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重庆法令纹哪家医院好重庆星宸整形医院网上预约咨询重庆星宸美容位置 Hillary: When FEMA was moved into the Department of Homeland Security. Its traditional mission of trying to prepare for and recover from and respond to disasters was subsumed in what became the overall mission of the war against terrorism. Obviously as a senator from New York, I care deeply about our effectiveness in battling the terrorists. But I think we also can do two things at once. And maybe we need to get back to an independent FEMA agency with leadership that's prepared and experienced in order to be sure that we never ever see anything like this again in our country.Interviewer: But surely FEMA has to be able to respond to a terror incident as well and does the rationale for putting it in Homeland Security.Hillary: Well...but the independence of it doesn't in any way interfere with that. But even some of the people who are in this administration have admitted that the cutbacks in funding, the cutbacks in personnel, the fact that FEMA was no longer seen as a lead agency on anything would interfere with the ability for it to do either of those functions, either in disasters or with respect to a terrorist attack. We need to be able to respond to natural disasters or man-made disasters. And I had the,you know, great doubts about whether that could happen in the department of Homeland Security. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but I think that you know we've seen clearly that it isn't working and I'm afraid that if it is not independent we are gonna continue to have this confusion. You know, it's one thing to be a bureaucrat and presidential appointee who is, you know, doing some job though our people's lives are not directly at stake. It is something else though when you are on the, you know the point of the arrow, you have to make the decisions and that just didn't happen.Interviewer: Well, would you suggest then that the FEMA director Mike Brown be fired. Hillary: Well, I don't…er…have that, you know, decision, that's up to the president but …er… certainly…Interviewer: Do you think it is a good idea. Would you fire him?Hillary: Well, you know right now I don't know what that mean in terms of what we are trying to get accomplish now. We don't want to make a bad situation worse. Obviously, the legislation I am introducing will require that whoever in that position have specific appropriate experience with handling disasters.Interviewer: Now you are on record as calling for a Katrina Commission, sort of, like a 9-11 commission. Is it the time to be calling for those sorts of things right in the wake of this when there are real needs right now. I think that a lot of people watching this would say, let's, let's wait a little bit on the blame issue and we can deconstruct this later. We have people in need right now.Hillary: You know, Miles, I've said that's why I've called for an independent commission because I don't think the government should be investigating itself and I don't think that anybody in the government should be taken away from the important tasks of dealing with the enormous challenges facing the people along the Gulf Coast. I think we do need an independent commission. You know, I am always struck when people say that, because it is commonly said. You know, after Pearl Harbor, there was an immediate investigation launched. You know I think that, we've sort of lost track of fact that this is a government that has to be accountable to the people of our country. This is not a game. This has to be a serious inquiry that people have confidence in that will help us understand what did go wrong. The sooner we know that, the better. We have no idea what Mother Nature or Heaven Forbid, you know, the terrorists have installed for us. I for one want to know what went wrong because I don't ever want to see this happen in our country and have people put at risk and have people lose their lives and have the questions that people were asking me that are so painful and poignant in Houston when I saw them, you know, go without answers for very long.Interviewer: Is there a simple answer, senator, to who drop the ball?Hillary: Well, on August 27, the president signed an emergency declaration at his ranch in Crawford, in which he said that it would be an emergency and the federal government would take the lead in coordinating response. I think that the bucks stopped at the federal government and so let's find out what went wrong from an independent panel of experts, people would understand what should happen, what didn't happen and let's do it as quickly as possible.200807/44186綦江区妇女儿童医院门诊大众点评

