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淮安清河区割包皮多少钱淮安妇保医院处女膜修复多少钱河伯娶妻话剧剧本(双语) -- :6: 来源: Scene I第一幕Place:in the palace地点:王宫Character: King of Wei State, Ximen Bao, imperial bodyguards人物:魏王、西门豹、侍卫Ximen Bao: Stand at attention, ward march, One two one, one two one, one two one,one two one, one two one,halt! Turn right, Why don’t say hello to everyone?西门豹:立正,齐步走!一二一,一二一,一二一,一二一,一二一!立定,向右转!还不向大家问好!Bodyguard 1: Hello ,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao :No, it’s not enough loud, do it again!西门豹:no~,声音不够洪亮,再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Hi,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao: Not good,do it again!西门豹;不行,再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Hi,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao: Do it again!西门豹:再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Monsignor Xi, spare me,I’ve shouted three times!侍卫1:西大人,饶了我吧!我都喊了三遍了!Ximen Bao: Shit, I compound surname Ximen,call me Monsignor Ximen!西门豹:混蛋,我复姓西门,叫我西门大人!Bodyguard 1: Yes, Monsignor Ximen!侍卫1:是,西门大人!Bodyguard : Go to court!侍卫:上朝!Ximen Bao: Quickly, stay in your right place!西门豹:快快快!各就各位!Ximen Bao, bodyguard 1: We greet to the emperor!西门豹,侍卫1:臣等恭迎圣驾!King of Wei State: Hahaha,stand up every courtier. I’ve made a new suit of clothes,look,how do you think about it? Is it beautiful?魏王:哈哈哈哈,各位臣子,免礼平身!本王新做了一套衣,大家看看,怎么样,好不好看啊?Ximen bao, bodyguard 1: Beautiful!西门豹侍卫1:好看!King of Wei State: Hahaha, my dear ministers, what important affairs you want to present?魏王:哈哈哈哈,各位爱卿,今天有什么要事要奏啊?Ximen Bao: Part of civilians from the Yecheng City complained that Yecheng City surfer from drought these successive years.And the local officials plunder money and cruelly injure and even kill good women in the name of getting bride the Uncle River. Many civilians firmly believe it,and lay their hope on Uncle River. Now in Yecheng City fields are deserted, civilians are destitute and homeless. I sincerely ask the king to take care of the people!西门豹:邺城部分百姓投诉,近年来邺城连年旱灾,地方官绅,以“为河伯娶媳妇”的名义,搜刮钱财,残害良家妇女许多百姓也深信此事,把希望寄托在河伯的保佑上现在邺城田地荒芜,百姓流离失所恳请大王为民做主!King of Wei State: Shit! I ask you! Monsignor Xi…..魏王:混账!这还了得?西大人啊……Ximen Bao : My dear king, I compound surname Ximen,not Monsignor Xi!西门豹:回大王!微臣复姓西门!不是西大人!King of Wei State: Ok, Monsignor Xi, Monsignor Ximen, they are both the same. How do you think about it?魏王:好吧!西大人,西门大人!反正都一样!那你看这件事该怎么办啊?Ximen Bao: In my opinion , the key point to govern Yecheng City is to get rid of superstition, and establish the conception of scientific development!西门豹:依臣之见,治理邺城,关键在于破除迷信,树立科学发展观!King of Wei State: It sounds reasonable!魏王:说得有理!Ximen Bao: First of all, we should sent a person to Yecheng City to do three things: First, punish the malfeasant led by chief executive to stabilize people’s emotion; Secondly, get rid of people’s superstition and guide them to put attention on the development of production; Thirdly, develop local economy and increase people’s living standard.西门豹:当务之急,应速派人去邺城,办三件事:一是惩治以行政长官为首的贪官污吏,稳定百姓情绪;二是破除老百姓的迷信思想,引导百姓把注意力放在发展生产上;三是发展地方经济,提高百姓的生活水平!King of Wei State: What you said are all reasonable, and who do you think is appropriate to be send there?魏王:西门大人句句有理,那你看派谁去合适呢?Ximen Bao: I’m not much capable, but I’d like to bear it.西门豹:臣不才,愿当此重任!King of Wei State: Great! I grant you a bodyguard,and go to Yecheng City to attend this matter as soon as possible.魏王:好!本王赐你侍卫一名,速去邺城办理此事!Ximen Bao : Yes,sir. Fall in, stand at attention! Turn right, double time march! One two one …..西门豹:yes, sir!集合,立正!向右转!跑步走!一二一…… 河伯娶妻话剧剧本(双语)淮安市第一人民医院治疗女性疾病多少钱 关于友谊的英语作文(Friendship) --31 :50: 来源: 关于友谊的英语作文(Friendship)If you ask me what friendship is,i will tell you friendship is someone who can help you ,share with you and play with you.如果你问我什么是友谊,我会告诉你,友谊就是有人帮助你,有人和你分享,有人和你玩Linlin is my best friend,she lives near me.Everyday we went to school together,play together,went home together ,and do homework together.When i'm in trouble ,she helps me out,when i'm happy,we share it.My friends and classmate all say we are inseparable.琳琳是我最后的朋友,她就住在我家附近每天,我们一起上学,一起玩,一起回家,然后一起做家庭作业当我有困难的时候,她帮我脱困,当我开心的时候,她会和我一起分享我的朋友和同学都说,我们是形影不离的好朋友I cherish the friendship between us very much.Two years later,we will leave the shool to study in the middle school,we may not study in the same shool,but i hope we can be friends ever.我非常珍惜我们之间的这份友谊两年以后,我们将离开母校去读初中,我们可能不会在同一所学校,但是,我希望我们会是一辈子的朋友努力工作-- :7:31   Our boss expects us to eat, drink and sleep our job.   我们老板恨不得我们把工作当饭吃,当水喝,当觉睡   这句话很形象,说白了意思就是“我们老板希望我们不吃不喝不睡地工作”家长教育孩子时常说,“你不能把……当饭吃呀”瞧瞧这种语言上惊人的类似吧,英语说,“You can't eat a…”这种地道的英语,在英文语言大师的小说里挺常见的,读书的人则会心一笑,拍手称好淮安哪里做孕前检查

