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unit 82询问时间(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:Whats the time? My watch has stopped.A:现在几点了?我的表停了。B:Let me see.its five minutes to eleven.B:我看一下, 10:55。A:Is your watch right?A:你的表准吗?B:I think so.I see it by the radio this morning.B:我想是准的。今天早上我和电台对过。 /201506/379327For:正方辩词:Love is love, wherever it happens.不管在什么地方发生,爱情就是爱情。I believe in cyber love because I am experiencing it now. I think if you really believe in the true love, you will not care too much about the way you meet it.我相信网络恋情是因为我正在网恋。我认为你如果真的相信真爱,就不会在乎两人的认识方式。These are modern times. Cyber love is popular and romantic. The key lies in the fact that there are so many choices available on the web.现在是登时代,网恋流行而浪漫。而且关键还在于网络上我们可以有如此多的选择。Many people stick to the idea that love online is virtual, and it is rather easy for a person to disguise his personality in the cyber world. However, Love is love, wherever it happens. You cannot cheat yourself and your true feelings, even if it is on the web.有很多人认为网恋是虚幻的,在网络世界里人们可以很容易地伪装自己。尽管如此,爱情就是爱情,不管在什么地方,以何种方式发生。即使是在虚拟的网络世界,自己也是欺骗不了自己真实的情感的。Against:反方辩词:Cyber love can be beautiful but nothing when it comes to real life.网恋是美好的,但来到现实世界就不复存在了。The cyber love is usually based on peoples imagination instead of reality. Consequently, it seems as beautiful and sweet as a red rose in peoples minds. However, it is quite frail without the nutritious earth around it. The rootless rose is likely to wither someday. So dont stake all your pure love on cyber love, which is uncertain and beyond your control at times.网络爱情脱离了现实而建立在人们的想象之中。在人们的心中,它就如同一朵美丽芬芳的红玫瑰。但是,没有土地滋养的玫瑰是脆弱的,终有一天会枯萎。所以,不要将自己的真感情押在虚无缭纱,琢磨不定的网恋上。I sincerely wish everyone can stay and live with their sweetheart forever, no matter how they meet at first. In addition, I want to suggest that it is not bad to make some worthwhile friends on the internet, but please look before you leap when confronted with cyber love.不管以何种方式相遇,我真心希望每个人都能够有情人终成眷属。另外,我认为通过网络结交一些知心朋友是非常不错的方式,但如果是谈恋爱,请三思而后行。 /201501/355031讲解文本:twenty-four seven 一天到晚,每时每刻,也写作24/7The supermarket is open twenty-four seven, so I can buy whatever I need whenever I want.这家超市全年无休,所以我可以在任何时间买到我想要的东西。They are still working twenty-four seven!他们还是没日没夜的工作。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201703/496388

32. A Bad Roommate 32.一个糟糕的室友A: I hate my roommate.A:我讨厌我的室友。B: Im sorry to hear that. Whats wrong with her?B:很遗憾听到你这么说。她怎么啦?A: A lot of things. First of all, she snores so loudly!A:很多使。首先,她的鼾声太大了!B: Thats not really her fault. What else?B:那其实不是她的错。别的呢?A: She never takes a shower.A:她从不洗澡。B: Thats disgusting! You should tell her to take a shower.B:好恶心!你应该提醒她洗澡。A: I did! She got mad at me and then proceeded to slap me.A:我告诉过了!她非常生气还打了我。B: Ouch! Did you try to get a new roommate?B:噢!你有没有试着找一个新的室友?A: I tried, but I could not. No one was willing to switch.A:我试过了,但没有找到。没人愿意换。B: I guess you can get a new room by yourself.B:我想你可以自己一个房间。A: I cant afford it. Ugh, I hate her so much.A:我负担不起。唉,我如此讨厌她。B: Its okay. The year will be over before you know it. B:没关系。这一年很快就会过去的。 /201510/406798

unit 391度假寄信dialogue 英语情景对话A:I am going away for one-week vacation.A:我要离开休一个星期的假。B:I envy you.B:我真羡慕你。A:No phones, no alarm clocks, no work.A:没电话声,没闹钟声,不必工作。B:Sounds like paradise. What are you going to do there?B:像到了天堂似的。你到那里做些什么呢?A:Sleep, eat, sleep, just rest.A:睡觉,吃东西,再睡觉,反正休息就是了。B:Well, drop me a line when you get there before you start sleeping.B:那么,当你到了那里,睡觉之前,给我写封信吧。 /201604/438326

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