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黑龙江省哈尔滨妇幼保健在那里哈尔滨九州妇科医院等级HONG KONG — At the waterfront site destined for a vast new center for the arts here, the view across Victoria Harbor is one to marvel at — an urban jungle of high-rises that together make up the city’s famous skyline.香港——在用来兴建大型本地新艺术中心的海滨,维多利亚湾另一侧的景色令人惊叹,那高楼林立的都市丛林构成了这座城市著名的天际线。 The vista from the other side of the harbor could not be more different. Mostly barren land. A small construction zone. Some temporary buildings. And a sign announcing in big orange capital letters: “West Kowloon Cultural District.”海湾另一头的远景与此处迥异。大部分是荒凉的土地。这里是一小片建设区。有一些临时建筑。一块牌子上用橘红色的大写字母醒目地写着“西九文化区”。This is where a “museum of visual culture” called M+ (for “museum plus”) is scheduled to be built as a key part of the new complex, a mammoth government-sponsored project budgeted at .8 billion. By the end of 2019, according to the current timeline, many of the area’s components, including the 650,000-square-foot museum, will be y to open to the public.名为M+(意为“物馆及更多”)的“视觉文化物馆”将在这里兴建,它是这片新建筑群的一个重要组成。这个建筑群是政府赞助的大型项目,预算达28亿美元。根据目前的规划,到2019年底,这里的很多项目都将对公众开放,其中也包括了这座65万平方英尺的艺术馆。But as plans for M+ move forward, questions are mounting about whether the original vision — a wide-ranging art museum that would put Hong Kong on the global cultural map — can ever be fully realized.但是,随着和M+相关的计划逐步推进,很多问题也开始浮现出来:M+最初的计划是打造一个内容广泛的艺术馆,令香港跻身全球文化图景之中,这个目的究竟是否能够完全达成呢?In recent years, both M+ and the larger project have been troubled by delays and the departures of high-level staff members. More worrying now are concerns that M+ may not be able to maintain the curatorial independence and distance from politics necessary for a world-class museum to thrive. Many members of Hong Kong’s art community describe a growing feeling of “nervousness,” especially among Hong Kong government officials, about art and a fear of provoking Beijing.近年来,M+与它所属的这个大型项目都饱受延期困扰,不少高层员工纷纷离去。如今,更让人担心的是,M+可能无法保持策展的独立性,以及与政治的距离,二者都是打造世界级艺术馆所必不可少的。香港艺术界的许多人士都表示对艺术的“焦虑”情绪,以及对刺激北京的忧虑与日俱增,特别是在香港政府官员之中。In February, the first show of works from the museum’s aly extensive collection of Chinese contemporary art will open at a Hong Kong exhibition space after previous runs in Umea, Sweden, and Manchester, England. It will include a large-scale installation by the Beijing government’s artistic bête noire, Ai Weiwei, as well as a series of photographs by Liu Heung Shing of the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. The show is being promoted as the first to recount the chronological development of Chinese contemporary art without rupture. But it will have a less challenging title than the one it bore abroad — “Right Is Wrong” — and a different catalog.二月,艺术馆将在香港一处展览空间内举办第一次展览,展品是从物馆目前丰富的中国当代艺术收藏中选出的展品,此前,这个展览先在瑞典于默奥与英国曼彻斯特举行。展品包括北京政府的眼中钉艾未未的大型装置艺术,以及刘香成关于1989年天安门广场民主示威的系列照片。展览宣传中说,它是第一个没有断层,按年代发展详细展示中国当代艺术的展览。但是这次展览将不会沿用海外展览富于挑战色的名字——“正确就是错误”(Right Is Wrong),展品目录也将有所不同。Unlike mainland China, Hong Kong has maintained Western-style protections for freedom of speech despite its return to Chinese rule in 1997. Still, worries about China’s growing influence on the territory have taken on greater urgency in the aftermath of the Umbrella Revolution last year, when thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand greater electoral freedom from the government in Beijing.和中国大陆不同,香港虽然于1997年回归中国,但一直维持着对西方式言论自由的保护。但是,人们担心中国对这一地区的影响在增加,特别是去年的雨伞革命,更是加深了这一忧虑,当时成千上万的抗议者走上街头,向北京政府要求更大的选举自由。