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襄阳市第一人民医院可以做NT检查吗Business this week本周经济要闻Google all but abandoned its opposition to a recent court ruling in Europe that gives people the “right to be forgotten” on the internet. It had said that the decision would curtail freedom of information, but Google has now set up a web page through which people can request that links be removed to an article about them that they consider to be outdated or an invasion of privacy. More than 41,000 people made such a request in the first four days after the web page went live.欧洲最近法庭裁决给予人们在因特网上有“遗忘的权利”,谷歌差一点放弃了对此裁决的异议。谷歌称此裁决将遏制信息自由。但是谷歌已经建立起一个网页,通过该网页,人们可以要求删除那些他们认为已经过时的或是有侵犯他们隐私的文章的连接。超过41,000位公众在网页正式上线的后的四天里提出了这项要求。Apple heralded its forthcoming update to the operating system that powers its devices as the biggest since 2008. The new features on iOS 8 will include improvements to messaging and e-mail—a direct response to the growing competition from Facebooks WhatsApp and to apps provided by Googles Android operating system.苹果暗示即将更新他们的操作系统,而正是目前尚在使用的操作系统帮助苹果手机成为08年以来规模最大的通讯设备。iOS 8的新特点包括改进短消息和邮件的传送,此举直接回应美国社交网站的WhatsApp通讯应用程序,同时也是向谷歌的安卓操作系统提供的应用程序叫板。Not-so-sunny outlook前景不妙America proposed stiff tariffs on imports of Chinese solar panels. An earlier tariff on the components used to make the panels was circumvented by Chinese firms outsourcing the components to Taiwan and then assembling the panels in China. America claims Chinas solar industry has undercut competition by receiving huge state subsidies. Although American solar-panel makers applauded the decision, cheaper Chinese panels have been a boon to solar power in America: capacity rose by 41% in 2013.美国提议对从中国进口太阳能电池板征收严苛的进口关税。早前美国政府主要是对那些用于制造面板的组件征收关税,而中国公司为了规避此类关税将组件的制造业务外包给台湾,然后在中国大陆进行组装。美国声称中国的太阳能产业通过获得大笔的国家补贴而削弱竞争。尽管美国太阳能电池板的制造商赞成这个决议,但是更廉价的中国太阳能电池板对美国的太阳能发电是一种恩惠:发电量在2013年上涨了41%。A 16% rise in imports from China helped push Americas trade deficit in April to 47 billion, the highest monthly figure for two years. Total imports were 240.6 billion, a monthly record, driven by Americans buying more cars and phones from abroad.四月份,从中国进口货物增长了16%,这也使得美国的贸易逆差增长到470亿,这是两年来单月最高纪录。单月的总共的进口额是2406亿,源于美国人从国外购买更多的车和手机。Australias economy grew by 3.5% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. The figure was higher than expected, boosted in part by the demand for housing amid low interest rates.澳大利亚今年第一季度的经济与去年同一季度相比增长3.5%。增长量高于预期估计值,增长的原因部分是在低利率的背景下住房需求量的增加。The average house price in Britain rose in May to 186,512, according to Nationwides index, up by 11% from May 2013. The mutual bank reported “tentative signs” of cooling, as tighter standards for mortgage approvals kick in, though it was “too early to say” whether this would dampen demand. The average house price in London was 362,699 in the first quarter, according to an earlier Nationwide survey.根据全国指数,英国的平均房价从2013年5月至今年5月增长了11%,目前平均房价达186,512英镑。因为更为严格的抵押贷款审批标准正在逐步实施,尽管现在判断这项措施能否抑制需求还为时过早,但互助报道房价有初步遇冷的迹象。据更早的全国范围内的调查,伦敦第一季度的平均房价是362,699英镑。Having a say on pay薪酬话语权西雅图提高最低工资待遇The council in Seattle approved a rise in the local minimum wage to 15 an hour, the highest rate in any American city or state and twice as much as the federal minimum of 7.25. It will be phased in over the next few years. Eight states and Washington, DC, have increased their minimum-wage rates this year amid a national debate about inequality.西雅图委员会批准提高当地最低工资到每小时15美元,高于美国任何一个城市或州,是联邦政府规定的最低小时工资标准7.25美元的两倍。它将在未来的几年逐步实施。8个州和华盛顿特区在一场全国性范围内关于不平等的讨论中争取到今年增长他们最低工资的权利。