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7A^wND3ur17]25,,MS1.q;|dRToday in History: Thursday, August 23, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月23日,周四,!a0T3T@a4fI.@AMOn Aug. 23, 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty.1939年8月23日,纳粹德国和苏联签署了一项互不侵犯条约ehFjvVFgnHI7XtX-N。%BtifK5*YU3)4dv|],mdu9jf!#ADNOU3bz.1754 France#39;s King Louis XVI was born at Versailles.1754年,法国国王路易十六世在凡尔赛出生)o!5Jmx%Oyn#x。uYLUO-YQP2;(]cAEh-xxXW1M8k+NW)zxIt1775 Britain#39;s King George III proclaimed the American colonies in a state of open rebellion.1775年,英国国王乔治三世宣称美洲殖民地处于公然叛变的混乱状态8D,4cAHc*50]。(C6%)N~A%r]mcdF)pDZWORMjQ[!X23+f1912 Actor and dancer Gene Kelly was born in Pittsburgh.1912年,演员和舞者吉恩#8226;凯利在美国匹兹堡出生(lgOiVow15|WT。~h.@apyLNT~3]|hv.AZR0e,0ik]4aDIslr^1926 Silent film star Rudolph Valentino died at age 31.1926年,无声电影明星鲁道夫#8226;瓦伦蒂诺去世,年仅31岁A6kY.c3Bf[h%M6#~+。(f+rl4h2K+#|q8)ZDMSNYU~1927 Italian-born anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in Boston for the murders of two men during a 1920 robbery.1927年,出生于意大利的无政府主义者Nicola Sacco和Bartolomeo Vanzetti因1920年谋杀2名男子在波士顿被处死FJWOr%lw%O*A。[UHxCf9qSz~zfa#yNN0fgT4f*V@Vzl1960 Broadway librettist Oscar Hammerstein II died at age 65.1960年,百老汇剧本作者奥斯卡#8226;汉默斯坦二世去世,享年65岁eJ5d39DA0tN5iKvT8U。~l^T9G.OJ@,;5-TIE*,^|B1Gr]Dt|1979 Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected while the Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in New York.1979年,莫斯科芭蕾舞在纽约巡演时舞者亚历山大#8226;戈东诺夫叛逃0Xb,w8c8+,5V#,jmt。By^+^Z!UDPM_GR;~W0_SaFWNum*aD%0iL%%1989 Yusuf Hawkins, an African-American teenager, was shot dead by white youths in Brooklyn.1989年,非裔美国青年Yusuf Hawkins在布鲁克林遭白人青年杀jC3T,gd,kg。eJ)x;wDY.]DDS%1Q7]t-N(z](Lo|2000 The first season finale of the reality show ;Survivor; aired on CBS, with contestant Richard Hatch winning the million prize.2000年,真人秀《幸存者》第一季在CBS播出,选手理查德#8226;哈奇赢得100万美元的奖励N%G[xkud+aGyJ.Q。xFT8,#+7L_T7t_a[Z;~|xaA*i.T32003 Former Roman Catholic priest John Geoghan, a convicted child molester, was killed by a fellow inmate in a Massachusetts prison.2003年,被判性侵犯儿童罪的前罗马天主教牧师John Geoghan在麻萨诸塞州监狱被同伙囚犯杀害k!5sBvP9SL,3xzr@ja8。4RmlLYuf0cjj~L6*qz2nF2005 Israeli forces evicted militant holdouts from two Jewish settlements, completing a historic withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank.2005年,以色列军队在两个犹太人定居点驱逐武装残余分子,完成了在加沙地带和西岸部分地区历史性撤离xGxzXdidF6853.oW。j,!qx[6WZn!r!4bJq40~gm~7IrP2008 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama introduced his choice of running mate, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.2008年,民主党总统候选人巴拉克#8226;奥巴马介绍他选择的竞选伙伴---特拉华州参议员乔#8226;拜登RSN.vr28a;7iU。ul@He[A9g,bOKg8Hmfxe8Uw]C6jW2010 Golfer Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, divorced.2010年,高尔夫名将“老虎”伍兹和他的妻子艾琳离婚;L;ZtWwWKh。%w31S^*-Lx[kET5xEpyEAP]w2011 Judges in New York put an end to the sensational sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, setting him free after prosecutors questioned the credibility of the hotel housekeeper who#39;d accused the French diplomat.2011年,在原告被质疑酒店管家控告法国外交官的可信度后,纽约法官结束了多米尼克#8226;斯特劳斯#8226;卡恩耸人听闻的性侵犯案件GNhM-@gS@t。