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A giant isopod, a crustacean known as the #39;scavenger of the deep,#39; has been found dead in its tank by keepers at an aquarium in Japan, after the creature refused to eat for more than five years.日本一水族馆的一只大王具足虫在绝食5年多以后死亡,饲养员在水族箱里发现了它的尸体。大王具足虫是一种甲壳类动物,被称为“深海清道夫”。The animal, which looks like an oversized pill-bug, was declared dead at a feeding event at the Toba Aquarium in Japan on Friday February 14.2月14日星期五,日本鸟羽水族馆在尝试喂养后,宣布这只外形好似超大号球潮虫的大王具足虫死亡。The giant male isopod, called No. 1 to distinguish it from the nine other giant isopods kept at the Japanese aquarium, has not eaten since January 2009, when it ate a whole horse mackerel.为了区分水族馆的另外9只巨型等足目动物,这只雄性大王具足虫被命名为“1号”。2009年1月它吃了一条鲹鱼,自那以后,这只大王具足虫一直拒绝进食。No. 1#39;s keeper Takeya Moritaki has been dumbfounded by the crustacean#39;s hunger strike, claiming the deep-sea creature would at times pretend to eat by moving its mouth and front legs around the food to appease aquarium staff, however it never actually swallowed.“1号”的绝食行为让饲养员则武竹谷十分不解,他说“1号” 有时候会动动嘴巴和前腿假装在吃东西,糊弄水族馆的饲养员,但实际上它从来没有将食物吞下。Mr Moritaki, was preparing the mackerel for No. 1#39;s feed, however the giant isopod sat motionless as the bait was lowered in to the tank, according to Rocket News.新闻网站Rocket News报道称,在“1号” 死亡之前,则武竹谷正在为它准备鲭鱼肉,然而当鲭鱼肉被放入水族箱后,“1号”却一动不动。Realising something was wrong, the aquarium staff lifted No. 1 out of the tank and declared it dead. At that point, the creature had starved itself for five years and 43 days.意识到情况不妙之后,工作人员将“1号”捞出水族箱。随后工作人员宣布了它的死亡。至此 “1号”已经绝食了5年零43天。It has been widely reported as the longest time any animal under observation has gone without food.“1号”的绝食身亡被大量媒体报道,因为这是迄今为止有人类观察的动物创造的时间最长绝食记录。The death of the giant isopod, has been confirmed by the aquarium and a dissection was performed, however no cause of death was found.在宣布“1号”死亡之后,鸟羽水族馆对这只巨型等足目动物进行了尸检,但未能查明死亡原因。Giant isopod No. 1 was taken to Toba Aquarium from the Gulf of Mexico in September 2007, measuring 29 cm and weighing 1 kg.2007年9月,工作人员将“1号”从墨西哥湾带到鸟羽水族馆,当时它身长29厘米,体重1公斤。A giant isopod is a crustacean related to prawns and crabs, which are thought to be abundant in cold, deep waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.巨型等足目动物是一种甲壳类动物,与明虾和螃蟹存在血缘关系。据悉,这种动物大量存在于大西洋、太平洋以及印度洋的冷深水区。 /201402/277094Seventy-two boxes – that is all that was left of 100 African elephants, killed for their tusks. Confiscated from an office in New York City’s diamond district in 2012, the 72 office boxes were filled with small ivory beads, figurines, charms and toys.72个箱子——这是100头非洲大象因为象牙被猎杀后所留下的一切。这72个文件箱是2012年从纽约钻石区的一个办公室没收的,里面装着各种小型象牙制品:珠链、小雕像、挂饰以及玩具。Demand for these trinkets, often from consumers unaware the ivory comes from animals recently and illegally killed, is what drives the mass slaughter of elephants.对这些小饰品的需求是致使大象被大规模猎杀的因素,而怀有这些需求的消费者,往往意识不到这些象牙是对动物的非法猎杀而得来的。In a recent interview, a convicted poacher who spent a decade running a gang in Kenya admitted to personally killing more than 70 elephants. “My attacks were so frequent that the elephants could not mate and have calves. There were not enough male bull elephants left,” he said.在最近一次采访中,一名被判有罪的偷猎者承认曾亲手猎杀70多头大象。他曾在肯尼亚一个偷猎团伙当了10年的头目。他表示:“我发动的攻击如此频繁,以至于大象们无法交配和产仔。剩下的成年公象数量不足。”These examples, sad but unfortunately all too common, reveal the international ivory trade at its most brutal. An estimated 35,000 elephants and more than 1,000 rhinos were killed last year alone. At this rate we are on a path towards the extinction of both elephants and rhinos on the African continent.这些例子令人遗憾,但不幸的是太过常见,它们揭示出国际象牙贸易最野蛮的一面。据估计,仅去年一年就有3.5万头大象和1000多头犀牛被杀。按照这种速度,非洲大陆的大象和犀牛将会灭绝。This is an ecological and moral disaster. But that is not all. Illegal poaching and trafficking also represent an economic and security challenge in Africa and beyond.这是一场生态和道德灾难。但这还不是一切。非法偷猎和贩运还成了非洲乃至世界面临的一项经济和安全挑战。We have seen al-Shabaab from Somalia, the Janjaweed from Sudan, the Lord’s Resistance Army in east Africa and other armed groups move into illegal wildlife trafficking. It has become a multibillion-dollar business, facilitated by the same sophisticated criminal networks that are dealing in drugs, taking hostages on the open seas, and financing illegal arms sales and terrorist groups.我们已看到索马里“青年党”(Al-Shabaab)、苏丹牧民武装部队(Janjaweed)、东非“上帝抵抗军”(Lord’s Resistance Army)以及其他武装组织染指非法的野生动物贩运活动。这已成为一项规模高达数十亿美元的业务,依托着从事毒品交易、在公海上劫持人质、为非法武器销售和恐怖主义组织提供资金的错综复杂的犯罪网络。In recent years wildlife trafficking has become more structured, more lucrative and more ruthless than ever before. Poachers now use helicopters, automatic weapons, night-vision goggles and satellite phones to overwhelm and even kill park rangers and other local authorities. More than 1,000 wildlife rangers across the world have been murdered by these groups in the past decade.最近几年,野生动物贩运已变得比以往任何时候都更有组织,更有利可图而且更加无情。偷猎者现在会利用直升机、自动武器、夜视镜和卫星电话,击败甚至杀害护林员和其他地方机构的人员。过去10年,全球有1000多名野生动物护林员被这些团伙谋杀。These criminals are sping instability, undermining the rule of law and threatening the tourist trade that is the lifeblood of so many African communities.这些犯罪分子正在传播动荡,破坏法治并危及旅游业——旅游业是非洲很多社区的命脉。On both sides of the Atlantic, the scourge of wildlife trafficking has been centre stage recently. This month the White House announced a ban on new commercial ivory sales in the US and released a national strategy to address the illegal exploitation of elephants, rhinos and other wildlife. In London, the Duke of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales and the UK government hosted an international conference to address the wildlife trafficking crisis. Delegates from 46 countries and 11 UN organisations signed a declaration promising to improve cross-border co-operation and strengthen laws and policing.野生动物贩运的祸害最近在大西洋两岸成为焦点。本月,白宫宣布在美国禁止新的商业象牙销售,并推出一项全国战略,应对大象、犀牛和其他野生动物的非法猎杀。在伦敦,剑桥公爵(Duke of Cambridge)、威尔士王子(Prince of Wales)和英国政府召开了一次国际会议,以应对野生动物贩运危机。来自46个国家和11个联合国(UN)组织的代表签署了一项宣言,承诺加强跨境合作,强化法律和执法工作。We strongly endorse a complete ban on ivory sales in the US. The global ban agreed in 1989 was successful in stemming a previous killing spree. Over time, however, exceptions have eviscerated the international ban and illegal ivory is now routinely bought and sold under one or more loopholes, providing cover for illegal traffickers. These need to be closed and sanctions imposed on countries that continue to trade in ivory products.我们强烈持在美国全面禁售象牙。1989年达成的一项全球禁令成功遏制了上一波猎杀热潮。然而,随着时间的流逝,例外情况严重破坏了这条国际禁令,非法象牙买卖如今经常通过一个或更多漏洞进行,这些漏洞为非法贩运者提供着掩护。我们需要弥补这些漏洞,并对那些继续从事象牙制品贸易的国家实施制裁。We are proud of the steps the US is taking and encouraged by the declaration made in London. But governments cannot end this crisis alone – private-sector action is needed as well.我们对美国正在采取的措施感到骄傲,伦敦达成的宣言也鼓舞着我们。但各国政府不可能单靠自身的力量结束这场危机,还需要私营部门的行动。At the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in September last year we brought together a coalition of African states, conservation organisations and other concerned parties to announce an m commitment to action, called the Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants. Our goal is to “stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the demand”. With more than a dozen partners, we are scaling up anti-poaching enforcement at 50 sites; strengthening intelligence networks; imposing tougher penalties for violations; and more.