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赣州市人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱赣州妇保医院切眼袋多少钱Many sportspeople do sit-ups as part of a raft of exercises which aim to improve their core stability, but research from Thomas Nesser from Indiana State University suggests that improving your core stability doesn#39;t necessarily result in better athletic performance.很多运动人士将仰卧起坐作为锻炼的一种方式,来提高自己身体核心区的稳定性。但是印第安纳州立大学的托马斯·内赛尔的研究表明,核心区稳定性的提高不一定会让你在运动上有很好的表现。Whether or not they provide you with precisely the physique or fitness you desire, could sit-ups bring unintended consequences such as back pain? Stuart McGill, professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada has been studying sit-ups for years and is convinced that the traditional crunch does indeed cause us harm.不管仰卧起坐是否真的能助你实现你想要的体格或健身效果,它们有可能会带来如背部疼痛这样意想不到的后果吗?加拿大滑铁卢大学的生物力学脊柱教授斯图尔特·麦吉尔对仰卧起坐已经研究多年,深信这一传统的收腹运动确实会有损我们的身体。He conducted dozens of studies in his spine biomechanics lab using the cadavers of pigs, repeatedly flexing their spines in a similar way as a person might when doing a sit-up, but for many, many hours at a time. When he examined the discs in the spine afterwards, he found that they had been squeezed to the point where they bulged. If the same thing happened in a human this would press on the nerves, causing back pain, and possibly even a herniated disc.在脊椎生物力学实验室,他在猪身上已经进行过几十次的研究。通过模仿人做仰卧起坐时的姿势,他不断地弯曲猪的脊椎,一次长达数小时。随后,他检验猪的脊椎盘,发现弯曲时隆起的部位已经被挤压成尖状。如果同样的事情发生人身上,这将压迫到神经,造成背部疼痛,甚至可能是椎间盘突出。Pigs were chosen for this experiment because their spines are more similar to human spines than those of many other animals, but of course critics of these studies point out, that there are still many differences between people and pigs. Also these studies involved thousands of continuous cycles of bending. Even when training hard, people take breaks between sets of crunches.之所以将猪选为实验对象,是因为与其他动物相比,他们的脊椎与人类的脊椎相似度更高。当然,研究的反对者指出,人和猪之间仍有许多不同之处。此外,在研究过程中,对猪的脊椎进行弯曲的频次过多。而对于人来说,训练再刻苦,中间也会有休息。Perhaps these results tell us what might happen at the extremes in the unlikely event that you were to do sit-ups for hour upon hour, but in real life it#39;s clearly not the case that most people damage their discs most of the time when doing sets of 15 sit-ups. However, injuries can happen. Research published in 2005 on soldiers stationed at the US military#39;s Fort Bragg attributed 56% of all the injuries sustained during the two-yearly Army Physical Fitness Test, to sit-ups.也许这些研究结果告诉我们的是极端情况下的后果,就像你几乎不可能一小时接着一小时地一直做仰卧起坐。在现实生活中,大部分人一般只是做15组仰卧起坐。而即便如此,伤害还是有可能会发生。2005年对驻扎在布拉格堡的美军士兵的研究表明,在两年的陆军体能测试期中,56%的伤害归因于仰卧起坐。Some people seem to be more prone to back problems caused by sit-ups than others. We might be fine doing 30 sit-ups a day for decades, but we might not and it#39;s hard to know which group we fall into. It could come down to our genes. According to one paper, it#39;s not wear-and-tear that causes most of the difficulties, but genetic factors, which account for three-quarters of the differences between the people who do get back problems and those who don#39;t.对于有些人来说,仰卧起坐似乎更容易产生腰背问题。反之,一些人每天都做30个仰卧起坐,坚持了几十年,却没有任何异样。