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赣州腋臭医院有哪些Science and Technolgy.科技。reproduction.人类繁衍。Life begins at 45.45岁也能生娃。Hope for older mothers.高龄母亲的福音。WHEN it comes to reproduction, men have it easy. Almost to the end of their lives most have an ample supply of sperm. Women are not so lucky. They are born with a supply of eggs that typically runs out when they reach middle age. That could be about to change, however. Researchers have confirmed that women harbour ovarian stem cells, and that these can give rise to new eggs.讲到繁衍,男人表示压力很小。大多数人直到去世前都拥有充足的精子。女人可就没这么幸运了。人到中年,她们就会耗尽出生时携带的卵子。不过,这一情形很快就能得到改变。研究者们实,女人拥有卵巢干细胞,而这种细胞能成为新的卵细胞的来源。Stem cells have the ability to divide continuously and to change into different types of cells. Stem cells from adults can produce a variety of cell types, in addition to those that make up the tissue in which they are found.干细胞具有不断分裂的潜力,可以分化成许多种类的细胞。成人干细胞不仅可以分化成其来源组织的细胞,还能分化成其它细胞。In 2004 Jonathan Tilly of Harvard Medical School and his colleagues discovered stem cells in mouse ovaries. Since then it has been shown that these ovarian stem cells can develop into eggs, be fertilised and produce perfectly healthy mouse pups. But researchers have been reluctant to believe that something similar might be possible in humans.2004年,哈弗医学院的Jonathan Tilly及其同事在老鼠卵巢里发现了干细胞。迄今已经实,此类卵巢干细胞能够分化成为卵细胞,卵细胞在受精后还能发育成健康的鼠宝宝。但是研究者尚不能确信人类也存在类似机能。Proving that this was indeed the case was tricky. Human ovarian tissue-especially from young, healthy donors-is not easy to come by. Dr Tillys breakthrough came when he discovered that a former colleague, Yasushi Takai of Saitama Medical University in Japan, had in his freezer healthy ovarian tissue from 30 patients who had changed sex.想要弄清真相有些困难。人类卵巢组织很难找到,健康的年轻捐献者的组织更难寻觅。幸而Tilly士发现他的前同事——日本埼玉医科大学的Yasushi Takai在冰箱里存放了30个变性人不再需要的健康卵巢组织,取得了突破。Using a sophisticated cell-sorting technique, the researchers developed a way to identify ovarian stem cells that works for both mice and humans. Then they took the human ovarian stem cells, labelled them with a green fluorescent protein and put them back into a slice of human ovary (grafted onto a living mouse, so that it was functioning much like a normal ovary). The glowing green cells soon produced a brand new crop of human eggs, according to their findings published this week in Nature Medicine.研究人员运用尖端的细胞分选技术,找出方法,实人类和老鼠身上都存在卵巢干细胞。随后,他们分离出人类卵巢干细胞,用荧光蛋白做上标记再把它植入一片人类卵巢组织。这片组织被移植到了活鼠体内,使其保持正常卵巢的机能。他们本周发表在《自然医学》上的结果称,这些绿芒闪烁的细胞很快制造出了一批人类卵细胞。Offshoring fertilisation.国外受精。Fertilising these eggs for experimentation is forbidden in America. Britains Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, however, will allow it in certain cases. So next month Dr Tilly will take some of his stem cell booty to Edinburgh to collaborate with Evelyn Telfer, who has developed a technique for growing human eggs from an early stage. She holds a licence to fertilise them experimentally.