在去年9月召开的“克林顿全球倡议”(Clinton Global Initiative)年会上,我们召集非洲国家、自然保护组织和其他有关方面,宣布了一项8000万美元行动计划,名为“拯救非洲大象合作伙伴关系”(Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants)。我们的目标是“制止猎杀、制止贩运和制止需求”。我们正与超过12个合作伙伴一道,在50个地点扩大反偷猎执法的规模;加强情报网络;对违法行为实施更严厉处罚;以及更多措施。Ultimately, saving Africa’s elephants depends on consumers everywhere. We need to connect the dots for people between the ivory goods they see in stores and the carcasses of dead elephants half a world away. And as consumers, we should urge companies to help law enforcement authorities disrupt the transfer of tusks, rhino horn and wildlife products on ships, aircraft and trucks. Financial institutions should help to trace illegal transactions, freeze assets and impound ill-gotten gains from illegal trafficking. Retailers need to stop selling ivory products. And businesses need to blow the whistle on government officials and institutions that have been corrupted by this lucrative, illegal trade.最终而言,拯救非洲大象取决于各国消费者。我们需要帮助人们把他们在商店看到的象牙制品与地球另一端死亡大象的遗骸联系在一起。作为消费者,我们应敦促企业帮助执法部门阻止象牙、犀牛角和野生动物制品通过轮船、飞机和卡车转移。金融机构应帮助追踪非法交易、冻结资产,并没收来自非法贩运的非法所得。零售商需要停止销售象牙制品。企业需要检举那些被这种有利可图的非法贸易腐蚀的政府官员和机构。Only by working together can we beat this crisis, break the nexus between trafficking and terrorism, and make sure these incredible creatures will roam the earth for generations to come.只有通过通力合作,我们才能战胜这场危机、打破贩运与恐怖主义之间的轴心,并确保那些令人叹为观止的动物能够一代又一代地在地球上徜徉。 /201403/278729

If you want to know whether a man is interested in you, ignore what he’s saying – and focus on how he’s saying it.如果你想知道一个男人是否对你有意思,请忽略他对你说了什么——只注意他是怎么对你说话的。Men instinctively adopt a pitch-variable, or sing-song tone – in a similar way that people speak to a baby – when talking to a woman they find attractive, a new study has found.最新研究表明,当男人看到自己觉得有魅力的女性时,他会不自觉的使用一种时高时低,像唱歌一般的声调——有些类似人们和婴儿说话时使用的音调。The man will lower his voice to its lowest minimum pitch before picking it up again, the psychologists at the University of Stirling found.斯特灵大学的心理学家发现,男性会将自己的声调压到最低的程度,然后再把声调上扬起来。And these unconscious vocal adjustments tend to have the desired effect: listeners responded more favourably to recordings of voices with these acoustics.这种无意识的音调转化往往能达到预期的效果:听众对具有这种音调变化的声音更有好感。The psychologists think that a man lowers his voice to sound manly, and then plays around with the pitch in order to put the woman at ease.心理学家认为,男人放低声音是为了听起来更阳刚,然后他们又转而将音调上扬,以此让女性更加放松。Juan David Leongomez, who led the study, said: ‘For men, it is important to sound masculine, which is manifested in a deeper voice pitch.这项研究的研究带头人,胡安·大卫·里昂戈麦斯说:“对男性来说,说话声调有男子气概是很重要的,他们会用更低沉的音调来表现这种男子气概。” /201407/314192

Eleven years ago, a shiny silver Boeing 727 airliner took off from Luanda, Angola, and became one of the few commercial jetliners to vanish and never be found.11年前,一架亮银色波音(Boeing) 727客机从安哥拉首都罗安达起飞后失踪,之后始终没有被找到,这使其成为了史上为数不多的几架失踪商用喷气式飞机之一。Massive jet airplanes disappear more often in fiction than in real life, but it does happen. In 1979, a Boeing 707 with six people aboard was lost in the Pacific Ocean after leaving Tokyo. And dozens of smaller planes have gone missing and never been located.现实中,大型喷气式客机的失踪事件并非小说里那样多见,但也确有发生。1979年一架载有6人的波音707飞机从东京起飞后消失在太平洋上空。还有数十架小型飞机在失踪后杳无踪迹。The so-far fruitless search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared early Saturday with 239 people aboard, is unprecedented because of the plane#39;s size and because the widebody Boeing 777 had been in radio and satellite contact with multiple locations on the ground. It was also flying when it lost contact over the sea in one of the world#39;s most densely populated regions, Southeast Asia, not over remote jungle or open ocean.上周六早上,搭载有239人的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370客机在起飞后失踪。而令人没有料到的是其搜寻工作迄今仍毫无进展。之所以这么说,是因为出事的波音777宽体客机体积庞大,在失踪之前与地面多个空管站保持着无线电和卫星联络;且失联时,客机正处于人口密集的东南亚的海域上空,而非某片偏远的热带雨林或大海上。Planes have fallen, never to be seen again, from the earliest days of aviation. Others have been found only after lengthy searches or by chance decades later. Radar, satellites and other technology have become powerful aids in such situations.在航空产业的发展初期就有过飞机失事后再未找到的案例。一些失事飞机在数十年后或因偶然、或经漫长的搜寻最终被找到,雷达、卫星等技术在其中起到了极大的帮助。But as Flight 370#39;s disappearance shows, technology still has limited reach in some swaths of the planet.然而此次马航客机失踪事件凸显出这些技术在世界一些地区仍不完备。#39;The fact is that, in many parts of the world . . . radar coverage is not complete,#39; said David McMillan, Chairman of the Flight Safety Foundation and former head of Eurocontrol, Europe#39;s air-traffic coordinator. #39;It#39;s clearly an area for further improvement.#39;欧洲航空安全组织(Eurocontrol)前主管、飞行安全基金会(Flight Safety Foundation)主席麦克米伦(David McMillan)说,实际上全球许多地区……的雷达覆盖都不完整,而该地区显然有待改善。In the same region in 2007, it took crews 10 days to find the first pieces of an Indonesian Boeing 737 that crashed in the sea near Sulawesi. Searchers needed 36 hours to locate the first wreckage of Air France Flight 447, which crashed over the Atlantic five years ago with 228 people aboard.2007年在这片地区,搜寻人员用了10天的时间才在苏拉威西(Sulawesi)附近海域找到了印尼波音737失事客机的首批残骸。五年前,载有228人的法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班在大西洋坠毁,搜寻队伍用了36个小时才首次找到客机残骸的位置。#39;If a plane goes down in the ocean, it#39;s very difficult to find it,#39; said Richard B. Stone, a former president of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.国际航空安全调查员协会(International Society of Air Safety Investigators)前主席斯通(Richard B. Stone)说,如果飞机坠入海洋,则其搜寻工作将十分困难。The Aviation Safety Network, a database tracking accidents, lists 80 planes as #39;missing#39; since 1948. No trace of the planes or their occupants was ever found, according to ASN President Harro Ranter. The aircraft range from tiny one-seat propeller planes to jetliners and a U.S. Coast Guard Lockheed C-130 Hercules -- a four-engine turboprop transport -- that crashed off the California coast in 2009.追踪航空事故的数据库公司航空安全网络(Aviation Safety Network, ASN)列出了1948年以来的80架“失踪”飞机。据公司总裁Harro Ranter称,这些飞机的踪迹及机上人员都未曾被找到过。这其中既包括只有一个座位的螺旋桨飞机,也有2009年在加利福尼亚海岸附近坠毁的美国海岸警卫队(U.S. Coast Guard) C-130运输机。The 727 that vanished over Angola is believed to have had only two people aboard. At dusk on May 25, 2003, an American mechanic for Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing Co., the Florida-based lessor that owned the 18-year-old plane, boarded the jetliner in Luanda, according to press reports at the time. He was accompanied by a Congolese assistant. Neither was certified to pilot the plane, which normally required a crew of three.据信在安哥拉上空失踪的727飞机只载有两人。当时媒体报道称,2003年5月25日傍晚,佛罗里达租赁公司Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing Co.的一位美国机械师在罗安达登上了这架喷气式客机。该公司是这架机龄18年的飞机的所有者。伴他一起登机的还有一位刚果助理。这两人均无驾驶该飞机的资格,而该飞机执行飞行任务时一般要求须有三名机组人员。Without authorization or communication, the plane began taxiing, according to press reports. Its lights and transponder remained off as it took off and started to fly over the Atlantic.媒体报道称,在无授权也无通讯联络的情况下,这架飞机开始滑翔。在该飞机起飞并开始飞越大西洋时,其航行灯和雷达收发机仍处于关闭状态。The unauthorized departure, less than two years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, sparked an international search. U.S. diplomats and African authorities visited airfields across the continent, seeking hints the plane had landed. U.S. national-security authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency scoured satellite images. The plane was never seen again.这次未授权的飞机离港事件距2001年9月11日的袭击还不到两年时间,国际社会对该飞机展开了搜索。美国外交人员和非洲国家政府部门查看了这块大陆上的机场,希望能找到727飞机落地的迹象。