我们可能不知道也很难知道我们是属于哪一类人。这可能源于我们的基因。根据一篇文章指出,大部分的问题并非源于不断的擦和撕裂,而是遗传因素。人之所以有或没有背部问题,75%是因为遗传的关系。So sit-ups might lead to back pain, but only in some people. It#39;s a good excuse not to do them. But if you want to crunch those abs, is there a way of limiting the risk? Professor Stuart McGill recommends sliding your hands under your lower back to stop it flattening against the floor. This minimises the stress on your back.所以,对一部分人来说,仰卧起坐可能导致背部疼痛。这是一个不做仰卧起坐的很好的借口。但是,若想要平坦的腹肌,有没有一种风险更低的方式?斯图尔特·麦吉尔教授建议,将双手滑动到下背部,避免下背部直接接触地板。这将最大限度地减少背部压力。 /201604/439346大余县妇幼保健人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱 While some have tried pretty shocking techniques to lose weight, there are also some common, long-held techniques that seem like a good idea - and may even work at first - but are absolutely going to backfire and end up causing weight gain. If you#39;re on a quest to a slimmer you, avoid doing these two things.一些人尝试了令人非常惊讶的减肥技术,也有人用一些普遍的、长期以来被人们所使用的方法,这些方法看上去似乎不错--甚至也许初期有效果--但是绝对会反弹,最终导致体重增加。如果你正在减肥,那就避免做这两件事情。Skipping Out on Meals不吃饭In order to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. And while reducing the number of calories in your diet is one way to do this, skipping an entire meal is not the way to go. Starving the body can slow down its metabolism and lead to overeating later. And let#39;s face it, if you#39;re running on empty, you won#39;t have the energy for a calorie-crushing workout later. Beyond adopting a healthier diet in general, the best way to reduce your calorie intake is to find ways to make healthy swaps in your favorite foods and also by choosing lower-calorie foods that are high in fiber, protein, or whole grains, which can better keep you full.为了减肥,你需要减少体内卡路里的含量。虽然减少你饮食中的卡路里摄入量是一种方法,但是整顿饭都不吃是不可取的。饥饿的身体会降低新陈代谢速度,从而导致晚些时候暴饮暴食。面对现实吧,如果你空腹跑步,你将没有能量消耗卡路里。采取一种更健康的饮食方式,最好从你喜欢的食物里选择更健康的食物来食用,以此来减少你卡路里的摄入量,同时也可以选择低卡路里、高纤维、高蛋白质或全麦的食物,那将会对你更有益。Only Exercising只锻炼Working out is definitely part of the weight-loss equation, but if you think it means you can eat whatever you want, you#39;re not going to be happy with the results. Keep in mind that a 30-minute run at a pace of six mph burns about 270 calories. In order to lose a pound a week, you need to burn or cut out 500 calories a day. So that means coupled with your 30-minute workout, you still need to cut out 230 calories from your diet, which most likely does not translate to eating everything in sight. Research actually proves that ;abs are made in the kitchen,; which means that what you eat - focusing on eating healthy portions throughout the day - can be even more important than how much you work out.锻炼身体确实对减肥很重要,但如果你认为这意味着你能吃任何你想吃的东西,结果将不会让你满意。记得以时速六英里跑30分钟能消耗270卡路里。为了一周减一磅,你需要每天消耗或者减少摄入500卡路里。这就意味着就算加上你30分钟跑步的锻炼,你仍需在饮食上减少230卡路里的摄入,也就是说不能什么都吃。研究确实实了;腹肌是在厨房练成的,;意思是说你吃的东西--关注一天的健康饮食--比你的运动量更加重要。译文属 /201607/453914Andy Grove, who died on Monday at 79, was not one of the technology industry’s household names. But the chemical engineer who turned Intel from a brilliant science project into the first industrial giant of the personal computing era has long been guaranteed a revered place in Silicon Valley lore. 