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Over the years, I have written articles about different features that can increase physical attraction, making an individual more handsome or beautiful. I have also discussed how personality can influence judgments of physical attractiveness. Further, I have even shared research demonstrating that the color of clothing, specifically red clothing, increases sex appeal.在过去的几年,我撰写了几篇文章,是关于可以提高身体吸引力,让个人更为英俊或者漂亮的不同特征。我也同样有讨论过人格是怎么影响到别人对于你的吸引力的判断。而且,我甚至分享了一份研究,它明了不同颜色的衣,尤其是红色衣,可以提高魅力。Today, I would like to continue that topic with the exploration of women#39;s footwear. Clearly, many women care about shoes and take great care to shop for them. Until recently, however, it was not known whether such shoe choices had any effect (beyond improving the woman#39;s own self-esteem perhaps). Fortunately, there is now some science to guide women#39;s shoe shopping in the future...今天,我想以对于女性的鞋类的探索继续那个话题。很显然,很多的女性都会在意鞋子,而且会花很多心思去购买合适的。然而,直到最近,对于特定的鞋子的选择是否会有影响才为人所熟知(也许除了提高女性本身的自尊心以外)。幸运的是,现在有一些知识去指导女性对于将来鞋子的购买……The Science of Sexy Shoes性感鞋子的科学奥秘Nicolas Gueguen (2014) explored the effects of women#39;s shoes in a series of four experiments. In all of these experiments, Gueguen dressed a few college-age women in matching outfits (black straight skirt, white long-sleeve shirt, and black suit jacket). He then varied the size of the heel on shoes they wore and had them participate in a series of tasks. For those interested in shoe specifics, here are the details below:尼古拉斯 盖冈(2014)用一系列的四个实验探索女性鞋子的影响。在这所有的实验当中,盖冈让一些女性大学生穿上合身的衣(黑色直裙、白色长袖裙还有黑色西装夹克)。然后,他根据这些女性所穿的鞋上不同尺寸的鞋跟进行分类,其后让她们参与了一系列的任务。对于那些对鞋子的具体情况感兴趣的,以下就是细节:;New, black leather shoes were used: one with flat heels (flat heels condition), a second with 5-cm heels (medium heels condition) and a third with 9-cm heels (high heels condition). They were in fashion and considered to be dress pumps that enveloped the sides of the foot, the heel, and the toes, leaving the ankles and the instep visible. The shoes had neither straps nor laces. In the two conditions with heels, except for the length, precaution was taken to use the same form of heels: the top of the heel was 4.595cm2 and tapered to 1.591.5 cm2 at the bottom.;“实验中用的是新的黑色皮鞋:一种是平底鞋(平底鞋),第二种是5厘米的鞋跟(中跟鞋),第三种是9厘米的鞋跟(高跟鞋)。它们都很时髦,被认为是可以遮盖住脚边、脚跟还有脚趾的礼鞋,仅让别人看见脚踝和脚背。这些鞋子都没有带子或者鞋带。符合这两种情况的鞋子,除了长度之外,也同时采取了特定的措施保持鞋子相同的样式:鞋跟的顶部为4.595平方厘米然后逐渐减少为1.591.5平方厘米的鞋跟底部。”Gueguen (2014) then sent these women out to perform various tasks on the street and measure reactions from random pedestrians. In the first two experiments, the women were asked to solicit participation for various surveys on equal rights and dining preferences. Results indicated that higher heels significantly increased male pedestrians#39; willingness to comply with the survey request (with high heels getting an 82-83% response rate versus flats 42-47%). Unfortunately, however, the shoes were not as persuasive for female pedestrians, who generally responded to the request at a 30-36% rate, regardless of the type of heel worn by the requester.盖冈(2014)随后把这些女性派到街上进行不同的任务,并测量来自于随机的行人的反应。