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unit 52预约见面时间dialogue英语情景对话A:May I have an appointment with you tonight?A:我们今晚可以碰个面吗?B:Very sorry, I am occupied tonight. What about tomorrow night?B:很抱歉,我今晚排满了,明天晚上如何?A:OK. where and when?A:可以,在哪里见面?几点钟?B:7:00 in my staying hotel.B:7:00,在我住的饭店。A:OK, I am going to the hotel to pick you up. See you tomorrow night.A:妤的,我会到饭店接您,明晚见。 /201505/37346810. Request for Office Supplies 10.申请办公用品A: Hey Alice, do you have a stapler I can use?A:嘿,爱丽丝,你有我可以使用的订书机吗?B: Of course I do. Its on my desk.B:当然,我有。它在我的书桌上。A: Thanks. Mine broke two weeks ago.A:谢谢。我的两个星期前坏掉了。B: Didnt you put in a office supply request?B:你没填进办公用品申请里吗?A: I asked Joseph if he would get me one.A:我问了约瑟夫他是否会给我一个。B: I know hes in charge, but you should submit a form.B:我知道是他负责,但你应该递交一份表格。A: A form? What form?A:一份表格?什么表格?B: An Office Supply form. Dont rely on Joseph. Put it in writing.B:一份办公室供给表。A: Oh, I could use a couple of other supplies, too.A:哦,我也可以使用一些其他物资。B: Yes, by all means, get what you need.B:是的,不管怎样,去拿你想要的。A: Where are these forms?A:这些表格在哪?B: Ill email it to you. Just print it, and send it in.B:我用电子邮件发给你。打印出来,然后寄出去。A: Thanks, Alice.A:谢谢你,爱丽丝。B: No problem. B:没问题。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441199Conversation 1对话1Whos that tall guy over there?那边那个高个子是谁?Oh, thats George. He looks very drunk.哦,那是George。他看起来醉得很厉害。Whats he like normally?他平常为人怎么样?Oh, hes really reserved, normally.额,他平常很拘谨。But, from what I hear, hes got lots of problems?可是据我所知,他似乎有很多问题。Really? What kind of problems?是吗?什么样的问题?Well, off the record, of course, but I hear that hes got terrible debts.哦,别告诉别人,我听说他负债累累。He has his own company, and its not going very well.他自己开公司,但经营得不太好。Really? Well, I hate to say this, but Im not surprised.真的吗?我很不想这么说,不过我并不觉得意外。Really? What makes you say that?是吗,你为什么会这么说?Well, he doesnt look very honest.哦……他似乎不太老实。I know, thats the problem. He cant find any customers.我知道,问题就出在这里。他根本找不到客户。Its a pity, really, because his products are very good.这真的很可惜,因为他的产品很好。Oh, that reminds me. Did I tell you about my new laptop?对了,我突然想到,我有没有跟你提过我的新笔记本电脑?Oh, dont talk to me about laptops.拜托,别跟我提到笔记本电脑。Mine crashed on Friday and I lost everything. I hate them.我的笔记本电脑星期五坏了,资料全都不见了。气死我了。Oh, really?哦,是吗?Look, I need another drink. Do you want one?对了,我要再喝一杯。你要吗?Yes, Ill have another cocktail.好,我还要一杯鸡尾酒。Vodka martini?伏特加马丁尼是吗?Absolutely.没错。Ill be back in a sec.我等下就回来。OK. Ill wait for you here.好,我在这里等你。Conversation 2对话2Whos that striking woman over there?那边那个大美女是谁?Hm? Oh, thats Alice. Shes totally mad.嗬?俄,那是Alice。Dont get yourself in a room alone with her.她根本是个疯子,千万不要跟她独处一室。Really? Why not? She looks great.是吗,为什么?她看起来很不错啊。Yes, I know, but shes dangerous.是啊,我知道,可是她很危险。Really? Tell me more.是吗,再说多一点。Well, Im not one to gossip, as you know, but rumor has it that she sued her former boss for sexual harassment.Karen哦,你也知道我不爱说长道短,不过有传闻说,她告她的前任老板性骚扰。Wow, crikey. So what happened?哇塞,结果呢?Well, this is just between ourselves, of course, but he was her lover and he wanted to leave her, so she got revenge.这个嘛,千万不要说出去,他们两个是一对,而他想要离开她,于是她就报复。I heard him say she was a dangerous woman.我听他说,她是个危险的女人。Wow.哇。Oh, while were on the subject, what happened to you and your secretary?对了,既然我们聊到了这件事,你跟你的秘书怎么样了?I have no idea what youre talking about.我不知道你在说什么。Oh, come on. Everybody knows.你得了吧,大家都知道。Could you excuse me a moment? I have to make a phone call.容我告辞一下好吗?我得打个电话。Oh, sure.哦,当然好。 /201604/435592Feifei has gone missing and Neil goes looking for her. Why does he use a phrase about shops? Learn an everyday English slang expression.菲菲不见了,尼尔到处找她。为什么他用了一个和商店有关的短语?请学习这个常用的英语俚语表达。Neil: OK. Not again. Why oh why is Feifei late for the studio this time? Seriously... That does it. Im gonna give her a call... Great. Let me go out and take a look. Feifei?! Feifei, where are you? Where has she gone? Oh, is that...? There she is!尼尔:哦,不是又这样吧。为什么菲菲今天录节目又迟到了?说真的,我受够了。我要给她打个电话。很好,我去外面看一下。菲菲?!菲菲,你在哪里?她去哪儿了?哦,那是……?她来了!Feifei: Oh, oh, hi, Neil.菲菲:哦,你好,尼尔。Neil: Where have you been? Ive been looking all over the shop for you!尼尔:你去哪儿了?我一直在到处找你!Feifei: All over the shop? Well, I wasnt in a shop. I was in... the toilet!菲菲:在商店的各个地方找我?可是我没去商店。我去厕所了!Neil: Thanks for the information. 尼尔:谢谢你告诉我。Feifei: And yes, before you tell me – I do know what all over the shop means. It means everywhere.菲菲:好的,在你告诉我之前,我知道all over the shop这个短语是什么意思。它的意思是“到处”。Neil: Well, Im just glad Ive found you. Now we can finally start the programme and explain this expression: all over the shop. Oh, weve aly done that.尼尔:我很高兴我找到你了。现在我们可以开始节目并解释all over the shop这个表达方式了。哦,我们刚才已经解释过了。Feifei: Yes. It usually means everywhere – when describing a search for something, or an untidy arrangement of things. Like in these examples:菲菲:对。这个短语通常指“各个地方”,在我们找某样东西,或者东西摆放不整齐时使用。就像下面这些例句里的一样:Examples例句Where were you? We looked all over the shop for you.你去哪儿了?我们到处找你。He left his dirty washing all over the shop. Our house was a real mess!他把要洗的脏衣扔得到处都是。我们家真是太乱了!I spilled wine all over the shop when I tried to open that bottle. Oops.我在试图打开那瓶红酒时,把酒洒得到处都是。真糟糕。Feifei: It can also describe someone or something very disorganised. Listen to this:菲菲:这个短语也可以描述某人或者某物非常乱,来听这个例子:Example例句Sorry, Im a bit all over the shop this morning. I forgot my ticket, my phone... I left my laptop at home. Whats wrong with me?抱歉,我今天早上有点乱。我忘了带票还有手机,我还把笔记本电脑也落在家里了。我到底怎么了?Neil: So there you go. You can look all over the shop for something or someone.尼尔:没错。你可以“到处”寻找某人或者某样东西。Feifei: And you can also leave things all over the shop – like the dirty clothes.菲菲:你还可以把东西扔得“到处都是”,比如脏衣。Neil: And you yourself can also be all over the shop – describing someone who is forgetful or disorganised. Though not you, of course, Feifei.尼尔:你自己也可以处于“很乱”的状态,这是描述某人很健忘或是没有条理。当然这不是在说你,菲菲。Feifei: Never me.菲菲:我从来不会这样。Neil: And that is the expression for this programme. Thank you, Feifei... Feifei? Feifei? Wheres she gone? Oh, a message. ;Just off to the shops. Need anything?; Very funny. Bye!尼尔:这就是本期节目要学的表达方式。谢谢大家,菲菲……菲菲?菲菲?她去哪儿了?哦,我收到一条短信。“我去商店。要带什么东西吗?”非常有趣。再见! 译文属 /201706/512679

