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2019年12月15日 19:49:02

A university student in China has been caught taking photographs up his female classmate#39;s skirt while attending a lecture.日前,中国一名大学生在上课期间偷拍女同学裙底,却被当场抓住。Images have been released on Chinese social media showing the man holding his phone around his back, which was aimed at another female student, reports the People#39;s Daily Online. The male student allegedly shared the pictures with a classmate after they were snapped.据《人民日报》报道,从一些发布在社交媒体上的照片可以看出,该名男子将手机藏到背后,从桌子底下伸出来对着后排的女同学进行偷拍。在偷拍得手后,该名男子还和其他同学分享了这些照片。A total of six photos were circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo with posts claiming that the man is studying in a university in Kunming, southern China#39;s Yunnan Province.中国社交媒体新浪微上一共贴出了6张该男子偷拍行为的照片,同时有文称该名男子就读于中国南方的云南昆明的一所大学。The pictures were taken by a third student who sat behind the female victim at the time. In the photos, the student pretends to pay attention in class however his hands are holding his phone around his back, getting pictures of the unknowing female behind him.当时坐在女受害人后方的另一名学生拍下了该名男子作案时的照片。从照片中可以看出,该名男子假装很认真的听课,但是双手却拿着手机环于背后,拍下了后排女子裙底的照片,而受害人还浑然不知。The man has admitted to his behaviour to the media and apologised to the victim, according to People#39;s Daily Online.据《人民日报》报道,该男子向媒体承认了他的所作所为,并向受害人道了歉。The photos have sparked an outrage among users of Weibo.这些照片激起了微用户们的怒火。One user commented: #39;This guy should be expelled.#39; And another wrote: #39;Why didn#39;t they call the police?#39;一名微用户说道:“这人应该被开除。”另一人说道:“为什么他们不报警呢?”While one user said: #39;If apologies work, why do we need the law?#39;也有人说道:“如果道歉有用的话,那我们还要法律来干什么?”There is an increasing problem with people trying to take up-skirt photographs in China. In April, a woman made a man eat his phone#39;s memory card after she caught him taking photographs up her skirt. The woman filmed the incident and uploaded the footage to Weibo.在中国,不法分子偷拍女生裙底的问题越来越猖獗。今年四月,一名男子偷拍女生裙底照片被抓现行,受害人逼迫该名男子吃下了他的手机内存卡。这名女子把整件事拍了下来,并上传到了微上。 /201607/453978哈尔滨省第十人民医院诊所Serenity and science平静和科学The mindfulness and wellness trend — whichincludes meditation apps such as HeadSpace,partying before work at events likeDaybreaker, yoga hybrids and a wealth of books, magazines, workshops,accessories and nutritional offerings — offers rich pickings for those who arecashing in on the art of zen.专注力和健康的潮流——包括冥想应用HeadSpace、像Daybreaker那样的工作前的聚会活动、各类瑜伽以及大量的图书、杂志、研讨会和辅助营养品——为那些靠禅道赚钱的人带来了丰厚的报酬。A report by US industry research companyIBISWorld showed the alternative healthcare segment was worth .3bn inrevenue in 2015 in the US alone. Of that, meditation makes up 7.4% of totalindustry revenue at nearly bn, with yoga at 15.1% and deep breathingexercises 15.3%.大多数另类医疗都关注正面导向。那么,专注咒骂和用语言表达愤怒真的对你有好处吗?虽然没有研究专门讨论这个话题,但是其他研究表明它可能对你有益。美国行业研究公司IBIS World的一份报告显示2015年美国的另类医疗收入已经达到133亿美元。其中,冥想接近10亿美元,占行业总收入的7.4%,瑜伽占15.1%,深呼吸练习占15.3%。One study showed expletives aren’t alwaysconsidered negative,even in work settings. And, a 2003 study by researchers inNew Zealand of workers in a soap factory found that in certain contexts,swearing together can create a sense of solidarity.For the most part, theseofferings focus on the positive. So can mindful swearing and expressing verbalrage really be good for you? While no studies have been done on this specifictopic, there is other research that suggests it might be.一项研究表明,咒骂并不总是负面的,即使在工作场合也是这样。而2003年研究者对新西兰一家肥皂工厂的研究发现,在一些情境下,工人在一起骂人能产生某种凝聚力。And, research led by psychologist DrRichard Stephens at Keele University in the UK showed that swearing can helpyou become more persuasive and increase pain tolerance, particularly for thosewho seldom swear in everyday life. The reason? Swearing seems to trigger the “fight orflight”stress response.基尔大学(Keele University)的心理学家、士理查德·史蒂芬斯(Richard Stephens)所带领的团队进行了一项研究,发现咒骂可以让我们更有说力,增加我们对疼痛的承受力,尤其是那些在日常生活中很少咒骂的人。原因是?咒骂似乎会激发“战斗或逃跑”的压力反应。