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长春第一医院在哪里蛟河妇女医院花多少钱长春专业无痛人流 Scientists studying why pets appear to protect kids against asthma and allergies say the answer might lie in the world of bacteria that live in the gut.科学家们研究了养宠物为何似乎能保护孩子不会患上哮喘与过敏,他们说,可能在于肠道内生活的菌群。A new study published Monday found that exposing mice to dust from households where dogs were allowed outdoors significantly changed the composition of gut microbes in the mice.周一公布的新研究发现,将老鼠暴露于准许外出的家庭产生的灰尘中,极大地改变了老鼠肠道菌群的成分。When the mice were then challenged with some well-known allergy triggers, they had significantly reduced allergic responses compared with mice that had been exposed to dust from homes without dogs or that weren#39;t exposed to any dust.随后这些老鼠被注射了一些有名的过敏触发物,相比那些暴露于无家庭灰尘或是未暴露于灰尘中的老鼠,这些老鼠的过敏反应大大减小。Having dogs in the house #39;might inoculate the GI tract#39; of babies and lead to a more mature immune response that is less sensitive to many allergens, said Susan Lynch, an associate professor in the division of gastroenterology at University of California, San Francisco and senior author of the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)肠胃病学副教授、上述研究的资深作者林奇(Susan Lynch)说,在家中养可能对婴儿胃肠道起到接种作用,导致更为成熟的免疫反应,对许多过敏原较不敏感。上述研究发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)。#39;We develop this great diversity of organisms [in the gut] over the first couple of years of life,#39; Dr. Lynch said. The gastrointestinal microbiome is the subject of a growing body of research showing the bacteria play key roles in metabolism, immunity and a variety of other biological processes.林奇说,我们在一生中最初的几年就在肠道中建立了这种极为多样化的生物群落。胃肠道微生物群正成为越来越多的研究机构的研究对象,这些研究显示出,细菌在新陈代谢、免疫和多种生物过程中都扮演着关键角色。While the study looked at mice, Dr. Lynch said the findings are consistent with previous research based on human observations and are likely to apply to people.虽然上述研究考察的是老鼠的情况,但林奇说,相关结果与此前基于人类观察的研究一致,并有可能适用于人类。The new study identified one specific species of bacteria, Lactobacillus johnsonii, that was strongly linked to protection against allergic responses. When isolated from the gut of one group of mice and put into the intestinal tract of other mice, #39;those mice were protected,#39; Dr. Lynch said. #39;The immune response was significantly reduced in those animals and they looked healthier.#39;新的研究识别出了一种名为约氏乳酸杆菌(Lactobacillus johnsonii)的细菌,其与防止过敏反应存在很强的关联。林奇说,从一组老鼠的肠道中分离出这种细菌并植入另外的老鼠肠道后,被植入细菌的老鼠就获得了过敏保护。这些动物身上的免疫反应极大地降低了,它们看起来更为健康。But they weren#39;t as well-protected as mice with a more-diversified microbiome, suggesting other such organisms in the microbiome affect immune response.但它们受到保护的程度不如有着更多样化菌群的老鼠,这表明菌群中还有其他类似生物影响着免疫反应。Dr. Lynch and her colleagues, including researchers at the University of Michigan; the Henry Ford Health System, Detroit; and the Georgia Regents University, Augusta, are shifting the research to people. The aim is to develop probiotics or #39;microbial based therapies#39; that might be used to prevent or treat asthma and allergies, Dr. Lynch said.林奇与密歇根大学(University of Michigan)、底特律亨利#12539;福特卫生系统(Henry Ford Health System)以及奥古斯塔Georgia Regents University的研究人员正将这项研究转向人体。林奇说,研究的目标是开发出基于益生菌或微生物的疗法,可能用于防止或治疗哮喘和过敏。The study was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.这项研究由美国国家健康研究院(National Institutes of Health)下属的美国国家过敏症和传染病研究所(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)资助。 /201312/269479Coach, the maker of luxury handbags and other sundry accessories, has been having a rough year. Poor sales prompted a leadership shuffle in July, and after a particularly bad earnings report Tuesday, the stock took its biggest dive in years. Which is odd, because the luxury market has been doing really well overall, fed by a global elite with assets that seem to have fully recovered from the recessionary dumps. So what#39;s the problem?蔻驰(Coach)是世界著名奢侈品品牌,主营男女精品配饰,尤以手袋闻名,但今年业绩欠佳。7月,因销量惨淡,蔻驰高层发生了变动,再加上本周二,蔻驰公布了令人失望的收益报告,双重打击之下,蔻驰股票大跌,跌幅创历史新高。然而,在富有的精英阶层似乎完全从经济危机中恢复过来,并带动整个奢侈品消费市场走向繁荣之时,蔻驰糟糕的销售业绩实在令人觉得费解。那么,蔻驰究竟出了什么问题?Part of it is certainly hard-charging competition from newer brands, like Kate Spade and Michael Kors, that appeal to a younger audience. For them, Coach is their rich auntie#39;s label, more 5th Avenue than Mission District.攻势猛烈的新兴品牌自然是挑战之一,如凯特·思蓓(Kate Spade)和迈克·科尔斯(Michael Kors),这些品牌更得年轻消费者青睐。他们认为蔻驰是富有阿姨辈的专属,打个比方说,新兴品牌就像是纽约年轻时尚的教会区(Mission District),而蔻驰则像是第五大道(5th Avenue),更为奢侈古板。But the bigger problem may have been growing too fast in the first place. Coach, under pressure from investors to boost revenue, added line after line of merchandise and dozens of factory outlet stores over the past few years, fueling a dramatic run-up in earnings -- to the point where Coach isn#39;t really Coach anymore.但更大的问题可能来自于产品初期的过速发展。投资者急于追求利润的增长,蔻驰因此不得不在过去的几年间不断扩大生产规模并增开几十家工厂直销店,这样做的确使其利润有了飞跃,但这时蔻驰已不再是原来的蔻驰。;If you#39;re a luxury brand with outlet stores, maybe you#39;re not a luxury brand,; mused Tim Hanson of Motley Fool Funds on a podcast Tuesday. ;They took a growth-at-any-costs attitude that has done brand damage that they are paying for, but at the time that they were doing [it], it fielded stock price gains because it allowed them to put up very heady revenue numbers.;蒂姆·汉森是美国著名投资论坛“衣傻瓜”(Motley Fool Funds)的全球收益顾问,本周二,他在自己的播客中沉思自问:“一个奢侈品牌如果有了工厂店,那还能叫奢侈品吗?