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What Is The Strongest Muscle In Your Body?身体最强壮的肌肉是哪一块?What is the strongest human muscle?最强壮的肌肉是哪块?Is it your biceps, quadriceps or could it be your gluteus maximus? You might be surprised to learn that it#39;s none of the above. The question can be a tricky one to answer since it depends entirely on what your definition of;strongest”is. Today we’ll explore this little life mystery.是肱二头肌、股四头肌、还是臀大肌?如果告诉你这些都不是,估计你会很吃惊。给“强壮”的定义不同,也不同。今天我们就对此来探秘。Ability To Exert Force发力能力If by strongest you mean;ability to exert a force on an external object”, then a human#39;s strongest muscle is his or her ‘masseter’ muscle. The masseter muscle is a thick muscle in the cheek and is located at the back of the jaw. It#39;s responsible for opening and closing your jaw during chewing.如果按发力大小来判断,人身上最强壮的肌肉应该是咬肌。咬肌是脸上最厚的一块肌肉,长在下巴后方。咬肌主要负责咀嚼时下巴咬合作用。It is the muscle that can generate the largest externally measurable force attributable to the action of a specific, single muscle. Its strength is the result of incredibly densely packed muscle fibers combined with being attached to a short-armed lever. It can close the teeth with a force as great as 55 pounds (25 kilograms) on the incisors or 200 pounds (91 kilograms) on the molars. 咬肌是能发出最大力量的单独肌肉。它的力量主要来源于高密度的肌纤维。咬肌能使门齿咬合时发出55磅的力, 臼齿则能发出200磅的力。Which Muscle Does The Most Work?干活最多的肌肉是哪块?Now if you take ‘strongest’ to mean ‘does the most work’, the heart lies claim to that. The heart does its work continuously over an entire lifetime without pause, and hence ‘outworks‘ every other muscle.如果用“干活最多”的标准来衡量肌肉强壮与否,那么要数心脏了。人体心脏一直不停的做功,直到生命结束,所以心肌是“干活最多”的肌肉。What#39;s The Largest Muscle?最大的肌肉是哪块?The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is located in your buttocks and its size directly corresponds to the important role it has in your everyday life. It#39;s main function is to keep your body erect and straight. Its function is to provide balance and a center of gravity while walking or running.人体最大的一块肌肉是臀大肌。臀大肌长在臀部,所以它的尺寸与人体日常活动息息相关。它的主要作用是持人体直立。让身体保持平衡。同时,在你行走或跑步时,它也能平衡重力。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/454233The Origin of Chinese Zodiac生肖的起源In ancient times, our ancestors counted the years with 10 celestial stems and 12 terrestrial branches. Although this was scientific, most people were illiterate and could not memorize or calculate easily. Thus the animals that influenced people#39;s lives were chosen to symbolize the terrestrial branches: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep,monkey, rooster, dog and pig.在古代,我们的祖先认为一年有10个天干和12个地。虽然这是科学的,大多数人是文盲,无法记忆或计算不容易。因此,这影响了人们的生活,12种动物被选为象征着12地:鼠,牛,虎,兔,龙,蛇,马,羊,猴,鸡,,猪。For a long time there has been a special relationship between humans and the 12 zodiacal animals. Humans admired them, took them totems, and in the artistic field,those animal signs were among the features of those themes. This can be reflected in artisans#39; paper-cut works, New- Year pictures, pottery and bronze wares, especially on the bronze mirrors before the appearance of glass ones, on which elaborate forms showed creativity and passion as well as wishes for a good life.很长一段时间人类和12生肖之间有特殊关系。人类羡慕他们,拿它们做腾图,并在艺术领域里,这些动物的象征着那些主题。这可以体现在工匠的剪纸作品上,新年画,陶器和青铜器,特别是那些青铜器的外观,其精心制作的形状表现出创造力和热情,以及祝愿美好生活。 /201606/448642

