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The first night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday was, rightly, not about the clothes: It was about trying to unify the party, rise above the opponent and so on, as many of my colleagues have described. Which is not to say it lacked a fashion statement or two.民主党全国代表大会周一召开的首晚,装没有上议事日程,正该如此。大会是关于试图建立党内统一、超越对手等议题的,正如我的许多同事所描述的那样。但这并不是说,大会上没有发出一两个时尚宣言。The loudest may have come early in the evening, courtesy of a starring the economist Austan Goolsbee and the actor Ken Jeong in which Mr. Goolsbee reveals to Mr. Jeong that most of the Donald Trump-branded clothing line is not Made in the U.S.A., but rather in Bangladesh, China, Mexico and other countries (facts that seem to undermine Mr. Trump’s assertion of America First but also seem to have had no impact on his supporters). But the most pointed came, not surprisingly, from Michelle Obama.承蒙一个视频,最响亮的宣言可能是当晚早些时候发出的,该视频由经济学教授奥斯坦·古尔斯比(Austan Goolsbee)和演员郑肯(Ken Jeong)主演,古尔斯比在视频中对郑肯说,大部分唐纳德·特朗普品牌的装不是美国制造,而是孟加拉国、中国、墨西哥和其他国家制造的(这些事实似乎有损特朗普的美国第一的说法,但似乎对他的持者们没有影响)。但最刻意的宣言来自米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama),这并不奇怪。Not that you would have known it at first. Like her speech, in which she castigated Mr. Trump without ever saying his name, her dress spoke volumes while appearing, at first glance, to be entirely subdued.这并不是说你会在一开始就注意到了。米歇尔·奥巴马在演讲中斥责了特朗普,但并没有提他的名字,与她的演讲一样,她的着装含义深刻,但初看起来,似乎一点特色也没有。Cobalt blue silk crepe, with cap sleeves, a flared skirt and a neat waist, it was by the designer Christian Siriano, and it pretty much matched the backdrop, playing down Mrs. Obama’s appearance and playing to the patriotic theme, especially when contrasted with the bright red jacket that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wore during her speech.她的裙装出自设计师克里斯蒂安·西里亚诺(Christian Siriano)之手,钴蓝色的丝绸绉纱、盖肩的短袖、喇叭裙,以及紧凑的腰围,颜色几乎与背景相匹配,这使米歇尔的出场不那么重要,迎合了爱国的主题,尤其是在与马萨诸塞州参议员伊丽莎白·沃伦穿的鲜红色外套相比之下。But the simplicity and the color were just the beginning. See, Mr. Siriano is a former reality TV star — the only designer to really have emerged from the television show “Project Runway” (he won the fourth season competition) and carved out a place on the New York Fashion Week scene.但是,简单的设计和颜色的选择仅仅是开始。要知道,西里亚诺是前真人秀明星,是从电视节目《天桥骄子》(Project Runway)(他在该节目的第四季中胜出)真正走出来的唯一设计师,并在纽约时装周(New York Fashion Week)上谋得了一席之地。But unlike another reality TV star, Mr. Siriano has built his career on being inclusive: on catering to women regardless of size or age.但是,与其他真人秀明星不同,西里亚诺的职业生涯是建立在包容之上的:他为不同年龄和身材的女性设计装。Most recently, he was, for example, the designer who stepped forward (via Instagram) when Leslie Jones, the late-40-something six-foot-tall star of the movie remake “Ghostbusters,” complained that no designer wanted to dress her, making a custom off-the-shoulder red gown for her premiere that became something of an internet moment. He also has a collaboration with the plus-size store Lane Bryant, for which he held a runway show at the ed Nations this year, and has dressed other celebrities, including Kate Hudson and Zendaya.最近的一个例子是,当出演翻拍版的《捉鬼敢死队》(Ghostbusters)的40好几、身高1米8有余的演员莱斯利·琼斯(Leslie Jones)抱怨说,没有愿意为她配置装的设计师时,西里亚诺(通过Instagram)挺身而出,为她出席首映式定制了露肩红色礼,在互联网上引起了一时的轰动。他还与大尺码装店莱恩·布赖恩特(Lane Bryant)有合作,并为这个合作今年在联合国举办的一个时装秀,他还为凯特·哈德森(Kate Hudson)和赞达亚(Zendaya)等名人设计过装。“I just don’t think anyone should be excluded from having a beautiful dress,” he said to me when we were talking about the Jones brouhaha, and why he had volunteered to play fairy godfather.我们谈起琼斯的礼引起的骚动、以及他为什么自告奋勇地担当了童话救星时,他对我说,“我不只是认为,任何人都不该被排除在能穿漂亮裙装之外。”