在起初的两个实验中,这些女性被要求去征求一些关于平等权益和餐饮优惠调查的参与。结果指出:更高的鞋跟可以显著地提高男性行人从调查请求的意愿度(穿高跟鞋的得到了82-83%的回复率,相比之下,穿平底鞋的有42-47%)。然而,不幸的是,这些鞋子对于女性行人来说并不那么具有说力,她们回应请求的比率为30-36%,且不论请求者所穿的鞋子的款式。Experiment three measured the effects of high heels on helping behavior. The same group of women were asked to walk around in various shoes, accidentally drop a glove, and see whether someone would tell them. Here again, heel length had an effect on men#39;s helping behavior. Men informed a woman in heels that she dropped her glove 93% of the time, versus 62% for a woman in flats. Here too, the shoes had no effect on other women#39;s helping behavior – who only reported the dropped glove 43-52% of the time.第三个实验测量了高跟鞋对于帮助行为的影响。同一组女性被要求穿着不一样的鞋子,不小心地掉下一只手套,然后观察是否有人会告诉她们。再一次,鞋跟的长度对于男性的帮助行为起着影响。93%的男性告诉了穿鞋高跟鞋的女性掉了她的手套,与此相比,62%的男性告诉了穿平底鞋的女性。这里也亦然,鞋子对于其他女性的帮助行为也同样没有影响。这次仅有43-52%的女性告知掉了的手套。In the final and fourth experiment, the research assistant women were sent into a bar wearing different heel lengths. The experimenter measured how long it took for the women to be approached by men, depending on the shoes that they wore. Men again were swayed by a woman in high heels. The women wearing the highest heel was generally approached by a man around 8 minutes after entering a bar, as opposed to 14 minutes for a woman in flats. Overall then, not only does a woman in high heels appear to be more influential...she is more alluring too.在最终的第四个实验,这些研究助理的大学生女性穿着不同长度的鞋跟被派进了酒吧里。这项实验测量的是穿着不同鞋子的女性要用多长时间会被男性接近。男性再次被穿着高跟的女性所打动了。穿着最高鞋跟的女性一般在进入酒吧8分钟后就会被某个男性靠近,相反的,穿着平底鞋的女性则花费了14分钟。总体而言,穿着高跟鞋的女性不仅仅看起来更具影响力,同样也更迷人。Are High Heels Right for You?高跟鞋是否适合你?The choice of whether or not to wear a sexy, high heeled shoe will depend on your audience. Given the research above, if you want to attract a man, persuade a man, or get his help with something, then you may want to consider a high heel shoe to do the job. Even in a business setting, you may get the agreement of the men in the room with a high heel on.是否选择穿上一双性感的高跟鞋取决于你的拥戴者。鉴于以上的研究,如果你想要吸引、劝说男人、或者想要得到他的帮助,那么你就应该考虑一下以高跟鞋出任这份差事。即使是在商务环境当中,你也会可能因为穿上高跟鞋而获得房间里的男人的青睐。However, it is important to realize that the persuasive effect of high heels does seem to be related to their sex appeal. So, wearing high heels does not seem to influence other women (unless you bond with them over a shared taste in shoes).然而,要认清高跟鞋的具有说力的影响似乎是跟本身的美丽有关系是很重要的。所以,穿高跟鞋并不见得可以影响其他的女性(除非你跟她们拉上关系因为鞋子上共同的偏好)。Furthermore, if you would rather not use sex appeal to influence and get unwanted attention from men, then heels might not be the way to go. Overall though, there does not seem to be a negative effect for wearing high heels from other women, or an overly overt sexual response from men.与此同时,如果你宁可不用魅力变得有影响力,也不想得到男性的不必要的注意力,那么,高跟鞋也许不是解决方法。总的来说,穿着高跟鞋对于其他的女性来说并不存在消极的效果,或者来自于男性的太过于明显的性反应。Therefore, if you are in doubt, you might want some heel for that date, night out, or even business meeting...因此,如果你有疑问,你也许需要一些高跟鞋应付约会,晚出,甚至是商务会议。