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哈尔滨处女膜修补术需要多少钱南岗区子宫肌瘤多少钱One of the first things we learned about Omar Mateen, the gunman in the nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, was that his ex-wife said he had beaten her severely until she left him in 2009.关于佛罗里达奥兰多夜店屠杀事件中的击者奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen),我们最初所了解的几件事中,就包括他前妻的说法:她曾经遭受严重的家暴,直至2009年两人分手。If it sounds familiar that a gunman in a mass shooting would have a history of domestic violence, it should.大规模击事件中的行凶者通常有家暴史,这是一种耳熟能详的说法,事实也的确如此。In February, Cedric Ford shot 17 people at his Kansas workplace, killing three, only 90 minutes after being served with a restraining order sought by his ex-girlfriend, who said he had abused her. And Man Haron Monis, who holed up with hostages for 17 hours at a cafe in Sydney, Australia, in 2014 — an episode that left two people dead and four wounded — had terrorized his ex-wife. He had threatened to harm her if she left him, and was eventually charged with organizing her murder.今年2月,堪萨斯州的锡德里克·福特(Cedric Ford)在自己工作的地方开击中17人,其中三人丧生,而90分钟前,他刚刚收到前女友针对他申请的禁制令,她称福特虐待她。2014年,曼·哈伦·莫尼斯(Man Haron Monis)在澳大利亚悉尼一家咖啡馆扣押人质长达17小时,导致两人死亡,四人受伤,他也曾经恐吓过自己的前妻。他威胁说,如果前妻离开自己,他就会伤害她,最终他因为策划谋杀她而遭到起诉。When Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group, analyzed FBI data on mass shootings from 2009 to 2015, it found that 57 percent of the cases included a spouse, former spouse or other family member among the victims — and that 16 percent of the attackers had previously been charged with domestic violence.控组织Everytown for Gun Safety对FBI从2009年到2015年关于大规模击案的数据进行了分析,发现在57%的案例中,受害者包括了行凶者的配偶、前配偶或其他家庭成员,还有16%的案例中,行凶者曾经因家庭暴力遭到起诉。Social scientists have not settled on an explanation for this correlation, but their research reveals striking parallels between the factors that drive the two phenomena.社会科学家尚未对此项相关性做出,但他们的研究揭示出,家庭暴力与大规模击的成因之间有极高的的相似性。There are, of course, a tangle of factors behind every murder, especially terrorism inspired by foreign groups. But research on domestic violence hints at a question that often arises from seemingly inexplicable events like Mateen’s massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub — what drives individuals to commit such mass attacks? — and sheds light on the psychology of violence.当然,每一起谋杀事件之后都有着复杂的成因,特别是由外国组织煽动的恐怖主义事件。但是对家庭暴力的研究揭示出这样一个问题,它通常在马廷在奥兰多夜店屠杀49人这类那些看似无法解释的事件中出现——个体做出大规模攻击事件背后的驱动力是什么?这个问题有助于人们了解暴力的心理学。‘Intimate Terrorism’“亲密恐怖主义”Domestic violence often follows a pattern in which an abuser seeks to control every aspect of a victim’s life. The scope and intent of this are hinted at in one name experts use for it: “intimate terrorism.”家庭暴力经常遵循这样一种模式:虐待者谋求控制受害者生活中的方方面面。专家们称之为“亲密恐怖主义”,从中不难看出这种控制的范畴与内容。“The perpetrator is engaging in a general pattern of control over the victim — her finances, her social contacts, the clothes she wears,” said Deborah Epstein, who runs Georgetown University Law Center’s domestic violence clinic.“施害者对受害者施行一种普遍的控制模式,力图控制她的钱,她的社会交往,乃至她的穿着打扮,”乔治城大学(Georgetown University)法律中心家庭暴力诊所的负责人黛拉·爱泼斯坦(Deborah Epstein)说。Violence is the perpetrator’s means of enforcing that control — and of punishing any attempts to break it.暴力是施害者施行控制的方法之一,也是对受害者试图摆脱控制的惩罚手段。Mateen’s brief marriage to Sitora Yusufiy seems to fit this model. She has said that he forced her to hand over her paychecks to him, forbade her to leave the house except to go to work, and prevented her from contacting her parents. Even small perceived infractions were met with a violent response.