Lest you think Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe choice was just happenstance, however, know that the convention appearance was only the second time she has worn Mr. Siriano; the first time was this month, at the funeral for the police officers killed in Dallas.但是,免得你认为奥巴马夫人的着装选择只是偶然,你须知,她这次出席大会穿的只是她第二次穿西里亚诺的设计;第一次是在本月参加达拉斯被杀警察的葬礼时。Throughout her time in the White House, the first lady has made something of a secondary cause out of supporting new, independent American designers, and choosing her clothes not only because she likes them but because their back story has a certain resonance that goes beyond the aesthetic. Monday night was no different. Fashion is not known for its embrace of togetherness (more for its exclusion). But Mr. Siriano is.在白宫做第一夫人期间,奥巴马夫人把持新的、独立的美国设计师差不多当成了一件次要事业来做,她选择装不仅是因为她喜欢它们,而是因为其背后的故事有某种超出美感的共鸣。周一晚上的选择也是如此。时装不以其接受团结友爱而闻名(更多地是为了排他)。但西里亚诺是例外。Think that’s just a coincidence?还认为米歇尔的着装选择只是偶然吗? /201607/456740

  Hundreds of Chinese officials are to be sacked or demoted for their part in a vaccine scandal that has added to discontent at poor oversight of food and drug safety, especially relating to children. 数百名中国官员将因为他们在疫苗丑闻中的角色而受到撤职、降级等处分。这场丑闻加剧了中国公众对食品和药品安全监管不到位(尤其是涉及儿童的食品和药品)的不满。 Xinhua, the state news agency, said late on Wednesday that 357 officials are to face punishment, with 192 criminal cases aly filed and 202 people detained after improperly stored or transported vaccines were sent to 59 health institutions. 官方的新华社周三晚间报道,357名公职人员面临处分,各地已有刑事立案192起,刑事拘留202人。此前储存或运输不当的疫苗被送到59家卫生机构。 This is the latest in a string of food and drug safety scandals in a country where parents often import products for infants and babies from overseas to ensure quality. Many remember with fear the 2008 milk powder scandal, in which infant formula laced with melamine caused at least six deaths and 300,000 children to fall ill. 这是中国一连串食品和药品安全丑闻的最新一例,中国的父母往往从海外进口婴幼儿产品,以保质量。许多人仍对2008年曝光的配方奶粉丑闻有恐惧记忆,在那场丑闻中,三聚氰胺被故意掺入婴幼儿配方奶粉,导致至少6名婴幼儿死亡,30万幼童患病。 Beijing last month made public an illegal operation in eastern Shandong province in which a hospital pharmacist and her daughter traded m in vaccines that may have been compromised because they were expired or improperly stored or transported. 北京方面上月公布了发生在华东的山东省的一起非法活动,一个医院药剂师和她的女儿买卖了价值8800万美元的问题疫苗,这些疫苗因为过期或者储存或运输不当而可能已经变质。 The China Food and Drug Administration said, however, that the vaccines posed no greater than the normal risk to patients. “We don’t see that the vaccines’ effectiveness has been reduced,” added the health watchdog in a report. 不过,中国的国家食品药品监督管理总局称,接种涉案疫苗不会对受种者带来常规不良反应以外的安全性风险。“没有发现涉案疫苗有效性下降的情况发生,”这家卫生监督机构在《山东济南非法经营疫苗系列案件涉案疫苗接种安全性和有效性风险评估报告》中补充称。 Nonetheless, health officials fear a backlash against Chinese-manufactured vaccines, which aly have a reputation for being more dangerous than those made overseas. Importation of many vaccines is banned. 尽管如此,卫生官员担心中国生产的疫苗遭遇反弹;国产疫苗本来就有比进口疫苗更危险的名声。中国禁止进口许多疫苗。 Wang Yuedan, deputy director of Peking University’s immunology department, said the key to evaluating risks is to check whether package seals are broken or for contamination with micro-organisms. “The vaccines in the Shandong case don’t have those problems,” he said. 北京大学免疫学系副主任王月丹表示,评估风险的关键是检查包装密封是否破损,或者有没有微生物污染。“山东发生的问题疫苗案没有这些问题,”他表示。 Those vaccines had been subject to higher than normal temperatures that could have lowered their effectiveness and reduced their protective value. But the official investigation showed the vaccines “are still effective”, he said. 曾经暴露于高于正常温度的那些疫苗,其有效性和保护价值可能有所下降。但他表示,官方调查显示,涉案疫苗“仍然是有效的”。 Beijing, which publicised the affair almost a year after it was exposed, and several years after it started, appeared eager to show commitment to crack down on abuses by announcing the action, political analysts said. 