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Have you ever met people who seem to be happy all the time, and wonder what their secrets are? These people are contented, easy going, generous, and always have a positive outlook in life.Now, if you are conducting a research by asking "What make you a happy person"; they will reveal at least one or two of these five things below.Have a Sense of HumorLife is short, so put a little sense of humor in a stressful situation will keep your blood level maintained. Laugh about it, and suddenly you will lessen the burden.Happiness is contagious! If you are happy, the people around you will be happy. If you have a light sense of humor, your family will have a light sense of humor. Happiness is not a build-in mechanism when you were born; it is something you have to cultivate to exceed.Appreciate Your EnvironmentFind positive things around you instead what are bad or missing. Appreciate your surrounding will make you a happier person.If you look for positive attributes in everything and everywhere you go, you develop an appreciation for the world you live in.Be InspiredAllow other people to inspire you by listening to their stories, or simply just watch them. Let inspiration guides your life to a deeper meaning. If you are open, every single person you meet can be a motivation force in some ways.You can also be an inspirational figure by simply carrying a big smile on your face. Sometimes, turning a bad experience into something positive brings on a different effect.Give YourselfPhysically give yourself in doing such as cooking, or serving, or cleaning at a shelter or any other places, will fulfill the higher purpose in your life. When you give, you also receive. By putting yourself out there to do good for others make the meaning of giving more rewarding. There are a lot of things you can do in your community: cleaning a stretch of the road, or highway, or planning flowers in your city can help you feel belonged and hopeful.Count Your BlessingsThe blessings do not have to be big to count. Sometimes, the littlest thing can really mean more than winning a lottery, such as holding your child in your arms and receive a kiss. Sure, it is nice to have a million dollars in your bank account, but if you come home to an empty house without warm greetings; it is very sad. Count your tiniest blessings daily. It does wonder to your mind!Being a happy person takes work, and it is attainable. We might unable to be cheerful all the time, but with the right attitude and positive frame of mind, we can be one of the happy people, and we will inspire others to have a pleasant outlook in life. /200804/35926

The project is intended to explore the best ways to use drones to transport medicine and blood samples.该项目主要用于探索无人机运送药物和血样的最佳路径。Malawi#39;s government will operate the testing center in cooperation with ed Nations Children#39;s Fund, or UNICEF. It is the first center of its kind in Africa.马拉维政府将与联合国儿童基金会共同运作这个中心,这也是位于非洲的首家测试中心。Officials from the government and UNICEF held a launch ceremony last week in the capital Lilongwe. Flights are expected to be fully operating by April 2017. The drones will be carrying materials as far as 40 kilometers.马拉维政府和联合国儿童基金会的有关人员上周在首都利隆圭进行了启动仪式。该中心预计到2017年4月全面展开飞行。这种无人机能够运送物资最远至40公里开外。The most immediate use of drones in Malawi will be to help speed up the identification of HIV in babies. HIV is the virus that causes the disease AIDS.无人机在马拉维最直接的应用,是帮助加快对婴儿的艾滋病毒(艾滋病毒会导致艾滋病)检测。Malawi has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world, especially among babies and children. Each year, about 10,000 children die in Malawi of HIV, according to UNICEF.马拉维是全球艾滋病毒感染率最高的国家之一,尤其是在婴儿和儿童之中感染率最高。联合国儿童基金会称马拉维每年大约有1万名儿童死于艾滋病。