马廷与西托拉·优素菲(Sitora Yusufiy)的短暂婚姻似乎正符合这个模式。她说马廷曾经逼迫她把自己的薪水交给他,除非上班,否则禁止她离开家,还阻止她与父母联系。如果马廷认为她违背了禁令,哪怕极为轻微,都会向她施以暴力。“He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that,” Yusufiy told The Washington Post.“他回到家里就打我,只因为我没洗完衣之类的事情,”优素菲在接受《华盛顿邮报》采访时说。Take this dynamic of coercive violence to its most horrible extreme, and it looks an awful lot like how the Islamic State treats women in its self-proclaimed caliphate. As my Times colleague Rukmini Callimachi has reported, the group has created a vast infrastructure of rape and slavery in which women are held captive and bought and sold by its fighters. It is intimate violence on an industrial scale.这种强制暴力发展到最恐怖的极致,似乎就很像伊斯兰国(Islamic State)在其自称的哈里发国(caliphate)中对待女人的方式。据我在《纽约时报》的同事鲁克米尼·卡利马基(Rukmini Callimachi)报道,这个组织制造了一个大型的强奸与奴役体系,受害女性被其战士囚禁和买卖。这种亲密暴力达到了一种产业规模。Domestic violence, experts say, is also often a way for male abusers to impose their view of “traditional” gender roles. Epstein said such “traditions” in the ed States were rooted in the idea of men having control over women.专家称,家庭暴力通常是男性虐待者把自己对“传统”性别角色的看法强加于人的方式。爱泼斯坦说,在美国,这种“传统”深深植根在男人必须控制女人的观念之中。“That’s our culture: It’s all about men controlling women in their lives,” she said. “Intimate terrorism stems from that desire to control.”“这就是我们的文化,男人必须掌控女人的生活,”她说。“亲密恐怖主义就发源于这种对控制的渴望。”This bears striking similarities to how the Islamic State presents its treatment of women as a recruiting tool, promising young men abroad — particularly in Europe — that its caliphate will allow them to restore “traditional” gender norms of male dominance. This dominance is exercised in part through violence including systematic rape and the threat of rape. The group often presents this violence as a means to measure and protect men’s honor.这又与伊斯兰国对待女人的方式相吻合,他们以女人作为招募新人的工具,向海外(特别是欧洲)的年轻男人承诺,他们的哈里发国会恢复“传统”性别规范中男性的配地位。这种配地位部分是通过暴力来实现的,包括系统的强奸和强奸威胁。伊斯兰国经常把这种暴力当做一种衡量与保护男性荣誉的方式。It seems natural, then, that the Islamic State might appeal to men who desire that sort of control over the women in their lives, separate from any ideological draw — the kind of men who might have domestic violence in their past.因此,除去意识形态方面的吸引力,伊斯兰国自然对那些希望控制女人生活的男人们格外有吸引力,而这样的男人过去是可能有家暴经历的。Nimmi Gowrinathan, a visiting professor at the City College of New York who studies women’s roles in insurgent and terrorist conflicts, said that restrictive norms about gender and sexuality could be a “pull” factor for terrorist organizations — but that people who are drawn to them are also often “pushed” by their own pre-existing attitudes or desires.纽约市立大学(City College of New York)的访问教授尼米·高里纳森(Nimmi Gowrinathan)专门研究妇女在暴动与恐怖主义冲突中的角色,他说关于性别与性取向的限制性规范可以成为恐怖主义组织中的一个“推动性”因素,但是受他们吸引的人也通常受到自身早已形成的态度或欲望所“推动”。Personal and Global Grievances个人与全球的不幸处境Terrorist attacks and mass shootings garner attention and frighten the public much more than episodes of domestic violence. But domestic violence has a much higher death toll in the ed States.恐怖袭击与大规模击远比零星的家庭暴力事件更能获得大众的关注,并且更能引发公众的恐惧。但是在美国,家庭暴力导致的死亡率远比恐怖袭击高。According to the Violence Policy Center, 895 women in the ed States were murdered by their current or former intimate partners in 2013 (and this does not include those killed amid mass shootings). That single-year tally is more than nine times the 92 people the New American Foundation has counted as killed in jihadi attacks on U.S. soil in the past decade.根据暴力政策中心(Violence Policy Center)公布的数据,2013年,有895名女人被现任或前任亲密伴侣杀死(其中不包括在大规模击事件中遇害的情况)。根据新美国基金会(New American Foundation)统计,过去十年里,在美国本土,有92人死于同圣战分子有关的袭击,换言之,仅仅在2013年一年里,死于家庭暴力者的数字就高出这个数字九倍之多。