A pizza shop owner in New York, took to social media to introduce his latest innovation, an edible pizza box. 纽约一位披萨店主近日在社交媒体上介绍了自己的最新发明:可以吃的披萨包装盒。The pizzeria is ditching the cardboard container for a pizza box that#39;s made of one thing and one thing only—100 percent pizza. 该店的披萨外包装将不再采用纸板盒,转而使用一种由单一材料制成的盒子,这个单一材料就是:100%的披萨。Vinnie#39;s Pizzeria in Brooklyn revealed “the pizza box pizza” via Twitter and it#39;s been sending hungry pizza lovers into a tailspin. 这家名叫“维尼披萨”的店位于布鲁克林。店家在推特上披露了自己“披萨做成披萨盒”的创意之后,饥饿的披萨吃货们立刻不淡定了。The pizza box pizza starts with a pepperoni pie that comes enveloped in a square pizza, replacing those boring non-edible boxes of yesteryear. 这种“披萨盒披萨”中间是意大利辣香肠馅饼,包装在一个方形的披萨面饼里面,取代了过去那种不可食用的纸盒。;It#39;s a Sicilian pizza underneath—like a fluffy Sicilian pizza that forms the pizza box,” said Vinnie#39;s owner Sean Berthiaume. 维尼披萨的店主西恩·贝尔蒂奥姆表示:“底下就是一种薄饼,把松软的薄饼做成了披萨盒的样子。”He says the idea came to him during slower business hours while he was thinking about customers coming in for a slice or two, then discarding their greasy boxes right away. 他表示,顾客不多时,他就有时间考虑一些事情,比如看到食客吃完几片披萨后,随手就把油乎乎的盒子扔掉了。于是他想到了这个“披萨当盒子”的主意。“Sometimes I get a little upset when customers ask for a box and then they sit down and eat the pizza and they throw away the box right away. So that kinda clicked something in my brain.” “有时面对顾客要包装盒的状况,我挺沮丧的,因为他们就坐在那儿吃,吃完把盒子一扔。这种场景深深地印在了我的脑子里。”So the pizza box isn#39;t just delicious—but it#39;s also environmentally friendly. 所以这种披萨盒不仅美味,而且环保。But an entire box made of dough, sauce and cheesy goodness doesn#39;t come cheap. Each pizza box pizza costs . And to keep it fresh, it#39;s wrapped in tin foil. 不过,这种由面粉、酱料和奶酪做成的披萨盒可不便宜。买一款这种“披萨盒披萨”要花费40美元。为了保鲜,这种披萨外面还要包上锡纸。While many people want to help the environment by using less cardboard boxes, they still want to get their pizza delivered to their home. 虽然很多人有少用包装盒保护环境的美好愿望,但他们还是希望自己订的披萨能够送货上门。Vinnie#39;s Pizzeria does deliver right to your doorstep but Berthiaume prefers customers enjoy his pizza in the store or come pick it up fresh. 维尼披萨也提供送货上门的务,但老板贝尔蒂奥姆更希望顾客能堂食,或者来店自取。 /201605/440490

Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 28, 2016星座运势——2016年6月28这周Aries | March 21 to April 19白羊座 3.21-4.19You may not have a lot of money, but you still believe yourself to be rich in many ways. This isn’t surprising considering the cost of a proper education these days.也许你钱不多,但你仍然相信你可以通过很多方式变得富有。考虑到这些天获得正式教育的成本,这不足为奇。Taurus | April 20 to May 20金牛座 4.20-5.20The lion shall lay down with the lamb this week, before looking around, realizing no savior has in fact returned, and ripping out the poor, unsuspecting animal’s throat.本周在环顾四周意识到实际上并没有归还救世主并撕扯了可怜的毫无戒备的动物的喉咙前,狮子应该与羊羔躺在一起。Gemini | May 21 to June 20双子座 5.21-6.20The difference between life and death can come down to a few precious minutes, or in your case, the time it takes for the EMTs to finally stop laughing.可以在宝贵的几分钟内归结出生与死的区别,或者在你的情况下,急救医疗技术员所需要的时间终于停止大笑了。Cancer | June 21 to July 22巨蟹座 6.21-7.22You’ll have a terrifying out-of-body experience this week, followed by an even more horrifying back-inside-your-body experience this week.本周你将会有一次可怕的亲身经历,随后甚至会体验一次更加可怕的身体内部经历。Leo | July 23 to Aug. 22狮子座 7.23-8.22It takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak candidly in front of a large group of people. Especially when those people are just there to watch KISS.在一大群人面前站起来坦白地讲话是需要很大勇气的。尤其是当这些人只是来看亲吻场景的。Virgo | Aug. 23 to Sept. 22处女座 8.23-9.22s are known for their submissive nature, weak and cowardly attitude, and tendency to just sit there and nod along while the stars openly shit all over them.人们都知道s逆来顺受的本质以及软弱怯懦的态度,当恒星们公然欺凌它们时,它们则趋向于坐在那里,跟别人一起点头。Libra | Sept. 23 to Oct. 22天秤座 9.23-10.22While it’s true that drugs aren’t the answer to your problem, they will, if taken in large enough doses, make you forget exactly what your problems are.虽然药物不是解决你问题的方法,这是事实,但如果摄入大量剂量时,它们能使你全然忘记你的问题是什么。Scorpio | Oct. 23 to Nov. 21蝎子座 10.23-11.21You’ve managed to overcome a lot in order to become a senior marketing manager, primarily your hopes, aspirations, and dreams.为了成为一名高级营销经理,主要是实现你的希望,抱负和梦想,你成功克了很多问题。Sagittarius | Nov. 22 to Dec. 21射手座 11.22-12.21Pretty soon you’re going to have to sit down and ask yourself some very important questions. Particularly, “why?”