a finance professor at the College of William and Mary who has studied the phenomenon. 研究人员提出的另一个猜想是:税收亏损收割(tax-loss harvesting)。根据1986年制定的一项法律,大多数共同基金的税收年度必须在10月份截止。威廉玛丽学院(College of William and Mary)的金融学教授斯科特#12539;吉布森(Scott Gibson)对此现象也进行了研究,他表示,因为这个规定,很多投资组合基金经理可能会在九月和十月卖掉最近有浮动亏损的股票,以获得减免税的好处。 In 1990, when the rules took full effect, stocks with recent losses that were widely held by mutual funds lagged their benchmarks by almost 7 percentage points in October. Those same stocks beat their benchmarks by nearly 7 points in November, as the effect wore off, Prof. Gibson says. 吉布森教授指出,1990年,上述法规完全生效时,共同基金普遍持有的最近浮亏的股票在十月份跑输对应的基准指数近七个百分点。而到了十一月,税收效应消失后,同样一拨股票又跑赢基准指数近七个百分点。 Since then, the effect has become less pronounced, presumably as more mutual funds caught on. 此后,税收效应的影响变得不再那么明显,这或许是因为有更多共同基金参与了进来。 But Prof. Gibson says it is strong enough that investors looking to pick up shares on the cheap would be well-served to wait. Companies that have more than 5% of their shares held by funds and have seen recent losses are candidates for continued drops in September and October, he says. 但吉布森教授表示,税收效应的影响还是很大的,希望抄底的投资者应当耐心等待。他说,基金持股比例超过5%且近期有浮亏的上市公司,其股价最可能在九月和十月继续下跌。 That would disqualify computer-seller Dell, which has dropped 10.8% in the last three months and is about 32% owned by mutual funds. 电脑销售公司戴尔(Dell)似乎很符合这个标准,该股过去三个月下跌了10.8%,其共同基金的持股比例高达32%左右。 Other companies with poor recent performance and high fund ownership include Delta, Ford, Hewlett-Packard,Netflix, and Research In Motion. 其他近期股价走弱且基金持股比例较高的上市公司包括达美航空(Delta)、福特汽车(Ford)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard)、Netflix和Research In Motion等。 But with rational explanations hard to come by, investors should stop short of making big moves out of equities, Mr. Stovall says. 但斯托瓦尔指出,对于美股的九月厄运,由于很难找到合理的解释,投资者也不应大举做空股票。 #39;You#39;re better off treating this information the way you would the pilot coming over the loudspeakers and saying #39;Please fasten your safety belt,#39;#39; Mr. Stovall says. #39;He#39;s not saying #39;Don the parachutes and assemble by the door.#39;#39; 斯托瓦尔说,对于这个九月效应和分析人士的提醒,投资者最好就像在坐飞机时对待机长通过麦克风的喊话一样,“系好安全带”就行了,而不应将机长的喊话理解为“背上降落伞包,到机舱门口集合”。 /201209/198525昆明妇幼保健院做红色胎记手术多少钱 The new iPhone is sure to shatter previous sales records. It may also prove the moment to dump Apple shares. 新iPhone一定会打破之前的销售纪录。除此之外,它也提醒我们,可能到了卖出苹果(Apple)股票的时候了。 Each new iPhone has sold as many units as all previous generations combined, Apple executives have joked internally according to recent trial testimony. And it isn#39;t crazy to believe exponential growth can continue for at least one more. Combine pent-up demand among existing iPhone users looking to upgrade, with the possibility that the new model will finally be compatible with the world#39;s largest carrier, China Mobile, and investors can expect explosive results. 据前不久的庭审词显示,苹果高管在公司内部开玩笑时曾说,每款新iPhone的销量都是之前所有几代产品的销量之和。认为至少另一款iPhone的销量也将呈现出这种增长模式并非不切实际的想法。那些想让手里iPhone更新换代的用户具有潜在需求,再加上新机型可能最终将与全球最大无线运营商中国移动(China Mobile)的网络兼容,基于这两个因素,投资者可以期待新iPhone异常火爆的销售情况。 But the device setting those records is itself likely to be just an incremental upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Indeed, if the latest version of Apple#39;s mobile operating system is any guide, the newest iPhone may not look that much different from smartphones Apple sold over three years ago. Granted, the screen is expected to be larger and the device thinner. But the actual user experience isn#39;t expected to be very different. 