But there are striking parallels between the intimate terrorism of domestic violence and the mass terrorism perpetrated by lone-wolf attackers like Mateen seems to have been. Both, at their most basic level, are attempts to provoke fear and assert control.但是家庭暴力中的亲密恐怖主义与马廷这种孤狼袭击者带来的大规模恐怖主义似乎存在惊人的相似之处。二者在最基本的层面都是旨在引发恐惧,主张自己的控制权。Domestic violence, experts say, often occurs when an abuser concludes that violence is the best tool to solve his or her grievances. That might mean a husband who perceives his wife’s failure to do the laundry as a challenge to his rightful authority, leading him to try to reimpose his will through violence.专家称,当虐待者认为暴力是解决自己不幸处境的最佳工具时,家庭暴力往往随之发生。这可能意味着,丈夫把妻子没有洗好衣视为对自己权威的挑战,因而诱发他再度通过暴力来实现自己的意志。Clark McCauley, a professor at Bryn Mawr College who studies the psychology of mass violence and terrorism, said he was not aware of research finding a causal relationship between domestic violence and terrorism. But he has found that a characteristic common to mass killers is a sense of grievance: a belief that someone, somewhere, had wronged them in a way that merited a violent response.布林莫尔学院(Bryn Mawr College)研究大规模暴力与恐怖主义心理学的教授克拉克·麦考利(Clark McCauley)说,他不知道是否有研究表明发现家庭暴力和恐怖主义之间存在因果关系。但他发现,大规模杀人凶手中往往存在一种典型的共同之处——有怨气,认为某个人或某个地方错待了他们,因而他们做出暴力的回应是正当的。Gender Norms, Gender Panic性别规范,性别恐慌A domestic abuser’s desire to impose, by force, supposed traditional gender roles also sometimes includes sexuality. Such abusers, experts say, may see homosexuality as a threat to their masculinity.家庭暴力的施害者喜欢把传统性别角色强制施加于人,有时也包括传统性取向。专家称,有些施害者认为同性恋是对他们的男子气概的一种威胁。“There is an idea that what it means to be masculine is to be vigilant of your sexuality, and hypervigilant towards keeping anyone from perceiving you as gay,” said Gillian Chadwick, a fellow at Georgetown University Law Center.“有种观点认为,有男子气概就是要对自己的性取向保持警惕,要非常当心,不让任何人认为你是男同性恋,”乔治城大学法律中心的吉莉安·查德维克(Gillian Chadwick)说。Intimate terrorism, in that sense, rests on a broader spectrum of violence meant to preserve the traditional dominance of heterosexual men, and coerce those who are perceived as threatening that order. That spectrum, at the extreme end, includes mass shootings.在这种意义上,亲密恐怖主义依赖于一种更为广义的暴力,它旨在保持异性恋男性传统的配地位,并把这种秩序强加给那些被视为威胁的人。这种广义暴力的极端形式就包括大规模击。This connection makes it somewhat easier to understand an apparent contradiction: that Mateen targeted a gay nightclub and that his father and ex-wife have said he had a history of homophobic remarks, but that he also had been seen visiting Pulse, the gay nightclub he targeted, and, according to some news reports, used a gay dating app.这种联系有助于我们理解一个看似矛盾的事实;马廷选择一家同性恋夜店作为攻击目标,他的父亲与前妻都说他曾经发表恐同言论,但是根据一些新闻报道,有人目睹他光顾他所袭击的这家夜店Pulse,而且还使用一款同性恋约会手机应用。Could Mateen have been trying to use violence to reimpose rules about gender and sexuality that he himself was troubled about violating? If so, he would not be the first.马廷是否违背了性别与性取向的传统规则,因而才试图使用暴力来恢复这种准则?如果是这样,他并不是第一个这么做的人。Chadwick said there was an entire category of legal argument, called “gay panic” and “trans panic” claims, in which defendants say that they turned to violence because they were so upset about being perceived as gay, or about discovering they were attracted to a transgender person.查德威克说,在法律上,有一个类别就叫做“同性恋恐慌”与“跨性别恐慌”主张——在这种情况下,被告称, 他们被视为同性恋,或者发现跨性别者对自己感兴趣,因此感到不安,所以才会采取暴力行为。 /201606/449935哈尔滨leep刀治疗宫颈糜烂一度费用 During a medal projection segment on Saturday night#39;s Olympic coverage, the broadcaster incorrectly displayed Chile#39;s flag instead of the Chinese flag.