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还想升级Win?法国政府批评Win泄露个人隐私 -- 18:: 来源: 据法国数据在一份正式通知中表示,Win收集了“过多”的用户个人数据 Following complaints the operating system breached France’s Data Protection Act, the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) found "many failures".之前曾有多项投诉指责Win违法了法国数据保护法案,法国国家数据保护委员会还发现了“许多失败”The CNIL has now given Microsoft three months to comply with the act.法国国家数据保护委员限定微软在3个月之内同意这一法案A Microsoft executive said the company would "work closely" with the CNIL.一名微软高管表示,该公司将和法国国家数据保护委员“密切合作”By default, Windows collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, example.在默认情况下,Win会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等"[Microsoft] is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary the operation of the service," said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示说:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win务系统所必须的”The authority also criticised the fact that an advertising ID is activated by default, which allows apps to monitor user browsing and then offer targeted ads.该部门还批评了广告ID被默认激活的事实,这允许应用程序监控用户们的浏览记录,然后向他们推送有针对性的广告In the CNIL’s view, this has been done "without consent".在法国国家数据保护委员看来,这一切行为都“没有获得允许”Plus, data was being transferred outside the EU despite a Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision, in October last year, to prohibit this.此外,数据还被转移到了欧盟之外的国家,而欧盟法院(CJEU)曾在去年月份禁止这一行为"We built strong privacy protections into Windows , and we welcome feedback as we continually work to enhance those protections," said David Heiner, Microsoft vice-president and deputy general counsel.微软副仲裁、副总法律顾问戴维·海纳表示说:“我们在Win系统中建立了强大的隐私保护机制,我们欢迎用户做出反馈,因为我们将不断努力以加强这些保护措施”"We will work closely with the CNIL over the next few months to understand the agency’s concerns fully and to work toward solutions that it will find acceptable."“在接下来的几个月里,我们将和法国国家数据保护委员密切合作,从而完全了解该机构的担忧之处,并且努力拿出他们觉得可接受的解决方案”Mr Heiner added that a new privacy statement would be issued by the company next month and that it planned to adopt the Privacy Shield - a recently approved US-EU pact to allow data flow across the Atlantic.海纳补充说道,微软将在下个月发布一份新的个人隐私声明,并且微软计划将采用《Privacy Shield协议--这是美国和欧盟最近批准的一项协议,允许数据跨大西洋流动"It is high time that companies are called to about the amount of data they collect about us without our consent," said Harmit Kambo, campaigns director at Privacy International.“隐私国际”的宣传总监哈米特·肯说道:“现在正是时候呼吁公司们算一算,微软到底在没有允许的情况下收集了我们多少数据”"Why do they need so much data about us, and why are they not open with us about it?"“为什么他们需要这么多关于我们的数据呢?为什么他们不对我们坦白这件事呢?”Mr Kambo added that he hoped other companies would also consider the implications of the CNIL’s decision.肯补充说道,他希望其他公司也考虑一下法国国家数据保护委员这一决定的意义"CNIL’s public notice to Microsoft Corporation should be a wake up call to all companies, that it’s unacceptable to hoover up their customers’ data without their consent," he said.他说道:“法国国家数据保护委员对微软公司的公共声明应该给所有公司都提了个醒,在未经顾客允许的情况下,收集他们的数据是不可接受的”