aB0pMLq4n..PAKZpKQBQZndtnO98K1YWGqO0rBEuK /201208/196399Picture a coffee shop in a big city almost anywhere on earth. It is filled with stylish, firm-bodied people aged under 50 drinking coffees. Fresh from yoga class, they are ing New Yorker magazine articles about inequality before returning to their tiny .5m apartments. This is the cultural elite — or what Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, professor of public policy at the University of Southern California, calls the “aspirational class”. Her book The Sum of Small Things anatomises it using fascinating American consumption data. Currid-Halkett herself is a class member (as are some of my best friends), and yet she helps explain why the cultural elite is so despised as to have generated a global political movement against it. Though Trump is the unmentioned elephant in the room in her book, you think of him on almost every page as the antithesis of this class — indeed, in the minds of his supporters, as the antidote to it.请想象地球上几乎任何一座大城市的一间咖啡店,里面满是穿着入时、身形健美、年龄不到50岁的人在喝着5美元一杯的咖啡。他们刚上完瑜伽课,这会儿读着《纽约客》(New Yorker)上关于不平等的文章,一会儿会回到他们150万美元的小公寓里。这就是文化精英,或者用南加州大学(University of Southern California)公共政策教授伊丽莎白?霍尔德—哈尔凯特(Elizabeth Currid-Halkett)的话来说,“有抱负的阶层”。她的新作《琐事的总和》(The Sum of Small Things)利用引人入胜的美国消费数据对该阶层进行了剖析。虽然霍尔德—哈尔凯特本人即该阶层成员(我的一些至交好友也是),但她帮助解释了为什么文化精英如此遭人鄙视,以致催生了一个全球政治运动来反对它。虽然在她这本书里,特朗普是未提到的房间里那头大象,但几乎每一页都会让你想到他,他就是该阶层的对立面——的确,在其持者脑海里,他是对抗文化精英阶层的良方。Trump likes to tag the cultural elite as “the elite” but not all class members are rich. Adjunct professors, NGO workers and unemployed screenwriters belong alongside Mark Zuckerberg. Rather, what defines the cultural elite is education. Most of its members went to brand-name universities, and consider themselves deserving rather than entitled. They believe in facts and experts. Most grew up comfortably off in the post-1970s boom. Their education is their insurance policy and, so almost whatever their income, they suffer less economic anxiety than older or lesser educated people. Their political utopia is high-tax, egalitarian, feminist and green. They aim to be “better humans” rather than simply rich, writes Currid-Halkett. Though often too busy to be happy, they feel good about themselves. The inequality they see everywhere is never their fault.特朗普喜欢给文化精英贴上“精英份子”的标签,但这一阶层并非都是富人。除了马克?扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg),还有兼职教授、非政府组织(NGO)工作人员、失业的编剧。相反,界定文化精英的是教育背景。该阶层多数成员上的是名牌大学,且认为自己对所得当之无愧,而不是凭特权。他们相信事实和专家。大多数人在20世纪70年代后的繁荣时代衣食无忧地长大。他们的教育背景就是他们的保单,而且基本上无论收入多少,他们承受的经济压力要小于老一代或教育程度较低的人群。他们的政治乌托邦是高税收、平等主义、女权主义和环保主义。霍尔德—哈尔凯特写道,比起单纯当一个富人,他们的目标是成为“更好的人”。虽然经常忙到没有时间快乐,但他们对自己感觉良好。他们处处看到的不平等绝不是他们的错。When it comes to consumption, the cultural elite’s core belief is a scorn for stuff. Branded goods no longer convey status now that any old oaf can buy them. The top 10 per cent of American earners (which includes most of the cultural elite) spends a shrinking slice of its income on cars, TVs and household items, things that the middle class still values. With the sharing economy taking off, hipsters barely own anything at all. Forget shared bikes — Americans can now rent designer dresses.消费方面,文化精英的核心信念是鄙视炫耀性商品。名牌商品不再传递身份信息,因为任何一个老傻瓜都买得起它们。美国收入最高10%的人群(这包括了大多数文化精英)在汽车、电视机和家用产品等中产阶层仍然看重的东西上出不断减少。随着分享经济兴起,潮人们几乎“一无所有”。共享单车算什么,美国人现在连设计师饰都能租。What stuff the cultural elite does buy is used to adorn their bodies. Living in dense cities where everyone is on display, they need expensive clothes. New Yorkers in particular also have watch fetishes. In 2010 they “spent about 27 times more on watches as a share of total expenditures than everyone else — no city even compares”, writes Currid-Halkett in a typically delicious titbit.文化精英确实喜欢买的是能装饰他们身体的物品。