Currently, it can take up to 11 days to transport blood samples to laboratories by motorcycle or ambulance. It can then take another four weeks for blood test results to be returned.目前,使用托车或救护车运送血样到实验室需要长达11天的时间。然后血液检查结果返回又需要四周时间。UNICEF officials are hoping the drone flights will save many lives by cutting the time it takes to get HIV test results. It is important for infected children to get treatment as soon as possible to increase their chances for survival.联合国儿童基金会官员希望,无人机能缩短获得艾滋病毒检测结果的时间以拯救更多生命。尽快治疗受感染儿童很重要。In March, UNICEF-Malawi successfully completed its first drone test flight. A drone traveled 10 kilometers to deliver materials from a community health center to a hospital in Lilongwe.今年3月份,联合国儿童基金会和马拉维成功完成了第一次无人机试飞测试。一架无人机飞行了10公里,把物资从社区保健中心顺利送到了利隆圭的一家医院。Drones also will be tested to see if they can support transportation and collect information. These are important tasks in Malawi, where severe droughts and flooding can make damage assessments difficult during emergencies.无人机还将进行后续测试,以测试它们是否持运输和收集信息。以上是马拉维重要的任务。马拉维严重的干旱和洪水,可能会使紧急情况下的灾害评估变得更困难。Drone aircraft are also being used in other parts of Africa to transport blood, medicine and humanitarian supplies.非洲其它地区也在使用无人机运送血液、药品和人道主义救助物资。Earlier this year, the Rwandan government signed a deal to cooperate with a U.S.-based company to transport supplies to medical centers across the country.今年早些时候,卢旺达政府同一家总部设在美国的公司签下协议,旨在将物资运送到全国各地的医疗中心。In Madagascar, drones fly blood and laboratory materials from rural villages to a research station for testing. The aircraft help doctors speed up the identification of disease in patients and make quick deliveries of vaccines.在马达加斯加,无人机将血样和化验材料从农村运往研究站进行检测。这些飞机将会帮助医生加速对病人的诊断,并快速交付疫苗。 /201612/485831


  Greg Shafer ended a lifelong streak of buyingU.S.-made cars when in August the 53-year-old drove out of a Columbus, Ohio,dealership behind the wheel of a Buick Envision.Greg Shafer结束了这一生中始终购买美国造汽车的习惯,在今年八月份他53岁的时候,他开着一辆别克昂科威从俄亥俄州哥伦布市的经销商那驶出。His ,000 sport-utility vehicle is one of thefirst cars to be sold in America that was built in China. Mr. Shafer decidedits provenance wasn’t an issue because “once you drive it and experience allthe features, it feels far from a made-in-China car.”他的这辆4万美元的SUV是第一辆在中国制造并在美国出售的车。Shafer先生明确的表示这辆车在哪里被制造不是问题,因为“当你驾驶它并体验他的所有功能后,会让你忘了这是一辆中国制造的汽车。”As the U.S. auto industry’s rising reliance onMexican car factories becomes a hot topic in the 2016 presidential election,customers like Mr. Shafer are delivering a boost to General Motors Co.’smade-in-China strategy.美国汽车工业的成长依赖于墨西哥工厂已经成为2016年总统大选的人话题。对于通用公司来说,像Shafer先生这样的客户成为了其中国制造战略的助推剂。The No.1 U.S. auto maker in terms of salesstarted selling the Chinese-built Buick Envision in North American dealerships inlate spring, importing relatively small numbers of the vehicles to give a boostto the Buick brand. A few months into the experiment, dealers are clamoring formore because they say most of their customers don’t care where the vehicle ismade.美国排名第一的汽车制造商于春季晚些时候在北美经销商处开始销售少量的中国制造的别克昂科威,以对别克品牌进行提升。几个月的实验后,经销商都吵着要更多的车,因为他们发现他们的客户根本不在乎车是在哪造的。“There has been very little pushback,” said Chris Haydocy, co-ownerof the Haydocy Buick GMC in Columbus, where Mr. Shafer bought his SUV. “Mostpeople realize the world is flat now.”“这很少有人拒绝”,Haydocy Buick GMC在哥伦布市的合伙人Chris Haydocy说,Shafer就是在他那买的车。“大部分人都认为现在的世界是扁平的”。The made-in-China label is a new one for theU.S. auto industry and represents a hurdle due to quality concerns. Cars withbad fit-and-finish and outdated components have been displayed by indigenousChinese auto makers at U.S. auto shows for years, but have never been made availablefor sale here.中国制造是美国汽车产业的一个新标签,这也代表了一些障碍,由于之前的一些质量问题。中国本土的制造商已经在美国将其那些劣质的和过时的零件在美国展示多年,但从来没在这儿卖过。