没有面膜?看古代女神护肤秘籍 (双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 中国女神越来越多,而女神怎能没有护肤品呢?从款式到功能,味道到质地,护肤品可以满足你各种需求然而古代的娘娘们金枝玉叶,没有现代的超能护肤品,她们是如何做到青春永驻,永得圣宠的呢? 其实自古以来,中国女性就追求更白皙、更明亮的肌肤为了拥有晶莹剔透的肌肤,历代女性探索出去角质,美白和保湿这三个关键护肤步骤而尚未发明出护肤品的古代,娘娘们又是怎样护肤的呢? Chinese women have a long history of pursuing whiter and brighter skin. To achieve that luminous glow, generations of women have counted exfoliation, brightening and moisturizing as their three key steps. 1、淘米水 Rice Water 早在清朝(-19),中国女性就开始用淘米水护肤— —去除角质,使肌肤亮白 Chinese women utilized pan– water used to wash rice – to remove residue and brighten their skin, as early as the Qing Dynasty (-19). 那些水稻中的淀粉、维生素和蛋白质据说对皮肤十分有益即使在今天,用淘米水洗脸仍是最受欢迎天然护肤方式 Those produced from fine rice, in which its starch, vitamins and proteins are said to be beneficial to the skin. Even today, washing one's face with water used to clean rice is one of the most popular homemade skincare routines. . 浴豆 Bath Beans ;浴豆;,是由大豆粉、药材和香料,组成的棒状产品,在被北魏到南朝时期(公元前-589)是人们常用的护肤方式 ;Bath beans;, a bar-shaped product consisting of soy bean powder, medicinal herbs and fragrances, were often used from the Wei Dynasty to Southern Dynasty (AD -589). 大豆中的大豆异黄酮,具有一种非常类似于女性荷尔蒙雌激素的化学结构,据说对女性十分有益 The isoflavone from soybeans, which have a chemical structure very similar to the female hormone estrogen, are said to be good women. 3. 花卉制品 Floral Products 古代中医理论呼吁;以色补色;,为了像花一样健康的光泽,在很多美容产品里都加入了花朵成分 A theory in ancient Chinese medicine calls ;replenishing color with color;, hence the use of flowers in many beauty products that healthy glow. 中医经典之作《本草纲目,记录了大量的带有花成分的药方例如,一条使皮肤光亮的配方中有梅子、梅花、梨、樱桃、白烛葵、白莲花、红莲花、旋覆花和胡椒(300 克)、桃、木瓜花、芦荟、丁香,0克珍珠珍粉、50 克的四川雾花,和700 克的大豆粉 Compendium of Materia Medica, the bible of Traditional Chinese Medicine, records a large volume of pharmaceutical mulas with floral ingredients. instance, to brighten the skin, a mixture of plum, pear, cherry, candytuft, white lotus, red lotus, inula flowers and pepper (300g), peach and papaya flowers and aloes, clove and radsz(0g), 0g of pearl and jade crumbs, 50g of Sichuan spray flowers, and 700g of ground soybean powder were often prescribed. . .金属的使用 Use Metals 自魏晋时期(公元-),古人们就开始经常使用铅汞化合物来提亮肤色这种化学物质能够杀死黑色素细胞,从而使皮肤颜色变白然而,长期的在皮肤上使用铅产品将会导致铅中毒轻的结果会使皮肤变得更加粗糙,严重时,可能会导致死亡 Lead mercuride was frequently applied to brighten the skin since the Wei and Jin dynasties (AD -). The compound caused death of melanocytes, hence brightening the skin color. However, extended use of large quantities of lead on skin causes lead poisoning. In light cases, skin becomes more coarse; in severe cases, it causes death. 在古代,人们并不是不知道铅具有毒性《本草纲目中清晰的记载了铅的危害但是其迅速美白肌肤的功效仍吸引了许多年轻的女性,对她们而言对美的追求超越了健康 Ancient Chinese people were not unaware of the toxicity of lead. Compendium of Materia Medica clearly documents the harm of lead. But its speedy effect in whitening the skin still lured many young women in their pursuit of beauty over health. 在今天,化妆品中铅过量仍然是一个严重的问题纵然经过几千年的发展,人类的本性始终难以改变 Overdosing on lead in cosmetics remains a problem today. Even after thousands of years, human nature remains difficult to change. 最后,小编想说的是,爱美之心人皆有之,但只有在健康基础上的美丽才是真正的美丽! English Source: China Daily