周六晚间,在奥运专题节目中的奖牌一览环节里,该广播公司错误地把中国国旗显示成了智利国旗。Chinese viewers reacted angrily, posting to social media about the mistake, and mentioning that even while the show#39;s host spoke, he did not pick up on the mistake.中国观众们的反应很愤怒,他们把这个错误发布到了社交网络上。他们还指出:主持人在讲话的时候也没有去指出这个错误。Hours later, a petition was created, calling for an apology from Channel 7, and expressing the hurt anddismay felt by the creator, Yuming Fan.几小时后,大家就写好了一封请愿书,要求第7频道道歉。同时,执笔人范玉明(音译)还在请愿书上表达了自己受伤、沮丧的感受。#39;I was so much in shock when I saw the national flag of China was actually the national flag of Chile,#39; they wrote.他写到:“当我看到所谓的中国国旗实际上是智力国旗的时候,我是如此地震惊。”#39;This is really not acceptable for a national TV broadcast across Australia to make such unprofessional or rather say irresponsible mistake.#39;“对于这样一个覆盖全澳大利亚的国家级电视广播公司来说,犯下这样一个不专业(甚至可以说不负责任)的错误,真的无法让人接受。”[en]One commenter believes the slip up was a #39;jealous set up against the recent years success of China#39;.一位者相信,这个疏忽实际上是故意为之,是出于对中国近几年成功的嫉妒。Australia#39;s Olympic broadcaster Channel Seven apologised ;unreservedly; for its own Chinese flagbungle. Having aly upset Chinese viewers in Australia by cutting to a commercial break during China#39;s entrance in the opening ceremony, it later used Chile#39;s flag, instead of China#39;s, in a projected medal tally graphic. An online petition calling for an apology had gathered more than 8000 signatures by Monday. The network said the mistakes were ;accidental;.对于自己搞出的中国国旗乌龙事件,澳大利亚的奥运广播7台进行了“无保留的”道歉。之前,该台在开幕式中国队入场时插播广告,已经触怒了在澳的华人观众;之后,它又在播出的奖牌计数图表中将中国国旗用成了智利国旗。到周一为止,一封要求电视台道歉的网上请愿书已经收集到了超过8000个签名。而电视台方声称这些失误“纯属意外”。 /201608/459817It#39;s a habit which has been drummed into us from an early age, but the recent news about flossing your teeth could be a waste of time has put the spotlight on oral hygiene.我们从幼时就开始培养刷牙的习惯,但最近却有报道称用牙线剔牙纯属浪费时间,这也引发了人们对口腔卫生问题的关注。When it comes to looking after our teeth, there are certain pieces of wisdom which we#39;ve incorporated into our routines.说起清洁牙齿,其实我们身边存在很多种日常洁牙的方法。But in the wake of the news about flossing, when it comes to oral hygiene, how much does your average person know about what we should be doing - and which habits do we need to ditch?但是在有关牙线洁牙无用的报道出来后,人们开始关注口腔卫生问题,但究竟哪些是我们应该做的,又有哪些习惯是我们应该摒弃的?For example, how many of us know how long we SHOULD brush or teeth for and how often? And what are we doing wrong?还有一些问题比如,刷牙应该刷多久?多久应该刷一次?我们的哪些行为是错的呢?MirrorOnline spoke to the British Dental Association’s scientific adviser, Professor Damien Walmsley, who kindly put together this definitive list of ;dos and don#39;ts.;《镜报》网站采访了英国牙科协会的科学顾问——达米恩#8226;沃姆斯利教授,他为我们整理出了一份注意事项的清单。 /201608/463080做人流术到哈尔滨哪个医院最好

香坊区治疗月经不调多少钱You could find yourself in a socially awkward position today. Any unkind or critical remarks that you have made lately could come back to haunt you. Your sarcastic wit can be very amusing, but sometimes you need to watch how you whip out those sharp Scorpio stingers. You might need to make peace and convey sympathy and apologies to someone. Don#39;t be afraid to eat some humble pie!今天的你在社交方面处于一种尴尬地位。最近你做出的不友好、批评性的都会回来困扰你。你的讽刺智慧有时候会很有趣,但有些时候需要观察你是如何甩出天蝎的尖锐毒针的。也许你应该与某人和平相处,对他/她表示同情并向其致歉。不要害怕承认错误!Your well being horoscope幸福运势You will find that your emotions are a bit more peaceful and easier to control today. It is almost as if you are merging with the energy around you. The one thing to be careful of, however, is indecision. You may find that when it comes to taking action on something, you just aren#39;t sure which way to move. You might be better off just laying low and sitting with your feelings. Make your big move some other day.