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第二十六课: 寻工面试 Lesson 6: A Job Interview 各位听众朋友好,欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”讲座第二十六讲我 是澳大利亚澳洲广播电台中文部的节目主持人马健媛 在这一讲中我们要继续学习寻工面试时会遇到的一些语言问题以及 你在面试过程中可以向考官提出些什麽样的问题在我们学习新的 课文之前先让我们一起来回顾一下上一课对话的内容 Justine: Come in, Bob. I’m Justine Asker, the manager. You can call me Justine. Bob: Pleased to meet you. Justine: Sit down. Firstly, Bob, can I ask which job you are applying ? Bob: I’m applying the receptionist position. Justine: I see that you have a Diploma in Hospitality. Have you done any front desk work bee? Bob: I have work experience in front desk. You have my supervisor’s report there. This will be my first paid position. Justine: And why do you want to work at the Plaza Hotel? Bob: Because it has a great reputation; not just its service but as a good place to work. Justine: I’m glad to hear it. Justine: Bob, what strengths do you think you would bring to the job? Bob: Oh, ah. I am patient and I’ve been told I put clients at ease. Justine: Uh huh. And what do you see as your weaknesses? Bob: Do you mean, what am I not so good at? Justine: Yes. Bob: Well, I understand English much better than I speak it at the moment. But I study at home and I look ward to learning more on the job. Justine: Excellent. 接下来让我们要学习新的对话内容,我会将这一部分的对话逐句译 成中文 杰斯丁: 鲍勃,我现在想问你一个假设性的问题你愿意为了客 人的缘故去冒险吗? Justine: Now, Bob, I’m going to ask you a hypothetical question. Would you compromise your own safety the comt of your guests? 鲍勃: 您是说就像勇敢的利奥那样为了捞起客人的帽子而跳入 鲨鱼出没的海里吗? Bob: Do you mean, like the Legendary Leo, who jumped into shark infested waters to save a guest’s hat? 杰斯丁: 诸如此类吧 Justine: Something like that. 鲍勃: 如果我必须这样做的话,我可以做到 Bob: If I must. 杰斯丁: 我想没有人会要求你做到这种程度的,鲍勃利奥实在 是一个与众不同的职员,但他的确太冲动了 Justine: I don’t think you would be expected to show that level of enthusiasm, Bob. Leo was an exceptional worker, but very impetuous. 鲍勃: 我想我会确保自己熟知与我这个工作岗位有关的健康安 全条例并遵守酒店的相关程序 Bob: In that case, I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements associated with my position and follow hotel procedures. 杰斯丁: 这非常好 Justine: Very good. 在这段对话中杰斯丁向求职者问了一个hypothetical question, 假设性的问题这也就是说求职者要回答一旦出现某种情况时他要 怎麽做有些假设性的问题要比杰斯丁在这段对话中提出的问题更 加具体明确鲍勃在回答这个问题时一开始就犯了一个错误,那就 是他首先猜测提问者想要什麽样的回答,然后再照这样的思路去 回答问题实际上提问者希望听到的回答在出现危机的情况时他必 须要小心谨慎当然鲍勃最后还是给出了令人满意的回答在这里 我要提醒您的是每一个工作岗位都有与其相关的守则,而每一个工 作单位中都有自己的内部安全条例和规则一般来说在面试的时候 主考官并不要求你一定要熟知这些规章制度,你只要表明自己会在 拿到这份工作之后确保自己会熟悉并牢记这些规章,以处理可能出 现的情况就可以了我们来听听鲍勃是怎麽说的 鲍勃: 我想我会确保自己熟知与我这个工作岗位有关的健康安 全条例并遵守酒店的相关程序 Bob: In that case, I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements associated with my position and follow hotel procedures. 现在让我们跟着老师一起来练习请重复老师的话 I would make sure. I would make sure I know. The health and safety requirements. I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements. I would follow. I would follow hotel procedures. 我们现在完整地听一遍这部分对话,请在鲍勃的句子之后重复他的 话 Justine: Now, Bob, I’m going to ask you a hypothetical question. Would you compromise your own safety the comt of your guests? Bob: Do you mean, like the Legendary Leo… Bob: … who jumped into shark infested waters… Bob: … to save a guest’s hat? Justine: Something like that. Bob: If I must. Justine: I don’t think you would be expected to show that level of enthusiasm, Bob. Leo was an exceptional worker, but very impetuous. Bob: In that case, Bob: I would make sure I know … Bob: … the health and safety requirements… Bob: … associated with my position Bob: …and follow hotel procedures. Justine: Very good. 各给听众朋友,您现在收听的是澳洲广播电台为您制作的“旅游业 英语”教学节目 575。

