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VOA流行美语 44: A BIG DEAL / TO GIVE IT A SHOT今天李华和 Michael二人一起开车到市中心,他们想要找个停车的空位。在他们二人对话中,李华会学到两个常用语:a big deal和give it a shot。M: Man, I hate trying to park my car in this city! There are never any spaces. Hey look! There's one!L: 啊!我看到了那个位子。 Um, Michael, 可是我不知道我该不该停 那儿。我的停车技术很差,我怕出差错把车给撞了。M: Don't worry about it! You have to learn this sooner or later. Give it a shot!L: 你说什么?Give what? 我该把车干吗?M: I said give it a shot, that means try or give it a try. We say give a shot when we ask someone to try something they are not sure they can do.L: 噢,你用的字 shot, S-H-O-T. 就好像开射击的那个 shot,是不 是?M: That's right. For instance, when you are taking a test, and you are not sure of the answer to a question, you still have to give it a shot and try to guess the correct answer.L: 奥,give it a shot原来指的是尽量试试,即使你没有多大信心。M: That's right. Now you try and use this phrase. Go ahead, give it a shot!L: Hmm,如果说你想要申请一个很好的工作,可是又怕自己得不到,你就可以说:Give it a shot! 反正你也不会有什么损失的。M: You've got it.L: 那还有没有其它场合可以用shot这个字的?M: Well, we might also say give it your best shot.L: 好,所以我们也可以说"give it your best shot",意思就是全力以赴去试一下。M: That's right. Now you'd better move your car into that space. We shouldn't sit here in the middle of the road. Go ahead and park, give it a shot!L: 好,我就试试。L: 我的天, Michael,我撞到哪里了?M: Don't worry Li Hua, it's not a big deal. The bumper just hit the parking meter.L: 你说不大什么?不管撞倒哪儿都不得了啊。M: No no, I said its not a big deal. That means it's not very serious.L: Oh, 那"big deal"是哪两个字,怎么拼?M: Big, B-I-G; Deal, D-E-A-L. If something is a big deal it is very serious, or very important to someone.L: 奥,我明白了,当我撞上停车计时表,你说 its not a big deal,你的意思是说没什么大不了的。我并没有造成多大损害。M: Yeah, at least I don't think you did. Maybe you scratched the bumper or the parking meter. You didn't really damage the car or meter, so it's not a big deal.L: 原来如此,但愿你说的对。哎,还有,要是不用 not 这个字可以 吗?M: Sure you can, for instance, it was a big deal for me when I turned 16 and got a drivers license.L: 对。对美国青年人来说,拿到驾驶执照可真是一件大事。M: Looks like you understand how to use this phrase. Why don't you make another sentence?L: 好,我就用它造句子: It was a very big deal for Chinese people when Beijing got the chance to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.M: It sure was! I remember on TV, I saw a lot of people in Beijing partying when that happened.L: 哎呀,别多说了。我得赶快把车停好。M: Yep, if a cop sees you stopping traffic, he might think it is a big deal. Move out of the space and try to park again. Give it another shot!今天李华学到了两个常用语:a big deal 和give it a shot。A big deal是指很重大,或者严重的事。Give it a shot 指的是尽力去试。 /200602/31195_01 Let me introduce you Do you know Andy? 你认不认识安迪? Have you met Andy? 你有没有见过安迪? Let me introduce you. 让我替你介绍. Andy, this is Pat. 安迪,这是派特. Pat, this is Andy. 派特,这是安迪. I’m glad you two could meet.我很高兴你们两个能够认识. Andy is an old friend. 安迪是我的老朋友. He is a great guy. 他是个好人. You two have a lot in common. 你们两个有很多共同点. /200706/14159Now we have instant neighborhoods outside.现在大家都成了新的邻居。So the Exo is designed to be simply, basically like a coffee cup.这个房屋系统被设计的很简洁,基本上很像一个咖啡杯。They can actually stack together它们可以摞在一起so we get extremely efficient transportation and storage out of them.所以我们可以非常高效的运输和储存它们。In fact, 15 Exos can fit on a single semi truck by itself.