Conclusion结论No wonder why some women obsess about shoes... Who knew they could be so influential! Not only do they significantly increase the amount of attention a woman gets from men in a bar, but they also make men more complaint to her requests and helpful too. So, if a woman is looking to find love, or just get a man to do something, wearing heels can help!难怪一些女性迷恋于鞋子。她们深知它竟然如此具有影响力。它们不仅仅可以显著地提高一名女性在酒吧里得到男性的注意力程度,还可以让男性对于女性的请求的抱怨增多,令他们更乐意帮忙。因此,如果某位女性想要恋爱,或者仅仅想让一个男的帮忙办事,穿高跟鞋肯定能帮上忙! /201501/353863四川成都市妇保医院网上挂号Many of us have turned to photo sharing on social media to exploit the opportunity to send a shameless selfie to a love interest.我们许多人都爱找各种机会在社交媒体上分享自拍照,以向暧昧对象传递暗示信息。But very few of us would be prepared to admit the hidden agenda in our snaps.但很少有人会勇敢承认自己发自拍时,葫芦里究竟卖的什么药。However, model Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has decided to address the subject head-on by revealing the secret meaning behind women#39;s Snapchat photos.然而,来自都柏林的23岁女模Holly Carpenter决定来点直接的,她在网络上揭示了女生发自拍的真正意义。Holly, who was the winner of Miss Ireland in 2011 and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career, has posted a series of images on her blog, with two pictures side by side - the one on the left with the original caption, and the caption on the right explaining what women really mean.Holly曾于2011年获得爱尔兰冠军,模特事业从此顺风顺水。她近日在客上传了一系列左右对比照,左边为发送在社交网站的原话,右边则是发照片时真正的意图。For example in one snap the model shares a photograph of herself posing in a onesie with a dog with the caption: #39;Pjs amp; puppy cuddles#39; which she reveals actually means #39;look how cute I am.#39;例如,有一张她穿着连体衫抱着的照片,配的原话是:“睡衣,小抱抱”,而她的实际意思是“快看我有多可爱!”In another photo, Holly poses in a revealing vest with the caption: #39;So hungover#39; which she then confesses in the caption on the photo on the right means: #39;Cleavage game is strong here...#39;在另一张照片里,她穿着一件比较暴露的背心,配的描述是:“宿醉好难受”,但她承认自己其实想表达的是:“此处有乳沟……”Holly says that she was inspired to create the blog post after witnessing other women creating tactical Snapchats.Holly表示,她是在目睹了其他女性的“战略性自拍”后才萌发了创作这篇文的想法。She told Buzzfeed that she had heard comments like: #39;I#39;m gonna story this selfie so he knows I#39;m out tonight and I#39;m looking well#39; and #39;I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail in the background so he knows where we are!#39;她说,她曾听到类似的言论:“我要给这张自拍编个故事,这样他就知道我今晚打扮的漂漂亮亮去参加活动了。”以及“我给他发了一张我喝酒的照片,背景里有鸡尾酒菜单,这样他就知道我们在哪了。”But the model admits that she is not exempt from sending flirtatious snaps.不过她坦言,自己也不例外,也会发自拍照来和别人调情。She continued: #39;If I#39;m having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I#39;ll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy, like pick up a random coffee mug and write ;mmm coffee; …even though the mug is empty!#39;她继续说:“如果我今天发型不错,妆容也很美,那我会随便编个理由发自拍照给我喜欢的人,比如随便拿个咖啡杯拍一张,写一句‘嗯,咖啡’,但其实杯子是空的!”The post has picked a lot of hits for Holly being shared almost 4,000 times on Facebook and the model says that she believes this is because most women will be able to relate.她的这篇客给她增添了不少人气,在Facebook上已有4000多次转发。她说,这些转发肯定是因为女士们都觉得被看穿了。She added: #39;When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!#39;她接着说:“看到这么多人转发给朋友看,我就知道大家都被说中了!” /201506/381998四川省妇幼保健院割包皮多少钱A new study suggests the longer you wait to walk down the aisle, the MORE likely you are to end up divorced。