Standard amp; Poors put its rating for BNP Paribas on “credit watch” until the outcome of an investigation in America into the French banks alleged violation of sanctions against countries such as Iran becomes clear. The American government is reportedly thinking of imposing a 10 billion fine on BNP. The size of the penalty has outraged the French, with one minister warning it would be detrimental to negotiations over transatlantic trade.美国的一份调查报告显示,法国巴黎涉嫌违反了针对伊朗等国家的制裁决议,由此标准普尔将法国巴黎的信用等级降为“信用警告”。据报道美国政府考虑对法国巴黎处以高达100亿美元罚款。处罚的金额使得法国不满,其中一位部长警告说此种做法将会对环大西洋的贸易谈判不利。Japans Dai-ichi Life Insurance agreed to buy Protective Life, which is based in Alabama. The 5.7 billion deal is the biggest takeover yet by a Japanese life-insurance firm of a foreign competitor.日本的第一人寿保险同意收购位于阿拉巴马州的美国护生保险公司,日本这家人寿保险公司的收购金额是57亿美元,目前为止,这个金额也使得此次收购案成为外国竞争者收购美国企业最大收购案。The European Commission gave the go ahead for Lithuania to adopt the euro next year. The Baltic state will be the 19th country to enter the euro zone, though it could be the last for some time. Other EU members in eastern Europe have not yet signed up to the exchange-rate mechanism through which their currencies must track the euro before joining the currency union.欧洲委员会同意明年立陶宛使用欧元。波罗的海国家将是第19个进入欧元区的国家,尽管它可能是目前一段时间最后一个进入欧元区的国家。而东欧各国在加入欧元区之前他们还没有签署汇率机制,此项机制旨在促使欧洲各国的货币单位与欧元挂钩。Jersey issued its first bond on the capital markets. The British dependency is taking advantage of low interest rates to borrow 250m so it can build cheaper social housing for its residents.泽西岛在资本市场发布它的第一抵押债券。英国属地利用低利率筹措了2亿5千万英镑,此笔款项用于为他们的居民建造更廉价的社会保障性住房。Valeant Pharmaceuticalsand William Ackman, an activist investor, upped the ante in their joint bid for Allergan, the maker of Botox. Valeant increased the cash portion of the 53 billion offer and pledged to take it directly to shareholders if Allergans board continued to oppose it. Mr Ackman said he would try to oust six Allergan boardmembers at a shareholders meeting.国际制药公司和维权投资者威廉˙奥克曼,提高他们联合竞标肉毒杆菌的制造商阿勒根的报价。如果阿勒根董事会继续反对,国际制药公司将增加报价中530亿美元的现金部分,并承诺把它直接给股东。奥克曼先生说他将设法在股东大会上驱逐6个阿勒根董事会成员。Robots of the world, unite!全世界的机器人,联合起来!The International Federation of Robotics reported that China was the biggest buyer of industrial robots last year, snapping up 36,500 units (Japan has the largest number of robots in operation). Around 179,000 robots were sold worldwide. Some think that factory owners prefer them to riot-prone workers.国家机器人联盟报道中国是去年工业机器人最大的购买者,抢购了36,500个工业机器人(日本是使用机器人作业最多的国家)。全世界大概卖出179,000个机器人。大家普遍认为与有暴乱倾向的工人相比,厂主更喜欢使用机器人。 201406/308594襄樊市中心医院割包皮价格是多少Online business and security网络商业及网络安全A digital heart attack电子心脏病A flaw in popular internet-security software could have serious consequences for all sorts of business广泛使用的网络安全软件出现漏洞,可能会殃及几乎所有企业THE Heartbleed bug sounds like a nasty coronary condition. But it is in fact a software flaw that has left up to two-thirds of the worlds websites vulnerable to attack by hackers. “This is potentially the most dangerous bug that we have seen for a long, long time,” says James Beeson, the chief information security officer of GE Capital Americas, an arm of GE. Since its existence was revealed on April 7th by researchers at Codenomicon, a security outfit, and Google, countless companies around the world that rely on the internet for part or all of their business have been scrambling to fix the flaw.“心脏流血”,听起来像是某种严重的心脏病的名称。但事实上,它是一个软件漏洞的名字,此漏洞使得全球三分之二的网站暴露于被黑客攻击的危险之中。“这可能是近些年来发现过的最危险的漏洞了,”通用电气旗下的通用电气金融务公司的首席信息安全官詹姆士·比森说道。