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When Alibaba raised billion in its blockbuster I.P.O. in September, U.S.-based e-commerce companies were curious to know when the Chinese giant planned to begin spending that money to compete against them.今年9月,当阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在声势浩大的首次公开募股中筹得250亿美元时,美国的电子商务公司都很想知道,这家中国电商巨头准备何时拿这笔钱与它们展开竞争。The answer is that no one really knows: Alibaba has been focused more on investing in the U.S. than in operating there. The China market, after all, is huge. Witness the -billion “Singles Day” shopping orgy the country celebrated on Tuesday.没有人真正知道。阿里巴巴目前更注重在美国投资,而不是在美国运营。毕竟,中国市场本身就十分巨大。在上周中国的“双十一”购物狂欢日当天,阿里巴巴的销售额高达93亿美元。Look more closely, though, and there are ways to discern Alibaba’s strategy. For instance, the only U.S. investment it discussed in its I.P.O. filing was the 39% stake it took in ShopRunner, an Amazon Prime-like service founded by the same team that started an Amazon competitor called GSI Commerce, now part of eBay . Alibaba invested about 0 million in ShopRunner last year. It also has invested in taxi-killer Lyft and game maker Kabam, but only ShopRunner earned the prospectus mention.不过仔细观察,我们还是能够找到一些探究阿里巴巴战略的方法。比如,阿里巴巴的招股说明书中唯一提到的美国投资,是收购了ShopRunner 公司39%的股权。该公司的务与亚马逊金牌会员务(AmazonPrime)非常类似,其创始人曾经创建过亚马逊的竞争对手GSI Commerce公司,后者如今已被易趣(eBay)收购。去年,阿里巴巴在ShopRunner上投资了约2亿美元。该公司还投资了私家车搭乘务应用Lyft和游戏制造商Kabam,不过招股说明书只提到了ShopRunner。To learn more about ShopRunner I recently visited its offices in San Mateo, Calif. and the company’s CEO, Scott Thompson. You might remember him as the one-time CEO of Yahoo who left after reports that his resume wasn’t altogether accurate. He left Yahoo in 2012 and before that had been a top PayPal executive at eBay.为了进一步了解ShopRunner,我最近参观了它在加利福尼亚州圣马特奥的办公室,并对该公司首席执行官斯科特o汤普森进行了采访。你也许记得他曾经担任过雅虎(Yahoo)首席执行官,后来因为履历有水分而被迫在2012年离职。加入雅虎之前,他曾担任易趣付平台贝宝公司(PayPal)总裁。ShopRunner, it turns out, has an interesting niche. Whereas Amazon Prime customers can get anything under the sun—and then some, including streaming s—delivered to them for a year, ShopRunner customers get a more select, slightly more curated collection of brands. They pay for free, two-day delivery. It’s a deal designed to attract consumers but also merchants, who see the value of not being glopped together with everyone else over at Amazon.事实明,ShopRunner拥有一个有趣的小众市场。亚马逊金牌务的顾客能够以每年99美元的价格,让买到的任何东西(后来还包括流媒体视频)送货上门。而ShopRunner顾客可选择的品牌经过了进一步筛选,也更系统一些。他们可以花79美元获得免费的两日内送货上门务。此举不仅是为了吸引顾客,还试图吸引那些不愿意和亚马逊其他商品捆绑在一起的商家。Thompson, the technology executive, is learning to talk like a merchant. “Retailers ask, ‘Who is my neighbor in the mall?’ There’s a lot of brand adjacency in retailing. Amazon has a lot of SKUs. So if you’re someone who is very thoughtful about your brand, you’re in the middle of a lot of stuff. Our attitude is, if it’s something you need, go with Amazon Prime. If it’s something you want and have an emotional connection to, that’s us.”科技高管汤普森正学着像一个店主那样说话。“零售商会问:‘我在购物中心里会与谁为邻?’在零售业中,大量品牌毗邻而居。亚马逊的库存量很大,所以如果你非常在意自己的品牌,你就会发现自己被太多东西包围了。我们的看法是:如果你要买必需品,那就去找亚马逊金牌务;如果你要真正喜欢的,对你有特殊感情的东西,那就来找我们。”Focusing on signing up name-brand retailers—a few include American Eagle Outfitters, Diesel, and Neiman Marcus—is ShopRunner’s bet on relevancy in a world dominated by Amazon.ShopRunner将重点放在签约的名牌零售商上,比如美鹰傲飞(American Eagle Outfitters)、Diesel和内曼o马库斯(Neiman Marcus)。在亚马逊统治的这个全球市场,ShopRunner把赌注压在了顾客与品牌的关联性上。The strategy worked to the extent that it attracted another important brand, American Express. The financial services company cut a deal with ShopRunner to offer the two-day free delivery service to all of its cardholders, minus corporate card users. “Free shipping and shipping in general is critical to driving engagement online,” says Leslie Berland, executive vice-president for digital partnerships at Amex, who inked the deal with ShopRunner. Neither she nor Thompson says who pays whom in the Amex-ShopRunner relationship. But Amex is providing a free benefit to its customers that then enables ShopRunner to collect a commission on sales it facilitates for its customers. Amex, by the way, also invested in ShopRunner.这个战略发展得很顺利,甚至吸引另一个重要品牌美国运通(American Express)参与其中。这家金融务公司与ShopRunner达成协议,对所有运通卡持有人(不含公司卡用户)提供免费的两日内快递。与ShopRunner签约的美国券交易所(Amex)数字合作部执行副总裁莱斯利o伯兰表示:“要提高在线购物的吸引力,免费快递和普通的运送务都至关重要。”莱斯利和汤普森都没有透露这次合作究竟是哪方出钱。但美国券交易所正在为它的客户提供一项免费福利,这项福利能够使ShopRunner从该公司促成的交易中获得一笔佣金。顺带提一句,美国券交易所也投资了ShopRunner。ShopRunner is privately held and doesn’t disclose revenues. Janney Capital Markets analyst Shawn Milne, who follows e-commerce companies, guesses the company’s sales could be approaching 0 million on as many as 2 million subscribers. “One of the reasons they are showing value is that they are delivering new valuable customers to the network,” he says. Milne predicts ShopRunner could grow to as many as 10 million customers, not a mass-market business but a profitable one. It also could be valuable to an e-commerce giant looking to compete with Amazon.ShopRunner是私人公司,并未公开收入。Janney Capital Markets公司电子商务行业分析师肖恩o米尔恩猜测,该公司的销售额可能接近2亿美元,并有多达200万付费用户。他表示:“他们正在展现价值的原因之一在于,他们正在将一些有价值的新客户带到网上。”米尔恩预计,ShopRunner可以发展到1,000万用户的规模,不算是一个大众市场,但利润可观。对于一家寻求与亚马逊一较高低的电商巨头来说,它也是很有价值的。That’s where Alibaba comes in. So far the Chinese giant barely operates in the U.S. But it is the largest shareholder in ShopRunner, which recently signed a deal with Alibaba affiliate Alipay to connect its U.S. merchant customers with Chinese consumers. It’s also worth noting that Alibaba isn’t a retailer. It runs online marketplaces. That could change. “Alibaba doesn’t have a Prime-ShopRunner analogue,” Thompson notes. “It doesn’t sell anything on its own.” Not yet anyway.这就是阿里巴巴的切入点。到目前为止,这家中国巨头几乎没有在美国运营任何业务,但它是ShopRunner的最大股东。最近,ShopRunner与阿里巴巴旗下的付宝(Alipay)签订了协议,将美国商业客户与中国顾客联系了起来。还值得一提的是,阿里巴巴不是零售商,而是在线商城运营商。但这一点是可以改变的。汤普森表示:“阿里巴巴没有类似亚马逊金牌计划或ShopRunner的务,它不卖自己的东西。”至少,现在不卖。 /201411/343192