生活在人人都在展示自己的繁华都市,他们需要昂贵的饰。纽约人尤其迷恋手表。霍尔德—哈尔凯特笔下一个有代表性的趣闻是,2010年纽约人“购买手表在总出中的占比是其他人的27倍,没有城市比得上。”The cultural elite spends relatively little on beauty products, but splurges on exercise, because it thinks that bodies (like food) should look natural. The thin, toned body expresses this class’s worldview: even leisure must be productive. Instead of trawling shopping malls, class members narrate their family hikes on Facebook.文化精英在美容产品上出相对较少,但在锻炼上毫不手软,因为他们认为人体(就像食物一样)应该看起来很自然。修长、健美的身体诠释了这个阶层的世界观:即使休闲也要富有成效。该阶层成员不逛购物商场,而是在Facebook上介绍自己的家庭远足见闻。These people maximise what Currid-Halkett calls “inconspicuous consumption”: things you cannot see. They buy nannies to save time, elite magazines to feed their brains and status, and education to propel their children upwards. “The top 1-5 per cent [of American earners] spend on average 5 per cent of their total expenditures on education, while the middle class barely spends 1 per cent,” writes Currid-Halkett. Her intellectual ancestor Thorstein Veblen, in his 1899 study The Theory of the Leisure Class, portrayed Wasps frittering away money, but today’s cultural elite is engaged in a ruthless project to reproduce its social position. Barring some huge economic shift, today’s breastfed elite toddlers will be the elite of 2050. The meritocracy is becoming hereditary.这些人将霍尔德-哈尔凯特所说的“隐性消费”(那些你们看不到的东西)发挥到极致。他们雇用保姆节省时间,购买精英杂志填充大脑和地位,投资教育以便为子女提供较高的平台。霍尔德-哈尔凯特写道:“(美国收入)最高的1%至5%人群在教育上的出平均为总出的5%,而中产阶级勉强达到1%。”她的理论前辈索尔斯坦?维布伦(Thorstein Veblen)曾经在他1899年的著作《有闲阶级论》(The Theory of the Leisure Class)中,描写了盎格鲁萨克逊裔美国白人(WASP)挥金如土的行为,但如今的文化精英们则在坚定地传承其社会地位。除非发生翻天覆地的经济变迁,否则如今还在吃奶学步的精英二代们将成为2050年的精英。精英阶层正呈现出世袭色。This is where the cultural elite’s self-image diverges from the view held by its critics. Trump voters see a class that talks equality while living privilege and exuding contempt. Here are Greenpeace members who are always on planes, proclaiming their goodness instead of improving the world. Maybe if everyone shopped at Whole Foods (the upscale grocery chain nicknamed “Whole Paycheck”) the world would improve, suggests Currid-Halkett. But there’s a counterargument: if everyone shopped at Whole Foods, it would lose its status, and the cultural elite would have to shop elsewhere.这就是文化精英的自我形象有别于其批评者观点的地方。特朗普的选民们看到的是这样一个阶层:他们过着特权的生活,却在讨论平等,而且散发出轻蔑。比如绿色和平(Greenpeace)的成员老是在飞来飞去,他们向外界夸耀自己的善举,而并没有致力于让世界变得更美好。霍尔德-哈尔凯特提出,或许,如果所有人都在全食(Whole Foods,高端食品超市,绰号为“整张工资单”)购物的话,世界确实会变得更美好。 但这里有一个反论:如果所有人都在全食购物,那么它也就丧失了地位象征,文化精英们将不得不转到别处购物。These people live in places and ways that hardly anyone else can afford. The only poor people they know are their nannies. Their New Yorker subscriptions might cost just , but are usually premised on expensive educations.这些人居住的地段和生活的方式是几乎其他任何人都无法负担得起的。他们认识的穷人只有他们的保姆。《纽约客》(New Yorker)的全年订费可能只需要90美元,但通常前提是昂贵的教育。Though Currid-Halkett is too polite to do more than hint at this, class members regard outsiders with either scorn or pity. Overproductive themselves, they look down on iPad parents, the obese and the uninformed. Many even mock their own parents as kitsch provincials. There’s an element of this in the relationship between Ivanka Trump (raised in Manhattan) and her father (from Queens). In fact, long before Trump became president, he was the exemplar of everything the cultural elite abhors. His hair and orange skin scream artificiality. He loves buying stuff. He is fat and ignorant. He thinks exercise depletes the body. He gets his information from cable TV.霍尔德-哈尔凯特礼貌地暗示,这个阶层的人对外部人士要么嘲讽,要么可怜。注重成效的他们看不起让iPad陪伴孩子的父母、肥胖者和学识浅薄者。很多人甚至嘲笑自己的父母是乡巴佬。伊万卡?特朗普(Ivanka Trump,在曼哈顿长大)和她父亲(在纽约皇后区长大)之间的关系带有一点这种元素。实际上,早在特朗普当选总统之前,他就成为文化精英厌恶的一切的化身。他的头发和橘色皮肤都暴露了人为色。他喜欢购物。他肥胖且无知。他认为锻炼会消耗身体。他通过有线电视获取信息。No wonder the key rite of cultural-elite conversation has become Trump-dissing (see previous paragraph). And so the cultural wars that got him elected rage on.难怪文化精英们的主要话题已变成嘲讽特朗普。就这样,把他推上总统宝座的这场文化战争正在延续。 /201706/512989