“I have no concern that the building will not be delivered,” said Uli Sigg, a former Swiss diplomat who in 2012 donated a large part of his collection, widely regarded as one of the most important and comprehensive of contemporary Chinese art, to M+. (Selections from it make up the coming exhibition.)“我不担心这座建筑不能交付,”前瑞士外交官乌利·希克(Uli Sigg)说,他的收藏被广泛认为是最重要、最全面的当代中国艺术收藏之一,2012年,他将其中的大部分捐献给了M+,部分精选将在即将到来的展览上展出。But, he noted, “Then there is also the question of what the mood will be in Hong Kong in a few years.”但是,他指出,“几年内香港的氛围也是问题。”Plans for the building, designed by the Swiss firm Herzog amp; de Meuron, have been completed; the contractor has been chosen; and the museum’s core team is in place. The museum has also been building a collection. According to its own estimates, it has spent million on acquisitions so far and received donated works valued at more than 5 million. But none of this has come easily.这栋建筑由瑞士事务所赫尔佐格与德梅隆(Herzog amp; de Meuron)设计;方案已经完成,承包商亦已选好;艺术馆的核心团队已经就位。馆方已经获得了一批藏品。根据馆方自己的估计,迄今它已经花费6200万美元购买藏品,并获得价值超过1.75亿美元的捐赠物品。但这一切都得之不易。“We have achieved everything we set out to do so far,” said Lars Nittve, 62, the executive director of M+ and previously the founding director of the Tate Modern and the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art in Sweden. “But it’s probably taken four to five times more work to make it happen compared to my experience in the London and Scandinavian situations. Almost every day and night is spent arguing.”“迄今,我们要做的事都已经完成了,”M+的执行馆长,62岁的李立伟(Lars Nittve)说,他也是泰特现代艺术馆与瑞典马尔默当代艺术中心的创始馆长。“但是和我在伦敦与北欧的经验相比,这里要花费四五倍的工作。几乎每日每夜都在争执中度过。”Much of the reason for this wrangling with bureaucrats and government officials, Mr. Nittve and others said, is the lack of a developed museum culture in Hong Kong and, more generally, Asia. Only in recent years has mainland China had a sudden increase in contemporary art museums. Many, like the Himalayas Museum in Shanghai and the M Woods Museum in Beijing, were spearheaded by real estate developers and private collectors and are privately run.李立伟和其他人说,许多同官僚及政府官员产生的争执都源自于香港,乃至亚洲缺乏发达的艺术馆文化。直至近年来,中国大陆才突然涌现出大批当代艺术馆。像上海的喜马拉雅美术馆和北京的M Woods美术馆等许多艺术馆都是由房地产开发商和私人收藏家牵头,私人经营的。Although M+ is not directly under government control, the museum has scarcely been insulated from politics. Currently, it is financed wholly by public funds. Representatives from government departments have been appointed to the cultural district committee responsible for overseeing it, and its chairwoman is Carrie Lam, the Hong Kong chief secretary and the city’s second-ranking official.尽管M+并不直接属于政府管辖,但亦很难与政治绝缘。目前,它的资金完全依靠公共资金。政府部门代表委派文化区委员会负责监督,该委员会主席是香港政务司司长、本地二号高官林郑月娥。The involvement of the government, some say, has made the museum vulnerable to political pressures.有些人说,政府的介入令艺术馆更易受到政治压力。“The problem in Hong Kong is not censorship,” said Pi Li, the Sigg senior curator at M+. “The problem in Hong Kong is self-censorship. It’s self-censorship hidden in the procedures, so it’s difficult to distinguish.”“香港的问题并不是审查,”M+的西克展自身策展人皮力说。“香港的问题是自我审查。它的自我审查隐藏在各种程序之中,很难分辨。”Mr. Pi said that procedural delays cropped up over the summer during discussions about plans for the exhibition opening in February. It will be the first time that the Sigg collection will be shown in Hong Kong since Mr. Sigg donated or sold more than 1,500 works to the museum.皮力说,(去年)夏天就2月展览方案进行讨论期间,这种同程序有关的拖延开始浮现。希克将超过1500件藏品捐赠或出售给M+,这次展览将是希克的藏品首次在香港亮相。