事实上,一个半挂卡车可以装15个这样的屋子。This means the Exo can actually be transported and set up这就表明这种房屋比目前世界上其他任何住房系统faster than any other housing option available today.都能更快的运输和安装。But Im obsessive, so I couldnt just stop there,我对这个项目很着迷,所以我并不止步于此,so I actually started modifying the bunks接着我就开始设计床铺,where you could actually slide out the bunks and slide in desks or shelving,你可以从墙壁上把床滑出来然后耨把桌子和柜子滑进去,so the same unit can now be used for an office or storage location.这种设计也可以被用为办公室或者储藏室。The doors can actually swap out,房屋的门是可以拆换的,so you can actually put on a rigid panel with a window unit in it for climate control,所以你可以换一个带窗户的门来调节气温,or a connector module that would allow you to actually connect multiple units together,或者装上连接模块,就可以让你把多个房屋连接起来,which gives you larger and kind of compartmentalized living spaces,这样生活空间就会变大而且可以分成不同区块,so now this same kit of parts,因此同一个屋子,this same unit can actually serve as a living room, bedroom or bathroom,可以被当做起居室,卧室或浴室,or an office, a living space and secure storage.或是办公室,居住空间和安全储藏室。Sounds like a great idea, but how do you make it real?这听起来很不错,但是要怎样才能让这些成为现实?So the first idea I had, initially, was just to go the federal and state governments and go,我最初的想法是找到政府部门并且跟他们说,;Here, take it, for free.;“这个送给你们,拿去吧 。”But I was quickly told that, ;Boy, our government doesnt really work like that.;但是我很快被告诉,“亲,我们的政府根本不会这么做的。”Okay. Okay. So maybe I would start a nonprofit好吧,好吧。我或许应当创立一个非盈利的机构to kind of help consult and get this idea going along with the government, but then I was told,来使这个想法能得到政府的持,但之后我却被告知,;Son, our government looks to private sector for things like this.;“亲,我们的政府还指望私营企业来做这样的事情呢。”Okay. So maybe I would take this whole idea好吧。我也许应该把这个主意and go to private corporations that would have this mutually shared benefit to it,交给那些能共同获利的私营企业but I was quickly told by some corporations that my personal passion project was not a brand fit可接着我很快收到一些公司的答复,他们认为来源于我自己倒腾出来的项目和品牌形象不符because they didnt want their logos stamped across the ghettos of Haiti.他们不愿意让自己的品牌沾上海地贫民区的痕迹Now, I wasnt just obsessed. I was outraged.那时,我就不止是着迷怎么简单了。我愤怒了。So I decided, kind of told myself, ;Oh yeah? Watch this. Ill do it myself.;于是我对自己说,是嘛?等着瞧吧,我自己来做。201606/449990

The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. 那些在这里战斗的勇士,活着的和死去的,已使这块土地神圣化了,远非我们的菲薄能力所能左右。The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. 世人会不大注意,更不会长久记得我们在此地所说的话,然而他们将永远忘不了这些人在这里所做的事。It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. 相反,我们活着的人应该献身于那些曾在此作战的人们所英勇推动而尚未完成的工作。It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us 我们应该在此献身于我们面前所留存的伟大工作that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion 由于他们的光荣牺牲,我们要更坚定地致力于他们曾作最后全部贡献的那个事业that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain 我们在此立志宣誓,不能让他们白白死去that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom 要使这个国家在上帝的庇佑之下,得到新生的自由and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.要使那民有、民治、民享的政府不致从地球上消失。201608/460528