包括联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation,简称FBI)和中央情报局(Central Intelligence Agency,简称CIA)在内的美国国家安全部门还查找了卫星图像。但没有人再看见过这架飞机。#39;I have no idea#39; about what happened to the 727, it is #39;one of those things we#39;ve never understood,#39; said Maury Joseph, president of Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing. #39;It#39;s unheard of for something that large, and nothing to this day has ever shown up.#39;Aerospace Sales amp; Leasing总裁约瑟夫(Maury Joseph)说,他对这架727发生了什么一无所知,这是他们一直没搞明白的事件之一。他说,这么大的一个物体凭空消失,至今再未露面,这真是前所未闻。The FBI and CIA didn#39;t immediately respond to requests for comment.FBI和CIA未立即回应置评请求。Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is one of the first jet planes since then to disappear for this long.此事发生后,马航370航班是失踪了如此长时间的首批喷气式客机之一。#39;The fact that it#39;s so rare is the reason everyone is paying attention to it,#39; said Bob van der Linden, chairman of the aeronautics department at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.史密森尼国家航空航天物馆(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)航空部门主席范德林登(Bob van der Linden)说,这样的事太罕见了,所以大家都十分关注。Disappearances used to be more common. Amelia Earhart was notable as one of the first female aviators to set distance records in the 1930s. But she remains in the public conscience today more because she disappeared in her Lockheed Electra near New Guinea while attempting to circumnavigate the globe.失踪事件以前更为常见。埃尔哈特(Amelia Earhart)是在上世纪30年代创造飞行距离纪录的首批女飞行员之一,并且因此扬名。但她现在还为人们所记起的一个更大的原因是,她驾驶着洛克希德-伊莱克特拉(Lockheed Electra)飞机进行环球飞行时,在新几内亚附近失踪。Today, radar can generally track aircraft large and small. But even in an age of global satellite navigation and the perception of world-wide surveillance, significant areas of Earth are untouched by radar or regular observation.时至今日,无论飞行器大小,雷达通常都可对其进行追踪。但即使到了全球卫星导航和人们以为的监控遍布世界各地的时代,地球上仍有大片区域是雷达或常规观测无法监测到的。Empty spots are shrinking. In the 1970s, the #39;Bermuda Triangle#39; loomed in the American imagination after several military planes disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean region between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, and other planes and ships were said to have vanished there. Supernatural explanations were eventually debunked.不过其实,人类未触及的空白区域正在不断缩小。上世纪70年代,几架军用飞机在佛罗里达、波多黎各和百慕大之间位于大西洋的那个地区失踪后,“百慕大三角区”便引起了美国人的丰富联想。据说其它飞机和船只也曾消失于这个三角区。种种超自然的解释最终被揭穿。#39;The accident rate in the Bermuda Triangle is no better or worse than anywhere else, but it sounds really intriguing,#39; said the Smithsonian#39;s Mr. van der Linden.范德林登表示,百慕大三角区的事故率和其他地方基本相当,只不过相关事件听上去很神秘罢了。Rational explanations haven#39;t limited people#39;s imaginations. The hugely successful TV series #39;Lost#39; focused on passengers of a jetliner that crashed on a mysterious island not found on maps.合理的解释并未遏制人们的想像力。大获成功的美国电视连续剧《迷失》(Lost)就讲述了一架飞机在一个地图上没有的神秘小岛坠毁后,机上乘客的相关故事。Disappearances are often simply accidents in remote locations, based on an analysis of planes that eventually showed up. Air France Flight 447 vanished for more than a day before searchers found floating pieces of the Airbus A330.从对一些类似事件的分析来看,飞机消失往往是在偏远地区失事。法航447航班在消失了一天多以后,搜救人员才发现了这架空客A330客机的漂浮碎片。Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in September 2007 while flying a single-engine propeller plane near Yosemite National Park in California. It took more than a year to find the wreckage.2007年9月冒险家史蒂夫#8226;福赛特(Steve Fossett)在加利福尼亚州约塞米蒂国家公园(Yosemite National Park)附近驾驶一架单引擎螺旋桨飞机失踪,一年多以后人们才找到了飞机残骸。Other accidents are often too difficult to investigate, or the small number of people killed is deemed too low to merit a costly search. #39;It is very expensive to do,#39; said Mr. Stone, the accident investigator.其他一些事故往往难以调查,或者说由于遇难人数较少,兴师动众地去搜索被认为有点不值得。斯通表示,那样做成本太高。The Boeing 707 that crashed off Japan in 1979 had six people aboard. A Boeing 727 that sent distress messages and vanished after taking off from Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1990 had 18 people aboard. Neither was ever found.1979年一架载有6人的波音707飞机在从日本起飞后失踪。1990年一架从冰岛雷克雅维克起飞的波音727飞机发出遇险信息并消失,机上载有18人。这两架飞机均未找到。On rare occasions, disappearances are solved by passengers. On Oct. 13, 1972, a Fairchild FH-227D with 45 people aboard, including a Uruguayan rugby team, crashed in the Andes while flying from Argentina to Chile -- an incident later dramatized in the 1993 film #39;Alive.#39; Twelve passengers died immediately or were missing and the others waited in the freezing heights for rescue, some eventually resorting to cannibalism to survive.也有极少数情况下乘客自救生还。1972年10月13日,一架载有45人(包括一乌拉圭橄榄球队)的Fairchild FH-227D飞机在从阿根廷飞往智利的途中在安第斯山脉失事,此事后来被改编为1993年的电影《天劫余生》(Alive)。当时当场死亡和失踪的乘客有12名,剩下的乘客则在冰峰上等待救援,一些人不得不通过食人肉求生。When no help arrived, three of the 16 survivors in December set off for help. After one turned back to ration food, the remaining two men walked for seven days before they spotted a sign of civilization: an empty soup can and a horseshoe. Two more days passed before they found men on horseback who sent for help. Helicopters were dispatched to retrieve the remaining survivors.由于没有等来外界救援,同年12月16名幸存者中有3名开始动身寻找救援。当其中一人返回找食物时,另外两人继续行走了七日,最终发现了人迹:一个空的汤罐和一个马蹄铁。又过了两天,他们发现了骑马的人,这些骑马的人为他们找到了帮助。于是直升飞机开过来救走了这些劫后余生的人。Modern technology increases the chance the Malaysia Airlines flight will be found, the Air France crash suggests. While floating wreckage of that Airbus plane was found in less than two days, weeks of deep-sea searches turned up no sign of the fuselage or pings from beacons on its recorders.从法航那次事件来看,现代化的技术会使马航航班被找到的几率提高。虽然搜救人员在不到两天的时间内就找到了法航空客飞机的漂浮残骸,但在之后数周的深海搜索中都没有见到飞机机身,也没有收到记录仪所发出的信号。Two subsequent searches were conducted using progressively more-sophisticated remote undersea vehicles, advanced sonar equipment and computer modeling of tidal patterns. Within days of launching the third search, almost two years after the crash, the wreckage was discovered.之后的两次搜索动用了越来越复杂的水下遥控工具、先进的声纳设备以及计算机模拟洋流。在第三次搜索启动几天,也就是失事约两年后,法航的失事飞机残骸终于被找到。#39;There#39;s going to be a trace somewhere, it will be found,#39; the Smithsonian#39;s Mr. van der Linden said of the Malaysian plane. #39;It may be a surprise about where it#39;s found, but we don#39;t know what happened on the airplane.#39;范德林登在谈到马航失联客机时表示,一些地方势必会留有踪迹,会找到的;最后发现它的地点或许会出人意料,但我们不知道飞机上究竟发生了什么。 /201403/279771In west Africa today, as in early 20th-century Manchuria or England at the time of the Black Death, travellers are often unwelcome. When eight healthcare workers and journalists showed up at a village near Guinea’s second city of Nzerekore in September, they planned to explain how to protect against the Ebola virus that has killed at least 4,500 people this year. Instead they were set upon by locals wielding machetes and clubs. Some of the visitors’ bodies were later found in the village latrine.和20世纪早期黑死病流行时的满洲及英国一样,在今天的西非,旅行者往往不受欢迎。今年9月,8名医务工作者及记者来到几内亚第二大城市恩泽雷科雷(Nzerekore)附近的一个村庄,原本计划告诉村民应采取哪些措施来防范埃拉病毒(这种病毒今年已导致至少4500人丧生),然而,当地人却手持大砍刀和棍棒攻击了他们。后来,人们在村里的茅坑里找到了几个遇难者的遗体。Joseph Fair, an American virologist who worked in the region in 2004, says the villagers – fearful of Ebola, witchcraft and unknown foreigners “showing up in space suits” – were trying to cut themselves off from the outside world. Self-isolation has been tried before, and sometimes it works. In 1910, as plague was sping across the mountainous region of northeast China, several towns barred entry to outsiders. Reliable men were deputised to travel to market and return swiftly carrying essential supplies. Pneumonic plague claimed perhaps 60,000 lives in Manchuria that year. But the closed off villages stayed free of the disease.2004年曾在该地区工作过的美国病毒学家约瑟夫#8226;费尔(Joseph Fair)表示,埃拉、巫术及“身着‘太空’出现的”陌生外国人让村民们心生恐惧,他们正试图切断与外界的联系。