为了追求利润而不择手段,品牌形象会受损,他们将自食恶果,但收益表上的数字确实让人飘飘然,也带动了股价增长。”It#39;s a problem all luxury brands face, especially public ones: How can you both sell enough on a quarterly basis to make Wall Street happy while at the same time maintaining the aura of exclusivity that got you where you were in the first place?不仅是蔻驰,全球所有奢侈品牌,尤其是公众品牌,都在面临这样一个问题:如何在保持一个令华尔街满意的季度销量的同时维持产品独有的格调而不违背其品牌初衷。Mark Cohen, a professor of retail at the Columbia University Business School, ticks off the companies that have fallen into the ubiquity trap. Bill Blass ;never met a licensee he didn#39;t do a deal with,; he says. Neiman Marcus ;has opened stores in the last seven, eight years that they wish they could take back.; Saks Fifth Avenue ;took developer deals 25 years ago that gave them the immediate appearance of growth, which was false.; Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and Barney#39;s haven#39;t done themselves any favors either by going mass market either.哥伦比亚大学商学院零售学教授马克·科恩列举了几个陷入“普遍性陷阱”的公司实例。比如比尔·布拉斯(Bill Blass),它从来不会拒绝任何一个授权方的交易请求;尼曼(Neiman Marcus)在过去的七八年间开了好几家分店,而现在他们却后悔了;萨克斯第五大道精品百货店(Saks Fifth Avenue)25年前接受了开发商的协议,并因此带来了繁荣的假象;玛莎·司徒沃特(Marsha Stewart),拉尔夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)和巴尼斯纽约精品店(Barney#39;s)此类品牌也未从扩大的市场中获得任何优势。;It#39;s the designer toilet seat problem,; Cohen says. ;The luxury business is entirely contingent on limited availability, limited supply, and limited exposure.;科恩说:“这关乎设计上的供求问题,奢侈品需要做到供不应求,要知道这个行业完全是依靠限量生产、限量供应和限量发行来运作的。”In recent years, big luxury retailers have found a way around the problem by pivoting to Asia, leveraging their iconic status in places like Japan and China to achieve huge sales without tarnishing their image at home. Coach hasn#39;t had as much success there, perhaps because it doesn#39;t have the same kind of world-wide super-appeal of a Prada or Gucci. Hermes and Tiffany#39;s are typically seen as the gold standard in maintaining brand purity -- compensating for small sales volume with really, really high margins. Privately-held Godiva has managed to operate on two tracks, selling pricey chocolates both in convenience stores and its own, super-luxe retail spaces.近年来,一些奢侈品零售巨头找到了两全其美的办法,即以亚洲为销售重心,利用自身“品牌效应”在中国、日本等国取得巨额销量,而丝毫不影响在国内的形象。但是蔻驰没有像普拉达(Prada)和古奇(Gucci)那样的国际产品知名度,所以并未在亚洲市场上取得多大的成功。爱马仕(Hermes)和蒂凡尼(Tiffany)则是业内严守产品高贵血统这一黄金准则的楷模,它们用高利润来填补销量的不足。私人企业歌蒂凡(Godiva)则采用了两种营销模式:将公司生产的昂贵巧克力同时在便利店和自己的奢侈专卖店中出售。Coach is also at a disadvantage because it#39;s not part of a large umbrella corporation that can compensate for slow growth in one of its portfolio companies with fast growth in another. A lot of the luxury marketplace falls into a few big spheres of influence: LVMH owns Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clic, Dom Perignon, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Christian Dior, Belvedere, Thomas Pink, Donna Karan, Sephora, and many more. Richemont owns Montblanc, Cartier, Piaget, and Van Cleef amp; Arpels. Kering owns Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, etc. Because they#39;re diversified, they can invest in new designers, much like a big record label can -- or could, in better days -- take chances on minor artists on the off chance they take off.蔻驰的另一个劣势在于它不隶属于任何一个大公司,因此也不存在销售业绩较好与较差的投资组合公司之间的互补。许多奢侈品公司旗下都有多个颇具影响力的品牌,如法国酩悦·轩尼诗-路易·威登集团(LVMH),该公司旗下拥有如下品牌:轩尼诗(Hennessy)、路易·威登(Louis Vuitton)、凯歌香槟(VeuveClic)、唐培里侬香槟(Dom Perignon)、纪梵希(Givenchy)、马克·雅各布(Marc Jacobs)、芬迪(Fendi)、克里斯汀·迪奥(Christian Dior)、雪树伏特加(Belvedere)、托马斯·品客(Thomas Pink)、唐纳·卡兰(Donna Karan)、丝芙兰(Sephora)等等;历峰集团(Richemont)旗下拥有:万宝龙(Montblanc)、卡地亚(Cartier)、伯爵表(Piaget)以及梵克雅宝(Van Cleefamp;Arpels);开云集团(Kering)所属品牌有:古奇(Gucci)、巴黎世家(Balenciaga)、亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)、斯特拉·麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)等。就像规模较大的唱片公司现在或景况好时,会在二流艺术家身上试试运气,即使成功的希望渺茫。;Between the moment they invest in them and the moment they will get their return will be five to seven years,; says Ketty Maisonrouge, a luxury branding consultant. ;If you look at most brands, what#39;s successful today, they all try to understand what it is to make sure you don#39;t grow too fast.;奢侈品顾问凯蒂·梅森卢兹称:“投资者从投入资金到收回成本大概需要5到7年的时间。你看那些现在很成功的品牌,他们中大部分都试图找到规律,来确保自身发展速度不过快。”If Coach is to recover, Wall Street is going to need to let it ease off the gas pedal, make like Burberry, and realize that a sterling brand and massive sales are a contradiction in terms.蔻驰要想重振旗鼓,华尔街就应该适当放手,效仿巴宝莉(Burberry)的做法,并意识到品牌的高贵形象与巨大的销量是不可兼得的。 /201312/268701桦甸中心医院线路