淘宝亮新招:霉霉抖森“分手险”出炉 -- ::51 来源: 霉霉恋爱再次公布恋情,大家怎么看?淘宝商家出新招,若霉霉再次分手,店家承诺将双倍给付保险金 Chinese internet users and fans of Taylor Swift are taking out insurance with some online sellers promising to pay double should she ’break up’ with rumoured flame Tom Hiddleston.近日,淘宝一些商家面向中国广大网友和泰勒·斯威夫特的粉丝们推出霉霉抖森“分手险”,如果霉霉和绯闻男友汤姆·希德勒斯顿分手,店家承诺将双倍给付保险金Despite the fact that their relationship has not been confirmed, Chinese web users are aly classing them as an item and using it as an excuse to take out insurance on their relationship on China’s e-commerce giant Taobao.尽管霉霉和抖森的恋情还未被实,中国的网友们已经将其视作下注目标,借这个由头在中国电子商务巨头—淘宝上买他们的恋情险It’s not just Taylor Swift’s love life, other celebrity events can also be included in the insurance packages, such as whether or not Katy Perry will win a Grammy in .不光是泰勒·斯威夫特的恋情,保险套餐中还包括其他各种名人活动,比如凯蒂·佩里年能否赢得格莱美奖Pictures emerged last week of the pop superstar kissing her new beau on a beach near her Rhode Island home, bee they were seen the next day boarding a private jet together.上周这位流行小天后被拍到在罗德岛上的家附近的海滩上亲吻她的新男友,第二天他们还被目击到一起登上一架私人飞机According to China’s state-run media Xinhua News Agency, people started using Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, to bet on Taylor Swift’s relationships this week.据新华社报道,本周人们开始在淘宝上就泰勒·斯威夫特的恋情打赌Each bet costs 1 yuan.每个赌注价格1元人民币If the pop singer ’breaks up’ with the alleged new love interest within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank .如果霉霉和这个所谓的新欢在一年内分手,买家下的赌金就可双倍返还,这笔钱将直接打入他们的账户One seller says that there have been 53 transactions.一个店主说已经成交了53笔Another seller named Ma Jia said that the highest amount someone has spent was 00 yuan.另外一个名叫马佳(音)的店主说,投得最多的买家买了00元One buyer named Xiaoting said: ’If I bought a million, I would make a lot. These stars break up all the time which gives us the opporty to earn a lot of money.’一个名叫小廷(音)的买主说:“如果我买了0万,我就能赚很多钱这些明星总是不停地分手,让我们有机会大赚一笔”He said that he wanted to buy more but the seller refunded him money and advised him on a limit.他说他本来想多买一些,但是店主把钱退给他并建议他购买有度Ma Jia, the seller says that his own shop has capped purchases to 300 yuan.店主马佳说,他的店铺已经把购买上限定在300元According to site Sixth Tone, Chinese web users can also bet on whether or not Katy Perry will win a Grammy in and whether Sherlock, which is incredibly popular in China, will air next year as promised.根据“第六声”网站的消息,中国网友还可以赌水果年能否赢得格莱美奖,以及在中国很火爆的英剧《神探夏洛克明年能否如期播放Internet users are also able to bet on their own love lives.网友还可以对自己的感情生活投保There is even a policy single people where if they meet a partner within a month of placing their bet then they will be given . yuan, which symbolises lifetime in Chinese.淘宝上甚至还有一种针对单身人士的险种,如果他们在投保一个月内找到对象,那他们就能获得.元,寓意一生一世

双语:英国老伯种心形番茄 捐给慈善机构 -- 00::5 来源:   It's not often a tomato is described as so sweet 'whenever people see it they just want to hug it' - but this was no ordinary piece of fruit.  一颗普通的番茄,尤其是在没有被切开的时候,形状很少能“有爱到让人一见就想要拥抱它的地步”  The heart-shaped tomato was grown by retired dagger maker, Rod Matless, who said he was shocked when he noticed it in his greenhouse while inspecting his latest produce.  然而这颗由退休的匕首制造商罗德·麦特里斯种出来的心形番茄却与众不同罗德说他是在自己的温室种植园里查看收成时看到它的,当时他也吃了一惊  Mr Matless, 69, who suffered a heart attack a few years ago, was so taken aback by the phenomenal fruit that he decided to sell it at auction and donate the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation.  今年69岁的罗德几年前患上了心脏病,这颗心形的番茄令他联想到了心脏,他决定将这颗番茄进行拍卖,并将拍卖所得款项捐给英国心脏基金会  The .6oz tomato was bought £ on eBay by a woman from Wales - who said she planned to give it to someone special.  这颗重约.6盎司(约6克)的心形番茄在易趣网上被来自威尔士的一位女士以英镑(约元人民币)的价格拍下,她说她要把这颗番茄送给特别的人  Mr Matless, of Wymondham, near Norwich, said: 'It was a bit of an obvious thing to do I suppose.  