Less than two months ago Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive, announced that the Alfa Romeo 4C was finally y for prime time in the U.S., following several delays.早在两个月前,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)首席执行官塞尔吉奥o马尔基翁就曾经宣布,经过多次推迟之后,阿尔法o罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)4C终于做好了最后的准备,迎接自己在美国即将到来的黄金时代。On Thursday, several copies of the sexy Italian two-seater were available for test laps at FCA’s proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich. Aside from routine nitpicking, automotive journalists registered respect, if not awe, at the 4C’s performance and especially its low-slung, curvy exterior.上周四,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司提供了这款迷人的意大利产双座汽车的几辆样车,供外界在密歇根州切尔西的汽车试验场进行试驾。除了例行公事的吹毛求疵之外,汽车业记者们纷纷被4C的性能,尤其是它流线型的低车身外观所折。Within a few months, 500 of Alfa’s “Launch Edition” of the 4C — featuring a few extra frills, such as carbon fiber accents in the interior — will go on sale for just under ,000 in North America. The company doesn’t expect to sell more than a thousand or so of the hand-built 4Cs. The regular edition will cost slightly less, starting at ,000; both are aimed at well-heeled customers who probably aly own a few vehicles.几个月后,500辆“首发版”将在北美地区销售,售价低于70,000美元。首发版中将包括许多额外的装饰,例如碳纤维内饰等。这家公司预计销售不超过1000辆手工打造的4C。普通版的价格较低,起售价为55,000美元;两版车型的目标客户都是已经拥有多辆汽车的富裕阶层。Fiat Chrysler has much bigger ambitions than this particular model. The 4C, to be sold at 85 Alfa Romeo dealerships, is the precursor of eight more Alfa models through 2018, all built in Italy and all containing a dose of Ferrari engineering and design expertise. Fiat Chrysler executives in Chelsea said the franchise could represent a billion investment. Fiat Chrysler and Marchionne still must raise much of the capital that is needed.除了4C外,菲亚特克莱斯勒还有更大的野心。它计划至2018年推出另外八款阿尔法车型,全部在意大利生产,全部具有法拉利的工程与设计特点。即将由85家阿尔法o罗密欧经销商销售的4C只是阿尔法扩充计划的第一步。在切尔西,菲亚特克莱斯勒的高管表示,特许经销权可能意味着50亿美元的投资。菲亚特克莱斯勒与马尔基翁仍然需要通过融资来获得所需要的大部分资金。Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis for AutoPacific, said “the 4C will turn more heads than anything from Lotus,” the British maker of exotic sports cars.太平洋汽车公司(AutoPacific)产品分析经理戴维o苏利文说:“4C将比莲花集团(Lotus)的任何车型都要更为引人注目。”莲花集团是生产异国情调跑车的英国制造商。“I am six foot, three inches, though, and I can’t drive it. My line of vision is above the sun visor. I also had a very difficult time trying to climb/roll out of it. This is not a car you’d want your wife trying to get out of in a skirt,” he said.他说:“虽然我的身高是六英尺三英寸,但我没法开这款车。我的视线在防晒板上方。此外,上下车也非常困难。大家肯定不希望自己的妻子穿着裙子从这辆车上下来。”Its limitations notwithstanding, Sullivan said he’s “excited to see it on the road.”但尽管有这些局限性,苏利文还是表示,自己对于“能看到它上路感到异常兴奋。”At 2,465 pounds and powered by a 1.7-liter engine rated at 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque, the car has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. It’s not blindingly fast, but it’s certainly quick enough to raise your pulse. Its light weight is achieved by a carbon fiber cockpit, extensive use of aluminum in the structure and plastic composite for the exterior.4C车身重2,465英镑,采用1.7升发动机,额定功率为237马力,扭矩为259英尺-磅,拥有超高的动力-重量比。虽然这款汽车还达不到令人目眩的速度,但也却足以让人心跳加快。阿尔法o罗密欧4C采用碳纤维座舱和铝制车身框架,而外部则使用了塑料复合材料,使车身达到极度轻量化。Marchionne’s management and strategy since taking over Chrysler following its 2009 bankruptcy, and uniting the company with Fiat, have been magical. Much work remains, though, to ensure Fiat Chrysler can remain a going venture; one of the most formidable tasks is the creation of a luxury franchise, which is Alfa’s mission.2009年克莱斯勒(Chrysler)破产之后,由马尔基翁接管。他的管理和策略,以及与菲亚特(Fiat)的合并,产生了神奇的效果。但要想保菲亚特克莱斯勒成为风投目标,还有许多工作要做;其中最艰巨的任务之一就是打造一个豪华品牌,而这正是阿尔法的使命。Keeping an eye on Alfa — on what kind of buzz it generates and on how eager investors are to risk capital on the rest of product line — are key to understanding Fiat Chrysler’s future.要想了解菲亚特克莱斯勒的未来,关键是关注阿尔法——看看它会产生什么样的话题,以及投资者在其他产品投入资金的热情。 /201407/309506

  A deserted airport customs lounge, luggage weighed by hand on an old fashioned scale and a cockpit with no digital assistance, are just some of the sites a photographer from Singapore has captured on camera after flying with the world’s only one-star airline。冷清的候机厅,行李称重在老式称上手工完成,没有数字辅助设备的座舱,正是一位新加坡摄影师在乘坐世界唯一的一星航空公司航班飞行时拍下的照片。Aram Pan gained unprecedented access to the Soviet-era planes still used in North Korea by the nation’s civil carrier, Air Koryo, plus cargo transporters and helicopters, after joining a tour for aviation enthusiasts inside the communist enclave。在参加完社会主义领地内的航空迷参观游后,亚兰·潘获得了前所未有的访问权限,得以参观朝鲜民航——高丽航空现役的苏联时代飞机,以及货机和直升机。From the photos, the airline, which was founded in 1950 as a joint North Korean-Soviet partnership to connect the capital Pyongyang with Moscow, appears to be stuck in a time warp。照片上,朝鲜与苏联在1950年联合成立、用以连接首都平壤和莫斯科的航空公司仿佛陷在了时间陷阱中。Photographer Aram Pan was greeted by smiling Air Koryo flight attendants dressed in smart navy blue outfits before he boarded an Ilyushin Il-18 plane, a large turboprop airliner. The Soviet aircraft was first flown in 1957.登上大型涡轮螺旋桨飞机伊尔18前,身着海军蓝制的高丽航空空乘微笑欢迎摄影师亚兰·潘。这架苏联飞机1957年首飞。 /201410/336240

  When a customer checks into a flight with ed Airlines UAL -0.30% , there is typically an array of potential add-on offers to navigate through: flight upgrades, access to the airline’s ed Club, and more.旅客搭乘美国联合航空公司(ed Airlines,简称“美联航”)的班机时,通常还会涉及一连串潜在的附加务,比如升舱、是否有权进入贵宾室等等。Under ed’s old “collect and analyze” approach to data, the airline would use information about customers’ choices about those items, in aggregated fashion to “see what the most successful products were, and market with those [insights] in mind,” said Scott Wilson, the company’s vice president of e-commerce and merchandising.美联航电子商务与经营副总裁斯科特o威尔森介绍说,按照公司过去采用的“收集与分析”数据法,美联航会把旅客选择这些务的信息汇总到一起,来看“什么才是最成功的产品,然后据此进行营销。”That approach has changed. As of the beginning of this year, “collect, detect, act” is ed’s new data-focused mantra, and it’s changing the way the airline serves its customers.现在,这种方法已经发生了变化。自从今年年初起,美联航已经把“收集、探测、行动”定为新的数据收集三步曲,同时还在革新务旅客的方式。“Now we look at who the customer is and his or her propensity to buy certain products,” Wilson explained. More than 150 variables about that customer—prior purchases and previous destinations among them—are now assessed in real time to determine an individual’s likely actions, rather than an aggregated group of customers.威尔森介绍说:“现在我们会研究旅客是谁,以及他是否有购买我们某种产品的倾向。”现在美联航为了实时评估一名旅客的可能动向,会加入150多个影响旅客消费的变量,以及旅客之前的旅行目的地进行计算,而不再只是把大量旅客数据汇总到一起。