Because the exhibition had aly been on a European tour, Mr. Pi said, bringing it to Hong Kong should have been a straightforward proposition. Instead, he said, museum committee members took issue with not only the “Right Is Wrong” title but also some of the show’s educational aspects, which they said were insufficiently tailored to Hong Kong viewers.皮力说,这次展览已经在欧洲巡展过了,把它带来香港,本应是一个不复杂的事情。但是,他说,物馆委员会成员们不仅就“正确就是错误”这个名字提出异议,而且也就展览的某些教育层面发表意见,说它们不适合香港观众。“I think the officials here are still trying to half-guess how Beijing would feel when an exhibition is mounted, so they tend to be very, very cautious,” said Ada Wong, a community cultural advocate and a member of the museum committee.“我觉得,推出某个展览时,官员们仍然在试图猜测北京的感受,所以他们会非常、非常谨慎,”社区文化宣传者与艺术馆委员会成员之一艾达·王(Ada Wong,音译)说。All the works in the show were retained. But in Hong Kong, it will be called simply “M+ Sigg Collection: Four Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art.” Mr. Pi and other curators emphasized that if there were any censorship of content, in the Sigg collection show or in future exhibitions, they would quit.展览中的所有作品都得以保留,但是在香港,它的名字将被称为“M+希克展:中国当代艺术40年”(M+ Sigg Collection: Four Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art)。皮力和其他策展人强调,如果希克展或未来的任何展览的内容遭受审查,他们就退出。“We came to Hong Kong because here, unlike in mainland China, you have freedom of speech,” said Mr. Pi. “But it’s not like freedom of speech in the ed States. You don’t have it all the time. Here you must continually test it, maintain it and protect it.”“我们来到香港是因为,这里不像中国大陆,你拥有言论自由,”皮力说。“但是这里的言论自由和美国的又不一样,不是随时都有。在这里,你得一直测试它、维持它、保护它。”Still, the most immediate challenge facing M+ is clear. In September, Mr. Nittve said he would be stepping down as executive director in January, when his contract will expire.不过,目前M+面临的最迫切的挑战也很清晰。9月,李立伟说,自己的合同将于2016年1月到期,届时他将不再担任执行馆长。Mr. Nittve has been with M+ since 2011. But after delays in the schedule for the museum’s completion, he said, he felt unable to commit to an additional four years. 李立伟是从2011年开始加入M+的。但是自从艺术馆竣工日期延迟后,他说,他觉得自己没有能力再完成一个四年任期了。Though he will continue as an adviser for the project, the search for a successor is underway. Among the many attributes required, most of those involved seem to agree that one quality will be especially important: a willingness to deal with politics.尽管他还将出任这一项目的顾问,目前他的继任者正在寻找当中。在所需的许多条件之中,最重要的一项似乎是认同一种非常重要的品质:愿意同政治打交道。“Politics are real here,” Mr. Nittve said. “It has real consequences, and you have to take it very seriously.”“在这里,政治是真实的,”李立伟说。“它会产生真实的后果,你得非常严肃地看待它。”He added: “In Europe, it’s like this or like that. But actually, nothing fundamental really changes. Here they can.”他补充说:“在欧洲,政治可能是这样也可能是那样。但事实上,最基础的东西不会改变。但在这里是会改变的。” /201601/420007黑龙江哈医大一院地址 The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period春秋战国时期Spring and Autumn Period春秋时期Marked by overlord politics, this period was named after the book Spring and Autumn Annals (the history of Lu) adapted by Confucius.春秋,这一群雄争霸的时期,得名与孔子所编撰的一部鲁国史书《春秋》。After the eastward move of King Ping, some vassal states progressed in social economy.周平王东迁后,一些诸侯国社会经济迅速发展。They became stronger while the royal authority took a nose dive, gradually losing its control over them.它们日益强盛,而王权则一落千丈,逐渐失去对诸侯们的控制权。During the Spring and Autumn Period, there were over 150 kingdoms coexisting with Zhou, among them Qi, Lu, Jin, Yan, Qin, Chu, Wu, Yue, etc were the stronger.在春秋战国时期,有超过150个诸侯国与周共存,其中齐,鲁,晋,燕,秦,楚,吴,越等国较为强大。These powerful states, relying on their military and economic advantages, launched wars to expand their territories; forcing small states follow them so as to establish their dominance as overlords.这些强大的国家,依靠自己的军事和经济优势,发动战争以扩大自己的疆土;迫使小国成为它们的附属,从而建立自己的统治地位的霸权。