罗德住在诺威奇附近的怀蒙丹,他说:“我觉得这是一件显而易见的事情”  'I spent a couple of days thinking about it and I wasn't really sure, but this seems like a good use.  “虽然我想了好几天仍然不太确定,但还是觉得这样做应该不错”  'I hope it will do someone somewhere a bit of a good.'  “我希望这颗番茄能给其他人带来好运”  He added: 'It's very sweet - whenever people see it they just want to hug it.'  他补充说:“它看起来非常有爱,谁见到它都会想要拥抱它的”  But with the tomato's freshness a key factor, enthusiastic gardener Mr Matless was up against the clock to deliver it to its new owner bee rot set in.  但是由于保持番茄新鲜非常关键,所以为防止这颗番茄坏掉,热情的罗德分秒必争地将它送到了它的新主人那里  He said: 'I didn't want to send someone something horrible. I probably could have raised a bit more money with more time but I was worried about it.  罗德说:“我以前是匕首制造商,但我其实不想给人可怕的东西可能我赚了不少钱,但我会有点不安”  'It will certainly make a nice present a loved one.I hope that they like it and I'm glad I got to help.'  “而这颗心形番茄对有爱的人来说一定是个很好的礼物我希望其他人能喜欢它,我也很高兴能帮到他人”  'It's all been very good fun and I've really enjoyed growing this very special tomato.'  “这件事情整个都令人很愉快,而且我真的很享受种植这颗心形番茄的过程”  The French once called tomatoes 'pomme d'amour', meaning love apple, but some say this is because they believed it was an aphrodisiac and had little to do with its shape.  法国人曾经把番茄称作“pomme d'amour”,意思是爱情苹果但是有人说这样称呼并不是因为它的形状,而是法国人觉得它是一种促进情欲的药剂

英国皇室里的一枚暖男:哈里王子 -- :: 来源:chinadaily 总见威廉王子和凯特王妃秀恩爱,女王的存在感也是高于天,其实你们都不知道,哈里王子才是英国王室大写的苏!做慈善、做公益、爱小孩,他的人气在腐国逐年高涨,大家都称他是治愈果和英国皇室第一大暖男呢! 这不近日,哈里王子来到了非洲的莱索托王国,探望年前帮助过的小男孩Mutsu Potsane,当时的小男孩只有岁,而哈里王子也还是小鲜肉呢时隔年,这对忘年之交相见后的场景不要太感人: Greeting the teenager with a warm hug, Prince Harry was reed with the boy he first took under his wing as a four-year-old orphan. 当哈里王子与小男孩重聚时,给了他一个温暖的拥抱这名小男孩第一次被哈里王子帮助时只有岁,是一名孤儿 The royal first met Mutsu Potsane in when he visited the tiny landlocked African Kingdom of Lesotho as a 19-year-old gap year student. 在年,这名皇室成员作为一名19岁的间隔年学生,探访位于非洲内陆的莱索托王国时,遇到了Mutsu Potsane The pair struck up an instant rapport and after years of staying in touch they were reed there last November. 这对好友马上建立起了亲近的关系,在保持多年联系后,在去年的月份,他们在莱索托王国重聚了 But they met again in very different circumstances when Harry surprised Mutsu and of his friends during their first ever overseas trip to London. 然而他们在一个不同的情况下又重逢了在Mutsu和他的个伙伴第一次出国到伦敦旅游的途中,哈里王子给了他们一个惊喜 Mutsu, now , travelled to the UK with a choir of five other boys and six girls, all helped by Harry’s Sentebale charity. 现年岁的Mutsu这次来伦敦旅游是和他的合唱队一起——5名男孩和6名女孩,他们都受助于哈里王子的Sentebale慈善机构 据悉,在年时,哈里王子和Mutsu天天黏在一起,陪他一起玩耍,逗他开心,还送给过他礼物,妈呀好有爱…… 其实,除了慈善事业,哈里王子在其他方面也是一个十足的大暖男! 有同情心: He wrote a heartfelt letter to the grieving mother of a boy he'd previously met, who had recently died. And it's tear-jerking stuff. 他曾给一位因丧子而悲恸不已的母亲写过一封真诚的信,她的儿子哈里王子之前见过这真是催人泪下的事情 Harry had met five-year-old Carson Hartley, who suffered from a string of health complications. 哈里王子之前见过5岁的Carson Hartley,他曾受一系列的健康并发症折磨 不怕苦: Prince Harry has been pictured getting stuck into hard manual labour to rebuild an earthquake-destroyed school in Nepal. 哈里王子在尼泊尔被拍到致力于体力劳动,来重建惨遭地震摧毁的学校 Harry and the other military veterans helped local residents lay the foundations of a classroom and build a new farm of solar panels to provide electricity. 哈里王子和其他一些的老兵帮助当地居民为教室搭建地基,还建了一个太阳能板发电的新农场