“There’s evidence linking swearing with different brain areas to howlanguage is normally processed,”said Stephens, who is also the author of Black Sheep: The HiddenBenefits of Being Bad.“有据把咒骂与大脑的一些区域联系起来,而那不是通常处理语言的区域,”《Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad》(“害群之马:恶人亦善”)的作者史蒂芬斯说。And, while Stephens and his team havepublished data on physical pain, and not emotional pain or anxiety, he said theidea that swearing could help reduce stress is a valid one that warrantsfurther study. “It seems logical that it’s doing some kind of a job,”he said. “In emotionalsituations people do swear, just like they do in painful situations.”虽然史蒂芬斯和他的团队发布的数据是关于生理疼痛,不是心理的痛苦或焦虑,但是他说咒骂的减压功能是成立的,有必要进行深入研究。“它理应发挥功能。”他说,“人们在情绪化时会骂人,这和人在疼痛的时候是一样的。”And, the idea of combining mindfulness andswearing is a creative one, he added.把专注和咒骂结合起来的想法很有创造力,他补充说。“Swearing has a bit of cachet if it’s done in a novel sense,” DrStephens said. “Performers can sometimes use a swear word and get a reaction,whereas if you overuse it, that stops happening.” In the same way, in arelaxation setting, you don’t expect to hear that kind of language, so it hasshock value, he said, adding that hearing it out of context makes you laugh,which is relaxing in itself.“咒骂一旦披上新的外衣就有了一定的声望。”史蒂芬斯士说,“表演者有时候可以骂一句,获得观众的反应,但如果你过度使用,这种反应就会停止。”同样道理,在放松的情境下,你不会预期听到那种话,所以它有一种让人震惊的力量。他说。他还补充说,在脱离情境时听到咒骂会让人发笑,这本身就有放松的作用。Global resonance全球共鸣While both Headley’s and Istace’s conceptsmay have started out as a bit of a laugh, they’ve resonated withpeople.尽管黑德利和伊斯塔斯的理念一开始可能会被人嘲笑,但是它们在一些人中获得了共鸣。Headley’s meditation was always just supposedto be funny. “Not making fun of meditation or mindfulness, but making fun ofour human limitations. The guy on the guided meditation would say somethinglike, ‘Just clear your mind.’ And I was stunned by that. How do I just clear mymind? My mind is perpetually packed with ideas, agendas, emotions, andlightweight petty rage,”Headley said.黑德利的冥想总是妙趣横生。“这不是开冥想或专注力的玩笑,而是开人的局限的玩笑。冥想指导者会说这样一些话,‘清空你的大脑。’我对此感到震惊。我该如何清空大脑?我的脑子里总是装满了各种想法、日程、情绪和些许愤怒。”黑德利说。To his surprise, the feedback to his HonestMeditation has been overwhelmingly positive. “People started saying they foundthe ‘meditation’ genuinely helpful. They wanted longer versions, so I made anapp.” Headley’s new book, also titled F*ck That: An Honest Meditation, will bepublished by Penguin Random House in April.让黑德利惊讶的是,他的真诚的冥想得到了大量积极的好评。“人们开始说他们觉得这种‘冥想’真的很有帮助。他们想要时间更长的版本,所以我做了一款应用。”黑德利题为《操他的:一次真诚的冥想》的新书将在4月由企鹅兰登出版公司出版。Similarly, Rage Yoga also had a strong baseof followers, Istace says. After garnering media attention and enquiries aboutthe concept from as far afield as Russia, the UK and South Africa, Istace haslaunched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop online courses (thefirst of which will be named Bendy and Badass) and she hopes to do a Rage Yogatour across Canada in August.类似地,愤怒瑜伽也建立起了一个强大的粉丝团,伊斯塔斯说。她吸引了媒体的注意力,来自俄罗斯、英国和南非的各种询问也接踵而至,于是伊斯塔斯发起了名为Kickstarter的活动,要为在线课程的开发募集资金(第一项课程将被命名为Bendy and Badass)。她还希望8月在加拿大进行一次愤怒瑜伽巡回讲座。“It’s a really awesome way to use negative emotions in a positive way,”she said, “and beconstructive about it.”“这真是以积极的方式利用消极情绪的极好方法。”她说,“它有很强的建设性。” /201604/438574哈尔滨中医院属几甲Paper-Cut in Wedding婚姻中的剪纸艺术At wedding ceremony,paper-cut ;Fish playing around lotus,; ;Fish biting lotus,; ;Lotus bearing seeds; and ;Happy dolls;(baby with coiled hair holding a pair of fish) are pasted on the ceiling of the bridal chamber.在婚礼仪式,剪纸“鱼戏莲花”,“鱼咬莲花”,“莲花结子”和“快乐娃娃”(卷曲的头发的宝宝拿着一双鱼)被粘贴在洞房的天花板上。Fish, being a proliferous legendary animal, is often used to symbolize having multiple children. A yin-yang paired fish became a cultural code in Chinese folk art works.鱼,是传说中多子的神兽,常常被用来象征有多个孩子。配对的阴阳鱼成为中国民间艺术作品的文化代码。 /201605/442487The general belief is we want to live for as long as we possibly can - maybe even reaching triple figures. Advances in medicine, science and technology are extending our life expectancy every day.