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赣州丽人整形美容医院打瘦脸针多少钱南康市妇幼保健人民医院瘦腿针多少钱赣州市第二人民医院脱毛手术多少钱 You have quite the juggling act on your hands today. Things may be flying at you from all directions, all quite demanding of your attention. Make sure you give equal weight to your own needs as well as the needs of others. You will find yourself on an important road in which you have a great deal of responsibilities. Do not shy away from adopting a starring role. You have the diplomacy and peaceful nature that is required to be a successful leader.今天你要同时处理多项事务。四面八方都会有人找你做事儿,都需要得到你的注意。要确保平等对待他人的需求和自己的需求。你会发现自己处于一条十分重要的道路上,你承担着重大责任。不要回避担当主要角色。你处世灵活又具备平和的特质,这些都是成功领导人所必备的。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You#39;re probably in the right frame of mind to set specific goals for your future today - perhaps goals that would change your life significantly. You are, however, likely to get opposition from those around you - relatives, neighbors, etc. - who will feel that your plans are too risky and impractical. Don#39;t worry about what other say. This is an excellent time to forge on ahead.今天你头脑清晰,可为将来设定具体的目标--可能是使你的生活发生重大变化的目标。然而,周围的人(亲戚、邻居等等)可能会反对你--他们会觉得你的计划太冒险、太不切实际。不要担心其他人说什么。这是开拓进取的大好时光。Your love horoscope爱情运势Your family might need you today, so be on the alert for loved ones reaching out to you. Maybe your kids will need some special help sorting out something that has been challenging them at school. Or maybe your romantic partner could use some extra help in figuring out something difficult that is happening in their life. Your ability to be a natural cheerleader will be on display.你的家人今天可能会需要你,所以要时刻注意:所爱之人会来找你。也许你的孩子们会需要你的特别帮助,帮他们解决一些学校里的难题。或许你的另一半需要一些额外帮忙,帮他/她解决生活中的难事儿。今天,你会展示出自己拉拉队队长的本领。Your career horoscope事业运势Today, you may begin to reap the rewards of the month#39;s hard work. You put yourself to the challenge of living a more independent, autonomous life. You wanted to mature and push the boundaries of your experience. If you have made a serious effort to change, today will be a day of rest and the pleasant contemplation that you have made positive improvements in your life.一个月的辛苦工作后,今天的你要开始收获成果了。你挑战了自己:过着更独立、更自主的生活。你想要变得成熟,努力使自己更有经验。如果你为了改变而做出了努力,那么今天就是休息的日子,可以愉快的思考:你已经让生活发生了积极的变化。译文属 /201608/459273定南县奥美定取出多少钱

赣州玻尿酸原液多少钱赣州妇幼保健医院激光祛痣多少钱 When talking about food of the future, soylent green (the foodstuffs made out of people from the classic Sci-Fi movie of the same name) and grasshoppers leap to mind. Well, I don’t think most of today’s (or tomorrow’s) consumers are too interested in snacking on the remains of their neighbors. Nevertheless, the idea of what kind of foods we will be chowing down on in the not-too-distant future is interesting to explore; especially considering that we can expect an increase of over 2 BILLION people living on the planet by 2050. Just how will 9+ billion people feed themselves? Well, just consider the strides in food production and consumption that the world has experienced in the past 50 years. Where staples such as chicken and beef have been supplemented with genetically enhanced meat products, soybean and a host of other products that we consume daily, we can certainly expect even more dietary innovations to meet consumption needs. With this is mind, let’s take a look at the top ten foods of the future.