过去,人们尝试过这种自我隔离措施,有时候这种措施也会奏效。1910年,当鼠疫在中国东北部山区蔓延时,几个城镇曾封堵了外人进入城镇的入口,只派可靠男子代表全城去市场采买必要物资后迅速返回。就在那年,肺鼠疫导致了满洲或许6万人丧生。然而,对外封闭的村庄却没有感染这种疾病。The bacteria that cause plague can travel through the air or be passed on in the bite of an infected flea. Ebola is less contagious and therefore less deadly, but there are haunting similarities all the same. Ebola’s long incubation period allows patients to flee outbreaks while still healthy. Plague strikes faster, but it is what bacteriologists call a “stealth infection” – victims feel quite well while the illness silently devastates their bodies. As Giovanni Boccaccio, the Renaissance poet, put it, men ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise. A victim might ride for three days before dying. Both diseases thrive on fear and flight.导致鼠疫的病菌能通过空气传播,被受感染跳蚤叮咬也是一种传播手段。埃拉传染性没有这么强,从而降低了它的致命性。不过,两者间还是存在可怕的相似之处。埃拉的漫长潜伏期令患者能够在身体仍然健康时逃离疫区。鼠疫的发作要快得多,不过细菌学家称鼠疫为一种“隐秘感染”——在疾病悄悄吞噬身体之际,受害者却感觉良好。正如文艺复兴时期的诗人乔万尼#8226;薄伽丘(Giovanni Boccaccio)所形容的,人们在与朋友吃过午餐之后,再在天堂与先祖享用晚餐。在死亡前,感染者可能会四处活动三天之久。这两种疾病的传播还都会因人们的恐惧和逃亡而加快。For now the best weapons against Ebola are still the oldest: quarantine of the exposed (a word and an idea invented by Italian city states in the 14th century) and isolation of the sick. This, after all, is how plague was eventually stopped in the early 20th century.就目前而言,对抗埃拉的最佳武器仍然是最古老的方法:对暴露者实施隔离检疫(quarantine,这个名词和这种方法是14世纪意大利各城邦发明的);对感染者实施完全隔离。毕竟,20世纪早期人们就是用这种办法最终扑灭鼠疫的。Wu Lien-teh, the Cambridge-educated physician who co-ordinated the medical response in Manchuria, commanded a corps of 600 police officers backed up by Chinese soldiers. People were forced into quarantine, mostly in the open air where pneumonic plague could not easily sp. Those who showed symptoms were carted off to hospitals to die (in these years before antibiotics, none survived). Infectious bodies littered the streets and Wu applied to the Chinese emperor for permission to burn them, even though the practice went against all Chinese tradition. When cremation began, the epidemic begin to subside.曾受教于剑桥大学(Cambridge)的伍连德(Wu Lien-teh)医生曾协调组织了满洲的医疗应对措施。他曾指挥过一个由600名警官组成的团队,并得到了中国军队的援。当时,人们被强制实行隔离检疫,实施场所主要是肺鼠疫不易传播的露天环境。出现症状的人们被运往医院等待死亡(在那个没有抗生素的年代,没有人能生还)。当时,感染者遗体被随意抛在街头,伍连德为此曾请求中国皇帝批准焚烧这些遗体——尽管这么完全违背中国人的传统。采取尸体火化措施之后,这种传染病开始消退。Tender emotions can be deadly in a time of infectious disease. Knowing that plague was fatal, many Manchurians drove out their infected relatives to die on the streets, huddling with other outcasts for warmth. In west Africa, however, Ebola is being sp by love as well as fear. There people are tenderly caring for their dying and their dead. In the absence of proper equipment – masks, gloves, disinfectant – these human offices play a large part in sping the disease.在传染病肆虐的时代,温情可能是致命的。因为知道鼠疫是致命的,许多满洲人都把受感染的亲属赶出家门,让他们与其他被亲人抛弃的病人一起在街上抱团取暖,然后死在街头。然而,在西非,恐惧和爱都在传播埃拉。在西非,人们会悉心照顾那些即将死去和已经死去的病人。由于缺乏口罩、手套、消毒剂等适当防护物资,这种人道善举在疾病的传播中起到了巨大作用。So does flight. The people of Ganta in Liberia, fearing the quarantine imposed on neighbouring towns and the dead bodies lying in the streets, left in August by the hundreds. They piled into taxis or clung to motorbikes carrying food – and no doubt Ebola too.逃亡也起到了巨大作用。今年8月,几百名利比里亚甘塔的居民逃离了该市,原因是相邻的城镇被隔离检疫以及街头出现倒伏的尸体让他们感到恐惧。他们成群地挤上出租车或托车逃亡,携带着食品——当然还有埃拉病毒。It is unlikely that vaccines and experimental drugs can save west Africa from Ebola. We need to apply the old methods that broke the Manchurian plague, with the sensitivity that is needed if they are to succeed today. Humanity, in the end, is what will overcome this plague of the modern world.目前,用疫苗和实验性药物让西非摆脱埃拉魔爪的可能性不大。我们必须采取当年曾扑灭满洲鼠疫的古老方法,并加以人性的态度,要让古老方法在当今世界取得成功,这种态度是必须的。说到底,消灭这种现代版“鼠疫”还是要靠人道主义。 /201410/337803

A new breed of watchmaker is breaking the industry#39;s mold of elegant-if-conservative designs by crafting timepieces out of unusual and exotic materials, including pieces of classic sports cars and parts of the Statue of Liberty. 钟表行业“传统即高雅”的设计理念正在被新一代钟表商所颠覆,他们正在使用罕见且奇特的材料来打造钟表,其中包括取自经典跑车以及自由女神像的材料。Take RJ Watches SA#39;s Moon Orbiter, a watch inspired by the Apollo missions that took the first men to the moon. Each timepiece contains metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to get to the Sea of Tranquility in 1969. 让我们以RJ Watches SA制造的Moon Orbiter腕表为例,这款腕表的灵感源自实现了人类首次登月的阿波罗登月计划。每块Moon Orbiter腕表都含有取自“阿波罗11号”(Apollo 11)宇宙飞船的金属,1969年,尼尔·阿姆斯特朗(Neil Armstrong)和巴兹·奥尔德林(Buzz Aldrin)正是乘坐“阿波罗11号”宇宙飞船抵达宁静海(Sea of Tranquilit)的。The Geneva-based watchmaker, commonly know as Romain Jerome, also secured moon dust at an auction, incorporating the extraterrestrial particles in the timepiece#39;s dial. 这家总部位于日内瓦的钟表商为人所熟知的名字是罗曼·杰罗姆(Romain Jerome),该公司还在一次拍卖中将月面尘埃收归囊中,并在这款手表的表盘中用上了这些来自外太空的颗粒。#39;We are offering our customers the opportunity to wear a piece of history,#39; Chief Executive Manuel Emch, said at the BaselWorld watch show, which is running this week. The company has also produced watches using metal from the ill-fated passenger liner Titanic and copper removed from the Statue of Liberty when the New York statue was renovated for its 100th anniversary. 罗曼·杰罗姆的首席执行长曼纽尔·埃姆什(Manuel Emch)在本月举办的巴塞尔钟表珠宝展(BaselWorld)上表示:“我们向消费者提供的是佩戴历史的机会。”罗曼·杰罗姆还曾以取自“泰坦尼克号”(Titanic)沉船上的金属与纽约自由女神像上的铜件(百年庆典整修时被替换下来的)为原料制造过手表。Romain Jerome#39;s creations might be out of this world but the company#39;s strategy isn#39;t. Watchmakers are increasingly turning to unusual materials, including wood and gold-and-ceramic blends, to differentiate their products in an industry crowded with Swatch Group #39;s Omega and Longines lines and Compagnie Financière Richemont SA#39;s Cartier and IWC lines, as well as Rolex SA#39;s eponymous brand. 罗曼·杰罗姆的腕表或许称得上是世间极品,但是该公司的策略却并非独步天下。为了在行业中脱颍而出,在这个充斥着斯沃琪集团(Swatch Group )生产的欧米茄(Omega)和浪琴(Longines)、历峰集团(Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA)生产的卡地亚(Cartier)和万国(IWC)以及劳力士集团(Rolex SA)生产的知名腕表的钟表世界中,钟表商越来越青睐与众不同的材料,包括木材以及融合了黄金和陶瓷的新材质。Among the more wild efforts are a Richard Mille SA watch made entirely of sapphire, that sells for a cool .8 million, and the million Hallucination wristwatch created by British jeweler Graff that contains more than 100 carats of diamonds. 其中登峰造极的两款作品要属理查德·米勒(Richard Mille SA)打造的全蓝宝石腕表和英国珠宝商格拉夫(Graff)打造的镶嵌有超过100克拉 石的Hallucination腕表了。前者的售价为180万美元(约合人民币1,120万元),后者的售价为5,500万美元(约合人民币3.4亿元)。Scalfaro Watch amp; Jewellery#39;s GmbH Co. amp; KG timepieces appeal to both watch and automobile enthusiasts by incorporating parts of some of motoring#39;s most storied cars. The company, based in Neuhausen, Germany, has melted down parts of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing and a Porsche 917 to make its limited-edition watches. The parts are often donated by owners--material from a Ferrari 250 GTO owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was turned into luxury watches. Scalfaro Watch amp; Jewellery制造的GmbH Co. amp; KG腕表吸引了腕表爱好者和汽车爱好者的目光,因为历史上最具传奇色的一些汽车的配件被融合进了这款腕表的制作材料中。这家总部位于德国诺伊豪森(Neuhausen)的公司将一辆梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz) 300 SL Gullwing和一辆保时捷(Porsche) 917的零件融化后制成了限量款腕表。