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成都市生殖医院可靠吗成都医学院附属一院门诊部地图四川省成都三院收费怎么样 The couple reportedly married in a private ceremony attended by family and friends. Pitt and Jolie obtained a marriage license from a local Calinia judge, who also conducted the ceremony in France.布拉德·皮特和安吉丽娜·朱莉从一名加州当地法官那里拿到结婚许可,并在法国举办了一个只有家人和朋友参加的私人婚礼Pitt and Jolie six children were also in the wedding. Jolie walked the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox, , and Pax, . Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 6, threw flower petals while Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 6, served as ring bearers.皮特和朱莉的6个孩子也参加了婚礼朱莉在大儿子岁的Maddox和岁的Pax的陪伴下穿过长廊,9岁的Zahara和6岁的Vivienne播撒花瓣,8岁的Shiloh和6岁的Knox则托着婚戒Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, started dating while working together on the film ;Mr. And Mrs. Smith.; The couple, dubbed Brangelina, got engaged in April after seven years of dating.39岁的朱莉和50岁的皮特在年共演电影《史密斯夫妇时开始约会7年后,这对昵称为Brangelina(Brad + Angelina)的情侣于年月订婚The ;Maleficent; star spoke to People about her wedding plans in May :出演《沉睡魔咒的朱莉告诉《人物杂志她计划在年5月结婚:;Were just waiting it to be the right time with the kids, with work, when it feels right, ; Jolie said.“我们觉得是结婚的时候了,只是在等一个对孩子和工作都恰到好处的时间”;We talk about it occasionally, and the kids talk about it with us, which is verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding. They will in a way be the wedding planners. It going to be Disney or paintball - one or the other! Weve got a lot of different personalities in the house. Theyve got some strong opinions, ; she continued.“我们偶尔会讨论结婚,孩子们也会和我们一起聊,这多么不可思议啊,孩子们那么向往婚礼某种程度上,他们就是婚礼策划婚礼要么变成迪斯尼,要么变成弹游戏!家里每个人的性格都大不相同他们都很有主见”;It will be fun. That the important thing. When we do it, it will feel like a great day our family.; Jolie said.“婚礼会很有趣它非常重要,将会是我们家庭伟大的一天” 356成都二院彩超检查好吗

巴中产科生孩子哪家医院最好的Gunter Grass, the German novelist, social critic and Nobel Prize winner, died of undisclosed causes on April in the German town of Lubeck. He was 87 years old. Grass wrote more than 30 plays, novels, books of poems, essays and memoirs. He was the author of “The Tin Drum”, an epic treatment of the Nazi era.当地时间月日,诺贝尔文学奖得主、德国小说家、社会批评家君特#86;格拉斯在德国小镇吕贝克去世,享年87岁格拉斯一生创作的剧本、小说、诗集、散文、回忆录逾30部讲述纳粹时代的“史诗”《铁皮鼓也出自他的笔下A broad-shouldered man with a drooping mustache, Grass spurned the German tradition of keeping a cool intellectual distance, insisting that a writer duty was to be at the frontline of moral and political debate.他肩膀宽阔,胡子微垂;他对德国知识分子与世事疏离的传统嗤之以鼻;相反,他坚持认为,作家的责任就是站在道德与政治争论的最前线 many, he was the voice of a German generation that came of age in World War II and bore the burden of their parents guilt the atrocities of the Nazis.他是德国二战后一代人的代言人, 这一代人因为其父母一代与纳粹暴行的关联而承受重负However, Grass concealment until of the fact that he had served in a Nazi Waffen-SS regiment as a teenager cost him some of his moral authority. The Waffen-SS was the combat of the Nazi elite military police ce.但是,年格拉斯却说出了隐瞒已久的秘密:他十几岁时曾加入过纳粹武装党卫团他的道德权威受到质疑纳粹武装党卫军是纳粹精英宪兵部队的一战斗部队Not even when war broke out, Grass, like many other children, joined the Hitler Youth Movement.战争爆发时,还不到岁的格拉斯和许多小孩一样,加入了希特勒青年组织He was then drafted into a Waffen-SS tank division in 19. He experienced the full horrors of war when more than half his company of mostly -year-olds were ripped to pieces in three minutes of shelling.19年,他应招加入武装党卫军某坦克师在此期间,格拉斯目睹了战争的恐怖他曾亲眼所在的连队一大半人在三分钟中的炮击中化为灰烬,而他们大都只有十七岁But the fact that he did not reveal this part of his history until brought accusations that he had been hypocritical when attacking others failing properly to face up to Germany Nazi past.格拉斯曾攻击那些不肯正确面对德国纳粹历史的人,而自己却直到年才公布了自己与纳粹相关的历史于是,指责之声接踵而至,人们认为他是个伪善之人Life after war战后生活When Germany surrendered in 195, Grass was briefly an American prisoner of war.195年德国投降,格拉斯短暂地成为了美军战俘He then worked on a farm, in a mine and as an apprentice stonemason bee studying sculpture in Duesseldorf and West Berlin. He began writing poems and plays in the early 1950s, worked as a journalist, played in a jazz band, and illustrated some of his own books.他在农场工作过,也去过矿井,做过石匠学徒,随后在杜塞尔多夫和西柏林学习雕塑二十世纪五十年代早期,他开始创作诗歌与剧本,当过记者,参加过爵士乐队,还为自己的书画过插画Grass said he regretted the years in which he did not speak the full truth about himself. “I kept silent,” Grass wrote in his memoir.格拉斯承认自己在没有说出真相的那些年里都生活在悔意之中在自传中,他写到:“我曾保持沉默”Why was he attracted to the SS?为何党卫军吸引了他?“It was the newsreels,” he concluded. “I was a pushover the prettified black-and-white ‘truth they served up.”他总结道:“(吸引我的)是一个新闻纪录片,其中美化了的非黑即白的‘真理打动了我”Trying to come to terms with the past is the basis much of his writing, says Siegfried Mews, a Gunter Grass scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the US.来自美国教堂山镇北卡罗来纳大学的齐格弗里德#86;梅夫斯是一名研究君特#86;格拉斯的学者,他认为,努力面对过去是格拉斯很多作品的基础“He has produced works which were not necessarily eagerly welcomed,” Mews said in an interview with the US NPR. “That is true, instance, of his first big novel, The Tin Drum, but you cant just ignore it.”在接受美国国家公共电台(NPR)采访时,梅夫斯说:“他的一些作品未必受到热捧,这是事实,他的第一部大部头小说《铁皮鼓就是如此,但这并不意味着他无足轻重”“The Tin Drum” tells the story of a boy, Oskar, who gets a tin drum his third birthday, then decides to protest Nazi rule by never growing up. As an eternal child, Oskar witnesses an adult world that is chaotic and cruel, with Jews being persecuted and fierce fighting erupting between Germans and Poles. It was made into an Oscar-winning film by German director Volker Schlondorff.《铁皮鼓讲述了一个名叫奥斯卡小男孩的故事他在三岁生日那天得到了一个铁皮鼓,于是决定用“不长大”来反抗纳粹的统治永远也长不大的奥斯卡目睹了成人世界的混乱与残忍,他看到了犹太人被迫害,也目睹了德国人与波兰人之间的惨烈斗争这本书也被改编成同名电影,由德国导演沃尔克#86;施隆多夫指导,获得了奥斯卡奖 37广元市妇幼保健院妇科是公立医院吗 成都前列腺囊肿的治疗费用

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