很快,你将会坐下来问自己一些十分重要的问题。尤其是,“为什么?”Capricorn | Dec. 22 to Jan. 19羯座 12.22-1.19There are certain species of bear which mind their own business and don’t attack or eat humans. You will not meet any such bears this week.当然有一些熊类只做自己的事情,不会攻击或吃人类。本周你不会遇到这样的熊类。Aquarius | Jan. 20 to Feb. 18宝瓶座 1.20-2.18Don’t let pessimism or negativity get in your way this week, as you aly have a hard enough time not always fucking everything up on your own.本周不要让悲观或消极态度阻挡住自己,因为你已经度过了十分艰难的时期:不要总是自己单独搞砸事情。Pisces | Feb. 19 to March 20双鱼座 2.19-3.20You establish a destructive pattern of behavior this week when you discover how much fun it is to destroy things.本周当你发现毁坏东西很有趣时,你就建立了一种破坏性的行为模式。译文属 /201606/451953

Neurologists and psychologists are of the opinion that spending a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis with these brain training games and memory improvement techniques will do wonders for you and your mind power. So let us take a look at the 5 things you can do to improve your memory. Read on to find out more.神经学家和心理学家建议,每天利用至少15到20分钟进行脑力锻炼游戏,学习提高的技巧,你将会发现自己的思维将发生不可思议的变化。让我们来看看提高的5种方法。往下阅读了解更多。1.A good night#39;s sleep might be useful1.优质睡眠作用不小When you sleep, your mind is at rest, which causes your brain to solidify the links shared by the neurons in your brain, which in turn boosts your power to remember. The best way to sharpen your mind skills is to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. So get your fair share of sleep.当你睡着之后,你的思维进入休息状态,大脑开始固定神经元之间的连接,进而促进你的。让思维变得敏捷的最好方式是:每天至少保7至8小时的睡眠时间。所以要好好睡觉。2.A little bit of jogging is always a good idea2.适当慢跑是个好主意Doing some workout is good for the entire body, as well as for the brain. Jogging regularly balances your heart rate, which increases the flow of blood to your brain, thereby boosting your memory power. Other than jogging, you can opt for cycling, running and swimming for at least 40 minutes every day. Any physical activity that includes effective hand eye coordination is good for your brain.运动对全身都有好处,对大脑也是。定期慢跑会使你的心率平衡,增加大脑血液流动,从而提高你的。除了慢跑,你还可以选择每天骑行、跑步、游泳40分钟以上。任何体育活动,包括有效的手眼协调活动,对大脑都有好处。3.Multitasking should be avoided as much as possible3.尽量避免一心多用People say that multitasking shows off the ability of your brain to handle multiple tasks at a single go. But the concept is entirely wrong. In fact, researchers are of the opinion that due to multitasking, we lose focus and concentration, which causes memory loss, ie, we forget certain things. That is why you will see that when you a book and talk to someone, you cannot do either properly. So quit multitasking today.人们认为,大脑拥有同时处理多种事务的能力值得炫耀--然而,这种想法完全错误。事实上,研究人员认为,由于同时进行多项任务,我们失去了重点以及专注力,造成记忆缺失并会遗忘某些事情。所以你会发现,一边读书一边与人交谈,两边都不能做得很好。今天就改掉一心多用的习惯吧。4.Try some herbal remedies4.尝试草药调养For many centuries, our elders have taught us that taking herbs for mental growth is always beneficial. This fact is absolutely true. Herbs like Ashwagandha is extremely good for boosting one#39;s memory, as well as curing brain related diseases like Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s. Also, naturally occurring oils, like fish oil, helps the neurons in our brain to grow properly, which reduces the chances for several neurodegenerative illnesses.许多世纪以来,我们的祖辈一直教导我们用草药健脑,益处良多。事实的确如此。比如印度人参,对提高就非常有帮助,还能治疗脑部相关疾病,如阿尔茨海默症和帕金森症。同时,天然生成的油,如鱼油,可以促进大脑神经元的生长,减少神经组织退化等疾病的患病机会。5.Always try to stay organized5.尽量保持井井有条A messy house creates blocks in your memory, as you cannot remember where you might have put a certain item. Keeping your house organized makes it easier for you to remember things, as well as creating a healthy habitat for you.乱糟糟的房子会给你的记忆添堵,比如当你记不起某件东西放在哪里的时候。把家里收拾得井井有条,会让你更容易想起事情,同时也为自己创造了一个健康的生活环境。译文属 /201608/458573

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