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1. Will you give me some discount? 可以打折吗?. What rooms do you exactly want? 您具体想要什么样的房间?3. Is there a special rate a group reservation? 团队预订有优惠吗?. Do you have a double room overlooking the sea? 你们有没有俯瞰海景的双人间呢?5. You pay the deposit just when you are checking in. 订金是在您办理入住手续的时候交纳6. Do you require a deposit to confirm the reservation? 确认预订是否要付订金?7. You must pay a deposit if you want to reserve the room. 你要预订房间,就得先付订金8. We usually have high occupancies in the peak seasons. 在旺季时,我们的客房率通常都很高9. I’d like to reserve double rooms with twin beds five days. 我想订间有单人床的双人间,总共5天. I have no reservation. Do you have a room available tonight? 我没有预订今晚有可住的房间吗? 3856。

A: Hello! I need to make a copy of something at once.B: There's a copy machine on the first floor in our computer lab, sir.A: Fantastic! Is there a charge?B: It's ten cents a copy, sir.A: Well, I'm only making one copy, so I guess I can afd it.B: A dime is still a bargain, sir.。

Married couples face a lot of hurdles, but not like the contestants in the North American Wife Carrying Championship.已婚的夫妻难免会面对很多障碍,可是;北美背媳妇大赛;的选手们需要面对的又是另一种障碍了This year competition took place at a ski resort in Newry, Maine.今年的比赛在缅因州纽里一处滑雪场举行ty-four competing couples put their relationship ― and their muscles ― to the test by running through an obstacle course that included log hurdles, sand traps and mud. Lots and lots of mud.对参赛选手穿过一道又一道障碍--原木栅栏、沙坑以及泥浆--来检验他们的感情以及肌肉顺便一说,泥浆真的是很多很多啊As the event title implies, the man has to carry his beloved through the whole 78-yard course, according to The Associated Press.据美联社报道,根据赛程,男士需要背着女士跑过78码(约合5米)的障碍赛道The couples dont have to be married, but each team must have a male and female member over the age of 1.每对参赛选手并不一定要结婚,但是必须为一男一女,并且年龄在1岁以上The couple with the fastest time wins fame, glory, the woman weight in beer and an amount of cash equal to five times her weight.最快完成比赛的选手将获得掌声、荣誉以及--重量与女士体重相等的啤酒,以及数量是女士体重五倍的现金!Elliot and Giana Storey of Westbrook, Maine, had the top time of 59.18 seconds and ran away with cases of Goose Island Oktoberfest beer and 5.最终,来自缅因州的艾略特·斯托瑞和吉安娜·斯托瑞以59.18秒的成绩获胜,获得了箱;鹅岛啤酒节;啤酒以及665美元The Storeys will also have a new story to tell: the win qualified them the world championship wife-carrying competition in Sonkajarvi, Finland, next summer, according to the Bethel Sun Journal.据《伯特利太阳报报道,斯托瑞夫妇的故事还将继续:因为在比赛中获胜,他们获得了明年夏天前往芬兰颂卡加维参加世界背媳妇锦标赛的资格Competing men can carry their partner any way they choose, but the preferred method is the ;Estonian; carry, where the woman holds the man waist with her hands while squeezing his neck with her legs.参加比赛的男士可以自由选择背着搭档的方式,不过最受欢迎的背法就是;爱沙尼亚式;了——女士头朝下用手环住男士的腰,腿搭在男士的肩膀上The ;chicken carry,; where she sits on his shoulders, also has its proponents.而;小鸡式;——女士坐在男士的肩膀上——也自有其拥趸Wife carrying as a sport is based on a legendary Finnish robber named Ronkainen, who supposedly wouldnt let anyone join his gang unless they could complete a difficult course with a heavy sack on their back.;背媳妇;这项体育运动来源于芬兰传说中的强盗罗恩凯宁,据说要加入他的团伙,必须背着沉重的大麻袋跑过一段艰难的路程才行Ronkainen initiation challenge may or may not have also involved stealing women from neighboring villages.而罗恩凯宁发起的这一挑战的麻袋里有时候就会有从临近村庄抢来的女子The first modern-day wife-carrying event took place in 1991, with other competitions following thereafter, according to The Ski Channel.据滑雪频道报道,第一届现代背媳妇大赛于1991年举行,此后世界各地都举行了类似的比赛 31。

A: Im interested in a store credit card.我对你们商店的会员卡很感兴趣B: Okay. Here the application m.好的这是申请表A: ...Okay. Ive filled everything out.好的我已经全部填完了B: Thank you. Now let me see a credit card, please.谢谢请给我看下你的信用卡,好么A: Certainly. Here my VISA card.好的,给你我的信用卡B: Very good. Thank you. 非常好,谢谢 1。

Talks about fiancial insurance 商业保险对话A: Well be sending a consignment of 50 bicycles to Washington. Could you e a rate covering all risks from port to port?我们要把50辆自行车发到华盛顿请问承保港到港一切险的保费是多少?B: Can I know where the consignment is to be loaded?请问你的货在哪儿装船?A: It to be loaded onto the Swan which sails from Qingdao on May.在青岛,天鹅号,离港日期是5月号B: What is the destination port?目的港在哪里?A: Port Angdes. It is due in port Angdes on July.安吉利斯港计划在7月号到港B: Do you have the details with regard to packing and values of the consignment?你有包装和货物价值方面的详细资料吗?A: Yes, here you are.有,在这B: Here is the declaration m. Please complete it and return it at your earliest convenience.这是申报单,填好后尽早送过来 18697。