谈到未来食物,《超世纪谍杀案》影片中的绿色食物和蚱蜢立刻浮现脑海。当然,我想现在(或者以后)的大部分消费者不会对邻居们所说的零食感兴趣。但是,对于未来我们吃什么的问题倒值得探讨,尤其是考虑到在2050年将将增加20亿人口。90多亿人如何养活自己?回顾过去50年里我们粮食的产量和消费即可找到。譬如像鸡肉和猪肉这样的主食被基因性主食产品、大豆和一系列其他日常消费的产品补充。因此,我们完全有信心期待更多的饮食创新来满足消费需求。那么就让我们一探未来10种食物风向标吧!10.Vegetarian Meat10.素肉The idea of ;meat; consisting of ingredients that don’t include animals would have seemed pretty far-fetched not so many years ago. Today, we know differently, and the trend in this area will continue to grow as population growth begins to outpace currently available food sources. Meat production is a huge and expensive industry. Vegetarian products, however, are cheaper to produce and tend to be healthier as well (great news for animal lovers).很多年前, 人们还不能相信;肉;是指不包括动物在内的食物原料。现如今,事情则大相径庭,而且这一趋势还将继续加强。因为人口增长速度远远快于现有的食物供给速度,肉类加工业又是一个庞大而高成本的产业。相比而言,素食产品生产成本低且比较健康。(相信这对肉食爱好者是个好消息)Most of us aly know about soya products. Made from soya beans, these products have found some traction in Asia. Prepared properly, these products have a texture that is very similar to meat and, with some inventive seasoning, can provide a wide variety of flavor. Soya is just one example that is currently being used. Other innovative products show equal promise and look to be available in increasing quantities in coming years. This includes such products such as Quorn, a fungus. Yeah, I know – but hey, so are mushrooms and all kinds of stuff can be produced from that particular family of fungi. Anyway, Quorn is produced from a fermented fungus and reportedly taste very similar to actual meat products. Add in such products produced from the likes of lupines to wheat gluten, and a very profitable and practical source of food is available from non-traditional sources. Assuming that the products in question and other similar offerings can reproduce the taste/flavor of the meat products they hope to supplement (or replace); then we all might be wolfing down a tree leaf burger in the very near future.它包括素肉(一种蘑菇)以及其他各种蘑菇、菌类。总之,素肉以发酵菌类为原料,据说其口感和真正的肉类产品并无差异。在这些面筋粉中加入羽扇豆之类的产品,可以制作出既赚钱又便宜的食物,虽然来源有点儿;非传统;。如果这些素肉产品和其他类似的产品能够如他们所愿复制真正的肉类产品的味道,那么有一天我们可能会狼吞虎咽地吃下一个树叶汉堡。人们都了解大豆制品,不过这些由大豆做成的产品在亚洲已经有许多其他作用。在适当的处理后,这些产品的混合物和肉就很像了,而且可以做成各种风味。大豆只是目前用于制素肉的一个例子而已,未来,还会有其他的产品也能做出素肉。9.Cultured/In-Vitro Meat9.非养殖肉或试管肉It’s a true fact that a good deal of the world’s population is carnivorous. We like our meat. And while there are other products that attempt to reproduce the taste, flavor, and texture of meat (some successful, others not so much); the truth of the matter is that these products are still not real meat. Sometimes, we want a burger – a real, honest-to-God sandwich that began as a cow.很多人都吃肉,这是不争的事实。我们享受食肉。虽然有其他产品尝试复制肉的味道、风味和口感(有些很成功,有些没那么成功),但是这些产品并不是真正的肉。有时,我们想吃一个汉堡——一个真正的有牛肉的三明治。