但创造这项纪录的新款iPhone本身却可能只是iPhone 4S的“增量升级”版。实际上,如果从苹果最新版移动操作系统来判断的话,那么新款iPhone可能与苹果过去三年来售出的智能手机并无太大差别。当然,预计屏幕会变大,机身会变薄,但实际用户体验可能不会有太大不同。 In one sense, that is good since a reason the iPhone is so popular is that #39;it just works,#39; notes analyst Neil Mawston of research firm Strategy Analytics. The hardware, software and Apple services like iTunes are tightly integrated and easy to use, making the device appealing to a huge swath of non-techie users. That is opposed to, say, devices running Google#39;s Android operating system, where the ability to customize can complicate the user experience. 市场研究公司Strategy Analytics的分析师莫斯顿(Neil Mawston)指出,从某种意义上说,这是件好事,因为iPhone如此受欢迎的原因之一是它很好用。iPhone的硬件、软件和苹果iTunes等务融为一体,使用方便,因此大量并非热衷电子产品的用户也为之着迷。与之形成对比的是搭载谷歌(Google)安卓(Android)操作系统的手机,这些产品的定制功能可能会使用户体验复杂化。 In another sense, sticking to the iPhone#39;s traditional design is a problem, giving rivals a chance to jump ahead with new features. The Windows Phone operating system that Nokia uses has #39;live tiles#39; that display useful information or photos directly on the device#39;s home screen, not just dummy icons you have to touch to launch apps. The camera technology in Nokia#39;s latest device is also likely to be superior to Apple#39;s. And Nokia is showing its engineering prowess with, for instance, a touch screen that should work for users wearing winter gloves. Such subtle improvements have typically been the hallmark of devices designed under Steve Jobs. 从另一个层面来看,iPhone在设计上坚持走传统路线也有问题,这会给竞争对手一个推出新功能并领先苹果的机会。诺基亚(Nokia)使用的Windows Phone操作系统有可直接在手机主屏上显示有用信息或图片的“活动瓷片”(live tiles),而不仅仅是必须通过碰触才能启动应用程序的一个个图标。诺基亚最新手机采用的相机技术可能也比苹果先进。而且诺基亚目前正在展示其设计实力,如用户带着防寒手套也能用的触摸屏等。这类细微之处的改进历来都是乔布斯(Steve Jobs)生前在任时苹果产品所具有的特色。 Apple has other powerful advantages, including a huge ecosystem of apps. Android also has plenty, but Windows Phone lags far behind. Users that have downloaded lots of apps, not to mention other media from the iTunes store, may find themselves locked into using an iPhone. But if rivals surpass the iPhone in other crucial respects, it becomes harder for Apple to justify the price premium it charges wireless carriers to sell its devices. 此外,苹果也有其它强大的优势,包括巨大的应用生态系统。安卓也有很多应用软件,但Windows Phone在这方面则远远落后。那些下载了很多应用软件(更不必说从iTunes商店下载其它媒体内容)的用户可能会发现自己已离不开iPhone了。但如果竞争对手在其它关键领域超越iPhone,苹果向无线运营商明其高价位属于合理范畴的难度就会增大。 Not long ago, Nokia and BlackBerry looked nearly as impregnable as Apple does today. Apple#39;s dominant ecosystem should prevent it ever suffering a similar decline. Yet the fact that it finds itself in a hit-driven business is perhaps good reason its shares trade for just 12 times earnings for the fiscal year ending September 2013 despite growing faster than any other company in the Samp;P 500 in 2011, ex-acquisitions. 不久以前,诺基亚和黑莓(BlackBerry)也曾与如今的苹果一样,有着看似几乎固若金汤的地位。苹果所主导的应用生态系统应该会防止它重蹈黑莓的覆辙。不过,苹果从事的是一个需要大量人气的行业,这也许就很好地解释了为何该公司根据截至2013年9月财年预期收益计算的市盈率仅为12倍,尽管苹果的增长速度超过2011年标普500指数(Samp;P 500)任何一家成分股公司(不包括发生收购的公司)。 Once upon a time, Apple revolutionized cellphones by turning them into hand-held computers. Resorting to evolutionary design changes would give rivals an opening. 曾几何时,苹果革命性地将手机转变为掌上电脑。而在设计方面采取“增量式改变”将让苹果的竞争对手有机可乘。 The next iPhone should again propel Apple#39;s stock and its sales. That may be the time for Apple shareholders to take their money off the table. 下一款iPhone应该会推动苹果股票及销售再上新台阶,或许这也是苹果股东揣好赚到的钱走路的时候了。 /201209/199147昭通治疗黑脸娃娃多少钱

