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Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes splitThe split, announced by their legal representatives, was said to be ''entirely amicable''.The couple - who are ''saddened'' by the split - separated earlier this year. Their lawyer, Keith Schilling of legal firm Schillings, said: "Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year."The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children."He added: "They ask that the media respect the privacy of the family."He said there would be no further comment on the matter.Winslet and Mendes tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the West Indies in May , during a holiday.The actress's daughter from her first marriage, Mia, was present at the low key event.The couple's family were not present at the private ceremony, just three of their friends.They made their first UK public appearance together in when they attended the premiere of Mendes's second film, The Road To Perdition.Winslet had been married little over three years to assistant director Jim Threapleton, but they divorced in December 01.Winslet and Mendes became an item within two months of her split from Threapleton.Mendes's past loves have included actresses Jane Horrocks and Rachel Weisz.The couple had a son named Joe in December . 18931After spending months apart, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be rekindling their romance ... again.分别数月之后,克里斯汀·斯图尔特和罗伯特·帕丁森的恋情似乎又一次死灰复燃了The mer couple was spotted leaving Robert Pattinson Beverly Hills home on Friday (Nov. 1) after reportedly spending four hours together. Stewart was photographed leaving in her blue Toyota pickup truck while Pattinson followed close behind her in his silver Jeep.据报道,这对前任情侣上周五在罗伯特·帕丁森的比佛利山庄别院里独处了个小时,离开时被仔队发现斯图尔特开着蓝色丰田皮卡离开,帕丁森驾驶着他的银色吉普车尾随But once the pair realized they were being followed by photographers, Pattinson reportedly turned around and headed back to his pad.两人后发现记者跟拍,帕丁森立刻掉头回家Stewart and Pattinson dated three years bee officially ending things in May. Although they tried to work things out following Stewart cheating scandal in July , the mer ;Twilight; co-stars decided to go their separate ways.斯图尔特和帕丁森的情侣关系持续了3年,直至今年5月公开宣布分手在年6月斯图尔特传出劈腿已婚男导演丑闻之后,二人曾试图恢复关系,但并未成功最终,这对因为合作电影《暮光之城而走到一起的情侣决定分开;There was lots of animosity after the split, but as time moved on they moved on and they gradually got over it,; a source said ;They are cordial now.;据知情人士称,“二人分手之后一度对对方多有敌意,但随着时间流逝,这种敌意也释怀了现在他们之间的关系非常诚恳”According to reports, the duo spent Saturday (Nov. ) together as well, celebrating Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican version of Halloween, at Hollywood ever Cemetery in Los Angeles.报道称,二人上周六还在洛杉矶的好莱坞永久墓园一期庆祝了墨西哥万圣节 359

After weeks of nail-biting auditions and five days of tense semi-finals, Britain’s Got Talent picked one of the acts to be the champion.在经过了漫长的海选和五天紧张的半决赛之后,位候选选手中其中一位成为了第八季英国达人秀年的冠军And the public chose Callabro to be crowned this year winner, where they will take home a #3;50,000 cash prize and a spot at this year Royal Variety Permance.一只五人帅哥音乐剧组合Callabro赢得了大众的青睐,赢得了最高选票,成功卫冕与此同时,他们还获得了50,000英镑的现金奖励,还获得一次在皇家面前表演的机会The runner-up was Lucy Kay, with Bars and Melody in third place.Lucy Kay 成为亚军,而正太组合 Bars and Melody 位列第三Musical theatre actors, Callabro ed to become a truly talented vocal group who have gone from strength to strength.Callabro,喜欢唱歌剧的男孩组合在经过不懈努力之后成功成为了本年度的英国达人秀冠军,最具天赋的歌唱组合On Saturday night they sang Stars from Les Miserables, the song permed the character Javert in the long-running musical.在星期六晚上他们再次献唱《悲惨世界原声《StarsDavid said: ‘It was wonderful, you couldn’t fault it. It was perfection.’大卫评价说:“这唱的太棒了,无可挑剔,简直完美”‘Can’t fault, I was thinking “go on boys”,’ Alesha smiled.阿丽莎也微笑地说道:“无可挑剔,一直唱下去,男孩们!”‘Faultless permance, you are stunning and you could win this competition,’ Amanda said.阿曼达评价说:“十分精的演出,你们明星范十足,一定能赢得这场比赛”I have to echo that, You have steel in your eyes when you sing. You are totally focused. The first time I heard this song it was fantastic, well this was a step up,’ Simon shared.最后西蒙点评:“你们在唱的时候眼睛里透露出坚定,唱得相当投入,第一次我听到你们唱这首歌的时候我觉得很惊艳,而这一次提高了不少,更上了一个台阶” 3795

|FA%YTU-W^F1xt~c)~eTRYjP.7igg]vEva Longoria brightens up her casual ensemble with a red-hot handbag Wednesday while running errands around West Hollywood.伊娃#86;朗格利亚周三在西好莱坞闲逛时用一个火红的手提包点亮了她休闲的装扮CLW6Yf3O,JdNxM6RwBnt9wnZ)ZQlBebA[anW)MHI;7T68-yI6g1Opqwg55~f 038

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