一项新的研究表明步入婚姻殿堂前等待时间越长,最终越有可能离婚。Nicholas Wolfinger – a sociologist at the University of Utah – reckons the chances of your marriage ending in divorce increase with every year after the age of 33.尼古拉斯茠尔芬格(犹他大学的一位社会学家)测算出婚姻最终破裂的可能性在33岁之后会逐年增加。Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the sociologist pinpoints an age window between mid to late twenties in which saying ‘I do’ is said to lead to a happily ever after rather than a decree nisi。这位社会学家利用《全国家庭成长调查》的数据确定了(结婚)最佳年龄是在25岁到29岁之间,在这个年龄段说出“我愿意”会使人幸福美满,而不是最终换来一纸离婚判决书。Wolfinger said: ‘My data analysis shows that prior to age 32 or so, each additional year of age at marriage reduces the odds of divorce by 11 per cent。沃尔芬格说:“我的数据分析表明在32岁左右之前,结婚年龄每降1岁离婚概率就会下降11%。”‘After that the odds of divorce increase by 5 per cent a year.’“32岁之后,结婚年龄每增加1岁离婚概率就增长5%。” /201507/388221For 15 years, employees of Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal have perfected their response to six magic words: “I have a train to catch.”15年来,对于“我要赶火车”这个带魔力的句子,纽约中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)波兹曼书店(Posman Books)的员工们已将自己的反馈做得日臻完美了。“I think that we have always tried very hard to make it easy for our customers to come in in a hurry and grab something,” said Robert Fader, Posman’s vice president. “Of course, we encourage anyone to linger who has the time, and if the trains are delayed, so much the better.”“我觉得我们一直在尽最大努力,以方便匆匆赶来的顾客尽快买好东西,”波兹曼的副总裁罗伯特·菲德尔(Robert Fader)说,“当然了,我们鼓励有时间的人在书店里逗留,如果火车晚点的话,就更好了。”As the evening rush began on a recent Wednesday, several customers did linger, but not for the reasons Mr. Fader once relied on. The store will close its doors on Dec. 31, and some commuters wanted to buy a book, a card, a calendar, in a show of respect.最近的一个星期三,随着晚高峰的开始,有好几名顾客确实在书店里逗留了一阵,但原因跟菲德尔所说的不一样。因为这家书店在12月31日就要关门了,有些通勤者想要过来买上一本书、一张卡片或一副挂历,以表敬意。“I wanted to get some books to help them,” said Cynthia Cruz, who teaches poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and comes into the store several times a week. “I just figured it was another bookstore that was going away.”“我想买些书来帮助他们,”辛西娅·克鲁兹(Cynthia Cruz)说。克鲁兹在莎拉劳伦斯学院(Sarah Lawrence College)教授诗歌,每周都会到店里来几次,“我才发现,这是又一家要消失的书店。”Bookstores around New York City have been disappearing for years, driven out by soaring rents and the overall gloomy economics of the publishing industry.许多年来,纽约各处的书店都在相继消失。它们因持续上涨的租金和出版业的整体萧条而遭淘汰。But Posman’s location in one of North America’s biggest transit hubs had always been among its biggest blessings, keeping it profitable, according to Mr. Fader. That fortunate locale, however, has now contributed to the store’s misfortune, because the shop is in the middle of two separate multibillion-dollar construction projects that are pushing it out.但据菲德尔说,波兹曼书店的所在地是北美最大的交通枢纽之一,这一直是书店盈利的一大优势。然而,这个得天独厚的位置如今也成了书店的不幸,因为在书店的两侧,分别出现了一个耗资数十亿美元的施工项目,正在将书店挤走。