In the early to middle stage of the Spring and Autumn Period, five dukes, namely Huangong of the Qi state, Xianggong of the Song, Wengong of the Jin, Mugong of the Qin and Zhuangwang of the Chu, once fought for the “ overlordship”,known as the “the Five Overlords of the Spring and Autumn Period”,in which Huangong of Qi was the first one to establish his hegemony by advocating respect the king and repulse the alien tribes. ”春秋前期至中期,五位诸侯,即齐恒公、宋襄公、晋文公、秦穆公、楚庄王,都曾为了“霸主地位”而发起过战争,被称为“春秋五霸”,其中齐桓公首先提出“尊王攘夷”的口号以建立自己的霸权。Continuous wars brought enormous balefulness to the people giving rise to wide opposition in the small states.连年的战争给人民带来巨大的灾难,小诸侯国内开始出现大范围的反抗。Finally, in 579 and 546 , two treaties were made between Jin and Chu kingdoms, resulting in a short peace in the Central Plains.最终,在公元前579年至公元前546年,秦国和楚国缔结条约,为中原地区带来了短暂的和平。In the epilogue to the struggle to become overlord of the Central Plains, Wu and Yue, two kingdoms located in the downstream area of the Yangtze River, rose up.当中国诸侯争霸战争进入尾声之时,地处长江下游的两个国家吴国和越国发展壮大起来。Firstly defeated by the kingdom of Wu, Goujian, the king of Yue, applied himself to the development of agriculture and training his army.被吴国打败之后,越王勾践卧薪尝胆,潜心发展农业,训练军队。He finally got an opportunity to conquer the Wu and became the last overlord during the Spring and Autumn Period.最后,他抓住机会消灭吴国,成为在春秋时期的最后一个霸主。According to historical records, during this period, a total of thirty-six kings were killed and fifty-two vassal states were demolished.据史料记载,在此期间,共有36国王被杀,52诸侯国被消灭。This constant conflict and annexation of one state by another during the Spring and Autumn Period hastened social and economic change and had the effect of integrating people of different tribes and nationalities.春秋时期这种国与国之间不断的冲突和吞并加剧了社会及经济的变化,并对来自不同部落和国家的人们产生了深远的影响。The consequence of this period of drastic upheavals, reshufflings and regroupings, what had been several hundred states were reconstituted into seven megastates.经历了这一时期的剧烈动荡、兼并、重组,数百个诸侯国最终被七大国(齐、楚、燕、韩、赵、魏、秦)吸收兼并。China entered the Warring States Period.自此,中国进入战国时期。 /201509/395424哈尔滨市第十医院网上预约

黑龙江九州医院做宫腔镜的医生Playboy has covered up!《》也“从良”啦!The first nude-free issue of the 63-year-old men#39;s magazine was released to the public on Thursday.首期去裸体化《》杂志于本周四发售,宣告了其63年裸体美女插页时代的终结。The cover of the March issue features Instagram-famous model Sarah McDaniel simulating a sexy Snapchat - her arm held up as if holding the camera with a text banner ing #39;heyyy :)#39;三月刊的是网红嫩模莎拉麦克丹尼尔,封面中的她伸长胳膊像是在自拍要上传到Snapchat的性感照片一样。同时,封面图片还配有文字“嘿~ :)”。The magazine#39;s choice in cover model and social media reference appears to be a pitch to millennials, though it#39;s unclear whether the revamp will be enough to attract a generation that gets both their ing and pornography in digital form.《》此次选用网红模特做,并且模仿当下流行的社交应用,为的是吸引千禧一代的年轻人。然而对于现在习惯于看电子书和网络色情图文视频的一代人来说,此次它改头换面后的吸引力究竟有多大还不得而知。Playboy announced the historic change in October, saying it would no longer be publishing full-frontal nudity in the magazine starting with the March issue.去年十月,的高层宣布要对其杂志进行大刀阔斧的改版,称从来年三月刊起,该杂志将不再刊登正面全裸女郎图片。#39;A year and a half ago, we relaunched Playboy.com as a safe-for-work site, and traffic skyrocketed 400 percent,#39; Playboy chief content officer Cory Jones told the New York Times.《》杂志的内容总监克里琼斯对《纽约时报》的记者说:“一年半前我们就对旗下网站进行了整改,将它打造为可以安心浏览的网站。在这之后网站浏览量暴增了400倍。”#39;The average age of our visitors dropped from 47 years old to 30. It showed how the brand can still resonate.#39;“读者的平均年龄也从47岁降至30岁,这也反映出我们这个品牌经久不衰的活力。”