  • A young woman has become an Instagram star without ever posting a picture of her face.一名年轻女子从未发过一张露脸的照片,却成了Instagram上的红人Natalia Gutkiewicz, , snubs the ;selfie queen; craze and instead uploads somewhat mundane snapshots of her day-to-day life - and has gathered 1,000 followers as a result.岁的纳塔利娅·古特基维茨没有跟风走“自拍女王”的路线,而是上传略显平凡的日常生活照,并凭此吸粉.万Natalia, who is from Warsaw, Poland, now works as a media manager in London, only publishes pictures of her friends faces.纳塔利娅是波兰华沙人,目前在伦敦做媒体经理By turning her back to the camera - or covering her head with an arm - Natalia has kept her physical identity completely under wraps.她只发朋友的正面照,自己则要么只露背影,要么用手臂遮挡头部,从未露出过真容And in the three years she has had her Instagram , she has only posted 50 pictures - very few in comparison to the average Instagram sensation.而开通Instagram账号3年来,她只发布了50张图片,跟一般的Instagram网红相比数量非常少Speaking to the Spanish news agency El Mundo, Natalia said: ;They (her followers) always wait the next photo to see if I finally reveal my face.;纳塔利娅向西班牙媒体《世界报透露:“我的粉丝们总是等待着下一张照片,看看我是否终于露出了我的脸”;The interest in my grew day by day, people spent more time on my profile than they usually would, just to see if they could find a photo of what I look like. I walk a fine line between revealing my private life and not being identified.;“人们对我的账户的兴趣越来越大,会比往常花更多的时间来查看我的资料,这么做只是想找一张我露出整张脸的照片我很好地掌握了展露私人生活和保护隐私之间的平衡” 938。
  • A Montreal mother says her daughter died after kissing her new boyfriend, who wasnt aware she had a severe peanut allergy.加拿大蒙特利尔的一位母亲近日表示,她的女儿在和男朋友接吻后死亡,因为该男子不知道她有严重的花生过敏反应Myriam Ducre-Lemay, , had recently met the boy when she went to his house to spend the night after a party in , her mother said.这位母亲表示,女儿米丽娅姆·杜克雷·勒梅今年岁,年她曾到一个男孩家参加了一次派对,最近她又遇到了这个男孩After the boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich a late-night snack, he returned to the bedroom and gave Myriam the fatal kiss, the mother, Micheline Ducre, told the Journal De Quebec.母亲米什莱恩·杜克雷在接受《魁北克日报采访时表示,这个男孩吃了一个花生酱三明治作为夜宵,然后回到卧室送给了勒梅一记死亡之吻The boy did not tell her he had eaten peanuts, and he wasnt aware of her life-threatening allergy.这个男孩儿并未告知勒梅他吃过花生,也对她这危及生命的过敏反应毫不知情Untunately, she wouldnt have had the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy, the mother said.这位母亲表示:“不幸的是,我的女儿再也没有机会告诉他,她有严重的花生过敏反应”After realizing Myriam was having an allergic shock, the young couple called 9. Paramedics arrived within minutes and transported her to hospital, but the young woman life could not be saved.在意识到勒梅有严重的过敏反应后,这对年轻的情侣迅速打电话报警救护车在几分钟内迅速抵达并将她送往医院,但最终仍回天乏术Now, the mother is telling her daughter story the first time in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of allergies. She also hopes that people at risk will carry epipens with them at all times.现在,这位母亲第一次讲出女儿的故事,希望以此呼吁大众对于过敏症的关注她还提醒所有过敏患者要随身携带救命药物A doctor said traces of allergens can stay in a person saliva up to four hours after eating.