美国禁止为实验用的卵细胞受精,不过英国的人类受精和胚胎学将在某些研究中允许给卵细胞授精。所以,下个月Tilly士将带着卵细胞去爱丁堡与Evelyn Telfer合作。Evelyn Telfer掌握了用卵母细胞培育卵细胞的技术,持有给试验用细胞授精的许可。The discovery could revolutionise infertility treatment for women in several ways. For one thing, research has shown that in mice, even aged ovaries contain ovarian stem cells. And when those stem cells are placed into a young ovary, they will develop healthy eggs. This raises the possibility that, one day, women of advanced age could have their own biologically related children. Currently, many women over 45 have to make do with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) using the egg of a younger woman.这项发现会是女性不育症治疗的一场革命。一方面,老鼠体内衰老的卵巢里也有卵巢干细胞;将这些细胞移植到年轻的卵巢中后,它们能制造健康的卵子。这意味着将来的某天,年龄较大的妇女也能拥有生物学意义上的自己的孩子。目前,许多45岁以上的妇女只能凑合着用年轻女人的卵细胞进行体外受精(IVF)。Other treatments will become available sooner. OvaScience, a fertility company based in Boston which has exclusive rights to exploit Dr Tillys research on mammalian ovarian stem cells, will begin offering a novel treatment in July. This uses a womans own stem cells to provide her eggs with extra energy by creating fresh mitochondria-sub-units that exist within cells and supply them with energy. They too can become scarcer and less productive with age. Previous studies have shown that boosting mitochondria can dramatically increase the success rates of IVF. When it comes to reproduction, men will still have it easier for some time. But women are catching up.另一种疗法也将很快得到应用。波士顿的OvaScience公司独家开发Tilly士的哺乳动物卵巢干细胞细胞研究。今年7月,该公司将开始提供一种全新的疗法:使用卵巢干细胞制造线粒体(给细胞提供能量的细胞器),给妇女的卵细胞增添活力。线粒体的数量和活力也会随着年龄增长而递减。此前的研究表明,增加线粒体数量能极大提高体外受精的成功率。谈起繁衍来,男人还能优哉游哉一阵子。不过,女人即将迎头赶上。 /201209/201653赣州鼻梁横纹注射玻尿酸多少钱 赣州注射丰唇一针多少钱

崇义县小腿减肥多少钱 Obituary;Brian Haw讣告;布莱恩·霍Brian Haw, peace campaigner, died on June 18th, aged 62布莱恩·霍——和平活动家,于六月十八日逝世,享年六十二岁When Brian Haw sat in his old canvas chair in front of his banner-hung tent in Parliament Square, people kept coming by. Tourists with their cameras. Teenagers drinking beer. Commuters on their way to work. Taxis, vans, bicycles. Bloody big black cars with lying politicians in them. Buses with passengers all on their phones or buried in their papers. Drivers who wound down the car window, not stopping, and shouted “Get a job!”国会广场上悬挂着标语的帐篷前,布莱恩·霍坐在他那老旧的帆布椅子上,过往路人川流不息。有带相机的游客,喝啤酒的少年,还有往返于工作路上的人群。的士、货车、自行车,还有说谎的政客们乘坐的超长黑色轿车都从此经过。公交车上乘客都忙着打电话或埋头于报纸。司机放下车窗,但没有停车,冲他喊道:“找份工作吧!”Wasnt that nice. But he had a job. He had it for ten years in sun, rain, sleet, snow. Never left the square. And his job was this. Get the people to wake up. Get them to realise that the USA and the UK were killing babies. Hundreds were dying every day in this place called Iraq and this place called Afghanistan. He had their photographs on his wall of shame. Bloated, pathetic, missing limbs. Sanctions were killing them. Sanctions and bombs. And especially, check out depleted uranium munitions. That poison was everywhere, in the air, in the water, even between the grains of sand. There wasnt a Hoover in the world big enough to suck up all that shit. And everyone was responsible. Everyone. Raping and pillaging and murdering the world. Just to get that stuff called oil. FOOD YES, BOMBS NO, his banners said. COLAT DAME, NO. A GENOCIDE TOO FAR. STOP KILLING MY KIDS.