你会发现今天更容易控制自己的情感,内心也更平静。就好像你与周围的能量融合在了一起。然而,你唯一需要注意的事就是犹豫不决。你可能会发现:在对某事采取行动方面,你就是不确定要怎么做。保持低调,跟着自己的感觉走,情况就会有所好转。找个其他时间再采取重要行动吧。Your love horoscope爱情运势Love matters might appear to be moving far more slowly than you#39;d like. Both you and your current romantic interest may be overloaded with other responsibilities for now, and not be able to see much of each other. It#39;s frustrating, but you#39;ll get through it. In the meantime, don#39;t let your insecurities get the best of you. Just because your friend is busy doesn#39;t mean that your relationship is totally on the rocks. Be patient!感情进展会比你期望的慢得多。目前你和你的另一半都可能忙于其它责任,不能经常看到彼此。这很令人沮丧,但你会度过这段时光的。同时,不要让不安感占据自己。不要只是因为另一半很忙就以为你们的恋爱关系完全破裂了。耐心点!Your career horoscope事业运势Learning comes easily to you, as your mind is especially sharp and retentive. Your intuition is usually high, but today it#39;s especially acute, as is your ability to concentrate. Therefore, this is a great day to , or work on an art project. Set aside some time alone to contemplate. It may strike you on a very deep level.你的头脑清晰,强,因此学习就变得容易。你的直觉本来就很准了,但今天达到了新高度,同样也更容易集中注意力。因此,今天是读书或着手艺术项目的好日子。留出些时间独自沉思吧,沉思可能会让你进入到十分深的层次。译文属 /201607/456192黑龙江省传染病防治院打胎流产好吗 哈医大三院生孩子好吗

哈尔滨做人流术到哪家妇科医院最好Michael Dobie moved to Liming in September 2010 with two friends who discovered the Chinese village in a travel brochure. Crisscrossed by dirt roads, the rustic setting in the mountains of Yunnan province offered few amenities.2010年9月,迈克尔·多比(Michael Dobie)和两个朋友搬去了黎明村。正是这两个朋友在一本旅游指南中发现了这个中国村庄。这里位于云南省的山区,泥土路纵横交错,几乎没什么便利设施。“It was pretty wild,” Dobie said. “People were walking miles into town for supplies. It was kind of just one street, that type of traditional village.”“非常偏远,”多比说。“进城买东西要走很远的路。差不多只有一条街道,就是那种传统的村庄。”But the group came with a purpose — to establish traditional, or “trad,” climbing in China — and for this, Liming offered two advantages. First, its endowment of soaring sandstone cliffs was rich with cracks and crevices ideal for the sport. Second, the local government embraced their vision and granted permits to explore the surrounding crags. In the early months of 2011, Dobie set out cleaning routes, removing undergrowth and knocking away loose rock. By the summer, he’d finished more than 40.但他们来这里是有目的的——在中国推广传统攀岩,而在这一点上,黎明村有两个优势。首先,这里高耸入云的砂岩悬崖上布满了裂口和缝隙,非常适合进行传统攀岩。其次,当地政府持他们的设想,准许他们探索四周的悬崖。2011年初,多比开始清理路线,清除矮树丛,敲掉松动的岩石。到夏天的时候,他已经清理完了40多条路线。Traditional climbing differs from other varieties like sport climbing in the method climbers use to protect themselves against falls. While sport climbers tie into a line of permanently fixed bolts, traditional climbers carry along a set of removable anchoring devices that they jam into cracks in the rock face. The skill involved in making placements that will hold a person’s weight and break a big fall adds difficulty, and the extra equipment costs are significant.传统攀岩不同于运动攀岩等其他攀岩的地方,在于攀岩者用来防止自己跌落的方式。进行运动攀岩的人会把自己固定在一排永久固定的螺栓附近,而传统攀岩者会随身携带一套可拆卸的锚固装置,并把它们卡在岩面的裂缝里。攀岩者安放的装置要能承载自身的重量,在坠落时也能撑住。这其中涉及的技巧增加了这项运动的难度,额外的设备成本也很高。In part because of these differences, sport climbing became popular in China as early as the 1980s while traditional remained all but unknown. By 2010, other southern cities like Yangshuo and Kunming had cultivated homegrown sport climbing communities, with hundreds of routes developed by multiple generations of enthusiasts.在一定程度上正是因为这些区别,运动攀岩早在80年代就在中国流行起来了,而传统攀岩依然几乎不为人知。