高颜值“机器人女神”佳佳走红达沃斯 -- 18::00 来源:chinadaily You might do a double take when you see this particular robot - and if you did you would not be alone.看到这个特别的机器人时你可能一时反应不过来——如果是,不只你一个人这样Visitors to a recent exhibition in China were greeted by Jia Jia, a humanoid robot who is not only scarily lifelike, but intelligent and quick-witted too.在中国最近的一个展览上,参观者受到佳佳的欢迎,她是一个人形机器人,不仅外形非常逼真,而且聪明机敏The female robot has been called a 'robot goddess' by her hoards of online fans, and some who met her at a recent exhibition were taken aback by her lifelike appearance.这个女机器人被网上的粉丝称为“机器人女神”,一些在近期的展览会上看到她的人对其逼真的外形感到大吃一惊Jia Jia stood near the entrance of the exhibition hall that hosted this year's Summer Davos um in Tianjin, in a major port city in North China.今年届夏季达沃斯论坛在中国北方的一个主要港口城市天津举行,佳佳站在展览厅的入口处She was dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit, hairstyle, complete with a classic hairpin, and immediately caught the attention of passers-by.她身着传统的中国装,梳着传统的发型,头上还别着一个古典的发簪,一亮相立即引起了周围人的注意This life-like cyborg is the brain child of engineer Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China.这个栩栩如生的机器人是中国科技大学工程师陈小平及其同事们的智慧结晶Her 'brain', which is essentially a huge online database, is connected to a cloud computing platm that allows her to enhance her ability to process emotions and speech as new data is uploaded.佳佳的“大脑”本质上是一个巨大的在线数据库,该数据库连接到一个云计算平台,使她能够随着新数据的上传增强处理情绪、语音的能力Jia Jia can hold conversations with those who ask her questions and respond in less than a second.佳佳可以与那些向她提问的人对话,并在不到一秒的时间内作出反应Reports said she is also able to make micro-expressions and recognise the facial expressions of others.有报道称,她还能够做出细微的表情,并读取别人的面部表情She is thought to be one of a kind in China, although in the past few years there have been other similar 'smart' bots made by engineers.尽管在过去的几年里已有其他工程师设计出类似的“智能”机器人,佳佳被认为在中国是独一无二的According to reports, the Chinese are taking a great interest in robotic technologies, with China ing more than 5 percent of global industrial robot sales in - 6,000 of 8,000 s sold worldwide last year.据报道,中国人对机器人技术有着巨大的兴趣,年机器人在中国的销量占全球工业机器人销量的5%以上——即去年全球销量.8万台中的6.万台The Summer Davos um was established in and alternates between the cities of Tianjin and Dalian - in north-eastern China's Liaoning Province.首届夏季达沃斯论坛于年举办,之后在天津和大连两座城市轮流举行,后者位于中国东北的辽宁省'Don't come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,' Jia Jia said.佳佳说:“拍照时请不要太靠近我这会使我的脸看起来很胖”This group of researchers were also the masterminds behind the service robot 'Kejia' that took home first place at the RoboCup championship in .这组研究人员也是年机器人世界杯锦标赛的务型机器人冠军“可佳”的背后主创Kejia reached a historical mark 8,555 points by showing off its skills of neatly lining up drinks.可佳通过整齐地排列饮料展示其技能,创造了8555分的历史高分But Xiaoping's robot goddess doesn't seem like it will be used in any competitions. 但机器人佳佳看起来并不会用于任何比赛'We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people,' Xiaoping explained.小平解释说:“我们希望研发机器人,让它具备很强的学习能力我们将添加面部表情识别,使其与人进行更深入的互动”He also revealed that Jia Jia was 'priceless' and the team would not consider mass production, yet.他还透露,佳佳是“无价”的,团队还不会考虑大规模生产Vocabularydo a double take: 开始愣了一下,过一会儿才恍然大悟be taken aback: 惊讶,大吃一惊one of a kind: 独一无二的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

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