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One father managed to simultaneously feed his baby at a restaurant while drinking a bottle of beer.在餐馆里,一边喂孩子一边自己喝啤酒,这个爸爸做到了!Another plays games while his daughter paints his toenails in fetching shades of purple and pink这位爸爸在打游戏,而他的女儿把他的脚趾甲涂成了迷人的紫色和粉色。One dad showed off his leg hair that had been tied up in neat buns, presumably by his daughter这位爸爸秀出了自己的腿毛,被扎成了整齐的小辫子,大概也是被女儿整的吧。One dad took his son to a DIY store, keeping him distracted by creating a den using a shopping trolley.这位爸爸带孩子去了一家DIY商店,用购物车搭了个小窝,让他在里面分分心。One dad is pictured doing a pull up with his baby on his back and two youngsters grabbing onto his legs in a rather precarious-looking manoeuvre这位爸爸背着娃做引体向上 ,还有另外两个孩子一人抱着他一只腿,这可真危险。Another discovered he could take a nap while his kids played with toy cars on a track printed onto his T-shirt另一位爸爸发现,让孩子按自己T恤衫上印的轨道玩儿玩具车,自己就可以睡上一觉。Another encouraged his daughter to eat her dinner by sitting down with her at her bright pink - but rather small - table.还有位爸爸发现,和女儿一起坐在她亮粉色的小餐桌前,可以鼓励她吃饭。One dad made his kids believe they were playing games with him - but he unplugged their controllers这位爸爸让孩子们相信他们在一起打游戏,但孩子们的遥控器没插电。Another dad showed off the toys his kids used to accessorise his hair, which included a mini helicopter另一位爸爸向大家展示了孩子们给他戴的发饰,里面还有架迷你直升机。Another picture shows a dad and his daughter sporting matching hair bows在这张照片里,爸爸和女儿带着相配的头饰One dad displayed his rather unorthodox parenting skills by carrying his son through an airport by his belt这位爸爸向大家展示了他独特的带娃法:用腰带拎着孩子过机场。And one dad proved that he will always go to the extra mile for his daughter. He dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, as she wanted to be the wolf这位爸爸向大家明了自己总愿意再为女儿付出一些。他把自己打扮成小红帽,而女儿则愿意当大灰狼。 /201606/450377肇州县做人流多少钱哈尔滨做血hcg多少钱哈尔滨治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

哈尔滨医院做无痛流产多少钱五常市做无痛人流需要多少钱It may come as a shock to owners, but dogs hate being cuddled, a study has shown.听到这个消息,奴们也许很惊讶,但们讨厌被拥抱,这是有研究实了的。Animal psychologists say dogs feel stressed and unhappy when they are embraced by their owners, because it stops them being able to run away.动物心理学家说,当们被主人拥抱着的时候,它们会感到压力和不快,因为这样会妨碍它们跑走。In a study which analysed 250 pictures of dogs as they were being hugged, eight out of 10 animals looked visibly uncomfortable.一项研究分析了250张被拥抱的照片,十个里面有八个看上去明显不舒。Experts at The Kennel Club, and Battersea Dogs amp; Cats Home, also agreed that owners should not treat their dogs like children, because most pets did not like to be cuddled.“养犬俱乐部”和“巴特西猫之家”的专家们也认为,主人们不应该把当做小孩,因为大多数宠物并不喜欢被拥抱。The new study was carried out by Dr Stanley Coren, a canine expert and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.此项最新研究由斯坦利·科伦士负责,他是英属哥伦比亚大学的犬类专家和心理学教授。He analysed images of dogs being hugged by adults and children he found on the Internet, looking for signs of stress.他从网上找到被大人和小孩拥抱的照片,寻找感受到压力的表现。At an extreme end, when a dog is especially anxious it bares its teeth or may bite, but Dr Coren said there are #39;subtler indicators#39; that it may be uncomfortable.极端情况下,如果极度焦虑,就会龇牙,或者咬人,但是科伦士说还有“更微妙的迹象”表明它也许非常难受。Signs of stress include the dog folding its ears down, half-moon eyes or turning its head away to avoid eye contact. If the dog has its eyes closed or is licking his lips it could also be a sign of anxiety. Yawning or raising one paw is another warning sign.把耳朵耷拉下来、眼角耷拉或扭过头避免眼神接触,都是感到压力的表现。如果闭上眼,或舔嘴唇,也可能是因为焦虑。张大嘴或举起一只爪子也是警告信号。Dr Coren found that in 81.6 per cent of the photographs the dogs had at least one sign of discomfort, stress, or anxiety. Only 7.6 per cent of the photographs showed comfortable dogs whilst the remaining 10.8 per cent were either neutral or ambiguous.科伦士发现,81.6%的照片上,都至少有不舒、紧张、焦虑中的一种表现。只有7.6%的照片上,看上去很舒,而剩下那10.8%则反应不明显,或模棱两可。“Dogs are technically cursorial animals, which is a term that indicates that they are designed for swift running,” said Dr Coren wrote in an article in Psychology Today.科伦士在《今日心理学》杂志发表了一篇文章,他在其中表示:“理论上讲,属于走兽,这个术语表明它们天生就喜欢敏捷地奔跑。”“That implies that in times of stress or threat the first line of defence that a dog uses is not his teeth, but rather his ability to run away.“也就是说,当面临压力或威胁时,它们的第一道防线不是牙齿,而是逃跑的能力。