用以制表的汽车零件往往是车主捐献的——平克·弗洛伊德(Pink Floyd)乐队的鼓手尼克·马森(Nick Mason)捐献的一辆法拉利(Ferrari)250 GTO就被用于打造奢华腕表。The company, whose watches cost from between EUR4,000 and EUR10,000 (,500-,800), works with the engineers who designed the cars. #39;For our customers it is a way of expressing their passion for the car,#39; said company co-founder Alexander Kuhnle, #39;Our watches tell a story. They contain the DNA of the cars and their engineers.#39; Scalfaro与参与上述汽车设计的工程师展开了合作,该品牌腕表的售价从4,000欧元至10,000欧元不等(约合人民币34,500元至人民币86,200元)。该公司的联合创始人亚历山大·库恩勒(Alexander Kuhnle)表示:“对我们的顾客来说,这是他们表达自己对汽车的热情的方式。我们的腕表会讲故事。在它们身上蕴含着这些汽车与打造这些汽车的工程师的DNA。”Some watchmakers take a more natural approach. Italy#39;s Lowell srl uses mahogany, pine and a host of other woods to make what it calls environmentally friendly watches that cost between EUR300 and EUR400. The company uses plastic from recycled bottles for the straps, it builds the cases out of wood from a furniture factory. 一些钟表商在材料选取上更加追求自然。意大利钟表商Lowell Srl选用了桃花心木、松木以及多种其他木材制成了该公司所称的环保型手表,这些手表的售价为300欧元至400欧元(约合人民币2590元至人民币3450元)。该公司选用塑料瓶回收制成的塑料作为腕表表带的材料,并用来自一家家具厂的木料做成了腕表的表盒。#39;Stainless steel watches are everywhere,#39; said Andrea Rovatti, the marketing director. #39;Not many people make wooden watches.#39; Lowell Srl的营销总监安德里亚·罗瓦提(Andrea Rovatti)称:“不锈钢表比比皆是。制作木表的商家可不多。”Hublot, owned by France#39;s LVMH Mo#235;t Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, is creating new materials to distinguish its wristwatches from the pack. 法国酩悦·轩尼诗-路易·威登集团(LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA)旗下的品牌宇舶(Hublot)正在打造能够使自己的腕表与众不同的新材料。Its Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold, which costs nearly 32,000 Swiss francs (,000), uses a blend of ceramic and 24-carat gold, an amalgam that carries gold#39;s luster but is resistant to scratches. The company also launched a 150,000-franc watch earlier this year with a dial made from osmium, an extremely shiny metal from the same family as platinum. 宇舶的Big Bang法拉利魔力金表(Ferrari Magic Gold)采用了陶瓷与24K金的复合材料,这种材质不仅能够彰显出黄金的奢华,还具有防刮特性。这款腕表的售价接近32,000瑞士法郎(约合人民币226,000元)。今年早些时候,宇舶还推出了一款售价为150,000瑞士法郎(约合人民币106万元)的锇表盘腕表,锇属于铂族金属,颜色极其绚丽。#39;We don#39;t want to repeat the past,#39; said Chief Executive Ricardo Guadalupe. #39;We want to make the watches of today with technology that didn#39;t exist before.#39; 宇舶首席执行长里卡多·瓜达卢佩(Ricardo Guadalupe)表示:“我们不愿复制历史。我们希望用前所未有的科技来打造今天的腕表。” /201404/293275MIKE TROIANO NEEDED to get something off his chest, and he went to social media to do it. In a recent Instagram post, the CMO of Waltham, Mass.-based tech company Actifio announced to the world, with a mix of liberation and mourning: #39;Retiring Bigass Suburban Dad Cargo Shorts. Godspeed, old friend. #itssohardtosaygoodbye.#39; The accompanying photo showed a forlorn and weathered pair of olive cargo shorts. The pockets sagged like old skin, clearly distressed from years of carrying, as Mr. Troiano told me, #39;anything smaller than a toaster.#39; 迈克·特罗亚诺(Mike Troiano)有心事要倾吐,于是他去了社交媒体上发帖子。在最近的一个Instagram帖子上,这位马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆市(Waltham)科技公司Actifio的首席营销长带着既解脱又哀痛的情绪向世界宣布:“大号‘乡下老爸’的工装短裤要退休了。祝你好运,老朋友。#itssohardtosaygoodbye(想说再见太难)。”配的照片是一条可怜的、饱经风霜的橄榄色工装短裤。下垂的口袋就像是衰老的皮肤,显然是遭受了多年装东西的折磨。正如特罗亚诺告诉我的:“只要是比烤面包机小的东西都会往里塞。”Like many men, myself included, Mr. Troiano, 47, responded to the cargo craze of the 1990s, when the military-inspired shorts and pants were introduced as casual wear for civilians. Cut above the knee, they were #39;the manliest shorts out there,#39; Mr. Troiano said. As pants, they were rough, tough and workable for carpenters, adventurers and ordinary men who just needed to carry more stuff. F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal,Styling by Anne CardenasDockers“阿尔法修身工装裤”,售价68美元,urbanoutfitters.com有售。和许多男士(包括我在内)一样,47岁的特罗亚诺也对1990年代的工装热做出了积极响应。当时这种灵感来自军的短裤和长裤首次被作为休闲装向普通人推广。特罗亚诺说,那时这种长度到膝盖上方的短裤“是最有男人味的短裤”。长裤则比较粗糙耐穿,木匠和冒险家能穿,也适合需要装更多东西的普通人。At some point, however, Mr. Troiano decided the baggy cargo look was no longer appropriate. They were a #39;stage-of-life#39; pant, he said, and he was well beyond his undergraduate days. His reaction isn#39;t entirely uncommon-particularly among men who associate the look with sloppy collegiate bros burdened by bloated pockets.不过,从某个时候开始,特罗亚诺觉得这种宽松的工装风格不再适合了。他说,这种裤子只适合某个阶段,而他早就过了大学生的年纪了。他的反应并不罕见——尤其是把这种风格与口袋塞得鼓鼓的散漫的大学男生联系起来的男性。But there may be life in those pockets yet. #39;If you asked us if cargo pants were stylish just a few seasons back, we would have answered with a resounding, #39;No,#39; #39; wrote the editors at Esquire on the magazine#39;s site in 2012. In the next sentence, however, they confessed to changing their tune. As well they should: In the past couple of years, the cargo has experienced a complete reputation rehab to become one of the most stylish and versatile go-to pieces of a man#39;s wardrobe.不过这种裤子或许还有一定的生命力。《时尚先生》(Esquire)杂志编辑2012年在其网站上写道:“如果几年前你问我们工装裤是不是时髦,我们的回答肯定是否。”但是在接下来那句话中,他们却承认他们的态度正在改变。他们确实也应该改变:这几年来,工装裤经历了一次彻底的名誉修复,成为了男士衣橱里最时尚也最百搭的单品之一。This spring you can find debonair cargo pants from labels like Michael Bastian, Todd Snyder, Ovadia amp; Sons, Balmain and Michael Kors. Even Dockers, which reported that its sales of cargoes have grown in the past year, this spring introduced a trimmer and more stylish pair, called the Alpha Slim-Fit Cargo. 从左至右依次为:瑞格布恩、Ovadia amp; Sons、拉夫#8226;劳伦黑标(Ralph Lauren Black Label)今年春季,你能找到来自迈克尔·巴斯蒂安(Michael Bastian)、托德·斯奈德(Todd Snyder)、Ovadia amp; Sons、巴尔曼(Balmain)以及迈克尔·科斯(Michael Kors)等品牌的优雅工装裤。就连Dockers今年春季都推出了一款更时尚的修身工装裤,名为“阿尔法修身工装裤”(Alpha Slim-Fit Cargo)。据报道,Dockers去年工装裤的销量有所增长。These new styles have evolved greatly from the original #39;90s cargo, which had a Rambo-in-Passaic look. #39;These aren#39;t college-fit cargoes that are baggy and beyond,#39; said Michael Kors. #39;Ours are polished with a cleaner fit. I wear cargoes all the time.#39; 这些新款式是从最初90年代军装痕迹比较明显的款式演变而来的。迈克尔·科斯说:“这些并不是适合大学生的宽松工装裤,我们的款式设计得更修身。我一直都穿工装裤。”Mr. Kors#39;s version is slender and comfortable with real New York attitude. It has the crisp lines of a chino with a great deal more visual appeal. With four smooth zippered pockets, these cargoes are a slap in the face to the bulkiness of the past, and pickpockets of the future.F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal,Styling by Anne Cardenas从左至右依次为:托德#8226;斯奈德、迈克尔#8226;巴斯蒂安、Gant by Michael Bastian、李维斯(Levi#39;s)、迈克尔#8226;科斯American designer Michael Bastian has included cargoes in his collection since his first spring season in 2007. Mr. Bastian#39;s spring cargo pant, pictured at right, is softened up, with slim legs and neater, flatter pockets. They could replace your linen slacks for a languorous soiree on the beach, but they#39;re polished enough for a smart weekend in the city or even a summer Friday at the office. #39;I think [the cargo] is the one pant that falls directly in that spot between jeans and chinos,#39; said Mr. Bastian. #39;[It#39;s] a little more dressed up than a jean and a little more special than an ordinary chino. It covers a lot of ground.#39;托德#8226;斯奈德这款腿部修身剪裁的工装裤采用人字纹面料。口袋为平整的流线型,中间没有典型的褶皱。Infantry工装裤,售价295美元,toddsnyder.com有售。He said he wears corduroy cargoes for much of the year; in winter, they#39;re heavier and blended with cashmere; in summer, they#39;re lighter weight and off-white. #39;Pair [cargoes] with a very tailored blazer,#39; he advised, #39;and you#39;re well-dressed enough for anything.