昆明云大医院整形美容中心Startups devise some fairly clever tactics to sell investors on their business models, but Russian tech entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov#39;s newest venture sells itself: Invest in his new research and development interest and the payoff could be immortality. A new corporate entity that the Russian multi-millionaire will formally announce at an event in June will allow investors to bankroll research into neuroscience and human consciousness with the ultimate goal of transferring human minds into robots, extending human life indefinitely. Early investors will be first in line for the technology when it matures, something Itskov believes will happen in the 2040s.创业公司想出各种非常聪明的办法来向投资者推销自己的商业模式,但俄罗斯科技创业家德米特里?伊茨科夫的最新事业本身就是卖点:投资他的研发新项目,回报可能会是获得永生。这位俄罗斯大富豪将在今年6月的一次活动上正式宣布成立一家新的公司实体,为投资者提供机会,资助神经系统科学和人类意识的研究,最终把人的意识移植到机器人身上,从而无限期延长人类寿命。等到这项技术成熟(伊茨科夫认为这将在21世纪40年代实现)时,早期投资者可以优先使用。Over lunch with reporters last week, 32-year-old Itskov outlined a rough roadmap for the future of his 2045 Initiative, a multi-decade research and development push to understand human consciousness and ultimately how to transfer it from human bodies into robotic avatars. When Itskov first became serious about selling off his Russian Internet concerns to pursue what he calls ;the next evolutionary step for humanity; a few years ago, he had hoped to do so in a non-profit manner. But now, he says, he realizes that a business case is the best case for moving the project forward.上周,在与记者共进午餐时,32岁的伊茨科夫粗略描绘了他“2045行动”的未来路线图。这个持续数十年的研发项目旨在弄清楚人类的意识,最终找到将人类意识从人体移植到机器人化身中的办法。几年前,伊茨科夫第一次开始认真地考虑出售他的俄罗斯互联网公司,以便追求他所说的“人类下一个进化步骤”。当时,他曾希望通过非盈利方式来完成。但现在他说,他意识到商业模式才是推动这个项目发展的最好方法。;In the beginning I thought once we raised this question it would be obvious to people that this is possible and everyone would be interested,; Itskov says. ;It was naive thinking, I have to be honest. I understand now that I shouldn#39;t neglect those business aspects that I tried to avoid when I started thinking about this idea. We have to create business opportunities in this process or nobody will be interested over the next ten or twenty years, especially the entrepreneurs that could potentially afford to do this.;“起初,我们提出这个项目时我曾认为,人们显然会相信这有可能实现,所有人都会感兴趣,”伊茨科夫说。“但我不得不承认,这个想法太天真了。现在我已经明白,我不应该忽略我在开始构思这个项目时试图回避的那些商业问题。我们必须在这个过程中创造商业机会,否则没人会对今后十年或二十年感兴趣,尤其是那些有钱投资这个项目的企业家。”The 2045 Initiative is a complex and expensive research project, but its goals are fairly straightforward. First, by 2020 scientists will figure out how to control robots via brain-machine interfaces (: mind control). By 2025 the goal is to place a human brain into a working robot and have that person#39;s consciousness (memories, personality, and everything else that makes up the ;self;) transfer along with it. After that things tip very seriously over into the realm of science fiction, as the later stages of the project aim to create robots with artificial brains to which human consciousness can be uploaded (by 2035) and, finally, completely disembodied consciousness that is something like a hologram version of a person#39;s mind.