China’s growing reputation for making higher-endconsumer goods such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone has made the idea of Chinese-madecars more acceptable for U.S. buyers, saidMichael Dunne, a strategy andinvestment adviser at Dunne Automotive Ltd.中国在高端消费品例如苹果手机方面增长的名声让美国消费者更容易接受中国制造汽车这一概念,Dunne汽车有限公司的战略和投资顾问Michael Dunne说。GM’s decision to import the Envision, disclosedlate last year, riled factory workers at home. The ed Auto Workers calledit a “slap in the face to U.S. taxpayers” that had financially supported GM inthe 2009 bailout of the auto industry.通用汽车公司于去年年底披露决定进口昂科威,这激怒了那些没有工作的工人。美国汽车工人称这是“给美国纳税人的一记耳光”,通用汽车在汽车工业方面受到了国家财政持2009次。GM said the strategy made sense because Buick,which is one of the largest-selling brands in China, had holes in its U.S.product lineup at a time when low gasoline prices had buyers clamoring for moreSUVs. With ample Envision capacity at a Shandong province factory, executivesdecided to carve out tens of thousands of units and send them to the U.S.通用公司称,这个战略是非常有意义的,别克是中国销量最好的品牌,美国在一段时间内对于产品整容有着缺口,当油价下跌时,消费者会对SUV有更多的需求。随着山东省的工厂具有充足的产能,管理层决定生产数以万计的车辆并将其送往美国。“This isthe advantage of having such a strong presence in the two biggest markets inthe world,” GM North America President Alan Batey said in an interview. “Wecouldn’t have done it [in the U.S.] if China hadn’t done that vehicle.”“拥有世界最大的两个市场是非常有利的,”通用汽车北美总裁Alan Batey在采访中说道。“我们无法再美国这么做,如果没有在中国生产。”Volvo Car Corp., owned by China’s Zhejiang GeelyHolding Group, last year began shipping small numbers of a version of its S60sedan to the U.S. from a plant in Chengdu.由中国吉利控股的沃尔沃汽车公司,去年在美国开始少量出售在成都生产的S60型号汽车。In the U.S., Buick barely ranks among the top 20auto brands by sales volume. The brand is a stalwart in China, however, wheresales are quadruple Buick’s annual U.S. volume and more than double whatChevrolet sells in China.在美国,别克勉强排在销售榜前20名。但在中国别克是一个强有力的品牌,其销售量是美国的4倍,且2倍于雪佛兰在中国的销量。The Envision is built by Shanghai GM, the automaker’s joint venture with SAICMotorCorp., but was designed and engineered by GM at a facility just outsideDetroit. Last week, the Envision earned the top safety rating from theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety.昂科威由上海通用汽车有限公司制造,这是上汽集团和美国通用的合资企业,但车辆的设计是在底特律外的一个工厂完成的。下周,昂科威就会获得由美国公路安全保险协会测试得出的最高安全评级。The Envision quickly became one of Buick’s topsellers in China as buyers moved to SUVs from sedans and vans. GM sold about150,000 Envisions last year—its first full year on the market—and is on pace totop 200,000 this year, on par with Jeep Cherokee sales in the U.S. The brand isselling more than 1,500 Envisions a month in the U.S. as GM ramps up imports.昂科威很快就会取代轿车货车成为别克在中国最畅销的汽车。通用公司在去年卖出了15万台昂科威,这是上市后的第一年,今年计划达到20万台,这相当于切诺基在美国的销量。随着通用公司进口量的增加,在美国将每月销售超过1500辆的昂科威。Greg Heath, managing partner at Mark ChristopherAuto Center in Ontario, Calif., said he is less worried about his customers’perception of the Envision’s Chinese origins than he is about getting more ofthe SUVs. His dealership sells GM vehicles, including Buick.加州安大略马克克里斯托弗汽车中心管理合伙人Greg Heath表示,比起如何获得更多的SUV,他一点也不担心他的客户对昂科威的中国血统有什么看法。他的经销商销售通用公司的汽车,包括别克。“We’ll get them in droves from a big shipment,” he said. “Then it’llbe months before we get any more.”“我们每次从一次大宗货运中得到一批货,”他说。“那么每次要干等几个月拿不到任何货。‘Made-in-China cars aren’t expected to become abig part of overall U.S. car sales. Mr. Dunne said other auto makers may shipcars from China to the U.S. as production capacity there surges ahead ofdemand. China’s car factories will have the capacity to make about 40 millionlight vehicles this year, while sales are forecast to hit around 25 million,according to researcher IHS Automotive.中国制造的汽车预计不会成为美国汽车市场的主要组成部分。Dunne先生说,由于未来对产能有激增的需求,其它汽车制造商可能将汽车从中国运到美国。据研究公司IHS汽车调查,在今年,中国的汽车工厂将有约4000万的轻型车辆制造能力,而销售额预计将达到2500万左右。Western auto makers are likely to limit anyexports from China because it is usually more profitable to build cars wherethey’re sold, Mr. Dunne said. There are timing issues, too. U.S. Buick dealerssaid it can take as long as six months to receive a custom-made Envision, morethan double the normal wait time for a vehicle assembled in North America.西方制造商可能限制任何从中国出口的汽车,因为通常来说,在制造地销售更有利可图,Dunne先生说。这也有些时间上的问题,美国别克经销商表示,如果需要特别定制一辆昂科威需要等6个月的时间,这比购买北美组装的汽车要多一倍的时间。 /201610/470570。

  Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users#39; email accounts on behalf of the US government, according to a report.据一份报告显示,雅虎曾协助美国政府对其数百万用户的邮件进行了扫描。Reuters news agency says the firm built special software last year to comply with a classified request.据路透社表示,雅虎去年开发了一款特殊软件来满足分类要求。;Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the ed States,; the tech firm said in a statement provided to the B.雅虎公司在一份提供给B的声明中说道:“雅虎是一家守法公司,遵守美国的法律。”The allegation comes less than a fortnight after Yahoo said hackers had stolen data about many of its users.在这起指控之前不到两周的时候,雅虎曾经宣称黑客窃取了该公司许多用户的数据。Yahoo is in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a .8bn (3.8bn pound) deal. The telecoms provider declined to comment on the report.雅虎正在被威瑞森通讯公司收购的过程中,据悉该公司以48亿美元(约合38亿英镑)的价格收购了雅虎。威瑞森通讯公司拒绝就这份报告发表。Reuters reports that the scans were requested by either the National Security Agency (NSA) or the FBI, according to three sources - two of whom it says were ex-Yahoo employees.据路透社报道,三名知情人士(其中两人以前是雅虎的员工)透露称,扫描邮件是受美国国家安全局或者联邦调查局的要求。The news agency says that the software scanned for a string of characters within all incoming emails, but adds that it was unable to determine what information was handed over or if other internet companies had received a similar demand.路透社表示,这款软件在所有载入的邮件里检索了一个字符串,但是该社也表示无法确定雅虎到底移交了什么信息,也不能确定其他互联网公司是否也收到了类似的要求。US law allows the country#39;s intelligence agencies to order the release of customer data that they believe could prevent a terrorist attack, among other reasons.美国法律允许该国情报机构在认为可以防止恐怖袭击或者其他原因的情况之下,命令企业公布客户的数据。Companies can challenge such orders behind closed doors in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.在“外国情报监控法庭”上,企业可以对这些命令提起反对。But Reuters reports that Yahoo decided not to fight the matter because it thought it would lose. It adds that some Yahoo employees were upset by that decision.但是据路透社报道,雅虎决定不反对这件事,因为它知道自己一定会输。据悉,当时雅虎一些员工对这一决定感到非常失望。The whistleblower Edward Snowden, who previously revealed details about the US#39;s cyber-spying efforts, has tweeted in response to the unverified allegations: ;Use @Yahoo? They secretly scanned everything you ever wrote... close your account today.;斯诺登是此次雅虎事件告密人之一,他之前曾经公布过关于美国从事网络间谍活动的详细信息,他在推特上回应这起尚未被实的指控说:“还在用雅虎?他们偷偷地扫描了你写的所有东西,马上注销账号吧!” /201610/470192

  The first Chinese-built passenger jet has taken to the skies for a politically charged maiden flight that authorities claimed would propel the country into a new era of aviation.第一架中国制造的客机在富有政治色的首飞仪式中飞向天空,官方称这架飞机将推动中国航空业进入新的时代。Chinese are not stupid. I never said they were. It is relevant to point out that achieving any sales whatsoever with an international airline with an A320/737 competitor is going to be virtually impossible. It#39;s more an expression of national pride than a serious attempt to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The Russians who have far more aerospace experience have been trying to break into the market for years with no success although Air Koryo (The North Korean flag carrier) I believe is a customer.中国又不傻,我从没说过他们傻。需要指出的是如果想同A320/737竞争将飞机卖给国际航空公司这几乎是是不可能的。与其说为了和波音以及空中巴士竞争,不如说更是为了民族自豪感。俄国有更先进的航天经验,多少年来一直也在试图打入这个市场,但是失败了,虽然高丽航空(朝鲜主要的航空公司)是俄罗斯飞机买家。If the plane is indeed safe to fly it will get a certain share of orders. However neither Airbus nor Boeing would lose the monopoly on the market. There are quite a few other decent passenger planes producers (Embraer TU Antonov etc.) but there is no way big companies would suddenly buy them instead of highly respectable A320 or B737-800如果这飞机真的安全,那肯定会得到一些的订单的,然而空客和波音不会失去自己的垄断地位,过去也有一些不错的客机(巴西航空、图系列、安系列等等),但是那些大公司不会轻易购买它们用来替代广受赞誉的A320、B737-800的。