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重庆三峡中心医院官网万州区儿童医院绣眉多少钱 Why is it that every time this firm deals with nuts,为什么每次这家公司处理坚果,you expect me to handle it ...Damnit,你希望我处理它……该死的,I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and London School of Economics ...我有一个哈佛商学院和伦敦经济学院的MBA学位……I#39;m sick of your discrimination!我讨厌你们的歧视! /201607/453298南川区鼻头缩小多少钱

重庆瘦脸针广州 Kathy McCoy and her husband, Bob Stover,retired to Arizona from their home in California six years ago.六年前,凯西·麦科伊(Kathy McCoy)和她的丈夫鲍勃·斯托弗(Bob Stover)退休时从加利福尼亚州搬家到了亚利桑那州。It’s not an uncommon move for US retirees,to relocate somewhere calmer and warmer in retirement. But, since they’vemoved, McCoy and Stover discovered a few things they didn’t anticipate. First,their city in Arizona is a “snowbird” destination, meaning that many peoplespend winters there but live elsewhere during other seasons.对美国的退休者来说,移居气候更加温暖宜人的地方并没有什么特别。但是自从搬到这里以后,麦科伊和斯托弗遇到了一些始料未及的事。首先,他们居住的这座亚利桑那州的城市是“候鸟”目的地,很多人来这里过冬,但是其他季节又会去别处生活。The couple wasn’t preparedfor the area’s summer weather.这对夫妇没有预料到该地区夏天的天气状况。“About half of our community is only here three to four months ayear,” McCoy, 71, said. “The more affluent ‘snowbirds’ who spend winters intheir second homes tend to look down on those of us who are full-timers.” Manycommunity events are geared toward those temporary residents, as well, andlittle is offered during the “off”season. with high humidityis not unusual.”“我们社区里有将近一半左右的人一年只在这里生活三到四个月,”71岁的麦科伊说,“较富有的‘候鸟’会去他们其他的住处过冬,他们往往看不起我们这些常住者。”很多社区活动也为这些暂居者而设计,所以“淡季”几乎没有活动。这对夫妇也没有预料到该地区夏天的天气状况。“我们对高温有预期,”麦科伊说,“但是我们没想到夏天的季风期会这么潮湿。华氏117度(摄氏47度)伴随着很高的湿度,这种天气司空见惯。”If they had to do it over again, McCoy andStover might have chosen to stay in California, they said.如果他们可以重新做决定,麦科伊和斯托弗说,他们可能会选择呆在加利福尼亚州。In the US, three out of five Americans hopeto spend their retirement in another city or state, according to a survey fromBankrate. In the UK, more than six million adults plan to retire abroad, withSpain and France being top destinations, according to research from MGMAdvantage, a retirement income specialist.根据Bankrate的一项调查,五分之三的美国人希望在另一个城市或另一个州享受晚年退休生活。根据退休收入专业咨询公司MGM Advantage的研究,在英国,600万以上的人计划去国外退休,首选地点是西班牙和法国。Before you join them, sunglasses in hand,here’s what you should know:在拿着太阳镜加入他们之前,你需要了解以下几件事:What it will take: Thoroughly research yourretirement destination to make sure it meets all your needs. Ensure it doesn’tdisrupt your financial situation via increased costs of living, such as higherhealthcare, or through different tax rules that might impact your retirementsavings. And you’ll have to give some thought to where family and friends are locatedand whether you’re y to start over in a new city.需要做哪些准备:对你的退休目的地做彻底调查,确保它符合你的全部需求。确保它不会给你造成财务问题。生活成本的增加、医疗费用的提高和不同的税收规定都可能影响到你的退休积蓄。而且你需要考虑亲朋好友的生活地点,以及你是否准备好了在一个新的城市开始新生活。Spending a week somewhere every winter doesnot make you an expert.每年冬天到一个地方度假一周,并不意味着你就成了当地的专家。“If you’re the sort of person who can join the local Y, take a class,make friends and start to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, that’sgreat,” said Gabrielle Redford, executive editor of integrated content at AARP.“But if you really place a lot of value in your friends and being close to yourfamily, then that’s something you should consider. People get lonely.”