到2010年,中国南方的阳朔和昆明等城市都培养出了本土的运动攀岩群体,几代爱好者开辟出了成百上千条路线。“I consider Yangshuo the Yosemite of China because it’s where rock climbing started here, and it’s the largest place in China,” said Andrew Hedesh, a Yangshuo-based climber and author of a forthcoming guidebook on the area. But the dearth of traditional climbing frustrated Dobie.“我觉得阳朔就是中国的优胜美地(Yosemite),因为攀岩就是从那里开始发展起来的,那里是中国最大的攀岩圣地,”身在阳朔的攀岩爱好者安德鲁·赫德什(Andrew Hedesh)说。他写的一本介绍该地区的指南即将出版。但传统攀岩的稀少令多比感到失望。“At the beginning I saw it as a service project,” he said. “All the people developing over the last 20 years in China have all been foreigners doing sport climbing. So the Chinese, that was all they knew.”“刚开始我把它当做是一个务项目,”他说。“过去20年里,在中国推广攀岩的人,都是进行运动攀岩的外国人。中国人也一样,他们只知道运动攀岩。”Less than a year after its inception, however, Dobie’s project took on an unlikely life of its own. Word of his efforts in Liming sp abroad, and professional climbers, including Matt Segal, began to notice. Segal visited Liming in 2011 to explore and develop new, more challenging routes, documenting his trip for a wider, international network of climbers with sleek s and colorful articles. 然而,开始不到一年后,多比这个项目的命运出现了意想不到的变化。有关他在黎明进行的多项活动的消息传到了国外,包括马特·塞加尔(Matt Segal)在内的一些职业攀岩者开始关注。2011年,塞加尔前往黎明村探索和开发更具挑战性的新路线,并用优美的视频和引人入胜的文章记录下了自己一路的见闻,向更广大的国际攀岩社区介绍了这里。The next year, Liming held its first trad festival, backed by major sponsors. Segal returned to participate.第二年,黎明举办首届传统攀岩交流大会,得到了大型赞助商的持。塞加尔重回故地,参加交流大会。“It was crazy to go back to this area where I felt like I was developing routes for myself, to see dozens and dozens of Chinese climbing these 5.9s that I was like, ‘Nobody’s ever going to be climbing these,’” said Segal, referring to the Yosemite Decimal System which ranks climbs on a scale from 5.0 to 5.15.“我曾在这个地区开发路线,当时感觉是在给自己开发,觉得‘没人会来这儿攀岩’,而今我回到这里,看到很多中国人在攀登这些难度系数为5.9s的峭壁,我觉得很兴奋,”塞加尔说。他指的是优胜美地登山难度系数(Yosemite Decimal System),范围是5.0至5.15。“Liming is turning into a world-class climbing destination.”“黎明正变成世界级的攀岩目的地。”For most of China’s modern history, a tumultuous political climate and strict regulations left the country closed off to any would-be foreign explorers. But as restrictions were eased in the late 20th century, its vast interior and potentially exceptional terrain have captivated the interest of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Mark Synnott, a professional mountaineer who was one of the first foreigners to climb in a newly opened Tibet in 2002, is among them.在中国现代历史的大部分时间里,政治环境动荡,政府管制严格,任何外国探索者都无法进入这个国家。但是20世纪末限制放松后,中国广袤的内陆和潜在的独特地形引起了世界各地登山者和户外运动爱好者的兴趣。职业登山运动员马克·辛诺特(Mark Synnott)是其中之一。他是2002年西藏开放不久时第一批去那里登山的外国人之一。“One thing that stuck with me since that trip is how much of China, back then and still today, is unexplored,” he said. “China may be the place that holds the biggest treasure trove of unexplored mountain territory in the world.”“那次旅行之后,我一直在想,中国还有多少地方无人涉足——不管是那时还是现在,”他说,“中国未开发山峰的宝库也许是世界上最大的。”Segal, who has retuned to China several times to scout other areas outside Liming, agreed. “You can just kind of like point your finger at a map of China and find good rock, and some of it’s getting developed really fast,” he said.塞加尔后来几次回到中国,探索黎明之外的其他区域。他和辛诺特的想法一样。“你随便在中国地图上指一个地方,就能在那里找到很好的峭壁,有些地方开发得很快,”他说。Given the scale of China’s unexplored inland, Liming’s evolution under Dobie might suggest a coming boom in new climbing areas. But the same ruggedness that makes China’s outback so enticing also creates obstacles to new development.由于中国内陆未勘察的地方还有很多,所以黎明在多比的开发下所取得的进步可能意味着会出现一大批新的攀岩地点。