政治分析人士表示,北京方面在案发近一年后、涉案行为开始几年后公布此案,似乎急于通过宣布采取行动,展现严厉打击违法行为的承诺。 The CFDA said a system was being set up to track vaccines from production to use. 国家食品药品监督管理总局称,正在建立疫苗从生产到使用的全程追溯制度。 The World Health Organisation warned the scandal could jeopardise China’s public health gains if parents become distrustful of vaccines. It also expressed confidence in Chinese vaccines, saying public immunisation campaigns had eradicated polio and sharply reduced cases of hepatitis B and measles. 世界卫生组织(WHO)已警告称,如果父母变得不信任疫苗,这场丑闻可能危及中国的公共卫生进展。该组织还表示对中国疫苗有信心,称中国的公共疫苗接种行动已经根除了小儿麻痹症,还大幅减少了乙型肝炎和麻疹的病例。 /201604/437950


  Beijing will build a 3.5 ring road between the existing 3rd and 4th rings in five years to ease traffic pressure, according to a recent report on transportation development in Beijing issued by the Municipal Commission of Transport.北京市交通运输委员会发布的最新项目规划报告,北京将在未来五年内,在三环和四环之间建设打通3.5环来缓解交通压力。As early as 2011, Chaoyang District mentioned the possibility of building Miyun highway, the second phase of Guangqu road, Chajia East Road and the elevated road to link to the new International Exhibition during the 12th five-year period, with the aim of building an additional ring between the 3rd and 4th rings in Beijing.早在2011年,朝阳区就曾介绍,“十二五”期间将建设京密高速公路、广渠路二期、茶家东路、新国展联络线等多条道路,目标是在三、四环之间再建立一条的环状主干路。During 13th Five-Year period, the 3.5 ring of Beijing is projected to become a reality. According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, before building the 3.5 ring road, it is first necessary to complete an expressway network in Beijing. Beijing will build 28 kilometers of new expressway in five years. New roads will be also built around key areas such as the administrative sub-center and the new airport.在“十三五”期间,北京的3.5环项目将成为现实。据北京市交通运输委员会介绍,在建成3.5环之前,首先需要在北京打通快速路网。北京市将会在五年内新增约28公里长的高速路,而其主要是围绕撑北京行政副中心、新机场及重点功能区等进行建设。At the same time, Beijing will continue to build numerous subway lines including Line 17, the first phase of Line 19, Line 3, Line 12, Pinggu Line and the APM light rail to serve the CBD area.同时,北京市将新建多条地铁线路。其中包括17号线、19号线一期、平谷线3条轨道。此外,APM轻轨的建设也将会为CBD区域务。 /201603/429104

  In an old Polish joke, a Frenchman and a Russian are travelling in opposite directions on the Moscow to Paris express when their trains pull into Warsaw central station at the same time. Mistakenly believing they have reached their final destination, each steps out of the train and on to the platform.有一个波兰老笑话,一个法国人从巴黎乘火车到莫斯科去,一个俄罗斯人从莫斯科乘火车到巴黎去,当他们各自的列车同时驶入华沙中央火车站的时候,两人都误以为自己已经抵达目的地,都走出列车踏上了月台。 My God, Moscow is every bit as desolate as I expected! the Frenchman cries. 我的上帝啊,莫斯科跟我想的一样荒凉!法国人嚷道。Meanwhile, the Russian exclaims, Ah, Paris is beautiful.同时俄罗斯人大叫,啊,巴黎真美。How much has changed since the two gentlemen arrived in Warsaw?自从这两个人抵达华沙以来,发生了多大变化呢?The debate about the future of Europe in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU takes place in the shadow of rising Euroscepticism. 在英国民众投票决定退出欧盟(EU)之后,有关欧洲未来的辩论就笼罩在欧洲怀疑主义(Euroscepticism)高涨的阴影之下。But it could well turn out that it is not Euroscepticism (the belief that the EU is fundamentally evil) that is Europe’s central problem today, but Europessimism, the feeling that the project is doomed. 但事实可能明,当今欧洲的核心问题并非欧洲怀疑主义(认为欧盟从根本上是恶的),而是欧洲悲观主义(Europessimism),一种认为欧盟一体化注定失败的想法。It is not the anger of the Leavers but the worries of those who fear being left out that will decide the future of the EU.决定欧盟未来的,不是脱欧派的愤怒,而是那些担心被排除在外的人们的忧虑。Central Europe is the land of Europessimists. 中欧是欧洲悲观主义者的聚集地。Most people in the Visegrad group of EU member states (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) are still positive about the union but they worry about its survival. 