So, you can either choose to use those opportunities 你可以选择使用这些机会to continue fighting the fights that weve been locked in for decades 继续数十年来人类之间持续的冲突和斗争or you can choose to reject those old divisions 你也可以选择摒弃这些旧的分化and embrace folks with a different point of view 拥抱具有不同见解的人们And if you do that, the latter 如果你按照后面那种做法做了who knows where it might take you 可以预计 你被引往何方more importantly, where it might take our country更重要的 我们的国家会被引往何方So, those are my three questions 这就是我的三个问题Who do you want to be? 你想成为谁How will you serve others? 你将如何务他人And who will you include in your lives? 以及你生命中将包含谁And let me just share just a little secret before I end 在结束演讲之前 请允许我分享一点秘籍As someone who has hired and managed hundreds of young people over the course of my career作为曾经招募并管理过成百上千位年轻人的人the answers to those questions, believe 我负责任地告诉你们 以上问题的me are far more important than you can ever imagine 肯定比你们想象的要重要得多Whether it was during my time as a lawyer, as an administrator at a University 不管我是作为律师 作为学校管理者a nonprofit manager, even now as First Lady作为非盈利机构管理者 还是现在作为第一夫人I have never once ask someone I was interviewing 我从来就没要求过我所面试的人to explain a test score or a grade in a class 解释一次考试的分数或一门课的成绩Never从未有过201603/433597SCENE① B 钢琴学校里 赫伯特与柔丝见面之后隔天 【他大概是想找话题】 Rose: I didn't say I liked it. A man bought it for me.柔丝: 我没说我喜欢喝啊。是一个男人请的。 Sue: You met a man! What is his name?苏: 你还碰到一个男人!他叫什么名字? Rose: His name is Herbert and he was just being 1) polite.柔丝: 他叫赫伯特,他只是客气罢了。 Sue: When a man buys a drink for you, he isn't just being polite.苏: 当一个男人请你喝饮料,就绝对不只是客气而已。 Rose: This man was.柔丝: 这个人就是。 Sue: But he wanted to talk to you, right?苏: 但他想跟你聊聊,对吧? Rose: Yes. But all he wanted to talk about was computers, baseball, and 2) heavy metal.柔丝: 是啦。但他只想谈谈电脑、棒球和重金属。 Sue: He was probably trying to 3) make conversation.苏: 他大概是想找话题。 语言详解 A: Will you accept my humble apology? 你会接受我诚挚的道歉吗? B: Stop being so silly! You don't have to be polite with me! 别傻了!你不用跟我客套! 【make conversation 找话题聊天】 “找话题聊天”make conversation,有助于减少你与他人彼此相处时的尴尬,至于要如何“破冰”break the ice,避免僵局以及冷场的情况出现,这里提供一些小小的技巧。建议你可以从询问吃喝玩乐的去处开始,让他人提供你建议,也顺便满足一下他们小小的成就感。以下的问句用法一旦娴熟于心,包你吃香喝辣,玩到腿软。 A: Can you recommend a place to eat/go? 你可以推荐我吃东西/好玩的地方吗?B: There is a great spot just around the corner. If you don't mind, I'd like to join you. 转角就有很棒的地方。若你不介意,我可以跟你一道去。 1) polite (a.) 客气的2) heavy metal 重金属摇滚音乐3) make conversation 找话头,想办法聊天。 /200708/16644即学即用英语会话词典E部分:圣诞节进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16265

In fact, the endurance of religion as a lens through which most people view moral questions事实上,在许久以来,宗教成为人们关注道德的角度has separated most moral talk from real questions of human and animal suffering.让所有的道德议题都和人类和动物的痛苦脱钩This is why we spend our time talking about things like gay marriage这就是为什么我们花费精神讨论同性恋是不是应该结婚and not about genocide or nuclear proliferation or poverty or any other hugely consequential issue.而不是种族灭绝或是核子武器激增,或是贫穷和其它一样严重的议题But the demagogues are right about one thing: We need a universal conception of human values.但这些宗教煽动者说对了一件事,我们需要一个普世价值Now, what stands in the way of this?为什么这会这么困难?Well, one thing to notice is that we do something different when talking about morality其中一件是就是当我们讨论道德,我们这些没有特殊宗教的、学术的、科学家型的人especially secular, academic, scientist types.就会产生差别待遇When talking about morality we value differences of opinion in a way that we dont in any other area of our lives.当我们讨论道德,我们就开始尊重不同意见,但我们在其它方面不会这样做So, for instance the Dalai Lama gets up every morning meditating on compassion,举例来说,达赖喇嘛每天早上起来思考仁爱精神and he thinks that helping other human beings is an integral component of human happiness.