但是中国内地令人着迷的崎岖不平也给新的开发带来不便。“Yangshuo is in Guangxi province and within Guangxi there are aly about 12 different climbing spots,” Hedesh said. “It’s just that nobody goes to them because they’re in the middle of nowhere.”“阳朔在广西,其境内已有约12处攀岩点,”赫德什说,“不过中很多地方就是没人去,因为地点实在太偏僻。”For this reason, some more-established climbers doubt that the sport is moving away from its traditional centers, at least for now.也正是因为这个原因,有些名气更大的攀岩家对于这项运动正在远离它传统中心的说法是持怀疑态度的,至少目前是这种情况。“I think Yangshuo is going to continue to be the epicenter of climbing in China,” said Adam Kritzer, the owner of Climb Dali, a climbing club in central Yunnan. “There are probably a few dozen potential Limings in China, but they aren’t going to get developed any time soon.”“我认为,阳朔会继续成为中国的攀岩中心,”云南中部的攀岩俱乐部大理攀岩(Climb Dali)的所有者亚当·克里策(Adam Kritzer)说,“中国很可能还有几十个地方具有黎明那样的潜质,但它们在短时间内得不到开发。”Yet while the familiar sport climbing hubs still dominate China’s climbing scene today, others see a transition ahead. Driven by a growing Chinese middle class that can afford to travel, rock climbing has become increasingly popular as an outdoor recreation sport.不过,虽然如今的中国攀岩业仍以常见的运动攀岩地点为主,但也有人认为未来会发生变化。随着有财力旅行的中国中产阶级的壮大,攀岩变成一种越来越受欢迎的户外休闲运动项目。“Climbing has been in parts of the Chinese community for the past 15 years, and it’s really been in gyms and Yangshuo, but now people want the adventure part of it,” said Colin Flahive, a founder of Dali Bar, a natural food company in Kunming that sponsors China-based climbers. “With climbing there’s the exercise and there’s the drive to reach new levels, so going to the gym is almost as exciting as going to the crag. But when you move past that, the excitement of going to new places and exploring new spots is the second phase of climbing, and I think that’s where everything is moving at this point.”“在过去15年里,攀岩已经出现在中国社会中,主要是在健身馆里和阳朔,但现在人们想获得攀岩的冒险体验,”昆明天然食品公司达力巴(Dali Bar)的创始人科林·弗拉海夫(Colin Flahive)说。该公司为在中国的攀岩者提供赞助。“如果人们攀岩是为了锻炼身体或达到更高水平,那么去健身房和去峭壁几乎同样令人兴奋。但是当你过了那个阶段,下一阶段就是想获得去新地方探索新攀岩点的兴奋感。我认为,现在一切都在朝那个方向发展。”This expansion into new areas has been helped along by a number of entrepreneurs who have seized on the sport’s growth as a business opportunity. “There are these Chinese outdoor companies that want to become larger names, and so what they do is they hire people to go develop routes,” Hedesh said. “They get an entire team of famous rock climbers, travel around for a month and put up 50 routes in an area.”向新地区的扩展得到一些企业家的帮助,他们从这项运动的发展中看到了商机。“有些中国户外运动公司想更出名,所以他们雇人开发新路线,”赫德希说,“他们请来全部是著名攀岩者组成的队伍,四处旅行一个月,在一个地区开发50条线路。”While this business-driven model feels unnatural to some western climbers, others see it as the realistic next step. “I think a lot of it has to do with the culture of China and the way that a lot of Chinese people think, maybe more in terms of business rather than the joy of climbing,” Kritzer said. “But it’s basically worked really well for the development of climbing. It’s made it a little more commercialized, but it’s enabled people to develop areas that wouldn’t otherwise be developed.”虽然这种商业驱动的模式在一些西方攀岩者看来不是自然发展,但也有人认为那是下一步的现实步骤。“我觉得这与中国文化以及很多中国人的思维方式有很大关系,他们更多的是从商业角度而非享受攀岩的角度出发,”克里策说道。“不过总体来说,它对攀岩的发展很有用。它虽然让攀岩变得更商业化了一点,但它能让人们去开发原本得不到开发的地方。”The relatively free license to develop far-flung rural areas for rock climbing is another aspect of China that many find exceptional. Where other countries have rigid national laws governing public land, China’s land administration system gives a great deal of authority to leaders at the local level. So particularly in the mountains, where agricultural and commercial interest is minimal, climbers are generally welcomed.