Fu Song a Tsinghua University engineer who was involved in the project told CGTN. “We are very proud to see that it worked.” Yes it#39;s always nice when it doesn#39;t crash at the end of the runway in a big ball of flame. I don#39;t think Boeing or Airbus would express such statements.参与项目的清华大学工程师宋福(音译)告诉中国国际电视台:“我们很骄傲,它行得通。”是啊,没在跑道尽头在巨大的火光中坠毁确实挺不错的,波音和空客才不会这么表述。 /201705/508433More than 100 Nobel laureates have signed a letter urging Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The letter asks Greenpeace to cease its efforts to block introduction of a genetically engineered strain of rice that supporters say could reduce Vitamin-A deficiencies causing blindness and death in children in the developing world.100多为诺贝尔获得者写联名信敦促绿色和平组织停止他们对转基因作物的反对。绿色和平组织认为转基因大米会减少维他命A摄入,导致发达国家的儿童患夜盲症和死亡,信中要求他们不要阻碍大家对转水稻基因工程的认知。;We urge Greenpeace and its supporters to re-examine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies and abandon their campaign against #39;GMOs#39; in general and Golden Rice in particular; the letter states.信中说道:『我们督促绿色和平者和他的持者们重新审视全球的农民和消费者通过生物技术改进的粮食作物,认可权威的科学机构和监管机构的调查结果,不要盲目的抵制转基因作物尤其是黄金大米』。The letter campaign was organized by Richard Roberts chief scientific officer of New England Biolabs and with Phillip Sharp the winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for the discovery of genetic sequences known as introns. The campaign has a websitesupportprecisionagriculture.org that includes a running list of the signatories and the group plans to hold a news conference Thursday morning at the National Press Club in Washington.联名信活动的组织者是Richard Roberts(New England Biolabs公司的首席科学家)以及Phillip Sharp(1993年因发现内含子序列而获得诺贝尔生理学或医学奖),这次活动有一个网站supportprecisionagriculture.org,该网站包含一个签名人的滚动列表以及一个周四早上在华盛顿的国家新闻俱乐部举行新闻发布会的团体计划。“We’re scientists. We understand the logic of science. It#39;s easy to see what Greenpeace is doing is damaging and is anti-science; Roberts told The Washington Post. “Greenpeace initially and then some of their allies deliberately went out of their way to scare people. It was a way for them to raise money for their cause.;R03; “我们是科学家,我们理解科学的逻辑,很容易就发现绿色和平组织正在做的事情是有害的并且反科学的”Roberts 对华盛顿邮报说,“绿色和平组织期初以及之后他们的一些持者故意的使用他们的方法恐吓民众,这是他们赚钱的一个方法,这就是他们的目的。” /201607/453661



  Just ask any one of the 300,000 Americans who develop kidney stones: What if the excruciating pain of passing one of those little devils could be prevented by strapping yourself into a make-believe runaway mine train, throwing your hands in the air and enduring G-forces as high as 2.5 for about three minutes? Would you do it?从30万患肾结石的美国人中去随便找个患者问问:若乘坐一辆越矿飞车,飞车如逃离般飞驰而过时手在空中乱舞,还要承受高达2.5G的重力三分钟,就能免去排出那些小个恶魔时的剧痛,你会去做吗?Hell yeah, they’d do it.废话,他们会的。In a bit of medical research inspired by strange and remarkable patient accounts, a Michigan State University urologist reports that, yes, riding a medium-intensity roller coaster such as the Disney theme parks’ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can result in the painless passing of small, and even a few large, kidney stones.密歇根州立大学的泌尿专家注意到了一些罕见病例,受其启发进行了医学研究。他们得出报告说,是的,玩一趟中等刺激的过山车,比如迪士尼乐园的巨雷山过山车,能无痛排出小粒甚至是一些大颗肾结石。For best results, ride in the back, where — roller coaster afficionados all seem to agree — the thrills are greatest. 坐在过山车尾部效果最佳,过山车爱好者都知道坐在后面的座位是最刺激的。Independent of kidney stone volume and location, findings reported Sunday in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Assn. showed that sitting in the back of the roller coaster resulted in an average passage rate of 63.89%.周日发表在《美国骨科协会杂志》上的调查报告表示,坐在过山车尾部平均排石率能达到63.89%。Front-seat rides resulted in a far more modest passage rate of 16.67%.