司机是出于好意。但他是有工作的。十年来不管是晴是雨,是霰是雪,他都坚守岗位,从未离开过广场。他的工作就是唤醒大家。让人们意识到美国和英国政府在杀害婴孩。在一个叫伊拉克和一个叫阿富汗的地方每天都有成百上千的婴孩死去。他把他们的照片贴在他的羞耻墙上。这些孩子或身体浮肿,或悲惨可怜,或缺胳膊少腿。制裁害死了他们。制裁和炸弹。特别地,看看贫铀弹的威力吧。有毒物质散发到了各个角落,空气中,水中,甚至沙土中。世界上可没有足够大的真空吸尘器能把那些毒物吸光。而且,每一个人都要负责。无一例外,人人都在榨取、掠夺地球的资源,使地球活力渐失。这一切都只是为了得到那个叫石油的东西。他的标语上书:“食物,可以,炸弹,不可以 ,蓄意破坏,不可以。这是大规模种族屠杀。停止杀害我的孩子们。”People from the whole wide world filmed him on a regular basis. They liked to photograph his old corduroy hat—more badges than hat—which said THE WAR IS THE ENEMY OF THE POOR and SUPPORT US TROOPS—BRING EM HOME! They asked him how he slept. (Badly. How would you sleep if 200 babies were dying every day?) They fussed over how he ate. (Mostly chips people brought him and coffee with five sugars. He was lean as a twig. But you know what? People in Calcutta would think he was a king to have so much pavement to live on.) They asked about the mice. They had nested in his sheepskin coat once. He was far more worried about the rats across the road.来自世界各地的人们经常拍摄他。他们喜欢拍他那顶旧灯芯绒帽子,更主要是为了拍上面的徽章,徽章上写着:战争是穷人的克星,帮助美军——让他们回家!他们问他是怎么睡觉的。(很难入眠。如果每天有200个婴孩死去,你还睡得着吗?)他们对他的饮食大为惊异。(大部分来自人们给他带的薯条和加五种糖的咖啡。他骨瘦如柴。但你知道吗?印度加尔各答市的人们会觉得他有这么宽的人行道可以住,是国王般的待遇了。)他们问老鼠怎么处理。有一次老鼠在他的羊皮大衣上做窝。相比他更担心马路对面的老鼠们。When he talked, he sounded tired. He was. Tired of the bollocks. Tired of people not taking responsibility for their inhumaneness to their fellow man. He probably smoked too much, too. Breathed in too much exhaust. Between sentences he would work his stubbly chin as if chewing on unpalatable facts. Then hed sing:他说话间透着疲倦。确实,他受够了政客的谎言。也因人们的没人性,不为自己的同胞承担责任而深感无力。也有可能是他吸烟太多,吸进了太多废气。说话间他会扬起他那胡子拉碴的下巴,似乎在沉思那些令他不快的事实。接着他会歌唱:Last night I had the strangest dream, Id ever dreamed before;昨晚我做了一个奇特无比的梦,一个从未做过的梦;I dreamed the world had all agreed, to put an end to war.我梦见世界大同,再无战争。He spoke like an evangelist, because he was one. His parents were Christian, and hed found Jesus too at Sunshine Corner beach school in Whitstable. After the merchant navy, he went missionising round Redditch in a minivan. He moved to Parliament Square in 2001 to express his Christian outrage about sanctions. Bushs and Blairs wars kept him there. He loved his neighbours kids as his own because he was a Christian. Other so-called Christians bombed them. Other “believers”, also in the square, didnt care. (WESTMINSTER ABBEY, WAKE UP!) If the people who had marched in 2003 against the Iraq war had stayed, like him, the politicians would have thought again.他说话就像一名福音传教士,因为他本来就是。他的父母都是基督教徒,呆在惠茨特布尔的阳光一角沙滩学校时他也投入了基督教门下。离开商船队以后,他驾驶一辆小型货车前往雷丁奇附近传教。2001年他来到国会广场以表达作为一名基督徒对于制裁的义愤。