人们普遍认为大家都想活得尽可能长久,甚至可能希望活到100岁以上。科技和医学的进步每天都在延长我们的预期寿命。But many are scared of the effects of ageing - with the thought of dementia striking terror into the hearts of most adults.但是也有许多人对衰老带来的一系列后果感到恐惧,比如,大多数成年人想到以后可能会得痴呆就十分害怕。And a new study has discovered the fear of becoming old may actually outweigh the fear of dying.一项新研究发现,衰老比死亡更让人恐惧。More than one in six people would prefer to die before they turn 80 - less than the average life expectancy, scientists found.科学家发现,有六分之一的人更希望在八十岁前死去。这个年龄比现在的平均预期寿命还要低。Hispanics have the highest preference for a shorter life while African-American people are more likely to want to live for 100 or more years, a new study suggests.研究表明,拉美裔的美国人最倾向于拥有一个较短暂的人生,而非裔美国人更愿意活到100岁或更久。But despite women living around five years longer than men, gender had no difference in how long people wanted to live for.尽管女性的平均寿命比男性多五岁,但在想要活多久的问题上男女的想法并无差异。Age and education were also found to be unrelated - despite those with formal education tending to live longer.年龄和教育也没有关联,虽然受过正规教育的人都希望活得久一点。The study is one of the first to investigate how younger adults perceive and anticipate their own ageing.这项研究首次调查了年轻成人对衰老的认识以及对老年生活的设想。Researchers from the Columbia Aging Center quizzed 1,600 adults aged 18 to 64 in a telephone survey.哥伦比亚老年化中心的研究员们通过电话调研了1600名18-64岁的成年人。They were on average 42 years old, half were women and 33 percent were university graduates.被调查者的平均年龄为42岁,其中一半是女性,有33%是大学毕业生。One in three would prefer to live until they are at least 80 years old, researchers discovered.研究人员发现,有三分之一的人希望自己至少能活到80岁。While a quarter of adults would prefer to live into their 90s - somewhat longer than expected.四分之一希望活到90岁,超过了预期寿命。The remaining people said they hoped to live to 100 or more years.其他的人们希望活到100岁,甚至更久。In the UK, the average life expectancy is 81.5 years, while in the US it is 78.7.英国的平均预期年龄是81.5岁,美国为78.7岁。Professor Vegard Skirbekk, from the Columbia Aging Center said: #39;We were particularly interested in whether how long people want to live would be related to their expectations about what their life in old age will be like.哥伦比亚老年化中心的韦加尔#8226;希尔贝克教授说:“人们希望活多久和他们对老年生活的期望之间是否有关?我们对这一点尤其感兴趣。”#39;For many, it seems that the fear of becoming old may outweigh the fear of dying.#39;“对于许多人来说,对变老的恐惧超过了对死亡的恐惧。”The results confirmed those who had fewer positive expectations of growing old preferred to die earlier, before reaching average life expectancy.研究结果也实,对老年生活没有太多正面预期的人更希望早点死去,不愿活到平均预期寿命。And conversely, those who had fewer negative expectations of old age wanted their lives to go on for longer.相反的,对老年生活的负面预期较少的人们希望活得更久。Joint author Dr Catherine Bowen said: #39;Having rather bleak expectations of what life will be like in old age seems to undermine the desire to live up to and beyond current levels of average life expectancy.研究报告的共同作者凯瑟琳#8226;鲍文士说:“对老年生活的悲观预期会削减想要活得长久以及超过平均预期寿命的渴望。”#39;People who embrace the ;better to die young; attitude may underestimate their ability to cope with negative age-related life experiences as well as to find new sources of well-being in old age.#39;“有‘宁愿早死’态度的人可能低估了自己处理衰老带来负面影响的能力和年老时找到保健新方法的能力。”The findings were published online in the journal Ageing and Society.这些研究结果都发表在《老龄化与社会》杂志的网站上。 /201608/463593黑龙江九州妇科医院属于几级?

黑龙江省九洲好吗哈市三院做引产需要证明吗Regions Where the National Minorities Live少数民族的居住地China is a country with 56 nationalities, among which Han nationality takes more than 91.5% of China#39;s total population. The other national minorities together comprise the rest 8.5% . They mainly live in the southwestern regions,Inner Mongolia,Ningxia and Xinjiang Autonomous Regions and southeastern coastal regions. Traveling to such areas may help visitors getto know the colorful and unique customs of people living there.中国是一个有56个民族的国家,其中汉族占超过中国总人口数的91.5%。其他少数民族共同构成其余的8.5%。它们主要生活在西南地区,内蒙古,宁夏,新疆和东南沿海地区五个自治区。前往这些地区可能会帮助游客了解生活在那里的人的丰富多和独特的习俗 /201608/458912双城区妇幼保健医院概况哈市九州人流手术费多少钱

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