而坐在头部,排石率要低得多,只有16.67%。In what magical kingdom, you may well ask, does someone think to conduct such research?你完全可以问,得在什么魔法王国才做得出这种实验呢?Dr David D. Wartinger, a professor emeritus at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, initiated the study after a series of patients reported something almost too strange to believe: In the wake of riding Big Thunder at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., these patients said their kidney stones passed painlessly from the kidney through the narrow duct of the ureter and into the bladder. 密歇根大学骨科医学退休教授大卫#8226;沃汀格尔是研究发起者,之前有肾结石患者向他讲述了桩桩难以置信的怪事:他们在佛罗里达州奥兰多的迪士尼乐园玩了巨雷山过山车后,体内的肾结石就毫无痛感地从肾脏经由狭窄尿管排到了膀胱内。In one case, a patient told Wartinger that he passed one kidney stone after each of three consecutive rides on the roller coaster.有一个案例的病人告诉沃汀格尔,他连着坐了三次过山车,每次都有一颗结石排出。Using a 3-D printed model of that patient’s kidney, Wartinger and his colleagues implanted three kidney stones of various sizes into the upper, middle or lower passageways of the clear silicone model. 沃汀格尔和同事用3D打印机制造了这位患者肾脏的透明硅胶模型,并把三个大小不一的肾结石放入模型上中下的管道中。Two of those mineral clusters, which can form as the kidney filters waste from the bloodstream, were small-to-moderate size — 4.5 millmeters and 13.5 mm. 肾结石是肾脏在过滤血流垃圾时形成的矿物质群。其中两颗结石小的4.5mm,中等大小的13.5mm。Those might pass through the duct leading to the bladder without incident but could also cause considerable pain and discomfort as they passed unaided. 这等大小的结石在经由尿管向膀胱自然移动时,可以平安无事,但也能引起剧痛和不适感。But a third measured 64.6 mm, a size that would rarely pass without treatment — the administration of ultrasound shock waves, called lithotripsy, designed to break up the deposit and allow it to pass.第三颗结石64.6mm大,这种大小的结石只有借助超声冲击波治疗,也即碎石术打碎结石,才能排出体外。The researchers received permission from Walt Disney World first, then concealed the kidney model in a backpack and rode Big Thunder 20 times, varying their seat position between front and back.实验前,研究人员先征得了迪士尼乐园同意,然后把肾模型藏到背包中坐了20次巨雷山过山车,期间还变换位置,从头部换到尾部。After analyzing the location of those three kidney stones at the end of each ride, the researchers concluded that findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones, Wartinger said. 研究人员在每次坐完过山车后都会检查三颗肾结石的位置,得出了如下结论。When the kidney stone was large, the initial position of the kidney stone affected the likelihood of its passing during the ride. 沃汀格尔说,我们实验所得验了病人所述情况,坐中等刺激的过山车可以帮助一些患者排出小块结石。But even those passed two in three times while the silicone model rode the thrill ride.大颗肾结石所处位置会影响坐过山车时结石排出的可能性,但排出结石时三次有两次是在硅胶模型经过刺激车程的时候。Many people in the ed States probably live within a few hours’ drive of an amusement park containing a roller coaster with features capable of dislodging calyceal renal calculi, wrote Wartinger and co-author Dr Marc A. 很多美国人住在一家游乐园几小时车程内,这家游乐园有一辆过山车可以帮助人们排掉肾盏结石,沃汀格尔和来自华盛顿州波尔斯波医生诊所的马克#8226;米切尔一同写道。Mitchell of the Doctor’s Clinic in Poulsbo, Wash.Roller coaster therapy might be a good preventive treatment for people who are high risk of developing obstructive kidney stones, wrote Wartinger and Mitchell. 过山车疗法对梗阻性肾结石易患人群可能是个很好的预防疗法,沃汀格尔和米切尔在报告中说。They suggested that patients who have had kidney stones in the past, or women who have had kidney stones and are thinking of becoming pregnant, consider a thrill ride or two in a bid to clear tiny stones before the deposits grow larger. 他们建议过去长过肾结石的患者和有肾结石、正在准备开始妊娠的女性,考虑放开胆子坐一两次过山车来把微小结石清出,以防长得更大。Kidney stone sufferers who have had their deposits broken up by lithotripsy might also consider a roller-coaster ride to finish the job, they said.他们还说,已接受过碎石术治疗的肾结石患者也可以考虑坐过山车,以把结石彻底排出体外。 /201610/469777。