九龙坡区光子美白多少钱重庆市西郊医院好不好网址 And it isn't the easiest job in the world, of course, particularly when millions of people across the globe are watching your every move and decision. The football referee expects to be scrutinized, especially during a World Cup. But in Germany, he's become the center of attention. First there was England's Graham Poll who forgot to send off a player despite yellow-carding him 3 times, then there was Valentin Ivanov, responsible for a record-breaking 4 red cards and 16 yellows. Sue Turton reports from Germany.The enemy camp where they are plotting England's downfall and finding any possible excuse to have playmaker Deco reinstated. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's best effort's that Holland were guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior on Sunday, claiming the Dutch failed to return the ball after stoppage for an injury. Deco had merely been righting that wrong, as he had downed defender Johnny Heitinga. No extenuating circumstances have yet been put forward for the second yellow he picked up 5 minutes later. But FIFA today were clearly having none of it."No, there was a phone call and they were clearly told forget it."There is growing discontent over the standard of refereeing at the tournament. Trigger-happy Russian referee Valentin Ivanov handed out 16 in the Portugal match but missed Luis Figo's headbutt on Mark van Bommel, giving him just a yellow for a red-card offense when filled in by his assistant"Ivanov couldn't calm the game down. He gave too many cards away, 4 yellow-red cards and 8 yellow that shows that the referee is not the master of the situation"But the man who controversially disallowed England's last minute goal in the quarters of Euro 2004 thinks discipline must come from the coaches. "No one ever mentions the coaches. They did nothing to try to calm down the play. They just looked on and did nothing. And they, too, have a responsibility. It's cheap and very easy now to only blame the referee."The Aussies have the most cause for referee rage after Graham Poll's matcher rebliss. Poll's inability to count yellows left Croatian Josip Simunic on the pitch when he should have been sent off. …The third time, this never seen before at a World Cup, Graham Poll has lost control, it finished…But things went from bad to worse last night as a fairly innocuous challenge by Lucas Neil on Fabio Grosso won the Italians a penalty in the last seconds of injury time. Totti was on target, and the Australians were on the plane home. "Devastated, devastated, so we played too good to end in that way. Not fair, not fair. They’ve come too far. We got robbed. I know it, you know it, every, (we all know it) everybody that watched the game knows it. We got robbed. We should have won that game, (we are still proud) but we are still proud. The Aussies are not as proud. "FIFA have tightened up the game, instructing referees to book players for diving, for feigning injury, for time wasting, even for wearing jewelry. This clampdown has resulted in the highest card tally ever at a World Cup tournament. At Mexico 86, only 133 yellow cards were brandished, that nearly doubled by France 98. Four years later, it was up to 272. But in Germany they are aly on 298 with eight more matches to play. It's a similar story with the reds, just 8 in Mexico, and 22 at France 98. The figure then dipped in Japan, but in Germany, they are aly on 24.I think the referees are gonna take some more responsibility in jumping into decisions. And it worries me greatly that we are gonna end up in this competition, you know, with some of the best players around not being able to function in the biggest match of all.Every one of these World Cup referees will be hoping to make the cut to officiate in the final knockout matches. Graham Poll knows, he won't be among them when the decision is made in Frankfurt tomorrow.Sue Turton Channel 4 News, Baden-Baden.1.stoppage:n. act of stopping, halt; something which causes a secession of movement, obstruction, blockage停止, 中止; 堵塞; 阻塞; 阻碍 2.extenuating:adj.If you say that there are extenuating circumstances for a bad situation or wrong action, you mean that there are reasons or factors which partly excuse it. (FORMAL)3.referee:n. arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions 裁判4.headbutt:v. hit a person using a strong thrust with the head 5.innocuous:adj. harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensive; uninteresting, insipid 无害的, 无伤大雅的6.penalty:n.In sports such as soccer, rugby, and hockey, a penalty is an opportunity to score a goal, which is given to the attacking team if the defending team breaks a rule near their own goal.罚球7.feign:v. fake, pretend; make up, fabricate; imitate 装作, 假装; 捏造; 做假, 假装 8.tally:n. reckoning, score, total; something on which an account or score is kept; mark made to keep record of a number of items 符木, 得分, 记帐 9.brandish:v. If you brandish something, especially a weapon, you hold it in a threatening way.10:officiate:v. perform ceremony; perform duty; serve as officiator; referee (Sports) 当体育比赛裁判11.knockout:n. competition is one in which the players or teams that win continue playing until there is only one winner left. (mainly BRIT; in AM use elimination)淘汰赛 200805/39355重庆中医院吸脂手术多少钱

重庆光子祛斑和激光祛斑Official TranscriptJOLIE: I am so inspired by these people. And they are the greatest strength. You know, so, it’s, it's not, er, you know, you have that memory. You have that moment -- I have had it -- where, even just today, I was, you know, breast- feeding, and tired, and thinking, God, I really don't know how I'm going to get myself together to be thinking for this interview. But you think, Jesus, the things these people go through. I owe it to all of them to get myself together, to stop whining about being tired, and get there and get focused, and, because God, it's the least I can do, with what they live with and what they can, you know, they pull themselves out of the most horrible despair. And they're able to smile and get on with it and survive. And, so, you don't -- it's that same thing. You don't, er, you don't think, poor me, what I have seen. You just think, like, Jesus, thank God I, I'm not experiencing it. ---COOPER: Right. The first time you went to a refugee camp, what was that like? JOLIE: God, it was, it was Sierra Leone. So, it was a different kind of a camp. It wasn’t the, it was, they were still having civil war. And it was a, it was a kind of just this area of people who had been, er, who had had their limbs cut off from, from the violence. And it was an amputee camp. And it was er, probably to this day the worst camp I have ever seen. And I knew I was changing as a person. I was learning so much about life. And I was, so, in some ways, it was the best moment of my life, because it...