“如果你是那种能融入当地年轻人群体,会学一门课程,交友,并开始做你一直想做的事的人,那么这符合你。”美国退休人员协会(AARP)综合内容执行编辑加布丽埃勒·雷德福(Gabrielle Redford)说,“但是,假如你很看重朋友,希望离家人很近,那么你就需要三思。人总是会感到寂寞。”How long you need to prepare: Make time tovisit your chosen retirement destination extensively throughout the year,including the quiet months. You’ll also need time to seek advice on residency,tax and inheritance rules if you’re crossing borders — as well as to look intohealthcare. Give yourself at least six to 12 months to do the research. And,consider what you would do if you change your mind. Could you afford to moveback if things don#39;t work out?你需要花多长时间来准备:各个季节都要找时间去你选择的退休目的地参观旅游,包括淡季。如果你要出境,那还需要花时间咨询定居、税收和遗产方面的规定——还要研究医疗保障。至少花6到12个月进行研究。还要考虑的是,假如你的想法变了,你该怎么办。假如结果不理想,你还能否回来生活?Do it now: Get to know the place. Spendinga week somewhere every winter does not make you an expert. You need tounderstand all the factors that might impact you, so you don’t end up moving toa location that turns out to be dangerous, expensive, unsuitable or with littlesupport as you age. So, consider renting a place for several weeks at differenttimes of the year. And, visit in the summer months to make sure you can takethe heat.现在就行动:多了解那个地方。每年冬天到一个地方度假一周,并不意味着你就成了当地的专家。你需要了解所有可能影响你的因素,这样你才不会搬到一个地方才发现那里很危险,物价高,不合适,或者对老年人的持太少。所以,考虑一下在一年的不同时候去当地租房,住上几周。而且,要在夏天去住,确定你能接受高温天气。“You need to be there during the not-so-popular times,” said JasonBalm, a financial planner with Rehmann Financial in Florida in the US. “Thatmeans a couple of times during the rest of the year and for a minimum of two tothree weeks to really tell if the environment or the locale you’reconsidering is ideal for you.”“你需要在淡季时去当地感受感受,”美国佛罗里达州Rehmann Financial公司的金融规划师贾森·巴姆(Jason Balm)说,“这就意味着在一年其余的时间去几次,至少呆两到三周,才能真正判断当地的环境和人群对你是否理想。”When you’re considered aresident of most countries in the world, you have to file taxes there.在全世界大多数国家,如果你成为当地居民,你就需要报税。Think about family. Are you leaving friendsand relatives behind to feel the sun on your face? You may find that you spendmore than anticipated visiting them, even if you try to budget for it. Andbeyond the money, having a support network nearby becomes more valuable laterin life. “Everybody needs an advocate as they age,” said James Bryan, afinancial planner with Cahill Financial Advisors in Minnesota in the US. “Ifyou’re widowed or divorced or alone and the children are living back home andyou’ve relocated to a warmer state, it can get really tough.”考虑家人。你能不能为了晒太阳而抛下朋友和亲戚?你可能会发现你比预期更多地去和亲友见面,尽管你尝试为此设定预算。除了钱的问题,身边拥有一个人际持网络对老年生活来说也很有价值。“每个老年人都需要一个持者,”美国明尼苏达州Cahill Financial Advisors公司的金融规划师詹姆士·布赖恩(JamesBryan)说,“假如你老年丧偶,或者离婚,或者独居,你的孩子在家乡居住,而你迁居到了一个温暖的州,你可能会感到生活很困难。”Figure out the tax situation. If yourresidency is changing, it may affect how you’re taxed. Canada, for instance,has many residents that spend half the year in warmer parts of the US. “One ofthe issues there is when you’re considered a resident of most countries in theworld, you have to file taxes there,” said Julia Chung, a financial and estateplanner with JYC Financial in Langley, British Columbia, in Canada. “We have alot of Canadian residents that are just finding out they’re supposed to file atax return with the US every year. It’s a huge problem uphere.”弄清你的税收问题。假如你的居民身份发生了变化,这就可能影响到你的纳税问题。以加拿大为例,很多居民每年有一半的时间都在美国较温暖的地方生活。