The result, delivered in about 200 milliseconds later, is a dynamically generated offer tailored to the individual. Its terms, on-screen layout, copy, and other elements will vary based on an individual’s collected data. For ed, the refined approach led to an increase in year-over-year ancillary revenue of more than 15 percent, he said.计算结果大概在200毫秒后就会得出,可以说它是根据一名旅客的实际情况量身打造并动态生成的务建议。另外,它的务条款、页面布局、拷贝和其它因素也会根据旅客的具体信息而有所不同。采用新的收据分析法后,联合航空的副业收入年增率超过了15%。‘Airlines evolved big data’“航空业催化大数据”Welcome to the big data era in the airline industry, which in many ways was one of its earliest participants.欢迎来到航空业的大数据时代。从很多方面来看,航空业都是大数据最早的参与者之一。“Airlines are awash in data, much of it unstructured,” said Bob Mann, an industry analyst with R.W. Mann amp; Co. But only recently have airlines been able to use big-data techniques “to solve, among other objectives, how to recognize and enhance customer value, and how to cultivate high-value customers,” he said.R.W. Mann amp; Co公司的行业分析师鲍伯o曼恩指出:“航空业是一个浸泡在数据中的行业,其中有大量数据是无组织的。直到最近,各大航空公司才能依靠大数据技术来“解决如何识别和提高旅客价值以及如何培养高价值的旅客等问题。”“Airlines have always been very good at collecting data, but they haven’t always been good at using it,” ed’s Wilson said. Now that the costs of storing and processing data have dropped—even as airlines collect more and more of it—it’s becoming easier for a company to act on it. At ed, roughly a terabyte of customer data is floating around at any given time within its systems. “We don’t keep it all,” Wilson said. “We have to be selective about what we grab.” For the data that is selected, a real-time decision engine does the crunching to turn it into something useful.美联航的威尔森指出:“航空业一直在收集数据上做得很好,但他们在利用数据上却并不是一直都很擅长。”现在尽管各大航空公司收集的数据越来越多,但存储和处理数据的成本却已经显著下降,因此也降低了航空公司运用数据的难度。联合航空公司的系统中无论任何时候都在处理着1兆兆字节左右的数据。威尔森说:“我们不会保存所有数据,我们必须有选择性地攫取有用的数据。”对于被选中的数据来说,会有一个实时决策引擎负责相关的处理工作,将它们变成有用的信息。It starts at the baggage carousel从行李传送带开始One area in which the effects of big data technology are visible is in the handling of customers’ luggage. “We have over a number of years invested millions of dollars in baggage tracking,” said Paul Skrbec, a spokesman with Delta Air Lines. “That was one of those core, behind-the-scenes services for our customers.”大家可以在处理旅客行李方面清楚地看到大数据技术的效用。达美航空(Delta Air Lines)发言人保罗o斯科贝克说:“我们花费了好几年的努力,在行李跟踪上投入了数百万美元的资金。它是我们为旅客提供的核心幕后务之一。”Millions of bags are checked each year with Delta DAL -0.33% —a total of 130 million are projected for 2014, Skrbec said—and “every customer has had the experience of boarding a plane after checking their bag and wondering if it was there.”达美航空每年都要处理成百上千万件行李。斯科贝克表示,2014年,达美航空预计总共将处理1.3亿件行李,而且,“每名旅客都有托运完行李上了飞机之后,担心行李是否会丢失的经历。”Through the use of hand-held baggage scanners used at passenger check-in, “we’ve had all this tracking data available,” Skrbec said. But “one of the things we realized about two years ago is that customers would benefit from having that information.”斯科贝克表示,通过在值机时使用手持式行李扫描仪,“我们可以获取所有的追踪数据。但是两年前我们意识到一个问题,那就是旅客也可以通过这些信息获得好处。”Which is why Delta was the first major airline to launch an application allowing customers to track their bags from their mobile devices, he said. Spanning the iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone mobile operating systems, the free app has been downloaded more than 11 million times.因此,达美航空率先推出了一款移动应用,让旅客可以在自己的移动设备上追踪自己的行李。这款应用在iOS、安卓、黑莓、WP平台上均可下载,目前总下载量已经超过1100万次。In search of new revenue streams寻找新的收入流It’s a similar story at Southwest Airlines LUV 1.54% , which is using big data to determine which new customer services to implement.美国西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)也在利用大数据技术来决定应该部署哪些新的旅务。“Southwest uses aggregated, anonymous customer data to promote products, services, and featured offers to customers on multiple channels, devices, and websites including Southwest.com,” said Dan Landson, a company spokesman. “By observing and looking into customer behaviors and actions online, we are better suited to offer our travelers the best rates and experiences possible. We also use this data to support the evolving relationships with our customers.”西南航空发言人丹o兰德森说:“西南航空利用汇总的匿名用户数据,通过多个渠道、多个设备以及包括公司官网Southwest.com在内的多个网站,向顾客推广产品、务以及各种个性化务。通过观察和研究旅客在互联网上的行为和活动,我们能更好地向旅客提供最优惠的机票和最好的旅行体验。同时我们也利用这些数据来进一步改善我们与旅客的关系。”For example, “we look at the city pairs that are being searched to help us determine what type of service we should have on a specific route,” Landson said.比如兰德森说:“通过研究旅客在网上搜索的直飞城市,可以帮助我们决定在某一特定航线上应该推出哪种务。”The payoff? “Our customer and loyalty segments grow year-over-year,” Landson said. “We believe that intelligent, data-based targeting has a lot to do with that growth.”这样做的成效如何呢?兰德森称:“我们的旅客人数和忠诚度都在逐年增加。我们认为,这种智能化的、基于数据的定位方法对公司的增长起了很大的促进作用。”‘ million per week’“每周100万美元”The benefits of a data-focused approach may be easy to understand, but execution is another matter entirely. For most airlines, the first problem lies in “bringing together all sorts of disparate silos of passenger information—booking information from transaction systems, web and mobile behavior (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), email data, customer service info, etc.—to create a single, consolidated view of the customer,” said Allyson Pelletier, vice president of marketing with Boxever, which offers a marketing platform focused on putting big data to work for the travel industry.以数据为中心的经营方式听起来似乎很好理解,但执行起来就全然是另一回事了。差旅业大数据营销平台Boxever公司的营销副总裁艾莉森o佩列蒂耶指出,对于大多数航空公司来说,第一个拦路虎就是“如何把各类孤立的乘客信息整合到一起——比如交易系统中的订票信息、网络和移动行为(包括搜索、访问、退订)、电子邮件数据、信息等等——以建立一个统一的顾客视角。”“Armed with this information, and the resulting insights, they can then take specific action that helps them convert more visitors on-site, secure more revenue, or increase loyalty across any channel,” Pelletier said.佩列蒂耶说:“有了这些信息和根据这些信息得出的见解,各大航空公司就可以采取相应的行动,帮助他们将更多消费者转化成自己的顾客,获得更多收益,提高一切渠道上的顾客忠诚度。”At Norwegian airline Wideroe, for example, a single customer view “enables agents in the call center to understand the full history of the customer—not just the customer service history, but also their recent visits to the website or promotional emails they’ve opened,” she explained. “After they solve the customer service issue at hand, they’re in a powerful position to then recommend the most appropriate ancillary service—driving add-on revenue—or offer a complimentary upgrade, thereby driving loyalty.”佩列蒂耶解释道,以挪威的威德罗航空公司(Wideroe)为例,一个统一的顾客视角“可以让呼叫中心的销售代表了解顾客的全部活动记录,而不仅仅是客户务历史。