这个漏洞是由网络安全研究团队Codenomicon和谷歌于四月七日发现的,自从那时起,全球范围内,只要是或多或少依靠互联网的公司,都火急火燎地在修补漏洞。Ironically, the bug was discovered in OpenSSL, encryption software that was designed to make the internet more secure. Available free, this open-source code is popular with businesses and governments, which use it to help secure everything from online credit-card transactions to public services. On April 9th, for instance, Canadas tax authority shut off public access to its online services while it checked the security of its systems in the light of news about the bug.讽刺的是,这个漏洞是在OpenSSl中发现的,而后者是一个用于提升网络安全的加密软件。OpenSSL是一个免费的开源软件,被企业和政府部门广泛使用,用于保护信用卡交易或公共务的安全。比如加拿大税务部门的提供的公众网络务就使用了OpenSSL,在得知漏洞的存在后,税务部门便在四月九日关闭了务。The flaw makes it possible for hackers to trick a server into spewing out data held in its memory. OpenSSL has a feature known as a “heartbeat” that allows a computer at one end of an encrypted link to send occasional signals to the computer at the other end of it, to check that it is still online. The researchers discovered that a hacker with knowledge of the bug could replicate this signal and use it to steal all manner of data from a remote computer.“心血”漏洞增加了黑客套取存储在务器上的数据的可能性。OpenSSL有一个名为“心跳”的功能,允许加密链接一端的电脑随机发出一条信息,确认另一端的电脑是否仍然在线。研究人发现,一个熟悉“心血”漏洞的黑客,可以通过复制这个信号来盗取远程计算机上的所有数据。Those data could include encryption keys that let hackers decipher traffic. To make matters worse, the researchers found that the bug, which is present in some versions of OpenSSL that have been available since March 2012, allows attacks to be mounted without leaving a trace in targeted computers “server logs”, so victims are unaware their systems have been compromised. That means it is impossible to tell for sure what damage has been done.这些数据可能包括可以让黑客解码之前通信内容的密钥。更糟糕的是,研究人员发现,此漏洞从2012起就开始在OpenSSL的一些版本中出现;而且,黑客通过此漏洞攻击时不会在其目标计算机的“务器日志”中留下痕迹,所以,受害者无法察觉到自己的系统已经被入侵了。The bug has forced companies to find out fast how many of their systems employ the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. “Everyone knows they have to patch their customer-facing internet websites, but that is only the tip of the iceberg,” says Jonathan Sander of STEALTHbits Technologies, a security firm that is helping one of Americas biggest banks work out where it has deployed the buggy software. Web-connected systems that handle things such as accounting and personnel data will also need to be checked for the bug.这个漏洞促使企业迅速查明它们自己有哪些系统使用了存在漏洞的OpenSSL。“所有人都知道要去修补他们面向客户的网站,但那些只是冰山一角,”安全公司STEALTHbits Technologies的乔纳森·桑德说。该公司正在帮助美国的一家大型定位其系统上的漏洞。其他联网系统,例如处理帐务和私人信息的联网系统,都有必要检查一下是否有漏洞。Mr Sander likens the discovery of the Heartbleed bug to finding a faulty part in nearly every make and model of car. The problem is that the internet cannot be recalled. Big web companies such as Google and Yahoo have moved fast to deal with the bug. But millions of smaller e-commerce sites and other businesses face the worrying prospect of being attacked by hackers alerted to the bugs existence as the firms race to fix the problem.桑德说,发现“心血”漏洞,就好比汽车厂商在它的每款车里都发现一个同一个缺陷。但问题是,互联行业里没有召回这一说。像谷歌和雅虎这样的大型网络公司已经立即处理了漏洞。但是还有大量的小型的电商网站和其他类型的小公司只能一边抢修,一边担心被那些获悉漏洞存在的黑客的攻击。The cure includes applying a software “patch” and then choosing new encryption keys to replace those that may have been compromised. Once this has been done, customers will often need to change their passwords too. Tumblr, a blogging service owned by Yahoo, has urged its users to change the passwords they use for all of the secure online services that hold sensitive data about them. Some companies even chose to suspend services while they were working on a fix. Bitstamp, a Bitcoin e-currency exchange, temporarily suspended new account registrations and logins to its existing accounts.