#39; Seeing the designer#39;s signature cargo look-rolled to the ankle and paired with a soft-shouldered blazer, shirt and tie-is enough to banish any frat-boy associations you ever had. 迈克尔#8226;巴斯蒂安带四合扣的平整的口袋位于略高于小腿的位置。Snap工装裤,售价465美元,Cottage Miami有售,电话305-534-9917。One association designers would do well to hang onto is cargoes#39; connection to military history, which lends them a cool, rugged appeal. #39;Cargo pants#39; longevity is all about their utilitarianism,#39; said American designer Todd Snyder, whose resume includes stints at Gap, J.Crew and Polo Ralph Lauren dating back to 1992, and who shares Mr. Cucinelli#39;s fondness for pairing cargo pants with a sport coat. #39;That functionality endures over time.#39; Mr. Snyder#39;s olive-hued Infantry Cargo pants, shown above, have slim modern lines but also a historical military feel: You can almost see them on Alec Guinness in #39;The Bridge on the River Kwai#39; or in a #39;Downton Abbey#39; war scene. 李维斯采用全棉斜纹布面料,非常适合骑车上班。口袋有两个夹层。通勤工装裤,售价78美元,levi.com有售。Adhering even closer to the style#39;s military roots, Rag amp; Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville collaborated this spring with Crye Precision, manufacturers of modern-day combat apparel, to create their Precision Pants. With inverted pleat pockets on both leg fronts and backs, the trousers are severely stylized. The collaboration, said Mr. Wainwright, telegraphs that their cargoes are #39;all about vintage and authentic military clothing,#39; cutting to the heart of men#39;s appreciation for the look. Gant by Michael Bastian腰部带纽扣的口袋可以装东西,大腿的口袋就可以腾出来。腰带很特别地带有额外的纽扣。完美工装裤(Perfect Cargo Pant),售价225美元,gant.com有售。But loving cargo pants doesn#39;t necessarily mean that you#39;re one step away from re-enacting the Battle of the Bulge on the weekends. There#39;s something purely aesthetic in the power of the pocket. #39;It gives the pants just a little extra interest, rather than just a regular flat-front trouser,#39; said Bruce Pask, men#39;s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. 迈克尔#8226;科斯这款修身工装裤采用很轻的弹性斜纹布面料,有四个小的拉链口袋。工装裤,售价175美元,michaelkors.com有售。And so what started as a utilitarian pant and advertisement for masculinity, has morphed into an endlessly interpreted design staple. Will the cargo ever go away? Avowed cargo enthusiast Alex Kasavin certainly doesn#39;t think so. Mr. Kasavin, a co-owner of Brooklyn menswear shop IDOL, sees only continued evolution. A designer#39;s sensibility can come through even when he works within the conventions of cargo pants, Mr. Kasavin said. #39;It#39;s still a cargo, but it#39;s also clearly that designer#39;s pant.#39; At his store, he is selling the Matrix-like #39;Memphis#39; pants from Rick Owens#39;s Drkshdw label. He also admires styles from other designers, such as Balmain.Everett Collection老式工装裤 2000年,身穿宽松工装裤的男孩乐团98 Degrees成员。科斯的款式很瘦,很舒,有着纯粹的纽约态度。它有着斜纹棉布裤的挺括线条,视觉上的吸引力则强得多。四个流畅的拉链口袋让从前的臃肿无所遁形,也让小偷无处下手。These days, cargo pants speak across cultures, from hip-hop to hipster, beach front to board room. With all these options, I thought, surely I can coax Suburban Dad Mr. Troiano back into the cargo-pant fold. 从2007年首个春季系列开始,美国设计师迈克尔·巴斯蒂安的设计就一直包括工装裤。右图中巴斯蒂安今春的工装裤更加柔软,小腿更修身,口袋也更平整。这条裤子可以替代亚麻宽松裤去参加慵懒的沙滩聚会,而若要在城市里度过潇 的周末,或者夏季的周五在办公室里,它也足够地精致。巴斯蒂安说:“我觉得工装裤正好介于牛仔裤和斜纹棉布裤之间的位置。它比牛仔裤正式一点,又比普通的棉布裤更特别一点。它可以驾驭很多场合。”First, I asked if he would look at some images of the futuristic cargo pants by Rick Owens. He fell silent. It was the silence of countless of us dads who have passed Brooklyn hipster viability. Next, I asked him to look at Todd Snyder#39;s work. #39;That#39;s a nice pant,#39; he said, #39;[It#39;s] a classic look.#39; #39;How so?#39; I asked. #39;Like Otis Day#39;s #39;Shout#39; classic,#39; he said, #39;everyone loves that song!#39; Yes, I thought, in their own ways, everyone loves these pants.但是说到最新的设计师品牌高档工装裤,不得不提到意大利设计师布鲁奈罗·库奇内利(Brunello Cucinelli)。他花了很大精力为工装裤赋予了一丝奢华和休闲高雅的元素。库奇内利就像是一位时尚预言师,他从1998年开始就设计了小巧的工装裤款式。他说:“这种款式既年轻又实用,会让人显得很现代,同时又很舒适。它已经成了我的常规穿着。”But you can#39;t talk about the new generation of high-end, designer-refined cargo pants without mentioning Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli, .MI -0.20% who has done more than his share to impart an air of luxury and casual sophistication to the pants. Something of a fashion fortune teller, Mr. Cucinelli has produced a more dapper cargo pant since 1998. #39;There is something youthful and practical about them which keeps a man looking modern and comfortable,#39; said Mr. Cucinelli. #39;They#39;ve become part of my uniform.#39;他说他大部分时候都穿灯芯绒工装裤。冬天比较厚,布料添加了羊绒;夏天是轻薄的白色工装裤。他建议道:“可以把工装裤和裁剪十分考究的休闲西搭配,这样什么场合都能应付。” 巴斯蒂安的标志性工装裤款式——裤脚卷至脚踝,搭配一件无肩衬休闲西、衬衫和领带——足以将任何兄弟会的痕迹消除。THAT#39;S DEBATABLE | Should I actually carry anything in my cargo pockets? 设计师仍然很坚持的一点是工装裤和军之间的联系,这种联系让工装裤有了一种很酷的粗犷的吸引力。美国设计师托德·斯奈德(Todd Snyder)说:“‘工装裤’的长盛不衰在于它的实用主义。”自1992年起,斯奈德陆续在盖璞(Gap)、J.Crew和拉夫·劳伦(Polo Ralph Lauren)供职。他和库奇内利一样,都喜欢将工装裤和轻便上衣搭配。他说:“那种功用性是历久常新的。”上图中斯奈德设计的橄榄色步兵工装裤有着修长的现代线条,同时也有军装的历史感:《桂河大桥》(The Bridge on the River Kwai)中的亚历克·吉尼斯(Alec Guinness)身上或者《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)中的战争场景中就有这种裤子的影子。Sure! 今年春季,瑞格布恩(Rag amp; Bone)设计师马库斯·温赖特(Marcus Wainwright)及大卫·内维尔(David Neville)与现代军制造商Crye Precision联合推出了Precision Pants,将工装裤与军的渊源体现得更淋漓尽致。这款裤子前后都有暗?袋,风格化十足。温赖特说,这次合作的工装裤“就是对老式的真正的军的演绎”,完全颠覆了男士们对这种款式的审美。Crazy as it sounds, #39;utilitarian#39; fashion can actually be useful, contends the pro-stash camp. #39;You can carry everything in your pockets,#39; said Alex Kasavin, co-owner of Brooklyn store IDOL. American designer Todd Snyder takes a more conservative approach-restricting the actual cargo to slim and essential objects. #39;You can carry your phone and passport,#39; said Mr. Snyder. #39;But nothing bulky.#39; 但爱穿工装裤并不一定意味着你周末穿上工装裤会让突出部之役(Battle of the Bulge)重新上演。工装裤的口袋有着很纯粹的美感。波道夫·古德曼精品百货店(Bergdorf Goodman)男装总监布鲁斯·派斯克(Bruce Pask)说:“口袋让裤子多了有趣的元素,让它不再是一条平淡无奇的裤子了。”Not Really 于是,最开始主打男子汉气概的实用工装裤演变成了有无数种解读的设计单品。工装裤会不会淡出时尚舞台?酷爱工装裤的亚历克斯·卡萨文(Alex Kasavin)肯定不会这么认为。卡萨文是布鲁克林男装店IDOL的老板之一,他认为工装裤只会继续演化。卡萨文说,即使是按照工装裤的传统惯例设计,设计师的感觉也能体现出来。他说:“虽然还是工装裤,但也很明显带有设计师的风格。”他的店里卖的是瑞克·欧文斯(Rick Owens)旗下Drkshdw品牌的工装裤,《黑客帝国》(Matrix)里孟菲斯(Memphis)的那种款式。他也喜欢巴尔曼等其他设计师的款式。Since one crucial element of the revamped designer cargo is sleeker pockets, keeping them empty or near-empty makes sense. #39;You don#39;t want to end up looking like a pack mule,#39; said Michael Kors. But if you must, he allowed: #39;Just a slim credit card or wallet.#39; Bergdorf Goodman men#39;s fashion director Bruce Pask always keeps his cargo pockets clean, with one exception-those days when he#39;s on location for a photo shoot. 从嘻哈到嬉皮,从海滩到会议室,如今各类文化中都能看到工装裤的身影。我觉得,既然有这么多的选择,我肯定可以把“乡下老爸”特罗亚诺拉回到工装裤的世界。Maybe 首先,我问他是否愿意看看瑞克·欧文斯设计的未来主义风格工装裤的图片。他陷入了沉默。正是无数老爸们的这种沉默最终让布鲁克林嬉皮风得以延续。接下来我让他看托德·斯奈德的作品。他说:“这条裤子不错,经典的风格。”我问道:“为什么?”他说:“就像Otis Day的经典歌曲《呐喊》(Shout)。所有人都喜欢那首歌!”没错,我心想,每个人都在以自己的方式喜欢这种裤子。Some feel it#39;s a matter of choice. #39;That#39;s a very personal question,#39; said Rag amp; Bone designer Marcus Wainwright. #39;I#39;m not going to determine that for anybody.#39;争议点 该不该在工装裤口袋里装东西?Lawrence LaRoseIllustration by Joe McKendry for The Wall Street Journal裤兜当然可以装东西!当然可以!