他认为帮助其它人类是带来人类快乐的一部分On the other hand, we have someone like Ted Bundy;另外一边我们有Ted BundyTed Bundy was very fond of abducting and raping and torturing and killing young women.他的兴趣是绑架和强暴虐待和杀害这些年轻女孩So, we appear to have a genuine difference of opinion about how to profitably use ones time.很明显的,这里我们看到每个人对打发时间都有不同的看法Most Western intellectuals look at this situation and say,大部分的西方学者看到这个状况会说,;Well, theres nothing for the Dalai Lama to be really right about -- really right about--“嗯事实上达赖喇嘛也不是完全正确,绝对正确or for Ted Bundy to be really wrong about that admits of a real argument that potentially falls within the purview of science.Ted Bundy也不是绝对错误,这其中没有真正的讨论价值,这是科学范畴的事201609/465361电影学口语 Lesson 29:[白雪公主]I will be the cheerleader【精片断】剪辑自《Snow White》白雪公主K.P : Ron, turn down the drama and eat.Ron: Not hungry.Ron: What am I gonna do, K.P?K.P : Well, let us see. The guidance(指导) counselor(顾问) told you that you need an extra-curricular(课外) activity.Ron: Because it’ll look good on my college applications. That’s years away!K.P : There’s plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join the Mathletes.Ron: Yeah, right! I can’t get in that kind of shape!K.P : How about the debate(辩论) team?Ron: I am not going to argue with you, Kim.K.P : After school activities are great, like cheer squad(合唱班) for me.Ron: Cheer squad!K.P : For me. Not you.Ron: That’s it! I’m upbeat(乐观的). I can do that.K.P : Do what?Ron: Cheerleader(啦啦队长)! Yeah! Go Mad Dogs!【口语财富】1. You need an extra-curricular activity. 你需要做一项课外活动.2. That’s years away! 那是多年前的事情了.3. I am not going to argue with you. 我不想和你吵. /200604/6505

/200703/10808College Student Meeting Employer 大学生初识雇主选自电影:Scent of a Woman 《女人香》 大学生查理找了份兼职的工作,他应约来到雇主的住处,由于是第一次面试,见一位严肃的陌生人弗兰克上校,他拘谨得很,语无伦次,而上校却语气霸道,术语连篇。单词通缉令1. moron n.低能儿;笨人2. Lieutenant n.原意中尉; 本文意为副级3. line n.前线4. bust vt.降低5. idiot n.白痴;极蠢之人6. Christ n.基督;救世王7. senior n.大学高年级学生;毕业生8. peddle vi.挑卖;沿街叫卖9. markup n.利润10. commission n.佣金11. graduate vi.定等级12. espresso n.浓咖啡13. indication n.象征;象征物14. helmet n.钢盔;盔;防护帽15. debriefer n.采纳意见者16. snag vt. 取得17. G2 美国军队的间谍组织18. chip n.薄片;碎片19. community n.社区20. misty a.有雾的;湿润的Charlie Simms: Sir?Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: Don’t call me sir.Charlie: I’m sorry, I mean Mr., Sir.Slade: Oh, oh. We got a 1)moron here, is that it? Charlie: No, Mr., that is Lieuten-ant, yes, sir. Lieu…Slade: 2)Lieutenant Colonel. Twenty six years on the 3)line nobody ever 4)busted me four grades before. Get in here, you 5)idiot. Come a little closer, I want to get a better look at you. How’s your skin, son?Charlie: My skin, sir?Slade: Oh, for 6)Christ sake.Charlie: I’m sorry I don’t…Slade: Just call me Frank. Call me Mr. Slade, call me Colonel if you must, just don’t call me sir.Charlie: Alright, Colonel.Slade: Simms Charles, a 7)senior. You want student A exams. Charlie: Ah, yes, I am.Slade: Well, for student A cook. Your father 8)peddles car telephones at a three hundred percent 9)markup. Your mother works on heavy 10)commission in a camera store, 11)graduated to it from 12)espresso machines. Ha, ha. What are you dying of some wasting disease?Charlie: No, I’m, I’m right here.Slade: I know exactly where your body is. What I’m looking for is some 13)indication of a brain. Too much football without a 14)helmet? Ha, Lyndon’s line on Jerry Ford, deputy 15)debriefer, Paris peace talks ’68. 