补救的办法包括给软件打“补丁”,然后用新密钥替换那些可能被盗取的密钥。完成了这两步之后,用户通常还需要更改他们的密码。雅虎旗下提供务的Tumblr就强烈建议用户更改所有包含他们敏感信息的务的密码。有些公司甚至在其修补漏洞期间暂停了务。比特币交易网站Bitstamp就暂时关闭了注册和登录务。Another Y2 K?另一个千年虫?Perhaps the risk posed by the Heartbleed bug will turn out to be overblown. But if it emerges that companies systems have indeed been hacked because of it, this could open a legal can of worms. Firms could argue that they ought not to be punished for using widely trusted security software. But aggrieved customers—and their lawyers—may see things differently.也许,“心血”漏洞可能造成的风险被夸大了。但是一旦真的有公司因此漏洞被黑客入侵了,就可能引起极为棘手的法律纠纷。企业可能会自辩说其不应该因使用被广泛信任的安全软件受罚。但受害的用户和他们的律师可不会这么想。Quite how the bug got into the OpenSSL software in the first place is a mystery. Bruce Schneier, an internet-security expert, argues in a blog post that “the probability is close to one” that intelligence agencies have exploited the glitch to nab the encryption keys needed to decipher information about their targets. His guess is that the glitch is the result of a coding error rather than the handiwork of spies, though he says he cannot be sure.至于究竟这个漏洞最初是如何出现在OpenSSL中的,这还是一个谜。网络安全专家布鲁斯·施奈尔在他的一篇客里称,“毫无疑问”,情报部门已利用此漏洞盗取密钥以获取其监控目标的信息。虽然他不能完全肯定,但他认为漏洞是编程失误的结果,不太可能是间谍的杰作。No matter who is to blame, this episode is another reminder of the security challenges companies face as ever more economic activity shifts online. According to eMarketer, a research outfit, worldwide business-to-consumer e-commerce sales are likely to grow by just over a fifth this year, to .5 trillion. That is a huge commercial opportunity, but it will also encourage cyber-crooks to target businesses even more vigorously. Expect more computer-security heartburn in boardrooms.不管幕后黑手到底是谁,这个事件再一次提醒我们,在企业不断将经济活动向线上转移的过程中,它们将面临大量的安全挑战。据一个名为eMarketer的市场调查公司称,今年全球B2C电商的销售总额将有望达到1.5万亿美元,同比增长超过五分之一。这是巨大的商机,同时也会让网络罪犯们更坚定地咬住企业这块肥肉。就让董事会的老爷们为此烧心窝火吧。 /201404/288732襄阳四医院祛痣好不好

襄阳谷城县人民医院盆腔炎多少钱襄樊市红十字医院是几级The economics of behavior行为经济学Time and punishment时间与处罚Impatient children are more likely to become lawbreakers心急的孩子更容易成为不法分子IN HIS “Odyssey”, Homer immortalized the idea of resisting temptation by having the protagonist tied to the mast of his ship, to hear yet not succumb to the beautiful, dangerous songs of the Sirens. Researchers have long been intrigued as to whether this ability to avoid, or defer, gratification is related to outcomes in life. The best-known test is the “marshmallow” experiment, in which children who could refrain from eating the confection for 15 minutes were given a second one. Children who could not wait tended to have lower incomes and poorer health as adults. New research suggests that kids who are unable to delay rewards are also more likely to become criminals later.荷马笔下的《奥德赛》里,那抵制诱惑的故事经久不衰。主角将自己绑在船的桅杆上,听得到塞壬美妙却又危险的歌声,但不屈从于诱惑。长期以来,研究人员一直好奇人们是否有能力抵制或推迟与生活相关的满足感。在最知名的“棉花糖”实验里,15分钟内能忍住不吃糖的孩子就可以吃到两块棉花糖。无法等待的孩子成年后往往收入较低,健康状况较差。新的研究表明,不能耽搁而必须立即享受奖赏的孩子们之后也更可能成为罪犯。David Akerlund, Hans Gronqvist and Lena Lindahl of Stockholm University and Bart Golsteyn of Maastricht University used data from a Swedish survey in which more than 13,000 children aged 13 were asked whether they would prefer to receive 0 now or ,400 in five yearstime. About four-fifths of them said they were prepared to wait.斯德哥尔大学的大卫·阿克隆德,汉斯·格伦维斯特,莉娜·林达尔,以及马斯特里赫特大学的巴特·哥斯蒂恩使用了一项取自瑞典的调查数据,调查中,超过13,000名13岁的孩子被问及是希望现在获得140美元还是五年后获得1,400美元,约五分之四的孩子说他们愿意等待。