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襄阳宫外孕的费用宜城市妇幼保健中医院做彩超多少钱To the ancient Egyptians death marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another.在古埃及人的眼里,死亡标志着一段旅程的结束,另一段旅程的开始After death all ancient Egyptians believed that they must leave behind the green fertile farmlands of Egypt and the waters of the river Nile to travel to the afterlife.死后,古埃及人认为自己应该葬在有着肥沃的土地,有尼罗河水的地方只有这样,自己的亡灵才得以转世永生They hoped that afterlife would be a perfect place that resemble the beautiful landscape of Egypt they have left behind.他们希望转世后的地方像自己的埋葬之地那样,有着埃及的美景It was called ;the Field of Reeds.;这样的地方就叫做“芦苇之地”But to reach the afterlife they had to make a dangerous and frightening journey.但是想要转世,他们必须经历一段危险可怕的旅程Their spirit had to cross the netherworld, which was the land of dead, ruled by the god of Osiris.他们的亡灵必须要去冥国走一趟冥国是一个只有死亡的国度,由欧西里斯王掌管着Hail to you Osiris Turn your face to the west. That you may illumine the two lands with fine gold.向欧西里斯王致敬:把你的脸转向西边,去点亮两片纯金之田Those who were asleep stand up to look at you. to you belong eternity and everlasting.那些沉睡的人们啊,快站起来看看他……看看这个永生之人The ancient Egyptians believed that it was very important to prepare this journey.古埃及人认为旅程的前期准备很重要How would they ward off hostile spirits and poisonous snakes?他们该如何避开那些不怀好意的灵魂和毒蛇呢?How would they avoid burning fire and scalding water?他们该如何躲开熊熊烈火和滚滚热水呢?And why did the monstrous devourer always look so hungry?为什么吞噬巨怪看起来总是如此地饥饿?When wealthy ancient Egyptians died, their bodies were mummified.当古埃及的富人们死去后,他们的遗体会做成木乃伊The mummy was placed in a tomb with special objects to protect it and to help the dead face the parrels of the netherworld.放置木乃伊的坟墓中有很多神奇的东西它们是用来保护木乃伊的,帮助亡灵渡过冥国中的种种磨难One of the objects was a roll of magic spells and pictures. This is now known as the Book of the Dead.其中一样东西是一幅写满咒语布满图画的书卷这就是传说中的《亡灵书The mummy stayed in the tomb, but its ba spirit in the shape of a bird could fly away m the tomb to explore the netherworld and try to find a way through.尽管木乃伊是躺在坟墓里,但是他的灵魂会变成一只鸟儿,飞出坟墓,飞向冥国,寻找通过冥国的路In order to do this, the spirit of the dead person would have to pass through gates that were guarded by the gods and avoid being caught in their nets.在飞去冥国之前,亡灵需要通过由上帝看管的大门,要小心翼翼避免被上帝之网逮着They would have to battle with snakes and crocodiles and protect themselves against bloody-thirsty monsters.亡灵还要和毒蛇、鳄鱼交战,保护自己免遭到嗜血怪兽的袭击The dead person used magic and spells from the book of the Dead to help them overcome these obstacles.在《亡灵书中的魔法和咒语的帮助下,亡灵们战胜了这些困难Oh, you with the spine would work your mouth against this magic of mine.噢,有了《亡灵书,念念咒语就可以打败我的魔法No crocodile which lives by magic shall take it away.魔法创造的鳄鱼也无法战胜你At the end of each day, the ba spirit returned to the mummy in the tomb.每天傍晚十分,巴灵魂会回到坟墓里的木乃伊中The final and the most important stage in the journey of the dead was the trial in the hall of judgement.亡灵的最后一段也是最重要的一段旅程是诸神的审判The dead person heart was weighted against the feather of truth.亡灵的良心将要和真实羽毛的重量进行对比If their heart proved too heavy, they would be condemned and eaten by the monstrous Devourer.如果良心比羽毛重太多,亡灵将要受到谴责,被吞噬怪吃掉If their heart balanced on the scales, the dead person will be allowed to enter and to remain ever in a perfect world, travelling across the sky with the son god Ra or tending their crops in a perfect landscape that resembled the green fertile banks of that beloved river Nile.如果良心和羽毛一样重,亡灵就可以去到完美之境,并永远待在那里在那个完美之境中,和上帝之子太阳神一同飞过苍窘在如尼罗河河岸一般的苍绿肥沃的土地上,照料庄稼Are you prepare to make the same journey?你准备好同样的旅程了吗?Can you discover how to use the spells of the Book of the Dead to help you on your way?你知道如何运用《亡灵书中的咒语去帮助旅途中的自己吗?It time now to go to the exhibition and meet the god Osiris and the monstrous Devourer.来来来,是时候去看看展览,会会欧西里斯王和吞噬怪了 356359襄樊市妇幼保健院在线咨询医生 We went slipping silently along, between the green and fragrant banks, with a sense of pleasure and contentment that grew, and grew, all the time.