16)Snagged the silver star and a silver bar. Threw me into 17)G2.Charlie: G2?Slade: Intelligence of which you have none. Where you from?Charlie: Um, Gresham, Oregon, Colonel.Slade: What does your daddy do in Gresham Oregon, hmm? Count wood 18)chips?Charlie: Um, my stepfather and my mom run a 19)community store.Slade: Oh, how convenient. What time they open?Charlie: Five a.m.Slade: Close?Charlie: One a.m.Slade: Hard workers. You got me all 20)misty eyed.查理#8226;希姆斯:长官?弗兰克#8226;斯莱德上校:别叫我长官。查理:对不起,我的意思是先生,长官。斯莱德:噢,哦,怎么来了个傻瓜,啊?查理:不,先生,是中尉,是中尉……斯莱德:中校。在前线26年,还没有人一下降我四级。进来,笨蛋。走近一点,我想好好看看你。孩子,你的皮肤怎么样?查理:长官,我的皮肤?斯莱德:噢,看在基督的份上。查理:抱歉,我不……斯莱德:就叫我弗兰克。叫我斯莱德先生,叫我上校,如果你一定要这样,别叫我长官。查理:好的,上校。斯莱德:希姆斯#8226;查尔斯,四年级学生。A级学生的考分.查理:啊,是的。斯莱德:噢,A级学生读烹调的书。你父亲贩卖小车电话,有百分之三百的利润。你母亲在相机店工作,佣金丰厚,根据咖啡售卖机来定等级。哈哈,你快要死了吗,什么病让你日渐虚弱?查理:不,我,我在这里。斯莱德:我知道你的身体在哪里。我要找的是你大脑的预兆。不戴头盔玩太多的橄榄球?哈,林顿总统关于秘书长吉瑞#8226;福特的话,68年的巴黎和平谈判。夺得银星肩章和银棒肩章。把我扔进军队G2间谍组。查理:G2?斯莱德:你根本没有那方面的才能。你老家哪里?查理:噢,戈瑞仙姆,奥勒根,上校。斯莱德:你父亲在戈瑞仙姆,奥勒根是干什么的?数木块?查理:噢,我继父和母亲开了间社区小店。斯莱德:太方便了。几点钟开张?查理:早上5点。斯莱德:打烊呢?查理:凌晨1点。斯莱德:工作很辛苦。你让我眼睛都湿了。句子模仿秀这句话原本是生意场上常用的话,但主要动词一变,就窜味了。变得嘲讽戏谑。学习指导跟读朗诵,最佳朗诵时间为3秒钟。句子模仿秀中国有句古话,心不在焉。上面的这句英文就是最好的相应表达。全句自然地道,值得回味。学习指导朗读背诵,最佳朗读时间为4秒钟。句子模仿秀句子中的all misty eyed这个短语修饰眼睛,表明状态。记下来,自会有用,当然就不会说出my eyes are wet这种枯燥普通的句子。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳跟读时间2秒钟。 /200603/5373When The founder Jack Dorsey talks about the origins of his thinking for the product 推特的共同创始人杰克.多西 谈起他对产品的最初设想时He talks about his fascination with maps He talks about his ultimate fascination with dispatch systems 就提到他对地图的入迷 他提到他对调度系统的狂热As he studied maps and the more efficient way of getting things like taxis and ambulances to where they needed to more quickly 他学习地图 试图找到更有效的方式 让出租车 救护车这些能够更迅速地到达目的地And when he sent out his first tweet, ;Just setting up my Twitter; he didnt plan 他发自己的第一条推文;刚建立了我的推特;时 他没有计划说For President Obama to declare victory on that platform in the 2012 election None of us at Twitter thought 奥巴马总统会在推特上宣布2012年大选胜利 我们这些使用推特的人都不会想到During the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Fukushima, Japan that our service would be a great alternative communication platform 日本福岛发生地震及随后海啸时 推特的务成为了日本重要的替代通讯平台If the mobile networks in Japan were spotty in the aftermath And certainly none of us even hoped 有效填补了震后日本移动网络发生的问题 当然 我们甚至都不期望Let alone considered that our platform would be one of those used to organize protests across the Middle East 更别谈计划了 这一平台竟然会在中东被用于组织抗议活动In Tunisia, in Iraq, and in Egypt during the Arab Spring Heres the amazing thing about what ive observed 造成突尼斯 伊拉克 埃及等地发生阿拉伯之春革命 这些令人惊异的事件就是我所观察到的When ive witnessed all of those things Not only can you not plan the impact youre going to have 我见了所有这些事情 你不仅无法计划 你将有多大影响You often wont recognize it even while youre having it A few months after I started at Twitter 甚至在你拥有影响的时候 你都无法完全认识到它 我在推特工作了几个月后Russian President Medvedev was coming to the office And that morning going into the office 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫来到我们的办公室 那天早上到办公室时201607/454374

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