  Samsung Electronics has confounded analysts’ fears by reporting a 5 per cent rise in quarterly profits — as strong component sales offset a costly recall of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)报告季度利润上升5%,没有应验分析师们的担心。强劲的零部件销售抵消了召回旗舰手机Galaxy Note 7的高昂代价。In recent weeks, the South Korean technology group has struggled to contain the fallout from the industry’s biggest handset recall, after some of the batteries in its cutting-edge smartphone caught fire, necessitating the replacement of 2.5m units.最近几周,这家韩国高科技集团一直在竭力遏制业内最大规模手机召回的冲击波。在此之前,该集团最新款智能手机有一部分电池起火,导致250万部手机必须更换。On Wednesday, concerns rose as a replacement model of the Note 7 phone, supposedly with a battery fix, began to emit smoke on board an aircraft in the US — suggesting Samsung may not yet have found a solution to the problems.周三,人们的担忧愈发强烈,原因是一部理应修复了电池的Note 7更换手机在美国一架飞机上冒烟——似乎表明三星也许还未找到这一问题的解决方案。News of the battery fires — and subsequent safety warnings from regulators and aviation authorities — came as the world’s largest mobile phone maker was staging a comeback, with brisk sales of premium smartphones in the first half after two years of falling market share.在传出电池起火新闻以及监管机构及航空主管部门随后发出安全警告之际,全球最大移动电话制造商正在卷土重来。在经历两年的市场份额下滑之后,上半年三星高端智能手机销售强劲。Analysts all cut their estimates for Samsung’s third-quarter earnings following the recall announcement in early September. But yesterday Samsung said its preliminary operating profit for July-September was Won7.8tn (bn) — a 5.6 per cent increase on the same period a year ago, despite a projected 5.2 per cent drop in sales.在9月初三星公布召回决定之后,分析师们都降低了对三星第三季度盈利的估计。然而,昨天三星表示,尽管销售额预计会下滑5.2%,但该公司7月至9月运营利润初步数据为7.8万亿韩元(合70亿美元)——同比增长5.6%。“Strong earnings from the semiconductor and display businesses helped offset the Note 7 recall woes,” said Kim Young-woo, an analyst at SK Securities. “Overall, the company’s growth momentum remains intact, despite the recall problem.”SK券(SK Securities)分析师金永佑(Kim Young-woo)表示:“半导体及显示器业务部门的强劲盈利,帮助抵消了Note 7召回的困境。总体来说,尽管出现了召回问题,但该公司增长势头仍然未受影响。”Samsung’s profit guidance did not reveal the cost of the Galaxy 7 recall, as the company does not provide detailed earnings figures for each business division. However, analysts estimate that the recall will cost the company about bn and said a substantial part of this cost was written off in the third quarter. Samsung will reveal detailed results in late October.由于三星并未提供各业务部门的具体盈利数据,其利润指引未能揭示Galaxy 7召回的成本。不过,分析师估计这次召回将为该公司带来约10亿美元损失,并表示该损失有很大一部分已在第三季度被减记。三星将在10月下旬公布财报细节。Analysts estimate that quarterly operating profit for the mobile division was about Won2.3tn, compared with Won4.3tn in the previous quarter.分析师们估计,移动部门季度运营利润为大约2.3万亿韩元,而前一季度达到4.3万亿韩元。Samsung shares rose 0.65 per cent to a record high of Won1,702,000 yesterday.昨天,三星股价上涨0.65%,达到每股170.2万韩元的创纪录高点。 /201610/469785


  At the end of each Apple board meeting, Tim Cook, chief executive, raises the question of who should succeed him if he [steps] off the wrong curb or something. 每次苹果(Apple)董事会会议结束时,首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)都会提出一旦他死亡或发生其他事该由谁继任的问题。It is a tribute to Mr Cook after five years at the helm of the world’s most valuable company that an accident is more likely to finish him than investor discontent.在掌管这个全球市值最高企业五年后,库克因投资者不满离职的可能性还不如发生一次事故导致他离职的可能性高,这一点是对库克的一种褒奖。Mr Cook became Apple’s chief executive in August 2011 in tragic and extremely difficult circumstances: just before the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and guiding genius. 2011年8月,库克是在一种悲剧性而又极端困难的氛围下担任苹果首席执行官的:当时苹果的联合创始人及天才导师史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)已时日无多。Jobs was, as Mr Cook noted in an interview with the Washington Post, an impossible act to follow. 正如库克在接受《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)采访时指出的,乔布斯是不可能效仿的。It would have been a treacherous thing if I would have tried to do it, he said.库克表示:如果我试图这么做,那将是一种非常危险的行为。The impossibility is clear in how Mr Cook’s first five years are sometimes seen: as a mild disappointment. 