一名医生指出,当人进食之后,食物过敏源仍会残留在唾液长达小时This is why you have to carry your epipen, even though you dont want to and even though it not cool, said Dr. Christine McCusker, head of pediatric allergy and immunology at Montreal Children Hospital. The most important part of managing your allergies is that you have to inm people. You have to say, ;Listen guys, I have food allergies. I have my epipen. If there is a problem, help me.“这就是为什么你必须随身携带肾上腺素自动注射器,即使你不情愿,即使这看起来不太酷” 蒙特利尔儿童医院儿科过敏和免疫学主任克里斯汀·麦卡斯克盖尔医生说“最最重要的是,你得告诉大家你的过敏情况你得讲出来:大家伙听着啊,我有食物过敏症状我随身带的有肾上腺素自动注射器,如果发生了问题,请帮助我” 5。
  • We all eat every day sustenance, but some people choose to eat other reasons, reasons that would make those in a third world country very surprised. And by that, we mean that some people like to waste food on a dare, often as a rite of passage. Not only are these food challenges extremely wasteful, but some of them are also quite dangerous. Of course, some of them are also just plain bizarre and make very little sense.我们每天为了活着而吃,但一些人选择为其他理由而吃,这些理由会让那些第三世界的人非常吃惊关于这点,我们指的是那些在人生重大礼仪中接受挑战浪费食物的人这些食物挑战不仅极其浪费,有一些还相当危险当然,某些是纯粹的怪诞并且毫无意义.Habanero Challenge.哈瓦那辣椒挑战This is perhaps one of the most well-known food challenges; people love to cram as many spicy peppers in their mouths as possible and see how long they can go bee they need a drink. In all actuality, no one really enjoys it; their friends enjoy watching them do it and taping the results. This sort of activity is a social thing and usually precipitated by heavy peer pressure. Also, restaurants challenge people to eat large amounts of wings with Habanero sauce the honor of being on their Wall of Fame and winning a free beer. That usually a pretty good way to inspire someone to do something dumb.这可能是最著名的食物挑战之一了吧人们喜欢吞下尽可能多的辣椒,然后看看不喝水能坚持多久事实上,没人真正喜欢这样做,但他们的朋友们喜欢看他们这样做并且把整个过程记录下来这种活动带有社交意味,通常由于很大的同伴压力而促成饭店也会挑战人们去吃大量涂有哈瓦那辣椒的鸡翅,然后人们可以登上荣誉榜并获得一瓶免费的啤酒这通常是鼓励某人去做傻事的好方法Among the worst peppers out there are the Habanero and ghost pepper. Some people online actually go to the trouble to review peppers hotness, and obviously have graded both of these quite high.While the Habanero can be quite painful to consume, it luckily isnt particularly dangerous if you can handle spice well. The ghost pepper on the other hand, is actually quite dangerous and shouldnt be consumed whole as a challenge. A pepper that strong is best put in very small quantities in a large dish. And then thrown into a deep, deep pit and never spoken of ever again.最辣的辣椒有哈瓦那辣椒和印度鬼椒事实上一些网民不辞辛苦去评价各种辣椒辣的程度,很显然这两者已经被给予了高度评价尽管哈瓦那椒消化起来很痛苦,幸运的是如果你能很好应付辣椒的话,它还不算危险而印度鬼椒却另当别论了,它相当危险,不能被整个吃掉作为挑战那样辣的辣椒最好是在一大盘菜里放一丁点,然后被扔进深深的窖里,再也不要提起9.Pickle Challenge9.泡菜挑战The pickle challenge is probably one of the most disgusting food challenges on the planet, even if you like pickles. While there isnt a lot of documentation on this specific one, probably because most people dont want to do it, there are a few points that seem to be pretty common. The most obvious aspect of the challenge is that you eat an entire jar of pickles and all of the juice therein. Some people impose a time limit on this, because God bid you dilly-dally on shoving that many pickles and disgusting juice down your throat. We arent sure why people enjoy wasting all this food; perhaps pickles were the only thing they had in the house.