安迪#8226;格罗夫(Andy Grove)于本周一逝世,享年79岁。格罗夫并非科技业家喻户晓的名人之一。但这位化学工程师让英特尔(Intel)从一个卓越的科学项目转变为个人计算机时代的首个行业巨头,一直在硅谷传说中享有尊崇地位。 Grove, who joined Intel in 1968, rose to become chief executive at the peak of its PC industry power, from 1987-98, and served as chairman until 2004. 格罗夫在1968年加入英特尔,在1987年至1998年英特尔在个人计算机行业的影响力达到巅峰时担任首席执行官,并担任董事长直至2004年。 He did as much as almost anyone to shape the computing world that has emerged over the past half century — and, in the process, to define the business culture that has taken such a powerful grip on modern management thinking. 他对塑造成长于过去半个世纪的计算机世界所做的贡献不亚于任何人,并且在这个过程中定义了深谙现代管理思想的企业文化。 His personal idiosyncrasies, insecurities and passions coalesced into a powerful brew. They included an iconoclastic disregard for the normal conventions of business and a win-at-all-costs determination; a relentless addiction to pre-emptive corporate reinvention and the merits of moving fast; a taste for gutsy, bet-the-farm risks; and an eye for the kind of industry domination that new digital technologies made possible. 他的个人特质、不安全感和热情汇聚成了强大的力量。他有着对企业常规惊世骇俗的蔑视,以及不惜代价获胜的决心;他极度痴迷于对企业进行先发制人的改造,并且行动迅速;他勇于孤注一掷地冒险;他渴望利用新的数字科技来获取行业主导地位。 “Many of the senior statesmen in the Valley worked for him, many of the [venture capitalists] worked for him,” says David Yoffie, an Intel director from the late 1980s and a professor at Harvard Business School. “In some sense, his career was the story of Silicon Valley.” 从上世纪80年代末就担任英特尔董事的哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)教授戴维#8226;约菲(David Yoffie)表示:“硅谷的许多资深人士都曾为他工作过,许多(风险资本家)也为他工作过。从某种意义上说,他的职业生涯就是硅谷的故事。” Grove was the classic outsider who found himself in the computing world that came to life in the 1960s. He was born András Gróf in Hungary on September 2 1936. His father was conscripted into a Jewish labour battalion during the second world war while he and his mother moved around Hungary to avoid detention and the fate that befell many Hungarian Jews who were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. 格罗夫是一个典型的外来者,在上世纪60年代计算机世界诞生时,便投身其中。他于1936年9月2日出生于匈牙利,原名安德拉什#8226;格罗夫(András Gróf)。他父亲在二战期间被征到犹太人劳工营,而他和母亲辗转于匈牙利各地以免遭到拘捕,像许多匈牙利犹太人那样被抓起来送往奥斯维辛集中营(Auschwitz)。 It was after the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was brutally suppressed by the Soviet Union that Grove fled the country, escaping by foot into Austria and then a new life in the US. 正是在1956年匈牙利起义被苏联残酷镇压之后,格罗夫逃离了匈牙利,徒步逃到奥地利,随后到达美国,开始了新生活。 He never went back. Instead, arriving in Silicon Valley at the start of the 1960s, he was catapulted into a future that he helped to invent. 他从未再回去过。实际上,在上世纪60年代初抵达硅谷之后,他就投身于一个自己参与创造的未来。 Grove was one of the great business communicators, despite a thick accent that remained with him and a hearing impediment from early in life. 格罗夫是伟大的商业沟通者之一,尽管他一直带着浓重的口音,而且从早年起就有听力障碍。 He also translated his thinking into some of the most influential management books of the late 20th century. One — Only the Paranoid Survive — became a mantra not just for Grove but for the whole of Silicon Valley, where the threat of being disrupted by the next new upstart engendered persistent anxiety. 他还将自己的想法写成书籍,其中一些成为20世纪末最具影响力的管理类书籍。