也就是说,销售代表还能了解顾客最近是否曾访问过公司官网,或者是否曾经打开过公司的营销邮件。因此,在解决完手头上的客户务问题后,他们处在一个非常有利的位置来推销最适合该顾客的附加务,这样一来就可以创造额外收入。或者他也可以根据手头上的信息向旅客提供免费升舱,这样一来也可以提高客户忠诚度。”Insights garnered from a single customer view can also drive personalized messaging into various communications channels, and email is a popular starting place, Pelletier noted.佩列蒂耶指出,航空公司通过统一顾客视角获得的见解也可以转化成务信息,通过各种通讯渠道传递给旅客,而电子邮件正是一个非常热门的出发点。“One of our largest clients in Europe uses Boxever to understand abandoned carts and then trigger personalized emails to the abandoners,” she said. “They reported back subsequent bookings of million per week from these communications.”佩列蒂耶说:“我们在欧洲有一个最大的客户,它利用Boxever平台来了解机票的退订情况,然后向退订者发送电子邮件。据这个客户反映,在发送了这些邮件之后,有很多退订的人随后又重新在他们那里订购了机票,由此每周都为它多创造了100万美元的收入。”Boxever also cites a 21 percent reduction in customer-acquisition costs on paid media “by understanding who the customer was, where they came from and whether or not they were aly a customer,” said Dave O’Flanagan, the company’s chief executive. “This way they could start to move those customers away from expensive acquisition channels to retention channels, like email, which is much cheaper.” There is also potential for a 17 percent uplift in conversion on ancillary cross-sells, such as adding hotel or car to a booking, he added.Boxever公司首席执行官戴夫o奥o弗拉纳根还称:“由于了解了顾客是谁,来自哪里,他们是否已经是自己的顾客”,有些航空公司花在付费媒体上的获取顾客成本降低了21%。“通过这种方式,航空公司可以把这些顾客从昂贵的顾客获取渠道转移到成本低得多的电子邮件等顾客保留渠道上。”另外弗拉纳根还表示,各大航空公司通过附带的交叉销售(比如酒店、租车等),这方面的收益还有提高17%的潜力。‘Few companies are really leveraging big data’“只有极少的公司真正利用了大数据”Exciting though those benefits may be, there’s an even bigger pool of potential payoffs remaining untouched. “Surprisingly few [airline] companies are really leveraging big data today,” O’Flanagan said.不过弗拉纳根还指出,虽然大数据的这些好处令人兴奋,但是大数据的更多潜能仍然没有得到挖掘。“令人惊讶的是,目前只有极少的航空公司真正利用了大数据。”Indeed, “I’ve not seen a single major airline with an integrated ‘big data’ business solution, nor an airline with a plan to integrate such a program,” said Richard Eastman, founder and president of The Eastman Group, which builds travel software.差旅软件公司Eastman集团创始人兼董事长理查德o伊斯曼也认同这个观点。他说:“我还没见过任何一家主流航空公司出台了完整成的‘大数据’业务解决方案,也没有任何一家航空公司有整合这样一个方案的计划。”That depends on how one defines big data, however. “The airlines will tell you they ‘have it all’ without really knowing or understanding what ‘big data’ really is,” Eastman said. “Airline managements remain so focused on selling seats with their existing inventory systems that they have ignored buyer information needs as well as the tools that would enable them to reach out to buyers and travelers to serve those needs—let alone, reach buyers at decision-making moments.”不过这还得取决于一家公司怎样定义“大数据”。伊斯曼说:“不少航空公司可能会告诉你,他们‘该有的都有了’,但事实上他们并不了解‘大数据’究竟是什么。各大航空公司的管理层仍然非常重视通过现有的库存管理系统销售机票,因此可能忽视了消费者的需求信息,以及那些能够帮助他们满足消费者与旅客需求的工具,更不用说在决策层面去接近消费者了。”Marketing, flight operations and crew operations are all areas of rich opportunity, O’Flanagan said.弗拉纳根表示,营销、航班操作与机组人员操作等领域也蕴含着大数据的大量机会。“I think there’s still a huge unmet need in the marketing and customer experience area,” he said. “Companies like Google are trying to be the ultimate assistant with technologies like Google Now. I think there’s a huge opportunity for airlines to create a helpful travel assistant that knows what I need before I do by combining data with mobile—helping people through airports, in-destination, right throughout the whole travel journey.他说:“我认为,在营销和旅客体验等领域,仍然有大量的需求没有得到满足。像谷歌(Google)等公司正在通过Google Now等工具,试图成为航空业的终极助手。我认为如果航空公司构建一个有用的差旅助手,通过将数据与移动整合到一起,能够提前知道我的需求的话,这对航空公司来说将是一个巨大的机会。另外,它也能在从出发地到目的地的整段旅程为人们提供帮助。”“Imagine a travel application that knows where I am, that I’m traveling with my family and that the weather is bad on our beach holiday. It could start to offer alternative itineraries close by that are family-friendly and not weather-dependent. These are truly valuable things an airline could do for me if they could use big data effectively and join the dots between me, my travel experience and environmental factors affecting that.”“想象一下,如果有这样一款旅行应用,能够知道我在哪,知道我要和家人一起旅游,知道我们要去的海滨城市正好天气很糟糕,而且它可以为我们提供一个替代行程,既适合全家人旅游,又不那么依赖于天气。一家航空公司如果能够有效利用大数据,考虑到我的旅行体验和环境因素,替我把所有的点连在一起,那么它对我来说的确会非常有价值。” /201406/307773。

  On a recent, rather stormy Tuesday afternoon, former U.S. vice president Al Gore and an assortment of Silicon Valley executives assembled in an unlikely spot—Osceola, Arkansas—to break ground on a promising new venture.最近一个暴雨如注的周二下午,美国前副总统艾尔o戈尔和一众硅谷高管聚集在一个他们似乎不大可能出现的地方——阿肯色州奥西奥拉市,参加一家很有前途的新企业的动工仪式。Backed by million in financing, California-based startup BlueOak Resources is building a brand-new facility in this city of 8,000 or so, but it’s not to manufacture a new high-tech gadget. Quite the opposite, in fact: BlueOak’s new operation will be what it calls the nation’s first “urban mining” refinery dedicated to recovering valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper and palladium from the growing mountains of e-waste currently threatening to overwhelm the planet.在高达3,500万美元融资的持下,总部位于加州的蓝橡树资源回收公司(BlueOak Resources)准备在这座拥有大约8,000人口的小城建设一家新工厂,但它要生产的并不是某种高科技新玩意。恰恰相反:在电子垃圾堆积如山,似乎要淹没全球的大背景下,蓝橡树的新设施将成为全美第一家致力于回收金、银、铜和钯等贵重金属的“城市采矿(urban mining)”冶炼厂。“Every day, U.S. consumers dispose of enough cell phones to cover 50 football fields,” said Privahini Bradoo, BlueOak’s chief executive.蓝橡树公司CEO普里瓦伊尼o布拉多说:“美国消费者每天扔掉的手机足以覆盖50个橄榄球场。”Although between 7% and 10% of the world’s gold and 30% of the silver produced goes into electronics, only 15% of the 50 million tons of e-waste created globally each year undergoes any recycling, Bradoo said. Instead, the vast majority of devices are dumped in landfills or exported to countries where e-waste is hand-picked over open fires.布拉多表示,尽管全世界生产的7%到10%的黄金和30%的银都变成了电子产品部件,但在全球每年产生的5,000万吨电子垃圾中,仅有15%经过某种形式的回收处理。绝大多数设备都被弃置于垃圾填埋场,或者被出口到海外,最终用明火焚烧。The city of Guiyu, China—widely considered the world’s e-waste capital—receives some 4,000 tons of the stuff per hour. It also has the highest-ever recorded level of dioxins, and 90% of its residents have neurological damage, Bradoo said. “Not only is it a humanitarian disaster, but when we looked at the value contained in e-scrap, it was shocking,” she added.外界普遍认为,位于中国广东省汕头市的贵屿镇是全球电子垃圾之都。贵屿镇每小时大约收到4,000吨垃圾。这座小镇的二恶英类有机污染物目前已达到有记载以来的最高水平,布拉多说,当地九成居民的神经系统都受到了损伤。她补充说:“这当然是一场人道主义灾难,但这些电子废料包含的价值同样令人震惊。”