#39;It#39;s going to be sexy, but it#39;s going to be safe for work,#39; he told CNN Money.“《》将继续展现性感,并将适合在工作场所观看。”琼斯在接受CNN财经栏目采访时这样说。The magazine has been shilling nude photos of women alongside journalism since 1953, when Marilyn Monroe stripped down for the first issue.自1953年创刊,玛丽莲梦露全裸出镜担任首期开始,《》就以其刊载的裸体女郎照片在报刊界独树一帜。While the magazine will no longer show the most private parts of a woman#39;s body, plenty of skin is still on display and women will continue to pose - albeit a bit more covered up - for the centerfold.虽然《》将不再展示女性最私密的身体部位,但是在中央折页中还是会有玉体半露的性感女郎。March#39;s centerfold is Dree Hemingway, the model daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and a great-granddaughter of novelist Ernest Hemingway.三月刊的折页女郎是模特德莉眠明威,她是女演员马瑞尔眠明威的女儿,也是著名小说家欧内斯特眠明威的曾外孙女。Hemingway#39;s sp was shot by photographer Angelo Pennetta and features a more naturalistic look than what has been the magazine#39;s brand in the past, according to the Times, which received an advanced preview of the issue.海明威的跨页版面照片由摄影师安吉洛椠蕏呑拍摄。《泰晤士报》记者在提前获取新刊并预览后表示,海明威的照片要比该杂志以前刊登的那些模特图片更为写实。One of the most noticeable differences in the new redesign is the fact that the female models are unretouched, giving the magazine a look reminiscent of #39;American Apparel ads and fashion photographers like Terry Richardson,#39; Times reporter David Segal writes.《泰晤士报》的记者戴维缠格尔报道称,全新改版的《》有一点值得注意,那就是女模们的照片都未经修饰。她们自然的模样让人想起AA美国饰广告以及像泰利理查森那样的时尚摄影师的作品。The magazine has also cut lewd cartoons from the pages, as well as racy ads and the phrase #39;Entertainment for Men#39; - which has always appeared on the cover.改版后的《》同时也去掉了杂志中的下流插画和不雅广告,封面上也不再出现“男人的”这样的字眼。 /201602/426179哈尔滨市九州周日上班吗 In North Korea, men serve in the military for 10 years and women for seven. The special unit working as Kim Jong-un#39;s personal bodyguards serves for 13.在朝鲜,男人十年兵役,女人七年,而组成金正恩私人警卫员的特殊部队要13年兵役。Military service is compulsory in the DPRK and most people enlist after high school. Those who are accepted into universities do their military service after they graduate.在朝鲜,兵役是强制的,大部分人高中后就要从军,被大学录取的人毕业后兵役。Usually if you have a bachelor#39;s degree service lasts for five years, but if you studied engineering or science you serve three because the former leader Kim Jong-il wanted to encourage people to study science.通常来说,如果你有学士学位,兵役长达五年。但是如果你学的是工程学或科学,只需三年兵役,因为前领导人金正日希望鼓励人们学习科学。The main difficulty conscripts must endure is constant hunger. Soldiers in the special units are well taken care of but those stationed outside the capital Pyongyang are only given two or three potatoes a meal, or are fed solely on raw corn kernels or corn rice.士兵需要忍受的最大困难是经常性的饥饿。特殊部队的士兵待遇很好,但是那些在首都平壤外驻扎的士兵每顿只给两三个土豆,或者只吃未加工的玉米粒或玉米稻。Thanks to these diets, North Korean soldiers are said to be several inches shorter than their South Korean counterparts – a sensitive subject for the North, wrote Adam Cathcart, as tensions flared on the peninsula last month.由于这些食物,朝鲜士兵据说会比韩国士兵矮几英寸,Adam Cathcart写道,韩国对于朝鲜是一个敏感话题,上个月朝鲜半岛局势紧张。On meagre rations the soldiers not only have to train but are given physical tasks such as helping farmers on their rice paddy fields. Many become very thin and hungry, and desperate to escape.在贫乏的定量配给下,士兵不仅要训练,还要完成体力任务,比如帮助农民在稻田干活。很多士兵变得又饿又瘦,绝望的想要逃跑。The military police are always on the look out for soldiers who#39;ve escaped to look for food. Sometimes these soldiers steal from civilians and farming stockrooms because they#39;re so hungry. If it#39;s edible, they#39;ll steal it.宪兵总在提防为了寻找食物而逃跑的士兵。有时候这些士兵会从百姓手里和农仓偷东西,因为他们实在太饿了。只要能吃,他们就偷走。