“2045行动”是一向异常复杂、耗资巨大的研究项目,但它的目标相当明确。首先,到2020年,科学家们将解决如何通过脑机接口(也就是意识控制)来控制机器人的问题。到2025年,目标是把人脑移植到机器人身上,让那个人的意识(记忆,性格以及构成“自我”的其他所有东西)也一同转移。此后则进入了科幻领域。这个项目后期阶段的目标是创造具有人工大脑的机器人,接着把人的意识上传到人工大脑(到2035年),最后使意识彻底脱离肉体,就好比是个人意识的全息图。If this all sounds a little crazy, Itskov says, that#39;s because it is. But it#39;s certainly not impossible. He likens the initiative to the U.S. space program, whose ultimate achievements seemed impossible in 1939, three decades prior to the moon landing. And, as with the space program, Itskov sees the 2045 Initiative as an engine for technological and economic development, one that will drive discovery in neuroscience, robotics, artificial intelligence—even spirituality. When Itskov begins leafing through slides on his laptop highlighting very real, very sophisticated brain-machine interface technologies that aly exist in research labs today, the first phase of his project suddenly feels more realistic. The later phases of the 2045 Initiative still seem to border on the impossible, but Itskov is completely confident that technology will evolve to conquer these seemingly insurmountable challenges.伊茨科夫说,如果这听起来有点疯狂,那是因为本就如此,但并非不可能实现。他把这个项目比作美国太空计划。1939年,也就是登月前30年,美国太空计划的最终目标也似乎不可能实现。和太空计划一样,伊茨科夫把“2045行动”视为技术和经济发展的引擎,将推动神经系统科学、机器人技术、人工智能甚至灵学的进步。当伊茨科夫开始在笔记本电脑上翻阅幻灯片,展示如今实验室里已有的那些非常真实、非常先进的脑机接口技术时,这个项目的第一阶段突然之间显得更加可行了。“2045 行动”的后期阶段似乎仍然不太可能实现,但伊茨科夫完全相信,技术的进步将征这些看似不可逾越的挑战。 /201303/232054昭通脂肪移植隆胸费用 Members of Bibobox Studio didn#39;t expect a call from the Apple team.Bibobox工作室的成员做梦都没有想到会接到苹果团队打来的电话。But that#39;s what happened after they created a series of squeaky animals including a penguin and giraffe for the iPad. ;We tried to make the characters as lifelike, interactive and user-friendly as possible,; said Liu Bo, a teacher from Dalian Nationalities University, and the chief director of Bibobox. ;Our team pays close attention to the tiniest details.;但当他们在iPad上创造出包括长颈鹿、企鹅等在内的一系列能发出吱吱叫声的动物形象后,这一切都成真了。;我们尽量让这些动物形象栩栩如生,具有互动性,并易于操作。我们的团队十分注重微小细节。;大连民族大学教师兼Bibobox工作室的总设计师刘说。The group#39;s innovation and efforts captured the attention of Apple engineers.该团队的创新与努力引来了苹果工程师们的关注。Bibobox#39;s 30-page interactive storybook Little Star won the student developer award at Apple#39;s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held June 11-15 in San Francisco, US.6月11-15日于美国旧金山举行的;苹果全球开发者大会;(简称WWDC)上,Bibobox开发的30页交互书籍应用Little Star摘得学生类开发者大奖。The team behind Little Star is made up of five students and two teachers from Liu#39;s university. They are all design or computer engineering majors.Little Star的背后是一由五名学生和两名老师组成的团队,他们来自大连民族大学,均是设计或计算机专业出身。It#39;s the first time that a Chinese team has won a prize at the annual Apple Design Awards, since the awards began in 1996. According to Apple, the award is given to developers who match its own philosophy of good design, innovation and state-of-the-art hardware.这是自1996年苹果年度设计大奖开设以来,中国团队首次得奖。据苹果公司称,该奖项是颁发给那些符合苹果;打造设计感、创新性与艺术性并存的一流硬件;理念的开发者们。;Our design philosophy is very simple. We want children to think outside the box to reach an answer,; Liu explained. ;The point of our book is to provide children with methods and ideas for them to think creatively by themselves.;;我们的设计理念非常简单。