Language Points1、Contantly missing your loved one 经常想到你爱的那个人。2、Birthdays and holidays are especially hard 生日和其它节日尤其难熬。3、Poor internet connection drives you insane on the regular网络信号不好的时候,经常让人抓狂。4、But you know it’s worth it, because talking to them makes your day那是一切都是值得的,因为跟Ta聊天会让你一整天都十分开心和满足。5、Sometimes, random things trigger up memories of them that make you smile (or cry…)有时候,随便什么事情都会让你回忆起Ta,让你笑或让你哭。6、Flying out to see each other is not always easy飞去见对方总是很不容易。7、But when you manage to put together a plan, it’s the most exciting thing in the world!但当安排好某天终于可以见面了,都会兴奋得飞起来。我:8、Being in love with someone who is far away can be tough. But when you know that you are with the one, even the toughest times are worth it. 爱上异地的人会很艰难。但是当你知道Ta就是你的真命天子(梦中女孩)时,即使最艰难的日子也是值得的。 /201610/471042

unit 214 打电话道别dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hello, Mr. Black, Im calling to say goodbye.A:你好,布莱克先生,我打电话同你告别。B:Youre leaving so soon? I wish you stayed a little longer.B:你这么快就离开?我希望你能多待段时间。A:I wish I could stay a little longer, but a lot of things to do back home.A:我也希望能多待段时间,但家中有很多事要做。B:Have you got the ticket?B:你拿到票了吗?A:Yes, I did.A:拿到了。B:What time are you going?B:你什么时间出发?A:At 11:00 Oclock.A:11点钟。B:Ill pick you up by nine oclock and take you straight to the airport.B:我9点钟开车去接你,然后直接送你到机场。A:No, Ill go by myself, thanks.A:不用了,我自己去,谢谢。B:OK, goodbye.B:那好吧,再见。 /201510/402866

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