磐石妇幼保健院的电话#39;What#39;s celebrity sex, Dad?#39; It was my 7-year-old son, who had been looking over my shoulder at my computer screen. He mispronounced #39;celebrity#39; but spoke the word #39;sex#39; as if he had been using it all his life. #39;Celebrity six,#39; I said, abruptly closing my AOL screen. #39;It#39;s a game famous people play in teams of three,#39; I said, as I ushered him out of my office and downstairs into what I assumed was the safety of the living room.“爸爸,什么是名人性爱(celebrity sex)?”问这个问题的是我七岁的儿子,他正从我的肩头看向电脑屏幕。他把“celebrity”(名人)发错了音,但说“sex”(性爱)这个词时就像是已经用了一辈子一样。我迅速关掉AOL的屏幕,说道:“六个名人(Celebrity six)(译者注:英语中“六”与“性”发音相近,因此作者故意将二者混淆,以向儿子解释),是名人们以三人团队形式玩的一种游戏。”我把他带出我的办公室去楼下客厅,我认为那里是安全的。No such luck. His 3-year-old sister had gotten her precocious little hands on my wife#39;s iPhone as it was charging on a table next to the sofa. By randomly tapping icons on the screen, she had conjured up an image of Beyonce barely clad in black leather, caught in a suggestive pose that I hoped would suggest nothing at all to her or her brother.结果明我想错了。他三岁的已把她那过早发育的小手放到了我妻子的iPhone上,当时手机正放在沙发旁的桌子上充电。她乱点着屏幕上的图标,“变出”了一张碧昂丝(Beyonce)穿着暴露黑色皮衣的图片,我希望碧昂丝那颇具暗示意味的造型对女儿或她哥哥都不会产生任何暗示意味。And so it went on this typical weekend. The eff-word popped out of TV programs we thought were friendly enough to have on while the children played in the next room. Ads depicting all but naked couples beckoned to them from the mainstream magazines scattered around the house. The kids peered over my shoulder as I perused my email inbox, their curiosity piqued by the endless stream of solicitations having to do with one aspect or another of sex, sex, sex!这个普通的周末就这样度过了。孩子们在另一个房间玩耍,电视节目上出现了F开头的那个词,而我们原本以为这些节目已足够温和。房子里散落着的主流杂志上,印有几乎全裸男女的广告在向他们打招呼。孩子们从我的肩头盯着我查邮件,与性有这样或那样关系的无止境的诱惑激起了他们的好奇心。When did the culture become so coarse? It#39;s a question that quickly gets you branded as either an unsophisticated rube or some angry culture warrior. But I swear on my hard drive that I#39;m neither. My favorite movie is #39;Last Tango in Paris.#39; I agree (on a theoretical level) with the notorious rake James Goldsmith, who said that when a man marries his mistress, he creates a job vacancy. I once thought of writing a book-length homage to the eff-word in American culture, the apotheosis of which was probably Sir Ben Kingsley pronouncing it with several syllables in an episode of #39;The Sopranos.#39;美国文化什么时候变得这么粗俗了?问出这个问题,你会迅速被贴上不懂世故的土包子或是愤怒的文化斗士的标签。但我用我的硬盘发誓,我两者都不是。我最喜欢的电影是《巴黎最后的探戈》(Last Tango in Paris)。我赞同(在理论上)臭名昭著的浪子詹姆斯#12539;戈德史密斯(James Goldsmith),他说过,当一个男人跟他的情妇结婚时,他就创造了一个就业机会。我曾经想过写一本书向美国文化中以F开头的那个词致敬,最能体现这个词“崇高”地位的可能是本#12539;金斯利爵士(Sir Ben Kingsley)在《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)某一集中用好几个音节把它讲出来的那一幕。I#39;m cool, and I#39;m down with everything, you bet, but I miss a time when there were powerful imprecations instead of mere obscenity -- or at least when sexual innuendo, because it was innuendo, served as a delicious release of tension between our private and public lives. Long before there was twerking, there were Elvis#39;s gyrations, which shocked people because gyrating hips are more associated with women (thrusting his hips forward would have had a masculine connotation). But Elvis#39;s physical motions on stage were all allusion, just as his lyrics were:我不介意,也没什么意见,但我想念激烈咒骂而非裸淫秽的时光――或者至少是有性影射的时光,由于是影射,应该是作为我们私生活和公共生活之间压力的美好释放。早在有电臀舞之前,就有了埃尔维斯(Elvis)的扭胯舞,人们对这种舞感到震惊,因为扭胯更多的是和女人联系在一起(臀部向前推则有一种男子气概的暗示)。但埃尔维斯在舞台上的动作都是暗示,就像他的歌词一样:Touch it, pound it, what good does it do触摸它,敲打它,能有什么用There#39;s just no stoppin#39; the way I feel for you没有什么能阻挡我对你的感觉Cos#39; every minute, every hour you#39;ll be shaken因为每一分钟,每个小时你都会By the strength and mighty power of my love被我强烈和坚定的爱所震颤The relative subtlety stimulates the imagination, while casual obscenity drowns it out. And such allusiveness maintains social norms even as they are being violated -- that#39;s sexy. The lyrics of Elvis#39;s #39;Power of My Love#39; gave him authority as a respected social figure, which made his asocial insinuations all the more gratifying.含蓄的暗示会刺激人的想像,而随随便便的淫秽会将想像力淹没。即使正在侵害着社会规范,但这种暗示仍维持着社会规范的存在――这很性感。埃尔维斯的《我的爱的力量》(Power of My Love)的歌词给了他成为受人尊敬的公众人物的权威,从而让他对社会的各种暗讽愈加令人愉悦。The same went, in a later era, for the young Madonna: #39;Two by two their bodies become one.#39; It#39;s an electric image because you are actively engaged in completing it. Contrast that with the aging Madonna trash-talking like a kid:后来,年轻的麦当娜(Madonna)也是如此:“成双成对的,他们的身体合二为一。”这是一个鲜活的画面,因为你在积极地完成它。这和上了年纪的麦当娜像孩子一样的废话形成了鲜明对比:Some girls got an attitude有些女孩喜欢摆架子Fake t--- and a nasty mood有一对假胸还有糟糕的情绪Hot s--- when she#39;s in the nude脱光的时候性感火辣(In the naughty naked nude)(调皮地脱光光)It#39;s the difference between locker-room talk and the language of seduction and desire. As Robbie Williams and the Pet Shop Boys observed a few years ago in their song #39;She#39;s Madonna#39;: #39;She#39;s got to be obscene to be believed.#39;这就像是偷偷讲黄色八卦和裸勾引欲望的区别。正如罗宾#12539;威廉姆斯(Robbie Williams)和“宠物店男孩”(Pet Shop Boys)几年前在《她是麦当娜》(She#39;s Madonna)里所唱的:“她变得粗俗得让人难以置信。”Everyone remembers the Rolling Stones#39; #39;Brown Sugar,#39; whose sexual and racial provocations were perfectly calibrated for 1971. Few, if any, people can recall their foray into explicit obscenity two years later with #39;Star Star.#39; The earlier song was sly and licentious; behind the sexual allusions were the vitality and energy to carry them out. The explicitness of #39;Star Star#39; was for bored, weary, repressed squares in the suburbs, with their swingers parties and #39;key clubs.#39;大家都记得滚石(Rolling Stones)的《Brown Sugar》,里面关于性和种族歧视的挑 语言堪称为1971年量身打造。很少有人能回想起两年后他们在《Star Star》中对露骨污秽内容的尝试。第一首歌是狡猾而放纵的,性暗示背后展现的是活力和能量。《Star Star》的直白是给郊区那些无趣、疲倦、压抑的土包子们听的,与之伴随的还有他们的性伴交换派对和“钥匙俱乐部”(key clubs)。