在由捷克、匈牙利、波兰和斯洛伐克这4个欧盟成员国组成的维谢格拉德集团(Visegrad group),多数人依然对欧盟抱有希望,但他们担心欧盟的存亡问题。For many, it carries echoes of the disintegration of the Soviet empire.在很多人来看,苏联帝国解体的遗音正在回响。The day after the British referendum in June, Poles woke up to the realisation that an estimated 850,000 of their compatriots live and work in a country that wishes no longer to be part of the EU. 在6月英国举行公投后次日,波兰人认识到,据估计有85万波兰同胞在一个希望脱离欧盟的国家生活和工作。They also saw that Warsaw was in danger of losing a critical ally in its struggle to resist further political integration in the bloc and to balance the preponderant influence of Germany.他们也看到,在努力抵制欧盟进一步政治一体化、平衡德国作为欧盟主导者的影响力方面,华沙有可能失去一个关键的盟友。The difficulty here, however, is that while Poles are uneasy about the direction in which the EU is heading, many Europeans are concerned about recent political developments in Poland.然而,问题在于,在波兰人对欧盟的前进方向感到不安的同时,许多欧洲人也在担忧波兰近期政治动向。Once the poster child for success in a post-communist world, Poland is deeply divided. 波兰曾经是后共产主义世界中的成功典范,现在却深陷分裂。Less than a year after the Law and Justice party (PiS) won the general election, the country faces a constitutional crisis fomented by a conspiracy-minded rightwing government.在法律与正义党(PiS)赢得大选后不到一年,波兰就面临着一场宪法危机,挑起这场危机的正是具有阴谋论思想的右翼政府。The conservative revolution spearheaded by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the PiS leader, has polarised the country, scaring off foreign investors and minimising Poland’s influence within the EU.法律与正义党的领袖雅罗斯瓦夫#8226;卡钦斯基(Jaroslaw Kaczynski)发起的保守主义革命让这个国家走向了两极分化,吓走了外国投资者,让波兰在欧盟内的影响力大大减弱。The government has curbed the powers of the independent judiciary; announced a plan to put the majority of the banking sector back in Polish hands; made public television a propaganda vehicle for conservative Catholic values and has been ruthless in seeing off opponents.政府已经限制了独立司法机构的权力;宣布了一项让大部分业资产重回波兰人控制的计划;让公共电视台成为保守的天主教价值观的宣传工具,并且冷酷无情地打击对手。A report published in July by the liberal Stefan Batory Foundation asserts that the draft constitutional tribunal law before the Polish parliament would, if it is passed, constitute a serious violation of the principle of the rule of law and a threat to#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;fundamental#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;civil rights and freedoms.奉行自由主义立场的斯特凡#8226;巴托里基金会(Stefan Batory Foundation)7月发布的一份报告声称,波兰议会将表决的《宪法法院法草案》如果获得通过的话,将严重违反法治原则,构成对基本公民权利和自由的威胁。From the PiS point of view, it is logical to try to concentrate power in party hands because, if it does not control institutions like the courts, media or central bank they will be controlled by its enemies. 站在法律与正义党的角度,试图把权力集中在本党手中是合理的,因为如果其不控制法院、媒体或者央行等机构,它们就会被该党的敌人控制。The separation of powers enshrined in liberal democracies does not stop those in charge from abusing their office; instead, it enables them to evade responsibility and stymies popular demands for radical change.自由民主政体所推崇的三权分立不能阻止掌权者滥用职权,反而使他们能够逃避责任,阻挠民众对根本改革的诉求。One could be forgiven for assuming that such a government would be Eurosceptic, yet neither it nor the majority of Poles wants to leave the EU. 如果人们认为这样一个政府抱着欧洲怀疑主义,这情有可原,但无论是波兰政府还是波兰多数民众都不想脱离欧盟。The bloc therefore has a tough choice to make. 因此欧盟必须做出一个艰难的选择。The European Commission and some member states are tempted to insist that the Polish government has violated the values of the EU and to seek legal recourse. 欧盟委员会(European Commission)和一些成员国不免认为波兰政府违反了欧盟价值观,并有意诉诸法律手段。With Britain having voted in favour of Brexit, some in Brussels believe that the EU should demonstrate not only that it can hurt the Leavers but also that it has the power to sanction those who break the rules. 