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I mean if theres anyone knows,when you are banged watching something,我的意思是 正常思维下 当你们两个想看什么的时候you do it together.You dont You wait for your partner to get home.You dont你们会一起看 你不会(一个人看) 你会等你爱人回家一起看 你不会(自己一个人看)Do you know when it comes back on?Next week, right?你知道什么时候它会回归吗 下个星期 对吗It comes back next week.And it comes back Thursday January 29.它下周会回归 它会在下周四也就是1月29日回归Say it together, everybody.January 29.One more time.Thursday January 29.大家一起说 1月29日 再来一遍 星期四 1月29日Now just the fellas.Now it is committed.All right.现场小伙子们再来一次 现在记下来了 好了Well it was a big weekend at the movies.这将会是一个看电影的周末Our neighbor,Clint Eastwoods movie,American Sniper opened.我们的邻居 克林特·伊斯特伍德的电影 美国狙击手上映了It was his biggest movie opening ever.Congratulations.Good for him.这是他有史以来上映的最大的电影 祝贺 对他是个好消息As you know,I like Clint very much wherever hes around.如你们所知 无论他在哪 我都很喜欢克林特Hes a wonderful man And I could tell,he was happy today.他是个很棒的人 而且我可以说 他今天很开心I saw him this morning,and the right corner of his mouth was turned up just a little bit.早上碰到他 看他右边唇角一直微微上扬着So congratulations, Clint.And Clint if you thinking of celebrating with one of those恭喜他 克林特 克林特 如果你想找些什么东西庆祝一下You know, those champagne poppers that you can Be careful,But you dont want to do with this woman did.例如 香槟炮竹 那小心点 我猜你不想跟这个子一样 /201511/410871。

  • Another aerial bombardment struck the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday with over 200 air strikes launched upon the rebel-held city. 周五,叙利亚阿勒颇市遭空中轰炸,叛军控制的城市上空发动200多次空袭。The Aleppo Media Center believes that at least 51 people, including many children, are currently trapped beneath rubble in different areas of the city. 阿勒颇新闻中心称,在阿勒颇不同地区目前至少有51人,包括许多儿童被困的废墟下。A spokesman for the AMC said, Civil defense crews are incapable of extracting them from underneath the rubble due to the intense air strikes on the city of Aleppo.AMC发言人表示,民防组织的人员无法从废墟中救出他们,因为阿勒颇上空激烈的空袭。译文属。201609/468223。
  • According to a UN study,a UN sutdy that just come out,the happiest country in the world is Switzerland.Theyre happy,yeah.据联合国一项新出炉的调查显示 全世界最幸福的国家是瑞士 他们最幸福When asked why theyre so happy,Swiss people couldnt answer because their hands were counting money and their mouths were full of chocolate.被问及原因时 瑞士人说不上来 因为他们满手都是钱 满嘴都是巧克力Threw that in here,I dont know why.Cuckoo clock in the background still working hard out here.我们就那么一说 后面挂了个布谷鸟钟 我在努力取观众笑声Hitting all of the major Swiss points.Bobbing and weaving out here.照顾到各种瑞士元素 看我多努力Honey boo boos mother,mama june,lets get that out of the way.People are like oh,take it easy.Slow it down.Its Monday.甜心波波的妈妈琼恩 先把这个说出来 大家都 别激动啊 慢点 才周一Honey boo boos mother mama june announced that shes bisexual.what?甜心波波的妈妈琼恩宣布自己是双性恋 什么And then someone explained to her that bisexual doesnt mean someone who loves both Wendys and Burger King.Thats not bisexual,you see.Cuckoo,cuckoo.然后有人跟她说 双性恋的意思不是既喜欢温蒂汉堡又喜欢汉堡王 这不叫双性恋 布谷 布谷In England,get this,in England a 102 year old man and a 91 year old woman are set to marry,and become the worlds oldest newlyweds ever,oldest,yeah.Yeah,nice.在英国 一名102岁的男人和一名91岁的女人即将结婚 并将成为世界上最老的一对新婚夫妇 没错 真不错Its the only wedding where if the groom gets cold feet,they check his pulse.只有在这场婚礼上 如果新郎脚凉了 大家会检查他的脉搏Right,its a very sweet story,and my best wishes to both of them.yes.That covered it up with the lawyers.嗯 温馨的小故事啊 我恭喜二位 嗯 这下不会有律师来找事了201609/464063。
  • You know people have been criticizing Hillary Clintons campaign logo for being too plain.Have you seen it?Thats her logo.大家一直在批评 希拉里·克林顿的宣传标识太普通了 大家看过了吗 这是她的标识 That is her reall logo.People say its too plain.这就是她用的标识 人们觉得太普通了This week,true story,Hillary Clintons campaign started modifying her logo to appeal to different types of voters.本周 真事哦 希拉里·克林顿的竞选团队 开始修改她的标识 以迎合不同类型的选民She released the other day a rainbow version of her logo.前两天她发布了虹款标识 Thats true.In support of gay marriage,yeah.Her campaign site released that.真的 以持同性恋婚姻 这是她的竞选宣传网站发布的She released one,custom logo for voters in Iowa,it show Iowa.专为爱荷华州选民打造了一款Did a custom one for New Hampshire.So its really kind of,I guess a cool idea.these new logos had gotten a positive response.为新罕布什尔打造了一款 我觉得这主意不错 这些新标识收到了不错的回应Today Hillary release more logos designed to appeal to specific voting groups.今天希拉里又发布了更多标识 这些标识是为迎合特定群体的I think shes taking it a little too far.Take a look.New logo here for people in Colorado.我觉得她有点过了 看看吧 这是为科罗拉多州设计的标识Theres one here for Florida.I thought Florida.California has one right there.Indiana had one.这是给佛罗里达州的 我觉得 这是给加利福尼亚的 印第安纳州的Millennials who are nostalgic about ;Full house;,theres one for them.还念念不忘《青春满屋》的千禧一代 这是为他们设计的Theres one for people who thought the dress was blue and black.还有为蓝黑群派的人设计的标识Theres one for straight men who occasionally find themselves attracted to Jared Leto.为偶尔会忍不住爱上杰拉德·莱托的直男设计的This last one is really near.Its just to appeal to Wes Anderson.最后一个很不错 专为韦斯·安德森设计的201607/456857。
  • Berlin, capital of Germany today, just as it was capital of Germany in the 1930s when Adolf Hitler was Chancellor.现今德国的首都柏林,同20世纪30年代当时希特勒身为总理的德国一样也扮演着首都的重要作用。In 1937, Hitler lived and worked at a building on this site.1937年,希特勒在这个地方的一座建筑内生活和工作。This was the old Reich Chancellery.这里是柏林的帝国总理府。And here Hitler spent much of his time alone in his bedroom where he would listen to what he called his inner conviction.希特勒在这里的一间卧室中花去了大部分时间聆听自己内心中的信念。Often, Hitler would not emerge from his bedroom until lunchtime.通常直到午饭时间希特勒才会走出他的卧室。For central to his charismatic leadership was the idea that he made all the big decisions entirely on his own.对于中央而言他的领导魅力使得所有重大决策的天平完全朝向他倾斜。Hitler was always certain that he was right.希特勒一直确信自己是正确的。He didnt even like to other peoples advice.他甚至不喜欢听取别人的建议。In 1935, a leading Nazi sent Hitler a paper on youth issues and received this reply from Hitlers adjutant.1935年,一位纳粹领导人就有关青年问题给希特勒发送了邮件,但却从副官那里收到回复。 201502/358575。
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