Just as religious vows of abstinence mean nothing without the temptations of desire -- which is why St. Augustine spends so much time in his #39;Confessions#39; detailing the way he abandoned himself to the #39;fleshpots of Carthage#39; -- violating a social norm when the social norm is absent yields no real pleasure. The great provocations are also great releases because they exist side by side with the prohibitions that they are provoking. Once you spell it all out, the tension between temptation and taboo disappears.就像没有欲望诱惑时,节欲宗教誓言便毫无意义一样――这就是为什么 奥古斯汀(St. Augustine)会花那么多时间在他的《告白》(Confessions)中详细描述他是如何屈于“迦太基的奢侈生活”的――在社会规范缺失时,侵犯它也不会有真正的快感。好的挑 也是好的释放,因为它们和被挑 的禁忌是相辅相成的。一旦直白地讲出来,诱惑和禁忌之间的张力就消失了。The open secret of violating a taboo with language that -- through its richness, wit or rage -- acknowledges the taboo is that it represents a kind of moralizing. In fact, all the magnificent potty mouths -- from D.H. Lawrence to Norman Mailer, the Beats, the rockers, the proto-punks, punks and post-punks, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Patti Smith, and up through, say, Sarah Silverman and the creators of #39;South Park#39; -- have been moralizers. The late Lou Reed#39;s #39;I Wanna Be Black#39; is so full of racial slurs, obscenity and repugnant sexual imagery that I could not find one meaningful phrase to e in this newspaper. It is also a wryly indignant song that rips into the racism of liberals whose reverence for black culture is a crippling caricature of black culture.用承认禁忌存在的语言――通过丰富的语义、机智或愤怒――来违反某个禁忌,公开的秘密在于它代表着某种道德说教。事实上,所有那些满嘴脏话的大人物――从D.H.劳伦斯(D.H. Lawrence)到诺曼#12539;梅勒(Norman Mailer),到the Beats乐队、摇滚歌手、原型朋克、朋克和后朋克,理查德#12539;普莱尔(Richard Pryor)、山姆#12539;金尼逊(Sam Kinison)、帕蒂#12539;史密斯(Patti Smith),再近一点有莎拉#12539;西尔弗曼(Sarah Silverman)和《南方公园》(South Park)的制作人――都是说教者。已故的路#12539;瑞德(Lou Reed)的《我想回去》(I Wanna Be Black)充斥着种族歧视语、污言秽语和令人厌恶的性画面,我甚至无法从中找到一句有意义的话在这里进行引述。这也是一首带有挖苦式愤怒的歌,猛烈抨击了自由主义者的种族主义,他们对黑人文化的崇敬是黑人文化的一副扭曲的讽刺画。Though many of these vulgar outlaws were eventually warily embraced by the mainstream, to one degree or another, it wasn#39;t until long after their deaths that society assimilated them, still warily, and sometimes not at all. In their own lifetimes, they mostly existed on the margins or in the depths; you had to seek them out in society#39;s obscure corners. That was especially the case during the advent of new types of music. Swing, bebop, Sinatra, cool jazz, rock #39;n#39; roll -- all were specialized, youth-oriented upheavals in sound and style, and they drove the older generation crazy.尽管这些粗俗之徒中有很多人最终都在一定程度上被主流文化小心翼翼地接受了,但直到他们离世后很久,社会才对其进行吸收,依然是小心翼翼,有时甚至根本就没吸收。他们在有生之年大都存在于边缘地带或藏在深处;你得在社会的昏暗角落里找寻。在新的音乐类型出现时尤其如此。摇摆乐(swing)、咆勃爵士乐(bebop)、Sinatra、冷爵士(cool jazz)、摇滚――这些音乐都在声音和风格上更加专门化并且以年轻人为主导,它们让老一代人抓狂。These days, with every new ripple in the culture transmitted, commented-on, analyzed, mocked, mashed-up and forgotten on countless universal devices every few minutes, everything is available to everyone instantly, every second, no matter how coarse or abrasive. You used to have to find your way to Lou Reed. Now as soon as some pointlessly vulgar song gets recorded, you hear it in a clothing store.如今,每隔几分钟就有一股新的文化浪潮在无数平台上传播、被、被分析、被模仿、被混杂和被遗忘,每个人时刻都能立即接触到所有东西,无论这些东西有多么粗俗或粗糙。以前得想法设法才能找到路#12539;瑞德,而现在一旦某一首空洞粗俗的歌曲被录制,在装店就能听到。The shock value of earlier vulgarity partly lay in the fact that a hitherto suppressed impulse erupted into the public realm. Today Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the rest have made impulsiveness a new social norm. No one is driving anyone crazy with some new form of expression. You#39;re a parent and you don#39;t like it when Kanye West sings: #39;I sent this girl a picture of my d---. I don#39;t know what it is with females. But I#39;m not too good with that s---#39;? Shame on you.早期粗俗内容之所以如此有冲击力,部分原因在于当时被压抑已久的冲动爆发进入了公共领域。而如今,Twitter、Snapchat、Instagram及其他社交网站已经让冲动变成了一种新的社会常规。没有谁会再为新的表达形式感到抓狂。当已为人父母的你听到坎耶#12539;韦斯特(Kanye West) 唱“我给这个女孩发了一张我‘小弟弟’的照片。我不知道女人会感觉怎么样。但我跟那个贱人的感觉不怎么样”的时候,你表示不喜欢,那我真替你脸红。The fact is that you#39;re hearing the same language, witnessing the same violence, experiencing the same graphic sexual imagery on cable, or satellite radio, or the Internet, or even on good old boring network TV, where almost explicit sexual innuendo and nakedly explicit violence come fast and furious. Old and young, high and low, the idiom is the same. Everything goes.事实是,你会听到同样的语言,看到同样的暴力,会在电视、电台、网上甚至在无聊的怀旧频道上看到同样的性画面,近乎裸的性暗示和暴力迅速激烈地袭来。无论是上了年纪的人还是年轻人,高声还是低吟,说的话都一样。什么都一样。Graphic references to sex were once a way to empower the individual. The unfair boss, the dishonest general, the amoral politician might elevate themselves above other mortals and abuse their power, but everyone has a naked body and a sexual capacity with which to throw off balance the enforcers of some oppressive social norm. That is what Montaigne meant when he reminded his ers that #39;both kings and philosophers defecate.#39; Making public the permanent and leveling truths of our animal nature, through obscenity or evocations of sex, is one of democracy#39;s sacred energies. #39;Even on the highest throne in the world,#39; Montaigne writes, #39;we are still sitting on our asses.#39;对性的形象暗示曾经是赋予人权力的一种方式。不公的老板、不诚实的将军、无道德感的政客可能会把自己提到高于其他普通人的高度上并且滥用权力,但人人都有一个裸露的身体和扰乱社会规范执行者的性能力。这正是蒙田(Montaigne)在提醒读者“国王和哲学家都要排便”时所要表达的意思。通过淫秽粗俗或性唤起,将人类之动物本性这一事实永恒而地公之于众,是民主的一种神 能量。蒙田写道:“即使是世界上最高的宝座,也是被屁股坐着的。”