带着不断高涨的愉悦和满足感,我们在郁葱芳香的河岸间静静地滑行Sometimes the banks were overhung with thick masses of willows that wholly hid the ground behind;sometimes we had noble hills on one hand, clothed densely with foliage to their tops, and on the other hand open levels blazing with poppies, or clothed in the rich blue of the corn-flower;sometimes we drifted in the shadow of ests, and sometimes along the margin of long stretches of velvety grass, fresh and green and bright, a tireless charm to the eye.有的地方,岸边倒垂下的浓密柳枝,覆盖了后面所有的土地;有的地方,河岸一侧壮丽的山脉,上面植被丰盈,另一侧则是一望无际的平原,开放着鲜艳的罂粟花,或是靛蓝恰人的矢车菊我们时而漂流在森林的阴影之下,时而沿着天鹅绒般柔软的草地边缘滑行那映入眼帘的草地是那么碧绿清新,灼灼明亮,蕴涵着无限的魅力And the birds!-they were everywhere;they swept back and th across the river constantly, and their jubilant music was never stilled.还有那随处可见的鸟儿它们频繁地穿梭于两岸之间,鸣起的欢歌不绝于耳It was a deep and satisfying pleasure to see the sun create the new morning, and gradually, patiently, lovingly, clothe it on with splendor after splendor, and glory after glory, till the miracle was complete.看日出能令人百般回味且愉悦人心太阳冉冉升起,耐心地、温柔地铺上一层又一层光,拨撒着—片又一片壮丽直到一个新的早晨完整地筑就起来How different is this marvel observed from a raft,from what it is when one observes it through the dingy windows of a railway-station in some wretched village while he munches a petrified sandwich and waits the train.在木筏上观赏日出与等候在火车站的候车室中,嚼着干巴巴的三明治,透过窗户眺望破落的小村庄的感觉有着天壤之别 57When you are old《当你老了By William Butler Yeats叶芝When you are old and grey and full of sleepAnd nodding by the fire, take down this bookAnd slowly , and dream of the soft lookYour eyes had once, and of their shadows deep当你老了,头发花白,睡意沉沉,倦坐在炉边,取下这本书来,慢慢读着,追梦当年的眼神那柔美的神采与深幽的晕影How many loved your moments of glad graceAnd loved your beauty with love false or trueBut one man loved the pilgrim Soul in youAnd loved the sorrows of your changing face多少人爱过你青春的片影,爱过你的美貌,以虚伪或是真情,惟独一人爱你那朝圣者的灵魂,爱你哀戚的脸上岁月的留痕And bending down beside the glowing barsMurmur, a little sadly, how Love fledAnd paced upon the mountains overheadAnd hid his face amid a crowd of stars.在炉栅边,你弯下了腰,低语着,带着浅浅的伤感,爱情是怎样逝去,又怎样步上群山,怎样在繁星之间藏住了脸收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 866襄阳老河口市人民医院电话号码是多少

襄阳宜城妇幼保健院中医院的营业时间Wake Up-Home Monday星期一 醒来All of a sudden my alarm clock went off, it is six oclock in the morning.I Should wake up. but I am still sleepy.I know that I have to get up,or I will be late突然音我的闹钟响了,现在是早上六点钟,我应该起床了,但我还是很困我知道我必须起床了,要不然我将会迟到的I need to wash my face. put dothes on.than go downstairs to eat breakfast.I wonder what is breakfast today.I hope it is something delicious.我需要洗脸,穿好衣,然后走到楼下去吃早餐不知道今天的早餐是什么,我希望会是好吃的After I finish eating.I will take bus number eight to school.I have a test today. but I did not study.当我吃完之后,我将搭乘8路(号)公车去学校我今天有个测验考试,但我并没有准备(学习)I hope I can pass it.My father will be angry if I get a bad grade.I better get up now.I think my mother is trying to wake me up.我希望我能过关,如果我拿了不好的成绩(等级),我父亲将会生气,我现在该起床了,我想是我母亲正在叫我起床了 31保康县人民医院无痛人流 Vera: I cant believe that Stan has been arrested. I know that he wasnt always on the up-and-up, but he being accused of influence peddling and taking bribes.薇拉:我不敢相信斯坦居然被捕了我知道他为人不怎么诚实,但他被指控以权谋私和收受贿赂Keigo: Stan has been getting kickbacks years. Everybody knew that if you wanted to get what you wanted from this department, you had to grease Stan palms. There isnt a more corrupt official than Stan.敬吾:多年来斯坦一直都有拿回扣如果你想在部门有所发展,就必须买通斯坦,这是大家公认的再没有比斯坦更腐败的官员了Vera: But he was always so nice to me.薇拉:不过他对我一直很好Keigo: That was part of the problem. He was always good to his friends and family. That why he also known his nepotism and cronyism. He gave friends and family plum jobs with big salaries. He had an entire good old boy network.敬吾:这就是问题的一部分他对待亲戚朋友总是很好这就是为什么他以裙带主义和任人唯亲而出名他总是为亲戚朋友安排肥差他有一整套私人关系网Vera: Do you really think hell go to jail?薇拉:你真的认为他会进监狱吗?Keigo: Im sure of it. On second thought, if he can find a judge who on the take and is as corrupt as he is, he has a fighting chance.敬吾:我确定不过话说回来,如果他能买通一名像他一样腐败的法官,那才有机会出狱原文译文属! 186枣阳市第二人民医院妇科预约

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