英国投票结果倒向退欧之后,布鲁塞尔的一些人士认为,欧盟应该对外展示,其不仅能够伤害到脱欧派,也有权力制裁那些违反规则的人。Such a policy would be a mistake.这样的政策是错的。Brussels and the individual member states should not shy away from criticising Poland, of course, but they should make clear that reinventing and reinvigorating the EU will not take place at the expense of central Europe. 当然,布鲁塞尔方面和各成员国不应回避批评波兰,但它们应该明确表示,重塑和复兴欧盟不会以牺牲中欧利益作为代价。Any reform of the EU that looks like it will split the bloc along the west-east axis will further the process of disintegration.任何看上去可能将欧盟分裂为东西两部分的欧盟改革方案只会进一步促进欧盟解体。European politics today presents a paradox: in their vision for the EU, central European governments appear to represent the frustration and resentment of the populists, yet it is their own pro-EU voters to whom they are answerable.当今欧洲政治领域存在一种矛盾:在他们关于欧盟的设想中,中欧国家政府似乎代表了民粹主义者的失望和怨恨情绪,然而他们需要对本国的亲欧盟选民负责。So Brussels should not be in a hurry to write central Europe off.因此,布鲁塞尔不应急着放弃中欧。 /201609/464692

  NEW DELHI: Amid talks about boycott of Chinese goods in India, China on Thursday warned India that such a boycott would not just affect Chinese investments in India but also bilateral cooperation between the two countries.印度人讨论抵制中国货之际,中国10月27日警告印度,此举不仅会影响中国对印投资,而且会影响两国的双边合作。In a statement, the Chinese embassy here said India’s boycott of Chinese goods will not have much impact on China as India accounted for only 2% of all Chinese exports in 2015 which were worth ,276.5 billion. 中国驻新德里大使馆发表一份声明,称印度人抵制中国货,并不会对中国造成多大影响,因为印度市场只占了中国2015年出口的2%,而去年中国出口总额为22765亿美元。“China is more concerned that the boycott will negatively affect Chinese enterprises to invest in India and the bilateral cooperation, which both Chinese and Indian people are not willing to see,” said the statement.“中国更担心的是,抵制中国货的举动不仅会对中国企业投资印度造成影响,而且会对双边合作产生负面影响,而这是两国人民不愿意看到的。”The Chinese statement was made in the context of media reports that local sellers in Sadar Bazaar, the largest wholesale market of household items in India, had complained about sale of Chinese goods dropping by 20%.这份声明是在有媒体报道称,印度家用品最大批发市场的商家抱怨中国货销量下降20%的背景下发表的。It took note of the fact that the boycott would not be limited to Diwali related products, but also extend to other Chinese products that are not related to the festival.值得注意的是,抵制运动不仅限于排灯节的节日用品,而且延伸到了其他中国商品。 /201610/474790


  Gilded shared bikes powered by wireless charging have hit the streets in Beijing as market competition increases.随着共享单车市场竞争日益激烈,最近一款镀金的、可进行无线充电得共享单车出现在了北京街头。A subsidiary of appliance maker Haier Electronics Group Ltd has cooperated with bike-sharing platform Coolqi to launch the golden colored two-wheelers.这款新型金色自行车是由海尔电气集团有限公司旗下的一个子公司和共享单车平台酷奇联合推出的。Haier#39;s wireless unit said the golden color was chosen because it looks jubilant.海尔无线业务部门表示,之所以采用金色这一颜色是因为看起来会比较炫。The visually striking bike has a cellphone mount, other USB ports and a Lighting connector that allows users to charge their cellphone wirelessly or through a cable.这种在视觉上给人极大的冲击感的自行车,自带手机架,配有USB接口和充电模块,可以给手机进行有线和无线充电。The first batch of such bikes will be put to use in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen (Guangdong Province), Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province) and Xi#39;an (Shaanxi Province), according to media reports.据媒体报道,第一批“土豪金”共享单车将会在北京、上海、广东省深圳市、浙江省杭州市以及陕西省西安市等城市投入使用。Major bike-sharing companies in Beijing have made their bikes distinctive in color, including the orange MoBike, yellow Ofo and Bluegogo. The latest addition gold ones have created an online sensation.北京的几家主要共享单车公司现如今已经在自己品牌的自行车上对颜色进行了区分。比如拜单车是橘黄色,Ofo是亮黄色,Blugogo是蓝色。最近刚刚推出的这款金色单车已经在网络上引起了轰动。 /201706/514557。




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