我们希望孩子们能够打破常规寻求,;刘解释道。;我们这款电子书便是为孩子提供创造性思维的方法和观点。;Little Star features a story of five friends on their journey to catch stars. After several failed attempts, they discover their shortcomings and weaknesses, and realize that the power of teamwork is the key to success.《Little Star》讲述了五个好朋友一起踏上旅程去捉星星的故事。在几次失败的尝试后,他们终于发现了自身的不足和弱点,同时也意识到团队协作才是成功的关键。;In our process of creating the app, teamwork also proved to be crucial,; said Wang Kun, 22, a senior animation major who did the coloring.;我们开发该应用程序的过程也明了团队协作的重要性。; 22岁的王坤(音译)说。王坤是一名动画专业的大四学生,主要从事配色工作。;It#39;s important for designers and engineers to work together and get their ideas across.; Wang said the team had a brainstorming session every week. At first, it was hard to communicate because they had different jargon and ideas.;对于设计师和工程师而言,共同工作,各抒己见,这点非常重要。;王坤表示,团队每周都会进行一次;头脑风暴;。最初,因为专业术语及想法各异,他们沟通起来十分困难。;We then spent time together,; Wang recalled. ;As a result, engineers knew how to put our ideas into reality, and we designers understood how to respond to their needs.;;后来我们就经常待在一起,;王坤回忆道。;最终,工程师们懂得了如何把想法转变为现实,而我们这些设计师也明白了该如何去回应他们的需求。;The children are able to interact with the app in many ways, including touching to reveal different characters as well as using an accelerometer to shake the stars out of the sky.孩子们可以通过多种途径同故事进行互动,其中包括触摸屏幕发现不同的人物,使用加速器将星星摇出天空之外。Besides the exquisite and flawless design, the language was important.除了完美精致的设计,语言也十分重要。Instead of Mandarin, Little Star was first launched in English. Then they added simplified Chinese and Cantonese versions.《Little Star》初次发布时使用的是英语,而非中文。之后他们又增添了简体中文和粤语两个版本。;We were thinking with a global mindset,; said Maggie Li, a tutor who was in charge of translating the script. ;From the outset our book was aimed at children around the world, not just those in China. Kids think the same universally.;;我们用全球性思维来考虑问题,;负责脚本翻译的玛吉#8226;李 (音译)老师表示,;从一开始,我们电子书的目标人群就是全世界的儿童,并不仅仅是中国儿童。而孩子们的想法普遍相同,不分地域。;Bi Wenting, 23, a classmate of Wang, said they spent almost a year creating the storybook. They did research at primary schools in Dalian, to find out if children liked their plotlines and characters.王坤的同班同学,23岁的毕文婷(音译)称,他们几乎花了一年的时间来开发这本故事书。他们首先在大连各个小学做调研,看看孩子们是否喜欢他们的故事情节和人物设置。Fluent English also helped the team promote itself at the conference. The representatives at the event exchanged ideas with fellow developers.流利的英文也帮助该团队在此次大会上做自我推广。会议期间,与会代表与开发者相互交流了观点。;Apple looked interested in our project,; said Li. ;We told them about our future plans, as well as Chinese app-developing and education-related markets.;;苹果公司看上去对我们的项目很感兴趣,; 玛吉#8226;李说。;我们向他们阐述了我们未来的计划,以及中国的应用程序开发及教育市场的情况。;Bibobox is working on a successor to Little Star, and a series of apps to teach Chinese characters#39; etymology.Bibobox正在开发《Little Star》后续产品,以及教授汉字词源的系列应用。;We students also learnt a lot from sessions with s available in English on Apple#39;s website,; said Wang. ;And I#39;ve tried to share them with everyone interested in app developing. ;;作为学生,我们也从苹果网站的英文视频讲座中收获良多,;王坤说,;我已在设法同所有应用程序研发爱好者分享这些内容。;Eric Jou contributed to the storyEric Jou对本文亦有贡献。 /201207/189514临沧市人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱

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