这种不可能在库克任期头五年有时得到的评价中体现得很明显:他被认为略微叫人失望。He has presided over the launch of Apple Watch and Apple Pay but it has unveiled no blockbuster to rival the iPhone, an astonishingly successful device that now accounts for nearly 70 per cent of its revenues.他领导了Apple Watch和Apple Pay的推出,然而这两者却没有掀起可与iPhone相比的火爆。iPhone则极为成功,目前占苹果近70%的营收。It is fairer to regard his tenure from another perspective: Apple has not only remained steady but has flourished and Mr Cook has kept its senior talent largely in place. 从另一个角度看待他的任期则更公平一些:苹果不仅保持了稳定,而且还发展壮大,库克也基本将资深人才留在了岗位上。Unlike others who have succeeded charismatic and forceful founders, including John Sculley when Apple forced out Jobs in the mid-1980s, he has stopped it veering off track and managed to develop and broaden its product line.他阻止了苹果在急转弯下脱轨,并成功发展和拓宽了苹果的产品线,这与其他有领袖魅力而强势的创始人的继任者不同——包括上世纪80年代中期苹果挤走乔布斯时的约翰#8226;斯卡利(John Sculley)。Mr Cook was known before Jobs’ death as an operations specialist, the person who kept Apple’s global operations and manufacturing network running smoothly, allowing Jobs to focus on new, breakthrough products. 在乔布斯逝世前,库克是以运营专家而出名,他就是确保苹果全球业务和制造网络运营平稳的人,令乔布斯能够将精力集中于新的、突破性的产品。Mr Cook has since applied his analytical brain to Apple, making sure that neither size nor complexity gets in the way of continued progress.而自乔布斯逝世以来,库克把他分析式的头脑用到了苹果身上,确保规模和复杂性都不会成为苹果继续发展的阻碍。A lot can go wrong at any company, especially a very large one. 任何企业都有许多地方可能出错,尤其是非常大的企业。That accounts for the shortening of chief executives’ tenures. 这一点解释了首席执行官任期不断缩短的问题。It is easy to make strategic errors under pressure from consumers, shareholders and regulators, or steadily to lose touch with what made a company great. 在消费者、股东和监管机构的压力下,很容易犯战略错误,或渐渐忘掉是什么使企业伟大。Merely avoiding these pitfalls for five years is itself an achievement.仅仅是能在五年里避开这些陷阱本身,就是一大成就。In addition, Mr Cook has made his personal presence felt. 此外,库克还令人体会到了他个人的存在感。He has defied short-term shareholder pressure to return more of Apple’s 2bn cash pile and resisted the idea that he is there solely to serve their interests, rather than that of consumers and society as a whole. 他抵制了短线股东让苹果将2320亿美元现金多返还一些的压力,并抵制了认为他的职责仅仅是务于股东利益而非消费者和社会整体利益的看法。He has taken strong and salutary stands on social issues, including his declaration that he is gay.他对社会问题采取了强硬而有益的立场——其中包括宣布自己是同性恋。But this was Mr Cook’s first act. 不过,这只是库克的第一步。To achieve a decade at the helm, he must go further than exploiting the iPhone’s potential in new markets: he has to deliver an unexpected product of his own. 要想在苹果帅位待上十年,他必须比在新市场开发iPhone潜力更进一步:他必须推出属于他自己的出人意料的产品。So far, neither Apple Watch nor services such as iCloud and its App Store, despite the latter’s financial growth, amount to that.到目前为止,Apple Watch及苹果的iCloud和应用商店(App Store)等务都达不到这一点——尽管应用商店在财务上取得了巨大增长。This is a daunting challenge, given that Apple’s historic speciality is, as he puts it, insanely great products that really change the world in some way, combining hardware, software and services in a single package. 这是一个可怕的挑战。正如库克曾说过的,苹果在历史上的专长是推出能真正以某种方式改变世界的伟大到极致的产品,将硬件、软件和务熔于一炉。The company’s recent efforts to produce an Apple television have come to naught, and it is unclear whether it wants to make its own car, or merely the software to operate others.苹果最近生产苹果电视的努力已成泡影,而目前仍不清楚苹果是想自己生产汽车,还是只希望为其他品牌汽车推出操作软件。Mr Cook was a close friend of Jobs and has an ingrained sense of the company’s qualities. 库克是乔布斯的亲密朋友,对苹果的品质有着根深蒂固的感受。Perhaps only Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, knows better the products that have made it great. 也许只有苹果首席设计官乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)能比他更了解那些令苹果伟大的产品。In Mr Cook’s five years in charge, he has remained faithful to Jobs’ legacy; eventually, he must transcend it.在库克执掌苹果五年的时间里,他依然忠于乔布斯的遗产。而最终,他必须超越这一遗产。 /201609/464878

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