With support from the Arkansas Teachers’ Retirement Fund, a consortium of European and domestic investors, and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, BlueOak’s new refinery will process 15 million pounds of electronic scrap per year initially, rapidly expanding from there. Production will begin by the end of 2015, bringing 50 technical jobs to the area. Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers is one of BlueOak’s major investors.蓝橡树公司准备建设的新冶炼厂获得了来自阿肯色州教师退休基金(Arkansas Teachers’ Retirement Fund),一个由欧洲和美国国内投资者组成的财团,以及阿肯色开发金融(Arkansas Development Finance Authority)的持。这座工厂计划在起初阶段每年处理1,500万磅电子废料,随后将迅速扩大。这家冶炼厂将于2015年末正式投产,预计将为当地带来50个技术工作岗位。凯鹏华盈风投公司(Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers)是蓝橡树的主要投资者之一。‘For every ounce, 30 tons of waste’“开采一盎司黄金会生产30吨垃圾”“Developing a 21st-century, high-quality recovery process for the valuable materials in electronic waste is very important,” said Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Urban Program.“开发一种面向21世纪,针对电子垃圾蕴含的贵重材料的高品质回收流程,具有非常重要的意义,”供职于美国自然资源保护委员会(Natural Resources Defense Council)都市的资深科学家艾伦o赫什科维茨说。E-waste is the fastest-growing component of the municipal solid waste stream, and given all the precious metals, valuable plastics and recyclable glass electronics contain, “the fact that these are being routinely discarded makes no sense,” Hershkowitz said.电子垃圾是城市固体废弃物中增长最快的组成部分,鉴于电子产品包含了大量贵金属、贵重塑料和可回收玻璃,赫什科维茨说,“它们遭到习惯性地丢弃这个事实简直不合情理。”Indeed, roughly 10 ounces of gold can be extracted from every ton of printed circuit boards, Bradoo said; you’d need to process 100 tons of gold ore or more to get the same amount.布拉多说,事实上,从每吨印刷电路板中可提取大约10盎司黄金。而要获得相同数量的黄金,人们至少需要处理100吨金矿石。More to the point, “for every ounce of gold that has to be mined in the field, we produce 30 tons of waste” including mercury and cyanide, Hershkowitz said. “Compare that with recovering an ounce of gold from electronic waste—you’d eliminate that gigantic ecological burden.”更重要的是,“在矿山开采一盎司黄金会生产30吨废物,”其中包括汞和氰化物,赫什科维茨说。“相比之下,从电子垃圾中回收黄金,可以消除如此巨大的生态负担。”There are, of course, U.S. companies aly out there that specialize in refurbishing and recycling used electronics—Sims Recycling and ECS Refining are two larger examples. Typically, though, such companies dismantle unrefurbishable devices either manually or with automated shredders to recover their aluminum, steel and plastic but ship the circuit boards to smelters overseas, Bradoo said.当然,已经有美国公司在专门从事翻修和回收二手电子产品业务,Sims Recycling和ECS Refining是其中两个规模较大的例子。布拉多说,这类公司通常采用手动方式或自动粉碎机来拆除不可翻新的设备,以便回收它们的铝、钢和塑料,但电路板则被运送至海外的冶炼厂。It’s those circuit boards where most of the high-value metals reside, she added. In order to reclaim them in a sustainable way, BlueOak’s facility will take the boards, pulverize them further and put them through a high-temperature plasma-arc furnace.她补充说,大多数贵重金属恰恰蕴含在这些电路板之中。为了以可持续的方式回收贵重金属,蓝橡树公司的新工厂将接收这些电路板,进一步粉碎加工,然后把它们放入等离子电弧炉进行熔化。‘Value recovery from every part of that chain’“从价值链的每个部分中回收价值”Europe has long been ahead of the ed States in its e-waste solutions, thanks not just to government mandates and an emphasis on recycling but also to infrastructure aly in place there.长久以来,欧洲的电子垃圾解决方案一直领先于美国,不仅仅是因为政府颁布了相关指令,企业重视回收问题,还应该归功于已经到位的基础设施。“They had domestic secondary smelters that had the capital and the capability to redirect some of their capacity toward e-waste,” Bradoo said.布拉多说:“欧洲一些国家的二级冶炼厂拥有充足的资本和技术能力,它们能够重新利用一些产能来处理电子垃圾。”Even there, though, “there are no facilities we’re aware of that are dedicated to recovering precious metals from electronic scrap,” she said.不过,即使在欧洲,“目前也没有专门从电子废料中回收贵金属的工厂,”她说。Yet while BlueOak’s urban mining refinery may be “exactly the kind of facility that we need from an ecological perspective,” some key economic realities will have to be overcome, NRDC’s Hershkowitz said.然而,尽管蓝橡树公司的城市采矿厂“从生态的角度看,或许是我们需要的那种设施,”但这家工厂还需要克一些关键的经济现实,美国自然资源保护委员会的赫什科维茨说。“The challenge here is going to be getting the electronic waste to the facility, because right now only a fraction of electronic waste is effectively recovered for recycling,” he added. “From an economic perspective, we need government requirements, as they have in Europe, that obligate the consumer products companies to participate in funding the infrastructure to recover these materials for recycling or refurbishment.”“亟需应对的挑战是,如何把电子垃圾送往这家工厂,因为目前只有一小部分电子垃圾被有效地回收再利用,”他补充说。“从经济角度来看,我们需要政府效仿欧洲的做法,强制要求电子消费类公司出资建造用来回收利用或翻新这些材料的基础设施。”Initially, BlueOak will rely on suppliers that are aly collecting and dismantling e-waste, but “our hope is that by creating more value in that value chain, that will promote the front-end recycling,” Bradoo said.在起初阶段,蓝橡树公司将依靠已经开始收集和拆解电子垃圾的供应商,但布拉多说,“我们希望在这个价值链中创造更多价值,以推动前端的回收利用。”The automotive industry is an inspiring model, she noted, with a recycling rate of about 95%. “That’s because you have value recovery from every part of that value chain,” she said. “An entire industry has focused on ensuring that there’s recycling.”她指出,作为一个鼓舞人心的典范,汽车行业的再循环比率目前已达到95%左右。“这是因为价值链的每个部分都有回收价值,”她说。“整个行业都在专心致志地确保资源能够回收利用。”Alternatively, much the way deposit-refund systems have been used successfully to encourage container recycling, it’s possible a similar scheme could be applied to electronics, she said.作为另一种选择,就像押金退款制度已经被成功地用于鼓励容器回收一样,她说,电子产品或许也可以应用类似方案。Either way, “we want the entire value chain to grow and to create an ecosystem that supports the overall recycling and recovery of as much value as possible from electronics so we don’t think of it as a waste stream,” Bradoo explained.无论采取哪种方式,布拉多解释说,“我们都希望整个价值链迅速增长,希望创建一个生态系统,以持从电子产品中回收利用尽可能多的价值。这样一来,我们就不再把它看成一个废物流。”‘We need to see real leadership’“我们需要看到真正的领导力”Approaches like BlueOak’s urban mining refinery “have the potential to be an important part of the solution, to recycle the materials embedded in these devices, reducing the demand for virgin materials and the energy needed to produce them,” said Gary Cook, a senior IT analyst with Greenpeace.像蓝橡树公司城市采矿厂这类方式“有望成为电子垃圾解决方案的重要组成部分,它们能够回收嵌入电子设备的材料,从而减少对原生材料和生产这些材料所需能源的需求,”绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)资深IT分析师加里o库克说。Greenpeace also wants to see more robust efforts from the electronics sector, Cook said, such as stronger take-back programs and a commitment to using recycled materials in electronics products.库克表示,绿色和平组织还希望看到电子行业采取更有力的措施,比如更完善的回收计划,承诺使用再生材料生产电子产品。But it starts at the top. “What we also need to see is real leadership from electronics manufacturers in creating products that are designed to have a longer life,” Cook said, citing the example of modular mobile phones such as Phonebloks and Project Ara, “and not designed for the dump in two to three years.”但这些努力必须由最高层率先推动。库克说,“我们还需要看到电子产品制造商展现出真正的领导力,需要它们设计、制造拥有更长生命周期的产品。” 他还援引了模块化手机制造商 Phonebloks和 Project Ara的例子。“它们不能继续设计一些使用两三年就不得不废弃的产品。” /201407/308982