淮安中山治疗腹胀多少钱夏威夷英文导游词 -- ::58 来源: 夏威夷英文导游词夏威夷的带着赤素馨花香的海风和热带温暖气候吸引力不少游客Hawaii - - welcomes and seduces visitors with its frangipani-scented sea breezes and tropical warmth. This is where East merges with West in a blur of hula and disco, soap operas and creation myths, junk food and Japanese tea ceremonies, and Shinto shrines and surf clubs. Mark Twain declared Hawaii to be the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean , and not even thirty years of mass tourism have managed to prove him wrong. History The following years saw the development of Hawaii as a major tourist destination with numerous resorts, golf courses and shopping centers being built. To combat the increasing development, a number of state parks, wilderness sanctuaries and marine reserves have been established. In the 1970s, a Hawaiian cultural renaissance reasserted local cultural values in the face of tourist-brochure parodies. In the past few years, sovereignty has become a key political issue. While some Hawaiian groups favor the restoration of the monarchy, other native groups are calling a Hawaiian nation within the USA and the return of crown lands taken during annexation. In November 1993, US President Bill Clinton signed a resolution apologizing the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom 0 years earlier. Culture Traditional Hawaiian culture and the customs of Hawaii s ethnically diverse immigrants are an integral part of the social fabric. This is not simply a place where East meets West, but a place where the cultures merge in a manner which seems to bring out the best in all of them. The revival of traditional Hawaiian culture has seen an explosion of Hula halaus (schools) and many Hawaiian artists and craftspeople are returning to traditional mediums and themes such a tapa weaving, quilt making and the creation of colorful leis. English is the dominant language in Hawaii, but it is infused with Hawaiian words, phrases and pidgin slang. The Hawaiian language is only spoken by an estimated 9000 people, but 85% of all local place names are Hawaiian and they often have interesting stories behind them. Hawaii s early immigrants communicated with each other in pidgin, a stripped and simplified m of English which survives today as a lively, ever-changing local slang. The islands ethnic diversity makes eating out a real treat. You can find every kind of Japanese food, an array of regional Chinese cuisine, spicy Korean specialties, native Hawaiian dishes and excellent Thai and Vietnamese food. Fresh fish is ily available throughout the islands as well as an abundance of fruit including avocado, coconut, guava, mango and papaya. 夏威夷英文导游词淮安处女膜手术费多少钱 旅游英语:辽宁英文介绍 -- ::39 来源: 旅游英语:辽宁英文介绍辽宁与黄海、渤海、鸭绿江交界,和朝鲜仅一江之隔,其地理位置优越,有“金三角”之称Liaoning Province, often called 'the Golden Triangle' because of its superior geographical location, includes boundaries on the Yellow Sea, the Bohai Gulf, and the Yalu River, which makes Liaoning the closest gateway to the Korean Peninsula. As the southernmost province of the three provinces in northeast China, Liaoning Province's proximity to the sea has given it commercial and strategic advantages throughout its history.HistoryArcheological evidence establishes that commy life existed in Liaoning 5,000 years ago. From its early beginnings through to the mid-th Century, Liaoning has been sought after as an important trade center, an area that contains rich, untapped resources, and its strategic position as the Golden