---COOPER: Right. JOLIE: ... changed me for the better. And I was never going to be never going to be, never going to want for more in my life or be...(CROSSTALK) ---COOPER: I mean, how did it change you? JOLIE: I was very er, focused on myself, on my career, on my life, on this -- you know, we have so much and we, we want for other things, and we don't realize how grateful we should be about things. I had been -- done things, you know, er, like most teenagers, you know, hurting myself, or doing things...---COOPER: Right. JOLIE: I mean, all those things. You take your own life for granted. And then, suddenly, you see these people who are really fighting something, who are really surviving, who have so much er, pain and loss and things that you have no idea. And, as soon as I got to a phone, I called my mom and just told her how much I loved her. And I was so grateful I knew where she was and so grateful I knew where my brother was, that, that it just changed everything. ---COOPER: Right. And, then, how do you come back? I mean, it's got to be -- it's always -- I have found it always a hard thing, once you're there and you see that, and your eyes are open and, and your heart is open and your mind is open. And then you come back, and especially I mean in this world that you live in, it's got to be such a strange -- it's got to be surreal. (CROSSTALK) JOLIE: By the time I, I got on the plane and on the way home, I , I didn't, I knew that I would somehow commit to doing something with these people in my life. And I knew that would be the only way to, to settle it in myself. ---COOPER: And why refugees? Of all the things. I mean, there are so many causes around the world. There are so many problems. Why is it, you're, you're focusing on a problem which is almost intractable. I mean, there, there have always been refugees, internally displaced people. There almost, likely, will always be. JOLIE: One, I went to Cambodia, and I learned a lot about the situation there and the refugees there. But, but I got this book on the U.N., because I really liked the idea of the U.N. I know it's not perfect. But loved what -- what it stood for. And, so, I got a book on the U.N. And I was ing about it. And then I got to this chapter on refugees. And it said almost 20 million people are displaced. And it showed pictures of Rwanda and pictures of all these , and I was kind of, and I was just shocked. I thought, how is that possible, that I have known nothing about this, and I'm 20-something years old, and, and there are this many people displaced in the world? So, I knew it was something that had to be discussed, and, and wasn't being discussed. And um, and then, the more I about it, the more I just thought, they really are the most vulnerable people in the world. They really don't have an option for, it's not just that they're poor. It's not just that they're hungry. It's not just that, it's that they are in fear of, of, for their lives. They are going to be persecuted for their race, their religion, their nationality. They, they don't have the protection of their own country. They're somewhere uprooted, without any protection, with their families, relying on somebody to open their doors for someplace for them to lay their head down or get some food or something. And they may not be able to return home for decades. 200809/50288 Here we go again.4 years of waiting are over, as the first of 64 matches that make up this tournament gets underway. 161 goals were scored during the last World Cup. It took the German team just a few minutes to notch up the first of this year's tally, scoring in their match against underdogs--Costa Rica. The organizers are expecting up to a million people to visit Germany for the tournament, as many as 10 percent, that's 100 thousand of them, from Britain alone. We stay in Frankfurt and we are obedient.And waiting for the fans, a familiar sight, British police walking German streets for the first time with their German counterparts. And another familiar face, Hard Man actor Ray Winston. Hey hello, English Cop. From England?Yeah, I am on high, Ah! Levy it, levy it. all right. he's up for the full game.Oh,I did, oh,I've done nothing. At the US team headquarters, there was added security, following a heightened terror threat after the death of Al Zarkawi. So ahead for these fans, 96 hours of televised giant-screen gut-wrenching tension crammed into 3 long weeks,with the hopes and fears of devoted fans from 32 countries around the world now hanging in the balance. Peter Sharp, Sky News.----------------------------------notch up[口]完成; 创下, 达到tally(比赛时的)比分, 得分, 分underdogOne that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.居于下风者指在运动或政治竞争中将会失败的人200805/39352綦江区去痤疮多少钱重庆十大美容院



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