“Behaviorists believe that depriving a dog of that course of action by immobilising him with a hug can increase his stress level and, if the dog#39;s anxiety becomes significantly intense, he may bite.“行为学家认为,拥抱使得难以动弹,剥夺了它的行动自由,会提升它的压力水平,并且,如果它变得非常焦虑,也许还会咬人。“The clear recommendation to come out of this research is to save your hugs for your two-footed family members and lovers.“显而易见,基于这项研究,我们建议大家还是把拥抱留给家人和爱人吧。“It is clearly better from the dog#39;s point of view if you express your fondness for your pet with a pat, a kind word, and maybe a treat#39;.“从的角度来看,如果你想表达对它的喜爱,轻轻拍一下、说句温柔的话或者给点好吃的……这些方式显然更好。”The advice was also repeated by animal experts in Britain who recommend ‘calm stroking#39; of pets instead of a cuddle.英国动物专家也提过这样的建议——“平静地安抚”,不要搂抱。Claire Matthews, Senior Canine Behaviourist at Battersea Dogs amp; Cats Home, says: “A hug might be a normal social greeting for humans but it isn#39;t for a dog.“巴特西猫之家”的资深犬类行为学家克莱尔·马修斯说:“对人类来说,拥抱可能是社会交往中正常的问候,但对来说不是这样的。“Subtle stress signals can be missed when you#39;re hugging your pet and this could lead to a negative reaction, so it#39;s about recognising when your dog is uncomfortable.“你在拥抱爱宠时,并不会注意到那些微妙的压力信号,这可能导致它们的消极反应,因此你应该意识到你的什么时候感到不舒。“Some people think that giving their dog a hug is a nice thing to do, but the reality is that a family pet will often tolerate a hug but doesn#39;t like it.“有些人认为,给一个拥抱是好事,但事实是,家养宠物经常不得不忍受拥抱,而不是喜欢。“When you hug a dog it usually show signs of stress because it invades their personal space – a person putting two arms around the neck of a dog can be interpreted as being intimidating and means that it can#39;t move away from the situation it is uncomfortable with.”“当你抱着时,它通常会表现出紧张的样子,因为你侵犯了它们的个体空间——两条胳膊绕着的脖子会被理解为威胁,意味着它难以从不舒的环境中逃脱。”Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary added: “Dogs are often considered part of the family, however they are not human and may therefore react differently to certain interactions such as hugging.“养犬俱乐部”秘书长卡洛琳·基思科补充道:“通常被认作是家里的一分子,然而它们并不是人类,所以也许会对拥抱之类的互动有不同的反应。“On the whole dogs are sociable animals and love interacting with people, but any action that restricts a dog#39;s movement could make them uncomfortable and it is important for an owner to recognise the signs of stress or anxiety.”“总的来说是喜欢交际的动物,喜欢与人交流,但任何限制它们活动的行为都会让他们感到难受,所以主人能识别出压力或焦虑的信号就显得十分重要。” /201605/443458Online shoppers in China are cashing in on falls in the British pound to buy expensive foreign luxury goods after the UK voted to leave the European Union.英国投票脱欧后英镑贬值,中国的网购族正乘机购买昂贵的外国奢侈商品。The pound plunged to a three-decade low after Britons voted to leave the bloc, making the country#39;s goods and services cheaper for overseas buyers. The pound has dropped by more than 10 percent against the renminbi since the referendum.在英国人投票离开欧盟之后,英镑暴跌至三十年来新低,使该国的商品和务对海外买家来说更加便宜。自公投以来,人民币对英镑已升值超过10%。Some Chinese online shoppers bought goods on UK e-commerce sites or asked overseas shopping agents to help them with purchases in brick-and-mortar stores and to ship the packages to China.一些中国网络购物者在英国电商网站上购买商品或找代购帮助他们在实体店购物后寄到中国。Evonne Shen, a white-collar worker in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, bought a handbag for 3,000 yuan (0) from a British online shopping site, saving more than 300 yuan compared with the price a week ago.浙江省杭州市一名名叫Evonne Shen的白领阶层,从英国一家网上购物网站买了一个价值3000元(折合450美元)的手提包,这一价格相比1周前要节省了300元。According to ymatou.com, a cross-border e-commerce site in China, daily sales of European products have doubled since the UK referendum, mostly driven by sales of British products.国内跨境电商网站洋码头表示,英国公投以来,欧洲商品日销量较平时翻倍,其中英国商品贡献了大部分销量。The company, based in Shanghai, said: ;Shopping malls in Europe are now holding their annual summer sales. Combined with the fall in the pound, it couldn#39;t be a better time to buy British products.;这家总部位于上海的公司表示:“欧洲的购物中心现在正在进行一年一度的夏季折扣。结合英镑的贬值,这是购买英国产品的最好时机了。”High-end products with prices ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 yuan are among the best-sellers on ymatou.com. About 70 percent of the online buyers bought luxury handbags, including a Hermes Kelly bag costing 98,000 yuan.4000-6000元的高端商品在洋码头网站上最为热销。约70%的网络买家选购了能保值的奢侈品手袋,包括一款售价9.8万元的爱马仕凯莉包。 /201607/453711黑龙江省哈尔滨第十人民医院生孩子好吗黑龙江省九院专家

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