Triangle. Liaoning has been the birthplace of warlords and the cradle of the Qing Dynasty. Lasting from to the 19 Revolution, this feudal dynasty was set up by invading Manchus. Untunately, the Manchus were not the last people to invade this area. Liaoning's often troubled history has given us an interesting legacy of architecture and artifacts, as well as archeological treasures, which combined with its transcendent natural beauty, makes Liaoning Province an area you will want to visit many times. Below are a few highlights.What to seeIn Shenyang, Liaoning's capital city, there is a Manchu version of the bidden City known as the Shenyang Imperial Palace. Built on the same principles as the bidden City in Beijing, although much smaller in scope, it was completed by Huang Taiji in 36. Second only to the bidden City, it is the most intact imperial building in existence in China. The Imperial Palace is a museum that features extensive exhibits of jade, ivory, artworks of Ming and Qing dynasties (including paintings, sculpture, enamels and ceramics), musical instruments, and a large display of th and 18th Centuries military equipment. It was in this palace in that Shunzhi became Emperor bee he crossed the Great Wall to invade China.The emperors that built the Imperial Palace also built their burial sites in Shenyang: Fuling Tomb also called the East Tomb; and Zhaoling Tomb, also called the North Tomb. Emperor Nurhachi and his mistress are buried in Fuling Tomb. Nurhachi's son, Huang Taiji (the father of Emperor Shunzhi) and his empress are buried in Zhaoling. The large and beautiful Zhaoling tomb has been compared to the Ming Tombs in Beijing and is located in the enormous Beiling Park. A third tomb, Yongling Tomb, completes the famous tomb group known as the 'three tombs outside of the Great Wall'.In some very ancient time, a fairy goddess decided to bring spring to Earth by embroidering clouds on lotus leaves. During a fight with the gods who were trying to stop her, the beautiful cloud embroidered leaves fell to earth at Shenyang and became green hills that the people named Qianlianshan (Thousand Lotuses Mountain). This mountain is now known as Qianshan. People love to come here to walk along the splendid trails to its lofty peaks and ancient temples. A walk around Qianshan can give you the memory of a perfect day.Southeast of Shenyang is Benxi, which has the largest water cave in Asia. Within 5 square kilometers ( square miles) of Benxi Water Cave National Park, there are six areas of particular interest: Mount Miaohou, Mount Tiecha, Mount Guanmen, the Spa Temple, Tanggou Valley, and the Water Cave. The Water Cave has an underground river with water so clear that the riverbed is always visible. Take a ride on the sightseeing boat and enter into the magic and mystery of the stalactite mations that have med over millions of years. It is common to see artists at the various mountains and Tanggou Valley drawing and painting the mountains and the innumerable flowers and trees that are nurtured by the mountain streams. Benxi Water Cave National Park is a unique wonderland of pastoral beauty that has captured the imagines and hearts of its visitors throughout the ages.Surrounded on three sides by the Yellow Sea, Dalian is a charming coastal city that has become a popular resort town. This is hardly surprising when you experience the garden-like downtown streets that are bordered by Japanese and Russian style buildings, all of which provide the perfect backdrop a leisurely stroll. With mountains on one side, and fabulous bathing beaches all around the city, Dalian is a great place to escape the summer heat, have a refreshing vacation, and enjoy the feeling of romance that is in the air.Liaoning Province is opulent in natural beauty as well as interesting attractions. Aside from the ones noted above, there are also: Fenghuang Mountain; Shenya Aquarium in Xinghai Bay Resort has more than 7,000 fish; Dalian's Nest Cliff and Tiger Beach, which has the largest aviary in China (18,000 square meters