Unlike previous researchers, the authors were able to track all the children and account for their parental background and cognitive ability. They found that the 13-year-olds who wanted the smaller sum of money at once were 32% more likely to be convicted of a crime during the next 18 years than those children who said they would rather wait for the bigger reward. Individuals who are impatient, they believe, prefer instant benefits and are therefore less likely to be deterred by potential punishments.不同于以往的研究者,此次调查中,研究人员追踪所有的孩子,并对其父母的背景和认知能力进行评估。他们发现,比起那些宁愿等待更大奖赏的13岁孩子,想要一次性取得较小金额的孩子有32%的可能在今后18年内犯下罪行。因此,研究人员相信,缺乏耐心的个体喜欢即时的好处,而且不太可能因潜在的惩罚而却步。But those who fret that a person’s criminal path is set aly as a teenager should not despair. The four researchers offer a remedy. When the respondentseducation was included in the analysis, they found that higher educational attainment was linked to a preference for delayed gratification. “We therefore suspect that schooling can deter people from crime by making them value the future more,” explains Mr Gronqvist.但是,那些为一个人的犯罪轨迹在十几岁时就已定型发愁的人也不用绝望。四位研究人员提供了一项补救措施。当受访者的教育程度被纳入分析时,研究人员发现,较高的教育程度与推迟满足感的偏好是有联系的。“因此,我们猜想,学校教育可以使他们更多的看重未来,从而压下犯罪的念头,”格伦维斯特先生解释道。Educational attainment and patience are related either because patience helps students to do better or because schooling makes people more likely to postpone rewards. Fortunately, there is evidence in support of the latter theory. Francisco Perez-Arce of the RAND Corporation, a think-tank, interviewed around 2,000 applicants for Mexican universities. The students had similar credentials but some obtained admission through a lottery to a university that did not charge tuition fees, whereas the rest had to apply elsewhere. As a result, a higher proportion of lottery-winners than losers went to college. After a year, Mr Perez-Arce found, the lottery-winners were more patient than the losers. Since the process was random, he concluded that higher education can make people place more weight on the future.教育程度和耐心的相关性可能是因为耐心能帮助学生们做的更好,或者是因为教育增加了人们推迟奖赏的可能性。幸运的是,后一种理论有着论据撑。咨询研究机构兰德的弗朗西斯科·佩雷斯-阿尔塞采访了大约2,000位墨西哥大学的申请者。学生们手中有相似的凭据,但一些人能凭借抽奖被大学录取且不收学费,其他人则需另谋他处。结果,抽奖赢家们上大学的比例高于未被抽中者。一年后,佩雷斯-阿尔塞发现,抽奖中的赢家比输家更有耐心。由于这个过程是随机的,他得出结论称高等教育可以使人们更多的关注于未来。Victor Hugo supposedly said, “He who opens a school door closes a prison.” Homer is not the only great writer with lessons for economic research.维克多·雨果曾说,“谁若是开办了一所学校,他便是关闭了一座监狱。”看起来,写下与经济研究相关的经验教训的伟大作家可不止荷马一人。 /201407/311503枣阳市第一人民医院可以做NT检查吗The scientists used a computer program to analyze the results obtained with a modern prism.科学家们用电脑程序来分析这些通过这个现代棱镜得到的结果。Then they replaced each wavelength with the color the human eye sees at that wavelength toconstruct what they called a cosmic spectrum to represent all that energy.然后,他们在每个波长里用人类肉眼能看到的颜色来代替这个波长,从而构成了一个他们所谓的宇宙光普,并用它来代表所有的能量。Finally, they variedthe intensity of each color on the spectrum in proportion to that wavelengths intensity in theuniverse.最后,他们改变宇宙光谱中每种颜色的强度,使之与宇宙中的波长的强度成比例。And after all that, they concluded that the average wavelength is most similar to a nondescriptbeige.在此之后,他们推断出平均波长最接近普通米黄色光的波长。However, researchers initially did think the color of the universe was closer to a turquoise,but then it turned out that the computer program they were using calculated the colors incorrectly.然而,研究人员最初认为宇宙更接近蓝绿色,但随后的事实明,他们用电脑程序计算出来的宇宙颜色并非蓝绿色。 201401/274246襄阳市四院官方网站

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