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News Commentary. Can we stop all the desktop browser market share talk? Microsoft's mobile browsing problems are much bigger.Every few days, somebody writes something about Internet Explorer's declining marketshare. "OMG. Net Applications December data shows IE market share below 70 percent." Big hairy deal.arrow.gifGOT A TIP OR RUMOR?These numbers are somewhat meaningless, anyway, because they do the impossible: Add up to 100 percent. Browsers aren't a finite market. Analysts can calculate share based on, say, shipments of something. Ten manufacturers ship X number of widgets during Y time period; market share can be calculated based on how many widgets each manufacturer shipped.The math doesn't apply to Web browsers, because the real measurement is usage. Who is using what, and people tend to use more than one browser. At best, Net Apps is measuring usage share, which doesn't reflect how many people are using more than one browser. That said, Microsoft's drop below 70 percent is worth noting, but the news is more that people continue to use IE and something else. Three things stand out from Net Apps data:* Firefox isn't appreciably gaining as much share against Internet Explorer* Apple's Safari is making modest gains, while Google Chrome ekes upwards* The rush to convert from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 7 is largely overAccording to Net Apps, Internet Explorer usage (market share, if you must insist) dropped to 69.77 percent in November. IE's decline continued in December to 68.15 percent. Maybe, but for the year, IE is still well above 70 percent. That said, Internet Explorer's monthly downward trend is clear—from 75.47 percent in January 2008.Firefox continues to gain—from 16.98 percent share in January to 19.22 percent share in July to over 21 percent in December. But the bigger market share movers were Chrome and Safari. Google's browser went from 0 percent share in August to 1.04 percent share in December. Safari rose from 5.82 percent share in January to 7.93 percent share in December—that's up from 6.37 percent in August.From January to December, browser market share/usage share changed:* IE, down 7.32 percent* Firefox, up 4.36 percent* Safari, up 2.11 percent* Chrome, up 1.04 percentAdd up the gainers and they total 7.53 percent market/usage share. Based on Net App numbers then, Chrome, Firefox and Safari gained the share lost by Internet Explorer. But the story isn't so simple as the data tells, because these numbers shouldn't total 100 percent and the browser market is considerably more fragmented than what these topline numbers indicate. Net Apps tracks about 40 different browsers. In December, Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2, I presume) had greater market share than Chrome 1.0: 82 percent to 55 percent. That means that nearly half of all Chrome users used a beta version of the Google browser. For the year, IE 8 share was 23 percent compared to .03 percent for Chrome 1.0. browsers1208.jpgIE 7 still isn't gaining the way one would expect against IE 6, which I see as being a big part of Microsoft's browser usage problem. For the year, IE 7 share was 46.06 percent compared to 26.2 percent for IE 6.Apple's share gains, while initially impressive, surprisingly aren't. Given Mac's market share gains, I would expect the browser numbers to be higher. I suspect two trends: Better Safari adoption than most people might expect on Windows and much less than expected on the Mac (where Firefox steals usage from Safari). Apple should worry about Google getting out a Chrome version for the Mac. Chrome will be the browser to watch in 2009. As my Google Watch colleague Clint Boulton so astutely observes, Google is using its Web services to push Chrome adoption.All this said, something hugely important isn't reflected in the data: Mobile. Internet Explorer is a simply godawful mobile browser. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. November's Gizmodo mobile browser shoot-out was a hoot in explaining IE's failing grade:Jesus Christ. This is a joke, right Microsoft? Hahaha. No really, this is the worst smartphone browser on the planet. It couldn't render its way out of an ASCII-art paper bag. It totally screwed up every single test page, except for Wikipedia, which it only mostly screwed up. Good luck navigating a page if you're granted the miraculous occurrence of it being rendered in a state that's usable. Grade: F-The future platform that matters, the one where Microsoft doesn't have dominant browser share, is mobile. There, Apple and Google have two excellent WebKit-based mobile browsers. Microsoft has got less than nothing. Microsoft's desktop declines are interesting but not hugely significant.Big deal. IE is losing ground on last century's dominant computing platform. What matters more is where IE isn't—and that's this century's dominant platform: Mobile. How about we dispense with this IE less-than-70-percent chatter and talk more about Microsoft's mobile crisis. Mozilla is months away from releasing mobile Firefox. Mobile Chrome and Safari aly are rainmakers.Increased adoption of mobile browsers should drive usage of their desktop counterparts, too. Unless Microsoft does something dramatic on mobiles, IE's mobile extinction is almost inevitable. Then it will be time to really talk about IE's desktop browser share declines. /200901/60606Five tips to lower stress at workplaceWhen it comes to lowering stress at work, studies from around the world have yielded a set of five tips, with advice ranging from grabbing 40 winks at your desk to taking your pet to work.The first tip highlighted by New Scientist magazine is that workers should be sociable - but not too sociable.British research has shown that sociability is good for the health, with a study of thousands of civil servants revealing that moral support from colleagues, encouragement from supervisors and clear direction from bosses kept stress levels down.Male civil servants who lacked support in the workplace were 31 per cent more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, and women 43 per cent.However, too much socializing could lead to work piling up.The second tip is to ensure your surroundings are as pleasant as possible.Simply being able to see your colleagues makes the working day much more manageable, with the height ofpartitionsdividing up office space affecting stress levels.Surprisingly, the higher the partition is, the more people complain about noise from their neighbours.Research from the University of Montreal shows that the optimum partition height is 4ft 3ins (1.3m) - high enough to provide privacy but low enough to ensure staff do not feel isolated.The third piece of advice for workers is to learn to switch off.Mobile phones and other electronic equipment should be switched off after hours to allow burnt-out brain cells to recharge.Playing with a cat or dog can also aid relaxation and if workers can persuade their boss to let them into the office then the day will fly by.如果要缓解工作时的压力,可以参考世界各地的研究得出的五大妙法,其中包括在办公桌前眨眼40下以及带着你的宠物去上班等。《新科学杂志》强调的第一大妙法是,要善于交际,但不要过头。英国有研究表明,善于交际有利于健康,一项对几千名公务员的调查发现,同事的精神持、上司的鼓励和老板给予的明确指示可以缓解工作压力。在工作中缺乏持的男公务员心情焦虑、情绪低落的可能性比得到持的人高31%,而女公务员的这一比例则为43%。然而,过于爱交际则会导致工作干不完。第二大妙法是保令人愉快的工作环境。办公室里用以分隔空间的隔板高度会影响压力的大小,所以在工作时只要让自己能看见周围的同事,你这一天就会舒心得多。奇怪的是,办公室的隔板越高,觉得周围噪音大的人越多。蒙特利尔大学有研究表明,办公室里隔板的最佳高度为1.3米,这个高度足以保护隐私,又不会让员工感到孤立。第三大建议是学会“关机”。下班后关掉手机和其它一些电子设备,让自己养精蓄锐。和宠物一起玩耍也有助于放松,如果能说老板允许员工带宠物上班,那一天就过得飞快啦!Vocabulary: partition : 办公室里常用的“隔板” /200808/46426My 16-year-old son, Jeff, is a boy any parent would be proud of --until you see the floor of his room, covered with layers of clothes, magazines and sports equipment.我的儿子杰弗,十六岁。他是一个令父母感到自豪的孩子,只是你别去看他房间的地板,那上面总是堆满了一层层的衣、杂志及运动器材。Recently I accompanied Jeff to the credit union where he opened up his first bank account. While the credit officer was processing the paper work, I told Jeff he needed a safe, accessible place to store his passbook. "I know, Mom," he replied. "I' 11 keep it on my floor. "不久前,我带杰弗到信用联社去开他自己的账户,这是他第一次开账户。当信用社职员在办理手续的时候,我便告诉杰弗说他需要一个安全可靠的地方来保存密码本。“我知道,妈妈,”他回答说,“我会在地板上找到地方的。” /201106/139695