其中的《只有偏执狂才能生存》(Only The Paranoid Survive)不仅是格罗夫的理念,而且还成为了整个硅谷的理念——在硅谷,被下一个新秀企业颠覆的威胁让人持续陷入焦虑。 As he wrote in the opening lines: “The more successful you are, the more people want a chunk of your business and then another chunk and then another until there is nothing left.” Many managers may sense this truism. Few have the guts to do something about it. 正如他在该书的开篇所写:“你越成功,就有越多的人想抢走你的一部分生意,再抢走一部分,直到你一无所有。”许多经理人可能觉得这是老生常谈。但很少有人有勇气就此做些什么。 The paranoia was not just for show. “I sat in many, many meetings with Andy while he looked at the worst outcome, and what could possibly go wrong,” says Mr Yoffie. He adds that it was this refusal to rest on past success — and the ability to see how the various pieces of the business world would fall into place — that enabled Grove to take the pre-emptive actions needed to put Intel at the top of its industry. 这种偏执不仅仅是为了秀给别人看。“我与安迪开过很多很多次会,他会考虑最糟糕的结果,以及哪里可能出错,”约菲说道。他补充说,正是由于格罗夫拒绝停留在过去的成功,并且能够看清商业世界拼图中的不同碎片将如何落到正确的位置,所以他能够采取让英特尔走上行业巅峰所需的先发制人的措施。 Perhaps the most significant was Grove’s determination to make Intel the sole source for the new PC microprocessors, rather than just one of several suppliers — a move that was to give the company unassailable economies of scale and cement its lead. 或许最为重要的是格罗夫决心让英特尔成为新的个人电脑微处理器的唯一供应商,而不是几家供应商之一,此举令该公司获得无懈可击的规模经济并得以巩固其领先地位。 IBM, at the time its biggest customer and the originator of the PC, was against the move. But Grove remained firm and the rapid emergence of a new industry, led by Compaq Computer, provided a y market. IBM’s grip on the computing world was broken and Intel — along with Microsoft — had turned itself into one of the tech industry’s dominant monopolists. 当时英特尔最大客户、个人电脑鼻祖IBM反对此举。但格罗夫意志坚定,由康柏电脑(Compaq Computer)率领的新行业的迅速崛起提供了一个现成的市场。IBM对计算领域的控制被攻破,英特尔(与微软(Microsoft)一道)把自己变成了科技行业占主导地位的垄断者之一。 Grove showed a similar determination when, assailed by competition from Japan, he decided to abandon memory chips, the company’s original business, to bet everything on microprocessors. 在遭遇来自日本的竞争之际,格罗夫显示出了类似的决心,他决定放弃内存芯片业务(这是该公司的原始业务),全盘押注于微处理器。 But if he got the big strategic decisions right, Grove was as well known for a relentless attention to detail and a mercilessly demanding management style. Hired as Intel’s first employee by founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, it was his ability to get things done that made him invaluable. 但除了做出正确的重大战略决策,让格罗夫出名的还有他对细节的强烈关注以及毫不留情的苛刻管理风格。他是英特尔创始人戈登#8226;尔(Gordon Moore)和罗伯特#8226;诺伊斯(Robert Noyce)聘用的该公司第一位员工,正是他把事情做成的能力使他成为无价的人才。 He had followed a postgraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley with a job as a research scientist at Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley’s original chipmaker. But he came into his own as an operational genius, turning the cottage industry that was chipmaking into one of the most demanding of high-tech sectors. 在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)获得硕士学位后,他曾在硅谷最早的芯片制造商飞兆半导体(Fairchild Semiconductor)担任研究员。但他却作为一位经营天才脱颖而出,把作坊式的芯片制造业转变为了要求最为苛刻的高科技行业之一。 As with Steve Jobs at Apple, Grove’s rages became famous, and his treatment of subordinates could be vicious. But the tempers never undermined his drive. “He had a talent for pushing people harder than they had ever been pushed before — and for making people want to please him,” says Mr Yoffie. “He was such a hard man to please.” 就像苹果(Apple)的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)一样,格罗夫的火爆脾气很是出名,他对待下属的态度极其严厉。但这种脾气从未削弱他的鞭策力。“他有一种天分,能够给员工从未遇到过的严厉鞭策,并让员工愿意取悦他,”约菲表示,“他是一个很难取悦的人。” /201603/433287赣州e光祛真皮斑哪家医院好