SL Green Realty, one of the largest commercial landlords in New York, plans to build a 1,400-foot tower next to Grand Central at 1 Vanderbilt Avenue. Under an agreement that predates the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s oversight of Grand Central, SL Green has a right to take back the rear half of Posman’s space to support construction projects above ground, according to Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for the M.T.A.SL Green Realty房产投资信托公司是纽约最大的商业地产公司之一。该公司计划在中央车站旁边的范德比尔特大道(Vanderbilt Avenue)1号,建造一座1400英尺(约合427米)高的大楼。大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority,以下简称MTA)的发言人亚伦·多诺万(Aaron Donovan)表示,根据MTA监管中央车站之前的一份协议,SL Green Realty有权收回波兹曼书店后半部分的空间,来持地面上的施工项目。And the M.T.A. is busy with its own billion project to connect Grand Central with the Long Island Rail Road. Bracing for the surge of new passengers both projects will bring, the agency saw 1 Vanderbilt as an opportunity to increase space for pedestrian foot traffic.而MTA正忙着铺开其耗资100亿美元(约合人民币613亿元)的项目,将中央车站和长岛铁路连接起来。两个项目都将带来大量客流。由于抱有这样的预期,MTA将范德比尔特大道1号视为一个契机,来为行人交通争取更多的空间。So SL Green and the M.T.A. reached an agreement: SL Green will use its space to build pillars, columns or whatever it may need for 1 Vanderbilt, but it will turn most of the area into a pedestrian thoroughfare, according to Mr. Donovan. When it finishes, the M.T.A. can turn the other half of the space back into a retail area, he said.多诺万说,由此一来,SL Green和MTA达成了一个协议:SL Green将在波兹曼书店后半部分的空间里,修建柱、圆柱等范德比尔特1号可能需要的一切构件;但作为交换,这里绝大多数地方都将被修成行人通道。等到完工后,MTA就可以把书店的前半部分变回零售区了。In the meantime, Posman’s floor space will be used for storage for other retailers that have lost space to the Long Island Rail Road project.与此同时,波兹曼书店的底层将作为其它零售商的储物空间,用于补偿其在长岛铁路项目中损失的经营场所。SL Green will pick up most of the bill. It has committed to spend 0 million on the walkway and other improvements to Grand Central, Mr. Donovan said.多诺万表示,SL Green将付大部分费用。该公司已承诺斥资2.1亿美元(约合人民币13亿元),改善中央车站的人行道等设施。The Rite Aid drugstore next door to Posman will remain open (its lease extends through 2019), although it will lose about 3,000 square feet of space, Mr. Donovan said. PIQ, a nearby gift store, will lose about 200 square feet.多诺万还说,波兹曼书店隔壁的RiteAid药店将继续营业(其租约有效期到2019年),只不过它将损失3000平方英尺(约合279平方米)的场地。而附近的PIQ礼品店将损失200平方英尺(约合19平方米)的场地。Only Posman will close. The M.T.A. opted not to renew its lease when it expired in August, and the store has operated on a month-to-month basis since then.只有波兹曼书店会关张。该书店的租约在8月到期时,MTA没有与之续约;自此以后,书店一直是按月缴费,维持经营的。Mr. Fader estimated that roughly 1,500 people stream through the door each day, nearly double Posman’s second-busiest location in Chelsea (Posman operates a third store in Rockefeller Center).菲德尔估计,书店每天上门的顾客约有1500人,比波兹曼旗下生意第二红火的切尔西(Chelsea)门店多出将近一倍(波兹曼书店还在洛克菲勒中心[Rockefeller Center]经营着第三家门店)。Many of those customers are tourists, others are commuters. Many are in a rush, and the store is designed to get them in and out quickly.顾客当中许多是旅客,其他人则是通勤者。很多人都需要赶时间,而这家店的设计宗旨就是让顾客能够快速进出店面。Some books are displayed on tables instead of shelves, to make it easier for customers to get a quick sense of the selection. Kent Peterson, 61, a merchandiser who has been with the store since it opened, even helped design the shelves underneath the tables so that more books could be displayed this way.有些书陈列在桌子上,而非书架上,就是为了让顾客能够更快地挑选到心仪的图书。