Fortunately, science is working on resolving this primitive desire in a manner that may alleviate the need for an actual animal. In-vitro or cultured meat involves ;growing; meat. ;Growing; is the best way to describe the process of tissue-engineering that is required to accomplish this feat. The method entails taking cells from a live animal, which are then used to grow…well…meat. I don’t pretend to understand the science behind all of this, but the idea is an interesting one. In fact, such a method could darn near resolve hunger around the world (theoretically). This idea is still in the development/research stage, but the potentials of a breakthrough are not difficult to imagine – y-made meat products that are easily manufactured without having to deal with herds of live animals would be incredibly profitable. And for the consumer – we will have our meat!幸运的是,科学正在从缓解人们对肉的需求的角度来解决人类的原始欲望。非养殖肉或试管肉有一个;培育;的过程,;培育;是描述这项工作的最佳方式。它需要从活物身上提取细胞,然后用于培育养殖肉。我并不明白它的全部科学原理,但是这个想法的确引人注目。事实上,这个方式从理论上讲可以弥补甚至解决世界性饥饿问题。虽然这个设想还处于发展和研究阶段,但是突破难题指日可待——这些肉易于加工,免去处理大量活畜的现成肉产品的麻烦,大大提高赢利,而消费者也能继续享用肉类食品。8.Algae8.藻类The first thing that comes to mind is, ;isn’t this like eating fungus?; No, not really. One of the interesting things about this particular subject matter is to reflect on the various changes that have come about concerning food production and consumption. Just 50 years ago, the answer to the world’s growing consumption needs was the so-called ;green revolution;. Farmers were introduced to scientifically altered (hybrid) seeds and new types of fertilizers to enhance crops. As a result, farmers were able to grow twice as much as before. The downside was the need for more land and water (we use A LOT of water) – we are now close to a saturation point where traditional farming is prohibitive.一提到食用藻类,人们的第一反应就是;这不就相当于在吃菌类植物吗?;其实不然。关于这一;特殊主体;,其有趣之处在于它引发人们去反省回顾人类粮食生产和消费中发生的各种变化。大约50年前,人们急剧增长的粮食消费需求催生了所谓的;绿色革命;。农民们;被引进;了一些杂交种子和新型化肥以期提高粮食产量。最终,其粮食产量也确实翻了一番。在这样的农业生产中,人们对水和土地的需求越来越大。然而,化肥和农药的大量使用也导致土壤严重退化,人们大量使用水资源也导致了水资源紧缺。由此,;绿色革命;开始走下坡路。现如今,传统农业令人望而却步,我国农业生产也进入了瓶颈时期。As such, producers have to figure out how to grow food in places that normally are not very hospitable to do so. Enter algae. Algae are microscopic organisms that have the ability to grow very fast. More to the point, they can grow in the sea, and even in polluted water. Seaweed and kelp, in fact, are forms of algae. While most folks have not had a cuisine consisting of what could be considered sea grass – these forms of algae could provide an accessible and affordable dietary option. The real appeal of algae is in expanding the dietary offerings that it presents and in the by-products (such as algae oil) that can be derived from this ily abundant source from nature. Hey – if blue whales and other marine life enjoy the stuff, maybe there’s something to it after all.就农业生产本身而论,生产者的当务之急在于解决如何在不适宜耕种的土地上种植粮食。那么,让我们回到;藻类;这个话题上来。藻类属显微生物体,繁殖速度极快。它们可以在海水甚至污水中繁殖生长。事实上,海菜和海带也是藻类的一种。然而,大多数人还没;享用;过这些以;海草;为食材而做成的;美食;——这几种藻类食物可以算是一种方便人们获取、价格实惠的膳食选择。其实;藻类;的真正闪光点在于,它的;出现;扩大了饮食产品的范围,而人们也可以从这种自然中随处可见的丰富资源中方便快捷地提取并生产出一些副产品,比如藻类油。不妨试想一下,如果蓝鲸和其他海洋生物都;享用;这些;食物;,那一定是有某些特殊原因的。7.Insects, Bugs, and Small Critters7.