他留在那里是因为布什和布莱尔发起的战争。他爱其他国家的孩子就像爱自己的孩子一样,因为他是一名基督徒。而另一些所谓的基督徒则用炸弹轰炸他们。其他同样在广场上的“信徒”则漠不关心。(西敏寺,醒来吧!)如果2003年反抗伊拉克战争的游行人群像他一样坚守下去,也许政治家们会三思而后行。Police abuse粗鲁的警察His megaphone helped sp the message. ARREST GEORGE BUSH, WAR CRIMINAL! HI TONY! 45 MINUTES, MR BLAIR. MR B-L-I-A-R. They could hear him even in the Commons chamber. At first Tony Blair said good old Brian, what a champion of free speech. Yes, he was. He defended the right to free expression in front of Parliament: 350 years of peaceful protest. Some rapper boys from South London came up and hugged him once. They said they totally supported him, fuck Parliament, fuck em all. But he wouldnt have that. He just answered Love, Peace, Justice, stop killing my kids.他借助扩音器来传达信念。逮捕乔治·布什,战犯!你好,托尼!45分钟,布莱尔先生。布-莱-尔先生。即使在下议院会议厅里都听得到他的声音。起初,托尼·布莱尔评价他是个好老头布莱恩,言论自由的赢家。是的,他的确是。他守卫了自己在国会面前自由表达思想的权利:有着350年历史的和平抗议。曾有一次几个伦敦南部来的饶舌歌手和他拥抱。他们说完全持他的行为,去他的国会,去他们的。但他不会说脏话。他只用爱,和平,正义,停止杀害孩子来表达。The authorities soon got tired of him, though. Westminster Council tried to remove him because he was a nuisance and “obstructing the pavement”. It failed. By 2005 Tony decided hed had enough of the name-calling. The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act said Mr Haw had to give six days notice, if you please, of any demonstration within a kilometre of Parliament. How could he do that? The High Court ruled against it, and said he was legal. But the police never acted as though he was. Any morning they might wake him up with a siren, whoop, whoop, Are you there Brian, yank up his plastic, rifle through his private property right in front of Parliament. Who was abusing whom then? In 2006 78 of them came to tear down his wall of pictures, smashed it, trashed it, left it like a bomb site. Left him with one sign. He stayed, of course.然而,当局很快就对他厌烦了。西敏寺地方政府试图把他赶走,因为他是他们的眼中钉,而且“阻塞了人行道”。行动没有成功。到了2005年,托尼声称他听够了指责。严严重有组织犯罪和警察法规定霍先生如果一定要在距国会一千米内抗议的话就将被拘留六天。他要怎么办呢?高级法院否决了这一法案,并且称他的行为合法。但警察的行为就好像他是非法的一样。每天早晨警察都用呜呜叫的警笛将他闹醒,就在国会前面拉开他的塑料帐篷,迅速搜查他的私人财产。究竟是谁在谴责谁呢?2006年,78个警察拆倒了他的照片墙,将照片撕碎、丢弃,现场就像被炸弹轰炸了一样。只给他留下了一个签名。但当然,他还是留在那里。People asked him about his own kids, seven of them. An off-limits topic. Family was left behind when he came to the square. His wife had divorced him, hed learned. It wasnt his fault. He hadnt wanted to stay eight bloody years away from them, with the pollution and the drunks who broke his nose and the thugs who shouted “Wanker!” at him. He stayed because he wasnt finished yet. And you know what? It was never fundamentally about free speech and the rights of Englishmen and all that stuff. It was about the dead children. And not walking by.他有七个孩子,人们问起他自己的孩子怎么样,这是一个禁止谈论的话题。自从他到广场安家后,家庭就被抛之脑后了。他获知,他的妻子同他离婚了。这不是他的错。他也不想他妈的远离亲人八年时间,经历污染,还被几个醉汉打破了鼻子,还有暴徒冲他喊道:“蠢货!”。他留下是因为他还没有达成目标。你知道吗?从根本上说,这绝不是关于自由言论和英国人的权利或其他这类的东西。根本上说是为了那些死去的孩子,而不是为吸引路人。201206/187256赣州整形美容医院绣眉好吗赣州治咖啡牛奶斑大约需要哪家医院好



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