When scientists inadvertently killed what turned out to be the world’s oldest living creature, it was bad enough.一只被明是世界上最古老的生物被科学家不小心弄死了,这似乎已经够糟糕的了。Now, their mistake has been compounded after further research found it was even older – at 507 years.然而更糟糕的是,人们进一步研究发现,这只软体动物比人们想象的还要古老——它已经有507岁高龄。The ocean quahog - a type of deep-sea clam - was dredged alive from the bottom of the North Atlantic near Iceland in 2006 by researchers. They then put it in a freezer, as is normal practice, unaware of its age.2006年,研究者们从冰岛附近的北大西洋海底将这只海蛤——一种生活在深海中的蛤蜊——活生生的捕捞上岸。他们并不知道它如此年迈,只是按照惯例将它放在冷冻箱里。It was only when it was taken to a laboratory that scientists from Bangor University studied it and concluded it was 400 years old.直到后来它被送往实验室进行研究,这时英国班戈大学的科学家们才发现它如此长寿,科学家们断言它已经有400岁高龄了。The discovery made it into the Guinness Book of World Records however by this time, it was too late for Ming the Mollusc – named after the Chinese dynasty on the throne when its life began.Unfortunately researchers who calculated Ming’s age killed it instantly by opening its shell.这一年龄上的发现使它被载入了世界吉尼斯纪录,然而此刻,对这只被命名为“明” 的软体动物来说,一切都为时已晚。名字取自它的生命开始时中国正经历的历史朝代。不幸的是,这些推测出了“明”年龄的科学家在打开它的壳的一瞬间已经弄死了它。The researchers opened the ancient clam up to judge its age by counting growth rings inside.But the rings were so close together that scientists ended up having to count the rings on the outside to be accurate, leading CBS to point out that Ming could have lived on, had scientists just started there.为了推测它的年龄,科学家们必须数清壳内部的线圈,所以他们打开了这只年迈的贝壳。可是这只软体动物壳内部的线圈实在是太密集了,为了力求准确,最后科学家们还是不得不从壳外部来数清线圈圈数。CBS新闻记者由此说,如果科学家们一开始就决定数清壳外的线圈数,“明”或许现在还活着。Now, after examining the ocean quahog more closely, using more refined methods, the researchers have found the animal was actually 100 years older than they first thought.现在经过更精密仪器的更细致研究,科学家们发现这只海洋圆蛤实际上比他们预先设想的还要老100岁。Dr Paul Butler, from the University’s School of Ocean Sciences, said: “We got it wrong the first time and maybe we were a bit hasty publishing our findings back then. But we are absolutely certain that we’ve got the right age now.”班戈大学海洋科学学院的劳尔·巴特勒教授说:“我们一开始就估计错误,也许我们当时发表自己的研究成果过于仓促了。但是现在我们能完全确定、我们估算出了它的准确年龄。”A quahog’s shell grows by a layer every year, in the summer when the water is warmer and food is plentiful. It means that when its shell is cut in half, scientists can count the lines in a similar way trees can be dated by rings in their trunks.在每年的夏季,如果水温适宜、食物充足,蛤蛎的壳就会长出一层线圈。这意味着,如果将蛤蛎的壳剖成两半,科学家们就能够通过壳的层数推算蛤蛎的年龄,就像根据树的年轮推算树的年龄一样。The mollusc was born in 1499 – just seven years after Columbus discovered America and before Henry VIII had even married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon in 1509.这只软体动物出生于1499年——它出生的时间比哥伦布发现美洲大陆只晚了七年,甚至在英国国王亨利八世与第一任皇后阿拉贡的凯瑟琳成婚(1509年)之前。Jan Heinemeier, associate professor at the University of Denmark, who helped date Ming, told Science Nordic: “The fact alone that we got our hands on an animal that’s 507 years old is incredibly fascinating, but the really exciting thing is of course everything we can learn from studying the mollusc.”丹麦大学助理教授杨·海涅迈尔也参与了对“明”年龄的研究。他对北欧科学协会说:“我们捕到了一只507岁高龄的动物,仅这一事实就够不可思议的了。不过,最不可思议的事情当然还是我们从这只软体动物的研究中可以获知的知识。” /201311/265356;You#39;re so great -- why don#39;t you have a boyfriend?;“你这么好,怎么会没有男朋友?”This misguided compliment, often doled out to young successful women, has given birth to a new thought experiment: If a woman is great and no romantic partner is there to appreciate her, can she still lead a happy and fulfilling life?人们常常在舆论的误导作用下,将这种恭维话“施舍”给单身成功女性,由此我们提出了一个新的思维实验课题:如果一位女性品貌甚佳,却没有情人来欣赏,她是否仍能生活的快乐而充实呢?Women often feel bad about being single, despite how satisfying their lives are otherwise.无论一位女性对生活的其他方面如何满意,单身的感情状况总是会让她感到郁闷。Turns out, there are a few reasons you might feel that romantic ennui:实际上,你的“单身厌烦症”可能是出于以下几点原因。you may not be prioritizing what you really want.你没有首先考虑自己想要的是什么。Allowing what other people want for you to cloud your judgement can send you down that dark, ;I#39;m dying alone; spiral. Global surveys have found that cultural norms and expectations are what determine our self-esteem, even if we claim we#39;re above the pressure. The truth is that marriage won#39;t make everyone happier.从他人对你的期望,使自己的判断力受到遮蔽,这会使你越来越觉得“我会孤独终老”,在这种想法的泥潭里越陷越深。全球范围内的研究结果显示,我们的自尊心是由文化规范和社会期待所决定的,即使我们声称自己不受这两者影响。事实上,结婚成家并不一定会使人更幸福。And those fear-inducing headlines aren#39;t helping.那些令人恐惧的新闻宣传也在帮倒忙。;It#39;s amazing how year after year after year, people are making this claim that if you get married, you#39;ll get happier,; author of Singled Out, DePaulo said.《单身更快乐》一书的作者德保罗说,“年复一年,人们一直在宣扬这样的观念,即结婚成家会使人更加幸福,这真不可思议。”She explained that many of those academic studies that make for splashy, fear-inducing headlines aren#39;t procedurally sound. The main problem is that conditions in clinical studies have to be randomly assigned -- which isn#39;t possible when you#39;re researching single vs. married people.她解释道,许多虚张声势、耸人听闻的舆论宣传及其背后的学术研究在研究程序上并不严谨。主要的问题在于,临床研究应该随即分配身份不同的研究对象——当你的研究对象是未婚/已婚人群时,这根本是不可能的。Another ;methodologically shameful; tactic in these studies, she explained, is that many only compare those who are currently married to single people and completely ignore those who got married, hated it and got divorced.她认为,此类学术研究中是另一种“令研究者蒙羞的方法论”伎俩,即许多研究都只是将婚姻幸福的人群与单身人群进行对比,而完全忽略了那些结过婚,然后厌倦婚姻、离婚的人群。Moral of the story?这篇文章的寓意何在?Yes, you#39;re still ;great; and more than capable of living a happy, fulfilling life, whether or not you#39;re involved with someone romantically. But also know that feeling waves of self-doubt and insecurity are totally normal. You may never want to get married-- or you may be open to the possibility of meeting someone without actively looking for a relationship.是的,无论你是否有一个恋人,你都很优秀,完全能够过上幸福,充实的生活。但是也要记住,自我怀疑和不安全感等情绪上的波动是完全正常的。也许你一辈子也不会想结婚——亦或你会怀着一种开放的心态,不对恋爱抱有期待,而是静待着遇到某人。All of this awareness, however, won#39;t always assuage all of your fears and insecurities, and that#39;s OK. If you feel sad sometimes, it#39;s not because you#39;re single -- it#39;s because you#39;re alive.即使了解了上述一切,也不能保祛除你所有的恐惧和不安,但这没有关系。如果你偶尔会感到心情沮丧,那并不是因为你单身,而是因为你活着。 /201406/304498Christmas is a time for stealing kisses under the mistletoe. In Shanghai this weekend, the city#39;s increasingly visible gay and lesbian community seized the festive season to use their lips to make their own holiday statement.