But we#39;ve lost the cleansing quality of #39;dirty#39; speech. Now it#39;s casual, boorish, smooth and corporate. Everybody is walking around sounding like Howard Stern. The trash-talking Jay-Z and Kanye West are superwealthy businessmen surrounded by bodyguards, media consultants and image-makers. It#39;s the same in other realms, too. What was once a cable revolution against treacly, morally simplistic network television has now become a formulaic ritual of #39;complex,#39; counterintuitive, heroic bad-guy characters like the murderous Walter White on #39;Breaking Bad#39; and the lovable serial killer in #39;Dexter.#39; And the constant stream of Internet gossip and brainless factoids passing themselves off as information has normalized the grossest references to sex and violence.然而“脏话”已经丧失了 化我们的能力。现在它们已变得随便、粗鲁、流畅和官方。每个人说话都像是霍华德#12539;斯特恩(Howard Stern)。废话连篇的Jay-Z和坎耶#12539;韦斯特都是超级有钱的商人,被保镖、媒体顾问和形象制作人团团包围。其他行业也是一样。曾经针对甜腻的、道德单纯化节目的电视革命现在成了“复杂的”、违背常理的、充满英雄色的坏人角色的公式化惯例,比如《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)里残忍的沃特#12539;怀特(Walter White)和《嗜血法医》(Dexter)里讨人喜欢的连环杀手。无休止的网上八卦和愚蠢传闻被伪装成有用的信息,让最恶心的提及性和暴力的内容变成了正常。Back in the 1990s, growing explicitness and obscenity in popular culture gave rise to the so-called culture wars, in which the right and the left fought over the limits of free speech. Nowadays no one blames the culture for what the culture itself has become. This is, fundamentally, a positive development. Culture isn#39;t an autonomous condition that develops in isolation from other trends in society.回首1990年代,流行文化中露骨和淫秽内容的增多导致了所谓文化战争的产生,左翼和右翼群体就自由言论的界限展开了争论。现在没有人会因为文化本身的演进而批评文化。这从根本上来说是一种积极的发展。文化并不是孤立于社会上其他趋势自主发展的东西。The JFK assassination, the bloody rampage of Charles Manson and his followers, the incredible violence of the Vietnam War -- shocking history-in-the-making that was once hidden now became visible in American living rooms, night after night, through new technology, TV in particular. Culture raced to catch up with the straightforward transcriptions of current events.约翰#12539;肯尼迪(JFK)被暗杀、查尔斯#12539;曼森(Charles Manson)及其追随者的血腥屠杀、越南战争(Vietnam War)骇人听闻的暴力――曾经不为人知的令人震惊的事件,现在出现在了美国家庭的客厅里。通过新科技,尤其是电视机,人们每晚都能看到。文化加速赶上了直截了当记录时事的速度。And, of course, the tendency of the media, as old as Lord Northcliffe and the first mass-circulation newspapers, to attract business through sex and violence only accelerated. Normalized by TV and the rest of the media, the counterculture of the 1970s was smoothly assimilated into the commercial culture of the 1980s. Recall the 15-year-old Brooke Shields appearing in a commercial for Calvin Klein jeans in 1980, sping her legs and saying, #39;Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.#39; From then on, there was no going back.当然,那些像诺思克利夫勋爵(Lord Northcliffe)和首批大规模发行的报纸一样古老的媒体,他们通过性和暴力来吸引业务的癖好有增无减。被电视及其他媒体正常化后,1970年代的反主流文化顺利地融入了1980年代的商业文化。回想当时15岁的布鲁克#12539;希尔兹(Brooke Shields)出现在1980年Calvin Klein牛仔裤广告中,她张开双腿说道:“知道我和我的Calvin之间有什么东西吗?什么都没有。”从那以后便一发不可收拾。Today, our cultural norms are driven in large part by technology, which in turn is often shaped by the lowest impulses in the culture. Behind the Internet#39;s success in making obscene images commonplace is the dirty little fact that it was the pornography industry that revolutionized the technology of the Internet. Streaming , technology like Flash, sites that confirm the validity of credit cards were all innovations of the porn business. The Internet and pornography go together like, well, love and marriage. No wonder so much culture seems to aspire to porn#39;s depersonalization, absolute transparency and intolerance of secrets.如今,我们的文化规范在很大程度上受到科技的推动,而科技常常源自文化中最低层次的冲动。互联网成功将淫秽图片变成司空见惯的东西,这背后是色情行业将互联网科技彻底改革的肮脏事实。流媒体视频、Flash等技术、还有验信用卡有效性的网站都是色情业的创新产品。互联网和色情业就像是爱和婚姻的关系。难怪会有那么多的文化会渴望实现色情片的去人性化和绝对透明,不允许秘密的存在。An essay like this typically ends with a set of prescriptions to solve the problem laid out in the previous paragraphs. But when the culture of vulgarity is produced by so many different factors -- commercial, economic, social, aesthetic -- there is no end in sight. One can only hope that, as happens so often in America, restless impatience with the status quo will carry the day and the pendulum will swing to the other side -- not toward censorship and repression but toward the sacred power of sexual self-assertion and outlaw imprecations.这样一篇文章,一般会以列出一套解决前文所述问题的方案为结尾。但是当粗俗文化的产生源自诸多不同因素时――商业、经济、社会、美学――目前还看不到解决办法。我们只能希望,人们对现状的焦躁和不耐烦最终会战胜一切,天平会倾向另一边――并非是向审查和压制倾斜,而是向性的自我肯定的神 力量以及对法外之徒的谴责之情倾斜。在美国,人们常常只能抱有这样的希望。From Miley Cyrus#39;s brilliant, purposeful, repeated travesties of her wholesome image -- #39;This is what culture is really about now,#39; she seems to be saying -- to songs by Eminem, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and others that express disgust with their own celebrity and wealth, pop culture itself seems to yearn for a time when obscenity and graphic sexual images were morally potent rather than merely titillating and profitable. So maybe there is hope, and we will find, after all, some relief from the relentless hum of casual coarseness and vulgarity.从麦莉#12539;赛勒斯(Miley Cyrus)刻意重复塑造的耀眼健康形象――她似乎在说:“这才是当前文化的本质”――到艾米纳姆(Eminem)、蕾迪#12539;卡卡(Lady Gaga)、坎耶#12539;韦斯特及其他对自己的名气和财富表达厌恶的人,流行文化本身似乎也在怀念那个曾经的年代,那时污秽和性画面具备精神性的强大能量,而不仅仅能用来挑逗观众并从中牟利。