昆虫、臭虫以及一些小动物Truth is truth. We may not like it, but that doesn’t impact on facts of the matter. And one truth that can be derived out of a discussion about the consumption of insects, is that they provide a very good source of protein. And apparently, we need protein. But that’s not all. Of the various species of bugs that are eaten (well over 1,400 that are common), they all commonly provide a low fat, low cholesterol, and high calcium and iron affair. Yes, they can be a bit slimy (and crunchy), but they are good for you. While insects are not uncommon fodder in Asia, Africa and South America; the rest of the world has not really followed suit. This probably has a lot to do with culture, perception and need.真理就是真理。也许你并不喜欢,但那也不会对真理产生丝毫影响。由;食用昆虫;这一讨论中我们可以得出一个真理——昆虫富含蛋白质。显然,我们需要蛋白质。 但并非所有昆虫都如此。超过1400种臭虫被人们食用过,它们为人体提供低脂肪、低胆固醇物质的同时也为人体补充丰富的钙元素和铁元素。没错,它们身体表面 黏滑且;不堪一击;,但是它们的确对人体有好处。Nevertheless, insects provide very little space to breed and generally inexpensive to do so as well. Add this to the fact that they can provide a nutritional meal, and we have all the makings of a new food group. Indeed, crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers and June beetles are just a few of the favored multi-legged delicacies available. In fact, there are a number of advocacy groups that are promoting the use of insects as a dietary staple. They have a legitimate point, especially when one considers the shortage of food in many parts of the world. Insects can provide an affordable source of the vital nutrients that humans need to survive. Granted, images of fried grasshopper may not be dancing in your head right now, but very soon you may have a craving for chocolate-covered ants. Just wait.尽管食用昆虫在亚洲,非洲和南美地区并不常见,但在世界上的其他地区却并不罕见。这大概与文化、认知和需求有关。昆虫可以在很小的空间内繁殖,繁殖能力很强。你要试着告诉自己,食用昆虫即享用;营养大餐;。如此,我们就又拥有了一个全新的食物分类——昆虫。蟋 蟀、毛虫、蚱蜢、六月甲虫,这些仅仅只是为人们所喜爱的;多腿(昆虫)佳肴;中的一部分而已。事实上,不少持食用昆虫的组织正积极宣传,鼓励人们将昆虫作为主食。他们这样做是有一定合理性的,尤其是考虑到世界上多个地区存在的粮食短缺问题。昆虫可以为人们提供人类生存所需的重要营养物质,并且人人都可以负担的起(费用)。就算现在的你无法想像你吃着;油炸蚱蜢;的;醉人画面;,但也许不久之后的你会吃着蚂蚁馅的巧克力并且爱不释手!让我们拭目以待吧。6.Seafood6.海鲜The basic problem with meat, is that maintaining the necessary livestock is becoming more and more unsustainable. One study declared that livestock took up about 30% of available land space on the planet, not to mention the greenhouse effect of their biological emissions. Additionally, well over 50% of grain production (a good chunk of available farmable land) is devoted to feeding livestock. Basically, with the ever increasing population, we simply cannot raise enough cows to feed all these folks.肉类最基本的问题是让;必要的;家禽变得越来越靠不住。一项研究表明,家禽占据了地球上30%的可用地,更别提他们排放的二氧化碳对温室效应带来的;贡献;。此外,超过50%的谷物类产品(种植于大片优质可耕地)用以喂养家畜。基本上,随着人口不断的增加,我们养的牛已经远远不够吃了。The sea, on the other hand, provides excellent sources of food that is much easier to cultivate/breed. And I’m not talking about a bunch of fishermen out at sea hauling in more loads of produce (images of the show ;Deadliest Catch; and the movie A Perfect Storm are coming to mind). Rather, we are talking about fish farms on land – places where different types of fish are specifically bred and raised to be turned into a fillet (think Tilapia and Cobia). It certainly makes economic and practical sense. Seafood, of just about any variety, takes an enormous amount of resources to catch – whether we are talking about shrimp or crabs. The ability to produce these products in a more domestic fashion would make them more available and presumably cheaper for us, the consumer. And the wide variety of species that make water their home gives produces plethora of choices to market. The new open ranges will be filled with trout.另一方面,海洋也提供了丰富优质的食物资源,而且更易于养殖。我不是要讨论渔民们出海捕捞海产品(脑中立马浮现Deadliest Catch 和电影《完美风暴》)。而是说在陆地上养殖鱼类——不同种类的鱼有不同的喂养方式,之后再加工成如罗非鱼和军曹鱼等鱼。养殖鱼类经济、实际。海鲜带来了极为丰富的食物资源,比如虾或蟹。养殖海鲜在国内日渐流行,消费者会更易买到这些产品,价格可能也会便宜一点。海产品种类繁盛,消费者们也会挑花了眼。鳟鱼随后也会进入市场。审校:由敬雯 来源:前十网 /201603/433945赣州俪人整形美容医院开双眼皮手术好吗