“其中一个问题是,在全世界大多数国家,如果你成为当地居民,你就需要报税,”加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省兰里市JYC Financial公司的金融和房地产规划师茱莉娅.陈(Julia Chung)说,“我们遇到很多加拿大居民发现自己每年需要向美国报税。这已经成为加拿大一个严重的问题。”If you’re a US citizen residing elsewhere,you will still owe taxes to the US on income, including Social Security. And ifyou’re in the US but changing states, your new state may tax retirementbenefits differently from your old one. Then there are estate and inheritancetaxes and property taxes, which may change, depending on where you move. Soseek expert advice.在美国境外生活的美国公民仍然需要向美国交所得税以及社保。而如果你仍然在美国,只是换了一个州,新的州的退休税收福利可能有别于旧的州。另外,还有遗产税和房产税。居住地点不同,税收也不一样。所以,应该去咨询专家。See a money professional. If you’re gettinga pension of any sort, make sure you can still receive it wherever you’regoing. One of Canada’s government pensions, for instance, doesn’t transfer ifyou move to certain countries. In the UK, if you qualify for a state pension,you can be paid in another country — but you can only be paid in one countryper year. A financial advisor can help you run the numbers to make sure you canafford the cost of living in your new home, and that you aren’t overlookinganything important.约见金融专业人士。假如你领取任何一种退休金,请确保你在移居之后仍然能领取。比如,加拿大政府的一种退休金就无法转付到一些国家。英国的政府退休金可以付到任何一个国家——但是每年仅限一个国家。金融顾问可以帮你计算,确保你能够负担在新居家地点的生活成本,并确保没有忽略任何重要的事项。If you’re crossing borders,the healthcare you have in your current country may not transfer.如果你要出境,那么你现在的医疗保险可能无法转移出去。Check into healthcare. If you’re crossingborders, the healthcare you have in your current country may not transfer.(Medicare in the US, for instance, does not.) “People are often surprised thatthey must pay contributions for healthcare cover or take out private cover —somethingthat they did not include in their budget planning,”said DaphneFoulkes, a financial advisor and partner with the Spectrum IFA Group in France.深入了解医疗保险。如果你要出境,那么你现在的医疗保险可能无法转移出去。(比如美国的医疗保险就不行。)“人们常常惊讶于必须付医疗保险费用或私人保险——他们没有把这部分计入预算中,”法国Spectrum IFA集团的金融顾问和合伙人达芙妮·福克斯(Daphne Foulkes)说。Then there are your day-to-day healthneeds. Where will you get your prescriptions? Who will your doctor be? Is therea major medical facility nearby? “Some of these beach towns are terrific, butdo they have a hospital?” Redford said. “As we get older, we all develop healthissues. You need to be close to medical facilities that can give you the carethat you need, whatever that care might be.”还有你日常的保健需要。你从哪里取得处方?你的医生是谁?家附近有没有大型医疗设施?“这些海滨小镇真的太棒了,但是他们有医院吗?”雷德福说,“随着年龄的增长,我们的健康开始出问题。你需要住在医疗设施附近,这样你就能得到你需要的医疗务,不论是哪种医疗务。”Do it smarter: Consider making a part-timemove. You don’t necessarily have to sell your house and move forever. “If I had tochoose the perfect recommendation, it’s to leave for fourmonths and rent,”Bryan said. “And then come back.”运用智慧:考虑不完全移居。不是非得卖掉房子,再也不回来生活。“如果你一定要完美的建议,那就是移居四个月,租房住。”布赖恩说,“然后再回来。”It’s the best of both worlds—you still getto store the snow shovel and enjoy some warm weather, but for the rest of theyear you’re close to your family, friends and regular doctors. You can even trya different warm climate every year. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.这是一种两全其美的办法——你仍然可以把雪铲收起来,享受温暖的气候,而且每年的其他时间还可以回到家人、朋友和熟悉的医生身边。你甚至可以选择每年去尝试不一样的温暖气候。只是别忘了抹防晒霜。 /201604/437329重庆星宸医院概况沙坪坝人民医院是不是私立医院

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