I#39;ve heard that some senior officers will even order soldiers to go out and steal. If they fail they may be punished.我听说一些高级官员甚至命令士兵出去偷窃。如果失败了可能会受到惩罚。In my high school class there were 25 boys. Five went to college and the remaining 20 went into the military. Half of those were returned home suffering from the effects of malnutrition.我高中所在班级中有二十五个男孩,五个去上了大学,剩下的二十个从军,其中一半都因为营养不良被遣送回家。Soldiers are given home leave to recover. Most are too weak to even walk by themselves, so their parents pick them up and feed them back to health. When they improve they go back to the army.士兵们回家疗养,绝大部分太过虚弱以至于无法自己走路,所以父母必须来接他们,并通过食物让他们恢复健康。当士兵们的健康状况提高了,他们便回到军队。The lucky ones serve in the special unit, or serve under good officers who take care of them. The unlucky ones die of hunger before their parents have a chance to help them. The only thing these parents pray for is the safe return of their sons.幸运的士兵们在特殊部队役,或在对他们多多照顾的军官手下役。而那些不那么幸运的,在父母可以帮助他们前就死于饥饿。父母们祈祷的唯一事情就是孩子们的平安归来。North Korea may be the worst place in the world to do military service.朝鲜可能是全世界役最恐怖的地方。 /201510/404380黑龙江省妇幼保健院人流多少钱

黑龙江公立三甲医院有妇产科吗?There are always fish willing to be caught by anglerJiang Taigong姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩Jiang Taigong is a popular name for Jiang Ziya, statesman and strategist.姜太公字子牙,是中国古代的一位影响久远的杰出的韬略家、军事家和政治家。As an adviser of King Wen of the Zhou State in ancient China, he, at the age of 80, helped the young King Wu overthrow the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.他在八十高龄,辅佐文王,兴邦立国,帮助年轻的周武王灭掉商朝,建立起周朝。Jiang Ziya lived near the Weishui River about 3 000 years ago.大约3千多年前,姜子牙居住在渭水北岸,The area was the feudal estate of Count Ji Chang.属于西伯姬昌的封建领地。Jiang Ziya knew Ji Chang was very ambitious so he hoped to get Ji’s attention.姜子牙听说西伯姬昌尊贤纳士,年逾七旬的他便千里迢迢投奔西歧。He often went fishing at the Weishui River,此后,他每日垂钓于渭水之上,等待圣明君主的到来。but he would fish in an unusual way. He hung a straight fishhook, without bait, three feet above the water .姜子牙的钓法奇特,短竿长线,线系直钩,不用诱饵之食,钓杆也不垂到水里,离水面有三尺高,He often said to himself, “Fish,if you don’t want to live any more, come and swallow the hook yourself. ”并且一边钓鱼一边自言自语,“不想活的鱼儿呀,你们愿意的话,就自己上钩吧。”Soon his strange way of fishing was reported to Ji Chang.太公奇特的钓鱼方法,终于传到了姬昌那里。Ji sent a soldier to fetch him.姬昌知道后,派一名士兵去叫他来。Jiang saw the soldier conning, but ignored him.但太公并不理踩这个士兵,Jiang just went on with his fishing, and was saying to himself,“Fishing, fishing,no fish has been hooked. A shrimp is up to mischief. ”只顾自己钓鱼,并自言自语道:“钓啊,钓啊,鱼儿不上钩,虾儿来胡闹!”The soldier reported this back to Ji Chang, who became more interested in Jiang.姬昌听了士兵的禀报后,Ji sent an official to invite Jiang this time.改派一名官员去请太公来。But Jiang again ignored the invitation.可是太公依然不答理,He just carried on fishing,and was saying,“Fishing,fishing,the big fish has not been hooked. A small one is up to mischief”边钓边说:“钓啊,钓啊,大鱼不上钩,小鱼别胡闹! ”Then Ji Chang realized Jiang may be a great talent so he went to invite Jiang himself and brought many generous gifts with him.姬昌这才意识到,这个钓者必是位贤才,要亲自去请他才对。于是他带着厚礼,前往磘溪去聘请太公。Jiang saw his sincere desire so decided to work for him.太公见他诚心诚意来聘请自己,便答应为他效力。Jiang helped Ji Chang and his son turn over the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.后来,姜尚辅佐文王,兴邦立国,还帮助文王的儿子武王姬发,灭掉了商朝,建 立了周朝。Today, people use this old idiom to describe someone who willingly falls in a trap or does something regardless of the result.成语“姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩”比喻心甘情愿地上别人的圈套或是做事不计后果。 /201509/395354 延寿县妇幼保健医院附近公交车黑龙江省第四医院怎么样



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