所以或许还是有希望的,我们最终能部分摆脱粗俗低级的无休止吟唱。Or maybe not. I#39;ll still be keeping my finger on the off-button of whatever device I happen to be using in case my children happen by. Celebrity Six is a game I hope they never learn to enjoy, even as adults.不过也很难说。无论使用什么设备,我都会准备着随时立刻关闭它们,以防我的孩子碰巧路过看到。我希望“六个名人”是一个他们永远都不会想要玩的游戏,即便长大成人后也不会。 /201401/272940长春哪里有做阴唇手术的 Ice bucket challenge s raising money for the ALS Association charity have saturated Facebook news feeds in the last month. It’s easy to participate in the very viral campaign: film yourself pouring a bucket of ice water over your head, then challenge a friend or frenemy to do the same within 24 hours. At first, the dousing would substitute for sending a check to the ALSA, but many participants now do both. This week former President George W. Bush, actor Ben Affleck, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and General Electric chief executive Jeff Immelt became the most recent famous faces to get soaked.从上个月开始,Facebook的新闻推送放目望去几乎全是各类为美国肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症(ALS——国内又称“渐冻人”)协会募捐的“冰桶挑战”(Ice bucket challenge)视频。要参与这项疯狂传播的病毒视频活动非常简单:你只需往头上浇一桶冰水,录下视频,然后挑战一位朋友或“敌友”在24小时内做同样的事情。起初,参与者可选择向ALS协会寄一张票,来代替往头上浇冰水,但现在许多参与者会选择合二为一。本周接受了“湿身”挑战的名人包括美国前总统小布什、演员本#8226;阿弗莱克、《Vogue》杂志主编安娜#8226;温图尔,以及通用电气(General Electric)首席执行官杰夫#8226;伊梅尔特。At some point the ice bucket campaign will dry up, and photos of your friends’ kids and cats will again dominate your news feed. But the challenges for the ALS Association will just be beginning.“冰桶挑战”终会有结束的一天,晒孩子和猫咪的照片将在新闻推送中卷土重来。但对ALS协会来说,种种挑战才刚刚开始。Since July 29, the ice bucket challenge has raised .8 million for ALSA, which helps fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. That eight-figure sum far surpasses the .1 million ALSA raised in the same period last year, and more than doubles the total revenue the organization generated all of last fiscal year ending January 2014— million, according to its most recent 990 tax form. ALSA told Fortune it recorded donations worth .1 million on Wednesday alone.自7月29日以来,“冰桶挑战”已经为ALS协会募集了4,180万美元(约合2.57亿元人民币),这笔捐款将被用于治疗肌肉萎缩性侧索硬化症,该疾病会影响脑部和脊柱的神经细胞,又被称为卢#8226;格里克病。高达八位数的捐款远远超过了ALS协会去年同期募集的210万美元,甚至比该组织在上一财年(至2014年1月结束)的总收入还多。据ALS协会最近提交的税务报表显示,其上一财年的收入为2,400万美元。这家协会告诉《财富》杂志(Fortune),仅上周三一天ALS便收到了1,010万美元的捐款,创下了其单日最高记录。So the question now is this: what is ALSA going to do with all that money?一个问题随之而来:ALS协会要怎么处理这些钱?Though the term implies otherwise, as a non-profit, ALSA is under no legal obligation to spend its ice bucket windfall, says Thad Calabrese, a professor of public and non-profit management at New York University. While that may be true, industry standards and the donating public expect otherwise; they want the organization to dole out the funds.纽约大学(New York University)公共机构与非盈利机构管理教授萨德#8226;卡拉布里亚表示,虽然“非盈利”这个词包含有其他意思,但ALS协会在冰桶挑战善款出上无需承担任何法律义务。尽管如此,行业准则和捐款的公众都期待ALS协会能善用这笔钱:分次少量发放。With an eye toward transparency and donor education, watchdog groups like Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Watch have long laid out guidelines for how non-profits should spend their donations and rate or accredit charities based on how well they keep to those rules.出于对透明度和捐赠教育的考虑,慈善导航(Charity Navigator)、商业促进局(Better Business Bureau)下署的明智捐赠联盟(Wise Giving Alliance)和慈善观察(Charity Watch)等监督组织早已出台了关于非盈利组织如何使用捐款的指导方针,并且会根据慈善机构遵守规定的情况对其进行评级或认。The breakdown of what percentage of donations a charity spends on administration, fundraising and “programming,” such as research and education, is a main component in how non-profits stack up. (Just how much weight should be placed on this spending measurement and the ratings in general is a flashpoint in the non-profit world, says Suzanne Perry, a senior editor at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. “It’s a love-hate relationship. If [charities] get rated highly, they broadcast it everywhere. If they get a lower grade, the methodology is ‘flawed,’” she says.) In calculating their different scoring systems, the watchdog organizations agree that the majority of a non-profits’ revenue should be spent on programming: Charity Navigator pegs that percentage at 75; Better Business Bureau at 65%; and Charity Watch at 60%.将慈善机构花在行政管理、资金募集和“项目”(如研究和教育等)的捐款按百分比进行分解,是对非盈利机构进行评级的主要形式。[《慈善纪事报》(Chronicle of Philanthropy)高级编辑苏珊娜#8226;佩里表示,对于开计量与评级的重视程度,在非盈利机构间一直存在争议。“慈善机构对此褒贬不一。如果得到较高评级,他们会四处宣扬。但如果得到的评级较低,他们就会宣称评级方法‘存在缺陷’。”] 监督组织均认为,非盈利机构应该将大多数收入用于“项目”,在评分方法的不同计算上,:慈善导航认为这一百分比为75%;商业促进局认为是65%;慈善观察认为在60%。ALSA has measured up fairly well in trying to meet those expectations. According to Charity Navigator’s latest report, for instance, ALSA earned the highest four-star rating, in part, for spending 72% of its fiscal year 2013 revenue on programs and services; 11% went to administration costs while fundraising expenses ate up 16%.以这些标准来看,ALS协会得分很高。例如,慈善导航最近的报告称,ALS协会得到了最高的四星评级,部分原因是其将2013财年收入的72%用于项目和务;11%作为行政管理成本,资金募集开占16%。While the ice bucket challenge has prompted an onslaught of donations, it’s chilled any prospect of ALSA duplicating those rosy watchdog figures in its current fiscal year. Charity Navigator’s annual spending metrics measure how charities distribute money they’ve generated that same year. “The reality is that fundraising for most charities is up and down, so we’re moving toward a multi-year review,” Charity Navigator CEO Ken Berger told Fortune. “Right now, though, it’s an annual snapshot.”