How can I tell if my spouse is clinically depressed?我怎样才能判断配偶在临床上是否患有抑郁症呢?Here are some ways to tell if your partner is clinically depressed. Firstly, it lasts a long time. It isn#39;t just in reaction to an event like losing a job or having a change in financial status or even a loss of someone they love, because there are stages to that. When your partner is clinically depressed it lasts and it doesn#39;t go away. You are going to see real changes in their behavior. Their sleep patterns are going to change. Their eating patterns are going to change. Their emotional patterns are going to change. If your partner has clinical depression, they may not be loving in your marriage. They may feel dead to you. You may talk to them and all you are going to feel is this blank screen. They may be apathetic. They may not have any interest in going out, having fun, or being romantic. They may want to just sit there and stare at the TV. These are all signs that there is something greater going on. What you need to do if your partner is clinically depressed is get a lot of information. Go on the Internet, research this, talk to your family physician about what can be done. There is medication out there that can help your partner. You have got to get your partner to medical treatment so your doctor can diagnose if this is physical or emotional, because sometimes illness will look like clinical depression. Your partner needs to get checked up.以下方法可以帮你判断你的配偶临床上是否患有抑郁症。首先,抑郁症会持续比较长的时间,而不仅仅是对某一事件作出的反应,例如失业或经济状况的改变,或者失去了自己爱的人,因为度过这些阶段就好了。当你的配偶临床上患有抑郁症的时候,会持续很长时间久久不能恢复。你会看到他们的行为发生改变。他们的睡眠习惯将发生改变。他们的饮食习惯将发生改变。他们的情绪也会发生改变。如果你的配偶临床上患有抑郁症,他们可能不再热爱你们的婚姻。他们可能对你死心。你或许和他们谈话的时候感受到的只是一片黑屏,他们可能非常冷淡,对于外出,游玩或者浪漫没有任何兴趣。他们可能只想坐在那里盯着电视看。这些迹象都表明可能还有更严重的状况。当你的配偶临床上患有抑郁症的时候,你要做的就是搜集大量信息。上网搜索,与家庭医生讨论应该采取哪些措施。目前已经研制出一些药物可以帮助你的配偶。你必须带你的配偶进行治疗,医生可以诊断这是身体性的还是情绪性的,因为有时某些疾病的症状看上去也像抑郁症。你的伴侣需要医生进行检查。Thanks for watching How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Clinically Depressed.感谢收看“怎样判断你的配偶是否患有临床抑郁症”视频节目。 Article/201212/211671

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Atlantis was the last space shuttle built by NASA.这是真的吗?亚特兰提斯号是美国国家航空航天局建造的最后一艘太空飞船吗?Nope. Atlantis flew the final space shuttle mission, but Endeavour was the last shuttle built by NASA.不是。亚特兰提斯号执行了最后一个航天飞机飞行任务,但奋进号才是美国国家航空航天局建造的最后一艘太空飞船。AZUZ: The last shuttle is making its last journey this week, but not in the space.最后一艘飞船将在这周进行它的最后一次航行,但并不是在太空中。NASA ended the space shuttle program last year, and the remaining vehicles are flying off in the retirement.美国国家航空航天局在去年结束了太空飞船项目,其他的飞行器也正在逐渐退休。Oh actually they are more like hitching a ride. This is Endeavour piggybacking on a 747 jet.实际上,他们更像是在搭便车。这是被背在747飞机上的奋进号。Starting from Florida to Los Angeles where it will become a museum, the other shuttles are going to be on display as well.从佛罗里达州到洛杉矶,那里将会建成一个物馆,其他的飞船也会在那里进行展览。Endeavour is making some stops, as it travels across the country.奋进号将会在它穿越全国时停下来几次。Yesterday it touched down in Houston.昨天它在休斯顿着陆了。NASA says, these stops are a good chance for more people to see the shuttle and say good bye.美国国家航空航天局表示,这些停留是为了能让更多的人看到这个飞船并向它道别。Endeavour is said to make its final landing in L.A. on Friday.据说奋进号将会在星期五最终降落在洛杉矶。 /201209/201230