采购员肯特·彼得森(Kent Peterson)现年61岁,从书店开张伊始就一直在店里工作。他甚至还协助设计了桌子底下的书架,这样就能陈列更多的书。“This isn’t one of those stores where you’re going into some sort of labyrinth of confusion,” Mr. Fader said. “We can then take care of what it is they need and get them out of the door, and I think that there’s a sort of nice simplicity to that.”“有些店面,进去之后感觉就像进了迷宫一样迷茫。这家书店则不一样,”菲德尔说,“我们可以帮助他们寻找自己需要的东西,让他们带出店门。我觉得这是一种美好的简单理念。”The store also caters to popular tastes, unlike what Mr. Fader, 57, said were the snobbier independent booksellers of his native London and his earlier days in New York. (One store would not sell Stephen King novels, he recalled, although he declined to say which one.)这家店还会迎合大众的胃口。现年57岁的菲德尔表示,他老家伦敦的那些清高的独立书商则不一样,他自己在纽约早年间也是如此(他记得有一家书店不愿意卖斯蒂芬·金[Stephen King]的小说,只不过他不肯说出是哪一家)。He carefully monitors the news to make sure that Posman has plenty of a potentially hot-selling book. The Harlequin romance section is always well stocked.他会仔细了解时事资讯,以确保波兹曼书店的潜在畅销书库存充足。禾林出版社(Harlequin)的爱情小说专区总是库存充足的。“We treat that area with the seriousness that we treat literature, if you like,” he said.“我们对那个专区的态度很认真,就像我们对待文学一样,如果你要这么说的话。”他说。Posman is one of about 100 retailers and restaurants in Grand Central, roughly double the number when the M.T.A. undertook a major overhaul of the station in the 1990s to try to make better use of the space.包括波兹曼书店在内,中央车站大概有100家零售店和餐馆,比MTA当初接管车站时多出了将近一倍。20世纪90年代,MTA对车站进行了大规模整修,以便更好地利用它的空间。“There was a store selling baked potatoes and cooking with no kitchen exhaust,” said Nancy Marshall, the M.T.A.’s director of retail leasing and management for the terminal. “There was just a very unplanned method of retail within the building and the lack of any sort of cohesive mix.”南希·马歇尔(Nancy Marshall)在MTA负责中央车站的零售场所租赁和管理,她说:“当时这里有一家店是卖烤土豆的,没有厨房换气设施。这个建筑里面的零售店根本就没有经过很好的规划,缺少整体性。”Now, the station tries to include a group of national retailers like Banana Republic and M.A.C. Cosmetics, although it prefers to keep restaurants more New York-centric, like Shake Shack, Junior’s and Two Boots pizza.如今,中央车站正试图引进一批全国规模的零售商,比如饰品牌香蕉共和国(Banana Republic)和化妆品牌魅可(M.A.C. Cosmetics),只不过在对餐厅的选择上,它更倾向于纽约特色的商家,比如Shake Shack、Junior#39;s和Two Boots披萨。The M.T.A. also made cosmetic changes during the renovation. It removed a fake ceiling near the Oyster Bar, which has called the station home since 1913, making it Grand Central’s oldest business. Now, passengers walking in front can see the famous sky ceiling of the main concourse, with its depictions of stars and constellations.在装修期间,MTA还对中央车站进行了“整容”,拆掉了生蚝吧(Oyster Bar)附近的一个假天花板。生蚝吧早在1913年就入驻了大中央车站,是这里历史最悠久的店面。如今,旅客走在前面,可以看到主站厅那著名的天顶壁画,上面画着星星和星座。Mr. Fader keeps reminders of a different Grand Central Terminal in his office. An old photograph of the main concourse, before another major construction project sprang up next door, hangs on his wall.菲德尔在办公室里存放了一些物品,来纪念中央车站的往日面貌。有一张老照片挂在墙上,展示的是主站厅,当时隔壁还有一个大型建筑项目即将动工。“The light can’t come in like that anymore,” he said. “It’s nice to think about it from a different time.”“光线已经不可能像那样照射进来了,”他说,“能从一个不同的时代回顾它的面貌,也别有一番意境。” /201411/345178四川省妇女儿童医院治疗妇科怎么样

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