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2019年08月22日 06:41:39 | 作者:爱优惠 | 来源:新华社
罗恩·古特曼回顾了一大批关于微笑的研究,并发现了一些惊人的结果。你知道吗,微笑能够预测你的寿命有多长!微微的一笑能对你的幸福生活产生不小影响?请一边放松面部肌肉,一边深入了解这种传染性极高的行为。 Article/201309/253994Junk Food: Families Bought More In Recession Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows families are spending less but buying fattier foods in their shops.- shall we put those and cook down in the later. yeah. for the British family like many others, the weekly shopped of the object,and well, fresh is on the list, it may sometimes on the items a left off . - what are we - no yeah. we - yeah definitely- we definitely know to someway this and increasing the cost of food particularly * food vegetables. isn#39;t it ? i am short now. we do we all value well over them with ** housely as we can do.the friendless piadase fresh produces that arising food prices of 33% of six years has * for the thousand further families the healthy items are the first to go and people are buying less food. Figures from a new report shows the average households spend per adults was 102 pounds a month between 2005 and 2007, but this found by 4 pounds to 98 pounds of the recession stroke in 2008 and though even further by 30% from 2010 to 2012. - the price of folten vegetables was growing at quite rates in the price of processed food not may be one reason why we see the switch wiphon fresh produce that towards processed calories.- so it is per strenth of titened the quality of Phillepean body suffered. families with young children are unpassionated with a worst taste. shoppers though said they always around the rising cost buying fresh.- Though got market, when i am going to get more fresh vegetables food than chocolates- if you look, you can get fresh style but it is just jamily the whole bill.- no, it is not another table concentrate on shopping around, looking and * there essentially, it is eating less but eating worse until as for the eating healthily. it is about * and world recession being blamed this time regardless GDP. they concern it is that health may take longer to recover. quality. Adall Robenson Sky news. /201311/264080

Centaur World for the Athenians would have meant not just the Persian Empire, but other competing Greek city states, and above all, Sparta, with whom Athens was frequently at war.对雅典人而言,“半人马”的世界还不只是波斯帝国,也包括了其他敌对的希腊域邦,尤其是斯巴达,他们与雅典频繁开战。The struggle against the Centaurs that we see on the metopes becomes an emblem of the perpetual battle that, for the Athenians, every civilised state has to fight.排档间饰上与半人马的战争成为一种永恒的战斗的象征。对雅典人而言,每个文明的城邦都需要战斗。Rational man has to keep struggling against brute irrationality.理智的人们需要不断抗争野蛮的非理性。Dehumanising your enemy like this takes you down a dangerous path, but it#39;s a magnificent rallying call if you#39;re waging war.将对手非人化是条危险的路,但如果你要发动战争,这会成为极佳的民众动员令。If chaos is to be kept at bay, so the message goes, reason will have to fight un-reason again and again.它所传达的信息是:要想避免混乱,就一直要用理性去战胜非理性。But I chose this particular sculpture because it gives us the bitter insight that, in the short-term, reason does not always prevail.而我之所以挑选了这幅浮雕,是因为它传达了一个令人痛苦的信息,即以短期而论,理性并非总能获胜。The defence of the rationally ordered state will cost some of its citizens their lives.为保卫理性规范的城邦,有的公民会献出自己的生命。And yet - and this is why this sculpture is such a supreme achievement - the dying human body is shown with such pathos, the fierce struggle depicted with such balance, that the victory goes not to the strutting half-beast, but to the Athenian artist who can turn conflict into beauty.然而,雕像上垂死的人形表现得如此苦痛,剧烈的战斗被刻画得如此协调——这也正是雕像具有如此高的艺术价值的原因所在一以至于取得最后胜利的并非趾高气扬的半人,而是能把冲突转化为趋的雅典艺术家。In the long-run of things, this sculpture seems to say, intellect and reason alone can create things that endure.这件雕像仿佛在告诉我们,从长远来看,智慧与理性二者本身便能创造出经得起时间考验的事物。The victory is not just political: it is artistic and intellectual.这不仅是政治上的胜利,也是艺术与智慧的胜利。This is all very high-minded stuff, but what did the Parthenon look like if you came from one of the other Greek cities?这是雅典人的视角。那希腊其他城邦的居民又是如何看待帕台农神庙的呢? Article/201409/328880

Stallone Calls Bruce Willis #39;Greedy and Lazy#39; on Twitter With two of hollywood#39;s legendary action stars in a heated war of words. Sylvester stallone slamming bruce willis, after a dispute of their blockbuster story. Linzie janis has the story.Two of Hollywood#39;s lengendary action stars in a heated war of words.So Sylvester Stallone slamming Bruce Willis after a dispute over one of their blockbuster movies. A#39;S L has the story.It#39;s the clash of the vintage acton heros.67-year-old Sylvester Stallone vs. 58-year-old Bruce Willis.The rooms falling off the silver screen and into an online brawl.The rocky star is now throwing verbal punches after revealing Willis will no longer be riding shotgun in Expandable 3,the next installment of the Box Office#39;s busting franchice.Willis will be replaced by 71-year-old Indiana star Harrison Ford,a decision that apparently pleased slide.And as his Twitter smacked down,he implies Willis is getting what he deserves.Tweet, Willis out,Harrison Ford in.Second layer,he writes,greedy and lazy,a sure formula for career failure.Nobody is really saying what the exact reason is.Stallone made reference to being greedy.What likely happen is very simple,Bruce Willis probably is asking for more money and they aren#39;t really gonna give it to him.Some are announcing Sylvester Stallone#39;s tweet is more like the action of a teenage girl not a butt-kicking hero.I#39;m not surprised that Sylvester Stallone has frustrations.I#39;m surprised that he went public with that.It#39;s rare to see something like that,it#39;s so aggressive on Twitter.Bruce Willis hasn#39;t responded publicly.Nobody is expecting the die-heart star to go down without a fight.Thank for cutting that right there.Hey,how the two expandable movies have taken over 600 million dollars worldwide,so a successful franchise.We would like it to go on either way. /201308/252185

The Desert Rose.这是沙漠玫瑰In really harsh conditions, it jettisons its leaves to minimise water loss.在情况很恶劣的时候 它会放弃叶片以减少水分流失Strangely, it chooses this time to flower.它开花的时间很奇怪Its bulbous trunk is like a barrel that stores water all year round.沙漠玫瑰膨胀浑圆的树干 像个终年储水的水桶It#39;s so hardy it can grow out of bare rock.生命力极强的沙漠玫瑰 可以生长在光秃秃的岩石上It might seem that conditions can#39;t get much tougher for a plant than here.对植物来说 这里的环境应该算是最恶劣的But, for some, the conditions are even harsher.但有些植物生长环境的恶劣程度 有过之而无不及Six hours ago, here on the coast of Australia,六个小时前 这棵生长在澳洲海边的树this tree was high and dry on a sandy beach.还在一片干燥的沙滩上For almost all plants, saltwater is lethal,盐水几乎对所有植物 都有致命杀伤力so submersion of this tree#39;s roots by the tide twice a day should kill it.这棵树的根部,一天被潮水淹没两次 它应该活不成了Yet this Red Mangrove is flourishing.但这棵红海榄却长得很茂盛The retreating tide reveals the key to surviving the sea#39;s assault.潮水退去之后 它不畏海水蹂躏的关键昭然若揭 Article/201311/264057

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