  Ever had the feeling that your partner has the power to your mind? Well you may not be imagining it。Scientists have found that some couples are so in tune that their brains begin to work in sync。 你有没有过这样的想法,觉得你的伴侣能够看穿你的心思?其实,的确是这样的,你没有在瞎想。科学家发现,有的夫妻非常有默契,连脑子里在想什么都很一致。  In research that points to the existence of a 'sixth sense', the team found identical patterns of brain activity in volunteers who had become so close they were 'physiologically aligned'。That means they had reached a state in which their nervous systems were ticking over in harmony, helping them to know each other's thoughts and emotions。The extraordinary findings emerged from an analysis of brain activity in patients and counsellors in therapy sessions。在一项针对“第六感”是否存在的研究中,研究团队发现那些关系十分亲密、连生理反应都一致的志愿者,他们的大脑活动模式完全相同。这意味着他们的神经系统能够和谐运作,这种状态有助于他们了解彼此的想法和感情。这些意外的发现是在对治疗过程中病人和咨询医生的大脑活动进行分析后得出的。 /201009/114792

  For the first time, astronomers have discovered a world nearly the size of Earth orbiting a far star where water might exist as a life-giving liquid, the scientists announced Thursday. 科学家周四宣布,在围绕一颗遥远恒星运行的轨道上,天文学家首次发现了一颗大小与地球相近、并且可能存在水这种生命液体的行星。Using the Kepler space telescope, Elisa Quintana of The SETI Institute at NASA#39;s Ames Research Center in California and her colleagues detected the planet around a relatively cool red dwarf star in the constellation Cygnus, located about 459 light years from Earth. 通过使用开普勒(Kepler)太空望远镜,美国国家航空及太空总署(NASA)艾姆斯研究中心(Ames Research Center)地外文明搜寻研究所(The SETI Institute)的昆塔纳(Elisa Quintana)和同事发现了这颗行星。这颗行星环绕天鹅座(Cygnus)中一颗温度相对较低的红矮星运行,距离地球大约459光年。Known officially as Kepler-186f, the planet is the outermost of five Earth-sized worlds orbiting in that star#39;s solar system, the scientists said at a news conference held Thursday by the space agency. They also reported their findings in the journal Science. 科学家周四在NASA举办的新闻发布会上说,这颗行星的正式名称为开普勒-186f (Kepler-186f),其所处的太阳系有五颗地球大小的行星,它是最外面的一颗。《科学》(Science)杂志刊登了这些科学家的发现。In the search for worlds where life might take hold, scientists so far have detected 20 potentially habitable planets around other stars. But this one is the first so close in size to Earth that is located within its star#39;s so-called habitable zone, where it receives the right amount of solar radiation so that water there wouldn#39;t boil or freeze, the researchers said. 到目前为止,在搜寻可能存在生命的星球过程中,科学家已经发现了20个有育生命潜力的行星围绕其他恒星运转。但这次还是科学家们首次发现尺寸与地球如此接近,并位于所谓恒星“宜居带”的行星。研究人员们说,恒星“宜居带”是指行星所处位置能接收到不多不少的恒星辐射量,从而使行星上的水维持在液态。#39;This is the first validated Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star,#39; said Dr. Quintana. #39;We can now say other potentially habitable worlds the size of Earth can exist.#39; 昆塔纳士说,这是首次在另一个恒星“宜居带”确认发现地球大小的行星。她说,现在可以这样说,还有与地球大小类似、可能育生命的星球存在。Other experts, though, cautioned that the planet orbits at the outer edge of that habitable zone, where it likely receives about the same amount of light as Mars in our own solar system. Kepler-186f could easily be so cold that any water there is frozen, unless it has a greenhouse-like atmosphere that can trap heat, they said. 不过,其他专家提醒说,这颗行星的运行轨道位于“宜居带”的外缘,那里接收到的光线可能与太阳系里的火星接收到的光线一样多。他们说,开普勒-186f很可能非常寒冷,水是冰冻状态的,除非那里有一个类似温室的环境,能够使热量滞留。#39;It is Earth-sized, but not Earthlike,#39; said Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who wasn#39;t involved in the research effort. #39;The main point of this discovery is the size of the planet. So far, all potentially habitable planets were big ones.#39; 波多黎各大学(University of Puerto Rico)星球宜居性实验室主任门德斯(Abel Mendez)说,这颗行星的大小与地球类似,但环境与地球不同。门德斯没有参与这项研究。门德斯说,这项发现的主要一点是行星的大小,目前为止,全部可能宜居的行星体积都较大。Given its small size, the researchers believe that Kepler-186f is most likely a rocky planet, but they don#39;t have enough information to calculate its actual composition or mass. The researchers cannot see the planet directly, but detected it by measuring the periodic dip in light as it passes in front of its star. 鉴于开普勒-186f的体积较小,研究人员认为它最有可能是一颗岩态行星,但他们没有足够多的信息来计算出其实际成分或质量。研究人员无法直接看到这颗行星,而是通过测量它在其恒星前面经过时光线的周期性减弱而探测到它的。Once the stuff of science fiction, such habitable planets may be common in the cosmos--as many as 40 billion Earthlike planets in the Milky Way, researchers estimate. 这类宜居行星过去都只是在科幻小说中才会出现。它们在宇宙中可能有很多,据研究人员估计,在系有多达400亿颗环境与地球类似的行星。 /201404/289533Your friends and contacts change jobs, phone numbers, email addresses, and residences all the time. But keeping your digital address book or contact list current with all these changes is tedious at best and often impossible. So, the contacts on most smartphones and computers are usually out of date and incomplete.你的朋友和联系人总在更换工作、电话号码、邮箱地址和住址。要使你的电子通讯录或联系人列表跟上所有这些变动是项繁复乏味的工作,而且通常是无法实现的。因此,大多数人的智能手机和电脑上的联系人信息都是过时且不完整的。Now, a tiny Silicon Valley startup called Addappt is trying to end all that by making your address book self-updating. The company is offering a free service and contacts app of the same name for the iPhone that matches people in each others#39; address books, and then automatically updates their information when changes occur.现在,硅谷一家名为Addappt的小公司正在尝试让你的通讯录能够自动更新,从而结束上述烦恼。这家公司提供一项免费务以及与公司同名的iPhone通讯录应用程序,该应用可以将其注册用户与你通讯录上的人进行匹配,关联上之后,一旦他们的信息变动,你的通讯录就会自动更新。For instance, in my tests of Addappt, one of my colleagues who was helping me try it out updated her home address on her own phone, and the new address appeared within minutes on her contact card in my phone#39;s address book. In turn, I added an additional phone number to my address record on my phone, and it showed up in her information for me almost immediately. No manual changes were needed on either end.比如,在我测试Addappt时,一个帮我进行测试的同事在她自己的手机上更新了她的家庭住址,短短几分钟内,我手机通讯录里她的名片页就显示出了该新住址。反过来,我在我的手机上往自己的联系信息中加了一个额外的电话号码,而这几乎立即就出现在了她的手机上。两端都不需要进行任何手动操作。