VideoJug and Jerry Bilo, an advisor from UK consumer advice service Consumer Direct, tells us how to complain successfully. So follow this guide for the best way to make a complaint.VideoJug和英国消费者建议务机构顾问Jerry Bilo告诉我们怎样成功投诉自己的不满。Step 1: In person1.亲自投诉Wherever possible complain in person as you are more likely to get results. Make sure you are taking your complaint to the person in charge, as they will be the one with the authority to settle the complaint. Be assertive but never aggressive.无论在任何可能的情况下,亲自投诉最有可能得到结果。确保在相关的负责人面前投诉,因为他们才有权处理。态度一定要坚定,但是不要太具攻击性。Step 2: State your case2.陈述自己的情况If you are unhappy with a service or goods you have paid for identify why. Be clear about what is wrong or how you feel you have been mistreated. Say what you want done to rectify the problem. And importantly, give a deadline for action to be undertaken. This ensures the matter is resolved promptly, and if not gives you reason to take further steps.如果你对务或购买的物品不满,一定要澄清原因。明确指出哪里做错了,或者你怎样感到自己受到了不合理的招待,说明自己想要怎样来改正这个问题。最重要的是,提出解决这个问题的最后期限。这样可以确保问题立即得到解决,如果不这样的话,请他们给出采取进一步行动的理由。Step 3: Keep calm3.保持平静Be clear and concise at all times, and whatever you do - don#39;t lose your temper. This will only make you appear unreasonable,or even worse: threatening.无论任何时候都要保持清晰条理,不要发脾气。这只会让你看上去无理取闹,更糟糕的是,让你看上去好像在威胁别人。If you are complaining over the telephone keep a note of what is said, who you spoke to along with the time and date.如果你是通过电话投诉,记下一张便条,你向谁投诉,说了什么,具体的日期和时间。Step 4: In writing4.记录Unless your complaint was settled on the spot, always back up a compliant in writing. This particularly crucial if you complained over the phone. Again, reiterate the problem, what you want done about it and set a timescale for the complaint to be rectified.除非你的投诉立即得到解决,一定要留下文字记录。如果你是通过电话投诉的,这一点更为重要。重申问题所在,你希望对方怎样做,制定对方处理这次投诉的时间表。Step 5: Keep records5.保存据Look after any receipts, paperwork, photos or other evidence and keep a copy of all correspondence. If your complaint is ignored or not adequately settled you will need this evidence to take things further.保存好所有收据,文件,照片或其它据,所有通信都留有副本。如果你的投诉被忽略了,或者没有得到充分解决,你需要这些据来采取进一步行动。Step 6: Second opinion6.征求他人意见It can be useful to seek out a second opinion especially that of a qualified expert if you feel your complaint is not being upheld. This may cost you money that you are unable to recuperate but will help if you need to take legal action.如果你觉得你的投诉没有得到解决,征求他人的意见也有用处,尤其是自身专家的建议。这会让你耗费一些金钱,但是如果你需要走法律途径的话,这会起到帮助。Step 7: Don#39;t give up7.不要放弃Finally, if your complaint is falling on deaf ears don#39;t give up. Keep persevering until you have gotten an outcome you are happy with. Get advice from a consumer organisation, in the UK this would be Consumer Direct, they will supply further information about resolving your particular complaint.最后,如果对方没有理会你的投诉,不要放弃。一定要坚持,直到获得满意的结果。向消费者组织征求意见,英国的相关组织是Consumer Direct,他们会为你解决自己的投诉提供进一步的信息。Don#39;t settle for second rate service, get what you deserve.不要满足于二等务,你要得到自己应得的。Thanks for watching How To Complain Successfully感谢收看“怎样成功投诉自己的不满”视频节目。 Article/201210/205795

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