江西省中心人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱Relax. You can wear whatever you want and chances are nobody will say a word to you. And far be it from us to dictate what someone else should wear or not wear. That said, we thought it would be fun to ask our Huff/Post50 Facebook friends what they think men over 40 need to cart off to Goodwill. Here are some of their responses and a few of our own.先别激动。你当然是想穿什么就穿什么,对此我们不能有任何异议。况且还轮不到我们来命令别人穿什么不穿什么。但话虽如此,我们还是饶有兴趣地询问了许多位脸书用户,想让他们就年纪上40的男人不该穿什么给出一些善意的建议。以下是他们的回复,还有些是我们的建议。1. Baseball caps worn backward. Or forward, actually too.不要反着戴棒球帽。好吧,正着也不行。Once the fashion statement of the entertainment industry, the baseball cap worn backward has become something of a cliche that says ;I#39;m not Ron Howard but sure wish I had the dude#39;s money.;棒球帽曾是时尚的标志,但现在反着戴棒球帽就是老调重弹,这就好比在对别人说:“我不是朗·霍华德(《美丽心灵》导演,喜戴棒球帽),但真希望我像他老兄那么有钱”。The only guys over 40 who wear caps backward should be baseball catchers. It is widely believed that men wear baseball caps only to cover what is no longer there. Remember, bald is beautiful if worn with confidence.上40岁还可以戴棒球帽的只有一类人,那就是棒球接球手。很多人认为,男人戴棒球帽是为了遮住自己的秃顶。记住,只要敢自信地秀出来,秃顶也可以很帅气。2. Hats that aren#39;t Tilley Hats.不要戴除蒂利帽之外任何带沿的帽子。A Tilley hat is timeless statement piece. Mostly what it is stating is that Tilleys have a spot to write your name in them so that when you leave your hat in restaurants, they know how to reach you. Tilleys also have a replacement policy that is unsurpassed, just in case the guy over 40 who found it decides to cross out your name and keep it for himself. An imperfect system, we know. But still great hats.蒂利帽是件永不过时的单品。通常情况下,这里的永不过时是指蒂利帽上有块地方可以写下自己的名字,这样当你把它落在餐馆时,务员能联系到你。而且,就算捡到你帽子的家伙也年过不惑,打算划去你的名字将帽子据为己有,你仍然可以用优惠价从商家那儿再换一顶,这项政策也是其他品牌无法超越的。我们知道,这项政策不完美。但不管怎样,蒂利帽还是非常棒的。3. Tee-shirts that shrunk in the wash.远离缩水的衬衫。It is a pity when our favorite shirts no longer fit us. We weep right alongside you brother. At some point, we all need to remember that hot water has no place in our laundry cycle. Notice how we blame the washer setting and not anyone#39;s expanding belly.喜爱的衬衫不再合身,很可惜。我们到哥们儿那儿寻找安慰。其实某些情况下,我们还应该记住,洗衣绝对不能用热水。有没有发现,我们老是抱怨洗衣机的洗衣设置不理想,却忘了自己日益圆满的啤酒肚。4. Anything that points an arrow to said expanding belly.避免任何可能凸显啤酒肚的穿搭。Bellies are jolly good things when worn under a red Santa suit by the guy at the mall at Christmas time. Under other circumstances, they should be kept under wraps. This means no belts that need to be worn beneath them, no shirts so short that bellies protrude from below, and no Speedos under any circumstances.圣诞节穿着圣诞老人装站在商场时,有啤酒肚的话还怪可爱的。但在其它场合,最好别让它露面。所以,不要在啤酒肚下面勒皮带,不穿过短会露出啤酒肚的衬衫,任何情况下都不要穿紧身游泳短裤。5. Yes, absolutely no Speedos under any circumstances.再说一遍,不要穿紧身泳裤,任何时候都别穿。