站在槲寄生下亲密热吻是圣诞节的传统。而周末在上海,这座城市的同性恋社群抓住了这个机遇,在节日里用唇间热吻向世人传达着自己的爱情宣言。More than one hundred supporters of China#39;s fledgling gay and lesbian community braved the cold to cheer on young Chinese gay men and women as they stole kisses under a Christmas tree Saturday night.上周六晚,一对对年轻的男女同性恋者在一棵圣诞树下亲吻爱人,一百多位持者不畏严寒,在台下为他们热烈喝。#39;I think it#39;s good we can gather together like this,#39; said Otto Zhu, 22 years old, a participant at the event at fashionable pedestrian shopping and dining area Xintiandi. #39;It makes us feel we have the power to do whatever we want.#39;活动举办地点位于潮流汇聚的上海新天地,此处是一个集购物、餐饮于一体的综合步行商业区。22岁的Otto Zhu参与了此次活动,他说,我觉得能有机会让大家这样聚在一起挺好的,这让我们感觉自己有力量去做想做的事情。While attitudes are slowly changing, many Chinese still take a conservative view of homosexuality. Even many among the younger generation feel compelled to keep their sexual orientation secret. The pressure to remain in the closet, marry and have a family can be enormous.尽管中国社会对于同性恋的态度正缓慢地发生着改变,但许多中国人对此仍持十分保守的观点。甚至在年轻一代中,仍有许多人被迫隐瞒自己的性取向。他们往往承受着巨大的压力,不得不深藏“柜”中,结婚成家。Yet few of the revelers dwelled on this Saturday as the mainly young crowd of onlookers shouted encouragement to couples gay and straight to kiss under the mistletoe. Part of the Kiss lighting installation by British artist Paul Cocksedge, couples step up on a stage to hold on to the leaves of a mistletoe that hangs from an 18-meter tall Christmas tree decorated with golden lights. When they kiss, their lips complete an electric circuit that transforms the tree into a sea of red lights.不过,周六这场活动的参与者没有顾虑这么多。围观群众多为年轻人,每当有情侣走到槲寄生下献出热吻,无论其“直弯”,台下都会爆发出热烈的欢呼声。该活动使用了英国艺术家考克斯基(Paul Cocksedge)设计的接吻灯光装置。情侣走上台,手中握住一棵18米高、金光闪闪的圣诞树上垂下的槲寄生叶子,当他们接吻时,他们的嘴唇会连起一个电子环路,使圣诞树闪亮起璀璨的红色光芒。Each lip lock generates a 100 yuan (around ) donation to the Smile Angel Foundation, a Beijing-based charity for Chinese children with cleft palates founded by singer Faye Wong and her former husband, retired actor Li Yapeng.每有一对情侣上台,活动组办方就会拿出人民币100元(约合16美元)捐赠给嫣然天使基金(Smile Angel Foundation)。这家总部位于北京的基金会由歌手王菲及其前夫、演员李亚鹏共同创立,致力于帮助患有口裂的儿童。Juju Xu, 19, who came with her girlfriend to support the event, said acceptance levels of gay people in China varied depending on age groups.19岁的Juju Xu与她的女朋友一同前来持这项活动,她说中国社会不同年龄层对同性恋群体有着不同的接受度。#39;Older generations may not discriminate but they cannot accept if their own children are gay,#39; said Ms. Xu, adding that more events like Kissmas could help build awareness.她说,老一代人也许不会歧视同性恋,但是他们不能接受自己的孩子是同性恋。她补充说,多举办一些像Kissmas这样的活动能够增进人们对这一群体的认识。It wasn#39;t clear whether everyone in the crowd-that included families with children -was fully aware of what was going on. Some straight couples on pre-Christmas dates who stumbled on the event looked on confused. Some laughed awkwardly when they realized what was taking place. Others took photos on their smartphones before wandering off.很难说当天的围观人群(其中有些是带着孩子的家长)是否都能完全意识到这一活动的内涵。一些前来此地约会的异性恋情侣撞见这一活动,一脸茫然地看着台上。当他们意识到发生了什么后,有些人露出尴尬的笑容,有些人在走开前用智能手机拍下照片。Such public events are rare in China. Gay couples kissed on the streets of Beijing in to celebrate qixi, or Chinese Valentine#39;s Day, in August, according to state media reports.此类公开活动在中国十分罕见。据官方媒体报道,今年8月份一群同志情侣在北京街头热吻,以庆祝中国情人节七夕的到来。Similarly, in April 2012, same-sex couples embraced on the streets of Guangzhou in what the Nanfang Insider website described as performance art designed to raise awareness of gay rights.类似地,2012年4月一群同志情侣在广州街头紧紧相拥。《Nanfang Insider》网站将此形容为一场行为艺术表演,其意在增强公众对同性恋权利的意识。Shanghai is considered the gay capital of China and city prides itself on being China#39;s most open and cosmopolitan. Even so, the handful of bars and nightclubs catering to the gay community pales in comparison in terms of numbers to other mainly ethnic Chinese cities in Asia including Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore.上海被认为是中国的“同志之都”,这座城市亦以其在中国最为开放、最都会化而感到自豪。然而尽管上海有一些务于同志群体的酒吧和夜店,其数量与台北、香港和新加坡等亚洲其他华人都市相比还是太稀少。Finance company worker Kelvin Li, 31, who looked on at the kissing couples with his young son perched on his shoulders, said homosexuality was a #39;hot topic#39; all over the world. #39;I think it#39;s fine. But I would prefer my son or daughter to be straight. It#39;s just a gut feeling,#39; he said.31岁的金融公司员工Kelvin Li与坐在他肩上的儿子一起围观了这次情侣接吻活动,他说,同性恋是全世界的“热点话题”。我认为这没什么不好,但我还是希望我儿子或者女儿是异性恋,这是一份出自本能的情绪。Mr. Zhu, the student, was there to kiss his boyfriend of six months, Harry, also 22. He said a friend invited him to support the event. #39;I think it should be ok for gay people to kiss anywhere, not just on stage,#39; he said.还是学生的Otto Zhu与他同为22岁的男友Harry参加了接吻活动。他说,他在一位朋友的邀请下前来助阵。他说,我觉得同志应该在任何场合都可以接吻,而不仅仅在台上。Four Shanghai organizations helped promote Saturday#39;s event mainly through social media and word of mouth. One volunteer, an American who goes by the name Sean Chen, 29, said around 10 same-sex couples kissed on stage during the two-hour #39;window#39; the event organizers secured from mall management. Seven of the couples were female and three male.上海的四家组织一同帮助推广了这项活动,其方式主要是通过社交媒体及口口相传。29岁的美国人Sean Chen是此次活动的志愿者之一,他说活动组织者确保了两个小时的“窗口期”,使活动免受商场管理方的干涉,在此期间共有10对同性情侣上台接吻。其中七对是女生,三对是男生。Mr. Chen said he encountered one negative reaction from a man who told his child to return a rainbow flag to Mr. Chen on learning of its significance. Mr. Chen said the event was not just about gay and lesbian issues. #39;We want to show we#39;re happy to live among everyone else, that we can be happy together.#39;Sean Chen说,他遭遇了一个男子的消极回应,该名男子在了解了虹旗的含义后,让自己的孩子把手中的虹旗还给了他。Sean Chen说,这次活动不光是为了让人们了解同志群体的问题。他说,我们要让人们知道我们乐于生活在他人中间,我们可以和谐共处。Gay people have been kissing under the tree since Kissmas kicked off Nov. 21. But Saturday marked the first time there was such a concentration of same-sex couples.自11月21日该活动开展以来,不断有同志情侣上台热吻。但上周六是头一次有如此多的同性爱侣一同参加。Variations of the Kiss installation were displayed in Milan in 2009 and London in 2010.2009年的米兰、2010年的伦敦也曾展示过不同的接吻装置。Artist Mr. Cocksedge told China Real Time that he was not aware of Saturday night#39;s gay-themed event. #39;But it#39;s a wonderful thing,#39; he said by phone from London. #39;A kiss is something beautiful to capture.#39;艺术家考克斯基告诉《中国实时报》(China Real Time)说,他先前并不知道于上周六举行的这场同志主题活动。不过他在电话中表示,这是件美好的事;一个吻是一个值得捕捉的美丽瞬间。 /201312/270229

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