Addappt users control their own information. Only the person who is the subject of a contact card can make changes that will be synchronized through Addappt. It isn#39;t a social network, and it has no ties to Facebook or Twitter. Addappt says it stores only your own record, not your whole address book, on its servers. The idea is to focus on the address book, and make it better, not clutter it up.用户自己的信息由用户负责管理。每张名片只能被它的所有人更改,而这些更改将通过Addappt被同步。它不是一个社交网络,而且与Facebook或Twitter没有关联。Addappt公司说,他们在务器上只保存你本人的记录,而不是你的整个通讯录。这个构想是专注于通讯录,使它变得更完善,而不是把它搞复杂。After testing Addappt, I can say it does what it promises. I tried it successfully with several people. I was able to use Addappt itself as my address book, or to stick with my phone#39;s familiar contacts app, because Addappt instantly shares any changes with the built-in iPhone app, and vice versa. In fact, if you use Apple#39;s iCloud to synchronize your own address books, changes made automatically by Addappt can be propagated to all iCloud-connected devices, including iPads and Macs.在测试Addappt之后,我可以说它做到了它所承诺的。我与好几个人进行的测试都成功了。我可以将Addappt本身作为我的通讯录,或者继续使用我手机上我所熟悉的通讯录应用,因为Addappt会立即把所有信息变更同步到iPhone的内置通讯录应用上,反之亦然。事实上,如果你使用苹果iCloud来同步你的通讯录,由Addappt自动做出的任何改动都可以传到你所有与iCloud相连的设备上,包括iPad和Mac电脑。However, this is a new product from a company with few resources, so it is just starting out. That means it has some limitations and flaws that keep it, at least for now, from being a universal, living address book.不过,Addappt是由一家没多少资源的公司开发的新产品,所以它仅仅处于起步阶段。这意味着它存在一定的局限性和一些瑕疵,这使得它至少在目前很难成为一款普遍适用的、实时的通讯录。One limitation is that because Addappt is an iPhone-only app, you can#39;t get self-updating information for those people in your address book who don#39;t use iPhones. The company says it hopes to add an Android version by the middle of 2013, and has longer-range plans for other platforms.局限之一:因为Addappt是一款仅持iPhone的应用,你无法自动获得你通讯录中那些不使用iPhone的人对通讯信息进行的更新。该公司说它希望在2013年年中开发出安卓版本,并且有开发兼容其他平台的版本的长期计划。Another is that, to gain the benefits of Addappt, you have to convince even your iPhone-using contacts to download and use it. But the company makes this somewhat difficult. Every new user must apply for an invitation code to activate the app. The company says this process is needed to authenticate people, and to guard against a surge of new users, which might swamp its servers.另一局限是,要想充分享受Addappt带来的便利,对于你那些使用iPhone的联系人,你也得说他们下载并使用这款应用。但是这家公司把这一过程弄得有些麻烦──每一位新用户必须先申请到一个邀请码以激活这款应用。该公司称这一过程对于用户的身份验来说是必需的,另外也可防止大量用户的涌入导致务器瘫痪。And the app has some flaws. It can#39;t make a match between two Addappt users, even if they#39;re in each others#39; iPhone contact lists, unless their current contact cards have the email address each used to join Addappt (it must be the top email on the contact card) or your name and the top phone number listed. Also, I found the Alphabetical index down the side of the Addappt app, meant to save you from scrolling through long lists, worked poorly.而且这款应用程序有一些瑕疵。它对两个Addappt用户进行匹配必须满足以下条件:他们现在的联系人卡片中有他们各自用于注册Addappt账号的邮件地址(而且该地址必须是其联系人卡片中的首选邮件地址)或者你的名字以及首选电话号码在列,除此之外,即使这两个Addappt用户都在对方的iPhone联系人列表中也不能自动匹配。并且,我发现这款应用的字母索引在底部,这项功能的初衷是让你不必滚动长长的列表进行查找,但其实它很不好用。In addition, the Addappt app lacks a Favorites or Recents list. Finally, while the company swears it will never share or sell or rent any contact information, it has yet to post a formal privacy policy.另外,Addappt没有常用联系人和最近联系人列表。最后一点,虽然这家公司发誓说它永远不会分享、出售或者租赁任何联系人信息,但它尚未公布正式的隐私保护政策。In many other respects, however, the app is nicely designed and easy to use. Once it is up and running, it scans your address book to see if it can match any of your contacts to other Addappt users. If it can, it automatically connects you with them. As people in your address book join and use Addappt, they also get connected.无论如何,在其他许多方面,这款应用程序都设计得很棒,并且使用方便。一旦它被设置好并且开始工作,它便会扫描你的通讯录以查看它是否能将你通讯录中的联系人与其他Addappt用户配对。如果可以,它便会自动将你和他们关联上。当你的手机联系人中有人注册并开始使用Addappt,它同样能将他们与你关联。Addappt users who aren#39;t in each others#39; address books can ask for permission to connect. The app includes a list of connected users, and pending connections, as well as your entire address book. In the main list, connected users are designated by small icons showing two links of a chain.对于没有在通讯录上记录彼此联系方式的Addappt用户,可以通过发送请求来建立联系。这款应用程序包含一个已建立联系的联系人列表,一个等待认的联系人列表以及你的完整通讯录。在主列表中,已建立联系的用户被形状为带两个链环的一根链条的小图标标示出来。Addappt#39;s address book itself is attractive and easy to use. As you scroll through it, the contact at the top of the screen expands to show more information -- such as the city and state -- and even the local time (so you don#39;t wake people up in the middle of the night). Icons appear that allow you immediately to make a voice call, or to send an email or text, without opening the contact entry.Addappt的通讯录本身很有吸引力并且易用。当你滚动它时,位于屏幕顶端的联系人条目会展开,以显示更多信息──诸如其所在的州和城市──甚至当地时间(因而你不会在对方的深夜时间将其吵醒)。展开的条目上还会出现一些图标,让你可以立即拨打语音电话,或者发送邮件或消息,而不需打开该联系人条目。What information for a person in your contact book will change once you are connected to him or her on Addappt? It depends. For some things, like name or photo or job title, the other person#39;s choices will obliterate yours.一旦你在Addappt上与某人建立联系,你通讯录中与该联系人对应的哪些信息会被更改?这得看情况。对于有些东西,诸如名字、照片和职位,对方提供的信息将会冲掉你原本的记录。For others, like phone numbers, which can have multiple entries, information you#39;ve entered for the person will be preserved, and the contact#39;s own new information will be added.对于其他可以同时保存多条记录的信息,诸如电话号码,你已经为联系人录入的信息将被保留,而该联系人自己的新信息将会被添加进来。Contacts#39; pictures in Addappt are supplied by the person whose contact it is, and are displayed in a large size on the contact card.Addappt中联系人的照片由联系人本人提供,并且在联系人卡片上以大尺寸显示。The product has no advertising. The company hopes to make money eventually by selling premium versions with additional features.这款产品没有插入广告。该公司希望最终能通过销售带附加功能的高级版本挣钱。Addappt is a promising product that could solve a real problem. But it can#39;t reach its full potential until it runs on all platforms.Addappt是一款很有前途的产品,它可能能帮人们解决一个很实际的问题。但在能兼容所有平台前,它还无法充分发挥其潜力。 /201304/233524