Very few men of any age can carry off a Speedo. While we have no issue with wanting to show off your package of junk, we#39;d rather see a package of hunk. Leaving something to the imagination is sexiest of all. Unless you are on a beach in Mykonos, in which case your Speedo labels you overdressed.几乎没有哪个年龄段的男性能驾驭得了紧身短裤。虽然你秀赘肉我们没啥意见,但其实我们更爱看肌肉男。留点想象的空间最性感了。除非你是在米科诺斯岛的沙滩上(以裸晒出名),这地方即使穿紧身泳裤也会觉得多余。6. Man buns are good, man pigtails not so much.留小发髻还说得过去,但扎男士马尾就是场灾难了。While technically not a style item that can be retired to the thrift store, er Judy Gregg mentioned pigtails, reminding us that what looks adorable on little girls playing soccer gets all Willie Nelson for us on older men.尽管男士马尾还没到退出潮流的时候,但读者朱迪·格雷格还是提到了它。她认为:踢足球的小女孩扎马尾可能很可爱,但中年大叔一不小心就会变成威利·纳尔逊(美国乡村摇滚运动先锋,一直扎着两条辫子)。7. Corduroy jackets with suede patches on the elbows.胳膊肘带麂皮补丁装饰的灯芯绒夹克,别穿。Once the realm of university professors and scholars, anything with elbow patches was pretty much banned from First World closets in the early 1990s. These jackets have resurfaced, principally found in vintage clothing stores.肘弯处打麂皮补丁的灯芯绒夹克曾经是大学教授和学者的时尚,但在20世纪90年代早期,任何肘弯有补丁的装都是上流社会着装的大忌。最近,这样的夹克又开始兴起,主要能在旧式装店找到。8. Dirty clothes of any kind.记住,脏衣毁人。Shirts stained with food are a cry for help. Don#39;t let your shirts cry. Clean them. In fact, clean everything. You could probably start with the dirty dishes in the sink and then maybe vacuum. Cleanliness is a good thing — and super hot.沾着食物残渣的脏衬衫简直令人不忍直视。别糟蹋了你的衬衫,把它们洗干净吧。事实上,所有的东西都要洗干净。你可以先从水池里泡着的脏碗碟开始,接下来是吸尘器。清洁是件美好的事,而且也很流行。9. Mom jeans.防火防盗,防妈妈裤(高腰牛仔裤)。Whatever the male equivalent is to Mom Jeans needs to go. Jeans are a staple of life. Everyone needs at least one good pair, which is to say a piece of denim that they shelled out a bushel of money for. Jeans are our go-to item, life#39;s comfort blanket, the one item we would wear every day if we could and do wear even when we can#39;t. Men need to invest in a good pair and toss out all the rest.类似妈妈裤的单品都需要被清理出去。牛仔裤是生活必需品,每个人都需要至少一条质地上乘的牛仔裤,就是花一大把银子才能买到的那种。它是拯救我们穿搭的单品,是生活的安慰剂,是不论条件是否允许,我们都想每天穿着的单品。男性需要花钱买条质地好的牛仔裤,把其它的次品都扔出去。10. A hoodie with profanity on it.穿印着脏话的连衫帽可不是个好习惯。It is OK to wear a sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of your daughter#39;s college on it. If you#39;re shelling out ,000 a year for her to attend, you at least get to wear the sweatshirt. Just don#39;t wear sweatshirts with profanity written on them. Remember how you taught the college girl that her friends who use the F word just have limited vocabularies and that cursing doesn#39;t make you sound grown-up — it just makes you sound coarse. Don#39;t be coarse. Be gentle and kind.要是你每年花5万美元供女儿上大学的话,穿印有女儿学校名称的运动衫倒也无妨,毕竟你还能穿到这样的运动衫。但千万别穿印着脏话的运动衫。还记得你是怎么教育自己的女儿的吗?你拿她的孤朋友的例子说道:任何说脏话的人都词汇有限,这样的咒骂不会让你显得自己多成熟,只能让你变粗俗。所以,不要粗俗,文雅一点,和善一点。 /201604/435055江西省赣州俪人医院丰胸多少钱 龙南县脸部去痣价格