相对来说,中国政府对在偏远农村地区开发攀岩项目没有限制,在很多人眼里,这也是中国的一大优势。其他国家对公共土地管理制定了严格的国家法律,但中国的土地管理制度赋予地方领导者很大的权限。尤其是在几乎毫无农业和商业价值的山区,攀岩者总的来说是受欢迎的。“The freedom we have here is really nice,” said Peter Mortimer, a researcher at the World Agroforestry Centre and a Kunming-based climber. “I’ve bolted and climbed a bit in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, and there there’s always issues — there’s a lot of red tape. But here I’m just kind of free of all of that, which appeals to me.”“我们在这里真的拥有很大的自由,”世界农林业研究中心(World Agroforestry Centre)的研究员、驻扎在昆明的攀岩者彼得·莫蒂默(Peter Mortimer)说道。“我在老挝、越南和泰国攀过岩,总是有各种问题,需要很多审批手续。但这里几乎完全不需要审批,这一点很吸引我。”He added: “The easy access and the low level of restriction in terms of development just means it’s going to take off.”他补充说:“从开发角度讲,这里很便利,限制少,那意味着它会蓬勃发展。”With growing numbers of well-off Chinese able to travel in search of newer and better terrain, some believe this coalescence of natural advantages will make China’s hinterland more appealing to the next generation of climbers.越来越多有财力旅行的富裕中国人在寻找更新、更好的地形,所以有些人认为,所有这些因素会使中国内地对下一代攀岩者更具吸引力。“Krabi in Thailand, which used to be all Europeans and Americans, it’s now almost all Chinese climbers going down there,” Flahive said. “In that search for adventure, there’s going internationally, but then there’s also developing the local stuff. In Yangshuo, the rock is getting polished. People are craving something new.”“泰国的甲米府(Krabi)原来到处都是欧洲人和美国人,现在那里几乎全是中国攀岩者,”弗拉海夫说道。“追求冒险已成为全球趋势,但人们也在开发地方特色。阳朔的岩石正被磨光。人们渴望新事物。”Mortimer, who continues to develop outside Kunming, said: “I noticed that in some of these areas I’d been developing, people I’d never even seen before had somehow heard of it and were appearing at the crags. Ten minutes from one of our favorite crags here we just followed a new farm road and came across a new cliff that’ll yield another 60 climbs. It’s just been sitting there like 10 minutes away. Who knows what else is in the hills.”莫蒂默继续在昆明之外的地方开发。他说:“我注意到,在我开发的一些区域,一些我从没见过的人不知怎么听说了它,出现在那些峭壁上。我们从最喜欢的一块峭壁出发,沿着新建的乡间公路走了10分钟,发现一块新的峭壁,它有潜力跻身60个经典攀岩点之列。它就在10分钟路程之外的地方。谁知道山里还有什么。”Now back in the ed States, Dobie is quick to admit that despite his work in Liming, traditional is still very much a niche part of China’s climbing scene. “It rings true for the rest of the world — most people are really into sport climbing,” he said. “I don’t think Liming will ever be as popular with the Chinese as sport climbing.”已经回到美国的多比承认,虽然他在黎明做了很多工作,传统攀岩在中国攀岩界仍是小众市场。“在世界其他地方也是如此——大部分人真的喜欢运动攀岩,”他说。“我觉得,黎明在中国人中永远不会像运动攀岩那样受欢迎。”But even among this small community, he has aly witnessed a growing appetite for new undertakings. “Some of the Chinese climbers who’ve been to Liming have started developing another area called Beiliu in Guangxi, so that’s an example of them finding something of their own, in their own country, that I’d never seen, and then starting to develop,” he said.但是,即便在这个小圈子里,他已经看到了人们对新项目越来越大的兴趣。“去过黎明的一些中国攀岩者开始在广西北流进行开发,这个例子明,他们在自己的国家自己找到一个地方进行开发——那是我没见过的地方,”他说。“People in Yangshou once said the Chinese would never get into sport climbing, and now you go there and there are like 40 people sharing a crag,” Dobie said. “I think there’s this sense of disbelief about something new. I think it’s human.”“阳朔的攀岩者曾经说,中国人永远不会迷上运动攀岩,现在你去那里看看,一块岩壁上能有40个人,”多比说道。“我认为,这是因为人们对新事物有一种不信任感。我觉得这是人的本性。” /201606/447442 哈尔滨红十字妇产医院有无痛人流术吗黑龙江中医药大学附属第一医院可以做人流吗



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