“冰桶挑战”促使捐款金额猛增,却让ALS协会很难复制其在当前财年取得的乐观的监管数据。慈善导航的年度开指标会对慈善机构一年的资金进行评估。慈善导航CEO肯#8226;伯格告诉《财富》杂志:“事实上,大多数慈善机构募集的捐款金额都会有波动,因此我们计划采用多年期评估。但目前依旧用的是年度评估的方法。”That means—as Charity Navigator’s requirements stand now—in order to replicate its most recent 72% programming expenditure, ALSA would need to spend just over million of its .8 million in ice bucket money on research and education by the end of its fiscal year in January.这意味着,按照慈善导航目前的要求,为了达到最近一年实现的72%的项目开标准,ALS协会需要在截至明年一月的财年结束之前,从4,180万美元的“冰桶挑战”善款中拿出3,000万美元用于研究和教育。That’s a challenge ALSA doesn’t plan on meeting.这是个令ALS协会措手不及的挑战。“When you’re doubling a budget, it can’t be spent all in same year,” says Lance Slaughter, chief chapter relations and development officer at ALSA. “If a [hypothetical] million organization gets a million bequest one year, there’s no way the members of its board can thoughtfully spend three times as much [in one year#39;s time],” he says. “We’re going to work with these watchdog groups. They understand that anomalies take place.” Without the constraints of the year-end deadline, Slaughter says, the ALSA board will be able to thoughtfully plan how to use the money to further fund the organization’s current priorities: researching the disease and possible cures, providing compassionate care for ALS patients, and advocating for public policies that benefit people living with the disease.协会首席分会关系与发展官兰斯#8226;斯劳特表示:“如果你的预算增加了一倍,你不可能在一年内全部花完。如果一家年收入300万美元的组织某一年得到1,000万美元的善款,这家组织不可能在这一年花完三倍的钱。我们将与慈善监督机构合作。他们能够理解这种特殊情况。”斯劳特表示,如果没有年底最终期限的限制,ALS协会的董事会可以仔细规划如何利用这笔捐款,为协会目前的重要工作提供资金:疾病与可能的治疗方法研究,为ALS患者提供周到的护理,以及倡导有利于ALS患者的公共政策。In early August, before fully realizing just how much money the ice bucket campaign would generate, ALSA awarded 21 new grants worth .5 million to scientists in the ed States, the ed Kingdom, France, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and Australia. The grants are all focused on “developing effective therapies for ALS,” Lucie Bruijn, ALSA’s chief scientist, said in a statement.在八月初的时候,ALS协会尚未意识到“冰桶挑战”能带来多少捐款。当时,它拨给美国、英国、法国、加拿大、瑞士、以色列和澳大利亚的科学家们21笔资金,总计350万美元。ALS协会首席科学家露西#8226;布鲁英在一份声明中表示,拨款全部用于“探索ALS的有效疗法。”The influx of donations that ALSA has received since making that announcement “gives us confidence that we’ll have funding for these grants in their second and third years,” Slaughter says. The same holds true for the 11 new ALS clinics the organization had planned to open this year prior to the ice bucket campaign going viral. The organization aly operates 34 clinics that provide multidisciplinary therapies to ALS patients; opening the new ones “was a leap of faith,” Slaughter says. The wave of donations recently is “an opportunity to provide greater funding [to the clinics],” he says.斯劳特说,在发表声明之后ALS协会收到的大笔捐款,“让我们确信,我们在第二年和第三年仍然有足够资金来资助研究。”这种情况也适用于该协会计划新开的ALS诊所。协会在“冰桶挑战”疯狂传播之前曾计划在今年新开11家ALS诊所。目前,ALS协会已经开设了34家诊所,专为ALS患者提供多学科治疗;斯劳特表示,开设新诊所“是一次信心的飞跃”。他说道,最近的大笔捐款“让我们有机会[为诊所]提供更多资金。”There’s one element of the ice bucket campaign that will make the challenge of deciding how to spend the money a bit easier: the .8 million that ALSA has raised has come from individual donations that are unrestricted. That means that unlike some more traditional donations that are sometimes designated to a specific aspect of a charity’s mission, this money has arrived at ALSA with no strings attached.“冰桶挑战”活动中的特定因素让如何使用善款的问题变得更简单:迄今募集的4,180万美元捐款均来自不受限制的个人捐赠。这意味着,该笔资金没有任何附加条件,这与传统的捐款有所不同。传统捐款有时会被指定用于慈善机构的特定使命。“From a non-profit’s perspective, all donations are great but some are better than others,” Calabrese says. And it’s good that ALSA has that flexibility because it has lots of options to consider.卡拉布里亚表示:“从非盈利机构的角度来说,所有捐款都是好的,但某些更好。”拥有灵活性对ALS协会来说是好消息,它可以考虑许多选择。Aside from spending the money on promising, worthwhile research, both Calabrese from NYU and Patrick Rooney, associate dean for academic affairs and research at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, floated the idea of ALSA starting an endowment-like fund with the ice bucket money since it would turn what’s likely to be a one-time donation phenomenon into a reliable source of future revenue, and it could be tapped if some major medical advancement needs significant funding in the future.除了将捐款用于一些有价值的前途无量的研究以外,纽约大学教授卡拉布里亚,和印第安纳大学(Indiana University)礼来家族慈善学院(Lilly Family School of Philanthropy)学术事务与研究副院长帕特里克#8226;鲁尼均提出,ALS协会可以用“冰桶挑战”募集的捐款成立一类似于捐赠基金,这样一来,协会不仅可以将一次性的捐款现象转变为可靠的未来收入来源,而且一旦未来有重大的医疗技术进步需要大量资金时,还可以动用该笔基金。ALSA’s Slaughter says the organization has never had an endowment, and while “nothing’s off the table,” saving the ice bucket money for a rainy day doesn’t necessarily fit with the organization’s mission, mainly because “this is a disease that requires urgency,” Slaughter says. When the average life span of an ALS patient is between two and five years and ALSA has seen no improvement in mortality rates, there’s no time to waste.ALS协会的斯劳特表示,协会之前没有任何捐赠基金,然而,虽然“我们不排除任何可能”,但将“冰桶挑战”的捐款存起来以备不时之需并不符合组织的使命,主要是因为“这种疾病刻不容缓”。