宁都县妇幼保健人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱If you#39;ve not yet caught wind of the decade-old princess-culture-is-problematic discussion — especially if you#39;re a parent — you must be actively working to avoid it.如果你(尤其是为人父母者)还未听说对于风靡数十年的公主文化问题的讨论的话,那么你应该尽量避免这种文化。The latest study adding fuel to the fire comes out of Brigham Young University and finds that, yes indeed, folks, the Disney princess obsession can be harmful to girls.杨百翰大学最新的一项研究为该讨论火上浇油。该研究表明,对于迪士尼公主的沉迷会对女孩们有害。;I think parents think that the Disney princess culture is safe. That#39;s the word I hear time and time again — it#39;s #39;safe,#39;; lead study author Sarah M. Coyne of the Mormon institution in Utah noted in a press release. ;But if we#39;re fully jumping in here and really embracing it, parents should really consider the long-term impact of the princess culture.;该研究的首席作者莎拉·M·科因在新闻稿中表示:;我认为父母们会觉得这些迪士尼公主是无害的。我一遍又一遍地听他们说这很#39;安全#39;。但如果我们真的让它深入到我们的生活的话,父母们应该认真想想这种公主文化的长期影响。;So, what#39;s the problem this time around? Same as always, confirmed the study, published in the journal Child Development, which involved the assessment of 198 preschoolers: Lots of engagement with princess culture (whether through movies or toys) can lead to gender-stereotypical behavior as well as self-critical body image.那么,这次又是什么问题呢?和之前的研究一样,这项在《儿童发展》期刊上出版的研究评估了198名学前儿童,发现大量接触公主文化(无论是通过电影还是玩具)可能会导致性别刻板印象以及对于自己身体形象的自我批判。The strict gender stereotypes can become problematic, Coyne observes, if they hold girls back.科因发现,严重的性别刻板印象会很成问题,会阻碍女孩们的发展。;We know that girls who strongly adhere to female gender stereotypes feel like they can#39;t do some things,; Coyne said. ;They#39;re not as confident that they can do well in math and science. They don#39;t like getting dirty, so they#39;re less likely to try and experiment with things.;科因说道:;我们知道坚持女性刻板印象的女孩们会觉得她们不能做一些事情。她们不觉得自己在数学和科学上能够取的好成绩。她们喜欢整洁,所以她们不太愿意尝试做实验。;The researchers found that 96 percent of girls and 87 percent of boys had viewed Disney princess media. Meanwhile, more than 61 percent of girls played with princess toys at least once a week, while only 4 percent of boys did the same.研究人员发现,96%的女孩和87%的男孩都看过迪士尼公主频道,超过61%的女孩每周至少玩一次公主玩偶,而只有4%的男孩会这么做。;Disney princesses represent some of the first examples of exposure to the thin ideal,; Coyne said, echoing the many princess and Barbie critics who have come before her. ;As women, we get it our whole lives, and it really does start at the Disney princess level, at age 3 and 4.;科因和之前许多对公主、芭比进行批评的人持相同看法,她认为:;迪士尼公主代表了最初的消瘦审美观。作为女性,我们终身受其影响。而这种影响的的确确是在三四岁时受迪士尼公主影响开始的。;So, what#39;s a parent to do, beyond the unrealistic strategy of avoiding any and all princess imagery for the entirety of a girl#39;s childhood?那么,除了在孩子的童年时代不切实际地避免一切迪士尼之外,父母还能做些什么呢?;I#39;d say, have moderation in all things,; Coyne suggested. ;Have your kids involved in all sorts of activities, and just have princesses be one of many, many things that they like to do and engage with.;科因建议道:;我觉得对于所有的事物都要有节制。让你的孩子参与到各种活动中,而迪士尼公主们只是他们想做的事情的一部分。;;This study has changed the way I talk to my daughter, the things I focus on, and it#39;s been really good for me as a parent to learn from this study,; Coyne said. ;I usually can#39;t say that my research findings have such a personal impact on my life.;此外,科因还表示:;这项研究改变了我对女儿的交谈方式和重点。作为母亲,我从这项研究中受益匪浅。一般来说,我不会觉得我的研究对我自己的私人生活会有这么大的影响。; /201606/452084 江西省人民医院切眼袋多少钱赣州脱毛那里好



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