or 6,950 square miles) and possibly the largest animal sculpture in the world; the 300,000-year-old Yingkou Jinniushan Relic, Phoenix Mountain, and Bingyu Valley. We must mention Tiecha Mountain, which is located east of Benxi. Because its eastern, southern and northern peaks can be seen from three sides, it is also known as Jiu Ding (Nine Tops). Among this mountain's many caves is Yunguang Cave, which houses eight treasures: stone dragon, stone toad, stone fish, stone bed, stone lotus, stone longevity and 'the wind that calms the pearl'. This mountain, which is considered the birthplace of Taoism in Northeast China, has a great amount of interesting, ancient calligraphy carved into its rocks.Liaoning Province has frequent and quite special festivals that are not to be missed. Among them are: Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival, Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs, Dalian International Fashion Festival, and Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival. Consider planning your trip to include one of Liaoning's wonderful festive events.Population: Approx. 0 millionArea: 0 thousand square kilometers (about 57,918 square miles)Ethnic Minority: Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, Xibe and KoreanWhen to goContinental climate characterized by long and cold winters, warm and rainy summers and comparatively short and windy spring and autumn. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -Cto -5C, and July is the hottest with an average temperature of 1C-5C. Annual rainfall of this province averages from 50 millimeters to millimeters. Liaoning is the province in northeast China having the most sunlight, heat, and rainfall. The best time to visit is from May to October, but winter is also a pleasant time to enjoy the ice and snow scenery and winter festivals. 旅游英语 辽宁英文介绍淮安市妇幼保健医院治疗男性不育多少钱

金湖县妇保院治疗腹胀多少钱:饥饿的狮子 -01- :37: 来源: 角色:雄狮、小狮、小白兔、三只小熊、小松鼠、小女孩道具:雄狮、小狮、小白兔、三只小熊和小松鼠头套、红萝卜、三碗粥、花生一把、苹果一个Act 1雄狮:(怒吼)Roar, roar!I am the lion,the king of the est.No one is stronger than me.Roar, roar!小狮:Daddy! I’m hungry.雄狮:You are big now. Be brave! Go and find your own food.小狮:But, I don’t know how.雄狮:Do it like me. Roar, roar! (怒吼)小狮:(小声地)Roar, roar!雄狮:Rush to the animals and bite them with your sharp teeth.(露出尖利的牙齿)Go and do it now.小狮:Yes, daddy.Act 小白兔:(唱”Rabbit, Rabbit, Carrot Eater”)Rabbit, rabbit, carrot eater.He says there is nothing sweeter,Than a carrot everyday,Munch and crunch and run away.小狮:Hi, rabbit! I am hungry.Roar, roar!(小声地)小白兔:Do you want some carrots?小狮:Yes, please.(小白兔递给小狮一根红萝卜)小狮:Thank you.小白兔:Carrots are the best food.小狮:(吃了一口)Yuck! I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, rabbit.(还红萝卜给小白兔) 小白兔:You are welcome.(边跳边唱”Rabbit, Rabbit, Carrot Eater”离开)Act 3三只小熊:(各拿着一碗粥,并唱着”Pease Porridge Hot”) Pease porridge hot,Pease porridge cold,Pease porridge in the pot,Nine days old.Some like it hot,Some like it cold,Some like it in the pot,Nine days old.小狮:Hi, bears! I am hungry.Roar, roar! (小声地)小熊们:Do you want some porridge?小狮:Yes, please.(小熊递给小狮一碗粥)小狮:Thank you.小熊们:Porridge is the best food.小狮:(吃了一口)Yuck! It’s too hot.I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, bears.(将粥还给小熊)小熊:You are welcome.(小熊们边走边唱”Pease Porridge Hot”离开)Act 小松鼠:(唱着”Found a Peanut”)Found a peanut.Found a peanut.Found a peanut just now.Just now I found a peanut.Found a peanut just now.小狮:Hi, squirrel! I am hungry.Roar, roar! (小声地)小松鼠:Do you want some peanuts?小狮:Yes, please.(小松鼠递给小狮一些花生)小狮:Thank you.小松鼠:Peanut is the best food.小狮:(吃了一颗)Yuck! It’s too hard.I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, squirrel.(将花生还给小松鼠)小松鼠:You are welcome.(边走边唱”Found a Peanut”离开)Act 5(小女孩边走边唱”Apple Round”)小女孩:Apple round.Apple red.Apple juicy.Apple sweet.Apple apple I love you.Apple sweet I love to eat.小狮:Hi, little girl! I am hungry.Roar, roar!小女孩:Oh, a lion! Help! Help!(苹果掉地上)小狮:What is it?(拿起来吃)Mmm…, delicious!I like it.(小狮很高兴地边走边唱”Apple Round”回家) 英语 话剧 剧本 淮安82医院治疗便血多少钱淮阴区割痔疮需要多少钱



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