赣州丽人整形去痣多少钱 1. Trying to keep your wardrobe organised is like a full-time job 需要专门腾出一大块时间整理衣柜 2. You have to do a charity shop clear-out every other month 每隔一个月都要出清一些不穿的衣给慈善商店 3. You often find things you swear you must have been drunk to buy 经常发现一些不知什么时候“失手”买来的衣 4. Under your bed is full of shoe boxes that you haven#39;t opened in forever 床底下有不少根本从没打开过的鞋盒子 5. You have to rotate your summer and winter wardrobes to make more room 需要互相倒腾放夏装和冬装的地方,以便腾出些空间 6. You spend your days googling walk-in wardrobes 在网上到处搜超大的衣柜 7. When people tell you they#39;ve never seen you wear the same thing twice 有人跟你说,他们从没见你穿过重样的衣 8. You run out of hangers 衣架不够用了 9. Nothing gets you going quite like a good storage solution 总也找不出存放衣的最佳解决方案 10. You have clothes in your wardrobe, the spare room, the loft AND various suitcases 衣柜、空房间、阁楼、各种行李箱……到处都放着你的衣 11. Finding that specific skirt you need takes hours, sometimes days 想找到要穿的那件短裙需要好几个小时,甚至好几天 12. There#39;s nothing quite like the rush of discovering something you forgot you owned 突然发现你竟然还有这样一件衣,简直让你喜出望外 13. Coats have no place in your wardrobe - they take up WAY too much room 衣柜没地方放外套了——因为外套太占地方 14. You could quite happily give away half of your sunglasses collection and still have a pair for every weekend of the year 即使你乐于把一半的太阳镜都送人,还是会发现每个周末都可以戴不重样的 15. You never have anything to wear - mostly because of all the clothes disguising actual outfits 你总是不知道穿什么好——主要是因为衣太多,不知道怎么搭配才最好 16. No one ever wants to buy you clothes for your birthday. ;You have enough; 你生日没人送你衣,大家都说“你衣够多了” 17. Bags to you are like pants - you wear a new one every day 包包对你来说就像裤子一样——每天换一个 18. Every time you#39;re invited to an event, you buy something new 每次获邀出席某个场合,你都要置办几件新行头 19. Your friends are better at remembering what you own than you are 朋友们更容易记住你穿过的衣,早忘了你是个什么样的人 20. You have a bra to match every kind of outfit 每套行头你都有专门的胸罩来搭配 21. Strangers on Instagram think you#39;re rich - they don#39;t see the Cup A Soup dinners 社交网站上的人还以为你富得流油,殊不知你晚餐只喝一杯速食汤 22. Your dry-clean pile never gets done - when you have so many other clothes to wear, what#39;s the point? 你的脏衣永远堆在那儿——还有那么多其他选择,何必去洗脏的? 23. Your clothes are always creased from cramming too many in your wardrobe 衣柜里衣太多,弄的都起皱了 24. You definitely own more hangers than you know people 你衣架的数量比你认识的人的数量还多 25. Sometimes you get home and realise the top you just bought is identical to one you aly own 有时你到家才发现,刚买的那件上衣跟之前买过的一件一模一样 26. At weekends you play with your clothes as if they were your toys 周末你净跟自己的衣打交道了,仿佛它们是你的玩具 27. Your laundry basket acts as extra storage 脏衣篓其实是一个你储存衣的地方 28. So does the washing machine 洗衣机也是 29. So does the clothes horse 晾衣架也是 30. If you sold all of your clothes you could probably buy a mansion. 要是你卖掉所有衣,你应该可以买栋房了。 /201604/439420赣南医学院附属第一医院做丰胸手术多少钱赣州俪人整形美容医院注射玻尿酸好吗



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