即使你喜欢泡菜,泡菜挑战也算是世界上最恶心的食物挑战之一了关于这种挑战记载的资料并不多,可能因为大多数人都不愿意这样做尽管如此,有几点是共同的:最显然的就是你要吃下一整罐的泡菜,里面的汤也必须喝下一些人对这种挑战加了个时间限制,因为上帝也不能容忍你把这么多泡菜和恶心的汤磨磨蹭蹭灌下喉咙我们不确定为什么人们如此享受浪费这些食物,可能他们家里面只有泡菜吧8.Hamburger Challenge8.汉堡挑战Many restaurants have done the enormous burger thing, but one has gone so far as to make a burger weighing 6 pounds. The recipe includes two whole onions and two whole tomatoes, and at least one whole head of lettuce. The restaurant also offers slightly less gargantuan burgers that are only 3 pounds, in case youre not feeling particularly hungry that day. Like many restaurants, if you can eat the entire cow that they shoved between a loaf worth of bun, they will give you all sorts of prizes, such as the meal being free.许多饭店做过大汉堡这种事情,但有个饭店竟然把汉堡做到了6磅重菜单里包括两个洋葱,两个西红柿还有至少一颗生菜万一你那天感觉不是特别饿,这家饭店也提供稍小点的3磅重的汉堡像许多其他饭店一样,如果你能吃下面包中间夹的所有牛肉,他们会给你各种奖励,比如免单之类的One site has even come up with a home order version of the challenge. Basically, they give you a recipe, you make the enormous burger and tape yourself eating it within two hours. If you pull it off, you win 0, which untunately wont be enough to cover the hospital bill what you did to your body.一个地方还想出了家庭预订版本的挑战大体来说,他们给你一个原料单,你自己做大汉堡然后录下自己吃的过程,要控制在小时之内如果成功了,你将获得500美元,不幸的是,这点钱当然是不够你住院的7.Saltine Challenge7.撒盐饼干挑战The saltine challenge sounds ridiculously easy at first. You are supposed to eat six tiny saltines in a minute. At ten seconds per cracker, that seems like nothing. Except it actually quite difficult, not to mention horrible. The salt, plus the dryness of the crackers, makes it essentially impossible to get them down within the time limit. Some people have tried on multiple occasions, and still been left with about two crackers at the end. While this challenge is basically impossible, and incredibly pointless, at the very least it safer and less wasteful than many of the others.起初听起来挺容易的你需要在一分钟内吃掉六个小撒盐饼干每十秒一个,这听起来小菜一碟事实上却很困难,甚至是很恐怖的盐,加上脆饼干的干,让你在规定时间内吃完它们几乎是不可能的一些人在多种场合尝试过,最后都剩下大概两块饼干尽管这个挑战基本是不可能的,但和其他许多挑战相比至少它是安全的,也不太浪费6.Milk Challenge6.牛奶挑战The milk challenge is one of those activities that happen when you and a group of people you have nothing in common with are so bored that vomiting dairy products all over the room sounds like a good idea. The idea of the challenge is to drink an entire gallon of milk in just one hour without puking any of it back up. Most people who havent tried it think it sounds fairly easy, but the human body just isnt very good at processing that much dairy at once. Except Kobayashi, but that because he almost certainly a space alien.牛奶挑战是你和一群没有任何共同点的人无聊至极以至于认为把牛奶吐得满地是一个好主意这个挑战的想法是在一个小时内喝掉一加仑牛奶而不能吐一滴没有尝试过的人可能会觉得这听起来很容易,但人体不善于一下子处理那么多的牛奶大胃王Kobayashi除外,但那是因为他差不多算是个外星人了One person was so enamored by the challenge, and the never-ending failure of those who attempt it, that he created a website just to document everything about it it. It filled with picture after picture of people puking up milk, which is exactly the kind of content that Al Gore envisioned when he invented the Internet.一个迷恋这项挑战的人创立了一个网站,只为记录一个个不断挑战的场面里面充斥了一张张人们吐奶的照片,这种场面一定正是阿尔·戈尔(提出信息高速公路和数字地球概念)创造网络时所设想的内容翻译:小芝 来源:前十网 0。
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