If you want to see a sensitive vampire falling in love with a teenage girl but you don’t want to wait for another Twilight movie, Paul Wesley is bringing sexy back to TV this Fall on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries新剧《吸血鬼日记》CW台金秋即将上演的美剧《吸血鬼日记》又是一部讲述吸血鬼和少女之间爱情的故事。男主角Paul Wesley看起来很帅的样子。 /201007/109943

A long time ago, when Hercules fought the monster Hydra, a huge crab bit Hercules’ feet but was finally defeated. The crab fell onto an island in the Aegean Sea. Because the crab did not finish the task given by Hera, the Queen of Athens was affected by the curse. As a result, when the princess of Athens Meriot was born, a prophet foretold that the day the princess got married was the day the Queen would die. Therefore, the Queen made sure the princess did not marry.在很久很久以前,赫五力大战蛇妖许的时候,从海中升出一只巨蟹为帮助蛇妖咬了赫五力的脚踝,后来这只巨蟹被赫五力打死,落在了爱琴海的一座小岛上。巨蟹没有完成女神赫拉的任务,因而被诅咒,这诅咒便波及到了雅典王后的身上。在雅典公主美洛出生的时候,就有一位预言家预言,公主结婚的时候就是王后死亡的时候。为着这个预言,王后一直没有叫公主嫁人。When Meriot was 20 years old, a prince named Sa came to Athens. He admired Meriot’s beauty and wanted to marry her. And when Meriot saw Sa, she fell into love at first sight. But the curse was still valid and she could not pursue her own happiness by sacrificing her mother’s life. Meriot tried her best to control her emotions by arranging nine impossible missions for him to complete. Only by finishing these tasks could he marry her. However, Sa managed to complete them eventually, putting the princess in a great dilemma. Eventually her mother agreed to their marriage for the happiness of her daughter.直到美洛二十岁的时候,雅典城来了一位王子,名叫所飒。所飒是慕名而来,他一心想娶美洛为妻,而美洛在第一眼见到所飒时也深深的爱上了他。然而诅咒是可怕的,公主也不希望只为了自己的幸福去牺牲母亲的生命。于是她想尽办法阻止所飒也阻止自己的欲望。他定下了九关,就如同九个不可能完成的任务一样,除非所飒一一做到,他才可以迎娶美洛。然而,英勇无比的所飒竟一一做到了!公主陷入了两难的境地。伟大的母亲为了女儿的幸福,毅然决定把美洛嫁给所飒。On their nuptial day, the Queen did not go to the ceremony, as she did not want anything terrible to happen. The Queen went to the beach and jumped into the Aegean Sea. When the Queen drowned, a huge crab appeared in the sea and embraced her as if a shell of protection.在美洛和所飒举行婚礼的这一天,王后并没有到场,她不希望宴会上出现什么意外来破坏气氛。王后一个人悄悄走向海边,迎接着爱琴海的浪涛,蹈水自尽了。当人们怎么也找不到王后时,在海上发现了一只巨大的蟹,它的双臂环绕在胸前,仿佛缺乏安全感,又像是一位善于保护的母亲。When Hera found out about her mother’s death, she was full of regret and transformed the crab into a constellation in the sky called Cancer.女神赫拉知道这件事情以后也有些后悔,于是让那温柔而敏感的母亲在天上成为一个星座,它的形象就是一只巨蟹。 /201108/150278

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