  In 2009, Food52 had a level of sweet, indie appeal. The cooking site, which was founded by former New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, featured well-shot food photos, friendly how-to s, and fervent community debates on which fat to use in a pie crust or the best way to melt caramel. The recipes were curated and vetted. The members were more sophisticated than your average Rachael Ray fan.在2009年的时候,美食网站Food52还有一些独立小众网站的格调。这个美食网站是由《纽约时报》(TheNew York Times)前美食作家阿曼达o海瑟和梅利尔o斯塔布斯创办的。除了很多拍得非常漂亮的美食图片、很容易上手的教学视频之外,网友们围绕各种美食话题的争论也异常热烈,比如做馅饼的时候应该用哪种油,或者应该怎样熔化焦糖等等。网站上提供的食谱都经过了精心的编辑和审核。普通会员的烹饪水平要比《瑞秋美食秀》(Rachael Ray)的观众强多了。For all of this, the site was soon rewarded with a monthly audience of more than a million people, as measured by unique users. Yet compared to a site like AllRecipies.com—monthly audience: 30 million—Food52 was small potatoes. (Heirloom fingerling potatoes, no doubt, but small all the same.)因此,这个网站很快拥有了每月100万次访问量的粉丝群。但跟AllRecipies.com这种拥有3000万次月访问量的网站相比,Food52只不过是一盘小菜。In 2013, Hesser and Stubbs decided to change that. The pair raised million in a Series A funding round from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and others to become a digital foodie force. Content plus commerce plus community was the business model du jour, and Hesser and Stubbs saw an opportunity to go deeper with their small but engaged community.2013年,海瑟和斯塔布斯决心改变这种局面。在A轮融资中,她们从贝塔斯曼数字媒体投资公司(Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments)等风投机构那里融资200万美元。“内容+电商+社区”成了Food52的特色业务模式,而且海瑟和斯塔布斯也认为,这家小而有特色的美食社区完全有机会走得更深、更远。The company grew to 28 employees and moved into a new kitchen-office hybrid space, laden with plated dishes from test recipes and shoots. (On a recent visit, its staff snacked on a whole roasted fish and fizzy cocktails, while I coughed on the fumes from some pungent roasted chili peppers.)如今这家公司已经拥有28名员工,并且搬到了一个半是厨房、半是办公室的办公场所。这里到处都是一盘盘用来测试味道和拍照的美食。(在最近一次实地访问中,该公司的员工正在拿一整条烤鱼和冒着汽泡的鸡尾酒当点心,而烤辣椒的辣味让我忍不住咳嗽起来。)Food52 also used the additional capital to expand into commerce. A year ago the company launched Provisions, a website that sells the accessories and lifestyle products that accompany its recipes, such as the cookware in which Food52 has used to display its recipes and pantry items like sauces, oils, and salts. There are plenty of esoteric accessories, too, like a very necessary 5 champagne saber and tiny knit hats for eggs.Food52也非常注重利用额外的资本来扩展业务。比如一年前该公司推出了一个名叫Provisions的网站,主要销售美食的附属器具和保健产品,比如Food52用来展示美食的厨房用具,另外还有油盐酱醋等等。另外还有一些非常小众的独家器械,比如一柄非常实用的价值585美元的“香槟剑”,以及用来存放鸡蛋的“保鲜帽”等。With Provisions, Food52 goes full circle. The content integrates the recipes, the recipes integrate the store, and the store’s inventory is integrated into Collections, a Pinterest-like part of the site that lets users save recipes, articles, and items for purchase in one place.Provisions上线后,Food52的业务就随之实现了充分循环。内容融合食谱,食谱融合商店,商店库存又被融合到网站的“收藏”部分。这个部分的功能有些像图片网站Pinterest,可以让用户在同一个地方保存食谱、文章或者打算购买的商品。The move appears to be working. Food52 now has 3.6 million monthly unique visitors, up from 1.7 million a year ago. Email subscriptions have doubled from 650,000 to 1.5 million. The number of recipes has increased threefold since April of last year to 27,000.这个动作似乎已经见到了成效。现在该网站每月已拥有360万名独立访客,比去年的170万增加了几乎一倍。电子邮件订阅数也从去年的65万上涨到今年的150万,提高了一倍多。另外从去年四月至今,该网站分享的菜谱数量已经达到27,000份,整整增长了三倍。Better still: One year in, Provisions has grown to make-up two thirds of Food52’s gross revenue. (The rest comes from advertisements.) With 30,000 shoppers, half of which have become return customers, the company hit its second and third-highest revenue weeks this summer, a rare feat for a seasonal commerce business. Its customers are also younger—more than half are under the age of 34, Hesser says—despite the “disposable income” nature of the site’s products.更乐观的是,仅仅在一年时间里,Provisions就贡献了Food52的毛收入的三分之二(其余部分来自广告)。凭借3万多名购物者的贡献(其中有一半人已经成了回头客),该公司有史以来营收入第二、第三高的两个星期都是在今年夏天实现的。对于这种受季节性影响比较明显的电商业务来说,这实在是了不起的成绩。海瑟表示,Food52的顾客也很年轻,其中半数以上不满34岁——尽管该网站商品都属于需要花费“居民可配收入”的范畴。The biggest surprise? Provisions’ top-selling category isn’t even cooking-related. Storage and organization items, such as laundry baskets and dryer balls, lead the way. Many top-performing items are sold exclusively by Food52, affirming the lesson every young e-commerce company learns: If it’s sold on Amazon , you’re going to get beat. Which is why Food52 sells custom hand-blown ice buckets, an exclusive spice blend of black sesame, ocean salt and seaweed, and Stumptown coffee travel kits. Oh, and wreaths. “People go nuts for wreaths,” Hesser says.最令人惊讶的是,在Provisions上卖得最火的商品类别,居然是与烹饪没有任何关系的“存储与组织”类商品,比如洗衣篓和干衣球等等。许多热门商品只在Food52上独家销售,这再次说明了一个所有年轻的电子商务公司都应该明白的道理——如果你把东西拿到亚马逊上卖,你就会输得很惨。这就是为什么Food52要销售专门手工定做的冰桶、用黑芝麻做成的独家调料、海盐、海带、斯汤普敦咖啡旅行套装等别具一格的商品,对了,还有花环,海瑟表示:“人们几乎疯狂地喜欢花环。”The next opportunity for Food52 is to design its own products, which the company has aly explored in partnership with its vendors. Food52 has created a custom farmer’s market tote bag with MZ Wallace, the New York handbag company, and a set of tea towels with 52 stripes with designer Christina Weber. The company is also returning to Hesser’s publishing roots in a deal with Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Random House subsidiary Crown Publishing, to create four to five cooking-related books each year.Food52的下一个商机是设计自己的产品,目前该公司已经开始与一些厂商展开合作。比如它与纽约手提包公司MZ Wallace合作开发了一款定制的农产品购物袋;与设计师克里斯蒂娜o韦伯合作开发了一系列擦拭杯盘用的抹布。另外该公司还利用了海瑟的出版业背景,打算今年与十速出版社【Ten Speed Press,隶属于兰登书屋(Random House)子公司出版社(Crown Publishing)】合作,出版四五本烹饪书。In the world of food-related online communities, Food52 is still tiny. But its boutique appeal, bolstered by unusual content and a genuinely engaged audience, seems to be valuable as the digital media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented. The company has invested very little in marketing thus far, but its audience is growing and staying highly engaged. “Its not that we are like, ‘Oh slow growth,’” Hesser says. “But we feel like the way we maintain our brand is by being thoughtful and careful about how we grow.” For niche websites, it’s better to go deep than wide. Or to use another popular startup maxim: It’s better to build something that 100 people love than something that 1 million people only kind of like.在美食网络社区领域,Food52仍然是一个小社区。但是随着数字媒体市场变得愈发细化,Food52凭借其独特的内容和积极参与的用户群,已经成为一家极具魅力,颇有价值的公司。到目前为止,该公司在营销方面的投资很少,但它的用户群仍然在稳步上涨,而且保持了很高的参与度。海瑟表示:“并不是说我们觉得:‘噢,增长太慢了。’我们认为,要保持品牌的声誉,就要对增长方式保持深思熟虑、小心谨慎。”对于小众网站来说,做深比做大更重要。或者用另一句创业界流行的格言来概括:做一个让100个人深爱的东西,要强于做一个100万人仅仅是有点喜欢的东西。 /201408/323639





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