ALS患者的平均预期寿命为两至五年,而且ALS协会并未看到患者死亡率有任何改善,因此现在没有时间可供浪费。There’s an added challenge to spending the ice bucket money that stems from the fact that the ALS Association did not start the campaign, and as a result, never stated a specific mission behind it. That makes it difficult to pinpoint what individuals want to come from their donations. And disappointing donors isn’t a chance you want to take.如何使用“冰桶挑战”的捐款还有另外一个挑战,因为这项活动并非由ALS协会发起,结果,活动也没有明确的使命。因此,协会很难确定个人捐赠者希望自己的捐款用于怎样的目的。而让捐赠者失望是要不得的。Just ask the Red Cross.不妨汲取一下红十字会(Red Cross)的教训。In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the relief organizations raised a record 4 million. Donors believed that their money would go to help victims of the attacks and their families, but the organization decided to set aside more than half of the funds for operations and future reserves. The Red Cross had a long-standing practice of taking such an approach, but it nonetheless sparked outrage among donors and prompted an apology from the Red Cross as well as the redirection of funds.911恐怖袭击之后,该救济组织募得的资金达到创纪录的5.64亿美元。捐款者认为,这笔资金应该用于帮助袭击受害者及其家人,但红十字会却决定将超过一半的捐款用于机构运营和作为未来资金储备。长期以来,红十字会一直都采取这种做法,但这一次却引发了捐款者的众怒,最终红十字会被迫道歉并重新确定了捐款用途。“When donors tell us that their money should be used for a specific purpose, it’s important for us to honor that intent,” Laura Howe, vice president of public relations for the Red Cross told Fortune. “It’s a lesson that we’ve learned over the years.”红十字会公共关系副总裁劳拉#8226;霍伊对《财富》表示:“当捐款者告诉我们,他们的捐款应该用于特定目的时,我们必须尊重他们的意愿,这非常重要。这也是我们得到的一条重要教训。”Slaughter says that in addition to generating donations, the ice bucket campaign has raised awareness of ALS, a disease that less than half of the country could identify when the association conducted a survey a few years ago. “They’ve learned that it’s degenerative and deadly. I don’t know that people are concerned about how we spend the money; they’re determined now that this is an unacceptable disease. If they took time to go to the website and donate…they feel that ours is a cause worth investing in,” Slaughter says.斯劳特表示,除了带来捐款以外,冰桶挑战也提高了人们对ALS的认识,几年前ALS协会进行的一项调查中,美国知道这种疾病的人还不到半数。斯劳特说:“他们开始了解到这种疾病是一种退化性疾病,并且会致命。我不知道人们是否会关心ALS如何使用这笔捐款;现在他们已明确认识到这是一种难以忍受的疾病。如果他们花时间浏览了网站并捐款——那是因为他们认为这项事业值得投资。”ALSA certainly has a lot of spending decisions to make, but for the organization and the people it’s trying to save, there could not be a better challenge to face.ALS协会必需做出大量的出决策,但对于该组织和它努力拯救的那些人来说,这种挑战真是幸事。“The question that’s showing up out in the universe now is, ‘How much is too much?#39;” Slaughter says. “Until we have effective long-term treatment, we’ll never have enough.”斯劳特表示:“现在的问题是:‘到底多少钱才算太多?’除非我们找到有效的长期治疗方法, 否则我们的捐款永远处于不足状态。” /201409/325562榆树市妇幼保健院b超

长春双阳区中医院宫颈肥大 Mr. and Mrs. Wang, from Taiwan, both suffer the Alzheimer#39;s. The old couple has forgotten the whole world, but not the memory of each other. (Photo/provided to Chinanews)Nowadays many old people have Alzheimer#39;s disease and other dementias. An old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wang, from Taiwan, have both suffered from the Alzheimer#39;s for a long time. However, their love, so far, has changed little despite the diagnosis. Their story is just like what is described in an old song:; I can forget the whole world, but not you.;当下许多老年人都患有阿尔兹海默病和其他痴呆症。来自台湾的王老先生和王老太太长时间来双双身患阿尔兹海默病。然而,他们的爱情至今未受疾病影响。他们的故事也正如一首老歌唱的:“我可以忘掉全世界 却难忘你身影。”Mr. Wang, 85, is a retired army officer. He has been marrying his 69-year-old wife for 50 years. The couple suffers in succession the Alzheimer#39;s disease when getting old. The disease took their health and memory away, but couldn#39;t change their decades of deep feelings of each other. They forget everything, but still recognize each other#39;s face. They look for the other#39;s company at any time.王先生,85岁,是名退休军官。他与69岁的妻子结婚50年。随着年龄的老化,夫妻俩相继遭受阿尔兹海默病的折磨。疾病夺走了两人的健康和记忆,但却夺不走彼此间几十年的深刻情感。他们什么也不记得了,但仍能认出对方的脸。并且无时无刻都在牵挂着彼此。Mr. and Mrs. Wang hold each other#39;s hands tightly when taking a walk outside. Only losing the view of his wife for a minute, Mr. Wang will be very anxious.当外出散步时,王先生和王太太都会紧紧牵着手。只要王太太有一刻消失在视线里,王先生都会着急起来。Mr. Wang usually got angry when forgetting his location. When feeling the bad temper of his husband, Mrs. Wang would lose her temper at the same time and help his husband to blame others.每当忘记了地址,王先生都会发脾气。那时,感到丈夫心情不好的王太太也会开始发起气来帮丈夫责怪别人。Recently, Mrs. Wang#39;s condition worsened. She had to receive 24 hours#39; care in the care center. Mr. Wang had to leave his wife every evening. The separation was hard every time, Mr. Wang kept saying: ;Where#39;s my wife? I have to take her home.;最近,王太太的病情恶化了。必须在护理中心接受全天护理。王先生只得每晚都与妻子分开。每次的分离都是痛苦的,王先生会一直念:“我的老婆在哪里?我要带她回家。”Contrary to Mr. Wang#39;s anxiety, Mrs. Wang, in a serious stage of disease, appeared happy every day. She liked to wear red dress and told the people around her that she was going to be married. When people asked her whom she will marry, she voiced out clearly and proudly the name of her husband. Her memory stopped at the happiest period of her life forever.跟王先生的焦虑不同,处于疾病严重期的王太太每天都看起来很快乐。她喜欢穿红裙子,并且会告诉周围的人她就要结婚了。当别人问起新郎是谁的时候,王太太就会清楚嘹亮且骄傲地说出丈夫的名字。她的记忆永远停留在了人生最幸福的时光里。 /201309/256583长春一汽总医院是公立的吗长春宽城区妇科医院




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